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This feature makes recursive least squares filter more flexible approach compare to batch least squares process complete set of observations in each iteration and Kalman filtering suppose updating state vector on each epoch with measurements. Advantages of proposed approach are demonstrated by processing of real astrometric observations of near Earth asteroids. The case of TC3 was studied. There are a many closely spaced observations of TC3 on the interval between discovering and impact, which creates favorable conditions for usage of recursive approaches.

Each of approaches has very similar precision in case of TC3. At the same time, recursive least squares approaches have much higher performance. Thus, this approach more favorable for orbit fitting of a celestial body, which was detected shortly before the collision or close approach to the Earth. Montenbruck and E. Simon, "Optimal State Estimation.

The NEA Scout mission will use the sail as primary propulsion allowing it to survey and image one NEA's of interest for future human exploration. After its first encounter with the Moon, NEA Scout will enter the sail characterization phase by the 86 square meter sail deployment. The spacecraft will perform a series of lunar flybys to achieve optimum departure trajectory before beginning its two year-long cruise. About one month before the asteroid flyby, NEA Scout will start its approach phase using optical navigation on top of radio tracking.

The solar sail will provide NEA Scout continuous low thrust to enable a relatively slow flyby of the target asteroid under lighting conditions favorable to geological imaging. Tracking a Very Near Earth Asteroid. The potential effects of an asteroid passing within close proximity to the Earth were recently realized. During the February 16, event, Asteroid DA14 passed within an estimated 27, kilometers of the earth , well within the geosynchronous GEO orbital belt.

This was the closest known approach of a planetoid of this size, in modern history. The GEO belt is a region that is filled with critical communications satellites which provide relays for essential government, business and private datum. On the day of the event, optical instruments at Detachment 3, 21OG, Maui GEODSS were able to open in marginal atmospheric conditions, locate and collect metric and raw video data on the asteroid as it passed a point of near heliocentric orbital propinquity to the Earth.

However, the ability to actively track this asteroid through the populated satellite belt not only allowed surveillance for possible late orbital perturbations of the asteroid , but, afforded the ability to monitor possible strikes on all other orbiting bodies of anthropogenic origin either not in orbital catalogs or not recently updated in those catalogs.

Although programmed only for tracking satellites in geocentric orbits, GEODSS was able to compensate and maintain track on DA14, collecting one hundred and fifty four metric observations during the event. The concept of the Near- Earth Asteroid Returned Sample NEARS mission is to return to Earth g from each of four to six sites on a near- Earth asteroid and to perform global characterization of the asteroid and measure mass, volume, and density to ten percent.

The target asteroid for the mission is Nereus, probably a primitive C-type asteroid , with the alternate target being ML, an extremely accessible asteroid of unknown type. Launch dates will be , , , and on the Delta II launch vehicle. The mission objectives are three-fold. Accessibility of near- Earth asteroids , Previous research which analyzed the accessibility of all known near- Earth asteroids is updated.

Since then, many new near- Earth asteroids have been discovered, and DB, the most accessible asteroid at that time, has been recovered. Many of these recently discovered near- Earth asteroids have promising orbital characteristics. In addition to accessibility as defined by minimum global delta v , ideal rendezvous opportunities are identified.

Near- Earth Asteroid Scout. As NASA continues to refine its plans to possibly explore NEAs with humans, initial reconnaissance with comparatively inexpensive robotic precursors is necessary. Obtaining and analyzing relevant data about these bodies via robotic precursors before committing a crew to visit an NEA will significantly minimize crew and mission risk, as well as maximize exploration return potential.

The mission is enabled by the use of an sq m solar sail being developed by MSFC figs. Evidence for a near- Earth asteroid belt. Rabinowitz, D. In January , the 0. Since then, more than 40 Earth-approaching asteroids have been discovered, including 13 smaller than 50 m. Using these data, one of us has shown that there is an excess of Earth-approaching asteroids with diameters less than 50 m, relative to the population inferred from the distribution of larger objects.

Here we argue that these smaller objects - characterized by low eccentricities, widely ranging inclinations and unusual spectral properties - form a previously undetected asteroid belt concentrated near Earth. The recent discovery of additional small Earth-approaching asteroids supports this conclusion. In addition to collisions and gravitational forces, it is now becoming widely acknowledged that photon recoil forces and torques from the asymmetric reflection and thermal re-radiation of sunlight are primary mechanisms that govern the rotational evolution of an asteroid.

We present a simple Monte Carlo method to estimate the range of YORP rotational accelerations acting on a near- Earth asteroid NEA without knowledge of its detailed shape, and to estimate its detectability using light-curve observations. The method requires knowledge of an asteroid 's orbital properties and size, and assumes that the future observational circumstances of an asteroid have already been thought through. The YORP detectability is found to be a strong function of the combined asteroid orbital and diameter properties, and is independent of the rotation period for NEAs that do not have very fast or slow rotation rates.

Spacewatch discovery of near- Earth asteroids. Our overall scientific goal is to survey the solar system to completion - that is, to find the various populations and to study their statistics, interrelations, and origins. The practical benefit to SERC is that we are finding Earth-approaching asteroids that are accessible for mining.

Our system can detect Earth-approachers in the 1-km size range even when they are far away, and can detect smaller objects when they are moving rapidly past Earth. Until Spacewatch, the size range of meters in diameter for the near- Earth asteroids was unexplored. This important region represents the transition between the meteorites and the larger observed near- Earth asteroids. One of our Spacewatch discoveries, VG, may be representative of a new orbital class of object.

If it is really a natural object, and not man-made, its orbital parameters are closer to those of the Earth than we have seen before; its delta V is the lowest of all objects known thus far. We may expect new discoveries as we continue our surveying, with fine-tuning of the techniques. This graphic depicts the passage of asteroid EC past Earth on March 6, The asteroid closest approach is a distance equivalent to about one-sixth of the distance between Earth and the moon.

The indicated times are in Universal Time. Did Earth-approaching asteroids , , or produce meteorites? Orbital integrations show that Amor asteroid could have ejected one out of four plausible groups of meteorite producing fireballs during a collision in the asteroid belt. It was suggested by others that such a collision may also have split asteroids and A member of this group of fireballs is listed as one of the better possibilities for recovery.

Search techniques for near- earth asteroids. Knowledge of the near- earth asteroids Apollo, Amor, and Aten groups has increased enormously over the last 10 to 15 years. This has been due in large part to the success of programs that have systematically searched for these objects. These programs have been motivated by the apparent relationships of the near- earth asteroids to terrestrial impact cratering, meteorites, and comets, and their relative accessibility for asteroid missions.

Discovery of new near- earth asteroids is fundamental to all other studies, from theoretical modeling of their populations to the determination of their physical characteristics by various remote-sensing techniques. The methods that have been used to find these objects are reviewed, and ways in which the search for near- earth asteroids can be expanded are discussed. Near- Earth asteroids : Metals occurrence, extraction, and fabrication. Near- earth asteroids occur in three principle types of orbits: Amor, Apollo, and Aten.

Amor asteroids make relatively close within 0. Apollo asteroids spend most of their time outside the earth 's orbital path, but at some point of close approach to the sun, they cross the orbit of the earth. Aten asteroids are those whose orbits remain inside the earth 's path for the majority of their time, with semi-major axes less than 0. Near- earth orbit asteroids include: stones, stony-irons, irons, carbonaceous, and super-carbonaceous.

Metals within these asteroids include: iron, nickel, cobalt, the platinum group, aluminum, titanium, and others. Focus is on the extraction of ferrous and platinum group metals from the stony-iron asteroids , and the iron asteroids. Extraction of the metal fraction can be accomplished through the use of tunnel-boring-machines TBM in the case of the stony-irons.

The metals within the story-iron asteroids occur as dispersed granules, which can be separated from the stony fraction through magnetic and gaseous digestion separation techniques. The metal asteroids are processes by drilling and gaseous digestion or by gaseous digestion alone.

Manufacturing of structures, housings, framing networks, pressure vessels, mirrors, and other products is accomplished through the chemical vapor deposition CVD of metal coating on advanced composites and on the inside of contour-defining inflatables CDI. Metal coatings on advanced composites provide: resistance to degradation in the hostile environments of space; superior optical properties; superior heat dissipation; service as wear coatings; and service as evidential coatings.

Metal coatings on the inside of CDI produce metal load-bearing products. Fibers such as graphite, kevlar, glass, ceramic, metal, etc. Detections of NEAs are expected to grow in the near future, offering increasing target opportunities. As NASA continues to refine its plans to possibly explore these small worlds with human explorers, initial reconnaissance with comparatively inexpensive robotic precursors is necessary. Obtaining and analyzing relevant data about these bodies via robotic precursors before committing a crew to visit a NEA will significantly minimize crew and mission risk, as well as maximize exploration return potential.

The elongated asteroid in this radar image, named SD, will safely fly past Earth on Thursday, Dec. The image was taken on Dec. This asteroid is at least 3, feet 1, meters long. In , it will safely pass Earth at a distance of 1. Edge-on View of Near- Earth Asteroids. NASA is developing solar sail propulsion for a near-term Near Earth Asteroid NEA reconnaissance mission and laying the groundwork for their future use in deep space science and exploration missions.

Four 7 m stainless steel booms wrapped on two spools two overlapping booms per spool will be motor deployed and pull the sail from its stowed volume. The sail material is an aluminized polyimide approximately 3 microns thick. The NEA Scout spacecraft will stabilize its orientation after ejection using an onboard cold-gas thruster system. The same system provides the vehicle Delta-V sufficient for a lunar flyby.

After its first encounter with the moon, the 86 m2 sail will deploy, and the sail characterization phase will begin. Once the system is checked out, the spacecraft will perform a series of lunar flybys until it achieves optimum departure trajectory to the target asteroid. The spacecraft will then begin its two year-long cruise. About one month before the asteroid flyby, NEA Scout will pause to search for the target and start its approach phase using a combination of radio tracking and optical navigation.

The solar sail will provide. Information about the physical characteristics of Near Earth Asteroids NEAs is needed to model behavior during atmospheric entry, to assess the risk of an impact, and to model possible mitigation techniques. The intrinsic properties of interest to entry and mitigation modelers, however, rarely are directly measureable.

Instead we measure other properties and infer the intrinsic physical properties, so determining the complete set of characteristics of interest is far from straightforward. In addition, for the majority of NEAs, only the basic measurements exist so often properties must be inferred from statistics of the population of more completely characterized objects. We will provide an assessment of the current state of knowledge about the physical characteristics of importance to asteroid threat assessment.

In addition, an ongoing effort to collate NEA characteristics into a readily accessible database for use by the planetary defense community will be discussed. The purpose of the conditions list is to serve as an evidence-based foundation for determining which medical conditions could affect a crewmember during the NEA mission, which of those conditions would be of concern and require treatment, and for which conditions a gap in knowledge or technology development exists.

This information is used to focus research efforts and technology development to ensure that the appropriate medical capabilities are available for exploration-class missions. Each medical condition listed has been assigned a clinical priority and a clinical priority rationale based on incidence, consequence, and mitigation capability. Implementation: The conditions list is a "living document" and as such, new conditions can be added to the list, and the priority of conditions on the list can be adjusted as the DRM changes, and as screening, diagnosis, or treatment capabilities.

Near- Earth Asteroids Astrometry with Gaia. U and an absolute magnitude H approach with Earth that they can be put on a chaotic orbit. New observations optical, radar, flyby or satellite mission can improve those orbits and reduce the uncertainties on the Keplerian elements. During the 5-year mission, Gaia will continuously scan the sky with a specific strategy: objects will be observed from two lines of sight separated with a constant basic angle.

Two other constants are still free parameters: the initial spin phase, and the initial precession angle that will be fixed at the start of the nominal science operations. These latter are constraint by scientific outcome e. Several sets of observations of specific NEOs will hence be provided according to the initial precession angle.

The purpose here is to study the statistical impact of the initial precession angle on the error. The most accurate survey to date has allowed new estimates of the total numbers of objects in different size categories. Near Earth Asteroid redirect missions based on gravity assist maneuver.

Ledkov, Anton; Shustov, Boris M. As additional option of planetary defense system construction the idea to redirect small near Earth asteroids onto the orbits resonance with the Earth orbit is explored. It is shown that it is possible to reach it by the use gravity assist maneuvers as it was described above by applying small velocity impulses to the asteroids.

At least 11 asteroids were found demanded small enough delta-V for transferring them on such trajectories. After executing these maneuvers one can receive the system of asteroids approaching to the Earth practically each month with a possibility to use them as projectiles or for the purposes of delivering to the Earth their soil samples. Human Exploration of Near- Earth Asteroids. Missions to NEAs would undoubtedly provide a great deal of technical and engineering data on spacecraft operations for future human space exploration while conducting in-depth scientific examinations of these primitive objects.

However, before sending human explorers to NEAs, robotic investigations of these bodies would be required to maximize operational efficiency and reduce mission risk. These precursor missions to NEAs would fill crucial strategic knowledge gaps concerning their physical characteristics that are relevant for human exploration of these relatively unknown destinations. This volume contains abstracts that have been accepted for presentation at the Near- Earth Asteroid Sample Return Workshop, Dec Logistical, administrative, and publications support were provided by the Publications and Program Services Department of the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

Spacewatch search for near- Earth asteroids. The objective of the Spacewatch Program is to develop new techniques for the discovery of near- earth asteroids and to prove the efficiency of the techniques. Extensive experience was obtained with the 0. During the past year, software and hardware for optimizing the discovery of near- earth asteroids were installed.

As a result, automatic detection of objects that move with rates between 0. Apparently, one or two near- earth asteroids are discovered per month, on average. The follow up is with astrometry over as long an arc as the geometry and faintness of the object allow, typically three months following the discovery observations.

During the second half of , replacing the 0. Studies and planning for this switch are proposed for funding during the coming year. It was also proposed that the Spacewatch Telescope be turned on the sky, instead of having the drive turned off, in order to increase the rate of discoveries by perhaps a factor of two.

The work carried out under this grant consisted of two parallel studies aimed at defining candidate missions for the initiation of the Discovery Program being considered by NASA's Solar System Exploration Division. The main study considered a Discover-class mission to a Near Earth Asteroid NEA ; the companion study considered a small telescope in Earth -orbit dedicated to ultra violet studies of solar system bodies.

The results of these studies are summarized in two reports which are attached Appendix 1 and Appendix 2. Capturing asteroids into bound orbits around the earth : Massive early return on an asteroid terminal defense system. Nuclear explosives may be used to capture small asteroids e. The captured objects could be used for construction material for manned and unmanned activity in Earth orbit.

Asteroids with small approach velocities, which are the ones most likely to have close approaches to the Earth , require the least energy for capture. They are particularly easy to capture if they pass within one Earth radius of the surface of the Earth.

They could be intercepted with intercontinental missiles if the latter were retrofit with a more flexible guiding and homing capability. The economic value of even one captured asteroid is many times the initial investment. The asteroid capture system would be an essential part of the learning curve for dealing with larger asteroids that can hit the earth. Discovery of a Satellite around a Near- Earth Asteroid.

The orbital characteristics of Dionysus lead to moderately close approaches to the Earth every 13 years, with the one in being the first since its discovery that is favourable for extensive observations. On July 6, , it passed within 17 million km of our planet. At that time it was visible from the southern hemisphere with a moderately-sized telescope as a relatively fast-moving object.

The period of rotation was 2. However lightcurves observed on two subsequent nights were strikingly different from the previous ones. In both cases a deeper and shifted dip was seen, indicative of an attenuation - an additional dimming of the sunlight reflected by the asteroid , cf. The observers hypothesised that these lightcurve features were due to an eclipse by an unknown object moving in an orbit around Dionysus , thereby covering part of the illuminated surface of the asteroid at regular time intervals [5].

Fortunately, this hypothesis can be checked, because the phenomenon should then repeat itself periodically. Accordingly, the DLR scientists made a prediction for the next occurences of dips in the lightcurve, based on the time difference between the two observed events. Confirmation of the satellite Contacts were made with observers located at other observatories, in order to. Near Earth asteroid orbit perturbation and fragmentation.

Collisions by near earth asteroids or the nuclei of comets pose varying levels of threat to man. A relatively small object, approximately meter diameter, which might be found on an impact trajectory with a populated region of the Earth , could potentially be diverted from an Earth impacting trajectory by mass driver rocket systems. For larger bodies, such systems would appear to be beyond current technology. For any size object, nuclear explosions appear to be more efficient, using either the prompt blow-off from neutron radiation, the impulse from ejecta of near-surface explosion for deflection, or as a fragmenting charge.

Practical deflections of bodies with diameters of 0. Mommert, Michael; Harris, Alan W. The population of near- Earth objects comprises active comets and asteroids , covering a wide range of dynamical parameters and physical properties. Dormant or extinct comets, masquerading as asteroids , have long been suspected of supplementing the near- Earth asteroid NEA population. We present a search for asteroidal objects of cometary origin based on dynamical and physical considerations.

We use a statistical approach to identify asteroids on orbits that resemble those of short-period near- Earth comets using the Tisserand parameter with respect to Jupiter, the aphelion distance, and the minimum orbital intersection distance with respect to Jupiter. We identify a total of 23 near- Earth asteroids from our sample that are likely to be dormant short-period near- Earth comets and, based on a de-biasing procedure applied to the cryogenic NEOWISE survey, estimate both magnitude-limited and size-limited fractions of the NEA population that are dormant short-period comets.

We find that 0. We also present an observation program that utilizes the 1. Graham, AZ, to identify dormant comet candidates and search for activity in these objects. The asteroid is shown in gray and its extreme orbit is shown in green. Objects are not drawn to scale. Data base on physical observations of near- Earth asteroids and establishment of a network to coordinate observations of newly discovered near- Earth asteroids.

This program consists of two tasks: 1 development of a data base of physical observations of near- earth asteroids and establishment of a network to coordinate observations of newly discovered earth-approaching asteroids ; and 2 a simulation of the surface of low-activity comets. Significant progress was made on task one and, and task two was completed during the period covered by this progress report.

Near- earth asteroids - Possible sources from reflectance spectroscopy. The diversity of reflectance spectra noted among near- earth asteroids that were compared with selected asteroids , planets and satellites to determine possible source regions is indicative of different mineralogical composition and, accordingly, of more than one source region. Spectral signatures that are similar to those of main belt asteroids support models deriving some of these asteroids from the Kirkwood gap and the Flora family, by way of gravitational perturbations.

The differences in composition found between near- earth asteroids and planetary and satellite surfaces are in keeping with theoretical arguments that such bodies should not be sources. While some near- earth asteroids furnish portions of the earth 's meteorite flux, other sources must also contribute. NASA's Near- Earth Asteroid Scout, a small satellite the size of a shoebox designed to study asteroids close to Earth , performed a deployment test June 28 of the solar sail that will launch on Exploration Mission The test was performed in an indoor clean room at the NeXolve facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

Currently, no planetary defense demonstration mission has ever been flown. While Nuclear Explosive Devices NEDs have significantly more energy than a kinetic impactor launched directly from Earth , they present safety and political complications, and therefore may only be used when absolutely necessary.

A small asteroid Earth 's gravity well. The small asteroid is then deflected onto a collision course with a larger approx. This collision will deflect or disrupt the larger asteroid. To reduce the cost and complexity, an asteroid pair which has a natural close approach is selected. Exploration of Near- Earth Asteroids. However, prior to sending human explorers to NEAs, robotic investigations of these bodies would be required in order to maximize operational efficiency and reduce mission risk.

Information obtained from a human investigation of a NEA, together with ground-based observations and prior spacecraft investigations of asteroids and comets, will also provide a real measure of ground truth to data obtained from terrestrial meteorite collections.

Major advances in the areas of geochemistry, impact history, thermal history, isotope analyses, mineralogy, space weathering, formation ages, thermal inertias, volatile content, source regions, solar system formation, etc. Samples directly returned from a primitive body would lead to the same kind of breakthroughs for understanding NEAs that the Apollo samples provided for understanding the Earth -Moon system and its formation history. In addition, robotic precursor and human exploration missions to NEAs would allow the NASA and its international partners to gain operational experience in performing complex tasks e.

This would provide an important synergy between the worldwide Science and Exploration communities, which will be crucial for development of future. Near- Earth asteroid discovery rate review. Sky coverage and magnitude were both limited by slower emulsions, requiring longer exposures. The 's sky coverage of 15, to 25, sq. More specifically, PCAS' results when grouped into the two year periods, show an increase from 5 discoveries in the 1st period to 20 in the 2nd period, a fourfold increase.

Also, the discoveries went from representing about 25 pct. The surge of discoveries enjoyed by PCAS in particular is attributed to new fine grain sensitive emulsions, film hypering, more uniformity in the quality of the photograph, more equitable scheduling, better weather, and coordination of efforts.

The maximum discoveries seem to have been attained at Palomar Schmidt. Compositional differences between meteorites and near- Earth asteroids. Understanding the nature and origin of the asteroid population in Earth 's vicinity near- Earth asteroids , and its subset of potentially hazardous asteroids is a matter of both scientific interest and practical importance.

It is generally expected that the compositions of the asteroids that are most likely to hit Earth should reflect those of the most common meteorites. Here we report that most near- Earth asteroids including the potentially hazardous subset have spectral properties quantitatively similar to the class of meteorites known as LL chondrites. The prominent Flora family in the inner part of the asteroid belt shares the same spectral properties, suggesting that it is a dominant source of near- Earth asteroids.

The observed similarity of near- Earth asteroids to LL chondrites is, however, surprising, as this meteorite class is relatively rare approximately 8 per cent of all meteorite falls. One possible explanation is the role of a size-dependent process, such as the Yarkovsky effect, in transporting material from the main belt. Asteroid and comet flux in the neighborhood of the earth. Significant advances in the knowledge and understanding of the flux of large solid objects in the neighborhood of Earth have occurred.

The best estimates of the collision rates with Earth of asteroids and comets and the corresponding production of impact craters are presented. Approximately 80 Earth -crossing asteroids were discovered through May Among 42 new Earth -crossing asteroids found in the last decade, two-thirds were discovered from observations at Palomar Observatory and 15 were discovered or independently detected in dedicated surveys with the Palomar Observatory and 15 were discovered or independently detected in dedicated surveys with the Palomar 46 cm Schmidt.

Probabilities of collision with Earth have been calculated for about two-thirds of the known Earth -crossing asteroids. When multiplied by the estimated population of Earth -crossers, this yields an estimated present rate of collision about 65 pct higher than that previously reported. Spectrophotometric data obtained chiefly in the last decade show that the large majority of obvserved Earth -crossers are similar to asteroids found in the inner part of the main belt. The number of discovered Earth -crossing comets is more than 4 times greater than the number of known Earth -crossing asteroids , but reliable data on the sizes of comet nuclei are sparse.

The flux of comets almost certainly was highly variable over late geologic time, owing to the random perturbation of the Oort comet cloud by stars in the solar neighborhood. This work is part of the Minor Planet Photometric Database effort that was initiated by a group of Spanish amateur astronomers.

We have managed to obtain a number of accurate and complete lightcurves as well as some additional incomplete lightcurves to help analysis at future oppositions. Antimatter applied for Earth protection from asteroid collision.

An Earth protection system against asteroids and meteorites in colliding orbit is proposed. The system consists of detection and deorbiting systems. Analyses are given for the resolution of microwave optics, the detectability of radar, the orbital plan of intercepting operation, and the antimatter mass require for totally or partially blasting the asteroid. Antimatter of 1 kg is required for deorbiting an asteroid m in diameter.

An experimental simulation of antimatter cooling and storage is planned. The facility under construction is discussed. The Earth-approaching asteroid population is composed of asteroids in orbits with short lifetimes compared with the age of the solar system. These objects which are comprised of Aten, Apollo, and Amor asteroids must be replenished from either cometary or mainbelt asteroid sources since lifetimes against collision with or ejection by a planet are on the order of 10 to million years.

The physical study of Earth-approaching asteroids is constrained by the generally long period between favorable apparitions and poorly known orbits. These observations were used to determine the absolute visual magnitudes and to derive the visual geometric albedos and diameters on the IRAS system. The spectral reflectance properties and geometric albedos of the M-class asteroids are consistent compositions analogous to the iron nickel meteorites or the enstatite-metal assemblages of the enstatite chondrites.

The issue of the source s of the near- Earth asteroids population was examined by comparing the classifications on the scheme employed by Gradie and Tedesco of 38 such asteroids. Most of the near- Earth objects is indeed the asteroid belt as the observations suggest, then a method for removing extinct nuclei of short period comets must be found since the rate of production of short period comets from the long period comets is relatively large. Direct and indirect capture of near- Earth asteroids in the Earth -Moon system.

Near- Earth asteroids have attracted attention for both scientific and commercial mission applications. Due to the fact that the Earth -Moon L1 and L2 points are candidates for gateway stations for lunar exploration, and an ideal location for space science, capturing asteroids and inserting them into periodic orbits around these points is of significant interest for the future.

In this paper, we define a new type of lunar asteroid capture, termed direct capture. In this capture strategy, the candidate asteroid leaves its heliocentric orbit after an initial impulse, with its dynamics modeled using the Sun- Earth -Moon restricted four-body problem until its insertion, with a second impulse, onto the L2 stable manifold in the Earth -Moon circular restricted three-body problem.

A Lambert arc in the Sun- asteroid two-body problem is used as an initial guess and a differential corrector used to generate the transfer trajectory from the asteroid 's initial obit to the stable manifold associated with Earth -Moon L2 point. Results show that the direct asteroid capture strategy needs a shorter flight time compared to an indirect asteroid capture, which couples capture in the Sun- Earth circular restricted three-body problem and subsequent transfer to the Earth -Moon circular restricted three-body problem.

Finally, the direct and indirect asteroid capture strategies are also applied to consider capture of asteroids at the triangular libration points in the Earth -Moon system. A superfast rotation period has been determined for XE54 and H-G magnitude system coefficients have been estimated for VA.

While under observation, XE54 underwent a deep penumbral eclipse by the Earth 's shadow and VA also experienced a total eclipse by the Earth 's shadow. The dimming due to the eclipses is modeled taking into account solar limb darkening. Our broadband spectrophotometry is reliable enough to distinguish among four asteroid taxonomies and we were able to confidently categorize 31 of the 39 observed targets as either an S-, C-, X-, or D-type asteroid by means of a Machine Learning algorithm approach.

Near- Earth asteroids NEAs are the most easily accessible bodies in the solar system, and detections of NEAs are expected to grow exponentially in the near future, offering increasing target opportunities. Radar observations of near- Earth asteroids from Arecibo Observatory.

Rivera-Valentin, Edgard G. The Arecibo S-Band 2. Gordon Telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico is the most active and most sensitive planetary radar facility in the world. We will present a sampling of the asteroid zoo observed by the Arecibo radar since the DPS meeting. Dangerous Near- Earth Asteroids and Meteorites. To have an understanding on the probablity of encounters with such objects, one may use two different approaches : 1 historical, based on the statistics of existing large meteorite craters on the Earth , estimation of the source meteorites size and the age of these craters to derive the frequency of encounters with a given size of meteorites and 2 astronomical, based on the study and cataloging of all medium-size and large bodies in the Earth 's neighbourhood and their orbits to estimate the probability, angles and other parameters of encounters.

Therefore, we discuss both aspects and give our present knowledge on both phenomena. Though dangerous NEOs are one of the main source for cosmic catastrophes, we also focus on other possible dangers, such as even slight changes of Solar irradiance or Earth 's orbit, change of Moon's impact on Earth , Solar flares or other manifestations of Solar activity, transit of comets with impact on Earth 's atmosphere , global climate change, dilution of Earth 's atmosphere, damage of ozone layer, explosion of nearby Supernovae, and even an attack by extraterrestrial intelligence.

The hazard of near- Earth asteroid impacts on earth. Even during the Phanerozoic, the numbers of NEAs guarantee that there were other impacts, possibly larger than the Chicxulub event, which was responsible for the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinctions. NEAs are mostly collisional fragments from the inner half of the asteroid belt and range in composition from porous, carbonaceous-chondrite-like to metallic. Nearly one-fifth of them have satellites or are double bodies. Differences in perception concerning this rather newly recognized hazard dominate evaluation of its significance.

The most likely type of impact events we face are hyped or misinterpreted predicted impacts or near-misses involving small NEAs. Margot, J. The radar instruments at Arecibo and Goldstone recently provided the first confirmed discoveries of binary asteroids in the near- Earth population. The physical and orbital properties of four near- Earth binary systems are described in detail. Additional information is contained in the original extended abstract. In situ resource utilization ISRU in general, and asteroid mining in particular are ideas that have been around for a long time, and for good reason.

It is clear that ultimately human exploration beyond low- Earth orbit will have to utilize the material resources available in space. Historically, the lack of sufficiently capable in-space transportation has been one of the key impediments to the harvesting of near- Earth asteroid resources. With the advent of high-power or order 40 kW solar electric propulsion systems, that impediment is being removed. High-power solar electric propulsion SEP would be enabling for the exploitation of asteroid resources.

The design of a kW end-of-life SEP system is presented that could rendezvous with, capture, and subsequently transport a 1,metric-ton near- Earth asteroid back to cislunar space. Returning such an object to cislunar space would enable astronaut crews to inspect, sample, dissect, and ultimately determine how to extract the desired materials from the asteroid. This process could jump-start the entire ISRU industry.

Ground-based observation of near- Earth asteroids. An increased ground-based observation program is an essential component of any serious attempt to assess the resource potential of near- Earth asteroids. A vigorous search and characterization program could lead to the discovery and description of about to near- Earth asteroids in the next 20 years.

This program, in conjunction with meteorite studies, would provide the data base to ensure that the results of a small number of asteroid -rendezvous and sample-return missions could be extrapolated with confidence into a geological base map of the Aten, Apollo, and Amor asteroids. The instruments that are being used or could be used to search for near- Earth asteroids are listed. Techniques useful in characterizing asteroids and the types of information obtainable using these techniques are listed.

Potential human operations at an asteroid include exploring a number of sites and analyzing and collecting multiple surface samples at each site. In this paper two approaches to formulation and scheduling of human exploration activities are compared given uncertain information regarding the asteroid prior to visit.

In the first approach a probability model was applied to determine best estimates of mission duration and exploration activities consistent with exploration goals and existing prior data about the expected aggregate terrain information. These estimates were compared to a second approach or baseline plan where activities were constrained to fit within an assumed mission duration. The results compare the number of sites visited, number of samples analyzed per site, and the probability of achieving mission goals related to surface characterization for both cases.

Collisions from near- Earth asteroids NEAs have the potential to cause widespread harm to life on Earth. The hypervelocity nature of these collisions means that a relatively small asteroid about a quartermile in diameter could cause a global disaster. Proposed strategies for deflecting or disrupting such a threatening asteroid include detonation of a nuclear explosive device NED in close proximity to the asteroid , as well as intercepting the asteroid with a hypervelocity kinetic impactor.

NEDs allow for the delivery of large amounts of energy to a NEA for a given mass launched from the Earth , but have not yet been developed or tested for use in deep space. They also present safety and political complications, and therefore may only be used when absolutely necessary.

Kinetic impactors require a relatively simple spacecraft compared to NEDs, but also deliver a much lower energy for a given launch mass. To date, no demonstration mission has been conducted for either case, and such a demonstration mission must be conducted prior to the need to utilize them during an actual scenario to ensure that an established, proven system is available for planetary defense when the need arises.

One method that has been proposed to deliver a kinetic impactor with impact energy approaching that of an NED is the "billiard-ball" approach. This approach would involve capturing an asteroid approximately ten meters in diameter with a relatively small spacecraft compared to the launch mass of an equivalent direct kinetic impactor , and redirecting it into the path of an Earth -threatening asteroid.

This would cause an impact which would disrupt the Earth -threatening asteroid or deflect it from its Earth -crossing trajectory. In order to accomplish this objective, the mission must 1 rendezvous with a. The Asteroid Redirect Mission ARM concept brings together the capabilities of the science, technology, and the human exploration communities on a grand challenge combining robotic and human space exploration beyond low Earth orbit.

This paper addresses the key aspects of this concept and the options studied to assess its technical feasibility. Included are evaluations of the expected number of potential targets, their expected discovery rate, the necessity to adequately characterize candidate mission targets, the process to capture a non-cooperative asteroid in deep space, and the power and propulsion technology required for transportation back to the Earth -Moon system.

Viable options for spacecraft and mission designs are developed. Orbits for storing the retrieved asteroid that are stable for more than a hundred years, yet allow for human exploration and commercial utilization of a redirected asteroid , are identified. The study concludes that the key aspects of finding, capturing and redirecting an entire small, near- Earth asteroid to the Earth -Moon system by the first half of the next decade are technically feasible.

Deflection and fragmentation of near- earth asteroids. The collision with earth of near- earth asteroids or comet nuclei poses a potential threat to mankind. Objects about m in diameter could be diverted from an earth -crossing trajectory by the impact of a rocket-launched mass, but for larger bodies nuclear explosions seem to be the only practical means of deflection. Fragmentation of the body by nuclear charges is less efficient or secure.

Physical characteristics of NEAs are an essential input to modeling behavior during atmospheric entry and to assess the risk of impact but determining these properties requires a non-trivial investment of time and resources. The characteristics relevant to these models include size, density, strength and ablation coefficient.

Furthermore, for the majority of NEAs, only the basic measurements exist so often properties must be inferred from statistics of the population of more completely characterized objects. We will also provide an assessment of the current state of knowledge of the NEA characteristics of importance for asteroid threat assessment. The relative importance of different properties as identified using PAIR will be combined with our assessment of the current state of knowledge to identify potential high impact investigations.

In addition, we will discuss an ongoing effort to collate the existing measurements of NEA properties of interest to the planetary defense community into a readily accessible database. The discovery and incorporation of observations from IAUC immediately eliminated the possibility of an impact by XF11 for several millennia.

An object in a short-period orbit destined to strike the earth is likely to make other close approaches beforehand. Asteroid team. The Asteroid Team carries out original research on asteroids in order to discover, better characterize and define asteroid properties. This information is needed for the planning and design of NASA asteroid flyby and rendezvous missions. Work on asteroid classification continued and the discovery of two Earth-approaching M asteroids was published.

In the asteroid photometry program researchers obtained N or Q photometry for more than 50 asteroids , including the two M- earth -crossers. Compositional analysis of infrared spectra 0. Over the next year the work on asteroid classification and composition will continue with the analysis of the 60 reduced infrared spectra which we now have at hand.

The radiometry program will continue with the reduction of the N and Q bandpass data for the 57 asteroids in order to obtain albedos and diameters. As in previous year, we plan to give top priority to any opportunities for observing near- Earth asteroids and the support through radiometric lightcurve observations from the IRTF of any stellar occultations by asteroids for which occultation observation expeditions are fielded.

Gordon Telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico is the most active, most powerful, and most sensitive planetary radar facility in the world. As such, Arecibo is vital for post-discovery characterization and orbital refinement of near- Earth asteroids.

Arecibo observations are critical for identifying NEAs that may be on a collision course with Earth in addition to providing detailed physical characterization of the objects themselves in terms of size, shape, spin, and surface properties, which are valuable for assessing impact mitigation strategies. Here, we will present a sampling of the asteroid zoo observed by Arecibo, including press-noted asteroids JO25 and the Atira binary system.

A reduced estimate of the number of kilometre-sized near- Earth asteroids. Near- Earth asteroids are small diameters approach that of the Earth they come within 1. Most have a chance of approximately 0. These numbers are, however, poorly constrained because of the limitations of previous searches using photographic plates. One kilometre is below the size of a body whose impact on the Earth would produce global effects.

Here we report an analysis of our survey for near- Earth asteroids that uses improved detection technologies. Following the Chelyabinsk event, the risks posed by asteroids attracted renewed interest, from both the scientific and policy-making communities. It reminded the world that impacts from near- Earth objects NEOs , while rare, have the potential to cause great damage to cities and populations. Point estimates of the risk such as mean numbers of casualties have been proposed, but because of the low-probability, high-consequence nature of asteroid impacts, these averages provide limited actionable information.

While more work is needed to further refine its input distributions e. This model is based on a modularized simulation that uses probabilistic inputs to estimate probabilistic risk metrics, including those of rare asteroid impacts. Illustrative results of this analysis are presented for a period of years. As part of this demonstration, we assess the effectiveness of civil defense measures in mitigating the risk of human casualties. We find that they are likely to be beneficial but not a panacea.

We also compute the probability-but not the consequences-of an impact with global effects "cataclysm". We conclude that there is a continued need for NEO observation, and for analyses of the feasibility and risk-reduction effectiveness of space missions designed to deflect or destroy asteroids that threaten the Earth.

Predictions of asteroid hazard to the Earth for the 21st century. Early detection and investigation of possible collisions and close approaches of asteroids with the Earth are necessary to exept the asteroid -comet hazard.

The difficulty of prediction of close approaches and collisions associated with resonant returns after encounters with the Earth due to loss of precision in these encounters. The main research object is asteroid Apophis , for which we found many possible orbits of impacts associated with resonant returns. It is shown that the early orbit change of Apophis allows to avoid main impacts, associated with resonant returns.

Such a change of the orbit, in principle, is feasible. We also study the possible impacts with the Ground asteroid RN We present 21 possible collisions in this century, including 7 collisions with large gaps presented in NASA website. The results of observations by the telescope ZAM at Pulkovo Obser-vatory of the three near- Earth asteroids , namely, , , , two of which and are potentially hazardous, are presented.

We obtained photometric results for the near- Earth asteroids WP and LX48 during their close approaches in December and October, respectively. Collision lifetimes and impact statistics of near- Earth asteroids. We have examined the lifetimes of Near- Earth asteroids NEA's by directly computing the collision probabilities with other asteroids and with the terrestrial planets.

We compare these to the dynamical lifetimes, and to collisional lifetimes assumed by other workers. We discuss the implications of the differences. It's essential to note that DDMarkets do not tolerate floating in an open drawdown in an effort to earnings at any cost - a common method used by less professional providers to 'fudge' performance statistics.

Verified Statistics: Not independently verified. Trading performance file for JKonFX. Considered a low-frequency trader, alerts are only a small phase of the overall JKonFX subscription. If you're searching for hundreds of signals, you may want to consider other options. Year Founded: Suitable for Beginners: Yes, includes convenient to follow videos updates.

VISIT The importance of signals to invest in Forex Once we have known what Forex signals are, we must comment on the importance of these alerts in relation to our operations. As we have already told you in the previous paragraph, having a system of signals to be able to invest is quite advantageous, since, through these alerts, we will obtain quality information so that our operations end up being a true success. As many as others can benefit from using a trading signal system because the more information and resources we have in our hands.

The greater probability of success we will have. Let's see how beginners and experts can take advantage of alerts: Beginners : for inexperienced these alerts become even more important since they will thus have an additional tool that will guide them to carry out all operations in the Forex market.

Professionals : In the same way, professionals are also recommended to make use of these alerts, so they have adequate information to continue bringing their investments to fruition. Now that we know that both beginners and experts can use forex signals to invest, let's see what other advantages they have. That is why Forex signals are important, because, in order to carry out our investments, all we will have to do is wait for those signals to arrive, be attentive to all the alerts we receive, and thus, operate at the right time according to the opportunities that have arisen.

It is fantastic to have a tool like this one that makes our work easier in this regard. But in addition, these Forex signals have an added value and that is that they are very easy to understand, therefore, we will have a very useful tool at hand that will not be complicated and will end up being a very beneficial weapon for us. We cannot forget that, to carry out any type of operation in this market, previously, we must meditate well and know the exact moment when we will know that our investments are going to bring us profits.

Therefore, all the information provided by these alerts will be a fantastic basis for future operations that we are going to carry out. Financial experts who know perfectly how to analyze the movements that occur in the market and changes in prices. Hence the importance of alerts, since they are very reliable and are presented as a necessary tool to operate in Forex and that our operations are as profitable as possible. What should a signal provider be like?

For this reason, at present, there are multiple platforms that offer us these financial services so that investing in currencies is very simple and fast. Before telling you about the main services that we currently have available in the market, it is recommended that you know what are the main characteristics that a good signal provider should have, so that, at the time of your choice, you are clear that you have selected one of the best systems. Of course, the data you provide us will be related to the pairs that make up all these currencies.

Although we can also find systems that offer us information about other minorities, but as we have said, at a minimum, we must know these 6. We refer, for example, to technical analysis above all, which will help us to develop our own strategies to be able to operate in this market. These analyzes are always prepared by professionals and study, mainly, the assets that we have available to invest. In addition, it is recommended that the signal system we choose sends us a large number of alerts throughout the day, in order to have a wide range of possibilities.

Similarly, a final aspect that we must emphasize is that a good signal system must also have excellent customer service , which is available to us 24 hours a day and that we can contact them at through an email, a phone number, or a live chat, for greater immediacy.

Well, having said all this, in our last section we are going to tell you which are the best services currently on the market. That is, the most suitable Forex signal platforms to be able to work with them and carry out good operations. Forex Signals Reddit: conclusion To be able to invest properly in the Forex market, it is convenient that we get a signal system that provides us with all the necessary information about this market.

It must be remembered that Forex is a very volatile market and therefore, many movements tend to occur quickly. Asset prices can change in a matter of seconds, hence the importance of having a system that helps us analyze the market and thus know, what is the right time for us to start operating. Therefore, although there are currently many signal systems that can offer us good services, the three that we have mentioned above are the ones that are best valued by users, which is why they are the best signal providers that we can choose to carry out.

Most of these alerts are quite profitable and in addition, these systems usually emit a large number of signals per day with full guarantees. For all this, SignalsForexPro, Signals, or SignalsBinary are presented as fundamental tools so that we can obtain a greater number of benefits when we carry out our operations in the currency market. Updated vfxalert application. How to use it? How to set filters? How do I add a broker? The success of your binary options trades depends on choosing the right online broker.

Therefore, if you do not have significant funds, you can work with a broker that will allow you to create a small trading account. The best offer live stocks, commodities, indices and currency data. Well, to be honest, I have a problem. The system I have made for giving me signals is superb, but I just cannot control myself and end up over trading.

I over trade and end up blowing my account every single time. This system would be superb for someone who can control their emotions and not over trade. So today I have had enough, and I have decided to offer free trading signals. The idea is to offer free trading signals to build a large following and then I will move on to a limited number of signals for free and all the signals for paid users.

I am attaching the link to my twitter profile where I have posted 5 trades along with the entry and proof that they hit targets. Please note that the expiry of 4 minutes works out best for binary options on my trading signals. Let me know what you guys think.

Fortunately, a new solution is now available to UK traders via a new United Kingdom Financial regulatory ruling. More scrutiny from UK banks about financial transactions, even to binary optionsIn short, banks will have to take more responsibility about the financial transactions they facilitate. This new ruling should lead to the creation of a new code of conduct that will help defrauded people to have their funds recovered by their bank, unless it is proven they acted recklessly.

The broad protection should kick for many online scheme and scams, whether it is fake investment companies, fraudulent binary options brokers or those scammers who promise to help you recover your stolen funds…only to steal from you once again.

On the other hands, it means the banks will be more likely to forbid transactions to legit businesses, such as reputable cryptocurrency exchanges or honest smart options platforms. The regulating bodies and financial institutions are taking a number of measures to prevent financial fraud.

Binary options trading, in particular, is being controlled with a greater degree of robustness to protect the unwary general public being drawn into a situation where they suffer financial losses. Many hundreds of people around the world are targeted each day.

The individual only realizes the extent of the fraud when eventually when the fraudsters finally decide that there is no more money to be had and shut down the account and promptly vanish without trace. Spotting Fraudulent Binary Options Broker Some lawyers in the financial fraud division are very familiar with the pattern of behaviour demonstrated by the fraudulent brokers and the distress caused by their dealings with inexperienced investors. There is a track of record of recovery in relation to financial fraud and has a number of strategies and tactics to compel the fraudulent broker or associated financial service providers to restore funds to those who have been deceived.

Needless to say, the fraudsters are accomplished at hiding their tracks and frequently there are myriad inter-connected limited liability companies, often some are registered in different countries, with some dormant and some active.

It is hardly surprising if the complexity of the situation results in a failure to discover a single person who can be challenged and held accountable. However, there are various channels financial fraud lawyers use when attempting to retrieve money for clients and each avenue is investigated.

Whilst an individual may be alarmed and confused at the prospect of navigating through the complex structures that have been deliberately set up to confuse, Financial fraud lawyers are usually quite familiar with strategies fraudsters use, and frequently can steer a course to the recovery of some or all of the lost money.

It is fully understandable that such a situation will leave the victim decidedly risk-averse. There have been experiences with class actions against the fraudulent brokers and has developed links with litigation funding organizations in order to offset the risk in respect of class actions. The lessons that can be drawn from the experiences of those individuals who have had the misfortune of losing their investments to fraudsters are to be extremely cautious. Always consider every offer or investment for at least 48 hours before making a decision, a genuine broker will understand the caution that a new investor will view a proposition.

All investments carry a risk and anything that promises a return on your initial investment seems to be significantly higher than normal it is almost certainly not to be trusted. Do not allow yourself to be hurried into a decision, it is highly unlikely that an authentic broker would try to rush you into an investment, especially if you demonstrated reluctance; their reputation would suffer by such behaviour. You can now recover all money lost to bitcoin, binary options, cryptocurrency, investment, scam by hiring any one of these Verified Wealth Recovery Experts.

To trade, so that we obtain benefits, we will have to speculate with the movements in the price of the assets. This is the first step to making money from trading. The word trading is usually associated with short-term investments, that is, short operations that seek benefits limited to a small time frame. In other words, trading and investing are the same, only the time frame changes. So if you hear terms like "stock trading" or "stock trading" it is the same thing, only they usually refer to different time frames.

The person who invests or trades is called a trader. A trader then is someone who invests in the financial markets. Generally, the term trader is usually added to the asset that operates. For example, stock trader, futures trader, forex trader, in short, the asset that operates. As you can see I am adding several concepts so that we all start from the same base.

So, trading is basically buying and selling assets, trying to buy at the lowest possible price and sell as high as possible. As simple as that. It is amazing to see how advanced traders forget the basics before trading.

By advanced trader I mean someone who already knows how to trade but that doesn't necessarily make him a winning trader. In most cases they apply complicated strategies and forget something as simple as the bases. How much can a trader earn? You put the roof on it, there is no limit. I recommend you measure your progress in percentages and not in nominals. It is best to verify your progress. Is it necessary to be in a Trading Academy? Like everything, there are some who like to be social and others who prefer to work in a self-taught way.

In trading, it is the same. If you need the constant support of people to not be demotivated, then a Trading Academy is a good option. Now, if you are an already motivated person who only needs to clear up doubts, then the best thing is a mentor, consulting professional, or a trading teacher who clears your doubts. The foundations for making money trading have to be solid if we want to make profits consistently. So today I want to emphasize that, the foundations of being a successful trader.

Let us begin! A support is nothing more than an area where the asset finds the confidence of investors, it is the level where they estimate that it is a good purchase price for them, and that is why they buy the asset in question, in such a way that the asset finds help in that level. Most trading systems, at least the ones I know of which are a few, are based on this principle but what happens, they camouflage it with flourishes. Instead of saying, to the purchase in supports, they add colored mirrors so that it does not look so simple.

I'm not saying that details are not good, but exaggeration of details can lead to confusion and later paralysis. Systems must necessarily be simple. Buying in stands not only improves your overall entry, but it drastically lowers your risks. The further we move away from a support, the more the risk increases. Many times we end up buying halfway because the price "escaped" us and we think that we will not have another equal opportunity. The reality is that the market always provides opportunities for those who know how to wait.

There is a saying that the beginning trader has fun in the market, the professional trader gets bored. This does not mean that the professional trader does things reluctantly, or that he does not like to invest. It means that the professional trader waits crouched, calm, for that opportunity that he is looking for appears, that entry into support that reduces his risk. While the novice trader enters and exits the market euphoric. A professional trader can be in front of the screen all day and not make a single trade.

The novice trader, on the other hand, if he spends more than 5 minutes without trading, he already feels bad, anxious and thinks that he is losing opportunities. Without further ado, enter supports. Who in the beginning has not moved the stop loss because the operation moved against him?

It's a very common mistake. We enter the market, we put the stop, the operation turns against us and instead of executing the stop, we RUN IT! We are camicaces. The typical phrase "I'm waiting to recover" has burned entire wallets. The great advantage of small portfolios, that is, investors with little capital, is flexibility and speed of reaction.

By running the stop loss you are losing the only advantage you have with respect to professionals and large investors. Because they sure have more capital and have wider margins. Please don't take losses, don't run the stop loss. If you miss the stop, distance yourself from the market and analyze why that happened to you for the next better place your stop. Until you sell, the profits are not yours.

Until you sell, you have no money. Until you sell, you cannot say that the operation was successful. Many traders are very good at finding entries. They perfectly see the supports and manage to enter at the best prices. But what happens to them, they don't sell. It hits a key resistance, where price clearly can't break through and what they do, they hold out in case it breaks.

The worst, the price does not break or make an upthrust which would be a kind of professional feint , it returns to support, it bounces, it goes back to resistance and what we do And there is a worse case. It reaches resistance and we want to apply the phrase "let the profits run", so what do we do, we adjust the stop loss near the resistance in case the price breaks and continues. The price tests the resistance, falls, touches our stop and we run it in case the price returns to the path.

An old master used to say, when the price reaches resistance, I collect my winnings and go on vacation. It seems silly but it is a way of telling our brain, if you do things well you have a prize. The trend is your friend. And as we all know, almost no one pays attention to their friends.

We ask them for advice and if they don't say what we want to hear, we won't. If the price goes up, where do you have to invest? Please, the trend is your friend, if it tells you that the price is going up, it is because it is going up. I invested in favor of the trend. You do not want to beat the market because I assure you that it breaks your arm in a blink of an eye. What we are looking for are windows of statistical opportunities. In other words, we try to turn the odds in our favor.

That is why it is always important to ask yourself the question, what is more likely, that the price will go up or down? This is because many times we operate and do not realize that the odds are against us. This is good for teaching purposes, and it is useful for transmitting teachings.

But if you want to become a professional trader you need consistency. And consistency does not speak of an isolated operation, it speaks of sustained profits over time. And when I say time I speak of years. Not a month, not a week, not a semester. To give you an idea, ultra-professional traders fight to see who is more consistent. In other words, the first question they ask themselves is how many years have you been winning? A trader who every year earns a tight, modest percentage, reasonable to say the least, but consistently, is a much better professional than one who doubles the capital one year and the other is Consistency is highly treasured as it allows for simulations, strategizing, and even projections.

Something so important, so simple to make, so useful and very few use it. A trading plan allows you to analyze your operations, see what you are doing, and then improve. When we don't have a trading plan, what we did last week goes completely unnoticed because we can't internalize the teaching.

And when I speak of teachings, they can be gains or losses. A loss allows us to adjust the plan but a success also. In fact, when we have several successful operations, there is nothing better than taking their teachings and replicating them.

The trading plan is the only tool that allows us to do this, learn, improve and be the most objective possible, leaving aside emotions. It represents the world's largest decentralized currency market. So we will answer how to make money from forex trading. With only having a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and an excellent internet connection service, you will be able to operate from anywhere in the world in the Forex market.

It has the great strength of being flexible and adaptable to all types of investors. Select a prominent broker or intermediary agent, one that is recognized and very professional. Conduct negotiation trials with him, so that you get to know each other and do not put your capital at risk. Develop together the work style that most identifies you and decide to earn money by trading, enriching yourself with all the possible knowledge and strategies. Acquire strengths in detecting the ideal moment to carry out operations.

You will achieve this by studying and understanding the graphs and trends of transactions, detecting that unique pattern that tells you when is the right time to proceed. Do not hesitate, it is possible to earn a lot of money with trading! But, make sure, above all things, train yourself with a duly accredited professional, in guarantee of acquiring quality theoretical knowledge, imperative to understand the movement of the market.

If not, trading can become a fast track to lose your money, if you lack the necessary knowledge, experience and training. In one working window, we show the most necessary data in order to correctly assess the situation on the market. The vfxAlert signals include direct binary signals, online charts, trend indicator, market news. You can use binary options signals online, in a browser window, without downloading the vfxAlert application.

Oh No! Another Cryptocurrency Scam Since Bitcoin was created back in , there have been numerous shady individuals and companies for that matter that have used the hype to their advantage to facilitate cryptocurrency scams. These shrewd schemes conned thousands upon thousands of people who knew virtually nothing about cryptocurrency but wanted to invest in this alluring venture. The company claimed to be an exclusive platform providing unparalleled earnings through valid binary trading services, but that was unfortunately not the case.

We have also secured extra returns to pay out as referral commissions should you decide to share this opportunity with others! There are very few legitimate opportunities to get the kind of returns on investment BTC Global is offering so we encourage you to get involved as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Team shares or commissions on the people that the investor recruited or referred think of a pyramid scheme. BTC Global — a textbook Ponzi scheme. The definition of a Ponzi scheme is as follows: A deceitful investing scam guaranteeing high rates of return with little to no risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme produces returns for earlier investors by procuring new investors. BTC Global certainly fits the bill Investment values generally go up and down over a duration of time, especially the ones that offer potentially high yields.

If an investment consistently generates the same returns despite the market conditions or guarantees these high returns that is cause for pause. Additionally, Ponzi schemes usually involve investments that have not been registered with the SEC, FSB or any other regulatory agency. How to protect yourself from a cryptocurrency scam Although we have just talked about the BTC Global scam, this is not the only one.

The very best way to ensure your funds are safe is to know how to identify and avoid ponzi schemes like BTC Global. Stay far away from ICOs, unidentified companies and companies that do not provide suitable information. Visit www. Sup nerds.

So my birthday gift to all of you is the gift of knowing how to lose money like I do. The stock moves in your favor but you lose money anyway. Skip ahead to number 2 if you already know what IV crush is. What is IV crush in relation to earnings? This is another way of saying IV is going down, i. IV crush. You want to pay as close to intrinsic value as possible. OTM does offer extra protection from the stock moving against you.

Keep in mind as you move OTM you are moving toward smaller wins and bigger losses, but also a higher win ratio. Pennies in front of the steamroller. Or make it a narrower spread to make it closer to a binary event. If you have a high degree of confidence in which way the stock is going, that's pretty good leverage. The greeks from the long and short options cancel each other out.

Your position is mathematically the same as being short shares. The beauty, though, is that it uses about half as much buying power as buying or selling shares on margin. Feel free to ask any questions or add any thoughts. For the most part, that assumption is correct. All you have to do is a quick google search and you will find numerous articles detailing reprehensible acts committed by unregulated forex and binary options brokers.

However, there have been numerous instances of regulated forex brokers skirting the rules. Not all regulated brokers are trustworthy Unfortunately, there are numerous regulated forex brokers that have defrauded unsuspecting clientele as well. Effex Capital would take very aggressive forex trades against the investors in order that they would lose and in return, FXCM would be the beneficiary of some very high kickbacks, which they received under the table from FXCM.

FXCM barred from the U. Surprisingly, the FCA did not remove their regulation. Broker Complaint Registry has received numerous complaints from those who have been victimized by their reprehensible practices. Complaints have ranged from not allowing clients to withdraw their earnings to never receiving a call back after they had deposited.

Remember not all regulatory bodies are created equal. For example, if the broker that you are interested in has only a CySEC Cyprus regulation it would be wise to steer clear. Although they have gotten tougher on rulebreakers, CySEC is still lax in numerous areas. Additionally, do your research. This means reading reviews, looking at various forums, and so on. It is not enough that the broker you are interested in has a regulation.

You must vet them. Additionally, they mentioned that it specifically operated and targeted UK citizens without a license. Plusoption runs through www. The FCA cautions that this is a prototypical move for a fraudulent company to gain the confidence of unsuspecting consumers. The FCA has been very active in cracking down on binary options and in addition to issuing regular warnings, it published in January a list of 94 firms that offer trading to UK investors without approval.

In step with practices across most of the European Union, the FCA has incorporated certain kinds of binary options within its regulatory perimeter together with the implementation of the MiFID II, which came into play back on January 3, Further action implemented It is important to note the FCA is not the only government agency to move against binary options.

In what the UK police categorized as the largest operation of its kind, officers pounced on the headquarters of 20 binary options brokers in order to examine their compliance forms and gather intelligence on various forms of investment fraud. This is a valid question. Having the best broker on your side drastically reduces the amount of risk that you will have, and it ensures that your money is doing what you intend it to do. If you are interested in US binary options, you will definitely like these other forms of trading.

If you are not from the US, please check the international binary options brokers list instead. Only the best are viable Well US binary options brokers are regulated and over the years binary regulations are becoming more and more stringent. It is the OCC that has made a point of making these regulations harder and also making sure that binary option sold by brokers have the right securities. Regulated Binary Brokers. Regulation and licensing is a key factor when judging the best broker.

A regulated broker is the safest option. Finding the best US binary options brokers is not the relatively easy task that it once was. Traders living in the US have much more limited options these days. When we began trading binary options back in early there were less than a dozen binary options brokers.

And all of them aggressively competed in the […] Top 15 Binary Options Brokers 1. IQ Option. IQ Option was established in and had since then received favorable reviews on the internet. It uses in-house software for trading. IQOption Europe Ltd. Binary options, undoubtedly is one of the major main-stream lucrative trading options that have emerged out victoriously in the market for the Best Binary Option Brokers uploaded a video


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