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See how Citi is taking steps to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, from helping clients to providing relief through funds to frontline healthcare workers, organizations such as No Kid Hungry and more. Despite the pandemic limiting options for group events, Citi was determined to do our part through meaningful volunteerism. The Citi Plex Account is a new digital checking and savings account built to make managing money simpler, smarter and more rewarding. Community Development Financial Institutions do more than provide capital, they level the playing field for communities and populations at risk of being left behind. Market attention has focused on the bearish potential return of the U.

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Quick cash investment ideas

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Unlike individual stocks, ETFs diversify your investment instantly. With Acorns, you can choose your own risk tolerance. The app will invest your money conservatively or aggressively based on your preferences. Robinhood pioneered commission-free investing through its app.

You can trade individual stocks, options, ETF shares, and even cryptocurrency with this app. But Robinhood still shines because you can open an account with no money, and you can buy fractional shares. Since Robinhood was born in the smartphone age, the app works seamlessly on both iOS and Android phones. The downside is that CDs offer much lower returns than other types of investments, but the risk is much lower. In fact, assuming you have an FDIC-insured bank, your risk is virtually non-existent.

You could easily transfer money into the stock market through exchange-traded funds or individual stocks. Stash also has automatic dividend reinvestment plans DRIP to keep even more of your money in play. The whole point of Stash is to help new investors learn the ropes. If you already have investing experience but still want low fees and low minimum investments, see the Robinhood app above. Ally Bank is one of my favorite online banks for high yield savings accounts. You can get commission-free trades on individual stocks, bonds, options, and exchange-traded funds.

There are no account minimums to meet before investing. Ally does have high fees for mutual funds. All this sounds ideal, but I recommend Ally for new investors because of its research. For example, you can learn a lot about options and even run hypothetical scenarios before putting up actual money.

Since Ally has a quality high yield savings account, you can move money into Ally Invest seamlessly. This is how peer-to-peer P2P lending works. Platforms like Prosper and Lending Club can help you get started with just a little bit of money. You choose which borrowers to finance. You can buy these through the U. You can buy fixed-rate bonds that have maturity periods from 30 days to 30 years. Even if money is tight, you should contribute to the k your employer offers. This is so important because many employers match your contributions into your k , up to a certain percentage.

Many k s invest money in mutual funds for you so the money can grow with the market as you earn. Contributing to your k is one of the best personal finance choices you can make. With an IRA you can deposit money tax-free each year. Investing in precious metals like gold or other metals can actually have a good payoff.

Options are contracts that give you the ability to buy or sell a stock at a certain price on a certain date — if you want. Puts are projected to fall. Options let you lock in a price well in advance, insulating you against later market instability. In times of market turmoil, options can become exceedingly valuable. But these professionally managed funds — which resemble ETFs that require more effort to trade — still have value, especially in the long run.

A target-date mutual fund, for example, can mix up your asset allocation as time passes and the target date approaches. Early on, the mix will hold more individual stocks. Then, as your target-date approaches, the allocation will become more bond-heavy to lower the risk. This is an ideal option for passive investing. Investing adds a third dimension to your personal finance life. Instead of depending solely on trading your time for money — by earning a wage or a salary from your job — you can start building another income stream through your investment portfolio.

Just get into the habit of diverting part of your monthly income into investments month after month and year after year. Or start a side hustle or a DoorDash delivery gig and invest your earnings. Over time you can slowly decrease your dependence on working for income. What happens if an emergency hits? With these simple investment strategies, there is no excuse to wait until you have saved thousands.

You can start today! Number three, make sure that the management team is made up of people who share your values, have integrity, and are talented. And finally, make sure you buy it on sale. I call these the 4 Ms.

This is without adding any more money on top of your initial investment. The right strategy is going to continue to grow that initial investment over time. Diversification is what the speculators like to do to safeguard their stock picks. ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds are all a waste of your time and money if you want to actually see your investment grow.

You can make that money back in no time and take another shot. You can minimize your risk and maximize your reward by investing the Rule 1 way: buy wonderful businesses on sale. See how I calculated this using my free retirement calculator below. Plug in your own values using how much you have to invest today and how much you can contribute to your portfolio each year to calculate how much you could have for retirement. One of the best things that you can do to begin investing when you have very little money is to form good habits.

You can start forming good habits by taking money out to invest as soon as you receive your paycheck. Most often, people end up taking the exact opposite approach, waiting to see how much money they have left over before they invest. Things like fancy cars, big houses, and weekend nights out can mean you have less to invest. Avoid these money traps and others and focus on the promise you made to yourself.

No investment is too small. By now, you should know you can start investing even with a small amount of money. I lived out of a tent and all of my belongings could fit into a small duffle bag. I am living and breathing PROOF that investing is something anyone can succeed at with the right approach, no matter how much or how little money they are starting with. Take some chances, put what money you do have to use, and start climbing your way up. There are advantages to investing with small amounts of money as well.

With the right approach and by taking the right risks safe ones you can make the most out of small investments. When you start now, even small amounts of money put into the market can grow into legitimate sums of money as the years go by. Another great advantage of investing with little money is that there is less to lose.

Small investments will help you get comfortable with the ebbs and flows of the market and take small losses in stride. When you learn the skills to make great decisions on small investment ideas, you can apply them to big investment ideas later on. Follow the lead of the best investors and take the next step in your investing journey by continuing to learn more. If you want to learn all of the principles of Rule 1 investing and start making smart investing decisions, join me at my Live 3-Day Virtual Investing Workshop where you can work one-on-one with me and my team from the comfort of your home.

Ready to join us? Sign up for the live event. View this post on Instagram. Phil Town. He and his wife, Melissa, share a passion for horses, polo, and eventing. Learn how to start investing with a small amount of money.

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Try different methods. Track and analyze your results. Don't get so caught up on how you're going to get wildly rich overnight. That won't happen. But if you can leverage one of the following methods to make money by investing small, short bursts of capital, then all you have to do is scale -- plain and simple. You don't have to overthink it. The play here is speed. Those are terrific if you're looking to invest your capital over at least a two- to five-year period.

We're talking about ways you can make money fast. Even when it comes to markets that might take time to move or have longer cycles, investments can often turn into realized profits and quick gains by leveraging the right strategies. What's the right strategy? Sure, long-term works. It's not so much about trying to catch the latest trend. It's also about leveraging and hedging your investments the right way without putting too much risk on the line.

That doesn't mean that you don't need a long-term strategy. You definitely do. But if you're looking to create some momentum and generate some capital quickly, in the near-term, then the following investment strategies might help you do just that. Day trading is not for the faint of heart. It takes grit and determination.

It takes understanding the different market forces at play. This isn't something intended for amateurs. There are also ways to hedge your bets when it comes to playing the stock market. Whether you play the general market or you trade penny stocks, ensure that you set stop-loss limits to cut any potential for significant depreciations.

Now, if you're an advanced trader, you likely understand that market makers often move stocks to play into either our fear of failure or our greed. And they'll often push a stock down to a certain price to enhance that fear and play right into their pockets. When it comes to penny stocks, this is further exaggerated. So you have to understand what you're doing and be able to analyze the market forces and make significant gains.

Pay attention to moving averages. Often, when stocks break through day moving averages , there's potential for either large upside or big downside. Too Much Testosterone, Science Says. Investing in yourself is one of the best possible investments you can make.

While you might not be able to pinpoint an actualized return on investment, there's no money that's better spent. Invest in yourself. Invest in your education. Discover what you're passionate about. There are loads of money-making courses on the internet.

The hard part is choosing the right one. From ebooks to social media marketing, search engine optimization and beyond, the possibilities are endless. While many money-making gurus might pop up on social media, not all courses are created alike. Spend time doing your due diligence and research to choose the one that's right for you.

Trading commodities like gold and silver present a rare opportunity, especially when they're trading at the lower end of their five-year range. Metrics like that give a strong indication on where commodities might be heading. Carolyn Boroden of Fibonacci Queen says, "I have long-term support and timing in the silver markets because silver is a solid hedge on inflation.

Plus, commodities like silver are tangible assets that people can hold onto. The fundamentals of economics drives the price of commodities. As supply dips, demand increases and prices rise. Any disruption to a supply chain has a severe impact on prices. For example, a health scare to livestock can significantly alter prices as scarcity reins free. However, livestock and meat are just one form of commodities.

Metals, energy and agriculture are other types of commodities. To invest, you can use an exchange like the London Metal Exchange or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange , as well as many others. Often, investing in commodities means investing in futures contracts.

Effectively, that's a pre-arranged agreement to buy a specific quantity at a specific price in the future. These are leveraged contracts, providing both big upside and a potential for large downside, so exercise caution. Cryptocurrencies are on the rise. While trading them might seem risky, if you hedge your bets here as well, you could limit some fallout from a poorly-timed trade. You have money questions. Bankrate has answers. Our experts have been helping you master your money for over four decades.

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The extremely volatile markets in have lead many investors to hold cash as the coronavirus crisis continues. So the most important thing investors should be looking for in a short-term investment is safety. Short-term investments are those you make for less than three years.

If you have a longer time horizon — at least three to five years and longer is better — you can look at investments such as stocks. Stocks offer the potential for much higher return. Stocks fluctuate a lot, and the longer time horizon gives you the ability to ride out their ups and downs. So safety comes at a cost. Short-term investments do have a couple of advantages, however. Also, they tend to be lower risk than long-term investments, so you may have limited downside or even none at all.

A savings account at a bank or credit union is a good alternative to holding cash in a checking account, which typically pays very little interest on your deposit. The bank will pay interest in a savings account on a regular basis. Liquidity: Savings accounts are highly liquid, and you can add money to the account. Savings accounts typically only allow for up to six fee-free withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle, however.

The Federal Reserve has allowed banks to waive this requirement as part of its emergency interventions in the market. Corporate bonds are bonds issued by major corporations to fund their investments. They are typically considered safe and pay interest at regular intervals , perhaps quarterly or twice a year. Bond funds are collections of these corporate bonds, and these collections consist of bonds from many different companies, usually across many industries and company sizes.

The bond fund will pay interest on a regular basis. Risk: A short-term corporate bond fund is not insured by the government, so it can lose money. Liquidity: A short-term corporate bond fund is highly liquid, and it can be bought and sold on any day that the stock market is open.

Government bond funds purchase investments such as T-bills, T-bonds, T-notes and mortgage-backed securities from government-sponsored enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These bonds are considered low-risk. In addition, a fund of short-term bonds means an investor takes on a low amount of interest rate risk. Liquidity: Government bonds are among the most widely traded assets on the exchanges, so government bond funds are highly liquid. They can be bought and sold on any day that the stock market is open.

Money market accounts are another kind of bank deposit, and they usually pay a higher interest rate than savings accounts, though they typically require a higher minimum investment, too. Like a savings account, the major risk for a money market account occurs over time, because their low interest rates usually make it difficult for investors to keep up with inflation. Liquidity: Money market accounts are highly liquid, though federal laws do impose some restrictions on withdrawals.

In exchange for the security of having this money in its vault, the bank will pay you a higher interest rate. The risks are limited for a short-term CD, but the biggest risk is that you may miss out on a better rate elsewhere while your money is tied up in the CD. Liquidity: CDs are less liquid than other bank investments on this list.