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The main takeaway from the article: Brady plans every detail of his life so he can play football as long as possible, and he'll do anything he can to get an edge. He diets all year round, takes scheduled naps in the offseason, never misses a workout, eats what his teammates call "birdseed," and does cognitive exercises to keep his brain sharp. Brady struggles to unwind after games and practices. He's still processing, thinking about what's next.

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How many clams bet on luckday

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Stretchers are great for a variety of reps. So excited to try something new. Could you give some more examples? Hi Froydis, glad the article made you want to revise your glute program. Thank you so much for this great article!! My Quads are already well developed and I really want to emphasize on my glutes.

I would like to get your advice. Hip abduction 3 x That might be overdoing it a little. Do take into account that 30 sets of stretchers are a lot more taxing than 30 sets of pumpers. Does bulgarian squat for example count as glute exercise or quad?

Great article, well written, and very fun to read and experience visually while doing so. I love the simple categorization of the glute exercise types and there effects. Thank you so much for this article! It has been extremely helpful for me! Hi Julie, Yes, it definitely does apply to the other body parts. For example, a chest dip could be categorized as a chest stretcher, while banded flyes come closer to being chest pumpers.

It helps a lot and I finally feel that I am able to design my workout routine. As far as I know, its more intense aerobic with dumbbells and bands, squats and lunges which I would prefer not to do a lot in my workout routine for the sake of muscular legs. And also I would like to train my glutes 3 times a week with stretchers, activators and pumpers then switch to pumpers 6 times per week like you suggested. But what is a bit problematic here is how to split upper body parts into these three gym workouts when on Monday I got body styling.

How do you see it? For the next few months I will be focusing more on losing fat slowly and just a little bit, 2kg but in the same time I want to keep my glutes in shape and see some progress. What do you suggest? Great article. Please give it a look! Hi K S, Looks good. Choose either the lunges or the step-ups same movement pattern.

Also choose either the Glute kickbacks or Hip thrusts, or alternate hip thrusts and RDLs per training session. Aim for Glute sets per week. I have a few questions, hopefully you or Bret can answer them. Thanks, Greg. If you deliberately emphasize the eccentric, then it can be classified as a stretcher, because of higher levels of muscle damage.

Other than that I can not think of any right now. Thanks for the informative article! Are there any body cues to signal that the SRA curve is completed? For example, if I rested days after full squats and still felt soreness, could that mean that I should wait longer until another stretcher exercise? I am interested in learning about any easy physical observations I can make to understand when my body has recovered and adapted.

Hi Elizabeth and thank you. There is one very big cue: strength. Great article and i thank you very much for clean My mind about. Glutes wo. If you notice that you can do very little repetitions in your second and third set compared to your first set, this indicates you should increase your resting time.

Hope that helps. Dear Stijin thank you so much for your answer. So i desperately searched for a guide and I found your wonderful article that opened my mind so i tried to do it immy. My ansewr is : in order to promote the butt growth may I train with your program also having the soreness post training? Or in my case what do you suggest to increase the growth of legs but mostly the glutes?

Many thanks in advance for your help and your answer that will mean a lot to me. S Reply. Hello Silvia, Almost every new training program is going to cause soreness. For most people this goes away after the first couple of weeks. I have to read it many times still to get it for sure. I have some questions because I am thinking to overplan my routine. Is it a full workout plan or only a glute part of the workout? When are you traing other body parts?

What would you advise for a 4 day split? Can I train glutes every workout or is it too much? Dear Reka, I would highly advise training your glutes at least 3x a week, and the same for your other body parts. What about Brets Strong Curves workouts? I currently follow this with my workouts. I go to the gym times per week and do hip thrusts each time as well as a quad or ham exercise squats, lunges and deadlift, leg extension, hamstrung machine. Would continuing with Strong Curves be optimal considering that the program involves hip thrusts and other lower body workouts 3 to 5 times per week?

I would advise not doing hip thrust every session, but to alternate it with, say, a split split squat variation. Whether Strong Curves is optimal for you entirely depends on your training status, stress levels, genetics, etc. There is no way for me to give you a short answer on this one. Hey Stijn, how would you advise incorporating leg-based cardio activity into a 4 day glue schedule? I want to start weight training to build my glutes but also like to run twice a week.

Try not to perform HIIT training, as that will definitely interfere with your recovery. Go for low-intensity running instead. HEY,would the American deadlift be considered a pumper since the glutes are used at a shorter range of motion than with Romanian deadlifts? Also, not quite sure which variation of this exercise you mean. Hi Stijn, Amazing article, was such a great read! I have recently started a new 6 day split.

Would you recommend this or is there anything that you would change?? Thank you in advance! Thanks a lot, Sarah! Would definitely train your upper body more frequently. How frequently mostly depends on how advanced you are. More advanced means higher frequency times per week instead of For the glutes, make sure you carefully monitor your strength in exercises like the hip thrust and split squat. I am going to implement the 4 week low frequency, 4 week high frequency for my glutes session.

I know we would need to emphasise stretchers and activators in the low frequency period but does that mean we should exclude them in the high frequency period altogether? Or would you still add those exercises in but less frequently? Hey Amy, Glad you liked it. This is because more developed glutes ask for a higher training frequency. I want to train glute more than 2 days per week. I only trian gute on leg days When and which exccercise sould i do?

Hello G, Thanks! These are only rough guidelines. He wrote about this in order to highlight the importance of balancing frequency with intensity and types of […]. Hi bret, this is all very clear and useful. Hey Marina, Glad you liked the article. If you wish not to increase muscle mass there, I would still train it for health and posture purposes. Thanks for this very useful article, I read you from France. Hi Camillia, More than welcome. Great article!! My legs grow quite easily so i decide to focus on isolation exercises more than compounds, like squats, dead lifts or lunges.

Next 4 exercises i do for overall glute strengthening: Single leg hip trusts with a barbel, pull throughs on a pulley, american deadlift with a barbel and glute bridges with a barbell. I do 4 sets of 5 with a 30 second pulse at the end because i encrease weight on these excercises…. Hey Skye, Thank you, that made my day. Optimal reps for specific muscles can be determined by a test I employ with clients. Hello i have been training glutes for 1 year and 8 mnths i only train 3x a week i usually do squats lunges stair exercises alot of band exercises and bridges and leg extensiones i have MS and i can not lift heavy i do barbell squats and dead lifts but.

My max weight is 70 lbs i always eat protein after my workout will i see results if i continue this way or should i do 2xs a week.. I strted at 33 inches and now im at 44 but i need to target the side booty do u have any recomendations little or no weights Thank u for your hlp in advaced. Hey Sarah thanks for your reply. I would advise going to a specialized professional to help you with that.

For the side of the glutes, focus on doing abduction or rotator exercises. Hi Dewii, Good call. Hi Caitlin, I recommend low-intensity cardio on your off days. Glute recovery is slower for beginners longer muscle SRA curve.

Watch out with HIIT, as this may very well interfere with training adaptations for the glutes because of its high intensity which has a weight training-like effect. My question is, you only has 3 exercises listed for each day, and I saw you should do no more than 6. Should you be doing something after that? How long should you be in the gym especially on glute day to see results?

Hey Amanda, For most women, short n sweet, frequently in the week is more effective that long infrequent workouts. Most of my clients train their glutes times per week for about 30 minutes. Thanks a a lot for this great article…so….. How advanced you are and how your stress and sleep is. In total try not to go over stretcher sets per wek as this is overkill to most people. You just cant recover from it.

Example you can experiment with: sun: deadlift, lunges tue: hip thrust, squat thu: good morning, one-legged leg press All of them for 3 sets. Hey Stijn, thank you for the informative and well written article. The pictures also help to illustrate the explained concepts to a great extend, good job! Therefore, I want switch things up to generate new input for the muscles. Your article will definitively help me a lot with writing a new programm.

However, there are some aspects that I find a little confusing. While I am aware that there is more recovery time possible AFTER over the weekend , I still think that there is somewhat of a contradiction to the recommended days rest between stretchers. I am sure you put a lot of thought and research into this example- programm, so I would just really like to know the reason behind it. Another more general question: I know this may seems like it questions the whole article which is not my intention at all!

Pumpers, Stretchers and Activators have different recovery times but in this case all work the same muscle glutes. I know they work the muscle differently, but a sore muscle is sore muscle and Activators and Pumpers also stimulate and therefore break down the muscle aka lowering of the SRA curve. I would really appreciate an explanation and I am looking foreward to hopefully fully understanding the concept behind the article.

Thank you and Greetings, Amy. Amy, glad to hear you liked the article. Split squats are generally much more taxing for the glutes than front squats and off bench abductions. In advanced trainees sometimes you only need 1 day of rest from a stretcher. Also depends on stress levels and amount of sets you did. I talk about this in the sequel to this article which should be released soon. It will help you understand. I do also need your help, right now I am doing 5 weeks of a 4 day split.

Weeks I will increase my weight and lower my reps and week 5 I return to 4 sets of But now, I see that 4 sets of 12 may be too many reps a week. I rest on Saturday and Sunday and do cardio on Friday. After this article I am going to add a some pumpers on Friday with my cardio. I do have a 15 minute cardio session after weights. Its 15 minutes of 15 second sprints at 4. Hey Lia, glad you liked it. For most of my female client I program glute sessions per week. Those are great to experiment with.

Of course you can add in pumpers as well as these wont affect your recovery much. Thank you a lot! It help a looot! Hi there!! Would this be 21hrs for Pumpers but 30hrs for Stretchers? I am still struggling to understand how many sets I should be doing. Does your calculator then mean I should be doing more?

Total sets glutes only from the program is 48 sets 4x exercises x 3 sets EA x 4 days or is this sufficient! I know the SC has a very strong following and i stopped my slip training regime to do this I just hope I am doing enough! So I am doing an activator for 3 sets of 20 and I really feel the burn on these but am I doing too many reps with each set? And your view on supersetting. Thank you so much for sharing all this information it is very helpful!! Hi Rachel, Thank you. It can simply be the result of metabolic stress, which is not what you want to aim for in most cases for optimal growth.

I am definitely an advocate of combining exercises for different muscles to reduce training time, though. I have been going to the gym for about 8 months now and my entire body looks toned except for my glutes so I have started doing isolated exercises for them. How often should I be training my glutes if they are sore? Do the same rules apply for beginners? Hello Alexandra, this depends on multiple factors.

The next day my glutes were sore but i really wanted to hipthrust again with the 30rep weight for a few sets. Thanks Heather! Sure if you go light enough those can be pumpers high metabolic stress. Aim for reps. Frog pumps are a great pumper instead of banded hip thrusts.

However I advise to actually focus on stretchers and activators more, as those will be the biggest factors in glute growth. In short I would advise you to read the second part of this article, because the answers to all your questions really depends specifically on your circumstances, which I dont know. Hands down. Heyyy, amazing article. I was wondering if you could give me some advise I train legs 2x a week, usually Monday and Friday buttt i was gonna change it after reading I can do glutes up to 6x a week, i have such a flat terrible bum but I want to grow it obviously.

Saturday and Sunday rest. If youre going to train glutes 6x per week watch out with all the cardio because its going to comprimise your recovery capacity. Better to focus on diet to lose fat. Try to do at least 3 days per week where you incorporate a glute stretcher or activator. These are so much more crucial for glute development than pumpers for most. This article is not only full of great, actionable information, but is beautifully and clearly laid out.

Thanks so much for putting it together. I subscribed to your list. I use bands with glute bridges because I feel it in the hamstrings otherwise, and often band barbell hip thrusts and single-leg hip thrusts. Thanks Elaine! In this case it depends on the weight. Then again getting stronger on activators and stretchers is the one key to developing a great set of glutes.

I dont feel my lats working in lat pulldowns, but they definitely get a big stimulus to grow. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much! Hi Stijn, what a great article! I am doing sprinting training twice a week Tuesday and Friday and I would like to incorporate your glutes training into my training. My goal is to build up explosive power for sprinting m. Do you have any suggestion? Hi Edmond and thanks. In the part 4. Muscle length at peak tension I think the partial bicep curl is a very bad example.

The peak tension is exactly at the same muscle length in bicep curl, no matter if you do the upper or lower portion as gravity is perpendicular to the forearm. Below this the example of parallel squat vs. Hey Stijn, first off, thank you for the great informative article. It got me so motivated to get on with it. Could you explain what the vertical, horizontal and lateral exercises are? Does it just mean in what direction the Glutes are pushing during an exercise? If so, why is a hip thrust horizontal?

Hello Amy, Im very glad you got motivated to take it seriously again. Actually Bret did a great poston this a little while back. I did have a quick question though, if you could please help me with it. However, in the meantime, if I was to use the equipment available to me two lb dumbbells, a lb kettlebell, and 5-lb ankle weights , would stretcher-style exercises function more as pumpers with such light weights, and if so, would I be able to use them in high volume and frequency till I can get to more appropriate equipment?

Would really appreciate your input about whether this might be an effective beginning for me. Thank you so much, I really appreciate any thoughts you might have about this. Hello Mandy and thanks for your comment. Yes you can definitely make weight exercises more pumper-like by doing more than 20 reps, focusing on concentric portion of the left. I would definitely focus on bulgarian splits squats, single leg squats, and hip thrusts.

Those are the crucial exercises for glute development in your circumstances. Lovely article, just like the one on menstrual periodization! I like the way my body — and my bum — looks now but i am starting to think that this is also because my body overall recomposed and i dropped fat while not necessarily because I gained that much gluteal muscle; and that my glutes actually decreased or stayed the same because I stimulate them too much before they actually recover.

So at the moment, I am starting to think I should switch it up to a split, increase my frequency to times a week spread the volume , and incorporate different exercises into my routine. Not just because of the glutes, but for overall results. I have a question for you regarding the training split over the course of a week.

I understand well that different exercises take longer to recover but in the end they are all targetting and exerting the same muscle: so stretcher and activator on day 1 and then immediately afterwards activator on day 2? How can we tell when we stimulate too much the glutes or other muscles, when they did not adapt and recover? Hi Alexandra thanks for taking the time for leaving a comment.

Yes glutes look much better with lower body fat and this changes a lot. I think youre definitely overthinking the amount of rest you need between these types of exercises. This is so different for everyone and due to life circumstances recovery varies. The ony thing you should be doing is picking a frequency to hit the glutes, then looking at how your strength in big lifts like the bulgarian split squats, deadlifts, and hip thrust progresses: you get weaker then youre probably overdoing it or not eating enough calories.

You get stronger: your glutes are probably going and you shouldnt change anything. When it comes to gaining glute size monitoring your strength is everything. I have quite a bit of muscle on my glutes but the lower part of the glute where the line is seems to be not as easy to hit. I have a lower crossed syndrome so that could be also the reason why it is much harder to shape my glute on the bottom.

What would be your tips and exercises I should do in this case? And what would be the frequency of doing so? This is so different for everyone and due to life circumstances recovery varies, The ony thing you should be doing is picking a frequency to hit the glutes, then looking at how your strength in big lifts like the bulgarian split squats, deadlifts, and hip thrust progresses: you get weaker then youre probably overdoing it or not eating enough calories.

Its the biggest indicator of whether theyre actually getting bigger. I would like to know if the schedule is appropriate for more experienced people? I workout for 3 years now and i want to know if this would help to increase my growth. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

No menu assigned! How often should you train your Glutes? When should you train again? How long does the Glute SRA curve take to complete? Type of Exercise and muscle SRA: 4 aspects Particularly for the Glutes, you can choose from an impressive collection of exercises: external rotations, hip thrusts, hip abductions, squats, lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, and all of their variations; each of them stimulate the Glutes.

Muscle activity Muscle activity during an exercise is closely linked to producing muscle tension Alkner et al. Emphasis on eccentrics Early research shows that heavy eccentrics break down the muscle more than heavy concentric movements Clarkson et al. In terms of SRA, the following probably happened: For Erin, the high workout frequency was just what she needed to take her Glutes to the next level.

If she had chosen to do stretchers, her muscle size progress might have looked something like this… Sure, her muscle protein synthesis would get elevated all this time at first. Applying this today By now it is clear that Pumpers can be done very frequently… but including what we know about Stretchers and Activators and their SRA curves, how can we incorporate this into our training? See below. This ties in nicely with the next example… Example 3: alternating high frequency and low frequency periods Your body is an adaptive system.

Individual differences Still, there are some people who just respond better to some type of exercise when it comes to Glute growth. I left some stones unturned… I want to close by saying this is not the whole story behind training frequency. Read on… You could see these muscle nuclei as factories with muscle-repairing workers. References Alkner, B. Brook, M. Skeletal muscle hypertrophy adaptations predominate in the early stages of resistance exercise training, matching deuterium oxide-derived measures of muscle protein synthesis and mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 signaling.

Bruusgaard, J. Myonuclei acquired by overload exercise precede hypertrophy and are not lost on detraining. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 34 , Burd, N. Bigger weights may not beget bigger muscles: evidence from acute muscle protein synthetic responses after resistance exercise.

Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism, 37 3 , Caterisano, A. The effect of back squat depth on the EMG activity of 4 superficial hip and thigh muscles. Clarkson, P. Muscle soreness and serum creatine kinase activity following isometric, eccentric, and concentric exercise.

International journal of sports medicine, 7 03 , Contreras B. March 15 Inside the muscles: Best Back and Biceps Exercises. A comparison of gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, and vastus lateralis electromyographic activity in the back squat and barbell hip thrust exercises. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 31 6 , — Damas, F. Resistance training-induced changes in integrated myofibrillar protein synthesis are related to hypertrophy only after attenuation of muscle damage.

The Journal of Physiology, 0, 1— Dankel, S. Sports Medicine. Franchi, M. Early structural remodeling and deuterium oxide-derived protein metabolic responses to eccentric and concentric loading in human skeletal muscle.

Physiological Reports, 3 11 , e—e Gibala, M. C hanges in human skeletal muscle ultrastructure and force production after acute resistance exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology, 78 2 , Myofibrillar disruption following acute concentric and eccentric resistance exercise in strength-trained men. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology , 78 September , — Hackett, D. Training practices and ergogenic aids used by male bodybuilders.

Lieber, R. Muscle damage is not a function of muscle force but active muscle strain. Journal of Applied Physiology Bethesda, Md. Loenneke, J. Blood flow restriction does not result in prolonged decrements in torque. European Journal of Applied Physiology , 4 , — McHugh, M. The role of exercising muscle length in the protective adaptation to a single bout of eccentric exercise.

European Journal of Applied Physiology, 93 3 , — McMahon, G. Impact of range of motion during ecologically valid resistance training protocols on muscle size, subcutaneous fat, and strength. Miller, B. Coordinated collagen and muscle protein synthesis in human patella tendon and quadriceps muscle after exercise.

J Physiol , 3 , — Miller, S. Mechanical factors affecting the estimation of tibialis anterior force using an EMG-driven modelling. Nielsen, J. The Journal of physiology, 17 , Nosaka, K. Delayed-onset muscle soreness does not reflect the magnitude of eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage. Muscle Damage in Resistance Training. International Journal of Sport and Health Science.

Partial protection against muscle damage by eccentric actions at short muscle lengths. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 37 5 , — Ogasawara, R. Paulsen, G. Leucocytes, cytokines and satellite cells: what role do they play in muscle damage and regeneration following eccentric exercise. Exerc Immunol Rev, 18 1 , Schoenfeld, B. The mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy and their application to resistance training.

Potential mechanisms for a role of metabolic stress in hypertrophic adaptations to resistance training. Sports Medicine , 43 3 , — The muscle pump: potential mechanisms and applications for enhancing hypertrophic adaptations. Sports Med, 46 11 , Soares, S.

Thiebaud, R. Effects of low-intensity concentric and eccentric exercise combined with blood flow restriction on indices of exercise-induced muscle damage. Amanda Russo says:. November 27, at pm. Stijn van Willigen says:. November 30, at am. Amanda R. Chris says:. November 28, at pm. Shalon Gough says:. Heley B. November 28, at am. Holly says:. Matt C says:. December 19, at am. Dan L says:. November 29, at pm. Laura says:. December 7, at am. December 8, at am. Elizabeth Audrey says:.

December 2, at am. Vane says:. December 2, at pm. Amber says:. December 14, at am. Kelly says:. December 4, at am. John Hohman says:. December 5, at am. December 23, at am. December 5, at pm. December 11, at am. Martina says:. December 6, at pm. Shauna says:. Kate L says:. CrossFit St Petersburg says:.

January 15, at am. Lou says:. December 9, at am. December 23, at pm. April 6, at am. Maggio says:. Shanda says:. Kevin says:. Coral says:. December 10, at am. Felecia Smith says:. Fabienne says:. December 21, at am. Kanika says:. December 25, at pm. Tina says:. January 5, at am. Anni says:. January 19, at pm. February 8, at am. Alaa says:. January 23, at pm. January 28, at am. Louise Martinsen says:. February 20, at am. March 20, at pm.

Kaja says:. September 29, at am. James F. Thomas says:. February 21, at pm. February 25, at am. K S says:. February 27, at am. Greg says:. March 2, at pm. Calories in Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Calories in Chicken Topped Potatoes. Calories in Honey Popcorn Balls. Calories in Creamy Italian Crockpot Chicken. Calories in Zucchini Mushroom Saute. Calories in Brickle-Chip Oatmeal Cookies. Calories in Similar Foods Calories in egg custard tart.

Calories in dominos cheese pizza. Calories in tim hortons tim bits. Calories in tootsie roll. Calories in chicken tamale. Calories in babyback ribs. Calories in hemp hearts.