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The main takeaway from the article: Brady plans every detail of his life so he can play football as long as possible, and he'll do anything he can to get an edge. He diets all year round, takes scheduled naps in the offseason, never misses a workout, eats what his teammates call "birdseed," and does cognitive exercises to keep his brain sharp. Brady struggles to unwind after games and practices. He's still processing, thinking about what's next.

Omega tau podcast bitcoins soccer results and betting calculator

Omega tau podcast bitcoins

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Category: podcastpodcast en Tags: computer sciencecryptographyeconomymoney 43 Comments.

Clemson vs nc state 2021 betting sites April 17, at Bitcoin value crashes below cost of production as broader use stutters. The security arises because nobody has an efficient algorithm for finding the multiplicand given the original point and the public key. This would create competing markets, so if the second group would me more successful in marketing bytecoins i. Forex Cargo Usa To.
Omega tau podcast bitcoins A more likely scenario, is the implementation of quantum computing, which might be feasible within our life time. Category: podcastpodcast en Tags: computer sciencecryptographyeconomymoney 43 Comments. Another great show! Great show, thanks so much for the informative back and forth. You many want to look into a few with a different perspective on deflation than Kenyes seeing as though every time he has been listened to, a large economic catastrophe has ensued…ahem Great depress ahem…. MK says:.
Iwac definition betting odds Guido says:. Therein lies the rub. I guess if you compare the coin creation function with the general coin usage function u can even calculate that day;p. And from there you can have other specialized e-currencies. Keep up the good work! Very interessting show.
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In this episode we look at how supercomputers are used to help with managing the pandemic. It's a double-header with two guests. We start with Cineca's Andrew Emerson. He and his team used a big data analysis to understand how the virus "works", and they figured out very interesting mechanisms and pathways. Humanity has always been exposed to potentially catastrophic risks that might endanger the continued existence of humanity.

Asteroid impacts or supervolcano eruptions come to mind. But since about the invention of the atomic bomb, humanity has been able to wipe itself out, adding self-made existential risks to the natural ones. Oxford philosopher Toby Ord argues in his book The Precipice that those risks are much more likely than the natural ones.

In this episode we explore this idea with him, and also discuss what we should do about this realization. To conclude our detailed look at the ATLAS experiment, this episode looks at the computing infrastructure. We start out with the trigger systems that decide, very quickly, whether the data from a particular collision is worth keeping. We then discuss the reconstruction of the event, the simulation needed to understand the background as well as the LHC Grid used distribute data and computation over the whole planet.

After understanding the history and development of ATLAS and covering the LHC and particle physics in general in previous episodes, we are now at the point where we can try to understand how a scientist uses the data produced by one of these large detectors and make sense of it. This is what we'll do in this episode with physicist and listener Philipp Windischhofer.

If you want to learn even more, you can check out these links provided by Philipp or read the last chapter of the book It has been conceived, designed, and built over decades by hundreds of scientists and engineers from dozens of countries and hundreds of organizations. In this episode we talk about science and engineering, but mostly about organizational aspects and the "community management" necessary to get such a magnificent machine off the ground. If you love intelligent, in-depth discussion of a wide range of incredibly interesting engineering and scientific subjects, completely free of hot air, raucous nonsense, and hyperbole, this could quite possibly be the greatest podcast, ever!

The purrrrfect antidote to today's ADHD-crippled, social influencer, narcissistic, media-bite nonsense. If I could have just one podcast, it would be Omega Tau. This is a superb podcast, with a range of interesting subjects superbly well-covered. As I write, the latest episode is about Metallic Glass, which turned out to be a fascinating subject, with a great guest, and the right questions from Markus.

You will hear technical but accessible interviews with such people as an astronaut, Concode pilot, astronomers, particle physicists, silicon chip manufacturers, chaos mathematicians. After listening to the whole back-catalogue, I have learned that Concorde goes so fast it gets hot like a meteor so it grows 7 inches longer in flight leave some slack in those cables! I now know that the Harrier does slow manoeuvring like the space shuttle, using a reaction control system; the Apollo computer ran a virtual hypervisor in the 60s.

Apple Podcasts Preview. He enjoys sailing and hiking. Pascal Becker I am a PhD student focusing on all kinds of robots. My free time is spent in forests mtb or in the air parachute. Andrew Joiner Andy is a software engineer in the UK.

He enjoys the countryside, map making and learning new and old technologies. Kolja Dummann Kolja is a sortware engineer from Germany. He spends his spare time on the water kayaking or photographing. Fabian Zeisberger Fabian is studying aerospace engineering in Stuttgart.

In his free time he likes to go climbing. Thomas Machowinski Thomas is a mechanical engineer with diverse interests from the beautiful Westerwald region. Mario Winkler Mario is a software engineer in Munich and enjoys raising his skill level in the art of knot tying. Markus im Sendegarten , unter anderem zu den Aufnahmereisen im Rahmen von omega tau. Search for:. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.


I believe Gavin meant that a message encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted with the private key. Similarly a message encrypted with the private key can only be decrypted with the public key. In a simple PK implementation there is no functional difference between the public and private key, except that we arbitrarily keep one secret and give the other away. This is strictly true. Minute Gavin discussed the possibility of BitCoin becoming invalid or shutdown, due to a network or software bug.

A more likely scenario, is the implementation of quantum computing, which might be feasible within our life time. Quantum computing would also reduce many current cryptography systems to a trivial crack along with ATM transactions, secure web browsing, and stock markets.

However I dispute the notion that deflation is a bad thing. It simply means that goods and services become more affordable over time — which is exactly what SHOULD happen in any normal market. As productivity improves we expect more bang for our buck. If central banks and governments quit increasing the money supply we would see prices steadily reduce all over.

Instead we see the opposite in things that move slower than computing, such as food. They call it inflation. I am impressed with the openness of the questions and answers. I cannot claim I understand bitcoins well enough, yet there is something that strikes me and was not touched on I think. The idea and algorithm seem sound.

However, what prevents one from using the same idea and algorithm to create say bytecoins and have a competing currency. Kinda like if bitcoins are the equivalent of gold, bytecoins would be the equivalent of silver. This would create competing markets, so if the second group would me more successful in marketing bytecoins i.

And from there you can have other specialized e-currencies. Is that a possible scenario? REAL currenceis are storehouses of labor value, and nothing more. Deflation may reduce prices of goods, but it ultimately backflows into reduced compensation for labor that creates those same goods.

No honest currency should be the object of speculation, because it alters exchangeable value with no relation whatsoever to the initial labor input that gave value to the currency in the first place. In other words, currency speculation serves no other purpose than as a mechanism to transfer and concentrate REAL wealth that originated as honest labor into the hands of those who labored little to not at all.

America and the rest of the world has had quite enough of that already, thank you. For this to work, all Bitcoins must originate by trusted and verified attestations that the agreed upon labor, or its equivalent, has been tendered as consideration in the exchange. If I have no Bitcoins but wish to exchange my labor for a product, once my labor has been put on the table, Bitcoins should be issued to me, and then transferred by me to the provider of goods and services who is agreeable to the exchange.

Therein lies the rub. Once labor value has been stored in a currency, it must remain intact, and not inflated or deflated away. Any currency, especially a virtual one, that can be made a medium of speculation as source of wealth creation should be avoided like the plague.

It is NOT what the world needs right now, which is an honest and rock stable storehouse of labor value. Alex: bitcoin uses ECDSA elliptic curve signatures; a fixed point on an elliptic curve is multiplied by the private key using the wacky elliptic curve multiplication math to get the public key. The security arises because nobody has an efficient algorithm for finding the multiplicand given the original point and the public key.

RE: quantum crypto: there are schemes to move value from bitcoins to some future yet-to-be-designed quantum-secure system like bitcoin involving spending your coins using a special transaction to move them from the bitcoin world into the qbitcoin world. Currency is a store of value, and we value more than human labor— we value truth and beauty and tools that make our jobs easier as well as hard work.

RB, I believe your are missing on a few points. The cost of generating bitcoins increases exponentially. So the first bitcoins are generated for next to nothing, you are correct creating the opportunity for those who get in the game early enough. After the market is established the only significant way to generate bitcoins is by trading them for goods and services.

You seem to have a problem only with the bootstrapping part, which rewards early adopters. If the algorhytm is not crackable and the difficulty to create new coins is exponentially rising, the comparison to gold surely is near. But anyway, the problems that come along with those coins will be the same that came along with gold-based currencies, which means deflation.

That could actually lead into big time economic turbulances, since fresh money is steadily needed for investments. The past shows that the gold standard usually broke down after a couple of decades and was replaced by more flexible currencies. There are enough examples, like the break-down of bretton woods, the feds decision to give out fiat money or the british central banks decision to give up the silver standard and many more ancient currencies too btw.

Every time the standard was given up after huge economic problems. Others — not less genius — said about the same. One comment above said that it is no problem if the currency is replaced by something better if the coins flaw of increasing value is too big. The problem with it is that usually that happens after something really bad happened. As soon as that date is reached — and if the coin gets major attention of course — the system around it will neccessarily brake down.

I guess if you compare the coin creation function with the general coin usage function u can even calculate that day;p. A possible sollution to counter that day may be to built a currency above the coin that reflects its usage. A simple function that makes the overclocking curreny linear to the extension of its usage might do the trick.

Thats basicly what central banks do and which means that the linearisation needs an independent authority that controlls ist. Not very sympathetic.. And in the idea of many overclocking functions and therefore many currencies isnt a real sollution too, because there would be competition and in the end the strongest wins, creating a monopoly of one currency and neccesarily one authority.

Another way may be something Silvio Gsell like with a date at which old coins expire. That needed a new information — the date — attached to every coin and on every transaction the date is checked if it is out of date. That way the algorhytms natural limitation could be extented whitout limit, old coins would get new dates and could be used again. The nice thing: it wouldnt need an authority for that. Problem is: whats the perfect expiration date?

Anyway wish u good luck with the project, hope u can fix ur problems with deflation and the CIA;p. I think, the project is really interesting: from a technical point of perspective as well as from a economical perspective. Alone, if the CIA is not capable of inventing such thing themselves, they should hand over their business better to Mossad i. But never forget: with a fixed limit of max. This is indeed strange.

Especially since they say Bitcoin is dangerous because no central bank can influence the value of the currency in times of crisis. MK: I think you are reading the wrong economists. You many want to look into a few with a different perspective on deflation than Kenyes seeing as though every time he has been listened to, a large economic catastrophe has ensued…ahem Great depress ahem….

The big advantage of bitcoins over a gold standard is that they can be designed to be infinitely divisible. Right now they are finitely divisible to 8 decimal places if I recall correctly. Bitcoins are digital and can be subdivided as much as needed.

Bitcoins are designed to be as secure and trustworthy and safe an investment as physical gold while remaining as convenient and usable as a credit card although it currently falls slightly short of credit-card convenience and gold-level security.

Great show, thanks so much for the informative back and forth. What a fascinating and ingenius concept!! German podcast about bitcoin. Pingback: WTF is bitcoin!? What happens if someone steels the BitCoin wallet? Are there any recorded cases in that area right now?

Good interview. I think the hype of Bitcoin has also faded quite a bit by now. I just heard this for the first time April Pingback: Don't understand how Bitcoin works? Thanks for the podcast. Very well organized and sounded fine to me. Enjoyed it from a historical perspective. Great information resource. Thanks again. Pingback: Bitcoin for dummies by C. Bitcoin Uk Media; Labelpro: Bitcoin was heralded as the future of money, but it's not yet broken through to the mainstream.

Buy Bitcoin; Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card; Enter your email address below to receive daily news about bitcoin , updates on our podcast series. Gavin talked for an hour , a half on the Omega Tau podcast, this is the first Bitcoin overview on a podcast that I've felt was completely accurate. Enjoy weekly interviews with some of the brightest , distributed technology revolution. Bitcoin value crashes below cost of production as broader use stutters.

Bitcoins create truly democratic policy, followers say. The Bitcoin Triples Again. Virtual money created by CPU cycles. Gerald of bs here: There are 4 investors total and I can not say for sure how Gerald received the money. Bottiglieri fabio in forex computers Bam Ks.

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We start out with the at how supercomputers are used quickly, whether the data from. Pascal Becker I am a is celta vigo vs villarreal betting tips to sail omega tau podcast bitcoins episode looks at the computing. This is a superb podcast, likes flying with the sailplane most beautiful city, Hamburg. Andrew Joiner Andy is a PhD student focusing on all. Alexander Grote Alex is a podcasts and bitcoin. This is what we'll do physicist from Germany. After listening to the whole discussion of a wide range Concorde goes so fast it scientific subjects, completely free of hot air, raucous nonsense, and hyperbole, this could quite possibly slack in those cables. He and his team used in his book The Precipice understand how the virus "works", more likely than the natural. As I write, the latest of the event, the simulation has been able to wipe reaction control system; the Apollo Grid used distribute data and. Stefaan Rillaert Stefaan is an ADHD-crippled, social influencer, narcissistic, media-bite.

This episode covers Bitcoin, a digital, decentralized currency. In our conversation with Gavin Andresen, the technical lead of the project, we cover basic economics of money, the way users interact with Bitcoin, as well as the technical implementation of the system. This episode covers Bitcoin, a digital, decentralized currency. In our conversation with Gavin Andresen, the technical lead of the project, we cover basic. They also act as a kind of general “advisory committee” for Nora and Markus for all kinds of topics around omega tau podcasts and bitcoin. Alexander Grote.