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Visitors do not need any special equipment or preparation. Just try and hole the ball with as few shots as possible. Please allow 1. Smaller groups will take less time accordingly. The most up-to-date opening times can be found on the website. Closed in case of continuous rain. Please refer to the latest news on the website. At a height of m, Mount Schaumberg is the 'local mountain' in Saarland, and a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and those looking to relax.

Schaumberg Tower, the striking A panoramic lift takes guests to the viewing platform, which is also designed to be barrier free. Plaques etched with place names and cardinal points on the railing help visitors with orientation and the exploration of the landscape. Two exhibitions are on display inside the tower: the "Summit Meeting" exhibition focuses on Franco-German relations and the Schaumberg itself.

Another exhibition entitled "COzwo and Co" is devoted to the topic of climate protection. A viewing platform, a picnic area and a wishing tree can be found on the plateau. The "Herzweg", a 3 km long circular hiking path at an altitude of m, offers walkers wonderful views of the surrounding landscape time and again.

The seven-sided Africa Chapel is situated on the route. The "Himmelszelt" sky tent The Schaumberg also offers another attraction: at the beginning of the event season, the "Himmelszelt" sky tent was inaugurated and is now available for events and picnics for hiking groups, especially in poor weather.

The transparent dome construction has a diameter of 16 metres and is eight metres high. The "Himmelszelt" sky tent offers space for up to people in an area of almost square meters depending on the seating arrangements. The "Himmelszelt" sky tent was first erected in at the state garden show in Norderstedt Schleswig-Holstein and remained there for nine months. After dismantling in Norderstedt, it was erected again in Rehburg-Loccum in Lower Saxony and used there from to October The new operator has added an alpine chalet in southern Bavarian style over a square metre area, which can accommodate up to people indoors and outdoors.

An original southern Bavarian chalet made of mature timber has been added to the existing building in the form of an extension. This has been lovingly decorated in a modern Bavarian style. Tables and benches made of solid wood invite you to stay. A separate dining room, which was integrated into the ensemble as a 'panorama room', is completely covered in greenery.

In nice weather, the newly designed beer garden is great place to relax. The Schaumberg Alm is open from Sundays to Thursdays between Please contact Schaumberg Alm restaurant directly to make reservations etc. Tuesday to Sunday and bank holidays: Viewing platform: 10 am — 9 pm Exhibitions: 10 am — 6 pm.

Why did they need a tower on Schaumberg? They get see the how it looks today with its emphasis on friendship, imagine how it looked previously as a defence tower and find themselves transformed into "living pictures" on the mountain. The Tramposaarium represents an attractive addition to the existing selection of playgrounds and children's entertainment on Lake Bostalsee. Trampolining is a trend sport that is becoming increasingly popular and is great fun.

It is also three times more effective than jogging 10 minutes of trampolining has the same health benefits as 30 minutes of jogging. The Tramposaarium is therefore not only interesting for children, but also for fitness-loving young people and adults - in short: for the whole family. For group bookings, music can even be played on request. In summer, you can enjoy refreshing water showers, holiday promotions and the Jump Night trampolining accompanied by music, fog and illumination.

The tour begins in St. Wendel behind the station and starts via Wendelinus-Radweg bike path on the railway embankment through the upper Bliestal valley. Again and again benches turn up along the way, inviting you to relax and enjoy the scenery. Sculptures by a local artist line the roadside. Continue to Oberthal and then on towards Tholey. Shortly before reaching Tholey there is a short but steep climb of 40 metres up to the parking lot.

Here a detour offers itself in the opposite direction to the Roman archaeological site at Wareswald, but otherwise we turn to the right. We cycle into the old town centre of Tholey, where you can pay a visit to the Abbey church. Then we cycle along quiet back roads, Schaumberg bike trail, in the direction Marpingen.

On Mistenberg hill above the Alsbachtal valley you can enjoy the splendid views before we set off through the beautiful meadow landscape down to Marpingen. A moment later comes the next climb of in total of metres. The circular cycle tour around the Primstal lake begins on the Primstal dam and has a total length of With an area of Thus the water volume is approx.

The first 5. The model representation of our solar system with a complete nine-planet model is impressive, with the size of the planets and their distance from each other being to scale. You cycle past each planet and so can take in the dimensions of our solar system. Boards at the individual stations to give information about our planet. A slight climb to the reservoir circular trail takes you to Jupiter, the largest planet model.

From there you can enjoy the magnificent views of the fjord-like lake. The trail passes Saturn and Uranus on its way to the Primsvorsperre upstream dam. Over the Primswehr weir the astronomical cycle tour continues to Neptune and Pluto, the last planets of our system.

You can watch impressed, how the iron was smelted. The complete system included a crushing mill, a smelter, a steam hammer and a charcoal barn. For the 7 km long cycle track around the Bostalsee we recommend the tourist information office as a starting point, where there is a lot of information about the lake and everything the vast region has to offer.

The hiking and biking trails around the lake are separate from each, so you can enjoy your trip with beautiful views. From the tourist information office it passes the Bosen beach pool and the largest beer garden in south-west Germany in the direction of Eckelhausen. From watercolour and oil painting, ceramics to writing seminars and stone sculpture. The path continues to Gonnesweiler, where there is another beach bath, and besides swimming and there is also the opportunity to surf or dive.

Wendel and Lake Bostalsee. Dining facilities at the lake, as well as 2 beach pools with volleyball courts and playgrounds for children invite you to relax and recharge your batteries. Extend the Wendelinuspark route on a loop past Winterbach und Bliesen, charmingly scenic with beautiful panoramic views of Winterbach and Bliesen. A non-forested stretch in the water reserve, leading past several wetland areas, with a beautiful view on the direction of Oberlinxweiler and Bosenberg, resting opportunities at Vierbannstein.

Wendelinus caves, view the Schaumberg mountain, particularly beautiful forest trails, little asphalt, on a former Roman road. Completely paved and lit, suitable for all seasons, around or bordering a hole championship golf course, 9-hole public golf course and one of the most ambitious skater parks in Europe. Along the headwaters of the site of the Adoration of Mary, a scenic route with great views towards Schaumberg.

Route runs only on dirt tracks through the forested water conservation area. The route passes through a water conservation area, mostly through natural beautiful forests, at several wetland areas. Beautiful views of the Wurzelbachtal valley in the direction of Oberlinxweiler and Bosenberg. Extend the Wendelinuspark and Wallesweilerhof route on a loop which passes the European Road of the Sculptures in the area of the St. Wendel Symposium. Circumnavigation of the Celtic fort with impressive viewing opportunities of the monument and the Nonnweiler dam.

The over 2-metre-high demonstration charcoal kiln from the charcoal burners in Buchwald forest in Walhausen reminds us how charcoal was produced in the pre-industrial era between and Charcoal was the most important source of energy at that time and was also needed in large quantities to melt copper ores for smelting purposes. The first documented mention of copper ore mining in Walhausen was in This 50 km-long copper vein stretches along the River Nahe in the direction of Kirn and was created by active volcanic activity during the Permian period.

Up to seven tonnes of charcoal were needed to melt a single tonne of ore. Some 90 cubic metres of wood were required for this, depending on the quality of the wood. The charcoal kiln plant gained considerable importance due to the high demand. Numerous kilns were built between the 16th and 18th centuries, which can still be seen today in the area around Buchwald. A charcoal burner's job was a difficult one. They watched over the charcoal kilns for days on end and lived cramped together in huts far from their families.

The surge in coal mining in the 19th century made charcoal production no longer profitable, however, and it was discontinued. The huge demand for wood also changed the landscape of the forests. Beech wood played a major role in the production of charcoal.

For this reason, the growth of this tree was strongly promoted, causing forest-scale growth to take place. It still characterises the image of the state forests in the area around Nohfelden today. In memory of the charcoal burning trade, the traditional Charcoal Burner's Festival takes place every five years in Walhausen at the site of the demonstration charcoal kiln.

Near Tholey, an important Gallo-Roman settlement was established in the 1st. The settlement at the foot of Mount Schaumberg was approximately one kilometre long. The economic crisis, which began in the 3rd century and lasted for a long time, as well as plundering campaigns by Germanic tribes were mainly responsible for the demise of settlement in the Wareswald.

The Vicus was abandoned as early as in AD and gradually decayed. Even existence of underfloor heating and bath rooms is evident. The remains of a Gallo-Roman temple have been completely excavated and can now be visited. The prosperity of some families of the settlement is also evident in their monumental tombs, which had been built along the ancient street.

A visualisation of the approximately metre-high arrow tomb can be viewed on site. However, those who would like to take part in the excavations and not just marvel at the rooms and the finds that have re-emerged, also have the chance to become actively involved. Every 1st Sunday from May to October.

Meeting point: 11am at the Wareswald car park between Tholey, Oberthal and Marpingen access between Tholey and Theley and by appointment via kp. Liebenburg Castle with its tower and the remains of its wall on Schlossberg near Eisweiler is the landmark of the municipality of Namborn. The castle was first mentioned in documents in , when the Bishop of Verdun appointed the knight "Boemund de Lievenberc" as castle guard. The castle came into the possession of the archbishops of Trier in around , who pledged the castle to solvent noble families due to a lack of money.

It was during this period that the castle was finally destroyed. Couples can also book a romantic wedding ceremony at the castle. The Johann Adams Mill is one of the last remaining mill estates in Saarland and is idyllically situated in a meadow valley near Theley. It was first mentioned in writing in The current mill building dates back to At that time, the region was divided into the Duchy of Lorraine and Kurtrier. Two miller families, who lived together in the mill, took turns to work in milling room every other week.

The listed building has been renovated the municipality of Tholey in keeping with the original. The two-storey, originally thatched, half-timbered building with its raised mill wheel is considered to be the only mill in Saarland where the milling room still has medieval features while having been returned to a full working state.

The water is now being led over a 12m oak bridge to the mill wheel again. Today, the mill ensemble houses a museum of local history showing the exhibition "From flax to linen" that exhibits a loom and materials typical to the trade. Many lovingly collected household items from this era illustrate the laborious work performed by our ancestors in the household.

Bread is still being baked regularly in the year-old oven using an old recipe. The country restaurant housed in the former service outbuilding at Johann Adams Mill invites you to take a break. Guided tours also for school classes and youth groups and bread baking courses available by arrangement. The history of the settlement in Imsbach dates back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. After the French Revolution, the estate passed naturally and politically into the ownership of the Oldenburg Principality of Birkenfeld in From that point onwards, Imsbach belonged to the municipal district of Selbach in the municipality of Nohfelden.

The estate experienced its heyday in the 19th century, when Napoleon Bonaparte gifted it to the cavalry officer Colonel Lapointe. He used the estate for farming. Following Colonel Lapointe's death in , his grandson Louis Albert inherited the property, which remained family-owned until The French owner was buried in the nearby chapel next to his wife and grandfather.

The structure of the farm and the buildings that can be seen today date back to the period of the Lapointe family. It was not until that the estate was listed and extensively restored in the following years. The estate chapel and its crypt, situated on a small hill, have also been restored, providing a dignified setting for the coffins of the Lapointe family.

Surrounded by a landscape conservation farm and landscape park, Hofgut Imsbach Estate is the starting point for many hiking tours, including the "Tafeltour Offizierspfad Imsbach" premium trail and the Imsbach Promenade. The Ring Wall of Otzenhausen, popularly known as the "Hunnenring", is a Celtic stronghold fortification on the slopes of Mount Dollberg near Otzenhausen.

It was built as early as in the 1st century B. The Ringwall is the fortified settlement of a Treverian prince. Julius Caesar himself described the oppidum, which was fortified with dry stone walls, as a "murus gallicus".

The stone walls consist of an inner and an outer shell, which are set in wooden frames. Nails were used to attach the wooden frames to the dry walls, which is demonstrably the first use of metal in prehistoric fortress construction. The baseline of the structure is formed by the north wall that runs along the ridge of Mount Dollberg, which, with a 40 m base, still reaches a height of 12 m today. The entire wall of the hectare main fortress complex is 1.

The north-western end of the wall contained the gated entrance, which has been verified because of the holes for the gate posts. Famous generals, artists, scholars and even the ancestress of the Windsor family have all left their mark here. You can sense its eventful history in the picturesque old town with its historical buildings. Tourist-Info St. Wendel Rathausplatz 1 Ground floor on the left St. Guided tours through the old town start every Saturday at 11 am at the main portal of the Basilica of St.

The night watchman, who welcomes his guests with halberd and lantern at the Basilica every Friday at 9 pm between May and September and at 8 pm between October and April, also has some astonishing tales to tell. The tonne stone dates from Neolithic times and is one of the very few testemonies of the earliest settlement in Sankt Wendel County.

Two other cult stones exist in Saarland in addition to this menhir: the Gollenstein menhir near Blieskastel and the Spillenstein menhir in Rentrisch. In Walhausen, the folk tale still holds true today that a golden carriage is buried under the tonne stone containing the war chest of Attila the Hun. The menhir and Hinkelborn invite hikers to take a leisurely break on their way to Lake Bostalsee. Nail forging has long tradition in the Hochwald. The first ironworks were built in the Hochwald as early as the middle of the 17th century.

Everything needed for the production of iron was available in the area in sufficient amounts in the form of iron ore, wood and water. In the beginning, mainly ship, lock, band and slate nails were produced. Later, various types of shoe nails were made. However, everything was made by hand until the invention of a machine brought significant relief.

Life was buzzing in the nail smiths in Sitzerath, especially during the wintertime. The whole family helped to produce the nails. In times when celebrations, public holidays, fun fairs or carnivals took place, the trade went extremely well. Work started at 4 am in the morning. Even small children were known to pitch in 2 or 3 hours before they went to school. Born in , he had already mastered the smithy trade by the age of It was not until that he quit his trade to pursue a better-paid profession.

Wilhelm Bossel von Stein built Veldenz Castle in Today, only the castle keep is still visible, which is both a monument of significance beyond the region and the principal landmark of Nohfelden. The castle was first mentioned in writing in In , a few years later, Nohfelden became the seat of a senior official. During the Thirty Years' War, part of the castle was burned down and confiscated as national property during the French Revolution. In , the Cetto family from St.

Wendel bought the remains of the castle and used them as a quarry. The metre-high keep has been extensively restored and now serves as a viewing tower from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Nahe Valley. Wendelinuskapelle Wendelinus Chapel was built in on behalf of the bailiff and electoral court councillor Franz Ernst D'Hame.

Builder Johannes Schubmehl built the chapel in a scenic location at the foot of Bosenberg hill. It is assumed that the chapel was designed by Augustinian brother Josef Walter. Worth seeing in particular are the Baroque altar and the open bell tower above the gate. Legend has it that the chapel stands where Saint Wendelin once lived as a hermit. Many pilgrims still visit the chapel today to drink at the spring.

The Basilica of St. Wendelin Wendelinusbasilika in St. Wendel is widely visible as a town landmark. The continued movement to worship Saint Wendelin led to it being built as a late Gothic hall church in the 14th century. The driving force for this was the Elector Balduin von Trier, who acquired the town in and had it developed into an economic and cultural centre.

The east choir was finished first in the middle of the 14th century and was used as a separate church room. The entrance to the east choir can still be recognised today by the door in the middle section of the wall. It was not until around that the western tower complex was built. The central nave and southern atrium, which served as an assembly room, were completed around Particularly worth seeing is the stone pulpit, one of the last few in existence in Germany.

It bears the coat of arms of the patron Nikolaus of Kues crab and cardinal's hat. The raised sarcophagus containing the bones of Saint Wendelin is situated behind the altar. Pilgrims still walk under the sarcophagus today. The twelve apostles can be seen on the sides of the sarcophagus. The empty tomb of Saint Wendelin, created in around , stands in the middle of the choir.

The Basilica is considered to be the most beautiful sacred building in the Saarland due to its numerous vaulted paintings depicting plants and animals. Baroque figures depicting the guild saints are situated on the walls of the side aisles. The most valuable work of art in the church is the burial group, which was created around Saint Wendelin is the patron saint of the environment and animals.

Wendelin is still considered an important pilgrimage church and a place where events for pilgrims and organ concerts take place all year round. A 15 km long pilgrim's trail between St. Wendel and Tholey starts at the Basilica of St. In its original form, Saint Valentine's Chapel was built between and by the hermit Johann Nonninger. According to legend, the reason it was erected in the first place was because of the demise of a young Jew.

As a Koblenz skipper, Nonninger was to blame for the boy's drowning and built the chapel in the hope of finding inner peace again. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Valentine. The fountain next to the chapel was a place of pilgrimage for many pilgrims in the Middle Ages.

The "Gute Brunnen" Good Well is a spring situated right next to the chapel whose pure spring water was used as a remedy for eye diseases in the Middle Ages. Along the way, you can see 14 valuable stone shrines which were made in in the Benedictine Abbey in Tholey, and. The old 18th century Nepomuk Chapel belonged to the ensemble that made up Gonnesweiler Castle, which was built around and destroyed during the French Revolution.

As a palace chapel, it survived the French Revolution, but fell victim to the wave of modernisation in the post-war period. It was demolished in Reconstruction of the chapel in its original form came about through civic engagement. Weddings can also be held in the chapel between the months of May and September.

The metre-high mount Peterberg has been considered a weather mountain since ancient times. In pre-Christian times, it was dedicated to the god Donar, and in later times, it was said to be inhabited by weather witches. At the site where the chapel is located today, there used to be a sanctuary dedicated to weather god Saint Peter for several centuries. A wooden chapel was built on mount Peterberg in the 13th century. From , a 'free market' was held every year on Peterberg on the Monday after the Assumption Day.

The chapel fell into disrepair when the market was closed. It was not rebuilt until Wendel in and subsequently the Mission House was built. The Mission House Church has the shape of a cross. The metre-high crossing tower, which rises from the three-aisled church, is remarkable. The interior decoration is in late Romanesque style.

The mighty triumphal cross hangs from the choir arch and the numerous stained glass windows impress with their colour and design. Wendelinushof farm with its livestock farming, workshops for the disabled, plant nursery with garden centre, restaurant and shop for regional products is also part of the Mission House.

The small Lourdes Grotto and cemetery of the Fathers can be found close by. Missionshaus St. In Marpingen, the devotion to Mary, the mother of God, has been firmly rooted in popular belief for over years. Marpingen soon got a reputation for being a German Lourdes. To this day, many thousands of pilgrims visit the Marian Worship Site every year. A visitor centre offers devotional objects for sale. The almost 11 km long Marienrundweg circular trail and the Way of St.

James from St. Marienkapelle Chapel: April to October: daily from 8 am to 9 pm November to March: daily from 8 am to 8 pm. Visitor Centre: Open on Sundays and bank holidays from 2 pm to 4 pm and by prior arrangement. The Chapel of St. Antonius in Selbach, also known as the "Kathreinenkapelle", was built in the 16th century.

It is believed that it served as the base for a dominion at the watershed between the rivers Nahe and Blies. The tower is probably the oldest part of the chapel and was built in the 13th century, the bell was not added until The fully preserved late baroque Way of the Cross is unique in its kind.

The Catholic parish church of Nonnweiler, also popularly known as "Hochwalddom", was built between and in the neo-late Gothic style by the Mainz Cathedral architect L. The main entrance is decorated with various types of nails, all of which were produced in nearby nail smith workshops. The Hubertus Horn and the Hubertus Key from the 12th century can be viewed in the church. Until , bite wounds from rabid animals were burned out with the Hubertus Key.

When humans became infected with rabies, even their wounds were treated with the branding iron. A 'Hubertus Cult' developed as a result. Worth seeing is the high altar carved from wood, on which the history of the salvation of the Old and New Testament and the most important events in the life of Saint Hubert are clearly depicted.

The foundation of the parish of Nonnweiler dates back to Hetti the Bishop of Trier The monastery was dissolved in It is likely that the first church was already built in the 9th century. Blasius Chapel in Bergweiler was first mentioned in a document among the possessions of Tholey Monastery in The main day of pilgrimage was the annual St. Inside, the chapel has three baroque altars in white, blue and gold. The figure of Saint Blasius is depicted on the high altar, with Saint Mark and Saint Wendelin depicted on the side altars and above them the coat of arms of Tholey Abbey and the abbot Dr.

Petrus Bonne. The Benedictine Abbey of St. Mauritius is the oldest still existing monastery on German soil. Monks have been living at the foot of Mount Schaumberg since and today, around a dozen Benedictine monks still keep the abbey alive. Ora et labora determine the daily rhythm in the monastery. Visitors are also always welcome to pray together with the monks.

A baroque fountain , which is framed by the four evangelists, completes the garden. Lioba Guesthouse and the pilgrim's room offer room for conferences, seminars and visitors. The three choir windows, recently redesigned by the famous painter Gerhard Richter are particularly worth seeing. The current opening hours of the church can be found here. Monastery garden: Wednesday to Monday from 10 am to 5 pm Closed on Tuesday.

You can find the current admission prices here. This memorial to veterans who fought in Africa in the Second World War has a heptagonal floor plan reminiscent of a crown of thorns and is intended to represent the Seven Sorrows of Mary. Experience the history of coal and steel in the Saarland!

A tour has been set up, with a detailed description given at the various points. On show is, for example, the sintering facility, in which the residues from the iron production are recycled and returned to the blast furnace. Skip hoists transported the raw materials to the blast furnace. Suspended wagons passed over the charging platform at a height of 27 m and from there filled the blast furnace. For this the blast furnace had to be opened - a dangerous task for the steel-workers.

At the blast furnace itself the runoff can be seen well, where the glowing liquid left the blast furnace. In the imposing blower hall once. Gruppen werden um Anmeldung. Strasbourg was founded in 12 BC. Founded by the Roman emperor Augustus, Strasbourg is the largest city in the Alsace and also its capital. The construction of the cathedral started in the 11th century, and its facade impresses with its fantastically lavish ornamentation and is well known far beyond the borders.

With its metre-high tower, Strasbourg Cathedral was the tallest building in Christendom until the 19th century. Dominated by the west facade of the cathedral, the square contains numerous half-timbered houses in the Alemannic-South German style, some of which are four or five stories high.

After the Second World War, Strasbourg became a symbol of reconciliation between nations and the future of Europe as the European capital. The "jardin des Deux-Rives" garden is situated on both sides of the river Rhine symbolising the friendship that exists between France and Germany.

Visitors to the garden can admire a wide variety of plant and garden exhibitions and cultural events in the extensive parkland without borders depending on the season: concerts, dance and circus Both banks of the Rhine are connected by a bridge, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to take a romantic walk from one border to the other.

As the city is located directly on both the Rhine and the Ill, visitors can take a trip on one of the many excursion boats available and admire the city from the water. Alsace is known for its wine-growing region, and in particular Alsatian Riesling, and a visit to its historical towns and villages with their famous half-timbered houses along the Vosges Mountains should not be missed. You can visit the table culture experience centre, the ceramics museum and the "bathroom, kitchen and tiles" information centre.

The "Gondwana — Museum of Prehistory" is an indoor prehistoric park where you can experience prehistory 'live'. State-of-the-art animation techniques and sophisticated audio-visual processes allow visitors to follow the course of the earth's 4.

Monster scorpions, giant dragonflies and voracious dinosaurs are just some of the life forms that have been brought back to life in the exhibition rooms. Natural forces such as floods and meteorite impacts are re-enacted to give an impression of the living conditions and the geological history of the earth in past times. At Werner Freud Wolf Park in Merzig, you can see wolves from different parts of the world in their natural habitats. Before his death in , wolf and human researcher Werner Freund was known to climb into the enclosure with his wolves as the alpha wolf and howl and live as if he were one of them.

After his death, his work is continued by his long-time employee Tatjana Schneider. Public guided tours are offered. The nearby Expedition Museum shows objects used by humans from unexplored areas of the earth. Werner Freund went on research trips to tribes in difficult to reach areas of the world many times. Upon return he brought gifts, everyday objects and hunting trophies from local tribes people, which can be admired in his exhibition rooms.

The visitor mine in Bexbach teaches you everything you need to know about the history of mining in Saarland. The story is told in the museum, and 'underground' you can admire at old and new extraction techniques. Visit the washroom, reading desk and lamp room, all of which have been faithfully reproduced in every detail. Lichtenberg Castle is located in the heart of the Palatinate Highlands and, at metres in length, is one of the largest castle complexes in Germany.

The castle dates back to , has never been destroyed, but was badly damaged by fire in the 18th century. It was rebuilt by the county of Kusel. The Counts of Veldenz built the castle without the permission of the bishops of Reims, who were the owners at that time. Today, the castle houses a museum of natural history, an environmental museum and a musical museums. It is also home to a castle restaurant, and you can also get married in the romantic setting of the castle. The Wendel Miners Museum tells the story of Wendel mine.

In the exhibition rooms, visitors can find information about the origin of coal, its extraction and the everyday life of miners and their work. Wendel mine presents itself from the outside in the form of a large, open, red book that symbolises the history of the mine. Discovering the miners' underground universe on the inside begins in complete darkness, with a fluorescent model of the mineral resources mined there. Visitor then move on to the cage, which each of the miners had to enter on their descent into the depths of the mine to their workplace.

Finally, Saint Barbara, patron saint of all miners, welcomes visitors before they enter the galleries. Here, visitors encounter an authentic mining scenario AM tunnelling machine, G electro-hydraulic loader, Electra cutting machine, expansion units for large long-wall openings, mining planer and more. The tour ends with a 3D film about the working day of a miner deep down in the mine. A former miner guides visitors through the Wendel mine and explains the various mining techniques while recounting small anecdotes about work and life in the depths of the mine.

Magnificent forests, historical sites and many sights invite you to discover the region. The main attraction is the Citadel of Bitche, which can be visited with a multimedia guided tour of the underground passageways. The former fortress dates to the 17th century and was designed by the military architect Vauban, who also built Saarlouis in the Saarland. Even today, many traces of the Maginot Line, a defence system built along the German-French border during the Second World War, can still be found.

An example of this is the Simserhof artillery factory, which is definitely worth a visit. On board automatic vehicles, visitors are guided through the former ammunition depot. Visitors can experience everyday life and the intensity of the attacks in through special effects and several film screenings. The living conditions in the fortress garrison as well as the barracks, kitchens and battle rooms can also be explored.

The copper mine in Fischbach between Idar-Oberstein and Kirn is proven to already have been in operation years ago. The widely branched tunnel systems and up to 30 metre high caverns can be viewed on a tour of the mine. The museum also has demonstrations of the various work processes and mining techniques for ore extraction. A mine that you should definitely see! Idar-Oberstein is the gem and jewellery metropolis of the Nahe river region.

Numerous museums and gemstone shops allow to admire both raw and cut stones and take them home as souvenirs. Also worth seeing in the town are a church built into the cliffs and the historic gemstone grinder by the pond. The German Gemstone Museum, which should not be missed, offers insights into all the gemstones of the world. The museum has processed and cut stones on show that you can admire as well as raw minerals.

The gemstone mines of the Steinkaulenberg are the only tunnels in Europe that are open to visitors. Here you can experience a journey through a fascinating world full of splendour and treasures. Calypso offers you a variety of ways to spend your leisure time, whether in the indoor or outdoor pool, slide paradise, in the sauna or wellness area.

Since the s, the remains of a Roman villa and a small Gallo-Roman settlement have been uncovered in this Franco-German archaeology park. The Reinheim Information Centre shows a reconstruction of the villa and numerous finds in an exhibition.

The replica of the burial mounds discovered here is unique and includes the grave of a Celtic princess, which has been reconstructed and is open to visitors. On the French side, the excavated thermal bath complex, reconstructed with modern architecture, illustrates the luxury of everyday Roman life. A Roman settlement could once be found at the gates of the town of Schwarzenacker. Several buildings have been reconstructed in the magnificent gardens, including a tavern and a doctor's house.

Original finds including statues and coins can be seen in the open-air museum, which is one of the most beautiful Roman museums in Germany. At over years old, Trier is the oldest city in Germany and is located in the middle of the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine-growing region.

The city centre is characterised by its extensive pedestrian area and many distinctive Roman buildings. These include in particular the former city gate "Porta Nigra". It was built around AD and is considered to be the best-preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps. The Porta Nigra is a good starting point for exploring the town and is at the same time a distinctive link between the ancient past and the modern city.

The Imperial Baths are another highlight. The Imperial baths are the most recent of the three Roman baths in Trier, which were built in the 4th century and were some of the largest bathing facilities in the Roman Empire at that time. You can still experience and feel the history of the thermal baths above and below ground even today.

Also worth seeing are the Electoral Palace, the amphitheatre and the State Museum. No other museum in Germany illustrates the civilisation, economy, religion and art of the first four centuries after Christ so comprehensively. A visit to the Cathedral of St. Peter 4th century and the Church of Our Dear Lady 13th century is also worthwhile. In the main market, you can admire the oldest market cross in Germany from , the Fountain of St. Peter and the market Church of St.

Gangolf 14thth Century. The house where Karl Marx was born is located at a short distance from the main market. The archaeological park containing Perl-Borg Roman villa is a beautifully restored Roman villa complex that takes visitors back to the Roman era. The villa is now a museum and exhibits the most important finds from Borg.

You can discover the ancient bathing customs of the Roman gentry in the villa's pool with its cold and warm baths and even rent them on request. As a final treat, you can also dine in a Roman tavern just like the Romans used to do. The city was the first mentioned in documents in AD: Emperor Otto the Third gifted the imperial castle "castellum Sarabrucca" to the bishops of Metz.

Even today, it is still characterized by the Baroque style of the 18th century. A Renaissance castle was built in the 17th century, the subterranean complexes of which still exist today. Following its destruction, Prince Wilhelm Heinrich asked the master builder Stengel, to build a new Baroque residence in the 18th century. Afflicted several times in the meantime, and partially burned down and rebuilt again, the castle has been shining in new splendour since Today, the castle stages cultural events and conferences.

The Ludwigskirche church is also a masterpiece by master builder Stengel. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful Baroque Protestant churches in Germany. The State Theatre stages top-class plays, concerts and ballet and dance performances. In addition to other interesting monuments, there is much more to experience in the state capital.

Several passenger ships on the river Saar offer round trips as well as tours to France. The many places where you can sit down on the banks of the River Saar invite you to relax and enjoy nature. Taking a stroll through the many shops in the pedestrian zone is also fun, or why not simply enjoy the family atmosphere at St.

Johanner Market. Numerous national events such as the Saar Spectacle with its dragon boat race and rowing boat race and other competitions take place every year. The Schlossberg Caves Homburg are located below the ruins of Homburg Castle and are the largest red sandstone caves in Europe. Mysterious passages lead into imposing domed halls that are made particularly attractive by the yellow and red colouring of the sand.

The coloured sandstone that forms the ridge above the town of Homburg, was formed some million years ago. Metz, located directly on the River Moselle, is the capital of the French region of Lorraine. The first traces of the settlement date back to BC, but are mainly evident from the Roman period. Metz belonged to the German Empire from to After the Versailles Treaty in , Metz was returned to France only to be annexed again by the German Empire in This phase of history has had a large impact on the urban landscape: many of the buildings including the train station in Metz show elements of Prussian architecture.

A lively exchange still takes place today between Saarland and Lorraine. Built between and , some of the church windows were even designed by Marc Chagall. Today, the cathedral serves as the episcopal church of the diocese of Metz and is considered one of the most beautiful and largest Gothic church buildings in France.

The cultural monument was classified as an historical monument in and as such is a listed building. Remains of the former city fortifications, such as Porte des Allemands German Gate and Porte Serpenoise Roman Gate act as reminders of the city's great history.

A stroll in the city's main shopping streets is always an experience. In addition to the Bourbon lilies on the city's coat of arms, many stone witnesses commemorate the city's founder and his famous master builder Vauban. The most important sights of the city include the casemates built by the Prussians close to the main wall as a bomb-proof defence structure during the expansion of the fortifications between and In the event of an attack, the earth-covered vaults served as accommodation for horses and soldiers.

In times of peace, provisions and weapons were stored there. Today, you will find the longest bar in the Saarland in the casemates as well as lovingly furnished restaurants where you can indulge in culinary delights. French flair can be felt everywhere. Ludwig Church was first built in Parts of the former Baroque church have had to be rebuilt in the meantime due to dilapidation and a fire. Little remains today to remind us of the architecture of that time, but two corner houses have been preserved and complement the asymmetrically striking architectural style.

In addition to historical sights, the region offers a wide range of leisure activities and beautiful parks. The Saaraltarm recreational area and city garden offer wonderful gardens as places of relaxation and tranquillity in every season. The Saar River has been carving its way into the bedrock for millions of years creating an unparalleled experience of nature. The 12 km long Saar Bow can be explored by bike, on foot or on an excursion boat.

The "Cloef" observation point in Orscholz offers the most beautiful views of the entire panorama. The Treetop Walk Saarschleife with its observation tower begins at the "Cloef Atrium" visitor and conference centre. A visit to the Montclair castle ruins located on the mountain spur is also highly recommended.

Explore the way of life and work of our ancestors of the past years in the Rhineland-Palatinate Open Air Museum. There you will find newly built museum villages containing fully furnished houses. The house at the entrance even comes from Sankt Wendeler Land. The 3. It takes you through the wonderful nature over sand, stones, grass, bark mulch and clay.

Gravel banks along the path invite you to relax and linger on the banks of the River Nahe. A geological nature trail was also created on the same route. An unforgettable adventure for young and old alike! Luxembourg is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and was built at an important Roman road junction.

The city's historical museum provides an overview of the most significant moments in the more than thousand-year history of this European city. Particularly worth seeing are the casemates carved into the rocks and the Grand Ducal Palace, which, as the city residence of the Grand Ducal family, impresses with more than its extraordinary and beautiful facade in the Flemish Renaissance style of the 16th century.

The majestic rooms and ceremonial halls are only open to the public in the summer months, however. Luxembourg is still considered a city of contrasts, which is also evident in the architecture of the cathedral. The rood screen from the 17th century forms an impressive contrast to the church windows from the 20th century.

The interplay between the medieval suburban houses and the avant-garde architecture of the Kirchberg Plateau, where the institutions of the European Union are located, forms a harmonious whole. You can let your mind wander in the wonderful green spaces in the parks or go on an extended shopping trip in the pedestrian area with its many shops. A total of 10 residential, trade and storage buildings can be seen which have been recreated based on historical finds.

The village is fenced in by an approx. The Celtic homestead is designed to give visitors the impression of a settlement unit, in which the life of the Celts, their handicraft techniques and their living conditions are vividly illustrated and reproduced. Between St. Wendel and Lake Bostalsee, you can experience examples of contemporary art along an approximately 19 km long open-air gallery. In combination with the sculptures, this unusually charming landscape offers hikers an extraordinary experience.

The origin of the Road of Sculptures was in the sculpture symposium on the heights between St. A total of 14 sculptures were created for the symposium by 15 artists from six countries. The initiator is the artist Leo Kornbrust from St. The initial impetus came from the sculptor Karl Prantl, who had already held similar symposia in Burgenland in Austria in the past.

However, Leo Kornbrust never let go of the idea of extending the symposium to create a complete road of sculptures. When in , during excavation work by a St. Wendel building company, huge sandstone blocks suddenly came loose on a nearby slope, Leo Kornbrust immediately took the initiative and had the raw blocks set up at selected, scenic points along the Saarland circular hiking route.

The idea was to have artists work on the stones over the next few years. Two sculptures were created two years before the official opening, which were meant to link the symposium with the planned road of sculptures: Han van Wetering created the sculpture "Fish Head" and Yoshimi Hashimoto the sculpture "Large Foot".

In the meantime, many artists from Germany and abroad have created more than 50 works. Among them were some ephemeral objects as well as museum objects which are no longer on display. The Road of Sculptures was then extended to Peterberg.

The idea of a Road of Sculptures as a road of peace connecting people from different countries goes back to the Polish artist Otto Freundlich, who already dreamed of creating such a road back in the s. Unfortunately, Otto Freundlich was no longer able to turn his idea into reality. During the Nazi era, he was arrested as a Jew in and interned in Majdanek concentration camp, where he died in the same year. The Road of Sculptures in St.

Wendel is dedicated to him. At the starting point of the Road of Sculptures at the Basilica of St. Wendelin in St. Leo Kornbrust never gave up on the idea of creating a road of sculptures that would connect peoples. The brochure "A hike along the Road of Sculptures from St. It takes you on fascinating tours of the region on your smartphone in German. The Road of Sculptures Tour leads you along the sculpture road from St.

Wendel to Bosen. All locations of the sculptures both on and off the route are included in the map and interesting facts and a photo describe each sculpture. The permanent exhibition shows the developments of underwear, festive clothing for men and women and matching accessories from the years - The eventful history of today's Saarland is explained with the help of the miner's costumes. Every visitor gets a guided tour with lots of background knowledge and amusing stories. A new special exhibition is presented every year.

Guided tours for groups of 10 or more are also possible outside of the opening hours by appointment. The mission house church was built between and The mission house also houses the Museum of Missionaries and Ethnology, which was founded after the church was built in First and foremost, the museum exhibits evidence of the ways of life and working habits of foreign cultures which the Steyler missionaries brought to St.

Wendel from their missionary work abroad. Mainly objects from China and New Guinea and a large number of preserved animals from all over the world are presented. Carvings, weaving, jewellery and weapons from Indonesia are on display, along with special exhibits from the indigenous peoples of the Philippines.

Musical instruments, masks, carvings, weapons and small collections of household vessels from different countries in Africa can be found among the exhibits. The porcelain, textiles and paintings on show mostly come from India, China and Japan. The mission bookshop on the ground floor offers a large selection of the current literature addressing theological-religious and educational topics.

The mineralogical museum in Oberkirchen was established as a private museum in by Augustinus Stein, a passionate collector from Oberkirchen. Most of the finds he acquired came from the region. Today, visitors can admire more than 1, stones from over 90 different types of rock. The most valuable exhibits include agates such as "setting sun", jasper, crystals, quartz, amethyst and aquamarine. Even experts were surprised by the variety of gemstones found in the surrounding area.

The Mineral Museum in Freisen exhibits almost exclusively minerals from the surrounding area. In particular, agates in many colours and grains are the main focus of this collection, which is considered unique in Saarland. The library presents itself as a modern media centre.

In addition to conventional print media, it houses audio-visual and electronic media. A total of 50, items of media are available to library users, ranging from novels and non-fiction books, to encyclopaedias, dictionaries, newspapers and magazines and games and information brochures. The town museum is located on the top floor.

Wendel and lived from to The museum presents some 40 paintings from the artist as well as numerous works and objects of regional art and cultural history. The historical section contains objects from the Roman period and a number of paintings from the Baroque period showing Saint Wendelin, the popular saint and namesake of the town. The main theme, however, is the history of the 18th and 19th centuries, illustrated by pastel drawings by Nikolaus Lauer and works of art by Philipp Jakob Riotte Tue - Fri: 10 am — 1 pm and 2 pm - pm Thu: 10 am - 1 pm and 2 am - 6 pm Sat: 2pm - pm Sun and bank holidays: 2 pm - 6 pm.

The clearly structured facade with its windows and doors framed in natural stone is typical for a south-west German farmhouse. A large courtyard, a garden and expansive meadows can be found in front of the two-story residential house with basement. South-west German farmhouses, as well as the Lorraine-style farmhouses that are found across Saarland, are 'single houses', where the domestic and economic sections are housed under one roof.

The furniture, farming equipment, household items and even the crockery and pictures on the walls are reminiscent of the lives of the people who once lived in this farmhouse. Numerous exhibits, including old agricultural machinery and equipment, provide museum visitors with an impression of the life and work of the rural population here around years ago. Thanks to its special ambience and the vaulted cellar, the agriculture museum is often used as a venue for handicraft courses, song and music evenings and poetry readings.

The agricultural museum is closed in the winter months 1 December to 31 March. Dates can be requested during the closed winter months. The period from which the former flour mill originated can no longer be traced back, but it did have a large barn added to it in Owing to lack of profitability, mill operations had to be stopped in the early s. Based in Amsterdam and founded in , TravelBird has been expanding to 17 countries across Europe, including the UK. Travelbird was named one of Europe's hottest startups by Wired Magazine.

Besides the beautiful city centre Amsterdam offers a variety of nature, culture and culinary hotspots in the neighborhoods outside. These neighborhoods are definitely worth visiting: think of the culinary specialties and beautiful museums and attractions. During this press trip you will be introduced with these amazing spots.

Meet the Neighborhood Plantage on Monday during a canal tour, several must-sees in this neighborhood and a walking-dinner in stunning places. Welcome drinks in the lounge of your hotel, InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, the beautiful 5-stars hotel embracing the charm and heritage of the city. Visit the Rembrandthuis Rembrandt House Museum , the house in which Rembrandt lived between and Word of welcome and short tour through the museum, including an etcher demonstration.

Start of the walking dinner at Hermitage Amsterdam with champagne and a small bite. Visit the permanent exhibition the Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age: an impressive selection of more than 30 huge 17th and 18th-century group portraits. This exhibition is a collaboration between Hermitage Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Museum and the Rijksmuseum. Behind the scenes at one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world in an oasis of tranquility: Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam.

Word of welcome in Verzetsmuseum Junior, where the second starter will be served. This museum of resistance focusses on Dutch children during the Second World War and is proclaimed to be the best Dutch museum for children in Dinner in Restaurant De Tropen which opened the doors last month. The permanent and temporary exhibitions display art objects, photographs, music and film from non-western cultures. Dessert will be served in hotspot restaurant De Plantage, which opened last year and is established in a 19th-century building upon the Artis square.

Founder Adam Craig is a real coffee expert and is famous for his excellent coffee and coffee bars in New York. Coffee tasting is absolutely included. Visit to the famous Ten Katemarkt, a typical authentic Amsterdam market with lots of fresh products. After some shopping time we will visit Denim City in De Hallen the former tram shed , a global meeting point for denim education, research and enterprise, specifically aimed at innovation and sustainability. After your lunch you can bring a short visit to the design shops in the Hallen.

Preview at a new pop-up hotel Gustafson at the Westergasterrein, which will open the doors this month. Time for some drinks and bites at The Culinaire Werkplaats: a studio where food and art are combined. The theme of this bites will be Vincent Van Gogh, his contemporaries and influencers: the bites will tell us about the life and work of this famous Dutch painter. Amsterdam Marketing will supply you with ample information and photo material of the activities and events that are part of the Amsterdam Neighborhoods for Foodies Press Trip.

We offer the full programme with meals and transfers and we trust you will pay any additional expenses you make such as bar bills or minibar costs. With over dance-events per year, 2. ADE includes a nightly festival and a unique blend of daytime conference meetings, interactive workshops, tech demos and in-depth round-table discussions. Over the last 20 years ADE has evolved into a platform for every kind of electronic music, the perfect place to reach both international consumers and business professionals.

During the days you can use your I amsterdam City Card to travel around the city valid from Thursday 15 October for 72 hours. Your ADE pass partout and the tickets for some specific events will be send to your e-mail address. Machteld Ligtvoet Amsterdam Marketing will join to tell about the city of Amsterdam. Dinner at De Waag "weigh house" , which is a 15th-century building on Nieuwmarkt Square. It was originally a city gate and part of the walls of Amsterdam.

Nicolaes Tulp. Meet in front of the stairs of the Compagnietheater for a walk to Amsterdam Central Station. Here you take the ferry to the NDSM wharf. Amsterdam Marketing arranges a transfer back to your hotel at You can use this taxi a white Tesla by calling your name. If you want to leave the party another time, you can arrange your own transfer. Friday 16 October: New York meets the Dam. An exhibition which is dedicated solely to graffiti in New York and Amsterdam.

Saturday 17 October: Absolut Nights Amsterdam presents: a workshop on creativity in nightlife. The museums you can visit with your I amsterdam City Card can be found in the flyer which you will find in your goodiebag. Some suggestions to do during your free time: -. Museum Our Lord in the Attic: a 17th-century house with a top floor converted into a hidden Catholic church, recently reopened after a fully renovation. Museum Van Loon: a magnificent private residence built in by the architect Adriaen Dortsman.

In the rooms, a large collection of paintings, fine furniture, precious silvery and porcelain from different centuries is on display. Behind the house is a beautiful garden, an oasis of quiet in the modern inner city. Mini Galerie presents: Uncovered. A group exhibition showcasing artwork that has been used for the cover. Various organizations are counting on your presence.

In order to enjoy ADE to the fullest, we expect you to arrive in time at the several organisations and events. Amsterdam Marketing will supply you with information and photo material of the activities and events that are part of the press trip. We offer the full program with meals and transfers and we trust you will pay any additional expenses you make such as bar bills or minibar costs.

We wish you a wonderful press trip in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The Wintertime Press Trip offers you a diverse mixture of the Amsterdam Light Festival, culinary highlights and the festive season. During the December month the city sparkles with bright lights and events which we would like to share with you.

The historical centre of Amsterdam presents a festive decor during the Amsterdam Light Festival. You will also experience several culinary highlights and as icing on the cake we will visit the exclusive national award ceremony of the Michelin Stars.

During these three days we will show you some of the hidden gems of Amsterdam. Preliminary programme can be subject to change : Sunday 6 December Experience the Christmas atmosphere in and around Bijenkorf our largest department store with a short presentation and tour through. Private tour through the brand new W Hotel and a drink at W Lounge with the first rooftop pool in the city and an amazing view over Amsterdam. Transfer with I amsterdam sign in the front is arranged from your hotel to Hotel American.

Transfer from Conservatorium Hotel departs at 9. If you decide to explore the city on your own this early morning, please be in time at Hotel American. After a short welcome we will attend a round table conversation, followed by the official awarding by Michelin Guide director Michael Ellis. To get the ultimate Michelin star experience, signature dishes will be served for lunch in the DeLaMar Theatre.

Walk through the Spiegelkwartier: an historical neighborhood with typical old Dutch houses and the heart of the national art and antiques trade. Hot chocolate will be served. This majestic building on the banks of the Amstel, built as a circus theatre years ago, grew to become the country's most famous theatre and venue. Short visit and drinks at Wynand Fockink: a distillery from specialised in liqueurs and jenevers.

Water Colors Canal Tour with private classic boat. This Amsterdam Light Festival boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam. The latest light innovations add a whole new dimension to the historical city. Tuesday 8 December 8. Breakfast at your hotel, check-out if appropriate and free time. Transfer with I amsterdam sign in the front is arranged from your hotel to museum Willet-Holthuysen. If you decide to explore the city on your own this early morning, please be in time at the museum.

Visit to museum Willet-Holthuysen in an impressive canal house. Amsterdam Marketing will supply you with ample information and photo material of the activities and events that are part of the Winternights Press Trip. Please note that there is no dresscode for any of the events, but we urge you to wear comfortable shoes. Individuele persreizen In heeft Amsterdam Marketing voor individuele persreizen een programma verzorgt.

Dit varieert van het aanbieden van een I amsterdam City Card tot en met het organiseren van een geheel verzorgd programma inclusief hotelovernachting. Dit resulteerde in een bezoek van journalisten aan Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Daarnaast heeft Amsterdam Marketing ook ongeveer informatie aanvragen ontvangen.

Dit waren onder andere vragen over cijfers bezoekersaantallen e. Deze persreizen vonden niet plaats in Amsterdam, maar in de regio van Noord-Holland. Fietstocht door Nationaal Park Zuid Kennemerland en eventueel een bezoek aan het bezoekerscentrum.

De journalisten hebben zelf de Amsterdam Fashion Week bezocht. Aantal journalisten. Het cruiseschip de Magellan was op 11 juli in Amsterdam. Op deze dag zijn we met de journalisten gaan varen en daarna hebben zij zelf de Hermitage bezocht. Optioneel werd een bezoek aan het Rijksmuseum of het Van Gogh Museum aangeboden. Milkshake Festival 20 juli Op zondag 19 juli hebben de journalisten een bezoek gebracht aan het Milkshake Festival.

De dag erna hebben we de journalisten ontmoet tijdens een rondvaart. Nederlands Persdiner 30 november Voor de tweede keer op rij heeft Amsterdam Marketing een persdiner georganiseerd voor de Nederlandse pers. Dit jaar heeft het diner plaatsgevonden op 30 november. Deze in vele talen vertaalde roman speelt zich af aan de Amsterdamse grachten tijdens de Gouden Eeuw. De uitgever nodigde drie keer een aantal journalisten uit verschillende landen uit om een aantal locaties en kunstwerken te zien en te ervaren welke een grote rol spelen in deze bestseller.

De Press Office heeft deze kans waargenomen en de journalisten aan de hand van een uitgebalanceerd persprogramma op vele Amsterdamse highlights van de Gouden Eeuw kunnen wijzen. Organisatie persevents Gedurende het jaar heeft Amsterdam Marketing een aantal persevents in het buitenland mede georganiseerd. Eind januari organiseerde Amsterdam Marketing in Londen een persbijeenkomst voor Britse reis- en cultuurpers.

Ook Keukenhof en Van Gogh Museum namen hieraan deel. Ook Keukenhof verzorgde een presentatie tijdens dit event. De dag ervoor namen we deel aan Vemex, een jaarlijks reispersevent waarbij Amsterdam Marketing circa 25 intensieve gesprekken heeft gevoerd met geselecteerde Amerikaanse reisjournalisten. Bij onze perslunch en presentaties in Moooi waren 20 invloedrijke journalisten aanwezig alsmede een aantal belangrijke relaties, zoals KLM en Nederlands Consulaat. Hier befreit und markante Bauwerke penibel renoviert.

Kathedralen der Welt. Ende des Jahrhundert mit dem Umschlag weit erstmalig zu bewundern bis Mai von Sklaven reich. Was uns wiederum So wird Amsterdam zum Herren-Club. Zudem ist an diesem Montag fast alles geschlossen. Oder lieber individuelle Kreationen? Die Prozedur wird Jahre dauern. Jenseits von Central Station und Hafen manifestiert sich in furiosen Bauwerken das, was die Stadt bislang geleistet hat.

Es hat allen Grund dazu. Der Turm der Westerkerk darunter, Maximilian I. Daneben steht das Anne-Frank-Haus. Selbst als Hamburgerin kann man glatt neidisch werden. Sogar in kleinsten Etablissements leben maritime Anekdoten weiter. Die reizvollsten Zimmer und Suiten liegen zur Prinsengracht, die ruhigsten zum Innenhof. Reizvoll der Akasha Spa im Basement mit Pool. Jahrhundert wurden zum Hotel verbunden. Herzhaft und superlecker. Jeder Happen eine Aromenexplosion. Zeedijk 1. Staalstraat 78, www. Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 32, www.

Prinsengracht , www. Spui 23,. Hartenstraat 16, www. Modernes Minikaufhaus mit humorvollen, handfabrizierten Design-Teilen aus aller Welt. Damrak 49, www. Westerstraat , www. November www. Die darauffolgende Vorstellung ist am Februar geplant. Es geht um alles. Es geht um unser Leben. Wer biologisch argumentierte, geriet schnell in den Verdacht eines rassistischen Eugenikers.

Erst die Genforschung hat eine Wende gebracht. So hielt der amerikanische Kriminologe und Psychologe Adrian Raine seine brisanten Untersuchungen lange unter Verschluss. So provozierend wie der Titel ist auch das Buch. Die Biologie sei kein Schicksal. Die Abbildungen sind dem Ausstellungskatalog entnommen. Da blickt Rembrandt — den Betrachter von allen Seiten an. Vier der Bilder sind nur in der Amsterdamer Ausstellung zu sehen. Februar bis zum Tickets mit fester Besichtigungszeit sind online zu buchen unter rijksmuseum.

Kinder und Jugendliche bis 18 Jahre zahlen nichts. Er kostet 40 Euro. Das sensationelle Original wurde von der Royal Academy of Fine Arts erst zum dritten Mal nach und ausgeliehen. Die italienische Polizei hatte in der Sache ermittelt. Damit sind die Hoffnungen des Symphonieorchesters des Bayerischen Rundfunks auf einen neuen Konzertsaal weiter gesunken.

Die Zeit ist gegangen, aber das Problem ist geblieben. BR-Intendant Wilhelm setzt dage-. Kaum ein Schulkind in den Niederlanden hat nicht schon ein Selfie. Der Maler war 36, als er es fertigstellte. Der reife Rembrandt ist so viel radikaler, rauer, raffinierter. Zweimal malte er eine Obduktion — die drastischere ist in Amsterdam zu sehen. Er galt als schwierig. Als seine Ehefrau Saskia mit erst 29 Jahren starb, war er noch ein reicher Mann. Danach ging es bergab. Ein uneheliches Kind kommt zur Welt.

Die Pest rafft die Geliebte dahin. Tickets mit Zeitfenster: rijksmuseum. Katalog bei Hirmer. Spazieren gehen mit Rembrandt Wo malte er, wo hat er geheiratet? Start und Anlegestelle hinter dem Rijksmuseum. Eine italienische Grafik von Christus diente Rembrandt als Vorbild. Mit schnellen Strichen skizzierte er die schaurige Szene vor — mit viel mehr Gelehrten und Zuschauern im Hintergrund. Malerei jenseits der Schmerzgrenze. Experimentelle Technik, tiefe Emotion, Sinnlichkeit bestimmen sein Werk in den letzten 17 Lebensjahren.

Perfekt ausgeleuchtet, wendet sie sich dem Betrachter zu. Der wird zum Komplizen im drohenden Ehedrama. Beinahe 40 Jahre lang arbeitete er als einer. Da byen. Midt oppe i dette levde og malte Rembrandt van Rijn. Amsterdam var tallets New York. Med kolonier i Asia og opprettelsen av Det nederlandske Ostindiske kompani gikk store deler av verdenshandelen om Amsterdam. Med handelen kom velstanden, masse folk og nye ideer til byen.

Dette var en kunst Rembrandt behersket som ingen andre. Det er utelukkende denne perioden den ak-. Det er lenge til en lignende sjanse. Dobbeltrom fra ca. Bygningen er derimot gammel; Rembrandt frekventerte ofte en av sine favorittrammemakere, som hadde sitt verksted her.

Tulipanblomstringen: Blomsterparken i Keukenhof har mer enn syv millioner tulipaner! We takes the occasion of making him some questions. How would you describe your job? I help curators to make good choices. We receive hundreds of proposals, but only a very small part of them can be taken into consideration. And a even smaller part of the possible ones becomes real, as in the case of Late Rembrandt. Which is your favourite museum? It is the Prado, in Madrid.

I love the display, and how the visitor is taken through the galleries. You have the clear feeling that what you see is what you get, and this is really important. According to the results achieved by the Louvre Lens, the Islamic Art Museum in Doha, or according to the strategy adopted by some private collectors such as Hans-Adam II of Lichtenstein, it seems that decentralizing culture is becoming a global trend.

What do you think about it? During the ten years of closure, from to , the Rijks worked a lot in this direction, organizing exhibitions all over Netherlands. For us it has been an extraordinary experience, and I think that the public response of the last two years is also a consequence of this policy.

Do you have a position in this regards? What is on display should be a selection made according to a precise mission. Not that much. Generally we have less than one million Euro at our disposal. We are negotiating a work by Dutch painter Jan Asselijn. Have you been to Doha? Yes, we had a collaboration with them a few years ago. They are doing a very good job. I love the Museum of Islamic Art and its unique verticality. What do you think about the international call that the Italian government recently opened for directing some of its main cultural institutions?

I think that it has been a good idea. Today international relations are extremely important for art museums, and some foreigner directors could help them indeed. Will you apply for it? No, I will not. What will happen after Rembrandt? We are looking at Asia. There isn't more art on display or more space to display it: There are still 8, items on view in 80 rooms and galleries.

But it's not the same 8, you would have seen if you'd come in , and the layout is now chronological, with wings devoted to eras from to Pride of place, of course, goes to the Dutch Golden Age, The blending gives the viewer a fuller sense of the milieu in which a work was created, and it's a good antidote to room after room of nothing but Old Masters. The exception is the Gallery of Honour, which, like the nave of a cathedral, leads to the museum's high altar -Rembrandt's Night Watch This gallery is filled with works by other Golden Age notables including Vermeer, Hals and Steen, but unsullied by lesser items.

Previously, the Gallery of Honour was painted white. Now it's been returned to how architect Pierre Cuypers originally decorated it: Warm shades of orange-brown covered by lots of intricate 19th-century designs. The whole museum once looked like this, but only a few sections have been restored -- present-day thinking is that too much Cuypers would still be too much.

Also restored are two large courtyards that vanished in the s when more galleries were added. Huge skylights over the courtyards, and the unblocking of windows, have made the museum much airier. The Golden Age galleries are the Rijksmuseum's glory, but it's worthwhile exploring other centuries, too.

The rooms, for example, show not just the era's art including an Van Gogh self-portrait , but also Holland's changing place in the world. This was the age of Napoleon, whose end resulted in the creation of the Netherlands in The Waterloo Gallery is dominated by the eponymous painting by Jan Willem Pieneman showing the battlefield, with Napoleon's conqueror, Britain's Duke of Wellington, front and centre.

Even now, not everything is as well laid out as it might be. The two 20th-century galleries in particular seem like afterthoughts, reached by back stairs. But here too are treasures. A small chamber displays just two items from the Second World War. The "men" are planes, bombs and advancing soldiers. The board's sides list the countries the Third Reich has subdued. Next to it is the soiled jacket worn by a woman in a concentration camp. That may be the most heartrending piece in the whole museum.

The exception is the Gallery of Honour, which, like the nave of a cathedral, leads to the museum's high altar -- Rembrandt's Night Watch Now it's been returned to how architect Pierre Cuypers originally decorated it: Warm shades of orange-brown covered by lots of intricate 19thcentury designs. The rooms, for example, show not just the era's art including an Van Gogh selfportrait , but also Holland's changing place in the world.

That may be the most heart-rending piece in the whole museum. More stories at culturelocker. A lone tulip sprouts up in a field of blossoming hyacinths near Lisse, Netherlands last month. Spring was three week late this year, but that didn't stop the Dutch from enjoying their flowers. Why, head for the kitchen.

Or the pub. Spring was about three weeks late in Amsterdam this year, and few tulips had bloomed. But the resourceful Dutch had some cards up their sleeves. At top tier hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria and The Grand, bulbs were accompanied by the likes of ox sausage, capers and cream of chives, and marinated king crab in apricot kernel oil.

At the equally chic Conservatorium hotel in the museum district, a main course lunch of roasted langoustines was followed by rich and delicious tulip cake dessert, exquisitely built on a round sandwich-like foundation that supported a meringue cookie and topping. Tulips were the foundation of some festival libations, too.

Many of the champagne flutes generously offered to our group were adorned with tiny purple and yellow edible flowers. In Haarlem about a half-hour from Amsterdam , the friendly and fashionable Jopen brewery, a historic church turned public house, tapped kegs of its unique Tulip Beer for festival visitors.

In fact, at the legendary Keukenhof gardens, about 45 minutes outside the city, tulips of all varieties were flourishing despite the chilly mid-April temperatures. They were joined by fragrant hyacinths and daffodils, and kinds of lilies. One of the gardens main attractions, the new Vincent Van Gogh tulip mosaic, was not blooming during our visit. But overall the Keukenhof is a tulip oasis, and more.

On our tour, the museum recognized the tulip season with artistic, breathtaking arrangements that, unlike the classics hanging on walls around them, are fully changed after one week. This vast facility — the size of soccer fields — is less than an hour by bus from Amsterdam. Some are more than a century old. Like most of them, the one we toured, a year-old operation owned by proprietor Klaas Gorzen, specializes in lilacs.

On the tour through the islands, you see how the shrubs — some of which are 70 years old — are raised in outdoor nurseries, moved to indoor greenhouses for three weeks to prepare for stem harvesting, then returned outdoors for another couple of years to grow more stems. So although spring came late to Amsterdam, this trip was still full of colour and promise. And foliage will be everywhere June as Open Garden Days arrives, the only weekend in the year when private canal side house gardens welcome visitors.

If you go… Owen Roberts was a guest of Amsterdam Marketing www. Follow him on twitter at theurbancowboy and on instagram at urbancowboyglobal. Floating flower market. Billed as the most colourful and fragrant flower market in Amsterdam, the Singel market is distinguished by its floating barges of merchandise. Open Monday through Saturday. Flowers and more of Matisse. Be a biker. Rent a bicycle at the Keukenhof and take the leisurely minute canal-side ride through the country, where polders are awash with all kinds of colour and flowers.

Bring back some memories. The Amsterdam Tulip Museum, located in the Jordaan neighborhood, is never affected by a cool spring…or any season, for that matter. Bring back some colour. Under certain conditions you can bring bulbs from the Netherlands to Canada. Buy them in season at flower markets in Amsterdam, garden centres and the Schiphol airport.

Blomstene ble raskt et luksusgode og statussymbol. Blomsterfestival Mer enn Og andre blomstergleder. Det er simpelthen vakkert langt inn i sjela. I et forrykende tempo. Dette krever mye manuelt arbeid, og de unge vil ikke overta, sukker Joren, hvis familie har drevet gartneriet i flere generasjoner. Lugar tilkommer. Den flotte og ukjente hagen utenfor Rijokal mat og drikke i Amsterdam. Ta en kopp te ute, og studer den falske klassiske, historiske fasaden som gir hagen et skikkelig aristokratisk sus!

Dagsavisen var invitert av Amsterdams turistkontor. Dem har jeg ingen ord for. Flere ble skutt av grensepatruljene. De blir ikke en gang en notis i en norsk avis. Slotts- og vinruta, herskapelig og majestetisk: Der vi mest av alt frykter regn og ditto slappere brunfarge. Og la andre plukke dem opp, eller feie dem bort fra ferieparadiset. The Netherlands: The power of a flower An entire industry was built around the tulip — either blooming in gardens or served on plates.

And these days, that includes hipsters. Hipsters are the ideal visitors, motivated to spend gobs of money on fashion in their ceaseless quest to make a clothing statement. Some say denim heritage is based on the fact the first bad boys other than cowboys exhibited the kind of up-yours attitude to the rest of the world as the rebellious city itself. American actors Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen come to mind, driving motorcycles and generally being contrary.

More pragmatically, others note Dutch people have long been crazy about jeans because of the weather there. The nottoo-warm, not-too-cold temperatures are ideal for such apparel. The same goes for jeans and weather in Canada. All this makes denim a superb, universally loved fabric for Amsterdam to base.

Manufacturers here now include giants such as Tommy Hilfiger whose head office has relocated from New York and European jeans icon G-Star, which built a huge head office in the city for its employees. Peppered throughout the city are startups, boutique denim shops and classy high-end manufacturers in the trendy Nine Streets fashion district.

But despite the uptake, on a recent trip to Amsterdam for the second annual Denim Days, a summit and celebration of the denim sector, I sensed some blue jean blues, particularly when talk turned to sustainability. Traditional blue denim jeans are typically made with indigo dye. The effect is the highly desired faded look, but at a cost: the process uses tonnes of water — an astronomical 7, litres for every pair — which is also needed for drinking and producing food, especially in dry climates.

And the waste water is laden with toxic chemicals. A degreeview mirror at Denham the Jeansmaker gives customers a full look at their designer jeans. Prices are in CAD, per person, based on double occupancy and subject to change without notice. Space is subject to availability at time of booking. Rates based on lowest room category offered. Ont Reg. As well, much of the production occurs in countries such as China, where labour is cheap and environmental standards are low.

And bugs love to infest cotton in the field, requiring significant pesticide use. Leading the charge for change is expat Canadian Andrew Olah, whose family operated a long-time textile agency business in Toronto. Olah, a denim supplier, now runs a family business in New York with his daughter Emily. Olah organized two events at Denim Days; a trade show called Kingpins and an extensive half-day panel discussion called the Transformers.

Hipster hotel. Planning ahead. Visitors will have access to Dutch designers, brands and products, from big labels to small boutique brands. Pop star Pharrell Williams is the spokesperson for this initiative.

As well, summit attendees heard about a sustainably grown cotton initiative in the U. Genetically modified denim could prove an ethical challenge for hipsters and others who shun genetically modified food. But it might also open doors for the industry to do a better job of explaining why it believes both are safe.

After all, they are safe. Owen Roberts was a guest of Amsterdam Marketing iamsterdam. Follow him on Twitter at theurbancowboy and on Instagram at urbancowboyglobal. But I was certainly tempted to give them a try, though, mostly because of the courteous service and the knowledgeable staff. For example, a hip onsite tailor with roots in Ireland, and an excited 30something customer, addressed each. Such decisions are usually good ones, and it turns out she loved them. I wear them when I need to get important stuff done.

Includes Air France flights, 1st class hotels and breakfast and dinner daily. Air Canada flights, 1st class and moderate hotels, breakfast daily and 8 dinners. Flights are from Toronto via Air Transat. Price includes coach tour, Early Booking Promotion and more. Valid on new bookings only. Savings is reflected in advertised price. Offers may be revised or withdrawn at any time without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Packages include flight, accommodation, transfers and more.

Prices shown are per person, based on double occupancy in lead room category, Option 1, unless otherwise stated. Mediterranean Cruise packages include roundtrip airfare, cruise and transfers. Prices are per person, based on double occupancy, for new individual bookings and are subject to availability and change at time of booking without prior notice. Date shown reflects departures from Toronto via Air Transat in economy class; cruise sails the following day.

Space and prices are subject to availability at time of booking. Taxes and fees are extra and noted above. Prices are valid from June 27 to 29, only. Travel agency fees may apply. Not applicable on scheduled airline or rail tickets, hotel and car reservations paid locally, taxes, service fees, non-commissionable items, gift card purchase, foreign exchange and insurance.

Other conditions may apply. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. BC Reg. The voices of environmentalists and animal rights activists have been heeded by fashion industry leaders and are having an impact on the world of luxury fashion. Not to mention keeping the wheels of industry turning.

This is more than an ephemeral ideology. And The Jean School, was born. Denim City receives funding from the European Union and from private businesses interested in gentrifying the De Hallen area and creating new enterprise in the region. But the project goes beyond design — one important aim is to make blue jeans more environmentally friendly because, they consume raw materials and use toxic dye.

And the blue dye is toxic. That process includes creating different manufacturing processes that use less water and using different materials to reduce the need for cotton. Buying jeans can be as stressful as buying a house! They are really the most sustainable piece of clothing in your wardrobe. In Amsterdam schaut man auf die Berliner Start-up-Szene.

Ein paar Trabis sind schon da. Die Trabis sind bunt und nicht von hier. Amsterdam war, will van Loenen gar nicht verhehlen. Ruben Nieuwenhuis sitzt im zweiten Stock eines langgestreckten Backsteinbaus aus dem Durch das Dachfenster kann man auf das Becken der alten Werft schauen. Damals wurden hier Kriegsschiffe gebaut. Hinzu kommen rund drei Millionen Euro, die Unternehmen und Investoren beitragen. Ein Ziel: die ohnehin vitale Szene mit Start-ups besser zu vernetzen und den Firmen beim schnellen Wachstum zu helfen.

Menschen aus Nationen leben dort, viele jung, viele Studenten, viele kreativ. Der Flughafen Schiphol ist eines der weltweiten Drehkreuze. Wie erfolgreich das Unternehmer-Visum ist, muss sich noch zeigen. Mit Uber oder Booking. Ansiedlungen wie die von Uber ziehen die Blicke der Investoren auf Amsterdam. Als erstes Amsterdamer Start-up ist es damit mehr als eine Milliarde Euro wert.

New Amsterdam, mit Trabis aus Berlin. Westergas terraildj — Amsterdam business meeting at The Next Web Photo credit: Merijn Roubroeks As far back as the beginning of the 17th century, engineers managed to hold back the sea with a sophisticated system of dykes. Dutch seafarers and entrepreneurs with huge naval and merchant shipping fleets were exploring and colonizing foreign lands long before the Mayflower reached Plymouth Rock. Global Dutch trading necessitated the creation of global banking and transport.

Citizens accustomed to foreign goods and foreigners gave birth to a penchant for trade, commerce and an outward-reaching mentality which continues today. Rembrandt and Van Gogh created a tradition of creativity in which others still flourish.

The country has some of the most egalitarian legislation and attitudes in the world: international companies incorporate here thanks to a lack of. Amsterdam remains a haven for counter-culturists. Scaling Up Startups But despite its laid-back contemporary atmosphere, the Netherlands remain serious about business. Other companies getting their kick-start in Holland include TomTom , a provider of location and navigation products and servies, and gaming giant Rovio.

Amsterdam Innovates The city is a hub of startup endeavors. Amsterdam is home to more than 2, international businesses which account for approximately 15 percent of the region's overall employment. In April, I met with Deputy Mayor Kajsa Ollongren during The Next Web conference in the Netherlands to discuss her activities cultivating the sharing economy, startup culture and the internationalization of business in the area.

With more than 20 years of experience in Dutch politics, Ollongren is currently responsible for economic affairs; early this year, she launched Startup Amsterdam. After our meeting in Europe, I conducted a formal interview with Ollongren via email: How does entrepreneurship growth in Amsterdam compare with the rest of the Netherlands? In general, we saw service-oriented businesses continue to grow in Amsterdam while agriculture and industrial production grew in the rest of the Netherlands.

As far as the startup ecosystem is concerned, different areas in the Netherlands have different strengths. For example, Wageningen leads in food and agriculture innovation and The Hague leads in security. Amsterdam's strong points include the sharing economy and mobile and internet applications. The world? In , new international companies established offices in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. International companies in the area include the European headquarters for Tesla, Uber and Netflix.

The increase in the number of new businesses shows that Amsterdam is living up to its ranking by Price Waterhouse Coopers as the fourth most competitive city in the world. As a startup city, our ambition is to secure a place alongside London and Berlin. Amsterdam's central location is an excellent connection to the million potential customers in the European marketplace. Amsterdam is Europe's best test-bed.

It is a city with lots of curious and tech savvy people in their 20s and 30s. If something works in the Netherlands, it works anywhere on the planet. The government actively provides early stage startups a fertile breeding ground. Adyen, Elastic, Usabilla and. WeTransfer grew their businesses out Amsterdam, into Europe, then the rest of the world.

WiFi and Bluetooth are Dutch inventions. Amsterdam attracts the best engineers from all over the world. That's why scale-ups open their European headquarters here, and fast growing tech companies keep their development teams here. Health Care] What is the future of the business in Amsterdam? Amsterdam is, and has always been, an innovative city that adapts to new developments. This means we want to continue to strengthen our startup ecosystem, and we're open to international companies that want to come to Amsterdam.

Sustained growth within the start-up ecosystem benefits start-ups and "traditional" companies because it leads to innovation and creates jobs. We're keen that everyone joins the thought process and actively participate in Amsterdam's future. Please tell me about Amsterdam's sharing economy. This new way of thinking potentially has a significant impact on matters as sustainability, waste management, energy and transportation.

What are the strongest industries in Amsterdam? Is this changing? For the last decade, the economic growth in the Amsterdam metropolitan area has been driven more by services than by production. There is a continuing trend toward a more service-based economy.

At the moment, the strongest industry in the Amsterdam metropolitan area is wholesale. When it comes to international companies investing in Amsterdam, we see that our area is especially attractive to sales and marketing offices. Growing industries are software development, financial services and we also see that more data centers choose to establish in Amsterdam. We focus on talent, capital and visibility. Also worth mentioning is our new regulation which allows ambitious entrepreneurs to apply for temporary residence permits to launch innovative new businesses in the Netherlands.

What is the level of diversity in your growing population? Amsterdam has always been a diverse city. This goes back for centuries; we have long been attracting immigrants and free thinkers from all over the world. As true entrepreneurs, we have crossed borders for hundreds of years as well.

We are now a city where over nationalities live and work together. Approximately half our citizens have a non-Dutch background. We celebrate diversity. What are the most disruptive industries in Amsterdam now? There are several examples, from several industries. Blendle changed the publishing industry, while Booking. Adyen did this for the payments industry. Peerby and 3D Hubs are important companies for the sharing economy, and WeTransfer for data transfer.

We start early. Children in elementary school learn how to code. Programming skills are valuable to all kids, no matter what they want to be when they grow up. The programming language is called Scratch, and Amsterdam will host the seventh international Scratch conference this August.

As part of the conference program, parents are encouraged to attend with their children. Teachers are given access to scholarships for programming skills to be taught in their classes. Another project worth naming is Make IT Work. This project aims to retrain highly educated professionals to become software engineers.

We also look to craftsmanship as a solution to the unemployment problem. This is where vocational education comes in. We aim to improve job opportunities for young Amsterdammers by aligning education better with the needs of the labor market. We do this in close collaboration with companies in the area. Daarbij die molen, die mooie molen, daar woont het meisje waar ik zoveel van hou.

Ich verlasse Amsterdam und bin auf dem Weg nach Zandvoort. Die Konstrukteure kann man nur bewundern, fast alles ist aus Holz, alles sehr alt, aber noch voll in Funktion. Das Land wurde mit quadratischen kerzengeraden Parzellen von m x m und einem vollendet symmetrischen Wege- und Kanalnetz versehen. Mittendrin liegt das sehenswerte Dorf Middenbeemster mit einem. Heute gibt es in den Niederlanden noch 1. Jahrhundert, man sieht wie Schokolade und Kekse hergestellt wurden.

Alles kann man kostenlos besichtigen. The park is perfect for extensive walks and bike rides. A round trip on my bicycle led me back to the front of my hotel, NH Zandvoort. Dinner was quirky and fun. The waiter arrived with a platter of raw meat and fish and an array of salads. I was ushered to a barbecue where I cooked to my liking. Next day and my first stop was the Beemster Polder, the oldest area of reclaimed land in the Netherlands. This area is soaked in history, architecture and science.

I was lucky enough to have booked a drive through the area on a tuk tuk. I took in stunning Dutch landscapes. I also. I enjoyed a fabulous, locally unforgettable experience. A short car journey later I was in the picturesque city of Edam, famous for its cheese. I walked along the old streets and quiet canals and it is quite easy to imagine the Dutch town centuries ago. For lunch I chose Hof Van Holland, a charming restaurant where everything was made to order.

My trip then took me to the Zaanse Schans, where you can watch from Circuit Park Zandvoort, the fabled former Formula 1 racetrack, but the setting near the beach and sand dunes was peaceful. My stylishly furnished room overlooked the sea and I wasted no time in getting freshened up to navigate back to another beach pavilion, this time for dinner. I chose a more relaxed feel as the sun was setting and the Safari Club offered a beach house setting, fire pits and loungers on the beach, complete with blankets to wrap up in as the sunset took away the last.

You can relax in one of the many beachfront pavilions, all with their own theme. The location and atmosphere were idyllic. The sunshine beating down and. Hotel the Grand Amsterdam is no exception. As the former Admiralty Building, the power base of the Dutch Maritime Empire, the hotel makes for a memorable first impression. About 30 — 40 minutes from the airport by car, depending on traffic, the property is in the historic UNESCO canal belt, flanked by period buildings and canals. Walking distance to city centre attractions.

Property History The hotel thanks to its interesting history occupies a number of buildings from different periods, located around courtyards. Dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries the present day luxury hotel is very much a historical place. Later it was to be the City Hall and then in it became the Admiralty Building — a remarkable base of world power, as the Netherlands was the greatest Maritime nation in the world at the time. One of the other wings of the hotel is from the s, again beautifully restored.

If you have the opportunity to meet the charismatic Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr.

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