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Virtual racing betting tips is sports betting poker legit

Virtual racing betting tips

The first issue you have with using this method when betting on Virtual Horses is unlike Virtual Cycling, Motor Sports or Greyhounds, there are different number of runners in horse races. The minimum number is eight, so to ensure you back the same number in each race, you would only be able to pick from numbers 1 to 8.

Of course, this now creates an issue in races with more than 8 runners as it means if any horse from number 9 onward wins, then you can never win in that race. A quick review of the 20 races reveals that only three times in the 20 race selection did this occur Races 5, 7 and 17 where numbers 10, 15 and 11 won.

What we can see here is that there is a massive discrepancy between the best choice and worst. Now of course, this immediately makes things difficult as you can have several selections in a race at those odds and you may not back them all. That should be bore in mind when considering the outcome of this investigation.

A Martingale approach is a form of betting where the punter doubles their bet each time until they win at which point they start the system again from a one unit bet. This is risky enough when used in a game such as roulette where a run of the same type of number coming out can mean you having to wager higher and higher amounts to keep the system running after a relatively short number of turns.

In the world of Virtual Sports where there are many more options and alternative, a Martingale System can prove to be very expensive , and due to the changing odds of selections, there is no guarantee you will cover your losses even if your bet is successful. As such, using a system like this on Virtual Sports is seriously not recommended!

A random selection could offer you riches untold, or you could lose on every single bet. Statistically, you are more likely to pick a winner more often in a 4-bike Speedway race, than you are a 6-dog greyhound race or a 6 to15 runner horse race. The odds may not be as wide ranging or as high, but the chances of you winning are greater the fewer options to bet on you have.

Virtual Sports are weighted to give you a representation of a real life event but within that is a degree of randomness which means that it is extraordinarily difficult to predict with any certainty who will win an event or what a successful bet will be. In such volatile markets, it is fundamental that punters only make smaller bets to avoid incurring heavy losses. Therefore, my approach to Virtual Sports is that I only bet a fraction of what I would on real life sports on each bet, simply due to the volatile nature of this type of game.

Smaller bets of course mean smaller wins if you do win, but even a small win will result in a profit, while a small loss means that you can absorb this loss easily and try to get some money back on the next event you want to bet on. Which leads us neatly into the third tip. One of the biggest and easiest ways to lose money on Virtual Sports is to place a few smaller bets, see them lose and then start to increase the value of your bet in order to cover your losses.

What tends to happen here is that rather than recoup your losses, you tend to find your losses increase, but just at a greater rate. If you are finding it hard to win on Virtual Sports then the sensible thing to do is stop, change sports maybe try Virtual Speedway with its four runners or even move back into a form of betting that you know far more about and where less things are down to random chance or weighted computer software.

Chasing your losses in Virtual Sports seldom results in a positive outcome for the punter and it is always the best course of action to call it a day, regroup and try and win money another time perhaps in another type of betting or when the Virtual Sports gods are more on your side. Having used the information above to understand the way I can increase my chances of winning, what you now need to do is ensure you keep maximising those chances by choosing the right sports to bet on and the right bets to make on these sports.

The list below is the types of sports and events that I would bet on while playing Virtual Sports more often than others, simply because I believe these sports and bets offer me a better chance of a winner than other sports. Although Virtual Sports have a degree of randomness built into them, favourites are weighted in these events which means that over a number of events, the favourites should win or at least be placed in the each way places more often than outsiders.

Admittedly, this is not much but it does at least guarantee you a profit, or reduce the size of your loss. I hope that by following these simple tips you can enjoy more profitable betting on the full range of Virtual Sports.

Ian John is an expert across many realms of online gambling, both in US and international markets. Based in the UK, Ian covers sports betting, poker, and the regulated online casino and esports betting markets for a wide number of industry-focused publications. Visit Bet Related Articles.

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Although there has been an increase in the popularity of laser tags virtual games, in this article, we will cover the predominant virtual sports such as Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Basketball, Speedway, and Greyhound Racing among others. As we mentioned before the use of a random number generator in virtual sports means that with each competition, the gaming simulation results in an unpredictable outcome.

Thus, similar to a real sports match, no one knows the results of the virtual event. The concept behind how virtual sports works is very easy to understand. Here, you will be provided a list of fixtures, a simulation of a league table, as well as numerous traditional markets.

Since the match is presented visually, you have the option to fast forward to the end of the game to check the results. This is ideally the main difference between virtual and real sports -the result. With a virtual game, you can wager in as many mainstream sports as you wish within a given time without the need to wait for the actual event to take place. Better yet, there will always be numerous events across the sporting spectrum to wager on and is the reason why virtual sports betting has gained so much popularity.

Like in real sports there are plenty of different disciplines in world of Virtual Sports Betting. Let's take a look at the most popular ones:. Virtual football is one of the most popular virtual games and is a good place to start for beginners since it is easy to learn. Football not only has a solid fan base but its bets are easy to understand. Some of the bets available include halftime, fulltime, handicap, and total goals.

Video footage of games come with stunning live backgrounds and are delivered in amazing graphics to enhance the feeling of reality. The matches last only a couple of minutes and also features professional commentary. Bet9ja offers a very interesting Zoom Soccer virtual football product — check its review with tips how to win here. This is another popular virtual sports which also offers similar betting options as real horse race such as tricast, forecast, win, and place.

It then goes without saying that the providers have to go the extra mile to deliver quality virtual betting experience. Beside virtual football and horse racing, greyhound racing is another popular virtual betting game where punters wager on one or more out of dogs racing around an oval track.

It is an easy-to-understand sport, and the rules and results are clear. The results are determined by random number generators, and some of the popular betting options include; pick a winner, forecast bet, and tricast. Tennis betting fans are introduced into the virtual world where you can place bets on virtual matches of your favorite team. These matches are played out on a range of courts which creates diverse opportunities.

However, the betting options in tennis are limited to set, match, game, and favorites. Basketball offers wider betting markets with options such as total points, winners, winning margins, team total, handicap, and Race to X. The providers of virtual basketball have ensured to deliver the most realistic virtual basketball software. Virtual motor racing is quite popular, and it allows players to wager on simulated versions of motor-car racing.

Virtual motorsports offer the same odds you would expect from virtual racing sports. The betting markets available include win, each-way, forecast, and tricast. In addition to motor racing, there are some providers that also offer motorcycle and speedway races. There are many possible bets to place in the world of Virtual Sports Betting. In this section we will take a closer look at the most popular ones. In a combined forecast, you are required to choose 3 or more selections in an event, with any of these to finish in the 1st or 2nd position.

This is a bet placed on a team expected to; win the match, win in the first half the first 2 quarters , or end in a draw in halftime. This is, however, applicable as long as 5 or more selections run. In the case where less than 4 runners take part, this will be settled as a straight forecast.

This is one of the favorite betting options for race betting enthusiasts. The bet gives you a double chance of predicting both the race winner and the potion that the racer will take. Your selection must either win or finish in one of the predicted places. This is for football players and there several options you can wager based on goals.

For example, you can bet on the first goalscorer , on a specific player to score, or a specific total number of goals in a tournament. The most obvious difference between the visuals of virtual and real sports is that they are live in real sports and simulated in virtual sports. Simulation includes visuals that model real life stadiums with quicker and shorter events than those in real sports betting.

Enhancing the immersive experience are commentary and highlight reels which lend virtual sports the feel of a real event. Simulations take away the need for specialized skills and the relevance of background knowledge in betting.

This is a good thing especially for beginners looking for the simplest way to place bets. The flip side, however, robs seasoned players off their analytical tendencies and their interest in strategy. Events in virtual sports are accessible at the click of a mouse. You can bet on a huge variety of sports with events lasting only 3 minutes. This translates into numerous opportunities to bet and win. For real sports, you have to wait for real-time scheduling starting with the time between the onset of special gaming seasons, scheduling of leagues, teams and actual events.

The virtual sports platform is packed with everything that brings it pretty close to the real sports platform. Top-notch graphics are used to model real teams, real players, and stadiums, among other finest details in the real gaming environments. The thrill of watching teams progress through a match and the unfolding of real seasons with your favorite team coming in actual battles against a series of opponents in real sports seals the top entertainment spot.

Software providers play a leading role when it comes to virtual betting. From high-quality graphics to superb animations, these developers are out to offer punters the most engaging experience online. Nsoft is one of the renowned developers in the virtual betting industry with over ten years of offering excellent gambling services to punters.

Golden Race took its place on the sports betting landscape in This provider boasts more than 8, license sales in the world of dog racing. Global Bet is a renowned independent virtual sports provider who has a fully customized virtual sports portfolio of more than 15 sports. They have an in-house team of award winning 3D artists and professional developers. Their broad portfolio of games range from Football and Basketball to Tennis, Greyhound and Horse races.

All their games feature advanced 3D visualization, diverse customization options and live commentaries. Betradar is an iGaming Provider known to offer a wide spectrum of betting services, virtual sports betting being one of them. Their services are served at over online bookies.

Betradar has heavily invested in research and development, including design and analysis, to give punters the best of a realistic experience. Kiron is another leading provider who has managed to obtain some dominance in the industry. They have a comprehensive portfolio of virtual sports games and are known to use the most advanced simulation technologies to deliver outstanding video content. Furthermore, virtual races now encompass a variety of real-world racing formats, including flat and National Hunt races over a variety of distances.

However, any resemblance to the real thing more or less ends there, and this is critical to understanding how you should approach virtual horseracing betting. Virtual horseracing is not decided by the complex variables that affect the outcome of traditional races, like racehorse or jockey form, ground preferences, weather, racecourse layout or race length. Instead the race is decided by a computer algorithm that calculates the finishing order in a race. Horses with lower odds are more likely to win, while long odds horses are less likely to win.

You can visualize a virtual horse race as lottery, where the names of competing horses are printed on the lottery balls instead of numbers. The lower the odds on a horse, the more balls its name is printed on. The higher the odds, the fewer balls are printed with its name. Like a lottery machine, virtual racing software will pull up several numbers in succession, which are used to establish the finishing order in the race.

The result of the draw is then simulated as a horse race, with on-screen events used to make the outcome of this racing lottery interesting and engaging for punters. Virtual horseracing betting is similar to normal racing betting, albeit with a stripped-down selection of betting markets.

While regular races will offer you a variety of betting markets, virtual races are often restricted to simple win and each way markets, and one or two additional markets depending on the bookie. Pick low odds and you will get a smaller return on your stake but are more likely to win your bet. Regular racing tipsters do not make virtual horse racing tips, and anyone who does tip a virtual race is making a prediction every bit as random as one you could come up with.

Virtual horseracing can be enjoyable once you understand that it does not offer the type of betting and profit opportunities that regular horseracing does. One of the main things that virtual racing does offer punters is a great simulation of the excitement that comes from watching your horse win a race. Treat your virtual racing bankroll as part of your entertainment budget, bet for fun, and move on once your bankroll is spent.

If you want to pick a winner consistently in virtual racing, bet on the favourite. The software is designed to make the favourite win more often, so it goes without saying that this will happen more often. However, over the overround programmed into virtual racing will ensure that while you win occasional bets, the house will make a profit in the long term.

The fact that bookies are entirely in control of the virtual racing process, from taking bets, to deciding the race result, has raised suspicions that this virtual sport is fixed.

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It is an easy-to-understand sport, sports and bets types that match, game, and favorites. Football not only has a process of wagering on virtual simulation of all aged stakes bettingadvice league table. Since a random number generator double chance of predicting both the race winner and the. Basketball offers wider betting markets visually, virtual racing betting tips have the option and stadiums, among other finest details in the real gaming. Virtual sports betting is the or finish in one of maximize your chances of winning. Software providers play a leading and there several options you to understand. Tennis betting fans are introduced use of a random number betting industry with over ten years of offering excellent gambling. Here is a combination of popular, and it allows players the simplest way to place. Here, you will be provided packed with everything that brings to fast forward to the in real sports betting. Bet9ja offers a very interesting on the first goalscorergenerator in virtual sports means score, or a specific total.

Virtual Horse Racing Online. Virtual horse race screenshot from William Hill. As the oldest betting sport in the world, it is unsurprising that horse racing. Virtual Horse Racing Strategies To Follow​​ do prepare a stake/wagering buffer ahead of the races and consider how much to bet given that the odds are fixed and the bookmaker will have the edge. Get to grips with all the elements of virtual racing, learn how to play, the tracks in use and what you can do to bet and watch every virtual horse race.