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Betting on the last guide tales of xillia 2 playable characters

You will have no problem getting this trophy if you collect all random treasures and complete sub events. If you do not have this by the time you are done with everything else, and really I don't see why you wouldn't, you can always go to every store in every city and buy everything that you have 0 of and make custom orders to help you get more items.

Monster Annihilator. Proof that you've encountered a set number of enemies! You must be superhuman at this rate! Monsters must fear you! Win battles. This will come naturally as you play through the game, so don't worry about it much. Combo Virtuoso. You've executed a max combo of impressive proportions! Enemies lives must flash before their eyes when you face them! Perform a hit combo! This is actually very easy with the right set up.

Turn on the minimum damage and Chain Spell skills for Rowen. Now go to Ludger's artes and set Rowen's Rock Trine as one of the arte shortcuts. Go to Aldahi Trail and find a big green scorpion monster. Kill all the enemies around it and then link with Rowen. You want to select Ludger's guns and keep tapping , while spamming Rowen's rock trine. It will take some retrying to get to but you will get there eventually. I also recommend going for the hit combo title while you're at it, the title requires you to get a hit combo and kill the enemy 3 times.

Once you get the hit combo unlink with Rowen and you should kill the enemy in one hit. You've destroyed your first fractured dimension. But hey, you had to, right? Blood Brothers. This is the bad ending trophy. You can branch off into the bad ending in chapter 15 , which is a really short chapter. I recommend making a save after the apartment cutscene after starting the chapter.

In order to get the bad ending you have to press R1 at all choices in Marksburg. After making a significant amount of choices, you will start a very difficult battle even on easy difficulty, so make sure to get some Gels and Life Bottles. After you get the ending, you will be asked if you want to save, so make a new save in a second save slot. Saving will place you right before the event allowing you to proceed into chapter 16 All L1 choices.

Beyond Judgement. This is the true ending trophy. You just have to press R1 at all the choices after the three boss battles to trigger this. Just like with the bad ending, which you hopefully got before starting chapter 16, you will be asked if you want to save after finishing the ending. The Clear save will put you right before the boss, which is really easy unlike in the Bad Ending, so don't worry. The chapter is very short, so getting both endings out of the way should be quick.

The Fatalist. Neutral ending trophy. Just like with the True Ending, the choices that affect the ending are after defeating the three bosses in chapter Just spam L1 at all the final choices for this ending. Ludger Transformation Spree. Transform times with Ludger for this trophy. Ludger will learn how to Chromatus transform in Chapter 6, you transform by pressing L3 and R3 at the same time.

This is a very long trophy, so I recommend transforming as soon as your charge is level 1, even if it's against some scrubby enemies. There really is no other way to grind this, as it's just waiting for your charge to fill up, but if you transform religiously you should earn this somewhere in post game.

Snap Pivot Urban Legend. This one requires a bit of effort on your part. While controlling Jude, if you time a backstep properly, Jude will perform a Snap Pivot which sends him behind the enemy. Activating those skills allows Jude to Snap Pivot while guarding after performing a successful snap pivot for 8 seconds, which should net you an additional snap pivots just for holding.

After you have performed a snap pivot, you will notice that Jude's feet have some wind around them, and as long as that wind is there you will keep snap pivoting just by holding square. This will keep getting easier as you get more practice. Milla's character specific trophy for performing spirit shifts times. A quick way to do this is to equip Milla's arte with Wind Lance, and then just keep tapping in battle. Since you are not holding Circle, and just tapping it, Milla casts "Wind Blade" and it counts as a spirit shift.

This is another one of those easy character trophies. Note: The trophy only unlocks after you have finished the battle. Super Charged. In order to get this trophy you need to charge your arte times while controlling Alvin. To charge, you need to hold after doing an arte until you see a blue ball on Alvin's sword.

You can charge your arte into 3 levels, but only the first level will count. There really is no need to go to a specific place to earn this, as you can get it anywhere while progressing through the story or doing sub events, it's really easy. I recommend setting Demon Fang as the arte, since this attack allows a bit of a distance between you and your enemy so chances of them breaking your charge are a bit smaller, and it is also a really short attack to perform.

You just want to hold , wait until you see the blue ball, let go, and repeat. Teepo Embodied. Elize has Teepo Switched to great proportions! You'd think it was her day job or something! Work it, sister! To Teepo Switch, you just have to hold L3 down for a few battles while controlling Elize.

It will take some time, but that's really all there is to it. Do this times and you get the trophy. This is Rowen's character specific trophy. You need to arte tune times. Arte tuning enhances an arte and is done by completing the QTE that appears next to the arte. Cobracomander23 found a really quick way to do this in the Xillia 1, and it also works perfectly in the Xillia 2.

There is no need to really grind this as it's really quick. Equip the minimal damage skill on Rowen, set your allies to "Only Heal". Kill all but one Chipee with someone who doesn't have minimal damage equipped, and make sure you are not linked with anyone.

You can farm it very quickly and you should get it in about 30 minutes. Staff of Indignation. You need to perform Leia's elongating staff skill times. Ryuxo-San found a quick way to farm this effortlessly. This allows you to perform the elongating staff skill by blocking at the right time. Now, you need to find enemies that attack quickly to make sure you block lots in a short period of time.

Mon Highlights is just the place! Try to find an armored human looking enemy, he is usually accompanied by some Mon Grunts, they look like skinny fighters dressed like Santa. Once you are in battle with them, set everyone's strategy to "Only Heal".

If you have a turbo controller you can turbo and walk away for 30 minutes, otherwise you have to keep mashing. Gaius Fury. For this you need to perform the "Retribution" skill times. When Gaius successfully guards an attack, his blade will start shining near the top. That means that the skill is ready, just do a forward dash while blocking and he will kick the enemy and swing his blade up.

I found the Avenger, Anenger plus, and impregnable Guard skills to help a lot when going for this trophy so make sure to turn them on. Warp Goddess. You need to perform the "Emergency Warp" ability times while controlling Muzet. To do this, you have to dash toward or away from an enemy right as they attack you. It sounds a bit tough, but there's a very easy way to do this.

First, you need the "Mirage Step" skill and the "Minimum damage" skill. Next, change your difficulty to hard and set all your allie's commands to "Only Heal". Finally, go to Alest Highroad and look for little chicks called "Alest Chipee". Make sure you aren't linked with anyone so your allies just sit back without attacking, and start dashing towards the enemies by holding and tapping either left or right on the analog stick.

You will know if you did it right if Muzet teleports somewhere away from the enemy. Ludger has now used his Mirror ability countless times. No one even remembers if there was an original in the first place! This trophy is very easy to do. You need Ludger to use his support ability times. What his support ability does is copy your controlled character's support ability. If you didn't guess it yet, you'll be playing as Muzet and linking up with Ludger.

You will be doing the same exact thing you did for the Limousine trophy, so if you are having trouble check that trophy description. Life Giver. You need Jude to perform his support ability times. His support ability gets you back on your feet after you have been knocked out by an enemy attack.

To easily do this, you first need to equip the Minimum Damage skill on Jude. Then you can go to Alest Highroad and look for an enemy called an Alest Horse, and when you're in battle link up with Jude. This will most likely take an hour to finish, so it does take a while. You can automate Jude's Restore ability. Do exactly what you said and rubber band the left analog to the left or right. That way since you are moving you can be knocked down. You probably need to come back in a few hours but at least you do not have to do anything.

Binding Queen. Stand behind her and you'll be bound. There's really no escape. This trophy is for getting Milla's support skill to activate times. Her support skill pretty much holds down an enemy so it cannot move, attack, or defend. I actually found a really quick way to do this, in Royal Hunting Grounds you will find an enemy called "General Crab".

It's a bigger crab from the regular ones, and it defends a lot, meaning you don't really have to worry about accidentally killing it. Once you find one, change the difficulty to Hard otherwise the party members don't seem to properly utilize strategies , and start the battle.

Defeat all the enemies around the general crab, then set your two partner's "Action" strategy to "Only Heal", this will prevent them from attacking the crab. Now link up with Milla, and keep mashing or turbo if you can the button for about half an hour with your dual blades equipped.

The cool thing about this is that you will keep dealing 0 damage to the crab, and the crab will not attack you. Expert Breaker. It means one who breaks things. All kinds of things. For this one you need to use Alvin's guard break times. Sometimes in battle, enemies will guard and if you are linked with Alvin and are targetting the enemy that's guarding, Alvin will perform a guard break and stun the enemy.

Alvin is actually a very useful party member to have at all times, and since his skill is so easy to control you can just grind out other character specific trophies and when you see an enemy guarding switch to Alvin to get the guard break and then switch back and continue doing what you were doing. If you just want to grind it to get it over with, you can do the crab thing noted in "Binding Queen", except this time the crab will actually attack so I recommend being decently leveled and have both Jude and Elize in your team as they are both healers.

Soul Tiphon. You can hear the cries of many echoing in the distance. When Elize is in your team, she will sometimes perform a move called Teepo Drain. Being linked up with her makes her perform it more often, but if she is linked up with someone else she will still teepo drain and it will count toward the trophy.

Hard difficulty will make this a bit easier, since the enemies will have more health and the battles will drag out. I recommend linking up with her, setting her command to act together and slowly attacking enemies with X. You need her to Teepo Drain times for the trophy. Spirit Protector. If you can guard this well, then forget spirit artes! That's what your foes will say, anyways.

This is Rowen's support skill trophy. If an enemy is casting a spell on you and you are linked with Rowen, he will cast an auto magic guard which decreases the damage taken from the spell. Equip Rowen with the Minimal Damage skill just in case he wants to attack, but he shouldn't , and then go to Talys Highroad and find some yellow flower looking like things called "Wiltered Filifolia".

Kill all the enemies other than the filifolia, the more of those you have on screen the better, and if you are lucky enough to be only fighting those with no other enemies to support them then that's even better for you. Now, once only the Filifolia are left on screen, press triangle and go to the Strategy menu and set everyone to Heal Only, then back out. Link with Rowen, set him to "up to you", and walk away for about an hour.

Note 2: If you do decide to walk away, make sure to turn off power saving options for your controller, if your controller turns off the game will pause. Notorious Bandit. Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands! This is a Leia support trophy. When an enemy she is attacking is downed, she will try to steal an item. Whether she steals or fails, it counts toward the trophy, however, once she successfully steals from an enemy she will not try stealing from it again so cycle through the enemies to make sure you get the most steals.

I recommend teaming up with her, and with the Dual Blades equipped , hold down on the left analog stick and tap until the enemy is downed. Power Savior. Gaius' defense is like an impenetrable fortress! It's like he's invincible even in his sleep! Gaius needs to do his Chivalry ability times. It works the same way as when a linked character "Protects" you, it's activated when you are being attacked and not guarding.

An easy way to do this is to equip Gaius with Minimum Damage skill, and then go to Mon Highlands and look for the santa dressed fighters called "Mon Grunt". They attack a lot and very quickly, so Gaius will do his ability often. Just sit in a corner and hold L3 taunting them, and you will get this after about 30 minutes. Muzet has transported quite a bit with her Support Warp. This trophy is a complete joke. You unlock Muzet in Chapter 9, and you can get the trophy done in one battle.

All you have to do is link up with her, hold square, and keep tapping forward on the left analog stick. She will teleport you closer to the enemy. To make this even easier Yes, this trophy can be made even easier than it already is , go to Skills and turn on the "Mirage Step" skill for the character you are controlling. The Strongest.

You've attained the highest possible level you can! What are you going to accomplish next? You need to reach level with one character in order to earn this trophy. Once you finish the main story, you should be around level This accessory gives the wearer x1. If you want to get fancy, you can upgrade the Dark Seal into a Demon Seal through Custom order at any store.

Always eat those foods when level grinding. Trying to link encounters is also a good idea, as linked battle encounters give twice as much EXP and Gald. Now for the leveling. I recommend going after the Elite Monsters first, as they give really good EXP and should get you to around level , see Elite Annihilator for more info on Elite Monsters.

Once these are all killed, you should be able to either take on the EX dungeon bosses, or if you want to get to level to make them all a cake walk, I recommend entering Rowen's EX gate. You will find tall Shadow Gentlemen enemies. They are relatively easy to kill, so nothing to worry about. Once you have finished all the character's EX dungeons, you will unlock the cameo battle in the Coliseum. If you're feeling confident you should definitely try that. Battle General. Earned 40 of the 46 beginner titles.

This is very easy and you will get most of them without even trying. See Battle God for info on titles. Battle Lord. Earned 18 of the 22 expert titles. This is a bit tougher, but you will still get most of them without trying. These 4 titles require you to defeat a total of 18 elite monsters within 2 minutes. The early Elite Monsters are very easy to defeat in under 2 minutes if you are playing on easy difficulty, but if you do not feel comfortable fighting them as soon as you unlock them, feel free to wait until you are higher level or have even cleared the main story before fighting them.

They're not going anywhere. Battle God. Like gambling so much, you'd even gamble with your life? Then you, sir or madam, are a true gambler. Gambling in this game is really easy. For this trophy you need to earn a total of , chips in gambling which becomes available in Duval's "Film Noir" bar after completing the "Poker Face" sub event. Pretty much, you are given 5 cards and are trying to get pairs.

If you get two of the same card, it's a draw, you get your money back. Then 3 of the same card you earn 3x the ammount of the money you bet at the start and so on. Whenever you get a pair you will be asked if you want to double your bet, you want to keep going until you don't think you want to go on anymore, and then you back out. When doubling your bet, you are given a card, so let's say you are given a 3. You will be given two options, either High or Low, that means that you are asked to guess what the second card will be.

Since the only number below 3 is 2, you will want to vote for High since chances of getting a 2 are pretty slim. If you are given the joker, always vote down. Finally, if you are unfortunate enough to get the same card, so both of the cards are 3, you will get a fail no matter if you chose High or Low.

Silver and Gold Dice can make this easier, you can get them by ordering it as a Custom1 item in a shop, or in the EX Dungeon. Before using one I recommend making a save since they are one time use items. You will want to do this later anyways for friendship potions to max out your friendships with the other characters, one friendship potion is 20, chips.

MAL ; Trading List. Posted 29 August - AM. Are the Battle one missable because of the the Elite Monsters? Which one is Blood Brothers? Battle Lord is for getting all advanced titles and Battle God battle god is for getting all titles total. This could be missable because of the elite monsters, but I read there are 50 or so of them so don't worry if you didn't do any under 2 minutes yet, just make sure to fight them on easy from now on. Blood brothers is for the Bad Ending which occurs in chapter 14 I believe, I'll post the choices when I get there.

If you get there before me just make a save before chapter Also make sure not to use Ludger's transformation once you start chapter Ah yeah I know about the end game stuffs. I just never saw a reason why titles were missable so I was guessing it was due to Elite kills.

Battle Challenge Titles. Chips Per Win Stategy. Tales of xillia 2 poker trophy. Tales of Xillia Trophy List. In the Tales of Xillia 2 trophy guide we. This is a discussion on. Xillia 2 Ultimate starter saveNA. Full list of Tales of Xillia 2 trophies and guides to unlock them. Tales Of Xillia 2 Poker Rewards — big-band-bisperode. In Tales of Xillia 2, Ludger Will Kresnik can raise his affinity level with the other eight playable characters, as well as three non-playable characters: Elle Mel Marta, Julius Will Kresnik, and Bisley Karcsi Bakur; however, other playable characters cannot raise the affinity with each other.

The best way to raise affinity All of the playable characters from Tales of Xillia return in this game, in addition to three new characters. Skip to content Press Enter.

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In both cases, the character s whose affinity will be raised will be indicated. I've included as few spoilers as I can, but obviously, some spoilers are inevitable in a guide like this. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send an e-mail to darkknot yahoo.

You will not get any notification that their affinity has been raised by a choice, and there is no way to check where they stand. Therefore, for the purpose of maximizing your affinity gain, it is crucial to complete character stories as soon as they appear.

Elle will give you twin swords, Julius will give you dual pistols, and Bisley will give you a sledgehammer. Each weapon raises the rate at which you earn character affinity in battle, and they are all around decent weapons with which to enter post-game, especially since Fennmont's weapon shop does not sell hammers or pistols.

Outside, as you're about to enter the shopping district. After making the required debt payment, you will be given a choice to lift the travel restriction on Marksburg or on Helioborg. If you choose Marksburg, continue on. If you choose Helioborg, skip to Chapter 5 Helioborg. Note that you will be able to get a bonus scene for Jude if you go to Helioborg first and complete his chapter afterwards. Bonus scene: Jude - this is triggered if you went to Helioborg first and completed Jude's first character chapter.

If you already went to Helioborg, click here to skip to the debt repayment period. Otherwise, continue on to the Helioborg section. Be sure to return to Chapter 4 Marksburg if you chose to go here first. Also, Jude's first chapter will be available, so be sure to refer to that section if you decide to complete that before chapter 5. You should, since it will enable a bonus scene. Click here to go to the Marksburg chapter if you have yet to complete that.

Scene after entering the first password-protected door. After making required payment, in Trigleph's residential district. After making the required debt payment, you will be given a choice to pursue Julius or to see what Erston has to say. If you choose the latter, read on.

If you choose to pursue Julius, skip to Chapter 9 pursuing Julius. Click here to go to the post-chapter 9 repayment period if you did Julius' chapter first. Click here to go to Chapter 8 Meeting Erston if you haven't yet completed it. Be sure to return to the Post-Chapter 8 Repayment Period if you chose this chapter first.

After this, a new series of jobs will become available. Doing these affects the course of Leia's next character chapter, making them worth listing. Here they are:. The person you're looking for is in the isolated area to the far north. Once you're done, go to Kanbalar and talk to the soldier in the Residential Ward — Plaza. You're looking for the newly spawned Malachite Beaks in the central region. Defeat five of them, then report back to the job bulletin. Costumes have become a trend in the " Tales of " series and Tales of Xillia 2 keeps that trend going.

Whether its full costumes, or multiple attachments, you'll have plenty to choose from in this game. There are several ways you can unlock costumes and attachments and that's where I come in. I'll explain where to get everything and separate them into different categories. These costumes and attachments come from sending kitties to certain locations. I listed the name of each, followed by the place you send them to. The job board can give several nice rewards, including costumes and attachments.

The name of the job is listed on the right. These cover rewards for completing certain chapters of each character's personal stories. To make things easier, everyone except Milla get the costumes below when you complete chapter of their personal character stories. Some characters get extra things or at different times. I'll list the rest below. Paying off your debt does more than you think!

It even unlocks costumes and attachments. The total debt is 20 million. To make it easier, I'm going to separate them into 2 million increments. The order I list them in is the order you unlock them in. I've only paid 12 million of the debt off, so I may be missing costumes or attachments. I'll update this guide as I find more.

These are costumes and attachments that don't fit into any of the other categories. This includes the Poker mini-game.

Costumes have become a trend in the " Tales of " series and Tales of Xillia 2 keeps that trend going.

Scotus legalize sports betting That's where friendship potions come in, you get friendship potions as a reward from playing poker in Duval, they cost 20, chips each. This trophy requires you to max out the friendship of all characters at the same time, preventing you from maxing out one friendship with Friend Potions, and then reloading the save and doing the next character. Wager: 45x No code required. Choose your perfect accommodations from 1, luxurious guest rooms and suites featuring stunning views and a tales of xillia 2 poker tips generous serving of genuine louisiana hospitality. Click here to go to the Marksburg chapter if you have yet to complete that. Trophy for Maxing out Alvin's friendship. I'll update this guide as I find more.
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Betting on the last guide tales of xillia 2 playable characters Elite Annihilator. You're looking for the newly spawned Malachite Beaks in the central region. El bitcoin reta al sistema, tales of a gambling grandma summary. If you didn't guess it yet, you'll be playing as Muzet and linking up with Ludger. This is the ending for paying off the 20, gald debt. There are 5 tabs that you have to fill up, and with every tab after you perform an arte you can press R2 to turn it into a linked arte.

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