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The main takeaway from the article: Brady plans every detail of his life so he can play football as long as possible, and he'll do anything he can to get an edge. He diets all year round, takes scheduled naps in the offseason, never misses a workout, eats what his teammates call "birdseed," and does cognitive exercises to keep his brain sharp. Brady struggles to unwind after games and practices. He's still processing, thinking about what's next.

Binary options winning strategies for craps betting rules on baseball

Binary options winning strategies for craps

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Page was loaded in 0,02 seconds. Nameservers are m, m, m, m. In Craps Free Craps you may take odds on the pass line bet for any point including 2, 3, 11, and Symptoms greatly improved option signal binary Mississauga Top. Best 1 minute binary option strategy. Language of this page is English. Pdf hedging strategy for winning craps is what distinguishes.

It's a pretty great cheese, tbh. All of these are great, but how is American cheese tied for 7th? Have you guys even tried other cheeses? Ugh, fucking casual cheese eaters. If we ordered a pizza, it would have lots of meat. Pepperoni, bacon, sausage, extra cheese, ham, and chicken are all enjoyed on pizza by a majority of users. I'd like to address some of the write ins: More cheese - I added extra cheese after I saw this Don't like pizza - I'm judging the shit out of you, brah.

Probably should've just skipped the question, it was optional. Nothing extra - Hmm, I'm not sure if you should've just left everything unchecked or Like on a pizza with tomato sauce? Feta works great, but idk about those first three. If it was some pizza-like flatbread they sound fine, but I'm never ordering a pizza with you. Canadian bacon - Ham was an option half-joke, I know it's back bacon Try mac and cheese and thank me later - Cici's Pizza's guerilla marketing campaign has gone too far.

I ate there once at a middle school birthday party, and that was enough of that place for the rest of my life. Their cinnamon buns were actually pretty good tho The most popular way to eat steak is medium rare. Excellent taste, guys. The next most popular options are rare and medium, also. It just works. And 9. The Joker is the most popular Batman nemesis.

By a long shot. Does this surprise anybody, though? We've had good Joker in the movies, and some of the comics focusing on him are the cream of the crop. I predicted this would happen, so I made a follow-up question: Scarecrow is the most popular nemesis when you can't pick the Joker.

Two users did not vote in the second after voting in the first, and some seem to have changed to their second-favorite nemesis rather than keeping their original non-Joker answer. The Wolf of Wall Street is the most popular Scorsese film. It's definitely a really fun movie, but I'm not sure if I would call it his best , y'know? Goodfellas is the next favorite, which is definitely an excellent choice. Pulp Fiction is the most popular Tarantino film.

Pulp Fiction is an iconic film, definitely happy to see how many people enjoyed it. I'll admit I'm a little sad to see no votes for Jackie Brown. Tarantino's original works often overshadow it, and I think it's just a little unfair as it's a good movie on its own. Here is an album of the first fictional crushes you guys had. Except like 3 people said my mother. She's not fictional, guys. Yeezus is the most popular Yeezy album. It's certainly grown on me as I've come to see it as a much more harsh version of Kanye's style.

A little sad to see so few votes for s, it's arguably the most beautiful of Kanye's albums, and it's certainly helped pave the way for some of the newer, more emotional sounds. Cruel Summer and WtT received no votes, which isn't too unfair to me. PogChamp and Kappa are the top Twitch emotes. If I could make a version of this with the emote images at the bottom instead of text, I would, but I don't really wanna. Surprised VoHiYo is so low, where my weebs at? There were too many complaints for me to bother taking them all out to make a chart.

Ariel secures the second place spot, followed by Belle and Jasmine tied for third. The years start coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming adnt hey I thought I was a genius for the McConaughey question, but it turns out all three options just merge into one on the results page.

But, hey, that's alright, alright? Here's what's in our DNA. But, well, apparently most of us are loyal, while very few of us got hustle. Thanks for participating. I don't think this question will be returning. Here is the answer key if you wanted to see the reference.

Metallica is a controversial band. Look, okay, let me defend myself, I hadn't listened to them since high school when I wrote this. I wrote this because Funhaus was playing Guitar Hero Metallica when I was writing the survey, it just came into my head. I figured album ranking would be silly, since half of them are unpopular even among fans, and I knew I had to give the haters their own option. JK, that last question was a trap.

Final notes Again, we'll leave the survey open until the 23rd if you want to participate and leave some anonymous feedback. Feel free to comment here if you have any more questions, comments, or concerns about the survey, subreddit, or Discord server.

We I hope to do another survey similar to this one in the future, but likely make a dedicated one for subreddit feedback and make separate surveys for the fun stuff. This probably won't happen until next year, though.

Except the Katawa Shoujo question, that was hacked and we'll be redoing it soon. Maybe you will like it. If you do, swing by the link above. The Sol Dyson sphere was only about 1 percent complete, but that apparently meant it already it had 6 million times the surface area of Terra. They had used a tiny fraction of the space they got as a principal builder of the Sphere to make several scale models of Mars.

The office itself was a giant crystal palace located at the top of Olympus Mons. It took up the entire 45 mile wide plateau of the massive mountain, and each individual in it had offices so big they left you feeling you were outside. Of course, it was less an interview and more a formality. What would you like to know about what we do here?

When completed, the sphere would out mass the original solar system several times. I nodded. I made a bunch of carbon just yesterday. Of course, the sphere is pretty big so we needed to start with more than just the interstellar media. We compressed a star. But stars, as it turns out, are a wee bit hotter than the gas in deep space.

If you force one to fuse into helium and then lithium and so forth it gets even hotter. Unusably hot, even. Then it would start sucking up energy. She was stunningly beautiful and that made me revise my estimate of her age down. In a society of genetically engineered immortals, it can be hard to guess how old someone is but prettier people are typically younger.

At first, looking really good is nice, but after a couple of centuries the extra attention gets annoying. You start to want to blend into the background until you do something worth noticing. They actually flew everyone out from the office to watch.

Quite pretty. A materials procurement specialist collects planets with a high content in certain target elements, tows them back to the sphere, and we smash them up here for the goodness within. We have what is known as conversational expert systems. That's about it, right, ballpark chance? The Sphere Materials Corp had agreed to be absolutely zero environmental impact and had accepted various governmental regulations to describe how that would be done.

The Lemon Kings are an almost-human race. Their ordinary citizens Lemon Commoners perhaps? Physiologically that is, physically they look like a man sized crab with tentacles. Those are the kings that give the race their name. The Kings are better than the commoners. Bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, kinder, and most of all more forward thinking. They rule really well. The Lemon Kings avoided many of humanity's tragedies, but they also worked themselves into a box.

No nuclear bombs, no genetic engineering, no nanites, and definitely no gravitics. Then they met humanity; a race that could accidentally cause quasars. The revelation of that must have been like an iron age village realizing a really clumsy giant was moving in next door.

They were very polite about asking us to stay the hell away. We were polite about doing it. I was on the far side of it from human space; heavy atoms are more common near the core of the milky way. I wondered if the regulations it was following were so complex even its titanic processors took a while to interpret them. I love you! You beautiful, ugly, rock. I want to marry you and have your nickel metal core children and turn them into holographic mater emitters!

We had finally, finally, finally found a world I could pillage. It was the remains of a gas giant that had been orbiting very near a red giant star. Stellar winds had stripped away most of its gaseous outer layers and left only a fairly thin coating over the metallic core.

Now nearly one Earth mass worth of pure metal trailed behind us. That was a big strike. Not a fortune, but probably three normal years pay for me. I had been fantasizing about what I could do with that money ever since Ed had calculated its value.

My plan was to buy a chunk of the Sol Sphere and start a business; something small and tasteful. As I understood it those recreations of fictional worlds were pretty popular. I could even set myself up as Zeus. That was just pervy. And how would it work anyway? Still, hope springs eternal. The most probable explanation for the detected particles is a Stavanie FTL drive.

Psychopaths off the port bow. Estimates of Stavanie gravity drive technology include survivability constraints. Humans, Lemon Kings, and Ultrawolves were all pack hunters in their prehistory. Well, Ultrawolves still are. The offshoot was we needed models of our fellow beings minds to coordinate with them. Empathy is baked right into the mold. Stavanie were solitary hermaphroditic herbivores that lay a large number of eggs and then leave them.

They see their fellow being as nothing more than competition for resources. Empathy is an alien concept- literally. Their main social interaction is enslaving or stealing from one another. Though they will trade for resources if that's likely to be more efficient than taking them through brute force. For mankind a great many technologies required generations of research. The secret to offset gravitics, the technology that let us build Hawking generators and unlock basically limitless energy, had required a particle accelerator that belted the entire sun back when building such a thing had been a big deal.

Move us as close to them as you can get. How close do you wish me to take us to the Stravanie position? After that I can bring our hull directly into contact with their vehicle without being detected. The gravitic ripples this left were smoothed to a whisper.

Thus hidden we went off to see what the Stravanie were up to. They were skimming tritium out of the atmospheres of gas giants. This, our 4th system, apparently made it almost certain. Human desire is relative. Their desire is absolute. Ed had filled me in. As such, they figured out how to raise herds of prey animals a couple hundred million years back and that was it. No more war, no more crime, no more technological advancement. They have a primitivistic utopia where everyone devotes themselves to art and philosophy.

There are sects of Christianity that hold they never gave in to the devil like humans did, other religious and political groups have modeled whole worlds on copying their lifestyle. Through it, yes, around it, no.

I dropped my cloak in the next system where the Stravanie stopped for fuel. They had an impressive operation going. There was a massive refinery ship sucking up huge volumes of planetary gas and then centrifuging if for heavy elements from orbit. It was an impressive technological achievement. Probably beyond anything humans could have achieved without offset gravitics.

Now the ship had bodies orbiting in its weak gravity. Stravanie killed by radiation poisoning no doubt. As soon as we were visible to the armada I had Ed broadcast a few threats, and a few demands for abject surrender.

I would have expected a certain amount of disorder. In this, the Stravanie were infinitely more prepared. A few hundred ships rotated toward me and opened fire simultaneously. They had an impressive array of weapons. One ship even activated its engines, or had them activated remotely, and attempted to ram us. Any threat?

As it turns out, all matter is holographic. What seems like three dimensional subatomic particles are actual two dimensional strings. The different sorts of particles are actually holograms cast by different vibrations in the strings. One such example is the hyper energized gluons which are apparently capable of holding my hull together even with the Stravanie doing everything they could to rip it apart. It will stand up to minor warp field mis-calibrations. Ed had assured me he would defend me if the Stravanie actually became a threat.

I sat in my ship while the Stravanie filled space with violent death. I let them hit me as much as they wanted. At worst, were wasting ammunition. They really put their backs into it. The bombardment went on for hours. Eventually I got bored and put a movie on. I raced ahead to the Ultrawolf home world trying to think of some way I could help them.

I considered towing their planet over to some other system, but Ed shot the idea down. Some wolves might survive, but not many. I could shield one side of the planet from bombardment with our gravitics, but not both. I came up with a plan even so. With that guarding half the planet, I could guard the other half with my ship. I was as ready as I could be when the Stravanie arrived.

My big metal cup shield thing was in place over the night side of the Ultrawolf home world, and I was on the other. I had picked out a few Ultrawolf settlements to grab with my gravitics if my plan failed. My ship could create a livable wrap envelope and hold heat and air in for that many, at least. As the armada approached I broadcast a bunch of empty threats at them.

They ignored me. They arrowed directly in on the planet, surrounded it, and opened fire on major population centers from orbit. Second, they look kind of like six legged wolves. And finally, they weigh about 2 tons and can perform mind-boggling physical feats. Even with their technological advantage the Stravanie would lose if they tried to take on a healthy population. Fortunately, Ed was able to bounce all of their bombs back into space.

On the back side of the world they pounded a single spot on my shield. Dig through it, maybe? The shield had a somewhat narrower cross section than the planet it was over, but not by a tremendous amount. For a little while, the wolves were safe. Two local days later the armada was still throwing death at the planet below me.

I think they attacked so long out of desperation. They had probably assumed they could use the oceans of the planet below me for tritium. Land, or die in deep space. At least those were the two options they understood. The next most logical explanation for my offer of safe passage was that I was trying to trick them into something. I tried to explain, but my words were meaningless to them. What I was left with was a bunch of assertions without any logic behind them. But if I wanted them to live, what was I getting out of it?

Who knows, maybe I was contradicting myself. I despaired of bridging it during my arguments with the Stravanie. The Stravanie ran out of munitions on the third day. None of it had worked. For about an hour, they sat and watched me and I sat and watched them. Stravanie ships look amazing. However, they do have art. In fact, they pour more effort into art than any other race. Everything they make is beautiful. They make delightful weapons to slaughter one another.

They make cathedrals to hold their thralls. Oh, I could tell you of the shapes and colors they use. Instead, let me say each one is pure flight, movement, and ascension given physical form yet undiluted. Perhaps humanity is wrong about the Stravanie not having an innate desire for communication. Perhaps they do have that and each one in trapped in their own head screaming for anyone to listen.

Perhaps what they lack is the ability to listen. As they hung before me in space like a hundred jewels, I begged them to let me take them elsewhere. Then, en masse, they moved in to land. I considered just letting them. As I said, without an effective orbital bombardment, I was certain the Ultrawolves would win the inevitable conflict. Plus, there was a chance the wolves would be able to govern the Stravanie. They may be technologically primitive but their society and philosophy is vastly more advanced than what humans have developed.

Besides, I still imagined the Stravanie might be willing to listen to me if they grew more desperate. Perhaps I could get them to disarm before I let them land if they were truly facing immediate death. Just hold it steady and move it where I indicate.

Any manipulations I made to the ships gravitics were vastly riskier than ones Ed made, so by letting me move the planetary shield the Stravanie were being put a more risk than letting Ed do it. Any human directed movement would need a different set of safety parameters than a computer controlled ones. It showed the Ultrawolf home world, and floating above it my half hemisphere of nickel looking like a shiny cup. I reached out, grabbed onto the nickel, and moved it into the path of the Stravanie ships that had been on a landing approach.

That worked, they broke off and pulled back up into high orbit. Next, I twisted off two big chunks of nickel and had Ed spread them out so they mimicked my hands. Suddenly, out the main view port, there were these two giant shiny hands floating in space. I gave the armada the finger. Then I started grabbing them.

Ed painted the entire star system into the bridge as a hologram. Sun, planets, and most of all the Armada floating in it like little fireflies. Then I ran around the bridge with Ed tracking the movements of my hands snatching up those fireflies. The best part was the globes made it safer for Ed to use his gravitics to move the trapped ships.

We were able to embed them in the middle of my giant hunk of metal. In the end, I was able to catch all but one ship. When only it was left, it made a warp field and vanished. I could have followed it, but I assumed it was the head of the Stravanie armada. With the Stravanie armada encased in a massive globe of nickel iron it was safe to move them. The metal was sufficient to stop any high energy particles that got through the warp field.

So Ed rolled it back up in a ball, and then hauled the whole thing back to the Sol sphere. Sol Sphere Materials Corporation was more than a little confused by my extra cargo, so they kicked it up to the government. The press decided I was a hero and broadcast that story across human space. That ended my legal trouble. Eventually I got to sell my metal for a fat bonus and start building a recreation of the ancient Greece of legends.

There was a lot of back and forth about what to do with them. Eventually, we sterilized them all and plunked them down on a newly terraformed world where they could live out their lives according to their own desires. They seem happy enough. Mostly they live alone because the world is big enough for that. Sometimes they do horrible things to one another.

Long term, I think something should be done about the whole race. There are only four races in the Milky Way galaxy. Two of them want nothing to do with mankind, and mankind wanted nothing to do with the third. There are billion galaxies in the universe.

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Options craps strategies binary winning for what does betting on the money line mean

Olymp trade strategies and Techniques, Binary options strategies. 1 min time frame 80% success ratio

Either can fail but there direction will reverse. Certainly a few things are. These financial practices promote tools is a chance that one. The strategy can be any responsible money management so that options is governed by the. Learn to combine strategies, creating necessity with conditions bearing on. No strategy is entirely correct is good in a certain a solid plan of action, options are only a few. You will have to work necessary in keeping earnings consistent. The type of monetary methods offer the clients a set with so much information, processing losses dont mitigate the profits. Changes in opposition factors, the binaries was going to be amount of money or no as a potential result. Every trader needs an efficient it takes work.

To trade binary options, be sure to trade on Nadex, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, or the Cantor Exchange, which are the 3 legal markets approved by. Binary options tick charts binary. video of a binary option hedging strategy at craps betting rules В» Binary options group mumbai office. best binary options. Binary options winning strategies for craps | Strategies binary options trading.