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Want a good read? Follow us Blog Twitter Status page. Port details. Designed from the ground up to provide the highest level of security for heavily-invested Bitcoin users, while still maintaining a high degree of usability and convenience. Its ease of use and advanced features make it one of the most popular alternative Bitcoin clients. Optional dependencies are not covered. Build dependencies: swig3.

Loss of these files is equivalent to the loss of money. Port Moves. Qt4 deprecation: Remove Qt4 and its consumes. PR: This patch creates Python-version versioned directories for all these, and further installs binaries with a version number. It is unforuntately no longer compatible with the old qt5-webengine Mark these ports as broken on aarch64, and, where appropriate, on armvX.

While here, pet portlint. Approved by: portmgr tier-2 blanket. Replaced my old rawbw. Striping is also not supported, but I have no plans for implementing it at the moment. Plan B is working quite well now and should be available for testing by the end of April.

I will announce how to do this on the freebsd-fs FreeBSD. The Book-E platform target now supports bit mode "powerpc64". It includes a bit address space split, but the page table directory list uses holes to expand to the full address space, leaving gaps in the address space where page mappings are repeated. This may change in the future. As with the AIM powerpc64 port, Book-E supports running powerpc bit binaries as well, and has even been tested with a bit init and bit shell.

Work is ongoing to support it. Thanks to Juniper Networks for providing patches against an older internally maintained FreeBSD version, which enabled this porting effort, and for providing historical context for quirks of the pmap changes.

Final testing and productionization of support for the Marvell Armada38x platform is under way. The rebase and cleanup is going well, with patches functioning on top of HEAD and ready for upstreaming. A long time ago, in the FreeBSD 5 times, there was an initial port of FreeBSD to s 32bit and sx 64bit which booted past init on good days in an emulator.

The primary idea of this initial work was to allow for incremental addition of the necessary architecture-specific code. Having the build framework in place will allow third-party developers to simply type make , as they are willing to contribute to the port without having to know FreeBSD build specifics.

After some cleanup and further updates to a more recent HEAD I am planning to push the current work to a public repo to facilitate collaboration. We also updated MySQL 5. And of course there were plenty of security updates.

Now the init script will search all default locations, for backwards compatibility with the variety of locations used for configuration files, before it gives up and reports an error. In the Ports Collection, Rust was updated to 1.

Work has started to bootstrap Rust on non- x86 architectures. This work is critical, in particular because Firefox will shortly require Rust. If you want to help, please refer to the guide linked above. The compiler, rustc , is crashing sometimes when there is a compilation error. Therefore, there is a bit of work to do to improve stability. Those Makefiles deserve a bit of cleanup. While we have an outdated version of the Handbook available via the older XML files, we are now trying to get back into shape with the PO file.

Rene started working on two articles already and did some translation of strings for the FDP-Primer, while Remko has started working on the Handbook. If you think you can assist with either, please send Rene and Remko an email so that we can start coordinating work.

In addition, since we have a translation set already from the XML files, it would be interesting to see whether we can merge them easily into the PO structure. If you have ideas on that, contact us a. Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo.

Donate to FreeBSD. No new commit bits were awarded during this quarter. Staff contributions including improvements to toolchain and build tool components, run time libraries, arm64, mips64 and and bit x86 architectures, release image build tooling, packaged base, and VM subsystem bug fixes. Significant progress on the bit inode project, which is nearly ready for commit.

Published the initial FreeBSD There were no changes to the membership of portmgr. Open tasks: The number of unassigned and open PRs is still growing, so if you have some spare time, please close some of those. Object Storage Ceph provides seamless access to objects using native language bindings or radosgw , a REST interface that is compatible with applications written for S3 and Swift. File System Ceph provides a POSIX-compliant network file system that aims for high performance, large data storage, and maximum compatibility with legacy applications.

However, it does not yet contain ceph-fuse. Regular updates to the ceph-devel port are expected, with the next one coming in April. It is possible that ggated could be used as a template, since it does similar things, just between two disks. It also has a userspace counterpart, which could ease development.

CephFS as native filesystem: though ceph-fuse works, it can be advantageous to have an in-kernel implementation for heavy workloads. Cython tries to access an internal field in struct dirent , which does not compile. This currently works but testing has been limitted. Investigate and see if an in-kernel RBD device could be developed akin to ggate. Investigate the keystore, which can be embedded in the kernel on Linux and currently prevents building Cephfs and some other parts.

The first question is whether it is really required, or only KRBD requires it. Scheduler information is not used at the moment, because the schedulers work rather differently between Linux and FreeBSD. Improve the FreeBSD init scripts in the Ceph stack, both for testing purposes and for running Ceph on production machines. Build a test cluster and start running some of the teuthology integration tests on it.

Teuthology wants to build its own libvirt and that does not quite work with all the packages FreeBSD already has in place. There are many details to work out here. Design a vitual disk implementation that can be used with bhyve and attached to an RBD image. Testing on the latest versions of Mac OS X would be particularly appreciated.

This project was sponsored by Nuxi, the Netherlands. Open tasks: Though getting Bitcoin to work is pretty awesome, don't let that distract us from porting other pieces of software over as well! Are you the maintainer of a piece of software that could benefit from sandboxing? Be sure to try building it using the CloudABI toolchain!

Are you a user of Memcached? Would you like to see any other programming language work on CloudABI as well? Be sure to help out! The intent is to merge these changes back to FreeBSD 10 and Make mmcsd 4 more robust and correctly follow the relevant specifications for existing features, e. Without the fix, the VM would fail to boot. This project was sponsored by Microsoft. It will be refactored to include D The stack has been tested to work on the Beaglebone Black and Wandboard Quad platforms.

Open tasks: Testing by others will be needed, once it is available. There are assumptions in the reference driver of operating in a bit environment. It may be easier to port the Linux driver instead, which would also give ARM support for this ethernet controller. Take advantage of pointer alignment to squeeze more bits out of the page tables; it should be possible to squeeze at least 3 more bits out, one at each level.

Open tasks: Submit the remaining fixes and drivers. Open tasks: Write a wiki page with per-architecture specific tasks that need to be done, based on the current work and the experience from arm64 and riscv. Implement both the userspace and kernel per-architecture gaps. Open tasks: Test the new version and report problems.

Open tasks: Bootstrap Rust on more platforms. Investigate compiler crashes. Merge the translations into the. Update the remaining open items into the po files. Identify whether we can also translate the htdocs pages via the PO system. News Home Status Home. All rights reserved. Quarterly Newsletter. Contributing to Ports. Ports Management Team. FreeBSD development Snapshots.

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