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The main takeaway from the article: Brady plans every detail of his life so he can play football as long as possible, and he'll do anything he can to get an edge. He diets all year round, takes scheduled naps in the offseason, never misses a workout, eats what his teammates call "birdseed," and does cognitive exercises to keep his brain sharp. Brady struggles to unwind after games and practices. He's still processing, thinking about what's next.

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Articles Citada per Coautors. The Quarterly Journal of Economics 3 , , Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 31 1 , , New directions for community colleges , , Journal of development Economics 87 1 , , Review of Economics and Statistics 92 3 , , Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 40 1 , , Journal of Economic Perspectives 23 4 , , Ajuda Privadesa Condicions.

Do community colleges provide a viable pathway to a baccalaureate degree? Do faculty serve as role models? Remediation at the community college: Student participation and outcomes EP Bettinger, BT Long New directions for community colleges , , How have college decisions changed over time? An application of the conditional logistic choice model BT Long Journal of econometrics , , Does female schooling reduce fertility? Looking beyond enrollment: The causal effect of need-based grants on college access, persistence, and graduation BL Castleman, BT Long Journal of Labor Economics 34 4 , , The impact of assessment and accountability on teacher recruitment and retention: Are there unintended consequences?

Out-of-field teaching and student achievement: Evidence from 'Matched-Pairs' comparisons. Thomas Dee , Sarah Cohodes. Possession and discounting behavior. Technology and voter intent: Evidence from the California Recall Election. Thomas Dee , Brian A. Sean F. Reardon , Joseph P. Who leaves? Teacher attrition and student achievement. Patterns of Hispanic students' math skill proficiency in the early elementary grades.

Reardon , Claudia Galindo. Download Research summary Appendices. Early childhood and the achievement gap. Susanna Loeb , Daphna Bassok. Institutional responses to reduce inequalities in college outcomes: Remedial and developmental courses in Higher Education. Eric P. Bettinger , Bridget Long.


Cites duplicades. Cites combinades. Penja un fitxer PDF. PDF Restaura Suprimeix definitivament. Seguiu aquest autor. Articles nous d'aquest autor. Citacions noves d'aquest autor. Articles nous relacionats amb la recerca d'aquest autor. Brad Hershbein Economist, W. Harvard University. Economics of Education. Articles Citada per Coautors. The Quarterly Journal of Economics 3 , , Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 31 1 , , New directions for community colleges , , Journal of development Economics 87 1 , , Robert L.

Within the last three decades, foraging theory has established itself as a major-arguably the dominant-cornerstone for both archaeological and ethnographic hunter-gatherer research. Until now, however, no introductory treatment has presented the subject in a form that was quantitatively explicit and yet easy to follow.

Designed as an introduction to undergraduate and graduate students new to the subject, and as a refresher for professionals seeking to broaden their command, Hunter-Gatherer Foraging: Five Simple Models presents the five foraging models that lend themselves best to hunter-gatherer application: diet breadth, linear programming, front- versus back-loaded resources, technological investment, and field processing. Each chapter begins with a hypothetical hunter-gatherer problem and takes the reader through the steps needed to state such problems in quantitative form and solve them.

Exercises with answers at the end of each chapter reinforce key concepts and methodology. From the reviews. The style is informal, often humorous, and it will clearly work well in a classroom of advanced undergraduates or graduate students.

The flow and clarity of the discussions almost makes one forget that this is math that they're trying to master. Basgall in Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology "This book is the first of its kind to provide a suite of tools applicable to many ethnographic and archaeological foraging problems. It is certainly required reading for any student of the discipline, and as it finds its way into the classroom and onto the desks of practitioners, it is sure to become a classic.

Codding in California Archaeology "[A]n excellent primer on a group of models that.


Labirint Ozon. Hunter-gatherer Foraging : Five Simple Models. Robert L. Within the last three decades, foraging theory has established itself as a major-arguably the dominant-cornerstone for both archaeological and ethnographic hunter-gatherer research. Until now, however, no introductory treatment has presented the subject in a form that was quantitatively explicit and yet easy to follow.

Designed as an introduction to undergraduate and graduate students new to the subject, and as a refresher for professionals seeking to broaden their command, Hunter-Gatherer Foraging: Five Simple Models presents the five foraging models that lend themselves best to hunter-gatherer application: diet breadth, linear programming, front- versus back-loaded resources, technological investment, and field processing.

Each chapter begins with a hypothetical hunter-gatherer problem and takes the reader through the steps needed to state such problems in quantitative form and solve them. Exercises with answers at the end of each chapter reinforce key concepts and methodology. From the reviews. The style is informal, often humorous, and it will clearly work well in a classroom of advanced undergraduates or graduate students. The flow and clarity of the discussions almost makes one forget that this is math that they're trying to master.

Basgall in Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology "This book is the first of its kind to provide a suite of tools applicable to many ethnographic and archaeological foraging problems. He doesn't have enough passion for teaching. Does not put the effort to explain, and tests heavy.

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Although the primary aim of the study was to identify the rate at which the BBB healed after BBBD, several peripheral results provided compelling support for the implementation of monodisperse microbubbles to improve control over treatment.

The results showed that BBB healing occurred in the reverse of permeabilization, starting at the outer edges of the treatment region and moving towards the center. Additionally, the time for BBB closing was dependent on microbubble size.

Previous studies had shown that the time of BBB closing was approximately h with polydisperse commercial formulations [ 53 ]. The authors explained this result as being a consequence of larger pores created by larger microbubbles. Additionally, tissue damage dark neurons, extravasated red blood cells seen initially with short time-course studies was not observed, or greatly mitigated in the mice, suggesting that disrupted tissue may recover after a few days.

Preliminary data by Song et al. While clinical microbubbles are expedient for rapidly moving the technology to clinical trials, many researchers believe that UCA compositions originally developed for diagnostic imaging are suboptimal for BBBD. However, very few studies have systematically investigated the effect of microbubble composition on the measures of BBBD.

Wu et al. Interestingly, increasing microbubble tail length resulted in a significant increase in kDa fluorescent dextran extravasation, while insignificant differences were seen for 3-kDa dextran. This suggests that microbubbles comprising longer acyl-chain lipids, which are known to circulate longer in vivo [ 58 ], may favorably affect delivery efficiency of larger drug molecules.

The composition of the gas core has been shown to dictate circulation persistence due to varying solubility and diffusivity [ 59 , 60 ], but few other bioeffects have been linked to gas composition. Microbubble complexes have been engineered for improved control over BBBD and subsequent drug delivery. Burke et al. Clearly, more research is warranted to optimize microbubble design and complexation for BBBD applications.

As we describe above, microbubble concentration and size distribution can be combined into a single dose parameter: the microbubble volume dose MVD. Both microbubble composition gas and shell and dose are expected to affect the pharmacokinetics circulation half-life and area-under-the-curve. Note that physiological e. The pressure amplitude is diminished by attenuation from the transducer, coupling agent, skin, skull and brain tissue beneath, as well as reflections at the boundaries between them.

The ratio by which the transmission is decreased can be estimated by the following equation [ 64 ]:. Where T is the overall pressure amplitude transmission coefficient; P 0 and P are the pressures transmitted by the transducer and into the brain, respectively; Z 1 , Z 2 and Z 3 are the acoustic impedances for skin [1. The cm transducer, driven at kHz and 0. BBBD was seen, however, with the size-isolated microbubbles, and in subsequent studies with Definity by McDannold et al. In the non-human primate study mentioned above [ 69 ], the results showed that BBBD was not visible at some acoustic intensities that induced inertial cavitation recorded with a passive cavitation detector.

Treatments at 0. A study by Sheikov et al. As opposed to vascular compromise, the primary means of marker transfer into the parenchyma was reported to be transcytosis at 0. Future studies will likely need to optimize not only FUS parameters, but also MB dose, when choosing a specific target in the brain for drug delivery. Microbubble dose at the target site is affected by a combination of microbubble dissolution and clearance in specific organs, namely the lungs, liver and spleen [ 52 , 72 ].

Some of these factors can be expediently controlled through microbubble parameters [ 58 ]. However, the partial pressures of dissolved gases in the blood, which are directly affected by inhaled gas composition and physiology of the cardiopulmonary circuit, have also been shown to control microbubble circulation persistence [ 45 , 50 ]. Additionally, it is known that decreasing pO 2 can trigger the formation of adenosine and other potent vasodilators, increasing cerebral blood flow and likely the concentration of microbubbles at the target site [ 73 ].

Results by McDannold et al. In rats, for example, the resting heart rate is bpm [ 75 ], while the resting heart rate in humans falls within bpm, which may significantly alter the availability and clearance of microbubbles before and during BBBD. Before the incorporation of microbubbles, ultrasound parameters were among the first to be examined in the context of BBBD.

Although this new method was non-invasive and could spatially target treatment regions deep within the body, the resulting cell death and tissue damage limited translatability. It was almost 55 years before the first exogenous microbubble-assisted permeabilization of the BBB was conducted by Hynynen et al. These early microbubble studies demonstrated that BBBD could be achieved with much lower acoustic amplitudes than with ultrasound alone, greatly reducing the risk of neuronal and parenchymal tissue damage [ 24 , 78 , 79 ], and enabling a greater variety of effects beyond local heating.

Although these early studies examined the effect of varying ultrasound parameters, it is important to consider the significant interaction between acoustic, microbubble and physiological parameters as outlined below. While several studies indirectly examined mechanical index by varying acoustic pressure or frequency alone, few studies have examined the effect of mechanical index by varying both pressure and frequency.

Experimental results from Chu et al. Early in vitro studies of microbubbles demonstrated that inertial cavitation occurs at MI as low as 0. An MI of 0. For example, increasing the number of ultrasound cycles at a fixed MI has been shown to significantly increase BBBD [ 69 ], and significant immune response has been observed at MI under 0.

In addition to affecting mechanical index, the pulse center frequency affects cranial attenuation. While in vitro studies with macaque attenuation: 4. Microbubble resonance frequency has been reviewed by Doinikov et al. The linearized resonance frequency f 0 for small-amplitude oscillations of lipid-shelled microbubbles is given by [ 87 ]:. The nonlinear acoustic behaviors of forced bubble oscillation are dependent on the mismatch between the microbubble resonance frequency and the driving frequency, the acoustic pressure and microbubble distribution in the insonified area.

Therefore, isolating the effects of frequency necessitates the use of monodisperse microbubbles at matched mechanical index and MVD. Such a study has yet to be reported in the literature. The acoustic attenuation differs between animal models, but clear trends exist between increasing acoustic pressure and its bioeffects, although the effects of varying PNP alone, independent of MI , are unclear. It is generally well-established that increasing acoustic pressure increases the relative expansion and wall velocities of microbubbles, and is thus linked to increased BBBD as well as BBBD-related effects such as petechiae formation [ 24 , 78 , 88 , 17 ].

An acoustic output-control scheme currently used in at least one clinical trial is the feedback-facilitated adjustment of PNP to induce stable-cavitation-mediated BBBD [ 16 , 18 ]. This approach was demonstrated by O'Reilly et al. This method revealed that peak pressures as low as 0. This type of feedback control is currently in use in clinical trials.

In comparison with mechanical index and frequency, the effects of pulse repetition frequency PRF and pulse length have received less attention. In general, a simultaneous increase in PRF and pulse length N number of cycles per pulse; T time per pulse is expected to increase BBBD by increasing duty cycle [ 89 ]:. Contrary to early results obtained by McDannold et al. While increasing pulse length has been shown to improve model drug penetration into the parenchyma [ 82 ], it has also been hypothesized that long pulse lengths increase the occurrence of standing waves, inducing off-target effects and increasing tissue damage [ 13 , 89 ].

BBBD safety has been a long-standing concern related to the standardization of ultrasonic and microbubble parameters. Qualitative assessments of excised neural tissue evidence of dead or compromised parenchyma and quantitative assessments of behavior motor function after recovery period have been the most common means of evaluating BBBD safety [ 70 , 89 , 90 ].

In contrast, the safety of potential pharmaceutical agents is often comprehensively evaluated with quantitative immunostaining, high-throughput imaging and relevant functional tests; for motor function, studies often included rotarod performance, grip-strength tests and behavioral assays such as the Basso-Beattie-Bresnahan locomotor rating scale for rats, and Basso Mouse Scale for mice. Some studies have observed the presence of petechiae, or visually detectable extravasated red blood cells [ 90 , 88 , 13 , 74 ].

Contradictory interpretations regarding the impact of petechiae on safety have been presented. Another early mode of examination of BBBD safety was qualitative observations of hemorrhage and edema as indicated by MRI imagery [ 24 ].

While several MRIg-FUS studies have suggested that such results demonstrate effective BBBD with minimal or no hemorrhaging, low level of hemorrhaging has not been conclusively evaluated. Indeed, the effect of just heme and other erythrocyte components is poorly understood [ 91 ].

However, it makes sense that in the case of BBBD, micropetechiae are a byproduct of transiently compromising cerebral vasculature to induce macromolecular delivery. It is important to emphasize that the presence of petechiae may not be evidence of trauma post-BBBD. Although petechiae are often present in cases of brain jury, sufficient BBBD for passage of drugs and biomolecules may be accompanied by extravasation of red blood cells. A complementary means of evaluating neuronal insult is immunostaining for activated immune cells, specifically, microglia.

Microglia are the primary immune cells in the brain and are critical for monitoring the brain for pathogens and foreign molecules, as well as responding to injury. Activation of microglia is readily detected using antibodies to cell markers, such as anti-Iba1 Figure 6.

Unlike qualitative assessments of neuronal health, studies of immune cells have demonstrated significant immune cell response to BBBD [ 50 ]. A handful of studies have examined cellular stress in this manner [ 45 , 50 ]. In , Kovacs et al. Activated astrocytes and microglia were still present six days after the study. On the other hand, McMahon et al. Behavioral studies are another fundamental component in the study of therapeutic neurologic agents, ranging from fine motor control tests to behavioral scoring.

Studies on macaques indicated that two minutes of FUS applied at 0. However, animal cognitive performance was reported to return to baseline four days after sonication [ 90 ]. A similar study was conducted by Olumolade et al. While functional deficits were observed immediately after BBBD for the positive control group, no significant differences in rotarod or open field tests were observed after four weeks at 0.

Today, at least monoclonal antibodies are approved for clinical use as listed in the FDA-approved list of biologics. In addition to potential therapeutic effects, such antibodies can also be used for diagnosis when bound to MBs or other reporters.

By coupling the specificity of antibodies with BBBD, targeted theranostics represent a non-invasive means of cost-effectively diagnosing and treating pathologies beyond the BBB. Conventional diagnosis of AD begins with an implicative approach, by way of behavioral symptoms and family history, and no physiological test short of a post-mortem biopsy is able to identify positively AD pathologies.

In , Raymond et al. Doxorubicin, co-injected microbubbles were stimulated in GL brain tumors with Similarly, Yang et al. Neither studies reported the presence of tissue damage after histological staining. Burgess et al. On the other hand, modified viral particles have been shown to induce robust transduction in neurons, and at least six studies have demonstrated successful transduction of neurons using adeno-associated virus AAV [ - , 14 ].

Numerous studies have been published on the effect of acoustic parameters, oftentimes highlighting the feasibility of novel methodological and analytical techniques; fewer studies have isolated the effect of the microbubbles themselves, and even fewer have focused on biochemical, immunological and physiological parameters. Challenging this goal are the numerous permutations of microbubble, ultrasound and physiological parameters. Specifically, readily varied parameters such as FUS frequency and amplitude have been extensively studied, but the lack of optimized and commonly shared parameters in microbubble formulations, dosage metrics, animal models, as well as histological and behavior assays for safety have stymied productive overlap in past studies.

While unified parameters, such as mechanical index MI and microbubble volume dose MVD , incorporate multiple individual parameters into single reference parameters that may be more suitable for standardization, optimization of such parameters and others, as well as deeper characterization of their tissue- and cell-level effects, remain yet to be completed.

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Feedback control of microbubble cavitation for ultrasound-mediated blood-brain barrier disruption in non-human primates under magnetic resonance guidance. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. Ellegala DB. Curr Pharm Biotechnol. MR temperature mapping of focused ultrasound surgery. Magn Reson Med. Noninvasive MR imaging-guided focal opening of the blood-brain barrier in rabbits. Zhou Y. Correlation between inertial cavitation dose and endothelial cell damage in vivo.

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Disrupting the blood-brain barrier with focused ultrasound: Perspectives on inflammation and regeneration. Reply to Silburt et al. McMahon D, Hynynen K. Focused ultrasound with microbubbles induces sterile inflammatory response proportional to the blood brain barrier opening: Attention to experimental conditions. Sci Rep. Ultrasound enhancement of liposome-mediated cell transfection is caused by cavitation effects. Sonoporation of cultured cells in the rotating tube exposure system.

Disrupting the blood-brain barrier by focused ultrasound induces sterile inflammation. Effect of microbubble size on fundamental mode high frequency ultrasound imaging in mice. Iedereen zal dit beamen, een collega voor het leven, voor altijd! Dankjewel Vanessa, voor alles Je collegaatjes van de crisisunit xxx. Meiden van de brandweer Lieve Nessa, het begon allemaal 4 jaar geleden met 'Meiden van de brandweer', het filmpje dat je samen met enkele vriendinnen maakte voor ons huwelijk.

We kenden elkaar nog niet zo goed, maar al snel leerde ik je kennen als een spontane, warme meid die altijd te vinden was voor een feestje, en absoluut een sfeermaker was! Bedankt voor deze prachtige herinnering aan jou, Kristof en ik zullen deze zeker koesteren. Dikke zoen, Katrien. Lieve Vanessa toch Zo blij dat we elkaar de afgelopen maanden nog toevallig tegen zijn gekomen buiten het werk.. Ik wens de familie en vrienden veel sterkte, moed en kracht om dit oneerlijke verlies te dragen.

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Lieve tom, ellen en hele familie Wij willen jullie veel sterkte wensen met het verlies van jullie zus, schoonzus,dochter, mama, Veel sterkte voor familie en vrienden in deze moeilijke tijden. Een fyne Chiro meid Het ga je goed Vanessa.

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