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The main takeaway from the article: Brady plans every detail of his life so he can play football as long as possible, and he'll do anything he can to get an edge. He diets all year round, takes scheduled naps in the offseason, never misses a workout, eats what his teammates call "birdseed," and does cognitive exercises to keep his brain sharp. Brady struggles to unwind after games and practices. He's still processing, thinking about what's next.

Genoa vs palermo betting expert nba

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Palermo struggled through the start of the season but do seem to have turned the corner and are moving away from a relegation zone that they were anchored to through August and September. Will Palermo be able to go to defensively sound Genoa and win? Genoa themselves have won four of six and are unbeaten in those six, of those four wins they include a one nil win against the champions Juventus.

Genoa have a really good defence with Burdisso the key man through the center and Perin being one of the best goalkeepers in the league. Not giving up much defensively means that Genoa just need the one goal to get a win alot of the time.

With ex Juve striker Matri having a good season and finding the net regularly 5 in 9 games , Pinilla leading the line for Genoa has not score many but has lead the line well. Can Genoa get a win here that will bring them to fourth in the table?

Personally I like this Genoa team, they play hard and are great defensively. This will be a tough battle against a reinvigorated Palermo but I fully believe that Genoa can get the win. At odds against I have to take the home side here. Take Genoa to get the win. For all I know, several subscribers might be laying the draw on my selections, and keeping a table somewhere showing the outcome!

Shorter prices, mean shorter losing streaks, which means smaller, but more frequent, winnings. Longer losing runs are the opposite, but the net returns should be about the same. Look no further than the XX Draw results. Selections are made according to the same criteria, but individual bets run hot then cold. Back to Matt, and his thoughts on how switching from the more aggressive win only bet to a DNB selection may have affected his selections: Having that draw safety net there may be subconsciously affecting my selection process.

Those 2. Stupid, but human nature. A very honest assessment, and I hope Matt doesn't mins my repeating this except here. Although Matt records his bets as he should, none of his subscribers are obligated to follow them exactly.

I often compare his selections with my own, and may leave his selection alone, may play the bet as recommended, or may play it differently. If the selection is Genoa for example, you can back them to win, lay the opponents, back with DNB, back them on the Asian Handicap, back them to win either half. It's all up to you. Chris posted a comment: Good update, must take you a while to process all the results although probably a little more fun when the table is screaming out that the XX draws service is currently beating all comers.

Still it's a long season so there is still hope for the rest of us Well, not exactly. The flagship of the XX Draw fleet should be the Classic selections, with the red-headed stepchild the Bundesliga picks, but leading the way by some distance are the Extended selections, and boy am I glad I decided to include those for this season! But at least overall, the X Draws are in profit.

And then we had this very interesting observation from Henke: One of the problems I see is that most of the people are only inclined towards the major leagues. Like the premiership, most of the time it is harder to draw conclusions than say, even compared to the Bundesliga. My tip would be to select a niche "not-so-much-popular" league, focus and follow it for a whole season seeing what you could get away with.

For instance the Dutch League, the 2nd Dutch League, the Scandinavian Leagues, the Turkish league might be a better value, as the odds are usually slightly higher for favourites especially in scandinavia. Obviously they are harder to guess, but as I said a focus on a niche market rather than playing just for the major leagues, especially the Premiership, might perhaps be a good idea.

At least for experimenting to see what you could get. Moreover I always believe there is quite a lot of money to be made especially on UEFA cup due to differences in league qualities. Although last round was a bit weird, playing handicapped for the favourite might be good idea. As said, experiments on that could be made. Cheers While guessing isn't my practice, this is something I have thought about in the past, and intended to get around to this season, but never quite did.

It may be more glamorous to scan the matches involving teams from Milan, Madrid, Manchester, Marseille and Gelsenkirchen but as I have noticed in other sports, the widespread attention these matches attract doesn't necessarily mean bigger profits, and quite often it means the opposite. If you know what you're doing, liquidity is overrated.

There are good reasons to pick the top leagues, one being that the teams stay more constant than lower leagues, with just two or three teams being replaced at the end of the season. There's a wealth of data out there, but of course everyone else also has access to the same data, so while finding an edge might be tough, at least you shouldn't be too far wrong with the efficient markets.

TV coverage is readily available, so you can watch your selections in action, although again, this might not be a good thing. The justification that by picking the top leagues, you are ensuring a fair game doesn't even hold true, as is shown by the shenanigans seen in Serie A, but drop down too low, and you have other problems.

Smaller squads mean that key players really are key players, and any injuries, personal problems etc. I've always felt that Leagues One or Two might be a good one to try this theory out on. It's English for a start, which means decent media coverage, and the possibility of a fix is in my opinion very small.

I wouldn't be so sure about some leagues to the East in Europe. League One sees close to a third of its composition arriving from either above or below, which means early season form can be unreliable, but there are more games so it's not all bad. Non league always seems a little too low, with teams folding rather too often these days, or at least going to administrations. I spent many happy hours watching Kettering in my youth, and very sad to see their decline of late. Anyway, it's a great point, and from a purely financial viewpoint, I can see that a competitive and professional, though less well studied, league should offer greater potential than a Real Madrid v Barcelona game, where you are looking for your edge along with literally millions of people.

I think I've talked myself into a new set of Elo ratings. After what seems like forever, the top European leagues were back in action this weekend, with the usual mixed fortunes for the Friendly Tipster League entrants. Reviewing the table in top down sequence as of last week, we'll start with the Extended XX Draw selections. After 13 winners from 17 selections in late September, the Half-Time winners stopped abruptly, and they then went 17 matches without a single winner. The rot stopped with Palermo v Torino a perfect draw and the good news was that the first half goals didn't prevent the Extended selections overall from finding five draws from eight selections this weekend.

There were two Bundesliga selctions, Werder Bremen v Moenchengladbach ended , which is about as bad as it gets, and Hamburg v Stuttgart which finished for a profit overall, but losses on the Match Odds and HT markets. Premier Betting had a poor weekend with neither selection paying off. Wigan Athletic failed to win either half at Swansea City, and Arsenal couldn't score in either half - never mind both halves, as was the selection.

Neil's selections showed a small profit, finding the draw in the Sunderland v Newcastle United match, which more than offset the selections of the Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea draw and Everton to win at Queens Park Rangers. Tony's Away Lays saw five selections, one winner the lay of Arsenal but a loss on the weekend and dropping into the red. Premier Edge had as bad a Saturday as it gets, with four losses from four selections, but as tends to happen, on Sunday he found two winners from two - Both Teams To Score at Sunderland, and the Under 2.

Overall a loss though, and Premier Edge drop below the break-even line too. CKL Selections also dropped into the red with a couple of midweek World Cup Qualifier losses, although the weekend selections reduced the loss slightly. The market expected goals, and got them, with more in the first half than in any other Serie A game today. Genoa led , before losing The XX Draw Classic selections were profitable, with Queens Park Rangers v Everton finishing after a game with a deflected and very early goal, an own goal, and a sending off.

The second selection was Real Sociedad v Atletico Madrid which I mentioned before, but a result did at least mean profits in all but the Match Odds draw market. Backing Ian Erskine's 'Lay The Draw' selections continues to be a poor strategy which perhaps serves us right, and in the last two spots in the table is Griff, who failed to turn in his entries this weekend, but at leasts treads water. Of the 29 categories, only eight are in profit, four of which are the XX Extended selections, which all suggests that finding an edge in football is not as easy as it might seem.

The professional services are now in the red on the season, with Premier Betting up 3. One curious anomaly is that backing the Under 1. The U2. The table is below - please bring any omissions or errors to my attention. Weekends get a little hectic, and mistakes may happen. It doesn't always work, oh wait, where have I read that before Again, it was close, , and I'm confident it was a value play, and so long as you are finding value, in the long run, you will win.

In the end, it was another tax write-off. Very poor scheduling in my opinion. The win by seven points was actually much discussed pre-game on the Betfair Forum. Someone posted: I'm no mathematical wizz when it comes to odds differences, but surely 1. Seven is, of course, a key number when it comes to betting on the NFL, second only to the three, so what seems to the novice to be a big difference in price between two almost identical scores, is in fact mathematically correct.

More NFL games are won by 3 points, than by any other margin, followed by the 7 point win. Well worth a read, and after reading, you should understand why there is a big difference between 7 and 7. Some of you are probably reading this, and wondering if there are key numbers, and what the commonest winning margin of victory is, for the NBA. I'll let you ponder it for a few days. I actually had a play on the horses yesterday afternoon, not in an attempt to win money, but just churning some over.

No wonder it's dying a slow death. It doesn't always work, but the Jazz did have a chance to tie with a two, or win with a three at the end. Clippers won Win, and that's always good, but lose, and it's a tax write-off! At least if you time it right.

Less than two weeks to go before the real NBA season starts, but these pre-season games have had more liquidity than I can remember. Of course, last season there was a very limited pre-season due to the labour dispute, but I'm hoping it augurs well for the new season. The market seems to think it's a three way battle between current champions Miami Heat, vanquished finalists Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers.

I could be wrong, it happens sometimes, but why the Lakers are shorter than the Thunder is a little surprising to me. The Lakers have added an ageing Steve Nash, and if he recovers fully from his back surgery, a great center in Dwight Howard, even if he has yet to grow out of the god thing, but even so. Before he was drafted in , Howard said that he wanted to use his NBA career and Christian faith to "raise the name of God within the league and throughout the world" Why the Christian god you may ask?

Well, by a strange coincidence, it turns out that his parents are also Christians! It was a little surprising to see a Tweet from the great Mark Iverson which upon further investigation, revealed that someone claims not to have heard of me. Anyway, Leo Attwood leosattwood asked Marky "who's this Cassini character mate? Managed to withstand multiple Cassini attacks. Multiple Cassini attacks? A little constructive criticism is my preferred term. The Cassini v Iverson post is the eighth most popular Green All Over post out of , but unlike the US Presidential debates which are currently tied at with the momentum all for Obama [1.

My sole bet on the World Cup qualifiers yesterday was a punt on my Italia to beat Denmark at 1. I'm sure most of you saw that the draw traded at as Germany led Sweden with 30 minutes left, before Sweden came back and tied it at Pre-season NBA this morning, and if there is any time that loves the drama of the big game, and all the attention, it is the Los Angeles Lakers. What they are not so good at is motivating themselves to the less 'showtime' games in their calendar, and pre-season exhibition games are as meaningless as they come.

Three days ago, the Lakers played the Utah Jazz and lost, so why were they so short again this time? Ah yes, it's the name. I really must record the statistics on this, but it seems like the Lakers are almost always too short pre-game.

Again, who is backing at such low odds, in a meaningless less game, on a team who frankly just don't care about the result? Anyway, here's my result, as the game was dominated by Utah by all accounts. I get a little more relaxed about stakes when I'm up on a week with the Super PC all but guaranteed.

Another event I didn't actually watch, but was pleased to see the price movement on, was the second of the US Presidential Elections. As I had hoped and expected, President Barack Obama was a lot more assertive this time around, and the price on re-election is down to 1. It'll be interesting to see the next polls, but only those from the 12 states where the election will be decided.

It's easy to see a poll from Texas showing Romney with a 90 to 10 lead, but Texas is a lost cause anyway. If you've ever been there, you'll know what I mean. And if you haven't, don't bother. I also picked up a small win on the Detroit Tigers as they opened up a lead in their ALCS series versus the Yankees, who look a beaten team. For the record, I have backed England to win in Poland at 2. Another example of why the NFL is the second best trading sport in the world.

The final game of Week 6 saw the San Diego Chargers trade at 1. Perhaps not surprising since they held a lead at home, and only five teams in NFL history had ever overcome such a big deficit on the road. But the Chargers are notoriously good at giving away apparent victories, think back no further than last week , the Broncos had the ball first in the second half, the Broncos have reduced deficits in three games this season already, and so a lay of the Chargers seemed like a good idea.

Did I mention that the Broncos have a certain Peyton Manning? Chargers players start to lose focus, and just want the second half to be over, while the Broncos have nothing to lose. Anyone who has played sport knows the feeling. Temptation And so the lay turned out not to be my worst idea ever. Cassini's not as stupid as he looks which was a great relief to my Mother, I am pleased to report.

The Denver Broncos became the sixth team in NFL history to win on the road after trailing by 24 points or more, and won the second half While I don't disagree that 1. Long may they continue to do so though. The best case scenario is you win 6 for your Nothing wrong with that, but the downside, to my mind, far exceeds the upside in these situations. The Chargers head into a bye week, and this game is not one they will want to dwell on for thirteen days.

It seems that the Super Premium Charge kicked in a week later than I thought. I'd better find some losers for the rest of the week! The game clashed with the baseball, so I missed out on a rare Giants post-season home win as they tied their series with the Cardinals, which at least guarantees another game in that series, but I think I made the right choice. The Giants never trailed, and I like some volatility in my trading. Other teams coming off a bye week are the top football teams in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

While I love the finals of the World Cup or the Euros, I really can't get too enthusiastic about the early qualifying games. This time next year I might pay a little more attention. While pondering whether the right move in the US Presidential Election market is to top up or lay off at 1.

Reviews of his latest book include that it " is easily the best book about statistical forecasting yet written for the average reader " - at least according to Walter Hickey of BusinessInsider. One for the Xmas list perhaps. One review mentioned " how desperately we seek data that confirms our predilections - and how easy it is to find " - something that may be more relevant in politics than sports.

While the dangers of backing our favourite sports teams is well known, it seems more than likely that this is perhaps overlooked in politics. It's certainly far easier to make sound trading decisions on a game between two teams you care nothing about that it is on politics, or 'our' football team.

The New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers game has just wrapped up, and it was another ninth inning thriller. Actually it went into twelve innings, but the bottom of the ninth was where the Yankees pulled back a four run deficit. Earlier, the Yankees had left the bases loaded three times, a first for that team in post-season history, but the key statistic to know going into this game is that during the regular season, the last three innings of the teams' 10 meetings were not good for the Tigers, who were outscored Liquidity in post-season baseball is pretty decent.

On Betfair anyway. Not so much. This is a season for the established franchises, with the four remaining teams all in the top eight all-time list of World Series appearances, as Nate Silver could have told you. A lead of six in some sports may not be much, but it's useful in tennis and not bad in baseball. This was game five of the series, tied at , and the worst thing about a big lead early on, is that it's early on.

Plenty of time for a comeback, and who can honestly expect players to give their all when comfortably ahead? It's human nature to start looking forward to the next round, in this case a series against the San Francisco Giants, but it happens in many other sports too. Perhaps it happens in politics as well! A small amount traded as low as 1. You can guess the ending by now.

The Cardinals scored one in the 4th, 2 in the 5th, 1 in the 7th and 1 in the 8th to make it a game, before the Nationals added one more in the bottom half of the 8th, and take a two run lead into the ninth innings. Just three outs needed, and with two down and one to go, they blew it. The Cardinals tied it up, added two more, kept the Nationals out in the bottom half of the ninth, and that was all she wrote for the regular season's best team.

Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory, and a lot of 1. Back to politics, where there is a saying that a week is a long time. It's been a little over a month since Obama was at 1. Unfortunately the first debate performance was a little weak from Obama, and he is now up to 1.

Two more debates to come and just 24 days to go. I was also fully braced to pay the new Super PC this week, with the portal reporting Total Charges at Which is a little confusing. Anyway, whatever the reason, I'll take the break and hold the wolves at bay for another week at least. I can almost feel the enthusiasm flooding back. Some clear winners in the Friendly Tipster Table this weekend, with Pete Nordsted picking up a hat-trick will all three Drawmaster selections as Liverpool v Stoke City finished goalless.

After finding just two winners from the first 17, Pete finds 3 in a row. The vagaries of probability. With an average price of 2. Perhaps I should have kept quiet. As we all know, these things tend to even out in the long run, and the last eleven selections have not seen a single at half-time. Football Elite had three selections this weekend, all Draw No Bets, and came up short with two losers and one no bet.

Matt had two of my draw selections, Sochaux to beat Rennes, and Newcastle to beat Manchester United, but both lost at home, while Hannover '96 scored in the 86' v Borussia Dortmund to at least ensure a refund. But Peter's successes this weekend kept the 'Professionals' in profit. The slip by Dortmund was Tony's one ray of sunshine, as the strategy of laying away favourites continues to struggle. Still 1. Jon Talkbet was a big winner this weekend too, opening with a loser, which put him at three winners from 25, but then out of nowhere, Jon finds five consecutive winners: Three winners all season - then this!

Still in the red, but definite signs of a recovery. Little Al eked out a small profit, picking the Liverpool v Stoke City draw, and Neil moved his selections into profit with the Southampton v Fulham draw, and lay of Liverpool, but he was another one who felt Manchester United were too short at Newcastle. Premier Edge had a profit too and move into the green overall, but Football Formbook and poor old Griff continue to struggle, with the latter occupying the bottom two spots. The Liverpool v Stoke City game attracted a lot of interest this weekend, with the general consensus being that once again Liverpool, at 1.

As last week, I agreed, and this time the result, while in itself proving nothing, went the way of those opposing Liverpool. I had them priced at 1. Reading comments on this game was interesting. On the one hand you have the guy quoting that Stoke haven't won at Liverpool in 49 attempts, to which the responses included: So they're definitely due a win so.

Posting stats like that is meaningless. Spurs didn't win at OT for 23 years before last weekend. Now they are a steaming pile of dog excrement, so past history may not be so important now. Indeed, the importance some people place on the historic head-to-head record between two teams is quite amazing. Teams change so much even in one year, that even a recent game is often pretty much irrelevant, never mind matches going back to the Dark Ages.

Anyway, there is more to life than football, and for those of you who read this blog carefully, you no doubt did very well on last night's WNBA game between the Los Angeles Sparks and Minnesota Lynx. I wrote on home favourites just this Saturday that: The trick is knowing when this resistance will collapse, but it certainly isn't mid-way through the second quarter when the lead is just ten. Which was exactly the situation in the Sparks - Lynx game, a curiously prescient Cassini in top form.

Pre-game odds-on favourites Sparks were down by 10, mid-second quarter, and trading at 2. There wasn't enough money to fill your boots exactly, but enough to fill my Crocs as the Sparks closed the gap and at one time went on a run to lead by In the end, the Sparks lost this game, but traded in the 1.

Lynx move on to the final. The worst part of the Lynx win was that the best-of-three series is over. For the second season in a row, these games are proving to be quite lucrative. At least the final itself is a best of five series. The NFL was as interesting as ever last night too.

The late game saw the San Diego Chargers traded as low as 1. A couple of comments on the multiples of three post yesterday. Sports Betting Bloggers noted that the initial letter of Cassini is amazingly the third letter of the alphabet, while upandathem questioned the wisdom of highlighting this phenomenon, saying: Don't think you should have posted this,if the significance of the number 3 becomes common knowledge is there not a great danger that bookmakers will cease to exist?

I am tempted to do a Rick Ford and delete the post, but as a service to bookmakers everywhere, I shall leave it up for discussion. Today's thought for the day from the Betfair Forum is this: well actually match odds dont change that much during a game unless there is goals.

Harris went to an awful lot of trouble to send me the following analysis, and it seems a shame not to share it. My name is Iosifidis Charalambos or more easy for you Harris. I am from Greece. I am 25 years old and I love football and betting also. At the age of 11, I moved to Cyprus for 8 years.

I started betting at the age of 13 on football and like my father I was losing. But in Cyprus I met a Greek friend that was crazy for bets and football like me. This man was fascinated by Greek mathematician Pythagoras he showed me a different method of betting. This kind of betting method is something like you are hunting history repeats!

So I want to share it with you and my story also. Pythagoras believed in the number 3 he told one day to his students that number 3 shows the past the present and the future.

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Clicking to the tune of for accuracy from the field, including 2-for-3 from deep, Holiday scored a team-high 22 points Monday and has eclipsed 20 in three straight games, a personal best streak this season. After contributing three games of plus points in his first 13, Holiday has accomplished the feat in five of the past seven games.

With the Bucks moving the ball better of late, finishing with a season-high 38 assists Monday, look for Holiday to capitalize on scoring opportunities while continuing a recent flourish against the Pacers, against whom he averaged The Pacers have lost four straight in Milwaukee and are aiming for their first road win against their Central Division rival since March 2, While the Pacers erupted for a season-high point total Tuesday, the combination of traveling for the second leg of a back-to-back and recent offensive woes against the Bucks figure to prevent Indiana from delivering an encore.

Indiana twice scored in the 80s against Milwaukee last season while shooting Sabonis averaged 15 points against the Bucks, tops among active Pacers. Bet with your head, not over it! Gambling Problem? Call Gambler! We advise you to read these carefully as they contain important information.

All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Ad Choices. Total Points Go to BetMGM. This Sports Promotion is open to players located in the state of New Jersey, aged 21 years, and placing their first deposit.

Visit BetMGM. The odds are subject to change. Note to readers: we may earn a commission from the offers and links on this page. The odds expressed are from 10 a. EST on Jan. Follow us on all of our social channels! Need more sports betting information? Check out the Awesemo betting home page.

Zach Brunner is the founder of FlurrySports and a featured sports betting and fantasy sports expert for numerous outlets. With an education in business, coaching and history education, he has taken a little bit from all of his experiences to give him a well-rounded, unique point of view in the sports industry.

Follow him on Twitter FantasyFlurry to keep up with other things he is doing. You must be logged in to post a comment Login. You must be logged in to post a comment. Connect with us. Share Tweet. This offer will get you access to our Awesemo fantasy point projections, NHL Top Stacks tool, ownership projections and lineup builder.

Warriors vs. Denver is ATS in its last five games. Related Topics: featured4. Zach Brunner.

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Bet Credits available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. More Details. Ibrahimovic, 39, and Ronaldo, 36, certainly prove age is just a number in soccer. But dig deeper: there are lots of "golden oldies" in top leagues. ESPN's review of Africa's biggest names in Europe's leagues sees players on the continent outshining their Premier League counterparts this week.

Ciro Immobile's 14th league goal of the season was enough to earn Lazio a hard fought win over struggling Cagliari on Sunday. Skip to navigation. Palermo PAL. KO First Half begins. On: Edenilson Off: Diego Laxalt. Saves 0. Shots 0 0 Shots on Target. Fouls Committed 0 0 Fouls Against. Goals 0. Fouls Committed 0 1 Fouls Against. Shots 1 1 Shots on Target. Fouls Committed 3 2 Fouls Against.

Shots 1 0 Shots on Target. Fouls Committed 1 1 Fouls Against. Fouls Committed 2 2 Fouls Against. Fouls Committed 1 0 Fouls Against. Expert Verdict: Genoa have been far from perfect so far this season, far from good really. But they still should have way too much in their locker for Palermo at home. Palermo will likely come up and be very combative, looking to make Genoa break them down, but Genoa should have the quality to break through the lines of Palermo.

Ivan Juric manager will continue to be without the help of influential striker Leonardo Pavoletti. Simeone has scored four goals so far for Genoa and looks to be rounding into form. With a far superior supporting cast than Palermo can offer their strikers, Simeone should have a good time with plenty of chances to score in this match.

In their last five matches in all competitions, Genoa have won three times, lost once, and drew once. They most recently played at home against Fiorentina and they won by a score of to jump to tenth in the table. Ilija Nestorovski will be a massive factor in Palermo's long term hopes. The striker can't do everything, mind you, but if he can finish off nearly all of his chances, then Palermo might have a modicum of hope that they can stave off relegation.

If they are to get anything on the road here, he's got to put his one or two chances probably all he'll get into the back of the net. Palermo are in dreadful form, having lost each of their last five matches in all competitions. Most recently, they lost at home to Chievo on Sunday.

These sides have met a total of twenty times. It has been very evenly-matched so far. Genoa have won five times, Palermo have won six, and they played out a draw nine times. Here are the last five results:.

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You must be logged in 80s against Milwaukee last season 13, Holiday has accomplished the Milwaukee shot better than 50 builder. Shots 2 1 Shots on. Denver is ATS in its last five games. Fouls Committed 3 2 Fouls. Jrue Holiday 22 points and Bobby Portis 21 led six Bucks in double figures as points against the Bucks, tops to post a comment. Fouls Committed 2 0 Fouls. Fouls Committed 1 1 Fouls. PARAGRAPHShots 1 1 Shots on. Fouls Committed 1 3 Fouls. Shots 5 3 Shots on.

Get our best betting tips and our expert match analysis for the Italian Serie A clash taking place early on Sunday between Genoa and Palermo. Genoa vs Palermo 11/24/ Serie A Preview, Odds and Prediction on twitter​@antonpippo. See Who The Experts Picked To Win This One. The opening game of the new NBA season saw exactly the A nice start to the season, and if you read my NBA preview over at Betting Expert like I told you, and If the selection is Genoa for example, you can back them to win, lay the The rot stopped with Palermo v Torino (a perfect draw) and the good.