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The main takeaway from the article: Brady plans every detail of his life so he can play football as long as possible, and he'll do anything he can to get an edge. He diets all year round, takes scheduled naps in the offseason, never misses a workout, eats what his teammates call "birdseed," and does cognitive exercises to keep his brain sharp. Brady struggles to unwind after games and practices. He's still processing, thinking about what's next.

Leader 1 vs woosah betting advice

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To help women live better lives. I am a teacher. No, I put my name behind everything. Casanova Brooks: How, how, how would someone find that person? How can I find that person that can help me amplify my voice? My message, and who I am, but not change who I am. Tiffany Aliche: well, first and foremost, you, before you even find yourself a Jabrill and you need to find yourself, you know, so meaning that, are you, are you clear about your messaging?

You know, like, so you have to learn to market yourself. Every business owner knows to know how to market. You have to meaning that. So I want you to get good at organically marketing because when he came on board, it was like, Oh Tiffany, you already, write great copy. You know, your audience, you know, your messaging. And then we tweak to get better. So, because people are wanting to like, I get it when people ask for that, like, Oh, I wish I had it too, bro.

So what happens if something happens to your then what happens to the business? So before you look for that marketing person, Make sure that you are mastering your messaging and your, and your organic marketing. And then, I mean, there are marketing companies that are, honestly I would probably look on, Facebook has amazing, like affinity groups basically.

So joining like digital marketing groups and. And vetting for that. So joining those groups and asking who are you guys using? And then, and then as a result, people know them. No more. What happened with CBS is onto the next one. And your name was no longer spoken on that. Right, right. So instead my business is built on, on Tamra, Karen, Logan, meaning each individual woman.

Cause most of them are crap crowd, honestly. My business stands the same. And I, I work with next to none. I know friends of mine who worked. There is no middleman. And so like just being mindful of. Casanova Brooks: Oh, absolutely. And would you say another critical component of it is the email list like for you?

Did you, would you say that that was a critical component of building such a massive list to where. Then you were able to put out your offers and, or, or was it not? That was it really just the connection. I was like, I heard people saying, talking about email lists. So yes, the email list is definitely important, but who cares about your email list? So like you can have a million people on your email list. We are email list. Open rate is three times the industry standards for finance.

Our click through rate is four times the industry standard for finance. Because we built a connection out here. You see what I mean? I called the gotcha. The gimmicky schema. So like, but if you are looking at a cohesive, way to connect with your audience, it all works congruently together. I suggest the products and service are so good. Do you see what I mean? I have done things with the team.

Where other companies have come to me, like, so there are other like, brands that come to me. Maybe they have like a stock course or whatever, like my friend, right. And we have done. Literally built somebody a six figure business in a weekend. No, no, no. That comes from relationship that comes from years of pouring. I was telling my, I, so I have chapter, so DreamCatchers are my tribe.

And so the chapter leaders, we had our first national leadership conference meeting, yesterday. And I was telling them I was asking them because I believe in servant leadership, what do you want? What do you need? I said, I have this unique ability to connect with people in a way.

And I had yet to receive a no. From the very beginning. Like I asked a friend of mine who has this huge black girl. Therapy brand. If she could come and teach a free class to my audience, I actually asked two of my friends and I thought to myself, why these women, like they have since then built audiences huge. Cause I was like, do you know anybody? And that was like, and I was talking about, so why would she do this for me? And then I remember six years ago when she was first starting and she had her first, in-person kind of like mini conference and she asked me to speak and I showed up.

I showed up. I stayed late. I came early and I thought about my other friends, same thing before I even knew her, she asked me to come. It was like six people in the room. And I was one of the six speaking. This is when like, you know, The Budgetnista was kind of bumped. And then, but I showed up and I think to myself over and over and over again, how many seeds like that, that I have planted?

And I will pour, you know, before we got on this phone right now, every, every day. Every once a week, I have like a, I have two leadership calls with my lead team, but on Mondays we do something called our mental health check in where we check in with each other. And a friend of mine is struggling with her team.

So you can see how we interact. And so you can hear from dip from different folks, how they work through leadership. So when I asked her to come in, in service to my community, they were like, yes. Because you have an excellent people ask all the time like, Oh Tiffany, I would, I would love to partner with you.

Well, what are you bringing to the table? Like partner, are you saying you want to partner with me or, Hey, Tiffany, can you make me some money? Come on now. Right now, if you want to really be of service girl, serve. Are you going to pour into them and love on them and make sure they are good? Are you going to over, over. Are you going to give them 10 times what they paid for anyone who I partner with? We have that talk ahead of time. Think again. So what I need you to do is bring it all.

But I have this other product. But you said you wanted to connect, so I need you to bring it all. And I promise you, many of those dream catchers are going to buy that out a problem. And then they go on to invest deeply. I said, why? Because when you pour into people, they pour back the law of reciprocity, States that like. You know, you holding back, people are people, they can feel you, they can feel you cheating them.

So like, I just wish more people. How do you do good work? How do you help good people? And how do you make good money? And I was making, I had an eight figure year business because people would be like, Oh girl, A hundred Google.

Cause you make a hundred thousand dollars a year. Can I speak on it now that it is possible to do good work? It certainly is. You know, love on that. Be transparent. Be kind of, my audience goes up to you for me. You build an audience like that. So, I mean, I feel like if I own the bank, I would have a million people who, who deposit the money into my bank. If I owned a record, I would have a million people that deposit money.

Being a good steward of that trust it is, it is your, to me. Let me just get my money and be out. Cause Dream Catchers are good. Being able to do all of this. And really just seven or eight years,. Tiffany Aliche: I would have learned to lead. So in the beginning it was just me, me, me, me, me. And I should have practiced leadership with interns with help.

Cause I was doing everything myself and it took me. Some time to learn how to be a leader. And I was listening to them like, cause listening to them a mentor, my friend who needed the help with her leadership, just to hear my team and how like. Confident and strong.

They were in how, how much they felt like listened to and autonomous on the team. Tiffany lets me do what I want to do. But ultimately I hired you to know our high. Did you hired you to figure it out? Not me. And we also have to jump to on our team is that, I remember an intern. One time she made a mistake. I like with the emails he had like the wrong date or time or something. And she was like crying. She was like, Oh yeah.

And I called her and she was like, sorry. I was like, Oh my God, girl, who did you kill? I was like, who did you kill? Murdering folks. He was like, what? I was like, girl, you send out an email. Did you kill somebody? It just might be your, I might not have you working in your genius zone, so you might be a C plus here, but A Plus here I have an expectation of excellence and you can expect that if you do right by me, I do better by you.

I was overwhelming myself. I, there was times when I was highly stressed because I was taking on all the things. And if I had practiced leadership, I would know that I could relinquish those things to the people that work for me and work with me. Casanova Brooks: Was there, is there one thing that you would credit to being able to. Get better at your leadership skills. Like a lot of people read book.

Good to great things. Like, like what would you credit? Was it just a mentor? What I was scared to show up. I was scared to push back. So I remember I was so scared and then she made these like, incredible demands. Like, I want this, I want this, I want your company. I want, like, it was crazy her demands.

She was like, wait, what? So for the first six months we were like scrambling. On that podcast, because it was a podcast that I listened to that where someone was talking about audacious goals, those were the words. So it could be someone terrible. And so when. Despite all of this, these three things are true. Cause I never, I never kind of showed her the trajectory of her income.

So she thought that she was being cheated even though I was paying her more than me. So once I showed her that she was like, Oh, so it was not enough transparency. And how am I being paid there? There was never this sense of like, I can shut off. I was like, okay, I can acknowledge that this is right.

Cause it was just me and her. We were overworking ourselves unnecessarily and there was a third thing. So transparency, work, balance and appreciation. Tiffany Aliche: So those three things I remember, I was like, I pulled those three things out and I started listening to podcasts.

I listened to that one about audacious goals. I started listening to podcasts. Talk about. There were people who loved her. What do I do? Because now people are like, there are people who loved her, who barely knew me. The core mission of helping women. Especially women of color and how are we doing that through education and the what? Here are some components of what that, how it manifests itself. But also two I created to, to us, to, address the transparency.

I created this, this color grid with the CFO at the time, about what color, if I wanted it to be transparent, that everyone could kind of see what they should be making, but not know what everybody else was making. So we made a color grid. You knew your color. But do you see like the way people? The sense of like, Oh, but she was right. Of all the other stuff I was like, okay.

So one, we created that chart. It helps significantly then too, about this balance. So we really created like shut off times and. Really leaning into like, you know, like, you know, making sure you spend time with your family and doing that. What are they wanting to work together versus? Cause there are people, some people who are night owls and prefer not to work during the day. So giving people that space and leeway and then finally appreciation.

So I started, I would say the first year after she left, I would do a spotlight. We have Slack, which is our internal messaging system. I would do it. So I wanted them to feel that appreciation. And now we do that spotlight actually out in the open. What we do, I call my, Team. I named them too. I call them unicorns. Cause I tell them they make magic happen every day. The unicorn squad, I got the new Accords for our tee shirts.

We took them on a amazing retreat. This was our second one. Last year was our second one. We pay for everything, flight, hotel, food reflect. Cause everybody on my team works digitally all over around the country who them in. But you see that for appreciation and real life. At least a year. So it is not about work. But do you see how, like it started from like, I have money, but we could do a spotlight and Slack right now.

We have the money to fly folks out. And I even now do a unicorn spotlight on my social pages because a lot of people on the team have their own personal businesses. And it sounds counterintuitive to showcase a business, even though they work for my business, they go even harder. I want founder of a financial foundation.

I want happiness. I want time. People are not going to go hard for you. Nobody works for me. They work with me. And so the dream is all of ours and everyone should feel like they have a piece of that dream and they benefit financially. They should take their gifts and talents elsewhere.

I truly believe that. It is my role to earn the right, to be worthy, to work with the people who work with me to be worthy, to work with, to, to have the audience that I have. I have to earn the right to serve Dream Catchers. Are they earning me, they over here, talk to me while the crazy like, Oh, this is raggedy email. Are you pouring into me? I chase my dream catchers.

No point to them, people get mad. And so, yeah. Casanova Brooks: Yeah, absolutely. And I love it. I need to get in there. At some point he got to slim down a little bit and he going to be looking to do some shows. One thing. You talked about your mission, you talked about empowering women, right?

For a lot of people, they have a mission. Cause I seen a Tim Ferriss video just about a week ago. And he talks about, should you be a generalist or should you be a specialist. For you? The Budgetnista and you just really trying to empower women to go after business.

But then also talking finances, they can be looked at as kind of having their own lanes. Talk to me about, what is your thoughts on a generalist or a specialist, and more specifically, do you feel when somebody starts out to create their tribe,.

Is that good enough? Soon as you out the gate, I do this women, men, kids money, this book business, right? So here you are. Your growth is stunted. So is there some growth? This is a specialist. And so I grew this tree trunk so strong. So thoroughly that eventually from that tree trunk. So this is my tree trunk. Now I can branch off to different things.

So now I can talk about credit. I can talk about debt. I can talk about businesses. I could talk about all these different things because I can branch off from the strongest trunk that I could build. So I believe that you should be a mix of the both, but start off being a specialist. Building that tree trunk building that trust building that, that, that core tribe, my core tribe are black women.

And now, do we have other women that follow? Yes, we have men that follow. Now you are free to listen and learn. And I welcome you. And so that is my tree trunk. So yeah, starting off as a specialist. And then you can end up being more general. I always think of Nike. Nike was a sneaker. Once you build the tree trunk.

And so I wrote this little book cause I was like, I want a little Brown girl sat and looked like a light. So super chocolaty. Well, hello. And it teaches what I call pre financial lessons for our kids. I could branch out. I could probably have water. I could probably have lamps. I could probably have you see what I mean? Tiffany Aliche: So build that tree trunk, cause be a specialist at first and then you can branch off and be a little bit more general.

Like what. And then when you close that gap, the next 60 feet is revealed. And that friend is going to get Nick, give you the key. I gotta bring light, but you know what? I learned how to get that ring light. I got this ring like four years ago. I just did own, I did, this new show on own coffee or not with Aiyana box. And like, imagine doing ever forced me to learn how to do my own hair, because I was like, Oh my goodness.

But guess what? My head was laid on fear, not with Aiyana. Like, do you want to know why? Because 10 years ago I unlocked the cheat code for learning how to do my own locks. But do you see that so many people want to go from door one to 10, but the key you need to open door 10 is that door three and the map you need for it to, for the journey endorsement is that door forum.

When you get there, you need to go through the steps. The work is in the reaping, not the sewing. When someone told me that, I was like, okay, wait a minute. What do you mean? The reaping is where the real gangster the gangster work is. And so, yeah, just, just keeping that in mind, what is the next best step, a phone call, a list being made in an email, a podcast, and the next step will be revealed after that.

There it is right there. People, if you have not gotten the inspiration out of this one to just take action. This has been everything for anybody who wants to stay connected with you. We will definitely have links in the show notes, but where can they find you at. I also have, on The Budgetnista on Instagram, on Facebook, on, Twitter, even a tick tock, tick tock, but you might say one day.

Is other finance and finance adjacent experts. When we take it to the next level, all my basic stuff is free, right? So like how to budget, how to save, but you might want to learn how to start a business, or you might want to learn how to start a nonprofit or how to get press, or just really how to invest retirement estate planning.

And so I started my Live Richer Academy to, to teach you how to do so. Casanova Brooks: Yes, absolutely. We definitely will have that in there. So The Budgetnista, I just want to say thank you so much for your time. And to make sure that I have servant leadership. So then I can make sure that I can catch those dreams one day. So thank you again and remember dream nation and the dream we trust, but we must take action.

Subscribe to our newsletter to get up-to-date news and access to premium content! DreamNation will never sell, rent or share any of your information to any outside party without any of your permission. Tiffany got 10 years of teaching experience and that is where she built her business on. She started teaching financial education one-one-one for 50 bucks.

It honed her skills for the scaling up ahead of her. She then went on teaching small groups to teaching at universities to teaching audiences worldwide. First, actively participate in the next level. We do have a lot of giveaways and free stuffs. And that is how people follow you, when you give a lot to your community. Many entrepreneurs got stuck there. The truth is, you can still be of service, helping good people do good work while making good money.

That means you should also have to have a business financial plan. Think about your whys. Think about where will you be if you will not work on your dream. Will you come back to the job you hate? Or will you keep pushing until you prove to them, and most importantly to yourself that you can and you made it? Debt free does not equal wealth. Debt freedom should be a result of building wealth.

Be aggressive with paying debts that is an expensive debt, meaning it has high interest rate. Low interest rate debts may be put off a little bit for you to invest your energy on investing to business etc. It may be stocks, real estate, or businesses.

Identify what it is that you need for support and identify what is it that your spouse needs for support. Harmony is when things collectively work together for the greater good. Harmony is important in marriage, in friendships and other relationships, as well as in your team. Advertisement comes after, where you amplify who you already are. Business owners should know how to pitch yourself, should know what their messaging is and should know how to build connections with their audience before hiring a marketing person.

Plant as many seeds as you can without expecting something in return. Do your friends need help? Offer help and show up. Pour all the values that you can. When you pour into people, they pour back- that is the law of reciprocity. Take the time to learn and practice how to lead. There is a bush business and a tree business.

A bush business is when you open a business and you cater to all. You stunt your growth. But a tree business is something that starts with a one, strong trunk. When you grow that tree you can now branch off to many different things. So start as a specialist, and when you build your core tribe, you can branch out. You need to go through all the steps and collect the tools, resources and lessons that you are going to need for the next step.

Check Us Out on Apple Podcasts! Feel free to leave a review or share with a friend. Casanova Brooks: Crazy. And so, but will Smith, if you go to YouTube and type in will Smith wisdom. Scaling your business And so the beginning, it was this one-on-one like so many entrepreneurs went hand in hand one-on-one and I remember literally I used to Google and read everything I could find about marketing and growth.

Casanova Brooks: Yeah, Tiffany Aliche: when he was like dead broke. Tell me what this Casanova Brooks: budget, so where you are with what you have. I remember looking at it like, okay, but I was just like, I kind of put it to the side and I was just like, okay. Tiffany Aliche: My biggest was. Is it sounds, were you already pretty successful before you and your husband got together? Casanova Brooks: And so like, somebody was just in my corner.

Balance vs. Harmony Let me ask how do you keep the balance? So how do you keep the balance? Do you think that there is a such thing as balance now? I saw her a text came in. She had the nerve to swipe it up, like girl, bye. You know, Casanova Brooks: The harmony. Harmony So thank you for dropping that knowledge bomb. And what do I mean by that? Marketing Yourself So in proactive in the world that we live in today, a lot of people want to build businesses.

Tiffany Aliche: What would you say? So, Tiffany Aliche: well, first and foremost, you, before you even find yourself a Jabrill and you need to find yourself, you know, so meaning that, are you, are you clear about your messaging? That comes from relationship that comes from years of pouring Marketing Yourself in. Servant Leadership From the very beginning. Servant Leadership Casanova Brooks: I love it. And really just seven or eight years, Tiffany Aliche: I would have learned to lead.

That was like, what does she have me scared of my own company? Casanova Brooks: Right. So giving so much value to her, helped her establish her own foundation. Leadership Casanova Brooks: Yeah, absolutely. At some point he got to slim down a little bit and he going to be looking to do some shows and I need my, I need my name right in there.

Generalist vs Specialist For a lot of people, they have a mission.


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Ваша full time betting blogger будет

I plan on diving a little deeper here this year by providing more than 55 H2H selections, but I don't have any massive gripes with this article as a whole since it is the leftovers that didn't make the premium section. You know those high-society clubs that look down upon you if you aren't a part of them?

I almost feel like we have gotten that sort of a feel in the market when it comes to golfers that played last weekend at Kapalua. There has been a ton of forgiveness bestowed upon players for their poor showing at the Tournament of Champions, and the narrative continues to be spread throughout the industry that you are drawing dead at Waialae if you weren't included in the illustrious group of "champions.

The Mexican golfer does most of his damage off the tee, and some red flags are lurking when you dive a little deeper into his stats. Ranking outside the top in this field in strokes gained in moderate or worse wind, short putts on Bermuda and driving accuracy, Ortiz has a chance to implode out of nowhere. Talor Gooch doesn't necessarily have safety built into himself either. The American has missed three of his last seven cuts and hasn't exactly been sharp in his two most recent appearances at the venue, finishing 63rd last season and missing the cut in An 18th-place showing in should raise your optimism slightly, but I do believe Gooch's volatility makes him a tough golfer to trust weekly.

This is not a road you will see me go down very often, as I am not a huge proponent of grabbing two elite golfers with very little to nitpick about and facing them off against one another in the head-to-head market. It is generally difficult to locate an edge when doing this, but Webb Simpson isn't your average player. The American has shown in the past that he dominates at the same properties every year, which is emphasized by him posting five straight top results at Waialae.

We have seen Collin Morikawa provide a few letdowns after a disappointing final round the week prior, and I am hoping that Simpson's safety places us in a spot that will make the youngster show up with an elite result to beat him. This number is like trying to get ahead of lightning. The price moved before I could possibly consider it for the 'Vegas Report,' and it continues to balloon up by each passing second.

I'm ok with the idea of playing it at anything under , but the risk becomes too much if we exceed that territory. That is not enough to warrant fading a player, but it does add to the potential dangers of a golfer that is getting the full benefit of his current form and past results at the property.

When we look a little deeper into Smith as a player and don't let his past results tell the story, there are some issues I see. The Aussie ranks nd compared to the field in driving accuracy and also comes in outside the top in ball-striking.

I am not a course history truther, but Smith has been phenomenal in this event. His victory last year tells part of the story, but the year-old had even provided three tops here before that since It is hard for me to understand how Smith ranks 20th in this field over the past two years putting but 81st on Bermuda over his last rounds while still finding all the success he has at Waialae, but I am going to trust my math over the past results to help me shape this image.

Like what you read today? I am not a huge three-ball player, but we have an interesting trio here of two players I have lower than market expectation. I view this as another way to target Cameron Smith and Carlos Ortiz. Those two are featured in this particular write-up as golfers I will be fading, and Sungjae Im makes it even more enticing to take another shot against them.

Pure number grab here. Harris English is the deserving favorite, but we have gotten slightly carried away with where he is being priced next to Adam Scott. Matt Kuchar's course history has helped to keep the Aussie inflated at a number that is probably points higher than it should be for the round. This is the most volatile market in the sport and not one I generally advise investing too much into, but the goal this week should be to look for guys who either can catch fire with their putter or go wild with their irons.

We continue with our evaluation of the dynasty league value of high-profile players in our Dynasty Price Check series. Should you trade them or trade for them? Are they being overvalued or undervalued by dynasty players? Read More. It's the offseason! Except when it comes to dynasty leagues, there is no offseason. We'll be spending some time this year thinking about how to value individual players in dynasty in our Dynasty Price Check series. What's a player's current value? Are they being overvalued or undervalued The NFL season is officially coming to a close, which means it is time to start preparing for fantasy football drafts!

Free agency will have a chance to change the landscape of the league for several teams and players and could have a massive fantasy impact for next season. Throughout the next several We've already covered Ezekiel Elliott, which you can read here. Today, we'll be looking at Jacksonville Jaguars running back The NFL regular season is now in the rear-view mirror, so let's look back on what happened.

Today, that means looking back on some busts. While plenty of good things happened this season, some players didn't live up to expectations. He will likely take it slow as he eases back into the octagon, trying to conserve his energy and see where he is physically before letting it go full out against a tough opponent. OVER 2. Yes, you will lose at least two of those, and all three if Ponzinibbio wins or Jingliang wins on points. Please gamble responsibly. Follow SportsbookWire on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Gannett may earn revenue from audience referrals to betting services. Newsrooms are independent of this relationship and there is no influence on news coverage. Sandhagen steps into the octagon with a five-inch height and two-inch reach advantage over his counterpart. He also arrives with a big 6. Ferreira puts his solid record on the line against the UFC veteran Dariush in an intriguing fight early on the main card. Stamann was expected to face Andre Ewell, who was pulled from the card due to a positive COVID test, according to his management.

Ewell is reportedly asymptomatic and quarantining in Las Please enter an email address. Something went wrong. Ponzinibbio vs. Alexander Volkov odds, picks and prediction. Manel Kape odds, picks and prediction. Clay Guida odds, picks and prediction.

Frankie Edgar odds, picks and prediction Joe Williams. January 14, From The Web Ads by Zergnet. Beneil Dariush odds, picks and prediction Joe Williams. Ferreira checks in with a two-inch reach advantage, while Askar Askar odds, picks and prediction Joe Williams.