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Small business investments in the philippines cad to pln

Small business investments in the philippines

Capitalize on that by offering security technology solutions to businesses. Cons: Investing time and money for CCTV installation and management training for yourself and your technicians. Run a garage sale on weekends when buyers are usually available to visit your home. Ideal for: People with used items to sell and have skills in networking and sales talk.

Cons: Involves a lot of work—from gathering, organizing, and labeling items, advertising the business, and post-sale cleanup. You can sell prepaid load with just a basic phone, retailer SIM card, and initial load credits. Cons: Earning back the money invested can take some time. Make life easier for them by setting up a fruit and vegetable stand in your neighborhood. Ideal for: Would-be entrepreneurs who are willing to wake up in the wee hours to buy crops to sell.

Pros: Profitable business for hardworking and patient people. Running an online store keeps your business costs low. Source cheap yet quality products from Divisoria, Taytay Tiangge, and ukay-ukay stores. Ideal for: People with good fashion sense who want to start a clothing shop but without space for a physical store. Cons: The challenge of making clothes in a broad range of sizes available. Ideal for: Fashion lovers with good negotiation skills when dealing with haggling customers and an eye for saleable pre-owned garments in good condition.

Located in a high-traffic area, a sari-sari store can make Php to Php 2, daily. Consider putting up a convenience store or small grocery store to sell a wider variety of goods. Grocery retail sales are seen to grow in the next few years 12 , so take advantage of it. Ideal for: Sari-sari store owners who plan to expand their business.

Fellow hobbyists are willing to pay for something they want to have, especially hard-to-find collectibles. Ideal for: Collectible hobbyists with a keen eye for rare, high-demand items. Later on, you can hire professionals in other digital marketing fields to build your own full-service agency. Ideal for: Digital marketers who are either full-time employees needing a sideline or full-time home-based workers. Pros: Great way to earn money from selling your skills and improving your digital marketing knowledge.

Ideal for: Freelance virtual assistants who want to start their own business. This can be a lucrative home-based business, earning you up to Php 50, monthly per blog. Capital: Php 2, for the personal domain name and hosting plan. Cons: Requires a lot of effort and patience in earning money at the start. Ideal for: Experienced medical transcriptionists who want to set up their own business in the same field.

Pros: No need to build or rent an office, as this business can be started from home. Cons: The challenge of finding qualified transcriptionists with a medical background plus fast and accurate transcribing skills.

Monthly earnings range from Php 40, to Php , Ideal for: Office-based web developers who want to become full-time freelancers. Cons: Dealing with customer complaints due to product defects, delivery delays, and other issues. Vloggers get paid per click or view of ads placed on their YouTube videos. They also earn when they attend events and vlog about them. Some are paid to mention or review a certain product on YouTube.

If you consistently share engaging content, earnings can go up to six digits in a month. Ideal for: People who are comfortable and confident being in front of a camera and can engage viewers with their content. You just need to buy a coin-operated internet vending machine and pay for monthly internet connection and electricity bill. Ideal for: Tech-savvy people who want to earn passive income. Cons: Needs reliable and high-speed internet at least 20Mbps.

While the traditional internet cafe is no longer viable, all is not lost if you want to venture in this kind of business. Through a PisoNet business, you can offer sulit internet one peso per minutes that students and low-income earners can afford.

With five PisoNet machines, you can earn around Php 20, monthly. Capital: Php , to Php , for five PisoNet machines with printer and chairs. Cons: Must supervise minors to prevent access to illicit websites and avoid getting your business into trouble with the law You can start with one to five machines and rent them out for Php to Php 1, each. Ideal for: Videoke enthusiasts living in neighborhoods where people usually rent videoke units.

Do you have an idle apartment or condominium unit? Earn around Php 40, to Php 50, monthly by renting it out on Airbnb. Ideal for: Apartment and condo owners with an unoccupied unit in a good location. If you own several drones, you can rent them out for Php 1, to Php 2, each per day.

Ideal for: Drone enthusiasts who seldom use their drones. You can start a rental business offering formal attire for men and women and charge Php to Php 7, apiece. Ideal for: Fashion designers, tailors, and seamstresses. Offering costumes for rent can earn you good money, from Php to Php 2, per costume.

Ideal for: Creative people who love designing and creating costumes. No wonder because Pinoys love keeping their photos as keepsakes. Photo booth suppliers charge Php 3, to Php 5, per two to four-hour event. Ideal for: Employees with a passion for photography who want to earn extra income on weekends. Grow and sell ornamental plants from home. Ideal for: Senior citizens and gardening enthusiasts.

Ideal for: Agripreneurs who want to try something new for their business and have the ideal location with the right environment for growing a certain type of mushroom. Cons: Need to thoroughly study and understand the nature of mushrooms and their production before starting the business. Some adults also want to learn this critical life skill. Later on, you may expand your business by building your own swim school. Ideal for: People who are knowledgeable and passionate about swimming and love interacting with kids.

You can earn extra cash during the scorchingly hot season by starting a small halo-halo stall in your home. If it sells well, you can add more items to your menu like kakanin and snacks and eventually grow your business. Making and selling ice candies can be an easy source of income. You can start selling from home or peddling in your neighborhood. With sheer hard work and perseverance, selling ice candies with low capital can grow into a multi-million business 16 as a distributor to sari-sari stores, carinderias, schools, or markets.

Cons: Needs a lot of patience to grow this small business. Why not make something profitable out of fresh fruits during the hottest months of the year? You can start this summer business from your home, with customers coming in for a refreshing drink. Ideal for: People looking to earn extra cash every summer.

Take it from the rags-to-riches story of a garbage collector 17 who became a millionaire through sheer hard work. This small business involves buying scrap metals, used bottles, cartons, plastics, and newspapers and selling them at higher prices to recycling agents and factories. You can earn about Php 2, to Php 8, per week with just a truckload of scrap metals. Ideal for: Open-minded entrepreneurs who have adequate space and proper location for a warehouse and can negotiate for best deals with recycling agents.

Pros: The ability to support environmental conservation efforts through proper waste disposal and earning good money from it. Cons: Complying with strict government requirements and regulations 18 on junk shop operations.

If you have no plans of re-reading them, why not make money out of your reading collections? Sell old books, textbooks, comics, magazines, romance novels, pocketbooks, and any reading materials. You can also sell to book stalls and second-hand bookshops in Recto. If your collections include popular titles and rare or vintage books, then you can sell them at higher prices. Ideal for: Book enthusiasts and anyone with massive book collections at home and are willing to let go of them in exchange for cash.

Cons: Needs a lot of patience, hard work, and determination, especially during weeks and months of no sales. Turn scraps into crafts and cash with a recycled crafts business. These can be upcycled into home decors, bracelets, purses, bags, picture frames, and anything your imagination can come up with.

Ideal for: Business-minded and creative people with skills in arts and crafts. Orders can surge during election periods for campaign shirts and holiday season for customized shirts as gifts and giveaways. Ideal for: Designers and creatives who want to start a small business.

Cons: The challenge of finding the right suppliers for T-shirts, printing equipment, and ink. Families use them for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other occasions. Businesses use them for signages, advertisements, and company events. Politicians need them for their campaign ads and banners every election. Pros: Potential for growth 19 with the right combination of hard work, dedication, and strategy.

Even if several photocopy businesses are already existing in your area, you can still beat them by offering higher-quality services at lower costs. The key is to start your business with low-cost, refurbished or second-hand photocopying machines. Pros: Cheap business to start with a potential for profit. Cons: Risk of losing customers when your photocopying machine is broken or when you run out of toner or paper.

You can earn huge profit from your printing business when you get bulk orders for customized giveaways like mugs, button pins, caps, and shirts, as well as corporate materials like business cards, flyers, brochures, calendars, and posters. The emergence of more advanced printing technologies nowadays allows for faster and more efficient printing of various types of items in large quantities.

Ideal for: Enterprising Pinoys with knowledge in graphic design and operating printing equipment. Cons: Risk of reduced productivity and sales when printing equipment fails to work. Ideal for: Hairstylists, hairdressers, or beauty enthusiasts who want to start their own business. Thinking about shifting to self-employment? Ideal for: Makeup artists and enthusiasts who want to earn money from their passion for cosmetics.

So much so that these businesses are often fully booked, especially on weeknights and weekends. The high demand for massage therapy services makes this venture a financially rewarding small business idea. Ideal for: Massage enthusiasts and anyone trained in massage therapy who want to build their own spa or massage business.

With handmade or herbal soaps, you provide a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to commercial bath soaps that contain harsh chemicals. Soap making can be a lucrative business, especially when you receive bulk orders from stores for reselling or corporate clients for giveaways. Ideal for: People with a background in chemistry or chemical engineering.

You can make money from this profitable market by opening a small gym or fitness center in your home or a heavy foot traffic location. Ideal for: Trained and certified fitness instructors who want to shift from employment to entrepreneurship. Pros: The rewarding experience of sharing your passion for fitness and helping people meet their fitness goals.

You can start offering personalized walking tour services. To boost your income, you may partner with travel agencies to hire your services as an add-on to their tour packages. Ideal for: Local culture and history buffs who live near or can regularly travel to popular tourist attractions , love talking to people, and can speak English especially those who can also speak other foreign languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Turn your passion into profit by starting an adventure travel business.

Studies found that millennials would rather spend money on experiences than things And with the many air, land, and water adventure destinations in the Philippines, you can offer different tour packages to young adventure junkies. Pros: Feeding your passion for adventure while earning money from it. A travel agency caters to business or leisure travelers who have no time for DIY travel planning.

You have various ways to make money as a travel agent. You can sell tour packages, airline tickets, hotel accommodations, travel insurance, car rental services, cruises, and more. You may also offer passport and visa processing assistance, as well as travel Wi-Fi rental. Travel agencies earn as much as Php 80, during low season to Php , per month during peak season through commissions and markups for every closed sale. Ideal for: Starting entrepreneurs with a passion for travel and who enjoy organizing tours and travel planning.

Cons: Need to establish first a solid network of partner hotels, freelance tour guides, tour operators, car rental companies, and other travel-related businesses. You can turn that idle asset into a profitable business. Offer a car rental service to tourists, business executives, corporate clients, and regular motorists whose cars break down.

Ideal for: Anyone who can drive and owns at least one vehicle that can be put up for rent. You can put up a bike rental shop in a park, biking trail, or biking destination 23 where your target customers are located. Ideal for: Cycling enthusiasts and anyone knowledgeable on bike operation and repair who can find a suitable location near a biking destination. Cons: Risk of bike rental inventory loss from damaged bikes due to accidents or careless renters.

This presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to provide moving aka lipat-bahay services. Thus, starting a trucking business now—especially as a B2B service—will be a great investment for the future. Ideal for: OFWs and employees in the trucking department of a manufacturing company who wish to shift to self-employment.

But for enterprising Filipinos, this can be a potentially profitable venture, as eco-friendly PUVs are expected to replace the old traditional jeepneys that will soon be phased out Capital: Php 1. Ideal for: Existing and prospective jeepney operators, OFWs, and anyone with enough capital who plans to enter the transport industry. Pros: According to the Department of Transportation. Ideal for: Car owners who want to use their vehicle to generate income. Consultation fees alone range from Php 4, to Php 10, per day.

You can charge at least Php 50, for every small project or renovation project. Ideal for: Licensed interior designers who are considering self-employment. Cons: Requires education, training, and experience, which can take time. Ideal for: Housewives and anyone looking for affordable home-based business ideas.

Cons: To sustain the business, you need connections with laundry shops, restaurants, eateries, and other businesses that use liquid detergents. You can offer your services to working professionals and students who rent an apartment or condo and have no time to clean their space. Or you can target commercial clients, providing services to offices, schools, and malls. Corporate downsizing is a trend nowadays, as businesses eliminate their in-house janitorial teams and outsource cleaning services to third-party providers instead.

Ideal for: Kasambahays who have saved enough capital to start a business and newbie entrepreneurs who have the passion and patience for this type of business. This is why households and businesses avail of pest control services to eliminate pests and protect their properties from infestation. You can offer termite control, rodent control, fumigation, and other similar services. By providing such services, you can build a profitable venture because of the high probability of getting long-term and repeat business.

Ideal for: Employees of pest control services companies who wish to start their own business. Rather than buy new furniture, people would rather save money by re-upholstering their antique pieces or those damaged by pets or normal wear and tear. You can fulfill such a need with your upholstery business. Ideal for: Furniture makers or anyone with sewing skills who enjoys working on furniture. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone who plans to enter this industry. You can provide gardening consultancy and maintenance, indoor and outdoor landscaping, and other landscaping services to households, offices, schools, restaurants, resorts, and other establishments.

Ideal for: Landscape artists, architects, and hobbyists who want to start a business, as well as gardening enthusiasts who love decorating home interiors and exteriors with ornamental plants. Sinks and toilets can get clogged. The roof and faucets can get leaky. Electrical connections can get faulty.

Many homeowners lack the time and knowledge for DIY home repairs, so they turn to pros who can do the job for them. Ideal for: Knowledgeable and experienced people in home repair and maintenance. This is why selling real estate properties is highly profitable, and brokers earn huge commissions for every sale closed.

Ideal for: Qualified people with strong people skills and sales skills. Venus Zoleta is an experienced writer and editor for over 10 years, covering topics on personal finance, travel, government services, and digital marketing. Her background is in journalism and corporate communications.

In her early 20s, she started investing and purchased a home. Now, she advocates financial literacy for Filipinos and shares her knowledge online. When she's not working, Venus bonds with her pet cats and binges on Korean dramas and Pinoy rom-coms. Your email address will not be published. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

In this definitive guide for Filipinos, you'll learn everything you need to know to take and successfully pass the civil service exam. A concept paper is one of the first steps in helping you fully realize your research project. Here's a definitive guide on how to write one. Skip to content Share. Business ideas with Php 4, capital and below. Business ideas with Php 20, capital and below. Business ideas with Php 50, capital and above. Business ideas with Php , capital and above. Look for ideas within yourself.

Tap into your expertise. Turn your hobby into an enterprise. Fix something that bothers you. Choose an industry that interests you. Look for ideas around you. Fulfill unmet needs. Find a gap in the supply-demand chain. Create alternatives for imported goods.

Explore untapped local resources. Be on the lookout for the latest technology. Get inspiration from profitable small business ideas in the Philippines. Food Business Ideas. Rice Business Bigasan. Kakanin Business. Street Food Business. Water Refilling Station. Bakery Panaderya. Pizza Business. Food Catering Business. Food Cart. Baking Business. Ice Cream Business. Chicken Rotisserie Lechon Manok Business. Meat Processing Business. Tapsilog Business. Siomai Stand. Consulting Business Ideas.

Coaching Services. Personal Fitness Trainer. Then ask yourself again. Are you interested in starting a business in the Philippines? Time to put on your entrepreneurial cap! Agriculture Agriculture has always been a hit for entrepreneurs in the Philippines. And with the increasing interest in organic farming and farm-to-table initiatives, there is a growing demand for services and retailers that bring fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products to greater heights.

Take your cue from businesses like Session Groceries to get an idea. Tourism Year in and year out, tourists visit the country for leisure trips and vacations. Usually, it was only during the summer when people would look for these activities, but surprisingly, tourist numbers have continuously climbed up throughout the year. It can be about accommodation, transport services, tourist guiding services — whatever works for you!

Gadgets Filipinos tend to always go after the latest in tech, which is why smartphones, tablets, computers, and other accessories sell like pancakes. We even have entire mall buildings dedicated for this purpose alone. If you find a supplier who can import high quality tech devices, then you should tap into this opportunity! Processed food Just like how agricultural businesses flourish, the country remains a good market for processed foods.

Think meat products or preserved fruits. Who knows? You could be the next Delimondo or 7D Mangoes if you play your cards right. Water business Water is life, so what better idea than to start a business around it. Everybody needs it. Water businesses fall under different categories. There would be water refilling stations where people can come to buy clean water to drink. Or you can add some twist to the regular water and make it fancier, like designing your own artisanal or sparkling water to be sold in special bottles.

Do some research first to see what works for the audience you want to target specifically. Fashion There are a ton of unique markets in the metro that cater to clothes and shoes. You can do so many things. You can start your own clothing line, produce accessories and other fashion items. Some would even go as far as designing an entire shoe line even if there are more established names in the market. Real estate If you are interested in the property industry in the Philippines but cannot afford the required investment, you can become a real estate agent instead.

These people make a lot of money without much capital other than their people skills. Transport services Speaking of houses and lots, another business you can start right away is all about vehicles. Businesses in this sector fall under different categories. Some of the more popular ones involve car hires or van rentals. There are also those who use their vehicles for on-demand vehicle platforms like Grab. Some choose to be involved in things as simple as school service businesses.

Courier services Another low investment business would be parcel or mail delivery services similar to Lalamove. Because online purchases have become big these days, the demand for delivery services have skyrocketed. Such businesses also offer people with flexibility because the drivers can do it whenever they want and at their most convenient time.

Maintenance services If you are an electrical engineer, a plumber, or into some other professional trade, then you can easily start a business around maintenance services. It would be easy to gather a group of workers to deliver projects involving building dream homes or commercial establishments. Recruitment agency Recruitment agencies play a great role in linking the unemployed to those who need to hire people.

An even bigger business awaits those who are keen on targeting the OFW market, sending staff to places like the Middle East or in the cruise line industry. Just make sure to go through all the necessary paperwork when starting this kind of business because sending manpower abroad can be a rather fragile undertaking.

Solar energy Solar energy is a money spinner these days.

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Second, it still enjoys a relatively high gross domestic product GDP at five to six percent in the present year, despite of course the decrease from a few years ago from to Here are the top 10 business opportunities to consider in the Philippines. Signing in your social media pages will take you to a variety of posts that offer online business opportunities.

In this nation, online and home-based business opportunities are among the most lucrative. This includes online retail, blogging, selling online courses, photography, and affiliate marketing, etc. Various testimonials show how people have become successful in these types of setup.

Aside from these, interested entrepreneurs can also start freelancing businesses that are based online, writing business, SEO services, graphics design, and web development. Starting your first online business in the country is very easy. You must be able to identify your target market, find out about which product you are going to sell, creating a business plan, determining profitability, and looking for suppliers.

Of course, the list will also include setting up your finances and building a website. How about launching a start-up? In the United States, around 70 percent of entrepreneurs are able to start their businesses at home. The top industries are business services, food and restaurant, health and fitness, general retail, and home services.

A prime option would be a mobile phone loading business. It is one of the easiest businesses that you can put up even within your residential spaces. Cake shops are also making their way in the local landscape as a recommended small business to try. Others in the list include bill payment business, outdoor equipment rental, t-shirt printing, water refilling stations, and more. Franchising refers to a contract between two parties, the company and the individual, given the rights and the privileges to promote products under the trademark of the business.

You can earn in these types of business especially if you invest in the Philippines, with projected returns at around 15 percent. However, it will depend on how much you will invest. It is also important to choose the best franchise company to work with. There is less risk investing in this type of business because you do not have to build a brand and a market since they are a;ready prepared for you.

Enjoy perks that include working on an established brand, having a good business model foundation, training support, pre-launching assistance, great location, marketing support, and faster return on investment. Whenever the locals need to buy vinegar as ingredient to their kitchen cooking, they head over to a sundry store that also sells several consumer products without the buyer traveling to a grocery shop. All of these without traveling outside their neighborhood.

It still remains a classic choice for many Filipinos and foreigners alike who want to start their own business. It also does not fade in popularity because millions of Filipinos are in need of these products for daily use. It does not have to be named after a huge company. Aside from franchising businesses, among the new business opportunities in the Philippines would be the food cart business. A booth can sell dumplings, burgers, fries, coffee, snacks, and even full meals and other food on sticks.

It is a good strategy since they are more affordable compared to visiting fast food chains or ordering from a casual dining restaurant. Among the market include students and professionals working in business districts. You can find several of these lined up in Makati City, Ortigas, and Quezon City, three of the largest commercial urban spaces in the Philippines. If you want to work for a multinational but at the same time, do business at your own pace and time, or independently, you can find opportunities selling life insurance.

In the Southeast Asian nations, these insurance agents earn around 15 to 30 percent commissions from the premiums of their clients. The product you will sell is also something that spans a lifetime, protecting the wealth of your clients and their loved ones.

Thrift shops, or these stalls that sell second-hand goods including dresses, shoes, and bags, are the go-to stores of Filipinos who want to save money on these items. To get started, you will have to prepare the necessary government registration and permits, as well as the finances to rent a space in a good location. You will also need suppliers for your racks, shelves, hangers, and storage boxes.

Store equipment like air conditioning units will be needed, considering the climate in the Philippines. Being a staple food and a primary source of income among Filipinos, rice is the most consumed food in the country. Business people would think of having this as the product of their ventures.

Plus, entrepreneurs should also be able to secure a permit and registration documents from the National Food Authority. It has offices in the capital city, Manila and in the provinces. Location is a major consideration for your rice retail shop. There are several niches to choose from. Some of the most popular are writing, graphic designing, or working as a virtual assistant. Pre-operational requirements: All you really need to put up this business is a good Internet connection, a computer, and a simple website.

You can create the latter at a later date and get your start by using free accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn to showcase your services. This will lower your initial operational expenses to the cost of your monthly Internet connection if you already have a computer at home. Income: With freelancing, you are a one-man company. You are the manager, the CEO, and you manage all the work.

Your pay depends on the kind of work that you put in. Opportunities: Having a strong network of connections is critical to becoming a successful freelancer. Remember, that the most successful freelancers know how to use their network. Once you get established and the projects coming in are more than you can handle, you can outsource work to your network and earn from them by charging an overriding commission.

The Philippines is one of the countries with the most number of active mobile users. That said, only a small percentage have mobile plans attached to their phones while the rest are using prepaid SIM cards. Pre-operational requirements: The capital and requirements are very minimal.

To illustrate:. Filipinos are generally thrifty and the search for the cheapest and most affordable but useable second-hand goods is not just something that everyday people practice. Ukay-ukay products normally consist of used clothes, shoes, bags and accessories which are usually imported from other countries and are sold at a very cheap price, depending on the quality and type of product.

Maintenance for your goods would also require the use of a dehumidifier to prevent the formation of mold. Ukay-ukay are sold in bales which usually weigh kilos by wholesale traders. The cost of a bundle generally depends on the number of clothes it contains and the quality and type of the products. Most of the listed prices however are based on single purchase only, so the more bales you buy, the bigger the discounts you can get.

You should also change your stocks every 45 days to ensure that your customers have new products to choose from. In the Philippines where rice is a staple food, starting a rice retailing business is always a profitable venture. Customers buy it practically daily for sustenance while food establishments orders them in bulk. You would also have to secure a license from the National Food Authority NFA and to acquire the necessary government registration and permits. The location you choose should have the right target market and has heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

The downside of selling rice is that it can spoil easily, and its quality will deteriorate in three months. So implement a first-in, first-out inventory method to optimize the shelf life of your rice and maintain its quality. You should also have a clean and sanitized storage area to ensure that bugs and grain weevils do not infiltrate your stockpile.

Get tips from your rice supplier on how to prevent infestation. Opportunities: As in any business, you can later expand your rice retail business once you get your ROI. You could even become a rice dealer and get retailers to sell for you later on. Another option is to apply for cash advance with the use of your credit card. While doing self-promotion through your own Facebook account may still work, there are more efficient ways to fully establish an actual store online — be it on Facebook or by starting your own website.

Plus, you can choose to either sell your own stocks or re-sell without keeping an inventory of a single item dropshipping. A big chunk of the cost will go to the marketing aspect of your store which involves Facebook ads, to say the least. You can watch videos on Youtube on how to runs ads or hire a mentor which can cost you a lot more but will give you the right footing that you need to get started.

The profit will be around 25 to 50 percent, depending on the cost of your Facebook ads, because it can vary depending on your target, product, and the season. Since the e-commerce scene is rapidly and relentlessly growing in the Philippines, now is also the best time for businesses to adapt it into their brick and mortar businesses in order to keep up with the competition.

Many e-commerce stores that first started online were able to expand it through a physical store later on. You can do that too! Many professionals are shifting towards freelancing because of the high returns and low stakes it offers. With more and more freelancers in the market, there is an increasing demand for more co-working spaces where they can work for longer hours without having to rent a full office.

Unlike traditional offices, co-working spaces offer ultra-short office leases that can be anywhere from a day to a month. Pre-operational requirements: To start a co-working space, you would need an initial capital that would cover the cost of renting a space in a central location that is safe and easy to find. Look for a space that has been vacant for a while, particularly in older and underutilized buildings where you may be able to secure an inexpensive lease.

Though being very contemporary and stylish is an added appeal, your co-working space should primarily have high-speed internet, fully fitted workstations, and office amenities. Opportunities: To make the most out of your rented space, you can offer other services such as a small coffee shop for added income. A laundry shop business has proven itself to be more than just a fad. The steady growth of condominiums and apartments in the city, coupled with the ever-increasing workload of most people, have made laundromats a stable business to own.

Pre-operational requirements: This depends on the size and type of target market. If you are aiming for the industrial market, you will be needing millions. You would also need to acquire the necessary government permits and registrations to get started. For this type of business, it is very important to try to be as near your market as possible. In this case, you will need only three to five square meters. If you want to clean the clothes onsite, it will take at least 25 square meters of floor area.

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