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The main takeaway from the article: Brady plans every detail of his life so he can play football as long as possible, and he'll do anything he can to get an edge. He diets all year round, takes scheduled naps in the offseason, never misses a workout, eats what his teammates call "birdseed," and does cognitive exercises to keep his brain sharp. Brady struggles to unwind after games and practices. He's still processing, thinking about what's next.

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Vanstone secrets bettingadvice

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I should have frightened Miss Garth by false reports about you, to begin with, and then I should have asked for personal particulars, to help a benevolent stranger in restoring you to your friends. Lecount has done," she said, indignantly. If Miss Garth thinks she can control my actions by corresponding with Mrs. Lecount, I will show Miss Garth she is mistaken! It is high time, Captain Wragge, to have done with these wretched risks of discovery. We will take the short way to the end we have in view sooner than Mrs.

Lecount or Miss Garth think for. How long can you give me to wring an offer of marriage out of that creature downstairs? Could you manage it in a week? Wragge with you, as an excuse for parting company. Is the paint dry yet? Go downstairs and tell him I am coming directly. So, for the second time, Miss Garth's well-meant efforts defeated their own end. So the fatal force of circumstance turned the hand that would fain have held Magdalen back into the hand that drove her on.

The captain returned to his visitor in the parlor, after first stopping on his way to issue his orders for the walking excursion to Mrs. I have been persuading her to alter it, and young ladies are apt to be a little obstinate on questions relating to their toilet. Give her a chair on that side of you when she comes in, and take your look at her neck comfortably before we start for our walk. Magdalen entered the room as he said those words, and after the first greetings were exchanged, took the chair presented to her with the most unsuspicious readiness.

Noel Vanstone applied the Crucial Test on the spot, with the highest appreciation of the fair material which was the subject of experiment. Not the vestige of a mole was visible on any part of the smooth white surface of Miss Bygrave's neck. It mutely answered the blinking inquiry of Noel Vanstone's half-closed eyes by the flattest practical contradiction of Mrs.

That one central incident in the events of the morning was of all the incidents that had hitherto occurred, the most important in its results. That one discovery shook the housekeeper's hold on her master as nothing had shaken it yet. In a few minutes Mrs. Wragge made her appearance, and excited as much surprise in Noel Vanstone's mind as he was capable of feeling while absorbed in the enjoyment of Magdalen's society.

The walking-party left the house at once, directing their steps northward, so as not to pass the windows of Sea-view Cottage. To Mrs. Wragge's unutterable astonishment, her husband, for the first time in the course of their married life, politely offered her his arm, and led her on in advance of the young people, as if the privilege of walking alone with her presented some special attraction to him!

Vanstone alone! If I catch you looking back at them, I'll put the Oriental Cashmere Robe on the top of the kitchen fire! Turn your toes out, and keep step -- confound you, keep step! Wragge kept step to the best of her limited ability. Her sturdy knees trembled under her.

She firmly believed the captain was intoxicated. The walk lasted for rather more than an hour. Before nine o'clock they were all back again at North Shingles. The ladies went at once into the house. Noel Vanstone remained with Captain Wragge in the garden. I'm half inclined to think my infernal housekeeper is mad. He spoke fretfully and unwillingly, as if the merest allusion to Mrs.

Lecount was distasteful to him. His color came and went; his manner was absent and undecided; he fidgeted restlessly about the garden walk. It would have been plain to a far less acute observation than Captain Wragge's, that Magdalen had met his advances by an unexpected grace and readiness of encouragement which had entirely overthrown his self-control.

Do you go out at the same time to-morrow morning? May I join you again? Vanstone," said the Captain, cordially. Lecount is a perfect nuisance! What would you do, Mr. Bygrave, if you were in my place? What is your breakfast-hour?

Lecount is lazy in the morning. I hate lazy women! If you were in my place, what should you say to her? Lecount see me in the front garden as if I was taking a turn before breakfast; and I should leave her to suppose that I was only just out of my room. If she asks you whether you mean to come here today, say No. Secure a quiet life until circumstances force you to give her an answer.

Then tell the plain truth -- say that Mr. Bygrave's niece and Mrs. Lecount's description are at variance with each other in the most important particular, and beg that the subject may not be mentioned again. There is my advice. What do you think of it? If Noel Vanstone could have looked into his counselor's mind, he might have thought the captain's advice excellently adapted to serve the captain's interests.

As long as Mrs. Lecount could be kept in ignorance of her master's visits to North Shingles, so long she would wait until the opportunity came for trying her experiment, and so long she might be trusted not to endanger the conspiracy by any further proceedings. Necessarily incapable of viewing Captain Wragge's advice under this aspect, Noel Vanstone simply looked at it as offering him a temporary means of escape from an explanation with his housekeeper.

He eagerly declared that the course of action suggested to him should be followed to the letter, and returned to Sea View without further delay. On this occasion Captain Wragge's anticipations were in no respect falsified by Mrs. Lecount's conduct. She had no suspicion of her master's visit to North Shingles: she had made up her mind, if necessary, to wait patiently for his interview with Miss Bygrave until the end of the week; and she did not embarrass him by any unexpected questions when he announced his intention of holding no personal communication with the Bygraves on that day.

All she said was, "Don't you feel well enough, Mr. The next day the proceedings of the previous morning were exactly repeated. This time Noel Vanstone went home rapturously with a keepsake in his breast-pocket; he had taken tender possession of one of Miss Bygrave's gloves. At intervals during the day, whenever he was alone, he took out the glove and kissed it with a devotion which was almost passionate in its fervor.

The miserable little creature luxuriated in his moments of stolen happiness with a speechless and stealthy delight which was a new sensation to him. The few young girls whom he had met with, in his father's narrow circle at Zurich, had felt a mischievous pleasure in treating him like a quaint little plaything; the strongest impression he could make on their hearts was an impression in which their lap-dogs might have rivaled him; the deepest interest he could create in them was the interest they might have felt in a new trinket or a new dress.

The only women who had hitherto invited his admiration, and taken his compliments seriously had been women whose charms were on the wane, and whose chances of marriage were fast failing them. For the first time in his life he had now passed hours of happiness in the society of a beautiful girl, who had left him to think of her afterward without a single humiliating remembrance to lower him in his own esteem.

Anxiously as he tried to hide it, the change produced in his look and manner by the new feeling awakened in him was not a change which could be concealed from Mrs. On the second day she pointedly asked him whether he had not made an arrangement to call on the Bygraves. He denied it as before. He was at the end of his resources; he was impatient to be rid of her inquiries; he trusted to his friend at North Shingles to help him; and this time he answered Yes.

Lecount, "don't forget that note of mine, sir, which you have in your waistcoat-pocket. The letter merely acknowledged, with thanks, the receipt of Miss Garth's communication, and informed her that in a few days Mrs. Lecount hoped to be in a position to write again and summon Mr.

Pendril to Aldborough. Late in the evening, when the parlor at North Shingles began to get dark, and when the captain rang the bell for candles as usual, he was surprised by hearing Magdalen's voice in the passage telling the servant to take the lights downstairs again. She knocked at the door immediately afterward, and glided into the obscurity of the room like a ghost. She spoke in low, stifled tones, and felt her way noiselessly to a chair far removed from the captain in the darkest part of the room.

Sitting near the window, he could just discern the dim outline of her dress, he could just hear the faint accents of her voice. For the last two days he had seen nothing of her except during their morning walk. On that afternoon he had found his wife crying in the little backroom down-stairs. She could only tell him that Magdalen had frightened her -- that Magdalen was going the way again which she had gone when the letter came from China in the terrible past time at Vauxhall Walk.

Wragge," said the captain, unconsciously dropping his voice almost to a whisper as he spoke. Other girls in my place would have been happier -they would have suffered, and died. It doesn't matter; it will be all the same a hundred years hence. Is he coming again tomorrow morning at seven o'clock? But I should like to have the time altered.

I don't look my best in the early morning -- -I have bad nights, and I rise haggard and worn. Write him a note this evening, and tell him to come at twelve o'clock. I'll be out of the way in the dining-room while he is here, and you can come and tell me about it when he has gone. Is there no other way? Leave the blind down over the window of your room upstairs before he comes. I will go out on the beach, and wait there within sight of the house. When I see him come out again, I will look at the window.

If he has said nothing, leave the blind down. If he has made you an offer, draw the blind up. The signal is simplicity itself; we can't misunderstand each other. Look your best to-morrow! Make sure of him, my dear girl -- make sure of him, if you possibly can.

He had spoken loud enough to feel certain that she had heard him, but no answering word came from her. The dead silence was only disturbed by the rustling of her dress, which told him she had risen from her chair. Her shadowy presence crossed the room again; the door shut softly; she was gone. He rang the bell hurriedly for the lights.

The servant found him standing close at the window, looking less self-possessed than usual. He told her he felt a little poorly, and sent her to the cupboard for the brandy. At a few minutes before twelve the next day Captain Wragge withdrew to his post of observation, concealing himself behind a fishing-boat drawn up on the beach. Punctually as the hour struck, he saw Noel Vanstone approach North Shingles and open the garden gate. When the house door had closed on the visitor, Captain Wragge settled himself comfortably against the side of the boat and lit his cigar.

He smoked for half au hour -- for ten minutes over the half-hour, by his watch. He finished the cigar down to the last morsel of it that he could hold in his lips. Just as he had thrown away the end, the door opened again and Noel Vanstone came out. The captain looked up instantly at Magdalen's window. In the absorbing excitement of the moment, he counted the seconds.

She might get from the parlor to her own room in less than a minute. He counted to thirty, and nothing happened. He counted to fifty, and nothing happened. He gave up counting, and left the boat impatiently, to return to the house. Cautiously ascending the eminence of the beach, Captain Wragge looked toward Sea-view Cottage before he showed himself on the Parade.

Noel Vanstone had reached home again; he was just entering his own door. Feedback For webmasters. Periodicals Literature. Keyword Title Author Topic. Chapter VII. Captain Wragge stopped him before he had got beyond his first sentence. Lecount's family? Personally, if all website owners and bloggers made just right content material as you did, the net will likely be a lot more helpful than ever before. I want to be with you, even if it is a headless and tailless farce, hold a small lamp and stand in the memory waiting for you.

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New Member. Profile Activity. About Me. Aug 12, Is Football on the Brink of Cancellation? Earlier this week two of the NCAA's power 5 conferences decided to postpone fall football. The Pac 12 and Big 10 will not play any games until at least We also discuss the thrilling finish to golf's first major in the covid era. Was year-old Collin Morikawa's dazzling final round enough to bring views back to golf?

Well find out…. Aug 10, The Future of Digital Sports Distribution. Great power requires great responsibility From content distribution to activism, athletes globally have used Twitter as a way to directly engage with their fans and help to elevate their voice in the fight for social justice.

TJ also touches on some of the many mentors he's had throughout his career, his journey into this industry as a man of color and how he wants to pay it forward for the next generation. Aug 8, Motivational speaker, restaurateur, philanthropist, investor, and oh yeah… Super Bowl winning quarterback! Aug 5, If you made up Mike Repole's life story, folks might tell you it was a bit much. With that last business, BodyArmor, he's got his sights set on the dominant player in sports drinks: Gatorade.

He talked about all of it with Jason Kelly, Mike Lynch and Michael Barr who elicited a stunning stat about the cash machine that is a championship race horse. Aug 4, He's been a college football player, a professional wrestler, a movie and TV star, producer and entrepreneur. He and his partners will try to pull off what his old boss Vince McMahon couldn't, and stand up a successful non-NFL pro football league.

Jason Kelly, Mike Lynch and Michael Barr break down the challenge ahead, and chat about what they watched over the first real weekend of live sports in months. Aug 1, Tim Leiweke's the go-to guy when it comes to the modern sports arena.

Leiweke joins Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch to break down some of the cutting edge mobile technology he's bringing to the New York Islanders's newly named UBS arena, negotiating the needs of Jeff Bezos in Seattle, and how he's able to work his magic using nothing but private funding.

Jul 30, We may have booked one of Michael Barr's favorite guests in the world… no it's not Barry Sanders…. On today's podcast, Barr, Jason Kelly and Mike Lynch break down the current state of sports betting in a Covid world, the strength of their casino business and the future of expansion as states and municipalities look to generate revenue. Jul 28, Initially our interview was planned to be a reflection on opening weekend, we quickly pivoted and dove right into the headlines as they hit the wire.

We chatted about the effect the positive test results will have on the season and what its like calling a game in an empty ballpark. Jul 25, You may need a resume this deep to manage an NCAA power conference through a pandemic. Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman joins Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch to discuss Covid's impact on the legendary basketball league, how a unique insurance policy helped solidify the conference's financials and when we might see Jason's Hoyas back on the hardwood.

Jul 23, College football's near-term prospects continue to look bleak. Colonial Athletic Association Commissioner Joe D'Antonio describes the 3D chess game he and his colleagues are playing to balance sports, academics and safety across schools and regions. He tells Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch about the decision to cancel conference play for football, the economic implications of this crisis, and how he's seeing all the uncertainty as both a manager and a dad.

Jul 21, He's a fan first, but he's also got a lot riding on the return. The Score, based in Canada, blends sports news and information with a betting platform; both the company and its customers are ready to put some money on the line. Levy joins Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch to talk about how his company cuts against the sports media grain and how he kept his team together in the pandemic shutdown.

Jul 17, It sounds like something ripped from a year-old's daydream: Being the star player in the professional sports league you and your older brother create. But that's just what Paul Rabil did last year, and now he and the rest of the Premier Lacrosse League are on the verge of bringing pro lacrosse back to the field next week -- albeit with no fans, and in a Utah "bubble.

Rabil joined Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch for a conversation that ran from medical protocols and media rights to social media and social justice. Jul 15, Germany's Bundesliga had the distinction -- and pressure -- of returning to the field ahead of any other pro sports league.

Now Robert Klein, the CEO of Bundesliga International, is fielding calls from across the world as to how the league did it, and what he learned. He joined Jason Kelly to talk about making all the stakeholders including players, sponsors and fans happy, working with the country's government and how it might change the game of soccer.

Jul 13, The decision last month to cancel the entire minor league baseball season had a profound affect not just for tens of millions of fans, but more than towns across America. David Wright, the league's chief commercial and marketing officer, calls the league "the front porch of local communities. Jul 9, Managers, teammates and and fans know Trevor Bauer is restless and relentless.

With baseball about to get back to work, the Cincinnati Reds pitcher walks Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch through the contentious negotiations that got us to "summer camp. Jul 8, A hockey fan since his Harvard days, Xavier Gutierrez never expected to run a team. But here he is, recently relocated from a career in the investment world in Southern California, overseeing a franchise on the rise in one of America's fastest growing -- and most diverse -- cities.

The first Latino to head an NHL team, he spoke to Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch about the responsibility that entails, and the power of sports in building a fair and inclusive community. Jul 6, Barr is Back! The team welcomes back Michael Barr and gets down to business making sense of all that's happened in the month he's been away. Is Cam Newton just the newest way the Patriots will enrage everyone else by winning?

And has the moment come for teams in Washington and Cleveland and Atlanta to finally change their names? Jul 2, As protests roiled Atlanta, thrusting the Southern capital back into the civil rights spotlight, Hawks CEO Steve Koonin had an idea -- turn his team's home into the largest polling station in the U. Now State Farm Arena may be the model for how the increasingly activist NBA can attack systemic racism, simply by making it easier and safer to vote.

Koonin, a native Atlantan and former Coca-Cola and Turner executive, joins Jason Kelly and Mike Lynch for an exclusive conversation about his city's heritage, the power of players and teams, and the push to make Election Day a holiday, at least in the NBA.

Jul 1, With most gyms and fitness studios still shuttered, the fitness business -- like so many industries -- has been radically disrupted. To makes sense of it, Jason Kelly and Mike Lynch turn to Goldman Sachs's Aarti Kapoor, one of the top investment bankers across the wellness and exercise landscape.

Jun 29, Nocera on college football, the NBA's bubble strategy. Our pal, Bloomberg Opinion columnist plus bestselling author and podcaster extraordinaire Joe Nocera stops by to talk about the prospects for a college football season and why the door may be closing for a fall as we're used to. Plus, he tells us why he's bullish on the NBA's chances to get back to work late next month. Jun 26, They want to change the way content is made, and consumed by the world. In an exclusive interview, James and Carter go deep with Jason Kelly about Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick, and changing society by changing who's in the conversation.

Jun 25, Cathy Engelbert unwittingly spent decades training for this moment. In conversation with Jason Kelly and Mike Lynch, Engelbert talks about how she held a draft during the crisis, the plans for a restart and what the "player first" mentality means to the WNBA. Jun 23, After 16 years in the league, she's moved to Silicon Valley and the world of venture capital and it's competitive in a very different way.

She talks with Jason Kelly and Mike Lynch about her early business ventures including a pizza joint and reckoning as a Black woman with what may be a monumental moment in racial justice. Jun 19, After buying a stake in MLS club DC United, he was able to deliver a brand new soccer-specific facility in the nation's capital, resisting the easier move to the suburbs.

He sits down with Jason Kelly and Mike Lynch to talk about how he got the stadium got built, the effect Covid has had across his business and how a summer tournament in Orlando may be the moment soccer in America has been waiting for.

Open will go ahead, but no fans on site. Zausner also talks about the economic implications of a spectator-less tournament, broadcast innovations and sponsors, and what the players can expect when they arrive in Queens. Jun 17, Will Trump Save the Baseball Season? Bloomberg Opinion's Jonathan Bernstein ponders the idea of President Trump taking action to solve the off-the-field drama between MLB and its players union to bring back America's pastime.

We'll discuss his latest column, the current state of negotiations and which team he's rooting for once we get back to the diamond. Jun 15, Billy Andrade went two months without touching a club, but he's back on the course in his Atlanta neighborhood, getting ready for the Champions Tour to resume later this summer. Plus, Jason and Mike take him back to the early 90s, when he burst onto the scene as one of the most thoughtful and fun players on the Tour, and discuss the differences between golf fans in his native Northeast and his adopted South.

Jun 12, The sports world continues to react and adapt as calls for social justice echo across the world. One driver has already announced his plans to retire from the sport over the news. Jun 10, Jun 8, Hall of Famer and Super Bowl MVP Terrell Davis has some things to say about this turbulent world, through the lens of a businessman, philanthropist and father.

In a timely and frank conversation with Jason Kelly and Mike Lynch, Davis -- co-founder of the CBD product company Defy -- recalls early encounters with the police in his native San Diego, the NFL's decision to reverse its stance on player protests, the future of Colin Kaepernick, helping himself and former players alleviate pain, and how he hopes his legacy transcends anything he accomplished on the football field.

Jun 5, Monumental, one of the leading names in sports and entertainment, owns and operates the Washington Capitals, Wizards, and Mystics. Jun 4, Jason Kelly and Mike Lynch discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including a proposal by N. They also discuss the controversial comments made by star quarterback Drew Brees, regarding players kneeling during the national anthem.

Jun 3, In this conversation with Jason Kelly recorded in late May , Pyne reflects on how the experience of sports may change, the economic impact of seasons without spectators and investing in the future of fandom. Jun 1, Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch talk about how athletes and teams have responded to violent protests across the country, and the historical role sports has played in times of civil unrest.

The trio also discusses the ongoing -- and still contentious -- negotiations between Major League Baseball's players and team owners, and the increasingly real possibility of no season. They also celebrate the novel approach the Orlando Magic is taking to youth camps in the age of virus lockdown. May 29, In less than a decade, Rich Paul has emerged as one of the most influential voices in the world of sports.

In a candid conversation with Jason Kelly, Paul talks about the immediate future of sports, what he's telling his athletes in this upside-down world and what it felt like to leave a dream job and go out on his own. We find out exactly how the crew would spend a night in their personal field of dreams. May 28, Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch discuss the latest in the business of sports, including how a shorts-clad foursome of actual pros and quarterbacks put on the most-watched golf game in history.

The Match II was a delight to starved sports fans around the world. May 25, Two decades of building a business at the nexus of technology and fitness have taught Rick Stollmeyer a lot, but nothing prepared him, or his customers for what the pandemic has wrought. He sees a world where a quarter of boutique studios go out of business, and also a population that values health and wellness more than ever. In a wide-ranging conversation with Jason Kelly, he talks about everything from Jane Fonda to Peloton to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and what all of that tells us about the way forward.

May 23, Sheltering in place means not going out to work. It also means not going to work out. So how does fitness come back? Limited hours, expanded sanitation, personal protective equipment… getting fit is going to look a lot different, at the club, and in your home. Plus the NBA is on the verge of a restart while America's pastime deals with an economic showdown between players and owners. May 21, Joe tells us why he believes, many universities might be open for business this fall.

May 19, Sports agent Rachel Luba is disrupting athlete representation. With Major League Baseball inching toward something resembling a season, we check in with agent Rachel Luba to see how top players are taking stock of their options. She talked with Jason Kelly about the latest in talks between players and owners about the proposed season, public pressure to play and the lasting effects of this upside-down year.

Luba, a former competitive gymast, also spoke about building her reputation in the largely male world of baseball, using the shift to algos to her advantage and creating a new business model in the talent world. May 15, Now Donn Davis -- a co-founder of private equity firm Revolution Growth with his old boss Steve Case -- is the chairman of the Professional Fighters League, as well as a backer of an e-sports team and a media investor.

He tells Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch how the PFL is working through its hiatus and its plans for returning in hint: it involves cameras on the cage on the ref's hat. May 13, MLB's negotiations for player compensation resolution Podcast. Jason Kelly, Michael Barr and Mike Lynch discuss the latest in the business of sports, including the negotiations behind getting baseball back on the diamond.

MLB owners and the players union are at odds over, you guessed it, money. Is it a question of economics, fairness, or patriotism? Also: the trials and tribulations of the sports agent in the age of coronavirus as Endeavor falters, and why George Soros is betting on DraftKings. May 11, Eben Novy-Williams, Jason Kelly and Mike Lynch discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including new developments in Zion Williamson's legal battle with his one-time marketing agent.

New filings have added to the suspicion around the former Duke star's adherence to NCAA rules, and is also reigniting a broader conversation around college athletes and their compensation while in school. Also discussed is the return of UFC and what it might say about other sports, and the surprising results of an antibody study across Major League Baseball. May 7, Formula E held a handful of races earlier this year before its season was put on hold. In the meantime, the circuit has been organizing virtual races with drivers and celebrities.

A long-time sports executive who's worked for Manchester United and the Los Angeles Rams, Reigle discusses similarities across sports, and some of the unique aspect of the car-racing world. He also talks about Formula E's mission to advance the conversation around climate change and help speed up the adoption of everyday electric vehicles. May 6, The league will allow fans a full refund, or future credit, for any game that is cancelled or held without spectators because of public health concerns.

Alongside the cancellation of this season's international games, and pay cuts at the league office, the refund policy shows increased contingency planning by the country's richest sports league. Also discussed is the Premier Lacrosse League's plan to hold a day, fully-quarantined event at the end of July, and the Walt Disney Co. May 4, The plan includes specific entrance times on tickets, and a new sequence for emptying the stadium, row by row, to avoid a crunch of crowds before and after games.

The stadium, which seats 65, might be down to just 15, with all of the guidelines, according to the team, raising all sorts of difficult questions about how to price a much smaller assortment of tickets, and how to keep fans interested in a very different in-game experience.

Also talked about is the growing number of colleges that say they expect to have students on campus this fall -- a prerequisite for college football -- and a shocking legal ruling in the U. Hosts: Eben Novy-Will…. Apr 30, Ruggiero works a number of the biggest brands in sports, and discusses not only how teams should be using technology to reach fans during lockdowns, but also how they can use the quiet period to ready their stadiums or arenas for the new reality once sports resume.

That includes a thorny discussion that's likely to arise over privacy, as teams and leagues think about what's needed to secure the health and safety of fans in their buildings. A four-time Olympian and former IOC member, Ruggiero also discusses the postponement of the Summer Games, how athletes helped drive that discussion and the viability of the games taking place next summer in Tokyo.

Apr 29, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr are joined by longtime Boston radio personality Mike Lynch to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including a new report that many English Premier League players are wary of the efforts to restart games. Here in the U. President Donald Trump's White House has been speaking often with executives from the major leagues and tours, but we've heard less from the athletes themselves.

Any conversation about resuming play, when and how, will have to involve them more broadly. Also talked about is the NFL's extension of its streaming deal with Amazon, which includes an exclusive game in each of the next three seasons, and the NCAA taking another major step toward letting college athletes market themselves.

Apr 27, Taiwan Has Baseball Again. Can U. Sports Follow? Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr are joined by longtime Boston radio personality Mike Lynch to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including lessons from Taiwan's top professional baseball league, which just finished the first week of its regular season. The teams in Taiwan are playing in empty stadiums, with mannequins, rock music and robot drummers helping enhance the atmosphere.

All told there are people in the stadium at one time, and players are allowed to live with their families -- though the league has said it will halt play if one person associated with the game tests positive. Also talked about is UFC's new plan to host three events in Florida in early May, and Roger Federer adding his voice to the chorus of people who think the men's and women's tennis tours should combine their business interests.

Apr 23, That includes a reduced salary cap, and discussions about possibly spreading out that damage over multiple seasons. Apr 22, The news made the NFL once again the center of the sports world during a slow time, and cements Tampa Bay's status as one of the most intriguing teams in the league this year. Also talked about is a potential deal between MLB and minor league baseball that could see 42 teams lose their affiliation, and the upcoming NFL Draft, which will be held remotely using different live feeds from around the country.

Apr 20, Also talked about is the NBA's development league becoming a more viable alternative for elite high school basketball players, and the various ways that different colleges are starting to address expected revenue loss due to the virus. Apr 16, Featuring over a different feeds from NFL coaches, GMs, fans and prospects, the draft telecast will be a totally unique experience for those participating and those watching at home.

McKenna discusses the thousands of dollars of equipment shipped to each of the 58 draft prospects who will be on camera, plus the other intricacies of putting the event together at a time of remote working and social distancing. She also talks about what aspects of the telecast may become a feature of future drafts even when they are back to being held in person.

Apr 15, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including plans by some sports teams in Asia and Europe to put mannequins in their stands as replacements for fans. Germany soccer club Borussia Monchengladbach is letting fans buy cardboard cutouts with their own photos, to show their support from afar. The efforts serve two purposes -- to keep fans engaged, and to liven the atmosphere if games resume without spectators.

Also discussed is President Donald Trump's new 'Opening the Country' council, which is full of sports commissioners and owners, and an ugly incident over the weekend involving Nascar driver Kyle Larson, who used a racial slur on an open mic while competing in an iRacing event. Apr 13, The professional football league launched this year by Vince McMahon got about halfway through its inaugural season before it stopped playing games due to the coronavirus outbreak.

It was hit doubly by the virus -- with games being unplayable and McMahon's main asset, WWE, also falling under financial stress. Also talked about is Walt Disney Co. Apr 9, Open tennis tournament, joins Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including how different parts of the National Tennis Center are being used in New York City's fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

One of the venue's main stadiums is being used to package meals, and an indoor training area is being repurposed into a temporary hospital with hundreds of beds. The facilities were offered free of charge, in what Zausner called an "easy' decision. Open, which remains on schedule for the end of the summer, and how revenue from that event helps fund tennis programs and youth initiatives year-round.

Apr 8, Sport Back. Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr are joined by longtime Boston radio personality Mike Lynch to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the UFC's decision to host an event in two weeks on tribal land in California. Like many in the sports world, UFC is likely feeling financial pressure to host events in some capacity so that viewers can watch them from their couches. UFC is owned by talent agency and media giant Endeavor, and a pair of private equity firms.

Also talked about is a lawsuit filed by minority owners of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who say they're being illegally forced to sell their small stakes in the team, and a bizarre sequence from Tuesday night when FanDuel briefly posted, then removed, betting odds on the presidential election for its gambling clients in West Virginia.

Apr 6, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr are joined by longtime Boston radio personality Mike Lynch to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including this weekend's conference call between President Donald Trump and the commissioners of the country's largest sports leagues.

He also raised the idea of the leagues working together to lobby for entertainment tax incentives that were lost in tax reform. Apr 2, Complexity Gaming co-founder and CEO Jason Lake joins Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including how esports is able to continue holding matches while the rest of the global sports calendar has ground to a halt.

Lake talks about how the professional gaming industry might draw new fans as a result of the pandemic. He also discusses providing support for athletes who are competing from their homes, how sports broadcasters can best fill the void in their schedules, and how economics is changing the way people in esports think about the length of a pro career.

Apr 1, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the NFL's announcement of broadcast partners for its two additional playoff games this season. Also talked about is sports-streaming startup DAZN's decision to stop paying sports league for games that have been postponed due to coronavirus, believed to be a first in the broadcast world.

And also discussed is the PGA Tour giving cash advances to golfers, which will be deducted from their payouts at the end of the year. Mar 30, Dolan has tested positive for the virus, MSG said, noting that he has developed few symptoms and is in self-isolation. Mar 26, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the dearth of programming available to sports networks like ESPN amid the virus-related shutdown of professional leagues like the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and Major League Baseball, which would normally be celebrating opening day.

The hosts also offer ESPN some unsolicited advice on what kinds of programming would be attractive to much its audience stuck at home. Also discussed is how some pro sports teams owners, many of them billionaires, are handling the shutdown in terms of their workforces. Most recently, Delaware North, which is controlled by Boston Bruins billionaire owner Jeremy Jacobs, said it was putting 68 full-time salaried associates on temporary leave with one week of paid leave and eight weeks of benefits.

Other employees would be required to take an indefinite salary reduction. Mar 25, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the different ways sports teams and arenas are treating their salaried employees and hourly workers. Some teams are fully compensating them for games not held, while others are having layoffs and cutting pay.

Josh Harris, the billionaire co-owner of the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers recently reversed course on a plan to cut the pay of salaried team employees, saying it was the "wrong decision. Mar 23, The NFL will soon embark on talks with the incumbents, who pay handsomely for the most popular programming on television. The Walt Disney Co. The race was he….

Mar 19, Syracuse University sports management professor Rick Burton joins Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including what sports management means during a prolonged absence of sporting events. Burton, a former commissioner of the Australian Basketball League and an ex-chief commercial officer of the U. Burton also talks about the media business with no games being played, including how ESPN is reacting to live games disappearing from its air, and what sorts of creative things teams themselves can do to keep a link to their fans during the shutdown.

Burton also talks about esports and sports betting, and how each industry is affected. Mar 18, Brady is a rare athlete whose free agency can alter the business landscape of a whole league, and his move to Tampa should swing merchandise sales, ticket sales, betting lines and TV ratings. Also talked about is the growing drumbeat to cancel or postpone the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which organizers say will go on as planned.

Mar 16, Sports Shutoff. Despite vocal opposition from some big-name stars, NFL players voted narrowly to accept the new CBA, insuring a decade of labor peace that will let the league turn its attention to negotiating billions in new TV deals. Also talked about is the myriad ways the coronavirus pandemic is upending U. They include stadium construction, media networks, ticket companies, gambling houses, hourly arena workers, college administrators, and plenty more.

Mar 12, The league took the unprecedented step of halting its regular season after a Utah Jazz player tested positive for the virus, which has been labeled a pandemic. Also talked about is sponsor reaction to U.

He also talks about the necessity of catering to the customer. Mar 11, Scott Soshnick and Eben Novy-Williams discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including Rob Gronkowski reportedly being close to a deal with the WWE.

According to Fox Sports, which has a broadcast contract with the wrestling behemoth, the former New England Patriots tight end is nearing a deal that could have him competing as soon as March 20 at a Friday Night Smackdown event. He appeared at WrestleMania 33 in The event, known as March Madness, is widely bet upon.

Also discussed is the rapidly changing situation involving the coronavirus, which may prompt major sports leagues to play games without fans, relocate games or even cancel them. Mar 9, Also talked about is the continuing effect of the coronavirus on sports. Qualifying matches were scheduled to begin today. Mar 5, Peddie talks about the myriad financial implications of playing games without fans, a precaution already being taken in Italy, and what teams can do to mitigate financial loss.

Peddie also talks about the media landscape surrounding sports, and whether leagues will continue to reap windfalls from media companies like Disney and its ESPN unit. Mar 4, Mar 2, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including whether the NCAA should play its annual college basketball tournaments without fans due to the coronavirus outbreak. Feb 27, The club is one of two MLS expansion teams that begin play this season, joining Miami FC, whose ownership group includes retired superstar David Beckham.

Also discussed is where MLS and its players stack up against top leagues like the English Premier League, and why teams are worth lofty valuations. Feb 26, The creators of the original Philadelphia Phillies mascot are trying to reclaim ownership of it through a little-used legal provision.

A Maryland-based non profit is suing James over his commercial use of the phrase "I am more than an athlete. And also touched on is the ongoing National Football League labor agreements, with the entire union membership set to vote on a year deal already approved by owners. Feb 24, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the tale of a year-old Zamboni driver for a minor-league hockey team who was pressed into action during an NHL game, which he won for the Carolina Hurricanes.

David Ayres is a case study on several sports business fronts, including media, scale and the capabilities of retail to capitalize on emotional moments. Also talked about is how the U. Teams can also accept sponsorships from sportsbook operators. Feb 22, Berke also talks about the affect sports betting has had on networks and contract negotiations with sports leagues. He also touches on the National Basketball Association, which is seeing an erosion of television audience this season.

The NBA, though, has a younger audience that not only consumes on mobile but tends not to watch full games. And Berke also touches on whether the technology companies will be significant bidders for live sports rights in the near future. Feb 20, The fight is scheduled for Feb. Arum, who represents Fury, talks about how a promoter goes about hyping a fight, and touches on where boxing stands in the sports landscape.

Arum discusses boxing history, including Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and George Forman, who once asked the promoter for tax advice. Arum also discusses the value of media partnerships like ESPN and Fox, both of which will both show the Wilder-Fury fight, and how the changing media landscape affects the sport.

Feb 19, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the continuing fallout from the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Feb 17, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the ongoing negotiations regarding the National Hockey League's participation in the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

NHL players want to play in the Olympics, but league owners have balked at the idea, citing the risk of player injuries, the lack of business benefit and the disruption of the regular season. Also discussed is the ongoing legal battle over emails between the New Orleans Saints and the local archdiocese, emails that lawyers say detail how the NFL team helped do damage control for the church in the wake of sex abuse allegations against clergy members.

And also talked about is new Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker, who left Colorado after one year, sparking new debate over whether NCAA players should be maligned for transferring schools if coaches do it without barriers. Feb 13, Phelps discusses the decision by the France family against selling any part of Nascar, which has said it would seek limited partners.

Phelps also talks about how Nascar is using traditional and new media to reach a wider audience. He also talks about what kind of races -- think short track -- most appeal to fans. Feb 12, Also discussed are the proposed changes in Major League Baseball, which is -- among other things -- considering adding teams to the postseason. MLB is also weighing whether to let its first place teams pick its postseason opponents. The service may be ready for testing as early as Feb 10, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including how the spreading coronavirus affects athletic events and sports retailers around the globe.

Across China, where the deadly outbreak emerged, many people are being told to stay inside or avoid public spaces, halting critical manufacturing and foot traffic that many companies rely on. A number of sporting events in the region have been moved, and an executive with the Summer Olympics in Tokyo said he's "seriously worried. Feb 6, Luck and Pollack also talk about the long-term business plan for the league, and whether an affiliation with the NFL is possible.

Feb 5, We discuss what it means for the program with Harvard coach Tim Murphy. Also discussed was one particular prop bet that had fans waiting until the very end of the game. It had to do with how many rushing yards Mahomes would total. His kneel downs at the very end pushed the total to the under. And also discussed is whether the NFL players would agree to a game season as part of talks aimed at reaching a new collective bargaining agreement. Jan 31, Two guests join Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, all centered around the Super Bowl this week in Miami.

First, Sportscorp Ltd. Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the health of the National Football League's business heading into the Feb. Ratings are up this year and some of the major headwinds from two years ago concussion concerns and the fight over political protests have receded from the narrative.

Jan 27, Kobe - Athlete and Investor - Pursued Perfection. Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the basketball and business legacy left by former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who was killed in a helicopter crash over the weekend. His death drew an outpouring of support from world leaders, athletes and entertainers. Bryant also built an investment platform, which had him on the road to becoming a billionaire.

Also discussed is the Premier Golf League, which begins play in San Francisco 49ers President Al Guido joins Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including all of the financial implications associated with your team reaching the Super Bowl. The 49ers will face the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. Jeter, a former New York Yankees captain, came within one vote of joining his former teammate, Mariano Rivera, as the only unanimous selections.

Even so, the market for Jeter memorabilia should be robust, said Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions. Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including a Super Bowl match-up that has ticket prices soaring.

The Feb. The cheapest available ticket on secondary market TicketIQ. Also talked about is a changing of the guard regarding the NFL's most marketable stars, with Patrick Mahomes set to overtake Tom Brady as the players union's top selling athlete. Also discussed is mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor's return to the octagon, and what his second victory this weekend means for the business of UFC.

Jan 17, If ratified, the new agreement would dramatically increase salaries for WNBA players, and expand benefits in areas like maternity leave and family planning, travel and road accommodation, and free agency. Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the sign stealing fiasco in Major League Baseball.

Hinch -- both were subsequently fired by the team. The league is still investigating allegations made against the Red Sox. Jan 13, Lynch, whose Seattle Seahawks lost to the Green Bay Packers, used his platform to tell younger players to take care of their bodies, minds and money. Lynch came out of retirement to play for the Seahawks, giving him a glimpse of life after football.

The matchups bode well for television ratings. Jan 9, He also talks about how sponsors utilize the event, which, he said, works because of the affluent demographic of the schools' fan bases. He also talks about selling the stadium naming rights for English Premier League side Tottenham. New Balance had said it had a right to match any offer. And also talked about whether the NFL is doing enough to promote the hiring of minority coaches.

Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including what the future holds for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after his defending Super Bowl champions were eliminated from the NFL playoffs in the wild-card round. Also discussed is the Professional Bull Riders newest sponsorship with a gun-rights group and college football programs pushing back at having to buy all those tickets for their bowl games.

Also discussed was the future of the NCAA as more states push for student athletes to be able to benefit from their names, images and likenesses. The chat also includes a look ahead to and what stories may arise as the biggest of the year. Jan 2, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the legacy of former National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern, who died at the age of Also discussed is the college football national championship game between Louisiana State University and Clemson University.

The football programs generate about the same amount of revenue but differ widely on profit. The NFL will remain an investor in the business. Also discussed is the college football championship game between Clemson and Louisiana State. There are a number of reasons for the shortfall, including ticket sales, media money and higher expenses.

Also discussed is whether Lawrence should play next season and risk injury or sit out and prepare for the NFL draft. Dec 26, A longtime college administrator who has held the top athletic job at three different schools, Currie breaks down the ways in which colleges spend money, and make money, at a postseason bowl game. Scott Soshnick, Michael Barr and Eben Novy-Williams discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including reports that Nike's Jordan brand is close to signing Dallas Mavericks forward Luka Doncic to a sneaker deal.

The year-old Slovenian is dominating the NBA in his second season, with eight triple-doubles. His success and popularity abroad are likely driving up the value for his sneaker endorsements. Also talked about is them growing cost of the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Also discussed is the complex three-way deal that sports gambling company DraftKings will use to go public sometime in Dec 19, Patricof Co.

The son of Greycroft founder Alan Patricof, he founded a specialized merchant bank designed to meet the needs of a select group of athletes and sports professionals backed by J. Morgan Private Equity Group. Watt and Todd Gurley. Patricof also talks about what kinds of investments he pursues, and how athletes have become more sophisticated over the years.

The former investment banker also touches on the future of sports media, including whether technology companies will bid on major sports properties. Also talked about is the mushrooming popularity of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, whose popularity has made finding his merchandise difficult in the holiday shopping season. Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the emergence of a video that shows the New England Patriots recording the sideline of an upcoming opponent.

The Patriots have said the matter was a mistake. The NFL is investigating. The video, an excerpt of which was shown by Fox Sports, also includes dialogue between the Patriots representative and a member of the security team for the Cincinnati Bengals. Zion Armstrong, president of Adidas North America, joins Scott Soshnick and Eben Novy-Williams to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including how the company seeks to win new customers in the sneaker and apparel space.

Armstrong also discusses the differences and effectiveness of athletes like New York Yankees star Aaron Judge versus celebrities like Kanye West, who works with the brand. Dec 11, Scott Soshnick and Eben Novy-Williams discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the latest controversy involving the New England Patriots. A film crew for the team was accused of illegally filming the Cincinnati Bengals sideline last weekend.

Though the team has acknowledged its mistakes and denied anything nefarious, it's not the first controversy involving the Patriots and filming opponents. It's the largest contract ever given an MLB pitcher, both in total dollars and per-year. The Yankees have reportedly made signing Cole, who spent last season with the Houston Astros, their top offseason priority.

Also discussed is the college football playoff, which features the top four teams in the nation. The brand name matchups ensure a good television audience for the championship game. Dec 5, Premier Lacrosse League co-founder and player Paul Rabil joins Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including a breakdown of the inaugural season of his league.

PLL launched in as a player-centric league, with an eye toward using new technology and a tour-based model to redefine professional lacrosse. Rabil discusses the five ways the PLL makes money, and its strategies around social media and merchandise. Rabil also mentions what the future holds for PLL and its path toward profitability. Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including Tiger Woods's decision to turn down a massive appearance fee to play a tournament in Saudi Arabia.

Phil Michelson and Dustin Johnson have said they would attend the Saudi Invitational, drawing criticism. Also discussed is the apparent cultural shift going on in the National Hockey League, where several prominent coaches and broadcasters have been dismissed for things they've said and done. Also talked about is the the demolition of The Palace of Auburn Hills, the suburban Detroit arena that changed the landscape of sports facilities.

It opened in and included luxury suites, the premium seating that has became commonplace in new arenas. Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the return of football coach Greg Schiano to Rutgers University, whose athletic program is one of the most subsidized in the nation. The Big Ten Conference school's most successful football coach is returning to New Jersey in an attempt to resurrect the program he took to six bowl games in his final seven seasons.

Rutgers was this season. Schiano went as the school's head football coach. Also discussed is Major League Baseball's decision to grant local digital rights to its teams, a move foreshadowed by Amazon's investment in the YES Network. American Athletic Association Commissioner Mike Aresco joins Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including his take on how college football teams in his conference are treated by those who determine national rankings and, by extension, postseason invitations and matchups.

Aresco also discusses the sports media landscape, and the blue turf at Boise State. Nov 27, Austin says about the business of college basketball. And also talked about is Fox Sports selling out of its Super Bowl commercial inventory. Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including this past weekend's protest that temporarily shut down the Harvard-Yale football game.

Spectators rushed the field to stage a climate change protest at halftime, delaying the start of the second half by almost an hour and causing the game to finish in near darkness because the Yale Bowl doesn't have stadium lights. Also talked about are possible changes to the NBA schedule and in-season format. Talks with the players' union are taking place over changes that would include the reseeding of teams in the semifinal based on regular-season record, and an in-season tournament modeled after European soccer.

Here's Why They Exist. Smith discusses pricing strategy for events, the role of the resale market, and the biggest pain point for ticket-buyers: the added fees. The group discusses Ticketmaster's new SafeTix program, being used in NFL stadiums across the country, and a recent request by two senators for an antitrust probe into the ticket industry. Back in , the U. Department of Justice gave Ticketmaster a year consent decree as part of its merger of Live Nation -- an agreement that expires next July, and its future is unclear.

Nov 20, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including an economist's examination into what certain student-athletes should have been paid while still in school. The study was done by David Berri, a sports economist and professor of economics at Southern Utah University.

Also discussed are sagging National Basketball Association ratings this season, particularly those on national telecasts, and a plan being considered by the New York Times to offer its sports section as a standalone digital subscription.

Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including a conversation with Ahmad Nassar, the chief executive officer of a newly created company aimed at helping athletes maximize the value of their name, image and likeness rights. Prior to that conversation, the hosts discuss the weekend workout of exiled quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who had a private showcase with representatives from eight NFL teams in attendance.

Kaepernick and the NFL clashed over the rules that would've governed the workout, prompting the player to change its venue shortly before it was scheduled to start. Also talked about is the carriage dispute that's keeping the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche from being seen l…. Heidi O'Neill, President of Nike Direct, joins Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including how Nike views the future of selling sneakers and sports apparel.

She discusses the company's recent decision to stop selling goods directly on Amazon, a move that might reverberate across the industry, and the many ways in which Nike uses data to grow revenue. O'Neill also discusses recent allegations made by pro runner Mary Cain, who accused a Nike-sponsored running team of body-shaming and other practices that damaged her health, and more broadly about women in executive positions across the business world.

Nov 13, Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including a recent New Jersey lawsuit in which a high school baseball coach was sued after one of his players was injured sliding into third base. The lawsuit, which took over seven years to resolve, has led to a wider discussion about youth sports and culpability of coaches when kids get hurt.

Also discussed are new allegations that the Houston Astros were using outfield cameras to steal opposing teams's signs during their World Series title run in Though stealing signs isn't against MLB rules, it is considered cheating to use technology to do it. Levy's departure comes less than two months after he took the job at the Joe Tsai-owned club.

He was also part of Tsai's family office. Stephen A. It would make Smith, who is known for his bombastic deliveries on all sports topics, the highest-paid personality at the Walt Disney Co. Also discussed is CBS Corp. Univision is keeping the Spanish-language rights, which it has held since last year. And also touched on is Madison Square Garden Co. Nov 7, Weber also talks about how the in-arena entertainment differs for each franchise, and how the club benefits from legalized sports betting.

Weber also talks about how professional sports teams and their players generate content, and the opportunities that are available for investment in sports-related entities. Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr are joined by National Lacrosse League Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including this weekend's college football showdown between No.

It's being billed as the biggest game of the season, but CBS chose earlier in the year not to air it in primetime, a decision that could hurt viewership numbers. Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including Silver Lake Partners' interest in acquiring a stake in the New York Knicks and Rangers before the professional sports teams are spun off into a publicly traded company.

Jim Dolan would retain control of the franchises. Also discussed is Under Armour, which plunged after the company disclosed that federal officials have been probing its accounting practices for more than two years. The company reported earnings today with mixed results.

And also talked about is billionaire Roger Penske's purchase of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the IndyCar Series -- a move that relinquishes control of the iconic speedway from the Hulman family after 74 years. Oct 31, Capiraso, who previously worked at the National Football League and Major League Baseball, discusses everything from his role in menial preparation tasks to making decisions while actually running the Also discussed are the organization's revenue streams, and how digital innovation could boost the NYRR's bottom line.

He also touches on the organization's sponsors, which include New Balance. Scott Soshnick and Michael Barr discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including the NCAA, under growing pressure from California and other states, taking a step toward letting student-athletes benefit from use of their name, image and likeness.

The board of the governing body for college sports voted unanimously to have its three divisions consider bylaw and policy changes that let students market themselves. The board set a deadline of January for changing the rules.

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