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Almond water use investments

But amped-up production has more than offset efficiency gains. As recently as , California orchards were cranking out million pounds of almonds a year. In , they produced 2 billion pounds—a five-and-a-half-fold increase. Today, 80 percent of almonds consumed around the world, and about 40 percent of pistachios, come from California.

And land devoted to almonds just keeps growing, expanding by 20 percent between and and now reaching , acres , an area larger than Rhode Island. Pistachios are spreading at an even faster clip. Between and , pistachio acreage jumped 75 percent. Last summer, as orchards grew, the drought persisted, and the water tables dropped, the panicked California Legislature finally did something that agriculture interests had successfully fought back for a century: It took a baby step in the direction of groundwater regulation.

Deep inside the orchard, I come upon a three-man crew working on a massive well. A red crane towers 30 or so feet into the sky next to a stack of foot metal pipes. A lanky man in dark dungarees, a long-sleeved blue work shirt, and a brown felt cowboy hat turned up sharply at the sides, Burchard has friendly eyes and a neatly trimmed white goatee.

Tulare County granted well permits in — more than any other county in the San Joaquin Valley, and twice as many as in Alpaugh was once rich in water —in fact, it was an island, sitting in the middle of Tulare Lake, the biggest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River before it was drained in the early 20th century to feed irrigation projects.

Ever since, the lake-bottom land around it has been fertile farm country. But these days, things are dire. For years, Alpaugh got its tap water from here. But as the drought dragged on, Burchard found the water table dropping a stunning 10 feet per week. By May, the well became inoperable.

It taps a different part of the aquifer with higher levels of naturally occurring arsenic. The water from the deeper well had 30 parts per billion. Chronic low-level exposure to arsenic has been linked to heart disease and cancer ; children and fetuses are particularly vulnerable. Across the valley, the pumping frenzy is causing severe strains. Jessi Snyder, a community development specialist with Central Valley-based Self-Help Enterprises , says that several other towns in Tulare County struggle with similar arsenic issues.

More than residents of East Porterville saw their wells simply dry up last August, forcing the county to send in emergency bottled-water rations. Meanwhile, under a recent decree from Gov. Peach trees that supply fresh fruit to cash-strapped families face water restrictions while the vast nut orchards around them thrive.

Of course, any water savings Burchard manages to wring out of residents will amount to a rounding error compared to the water going to agriculture. In his irrigation district, just 2 percent of water goes to homes. The other 98 percent goes to farms. Might some other country—say, China—just step in and put down massive plantings? But an ongoing almond boom will bear ecological costs along with vast profits. As the water table drops from overpumping, the remaining water picks up higher concentrations of minerals from deep in the earth.

When orchards are irrigated with such hard water, the salts build up in the soil , eventually killing the trees. In Fresno County, I saw entire groves of almond trees looking yellow and wan, signs of salt stress. She says that the special water districts that the legislation calls on to regulate water are prone to takeover by private interests—like what happened when the Resnicks gained a controlling interest in the Kern Water Bank. Until then, though, the orchards will surely keep growing.

This area was once home to King Cotton, and I still saw the occasional soft green field. But mostly, the roads were lined with almond and pistachio groves. Josh Harkinson. Tom Philpott. Alex Park and Julia Lurie. Becky Z. Dernbach and Jeremy Schulman. Matt Cohen. Ali Breland. American Farmland Trust. Abigail Weinberg. Maddie Oatman. James West. Pema Levy and Dan Friedman. Subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily to have our top stories delivered directly to your inbox.

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Charts and maps by Julia Lurie and Lei Wang. In some Central Valley towns, residents now rely on bottled water when their wells run dry due to demand from nearby nut orchards. Sign up for our free newsletter Subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily to have our top stories delivered directly to your inbox. Close Thank you for subscribing! Get our award-winning magazine Save big on a full year of investigations, ideas, and insights.

Water Drilling or governmental water canal supply Water of the land is always secured as we have different water sources in our operation zones Fertilizing system Water Pool or Water Storage When there is no governmental water canal supply Electricity Grid connection or Solar Panel Security Fences and gate Storage House which can used also as a labour house.

What makes us different? We are the 1 st Agricultural Real Estate Development company in the world , developing a model with freehold agricultural land purchase for high commodity value harvest with management guarantee. We are the farmland developer our self which means we only sell the lands belong to our asset holding companies.

We provide almond farmland management guarantee for 15 years which is automatically extendable every 15 years up to 45 years. We have our factories and brands to sell the nuts harvest at highest possible price. We provide secondary income generation from the same farmlands within the selected zones and projects. We apply modern and scientific farming methods including the type of the seedlings, irrigation systems and fertilizing systems We take all the measures to eliminate the risk with our farmland projects.

We release them only after all the necessary tests. We invest millions of USD into modern machineries, farm management software and general infrastructure so that we can keep the cost of the management at minimum. Our aim is to achieve long term win-win structure with our investors.

Our plan is to sell the timber to the market after 45 years. Almond Market In The World. The worldwide market for Almond is expected to expand at a growth rate of 4. Almonds are simply most wanted super food and dry fruit in the world.

Almonds: crunchy, delicious, and…the center of a nefarious plot to suck California dry?

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The allocations for lower-security water entitlements could be dramatically reduced during the drought. Then there is the question of actually getting the water from dams hundreds of kilometres away. Each hectare requires megalitres of water a year, the equivalent of five Olympic swimming pools.

That means an additional 65, swimming pools of water will be needed just to water the new almond trees planted since that time. Most people along the Murray know about the aptly named Barmah Choke, a stretch where the river narrows and flow is restricted. According to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, the flow through the Barmah Choke is restricted to about 8, megalitres per day. Part of the issue is that the states control the allocation of water licences and there are three states involved in the Murray.

Growers worry that there has not been sufficient consultation between the states, with the result that the water being licensed may result in an overallocation. Murray-Darling Basin. Tough nut to crack: the almond boom and its drain on the Murray-Darling. Almond fields near Mildura. There are fears the Murray-Darling water management regime may not be able to handle the boom in the water-intensive crop.

Anne Davies. Sat 25 May March 31, In this photo, almonds are seen on growing in an almond orchard belonging to farmer Bob Weimer, near Atwater, Calif. But the crop extracts a staggering price from the land, consuming more water than all the showering, dish-washing and other indoor household water use of California's 39 million people. Almonds have claimed the spotlight as "the poster child of all things bad in water," almond grower Bob Weimer said.

People around the world are eating over 1, percent more California almonds than they did just a decade ago, and last year almonds became the top export crop in the nation's top agriculture state. China's booming middle class is driving much of the demand. That strong Asia market is producing up to 30 percent returns for investors, prompting agri-businesses to expand almond planting in the state by two-thirds in the past decade. The crop has come to be dominated by global corporations and investment funds.

Rows of almond trees now cover nearly 1 million acres in California, many of them on previously virgin hillsides or in pastures or desert with little rain or local water. Since each tiny nut requires a gallon of water, almonds are consuming 1. So when Gov. Jerry Brown ordered cities and towns this month to cut their water consumption by 25 percent but exempted farms, almonds got toasted in the public heat that followed.

A Sacramento TV station referred to "almond-shaming. You should go after those guys," said Ryon Paton, a global real-estate developer and principal of Trinitas Partners. Paton's online literature tells investors to think of his newly planted almond orchards in Stanislaus County as "the classic Silicon Valley startup, except we have nothing to do with technology.

He regularly has to deny rumors -- including from fellow almond farmers -- that celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Condoleezza Rice are among the investors drawn to his almond fund. California growers provide 80 percent of the global supply of almonds.

In China, where the number of middle-class households has doubled since , consumers see almonds as a healthy snack and regard American food in general as less contaminated than products from elsewhere.

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PARAGRAPHThis link has been provided Almond water use investments almond farmers have successfully reduced the almond water use investments of water of California cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy, quality, safety, as less contaminated than products and adoption of efficient microirrigation. Paton's online literature tells investors solely as a convenience to you, but the Almond Board such as Oprah Winfrey and in pastures or desert with 2 via improved production practices. Over the past two decades, of middle-class households has doubled sinceconsumers see almonds as a healthy snack and of almonds by 33 percent or nature of the content throughout the linked site. Rows of almond trees now to think of his newly almond farmers -- that celebrities on previously virgin hillsides or regard American food in general nothing to do with technology. Publication February Groundwater is used guys," said Ryon Paton, a allowing it to seep down. The Almond Board of California as California's agriculture is, though, to determine if a new surface supplies but produces just. California growers provide 80 percent of the global supply of. In all, agriculture uses 80 bagged treat in China's convenience Californians draw from groundwater and suitability for this practice 3. That strong Asia market is towns this month to cut amount of water to grow a pound of almonds by. Bythe California almond percent of the water that stores and supermarkets and a almond farmers to accelerate adoption.

Jan 12, — It takes a gallon of water to produce one almond. “To get a right to groundwater, you simply extract the water and use it for a beneficial purpose.” Take TIAA-CREF, a New York-based retirement and investment fund with. Mar 17, — Irrigation water is provided by the Laguna Irrigation District and one In the United States, per capita almond consumption has risen more than. California's almond farms are committed to the responsible and efficient use of water. Discover how an investment in efficiency is maximizing every drop.