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Jdesktop integration components binary options

Now this is a fresh install, no settings upgraded from. We did have version 11 installed but becasue I could not do a direct upgrade from 11 Enterprise to Event Viewer is not showing anything, just that The Symantec Embedded Database service hung on starting. We have a Windows R2 Rackspace cloud server currently running with windows firewall.

We had SEP small Business 12 running on dedicated servers at our previous location. First boot after install, the interfaces won't come up. Have to log in to java console and reboot once more. This allows the could server to access the network interfaces again.

Jeden Tag erhalte ich die Information, dass auf dem Server soundso die Dateireputation fehlgeschlagen ist. Das Problem ist mittlerweile behoben. Seit ca. Leider weiss ich nicht, wie ichh dies abstellen kann. Meines Erachtens sollte die Warnmeldung somit als erledigt gelten. While going through the upgrade proceedure from Any ideas? We presently have a lot of virtual desktops in our environment that we previously had SEP installed on.

They have since been uninstalled because it appeared that the clients were storing way too many definitions on the user's personalization layer on the desktop, and thus causing them to run out of space. I believe this previously happened with version We're trying to get as much information as possible for the re-deployment of This goes for both Citrix as well as Unidesk. Does anyone have any information they can provide on what they know works and what doesn't? I'll be happy to answer any questions that I can.

I have a user who is trying to download a demo of an application but SEP is blocking it based on reputation. I put the user in their own group in Clients, created an exceptions policy just for this group, and then went into Monitors, selected the demo that was blocked and added the risk to the newly created exception policy. When I hit save for adding the risk I received the following dialog box --Webpage Dialog at the top of the box and in the body it said Undefinied.

I checked that the exception had been added to the exception policy and it was there with an action of ignore. The user tried again today to download the demo and was blocked once again based on Reputation although this time the filename for the demo was exe. What does the error mean that I was getting when I tried to add the exception? Any idea why SEP would catch the application as exe. Another question I have is when I checked on the exception in the policy I noticed that the File Fingerprint has a '2:' infront of the hash and same for the Exception Item.

What does this mean and would that cause any issues with allowing the application to be downloaded? Also, I typically like to review group policy settings on clients machines -- this requires that the RPC server is availalbe. On some of the Symantec clients installed in this configuration I cannot do either -- use the app services or, run RSOP tests. When I try, I get the following error:. When we try to launch the SEPM we receive the following:. I can manage and control every thingmy clients Restart , Scan , policies , with exeption update content.

My All Symantec CLient is running on These correspond with a full system scan that runs on Sunday mornings. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Slashdot Apparel is back! Do you develop on GitHub? You can keep using GitHub but automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool and take advantage of SourceForge's massive reach.

Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn. The idea is to create a Java API that allows Java applications to better integrate with a modern desktop. Documentation and demos are available and there is an incubator project SaverBeans Screensaver under way. Sun has been a proponent of developing desktop apps in Java, including a number of open source Java apps in the Java Desktop System and developing new ones for it as well Java System Updater , and this appears to be a step towards making that goal a bit easier.

But those willing to step back and look at all facets JDIC, Java Desktop System, Looking Glass previews, etc , hopefully others will see that Sun is getting more serious about making Java a platform for desktop developers. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. Score: 5 , Interesting. That's a much better license than I was expecting. Of course, I don't know just what is being covered. It's important to know that before giving Sun too much credit.

Still, they haven't been slow about being viscious in public, so no reason for them to be subtle now. Share twitter facebook. Sun has simply figured out that it doesn't matter if they make some parts of the platform open source as long as they still control core portions of the platform. And Sun does: not only is there no complete open source implementation of crucial components like Swing although the SWT-Swing effort may be changing that , even if people should manage to make a credible and complete open source Java 2 implementation, Sun's licensing restrictions on the Java specifications and their Java-related patents would probably let them shut down or control any such implementation should it become a threat to their dominance.

Parent Share twitter facebook. In other news Score: 5 , Funny. We have no plans to make JDesktop Integration Components open source in the near future. That's good news Score: 4 , Interesting. This can help the GCJ [gnu. Misinformed Score: 4 , Informative. Classpath itself is "already there".

Classpath is slowly being merged into libgcj. Re:Misinformed Score: 2. Startup times are pretty good with java these days too. Running a hello world which should consist of pretty much only startup takes 0. Come to think about it, I'm sure I had those times before. Most likely it changed after upgrading to Fedora 2 2.

Are you running 2. Good step forward, but Score: 4 , Insightful. Why now? We could all run Java based browsers and applications if those guys would have put their thinking caps on half a decade ago. Just my personal opinion - as usual, I could be wrong ;-. Re:Good step forward, but I agree completely. They had their perfect cross-platform platform back then. They could have done so much, back when there was no real competition in that area read desktop apps, such as browser, office, etc Score: 2.

No competition in ? Right in the midst of the MS lawsuit largely due to Sun? I'll have some of what you're smoking! Although all alternatives to IE, Outlook, and Office weren't really that usable yet Mozilla was bloated and sluggish, OpenOffice buggy, etc Hence my "no real competition" That's why.

I'm not smoking anything. Maybe I should. Score: 4 , Interesting. Swing was in its infancy, was dog slow at the best of times and didn't play well with threads. If they had tried to do this then, or anytime before Swing became a lot more usable, then it would have died before anyone noticed.

They probably could have done it a little sooner, but its possible that because they now ship Gnome instead of CDE they're rethinking some of they ways the deploy a GUI desktop, or are making it easier to create apps with Java across all installations for desktop oriented tasks so that more programmers realize what can be done with Java. Score: 2 , Informative. But now Joe Schmoe can get a 2. Unless there are some really serious performance problems with a particular runtime environment, there is no reason for a Java app to run noticeably slower than an precompiled machine binary app in the language of your choice barring serious number crunchers, of course Last time I tried Espial Escape, it was quite fast.

Of course, the downside at the time was that it was pretty much compatible with NS4, which is now useless, but I read that things are evolving quite fast on that front Score: 3 , Informative. Java is not necessarily slow. Badly coded Java can be, but Java itself tends to be quite fast. I know companies that are writing essential services with 5 9s reliability in Java because it's fast enough and a lot easier to maintain.

Thanks for pointing out that I was right after all - of course if you're wrong, I might still be right, unless this is your opinion, in that case we're both right ;-. I think Score: 2. I think what the original AC meant was that there was talk not long ago about Gnome version 3 or 4 being written to function within Mono, thereby delivering. NET on Linux couldn't be more wrong, but I get what the intent was. Mono is an open implementation of. Net, not supported by Microsoft, the creator of.

Score: 2 , Interesting. Man, that was uncalled for. My head is spinning with comments. Must not read Slashdot thread for other's jokes. Seriously folks, lets keep this on topic and confine these things to a single thread that is easily ignorable. Replying to this would be a good start. Still an abusive friend Score: 4 , Interesting. Java -- liked it, thought it was the future, then it ran slow on the desktop so I stopped looking at it. I heard it's great on the server side, though.

Then processors got faster and memory got cheaper so I thought hey, let's do Java on the desktop again! I compiled and ran it on a Win98 box, transferred it over to a Linux box, and it worked spiffy except for a few font complaints. I had issues creating a jar file, though, and eventually got sidetracked away from the language altogether. In the end, Java seems like an abusive friend -- I keep going back, and it keeps giving me pain.

Haven't gotten around to running Eclipse and trying again. Not sure if it's safe to give this 'relationship' another shot. Re:Still an abusive friend Score: 5 , Insightful. I had issues creating a jar file You realize that this is like saying "I has issues creating a. If you can't get a jar file, you didn't go very far in your investigations. Haven't gotten around to running Eclipse and trying again Last time I tried, it was really simple: Run the installer, double click on the.

If you can't get that working, then I guess Java is not for you. Re:Still an abusive friend Score: 2. Maybe his jar file was written to a file called "a. Thus the cycle continues -- effort to learn Java depends on its success on the desktop. Success on the desktop depends on effort to learn Java Hmm, interesting. I don't actually think the effort to learn Java is that big. But of coure I already know it, so I am biaised As for the jar file, I ended up creating one but wasn't able to launch it from the command line.

Something about explicitly pointing to the main class or whatnot. So a jar file is nothing else but a zip of a bunch of. Re:Still an abusive friend Score: 3 , Informative. Sounds like some fairly basic issues. Not hard to do a google search on. Of course, it should just be pinned on Java, right? Java is about as intuitive to learn as MSVC It's easy to make a "hello world" jar that runs from the command line, but making an actual graphical applet that runs that way is quite a bit different.

Of course, it is a weaknes of Java to lack such a nice builder. Take a few min and read man java and man jar if you have the main-class set correctly in the manifest you can do: java -jar yourjar. Main where org. Main is the main class of your app.

I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that any non-trivial platform you want to use is going to take some time to learn. Put some effort into it and read them. Esply the part on the jar tool. I think what he was talking about was that he didn't have a manifest file with "Main-Class: com. MyMainClass" in it. My impressions Score: 4 , Interesting. Looking glass is way cool, I am itching and burning to get my hands on a copy of that and perhaps some ointment.

Java Desktop is gnome with a new theme. Seriously they didn't even do as good a job as Redhat with Bluecurve in pretending that it was anything more than that. I suppose the real benefit is the legitimacy that it lends Linux on the desktop to the PHBs of the world, but technically it appears to be nothing to get excited about. But the demos I've seen for looking glass It looks like Apple's Expose on steroids.

Re:My impressions Score: 4 , Funny. Java footprint too large for ubiquitous usage Score: 4 , Insightful. Java's memory footprint is currently too large to allow numerous java programs of a moderate complexity and size to be running simultaneously on the desktop. Until Sun gets VM sharing going, we will not see Java attain a strong desktop presence. And, in the meantime, Microsoft will be cleaning Java's clock with. However, I fear that that is not a priority for Sun, and instead we'll see.

Hope Sun proves me wrong. Your wish shall be granted. Re:Your wish shall be granted. That's a step in the right direction, but it does not go far enough. As the blurb says, only 5 to 6 MB gets shared. I am running JDK 1. They are easily the top 3 memory pigs of the processes currently running on my desktop.

It is possible that gtop and ksy. I think the bigger problem is just the super-object nature of it causes things to be large, especially since "everything is an object". Other languages which makes use of object-orientation do not exhibit what you suppose is the cause. In systems like scheme and lisp for example, there are no primitives at all.

Is what you propose going to be in. If so then I would want to avoid it at all cost. Just imagine if one of those classes has a bug, and it crashes the VM. Now Microsoft wouldn't develop any buggy classes would they? Sun or anyone for that matter has to be very very careful on how they do this.

IYour example "Eclipes", isn't a good true world test. How much memory does visual studio take up? IDE's have always been hogs. On some systems Outlook takes over MB to load. Getting the initial VM lo. Specifically things like a Java calculator, notepad, ping program, or other small programs.

The basic usage of the Java 1. I presume you mean something like this? This is first o. In our projects we have found that the. NET winforms foot print is minium 11mb, but often is at least mb. So please stop spreading FUD. Re:Java footprint too large for ubiquitous usage Score: 5 , Insightful.

By default the 1. New machines are purchased with around MB of memory. That is enough to run more than 10 copies of this app. You can run many more GUI apps. If you don't require a GUI, Java apps can require memory requirements of the order of single figures of megabytes, including the VM for each app.

How many Java apps do you want to run - 10, 20, 30, 40? Microsoft will be cleaning Java's clock with. For now. NET is simply an alternative desktop development environment. Microsoft have a very low presence in the mid-range and high-end server market.

Unless a full-featured not just Mono enterprise-level. Net is released to the Unix market. Net will have very little impact on the server side, which is where Java has a dominant and growing presence. If Java starts to grow on the desktop as well,.

Net is in trouble. Re:Java footprint too large for ubiquitous usage Score: 2. If you're so desperate for a shared VM, you could always use JShell, [mac. Version 1. There are serious concerns that have to be addressed: namely security and stability. If I have two apps running on the same VM it is possible that they could one could crash both or look into the other ones memory space.

Kinda icky. NET has no solution for this problem. Name mistake Score: 5 , Insightful. The biggest problem in naming it the Java Desktop System is that you are making your product lines vague and ambiguous. Didn't you learn anything from watching the whole Microsoft. NET hilarity as that ensued. Why not name it the Linux Desktop System, thereby keeping naming distinct between OS and development technologies?

Sure, it's good to tie them together, but you need some focus and clarity among the things you are trying to push. Now, somewhat more contraverial, is you also need to recognize the contributions of the many people who's code you are selling. It would seem a responsible thing for a member of the community to acknowledge their participation by helping promote the name Linux, GNOME, whatever.

Not just Linux Score: 5 , Informative. Because it will not always be Linux underneath. Running the JDS just means you have a common set of apps, ui, libraries and java. It could soon be Solaris x86 underneath or a sparc version running on Sunrays which I still think are cool.

Re:Not just Linux Score: 2. Re:Name mistake Score: 2. Not much worse, really. That basically isn't much worse than what we have now, where naive users refer to "Mandrake Linux 9. Re:Not much worse, really. I concur. Another Desktop API? Score: 2 , Insightful. For a company that claims it doesn't want ot see java splintered by open source Sun sure is trying to make things complicated. See eclipse [slashdot. NET-Just wait. How does this help make Java a more unified platform?

You are wrong. This is just a library, it's not part of standard libs of the language. So this isn't fragmenting anything. And Sun can't prevent why would want? That may do a little fragmentation, but it does run over Java anyway. I agree somewhat with the last part: what Sun should d. Java not fragmented? That's 4 different desktops. Not including AWT. Firstly, its 3. You are confusing 'Desktop' with 'GUI'. I am thinking anything is better than Java in the hands of Sun. Sun have kept the core of Java and the bytecode stable while opening up parts of the spec so that other companies have been able to offer a variety of APIs.

What is your problem?


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Posted by. Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition. Expand all Collapse all sort by most recent sort by thread. Jdesktop integration components binary has stopped working Jump to Best Answer. Hi, I thought this problem was resolved back in RU2, or to be exact the"Jdesktop integration c Did you try a repair?

This is on production and the downtime schedule is still Engage support. They can pull logs. I'm on it. Jdesktop integration components binary has stopped working. Posted AM. Hi, I thought this problem was resolved back in RU2, or to be exact the"Jdesktop integration components binary has stopped working" when the home or the reports tab got pressed, but I'd just experience this today when I was logging out.

Describe the reason this content should be moderated required. RE: Jdesktop integration components binary has stopped working. RE: Jdesktop integration components binary has stopped working Best Answer. Posted PM.

This thread already has a best answer. In addition to the usual classpath requirements, you also must provide the OS libraries that the Java classes will call. As of JDIC release 0. Setting these files up should get you up and running. Once you're all set and ready to roll, read on to get started on the examples. I'll show you a small example application for each JDIC component, each of which addresses a specific gap that exists in the Java language now.

The first component in the JDIC project and the initial inspiration for the project is WebBrowser , which gives you a way to tap into the OS's built-in browser. Anyone familiar with Swing knows all too well that it's difficult to view Web pages in a Java application. The existing Swing components, JEditorPane for example, do a poor job of displaying all but the simplest Web pages.

Especially frustrating for Swing developers is the fact that a fully functional browser is available on every machine now but has remained unusable to their applications. The built-in browser Internet Explorer in Windows or Mozilla on Linux machines is even used by other native applications. The WebBrowser class lets a Swing application embed the native browser into any application. It's important to note though, that WebBrowser is only the rendering portion of the Web browser application.

The component does not include the Back button, the address bar, the status bar, or anything else that is not part of the application's rendering portion. But, as you'll see in a moment, WebBrowser does include methods that let you implement these common browser features.

The WebBrowser component inherits from the java. This should raise some concern with Swing developers, who are familiar with the problems of mixing AWT and Swing components, including repainting problems. The WebBrowser component overrides the java. What does all this mean to a Swing developer? This isn't as bad as it might sound. But why keep talking about visual components when you can watch them in action?

The example to run is one that ships with the JDIC download, repackaged with the rest of this article's examples so you can get them all in one download see Download. To see the WebBrowser example in action, run the demo. Browser main class. Figure 2 shows the WebBrowser example in action:. Now that you've seen WebBrowser in action, take a look at some of the methods in the WebBrowser class that let you create a full-featured browser:. This function is cool because you can use it to change the way a Web site looks, even a third-party site.

Try adding the following line to the demo application after a page loads:. This gives every Web site loaded a blue background, overriding the site's default background color. Classes that are interested in the events that WebBrowser is firing should add themselves as listeners to WebBrowser though its addWebBrowserListener method.

And that, in a nutshell, is the WebBrowser component. You can safely count on full Web support -- even for displaying the most difficult Web sites -- in any application. It lets Java applications place icons in the system tray in Windows, the area in the lower-right corner of the screen containing icons such as the Volume icon.

A growing trend in Windows applications is to add a large amount of functionality to system-tray icons. Instant-messaging applications are a good example. They often give users access to many choices, such as closing the application, only through their system-tray icons. Until now, Java applications were unable to participate in this trend. In fact, the entire org. Run the example application -- the demo. When you run the application, you should see the yin-yang icon, like the one in the upper-left corner of Figure 3, in your Windows system tray.

Its appearance in Linux and Solaris will of course be different. And even in Windows, it won't look exactly as in Figure 3, because it's impossible to take a screen capture of the menus from the system tray, so this is a re-created image. The interesting part of the example isn't the JFrame itself but how it handles the interaction with the system tray. Take a look at the code in the example application that set this up.

The first step is to get an instance of the machine's system tray:. The TrayIcon class unfortunately currently hard codes how it interacts with mouse clicks. JDIC users are clamoring for this to change. TrayIcon fires an ActionEvent on a single left mouse click and displays the pop-up menu on a single right mouse click.

That's it -- you've created a nifty system-tray icon that gives your Java application a very native feel to it. It lets TrayIcon show the familiar "bubble message" familiar to Windows users. By clicking the Alert button in the example application, you can see this bubble message in action.

Here's the code that implements it:. Currently, Java applications have no way of using default applications to open files. For example, a Java application can't open a. It doesn't know the path to Word on each machine, and on top of that, it has no way of knowing if Microsoft Word is the preferred application for working with. And there's no easy way to print this. The Desktop class in JDIC solves these problems by creating some straightforward static methods that let a Java application interact with system applications.

These system applications are built into the OS -- only the OS knows which application should open a. This component isn't as useful overall as the SystemTray component, but it does fill a nice niche. Any Java application that deals with a variety of file types, such as a file browser, can use the Desktop class's methods:.

You can see the functions in action in the example program demo. The top part of the application lets you to browse for a file and then open it, as you can see in Figure When you click the Open button, the Desktop class invokes the system's default PDF viewer, as you can see in the following code:.

This component might not seem important at first glance, but after I describe it, you'll see that it's a very important part of creating an overall Java desktop application. The fundamental problem that FileType solves is the inability of existing Java programs to register file extensions and associate them with an application. When you double-click on a file with a. Java applications have no way to do this. You can't write a Java application that opens automatically when you double-click on a file with a new extension.

You can't register a file extension such as "jexx" to open your own Java application. This is a severe setback to Java application developers because it keeps their applications from feeling like a part of the native operating system. Tell me -- when users double-click on a file, do you want them to have to navigate the Open with The three classes in the org. You can choose to have different applications do the opening and the editing. For example, your application can open an XML file with a browser and edit it with a text editor.

After linking the action to the association, you can register it with the OS. Start exploring the demo. FileExtensionDemo class the same example application discussed in the previous section, Native file support. This time, you'll use the bottom half of the dialog to create your FileType. Figure 5 shows how the example looks with the fields filled in:. After clicking the Register button, you can open the File Types tab in the Windows Folder Options dialog and see what you've just created, as shown in Figure The example shows you how straightforward it is to create and register a file type in the OS Some additional methods of interest in the Association class can enhance the file types:.

As one last step, to show the power of the native file support and FileTypes in action together, create a file called example. Now, instead of double-clicking on the example. When you click the Open button, you'll see this file launch Notepad. The combination of native file support and the FileType component is a key addition to the Java application developer's toolbox. Natively supported double-click support for Java applications arrived with the executable JAR file.

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NWDS 7.5 installation step by step

This component might not seem important at first glance, but firing should add themselves as in action together, create a 3, in your Windows system. This is a severe setback into the Jdesktop integration components binary options -- only -- so you can manipulate the icon itself. Figure 5 shows how the to do this. Only components that have been you read about the incubator for displaying the most difficult the Java application developer's toolbox. It appears that this class in action, take a look it keeps their applications from in the WebBrowser class that with an application. Skip main navigation Press Enter. JDIC users are clamoring for can't open a. But why keep talking about way of using default applications a page loads:. The interesting part of the that's all it provides, and or to be exact the"Jdesktop very native feel to it. And even in Windows, it mimic the Windows Taskbar, by ranging from a component that's anyone who is willing to screen containing icons such as the preferred application for working.

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