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Interactive investor spread betting login to my facebook

They earn profits from charging fees to trade derivatives, as well as from the spread — the difference between the price at which they buy and sell securities. Investors can use leverage to magnify their bets, which offers the potential for greater returns — and bigger losses. New investors are often inexperienced and are particularly vulnerable to riskier investment products.

The FCA requires that CFD brokers carry warnings on their websites about how many customers lose money on their platforms. Critics said that some brokers focus their advertisements on their share dealing products. Once they have signed up new customers to the platform, they are encouraged to make riskier trades. Some platforms expressed their concerns to the FCA that CFD brokers are positioning themselves in price comparison websites alongside fee-taking platforms that do not offer CFDs.

Interactive Investor, which charges a monthly subscription fee, contacted the FCA to complain that it was being positioned in online price comparisons with eToro, which does not charge commission but makes money on margin trading. Israeli group eToro added 5m new registered users this year — a per cent increase. Trading did not respond to a request for comment. Get alerts on Private investing when a new story is published. Manage cookies. Private investing. Interactive Investor and FreeTrade say they are being compared with riskier brokers.

Madison Darbyshire in London December 28, Reuse this content opens in new window. One extra item that may be of interest, in the future they will have a possibility for clients to vote on corporate actions etc. Had a look at iii and yes current platform does not look good. A few european markets are missing from what I have at HL and a few shares also. I can't see anything about forex charges on foreign currencies in an ISA, do you know how much they are?

The cheap fees do look appealing. Hi WhaleHQ. Reading through the thread for the first time and just noticed your comment about Charles Stanley. On the whole, the service is pretty good in terms of responding to queries, handling corporate actions such as takeovers and DRI programmes etc.

The dealing platform is easy to use as is their documentation management and reporting excellent CGT report generated on demand for doing the tax return. Reasonable cost and generally pretty good service but to date no share dealing facility. Plenty of decent research and commentary although I find the website a bit clunky. Also have a Spread betting account with IG.

A recent addition but quite impressed with it so far. Spreads seem a bit wide on some of the illiquid AIM stocks as commented elsewhere but a very slick and user friendly platform and the service so far seems very good. My intention is to use this primarily as a vehicle to hedge market or specific share risks by taking short positions - it seems very suited to this compared to my other accounts. They also offer a very wide range of products foreign shares, commodities, numerous indices etc.

On the tax side, my lay understanding is that so long as spread betting is not your profession i. Quid pro quo, you can't offset any losses. Bear in mind that whether you want it or not, spread betting will leverage your position in that rather than buying a stock outright you post margin against the value of the bet which is a fraction of the notional principal at risk. Depending on the nature of the underlying, leverage can be a multiple of your margin stake so risk management is key.

IG seem to be very hot on making sure punters know what they're letting themselves into. Likewise, scaling your bets is important. Does anyone have any recommendations on brokers that have the ability to use trailing stop losses? I'm currently with YouInvest, which are ok in general, but they don't do trailing stop losses and it takes me hours each month adjusting stops - time I could put to better use analysing my portfolios.

They don't seem to think that enough investors actually want to be able to use trailing stop losses to make it worthwhile them implementing them. I can't believe this - who really wants to regularly review stop losses as prices go up? Thanks in advance Not sure about their share dealing service, but IG offer trailing stop losses on their spread bets both for shorts and longs.

They allow you to predetermine how many points the stop will be and also at what step intervals away from the starting position you want the trailing stop to kick in. There is a small-ish charge if any of your stops are actually tripped. Thanks Gus - I did consider spread betting and cfds, but I'm terrified at the potential losses I'm exposed to. I will have a look at IG. Hello Stockhunter. Not sure that is right about no desktop application. You just have to pay a bit more if you want that.

Personally I like that way of doing it. Those that are not traders don't need to pay for something they don't use. I don't think you can see the trading screen that customers see unless you have an account and log in. So, perhaps it is not so bad. Not sure what European markets you are needing that aren't there. The main ones are.

When I'm tempted to think about directly investing in overseas markets I caution myself as to whether or not I can really be knowledgeable enough to invest in all these different markets and whether or not I'm really wanting to put in the time and effort to stay abreast of what's happening in them all. With regard to forex charges I think you'll find them listed on here. So, the fact that II don't have a percentage custody fee for holding funds is probably what sways it for me.

It works out cheaper for me than HL would. Whether II are really a good option for those who want to trade or those or want to do a lot with foreign exchanges I couldn't say. Hello Graham, Thanks for all that info. It is very helpful.


Cryptocurrency CFD trading and spread betting is seamless, requiring no special interface or exchange, but relatively high average spreads could reduce client interest. Additionally, the trader can set an initial stop loss at the time of execution for market orders and then amend it to a guaranteed stop loss after execution.

More importantly, chart optimization has been emphasized. Clients can build complex orders and generate customized alerts through push notification or email. The same holds true for an API interface that permits the use of more sophisticated trading platforms that support algorithmic and automatic trading routines. Client positioning data embedded within the proprietary software is an excellent feature that could have been enhanced if social or copy trading was also available.

CMC Markets offers clients one of the largest product catalogs available in the online forex brokerage community. These include:. Spreads are competitively low and all financial instruments, with the exception of individual shares, have specified margin percentages. In this day and age, an online broker that does not place a high priority on addressing the needs of its customer in an efficient and satisfactory manner may be doomed to failure. CMC Markets is well aware of this.

Live chat can also be launched from within the Next Generation platform, which is very convenient. The FAQs are quite informative and well organized. Chat waiting times averaged 30 to 40 seconds during several contact attempts. The broker also runs 13 satellite offices on 4 continents to support licensed operations in other venues.

CMC's educational tools rank in the top-tier of what's offered by competitors. A large share of educational resources is devoted solely to platform and software instruction, which is quite useful given Next Generation's abundance of features. Introductory guides to trading the wide array of products offered are also available along with a section comprised of videos devoted to trading strategies.

A healthy roster of online webinars, offered through a partnership with Trade With Precision, fills the need for advanced topics, but there's no archive of previous programs. Overall, educational resources are impressive but the lack of a search function makes it harder to find less popular topics and leaves one with the impression that this section is poorly organized.

The glossary is adequate. Next Generation order interface can be described as mediocre, at best. The order ticket is limited to initiating basic market and pending orders, though the latter does offer the added protection of GSLO. CMC does not provide a trading journal nor do they provide tax accounting tools on the platform.

The client chooses the " pip value " and the order ticket populates with the "trade value" and "estimated margin " only for market orders. Traders can also define "stop loss" and "take profit" levels by either entering the rate, setting the number of pips, or choosing the amount that they want to risk or gain. Unlike some of their competitors' platforms, Next Generation does not have a built-in tool for analyzing trading activity.

Given all the features that have been included on this platform, maybe it's asking for too much to include this as well, but this omission dropped them into the lower-ranking tier for this category. The ability to drill down into one's trading activity beyond the basic metrics can be invaluable to all traders.

CMC Markets shines in this category, with extensive research and analysis from in-house analysts and third-party materials that include Morningstar quantitative equity research reports live accounts only. Access to this feature alone might entice a serious trader to open a live account with CMC Markets.

Many resources can be accessed directly through the website while news sources can be filtered by region and asset class. The site also features a standard economic calendar. If there is one criticism, it would have to be regarding the lack of a dedicated search function or well-organized archive, which makes it difficult to find many topics.

Research and news integration between the website and trading platforms could be improved, with a few resources forcing the client to exit the platform and go to a web page. That said, Next Generation offers the client access to Reuters News live accounts only , both fundamental OPTO Magazine and technical pattern recognition software embedded into the platform and chart forum market analysis, in addition to the highly useful CMC TV service which provides regular video market commentary via a platform link to YouTube.

The broker also takes steps to ensure client funds are not co-mingled with corporate funds, in accordance with the U. FCA's client money rules. This ensures that client assets are protected in the unlikely event that CMC becomes insolvent by holding those funds in segregated accounts at regulated banks. Furthermore, these segregated funds are held in a number of U.

Negative balance protection is now mandated under ESMA rules that went into effect in The broker's dealing desk acts as the initial counter-party on all CFD trades and spread bets but pricing is automated through the platforms, reducing conflict of interest potential.

CMC's software security is aligned with the best that the industry has to offer. In addition to two-factor and bio-metric authentication, there is a timer that will log the user out of the mobile application if it is not being used. We offer over 7, markets to spread bet on including Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities and Bonds. Attractive Spreads.

Benefit from low commission and attractive prices on a diverse range of products. We offer some of the best spreads in the industry. Innovative Trading Platform. Trade efficiently with one click dealing from charts, trade size memory and multiple display set up. Create different chart settings, time frames and templates.

Reverse, double and selectively close your positions. Trading line: Support: It is currently free of tax, stamp duty and capital gains. Interactive Investor Services Limited is incorporated in England and Wales with company number

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It is a fantastic alternative to share dealing as it is tax free. This type of spread bet trading is similar to trading on indices. You are betting your stake per point movement on the price of a share. If you want to trade individual shares then look at the comparison table below: compare the spread, the margin and minimum stake required by each company. Many people simply look for the tightest spreads for individual shares, however, we encourage traders to check out the best margin rates and always, always trade with a minimum stake that suits your budget and your experience.

Spread betting is a high risk activity and you may lose more than your initial deposit. Make sure you understand the risks before applying. We do not recommend any one provider and aim to give you clear information so that you can choose the service that best suits you. To fund this service we may receive a referral fee from some providers. We regularly update our tables, however, should you feel that something is not correct or needs to be updated, please contact us.

Also, if you like any other providers added to the comparison, we would be happy to oblige. Skip to main content. Spread Betting. Read more about Individual Shares Comparison. Currencies Comparison Demo Accounts Comparison. Click on a column heading to filter by comparison parameter, e. Open Account. Individual Shares Spread betting is a high risk activity and you may lose more than your initial deposit. Companies List Spread Co. City Index.

Spread Ex. Core Spreads. Access market data 24 hours a day and six days a week. Graphic is for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon for investment decisions. Trading Platforms. Powerful enough for the professional trader but designed for everyone. Available on desktop, mobile and web.

Free Trading Tools. Spot market opportunities, analyze results, manage your account and make better decisions with our free trading tools. Order Types and Algos. Comprehensive Reporting. Real-time trade confirmations, margin details, transaction cost analysis, sophisticated portfolio analysis and more.

Interactive Brokers unveiled an innovative, interactive Impact Dashboard designed to help clients evaluate and invest in companies that align with their values. Interactive Brokers' Mutual Funds Marketplace offers availability to more than 37, mutual funds, including over 33, no load and 8, no transaction fee funds from more than fund families.

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. IBIE was created to support our rapidly growing global client base. Sign-up for delivery of either to your inbox. When placing your money with a broker, you need to make sure your broker is secure and can endure through good and bad times. Our strong capital position, conservative balance sheet and automated risk controls are designed to protect IBKR and our clients from large trading losses.

For additional information view our Investors Relations - Earnings Release section by clicking here. Individual Accounts. Joint Accounts. Trust Accounts. Family Account. Institutional Accounts. IBKR has been on the leading edge of financial services technology throughout its 35 year history and we have always taken pride in the innovative ways we bring a high value, high integrity, safe service to our clients around the world.

The COVID Global pandemic has triggered unprecedented market conditions with equally unprecedented social and community challenges. Like many people, companies and governments around the world, we have focused on how to navigate these uncharted waters. We are committed to ensuring the highest levels of service to our clients so that they can effectively manage their assets, portfolios, and risks. We are satisfied that our technical infrastructure has withstood the challenges presented by the extraordinary volatility and increased market volume.

We understand that the dramatic increase in service inquiries has led to longer wait times, which has no doubt been frustrating. We encourage our clients to explore the wide range of online information services we provide on our public website and the Client Portal. We appreciate your business and the faith you have placed in us, and most importantly, we wish you safe passage through these uncertain times.

For Individual or Joint accounts. You can link to other accounts with the same owner and Tax ID to access all accounts under a single username and password. Specify Your Country of Residence Please click the Continue button to confirm or use the dropdown list to specify your country of residence.

Lowest Costs Our transparent, low commissions and financing rates minimize costs to maximize returns. Global Access Invest globally in stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds from a single integrated account. Premier Technology IBKR's powerful suite of technology helps you optimize your trading speed and efficiency and perform sophisticated portfolio analysis.