hacker holds romney tax returns ransom for 1m in bitcoins price

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The main takeaway from the article: Brady plans every detail of his life so he can play football as long as possible, and he'll do anything he can to get an edge. He diets all year round, takes scheduled naps in the offseason, never misses a workout, eats what his teammates call "birdseed," and does cognitive exercises to keep his brain sharp. Brady struggles to unwind after games and practices. He's still processing, thinking about what's next.

Hacker holds romney tax returns ransom for 1m in bitcoins price twin bet 75 sport

Hacker holds romney tax returns ransom for 1m in bitcoins price

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In a letter, the hacker says the records were stolen from PricewaterhouseCoopers in Franklin, Tenn. We are working closely with the United States Secret Service, and at this time there is no evidence that our systems have been compromised or that there was any unauthorized access to the data in question. We are sure that once you figure out where the security breach was, some people will probably get fired but that is not our concern.

The person also set up a bit of a race for Romney: first to pay the sum will receive the goods. Become a Member Sign In. General Newsletters Got a news tip? Free: Join the VentureBeat Community for access to 3 premium posts or videos a month.

Learn More. Profile Log Out. I lived in Franklin for 12 years and presently live only 20 miles away. As you may imagine, this got a lot of play on the local news. But not very well planned:. Should someone decide to, it may be difficult to pay the ransom anyway.

If it was Anonymous or LulzSec then the ransom demand is likely a joke, a comic twist on the storyline included for purposes of being playful and extending the story. The Tennessee specificity is interesting. Enjoy prison, idiots.

If the person actually has copies of the return, I would bet the farm that there was an insider involved rather than it being an outright hack from outside the company. Doug Mataconis : Dude everyone is anonymous.. Ed in NJ : Ditto, offshore accounts, which also can be used for blackmail, bribery, and tax evasion. As for the 1M bitcoins, these are just spoils.

Just Me : Oh, yes, so do I. The Dearly Beloved Party Chairman salutation and backup instructions to send funds by Western union were dead giveaways. Seriously, I predicted in another thread when this thing started that the returns would come out. If someone actually has them, I hope they keep them under wraps. Perhaps… but this is missing a lot of their flare, and the entire ransom thing makes little sense.

Plus the interwebz would have been full of claims and counterclaims by now. Doubt that the hackers a hacked into PWC, and b obtained the forms. If they actually did, Mitt has a pretty good case for negligence against PWC in my opinion. On the other hand, if a bunch of rigged-up tax forms gets released on Sept. Aside from internal inconsistencies, that is…. Gromitt Gunn : You summarized exactly what has been nagging me, too. After all, if the supposed forms on the USB drive are forgeries, and are nefariously leaked to the media no matter by whom , PWC would need to show they are forgeries or else it would be admitting how stupidly simple it is to break into their electronic records.

They might have to carry all the water for Mitt whether tney want to or not. My vote is for criminals dumb enough to blackmail a presidential candidate and get the federal authorities involved. Make a one-time donation. Kevin Williamson and the Limits of Polite Discourse. Should The U. Atlanta Hit By Cyber Attack. About Doug Mataconis Doug holds a B. He joined the staff of OTB in May Comments al-Ameda says:. Thursday, September 6, at Doug Mataconis says:.

Ed in NJ says:. Paul L. Gromitt Gunn says:. Donald Sensing says:.