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The main takeaway from the article: Brady plans every detail of his life so he can play football as long as possible, and he'll do anything he can to get an edge. He diets all year round, takes scheduled naps in the offseason, never misses a workout, eats what his teammates call "birdseed," and does cognitive exercises to keep his brain sharp. Brady struggles to unwind after games and practices. He's still processing, thinking about what's next.

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Eicke bettinga shearing definition

The older Cenozoic granitic intrusion of The EBSD data indicate that the intrusion experienced pure shearing. Intrusions of The quartz c-axis patterns of the rocks dominantly resulted from low temperature deformation by simple shearing. It is concluded, in summary, that: 1 Permo-Triassic granitic intrusions experienced superimposed shearing of high and low temperatures; 2 Evidences for both early pure.

The objective of the present study is to systematically elucidate the time -dependent rheological behavior of concentrated xanthan gum systems in complicated step- shear flow fields. Using a strain-controlled rheometer ARES , step- shear flow behaviors of a concentrated xanthan gum model solution have been experimentally investigated in interrupted shear flow fields with a various combination of different shear rates, shearing times and rest times , and step-incremental and step-reductional shear flow fields with various shearing times.

The main findings obtained from this study are summarized as follows. The shear stress is suddenly decreased immediately after the imposed shear rate is stopped, and then slowly decayed during the period of a rest time. The time needed to reach the maximum stress value is shortened as an increase in step-increased shear rate.

The time needed to reach the minimum stress value is lengthened as a decrease in step-decreased shear rate. The recovery times of upper D region electron density elevations, caused by lightning-induced electromagnetic pulses EMP , are modeled. Relaxation model scenarios are considered first for a weak enhancement in electron density and then for a much stronger one caused by an intense lightning EMP acting as an impulsive ionization source. The calculated recovery times agree fairly well with LORE observations.

In addition, a simplified quasi-analytic model build for the key charged species and chemical reactions is applied, which arrives at similar results with those of the full kinetic model. Finally, the modeled recovery estimates for lower altitudes, that is times of typical early VLF events, which are known to be associated with sprites. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI and relaxation time mapping of concrete.

This thesis will approach the problem of MR imaging of concrete by attempting to design new methods, suited to concrete materials, rather than attempting to force the material to suit the method. A number of techniques were developed, which allow the spatial observation of water in concrete in up to three dimensions, and permits the determination of space resolved moisture content, as well as local NMR relaxation times.

The development of these new methods will be described, and the techniques validated using phantom studies. The study of one-dimensional moisture transport in drying concrete was performed using SPI. This work examined the effect of initial mixture proportions and hydration time on the drying behaviour of concrete, over a period of three months. Using relaxation weighting it was shown to be possible to discriminate between water contained within a hydrated cement matrix, and water in highly porous aggregates, used to produce low-density concrete.

Three dimensional experiments performed using SPRITE and turboSPI examined the role of self-dessication, drying, initial aggregate saturation and initial mixture conditions on the transport of moisture between porous. Implicit versus explicit momentum relaxation time solution for semiconductor nanowires. Marin, E. We discuss the necessity of the exact implicit Momentum Relaxation Time MRT solution of the Boltzmann transport equation in order to achieve reliable carrier mobility results in semiconductor nanowires.

Firstly, the implicit solution for a 1D electron gas with a isotropic bandstructure is presented resulting in the formulation of a simple matrix system. Using this solution as a reference, the explicit approach is demonstrated to be inaccurate for the calculation of inelastic anisotropic mechanisms such as polar optical phonons, characteristic of III-V materials. Its validity for elastic and isotropic mechanisms is also evaluated.

Here the authors investigate the dependence of the relaxation times on the magnetic field strength and the implications for MPI and MPS. Detection of weak signals through nonlinear relaxation times for a Brownian particle in an electromagnetic field. The detection of weak signals through nonlinear relaxation times for a Brownian particle in an electromagnetic field is studied in the dynamical relaxation of the unstable state, characterized by a two-dimensional bistable potential.

The detection process depends on a dimensionless quantity referred to as the receiver output, calculated as a function of the nonlinear relaxation time and being a characteristic time scale of our system. The latter characterizes the complete dynamical relaxation of the Brownian particle as it relaxes from the initial unstable state of the bistable potential to its corresponding steady state.

The one-dimensional problem is also studied to complement the description. A new insight into the dependence of relaxation time on frequency in viscoelastic surfactant solutions: From experimental to modeling study. The simplistic assumption of a single and constant relaxation time is not representative of all relaxation modes in these solutions especially at high frequencies. Furthermore, a novel semi-empirical rheological model is deducted based on Cates theory.

This model introduces, for the first time , a frequency-dependence for the continuous relaxation time spectrum. In addition, the proposed model significantly improves predictions of traditional Maxwell model for different viscoelastic surfactant solutions using data from this study and the literature for a considerable range of surfactant and salt combinations at a wide range of temperature. Shear Thinning in Xenon.

We measured shear thinning, a viscosity decrease ordinarily associated with complex liquids such as molten plastics or ketchup, near the critical point of xenon. The data span a wide range of dimensionless shear rate: the product of the shear rate and the relaxation time of critical fluctuations was greater than 0.

As predicted by theory, shear thinning occurred when this product was greater than 1. The measurements were conducted aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia to avoid the density stratification caused by Earth's gravity. Due to the small skin depth in metals at optical frequencies, their plasmonic response is strongly dictated by their surface properties. Copper Cu is one of the standard materials of choice for plasmonic applications, because of its high conductivity and CMOS compatibility. However, being a chemically active material, it gets easily oxidized when left in ambient environment, causing an inevitable degradation in its plasmonic resonance.

Here, for the first time , we report a strong enhancement in the optical relaxation time in Cu by direct growth of few-layer graphene that is shown to act as an excellent passivation layer protecting Cu surface from any deterioration. We also study the impact of graphene quality and show that high quality graphene leads to an even larger improvement in electron scattering rate. These findings are expected to provide a big push towards graphene-protected Cu plasmonics.

The Holometer program is a search for rst experimental evidence that space- time has quantum structure. The detector consists of a pair of co-located m power-recycled interferometers whose outputs are read out synchronously at 50 MHz, achieving sensitivity to spatiallycorrelated uctuations in dierential position on time scales shorter than the light-crossing time of the instruments. Unlike gravitational wave interferometers, which time -resolve transient geometrical disturbances in the spatial background, the Holometer is searching for a universal, stationary quantization noise of the background itself.

Measurements of high-frequency cross-spectra of the interferometer signals obtain sensitivity to spatially-correlated eects far exceeding any previous measurement, in a broad frequency band extending to 7. This measurement is the statistical aggregation of 2. At 3 signicance, it places an upper limit on the coherence scale of spatial shear two orders of magnitude below the Planck length. The result demonstrates the viability of this novel spatially-correlated interferometric detection technique to reach unprecedented sensitivity to coherent deviations of space- time from classicality, opening the door for direct experimental tests of theories of relational quantum gravity.

The time dependence of rock healing as a universal relaxation process, a tutorial. The material properties of earth materials often change after the material has been perturbed slow dynamics. For example, the seismic velocity of subsurface materials changes after earthquakes, and granular materials compact after being shaken.

Such relaxation processes are associated by observables that change logarithmically with time. Since the logarithm diverges for short and long times , the relaxation can, strictly speaking, not have a log- time dependence. The relaxation function depends on two parameters, the minimum and maximum relaxation time. These parameters can, in principle, be extracted from the observed relaxation.

As an example, we present a crude model of a fracture that is closing under an external stress. Although the fracture model violates some of the assumptions on which the relaxation function is based, it follows the relaxation function well. We provide qualitative arguments that the relaxation process, just like the Gutenberg-Richter law, is applicable to a wide range of systems and has universal properties.

To support this assertion, we give evidences from various sources itemized as follows. Short relaxation times but long transient times in both simple and complex reaction networks. However, that need not be true, other times such as the lifetime of an infinitesimal perturbation can be much longer.

In the present work, we demonstrate that this paradoxical property can arise even in quite simple systems such as a linear chain of reactions obeying mass action MA kinetics. By mathematical analysis of simple reaction networks, we pin-point the reason why the standard relaxation time does not provide relevant information on the potentially long transient times of typical infinitesimal perturbations. Multiple- relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann kinetic model for combustion.

The chemical energy released in the progress of combustion is dynamically coupled into the system by adding a chemical term to the LB kinetic equation. Aside from describing the evolutions of the conserved quantities, the density, momentum, and energy, which are what the Navier-Stokes model describes, the MRT-LBKM presents also a coarse-grained description on the evolutions of some nonconserved quantities.

The current model works for both subsonic and supersonic flows with or without chemical reaction. In this model, both the specific-heat ratio and the Prandtl number are flexible, the TNE effects are naturally presented in each simulation step. The model is verified and validated via well-known benchmark tests. As an initial application, various nonequilibrium behaviors, including the complex interplays between various HNEs, between various TNEs, and between the HNE and TNE, around the detonation wave in the unsteady and steady one-dimensional detonation processes are preliminarily probed.

It is found that the system viscosity or heat conductivity decreases the local TNE, but increases the global TNE around the detonation wave, that even locally, the system viscosity or heat conductivity results in two kinds of competing trends, to increase and to decrease the TNE effects. The physical reason is that the viscosity or heat conductivity takes part in both the thermodynamic and hydrodynamic responses.

A simple shear limited, single size, time dependent flocculation model. This research focuses on the modeling of flocculation of cohesive sediment due to turbulent shear , specifically, investigating the dependency of flocculation on the concentration of cohesive sediment. Flocculation is important in larger sediment transport models as cohesive particles can create aggregates which are orders of magnitude larger than their unflocculated state. As the settling velocity of each particle is determined by the sediment size, density, and shape, accounting for this aggregation is important in determining where the sediment is deposited.

This study provides a new formulation for flocculation of cohesive sediment by modifying the Winterwerp flocculation model W98 so that it limits floc size to that of the Kolmogorov micro length scale. The W98 model is a simple approach that calculates the average floc size as a function of time. Because of its simplicity, the W98 model is ideal for implementing into larger sediment transport models; however, the model tends to over predict the dependency of the floc size on concentration.

It was found that the modification of the coefficients within the original model did not allow for the model to capture the dependency on concentration. Therefore, a new term within the breakup kernel of the W98 formulation was added.

The new formulation results is a single size, shear limited, and time dependent flocculation model that is able to effectively capture the dependency of the equilibrium size of flocs on both suspended sediment concentration and the time to equilibrium.

The overall behavior of the new model is explored and showed align well with other studies on flocculation. Winterwerp, J. A simple model for turbulence induced flocculation of cohesive sediment. Journal of Hydraulic Research, 36 3 Three-dimensional particle-particle simulations: Dependence of relaxation time on plasma parameter.

A particle-particle simulation model is applied to investigate the dependence of the relaxation time on the plasma parameter in a three-dimensional unmagnetized plasma. It is found that the relaxation time increases linearly as the plasma parameter increases within the range of the plasma parameter from 2 to 10; when the plasma parameter equals 2, the relaxation time is independent of the total number of particles, but when the plasma parameter equals 10, the relaxation time slightly increases as the total number of particles increases, which indicates the transition of a plasma from collisional to collisionless.

In addition, ions with initial Maxwell-Boltzmann MB distribution are found to stay in the MB distribution during the whole simulation time , and the mass of ions does not significantly affect the relaxation time of electrons. This work also shows the feasibility of the particle-particle model when using GPU parallel computing techniques. Generalized Elliott-Yafet spin- relaxation time for arbitrary spin mixing.

We extend our recent result for the spin- relaxation time due to acoustic electron-phonon scattering in degenerate bands with spin mixing [New J. Comparing our computed spin- relaxation times to the conventional Elliott-Yafet result quantitatively demonstrates that the latter underestimates the spin- relaxation time because it does not correctly describe how electron-phonon interactions change the vector spin expectation value of the single-particle states.

We show that the conventional Elliott-Yafet spin relaxation time is a special case of our result for weak spin mixing. The lattice Boltzmann method LBM has been applied to study a wide range of reactive transport in porous and fractured media. By contrast, the multiple- relaxation-time MRT LBM, employing multiple relaxation times , can improve the numerical stability through tuning the multiple relaxation times , but the complexity of implementing this method restricts its applications.

This work evaluated the numerical accuracy and stability of the TRT method by comparing the simulation results with analytical solutions of Gaussian hill transport and Taylor dispersion under different advective velocities. Finally, the TRT method was applied to study the contaminant degradation by chemotactic microorganisms in porous media, which acted as a reprehensive of reactive transport in this study, and well predicted the evolution of microorganisms and degradation of contaminants for different transport scenarios.

To sum up, the TRT LBM produced simulation results with good accuracy and stability for various advective-diffusive-reactive transport through tuning the relaxation. T2 relaxation time is related to liver fibrosis severity. Background The grading of liver fibrosis relies on liver biopsy. Imaging techniques, including elastography and relaxometric, techniques have had varying success in diagnosing moderate fibrosis.

The goal of this study was to determine if there is a relationship between the T2- relaxation time of hepatic parenchyma and the histologic grade of liver fibrosis in patients with hepatitis C undergoing both routine, liver MRI and liver biopsy, and to validate our methodology with phantoms and in a rat model of liver fibrosis.

Methods This study is composed of three parts: I patients who underwent both routine, clinical liver MRI and biopsy within a 6-month period, between July and January were enrolled in a retrospective study. MR imaging was performed at 1.

T2 relaxation time of liver parenchyma in patients was calculated by mono-exponential fit of a region of interest ROI within the right lobe correlating to histopathologic grading Ishak 0—6 and routine serum liver inflammation [aspartate aminotransferase AST and alanine aminotransferase ALT ].

Statistical comparison was performed using ordinary logistic and ordinal logistic regression and ANOVA comparing T2 to Ishak fibrosis without and using AST and ALT as covariates; II a phantom was prepared using serial dilutions of dextran coated magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. T2 was quantified by using a mono-exponential fitting algorithm on multi-slice multi.

Rotational relaxation time as unifying time scale for polymer and fiber drag reduction. Using hybrid direct numerical simulation plus Langevin dynamics, a comparison is performed between polymer and fiber stress tensors in turbulent flow. The stress tensors are found to be similar, suggesting a common drag reducing mechanism in the onset regime for both flexible polymers and rigid fibers.

Since fibers do not have an elastic backbone, this must be a viscous effect. Analysis of the viscosity tensor reveals that all terms are negligible, except the off-diagonal shear viscosity associated with rotation. Based on this analysis, we identify the rotational orientation time as the unifying time scale setting a new time criterion for drag reduction by both flexible polymers and rigid fibers.

We develop a model that predicts all two-point correlations in high Reynolds number turbulent flow, in both space and time. This is accomplished by combining the design philosophies behind two existing models, the Mann spectral velocity tensor, in which isotropic turbulence is distorted according to rapid distortion theory, and Kristensen's longitudinal coherence model, in which eddies are simultaneously advected by larger eddies as well as decaying.

The model is compared with data from both observations and large-eddy simulations and is found to predict spatial correlations comparable to the Mann spectral tensor and temporal coherence better than any known model. Within the developed framework, Lagrangian two-point correlations in space and time are also predicted, and the predictions are compared with measurements of isotropic turbulence. The required input to the models, which are formulated as spectral velocity tensors, can be estimated from measured spectra or be derived from the rate of dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy, the friction velocity and the mean shear of the flow.

The developed models can, for example, be used in wind-turbine engineering, in applications such as lidar-assisted feed forward control and wind-turbine wake modelling. Heterogeneous bio systems are often characterized by several water-containing compartments that differ in relaxation time values and diffusion constants. Because of the relatively small differences among these diffusion constants, nonoptimal measuring conditions easily lead to the conclusion that a single diffusion constant suffices to describe the water mobility in a heterogeneous bio system.

This paper demonstrates that the combination of a T2 measurement and diffusion measurements at various echo times TE , based on the PFG MSE sequence, enables the accurate determination of diffusion constants which are less than a factor of 2 apart. Transport through structurally dynamic junctions is, however, increasingly of interest for sensing, harnessing fluctuations, and real- time control. Lastly, we also demonstrate that a simple equation of motion emerges, which is suitable for efficiently simulating time -dependent transport.

Secondary and primary relaxations in hyperbranched polyglycerol: a comparative study in the frequency and time domains. The non-Debye relaxation behavior of hyperbranched polyglycerol was investigated by broadband dielectric spectroscopy. A thorough study of the relaxations was carried out paying special attention to truncation effects on deconvolutions of overlapping processes.

Hyperbranched polyglycerol exhibits two relaxations in the glassy state named in increasing order of frequency beta and gamma processes. The study of the evolution of these two fast processes with temperature in the time retardation spectra shows that the beta absorption is swallowed by the alpha in the glass-liquid transition, the gamma absorption being the only relaxation that remains operative in the liquid state.

In heating, a temperature is reached at which the alpha absorption vanishes appearing the alphagamma relaxation. Two characteristics of alpha absorptions, decrease of the dielectric strength with increasing temperature and rather high activation energy, are displayed by the alphagamma process. Williams' ansatz seems to hold for these topologically complex macromolecules.

Quantifying NMR relaxation correlation and exchange in articular cartilage with time domain analysis. Mailhiot, Sarah E. Measured nuclear magnetic resonance NMR transverse relaxation data in articular cartilage has been shown to be multi-exponential and correlated to the health of the tissue.

The observed relaxation rates are dependent on experimental parameters such as solvent, data acquisition methods, data analysis methods, and alignment to the magnetic field. In this study, we show that diffusive exchange occurs in porcine articular cartilage and impacts the observed relaxation rates in T1-T2 correlation experiments. By using time domain analysis of T2-T2 exchange spectroscopy, the diffusive exchange time can be quantified by measurements that use a single mixing time.

Measured characteristic times for exchange are commensurate with T1 in this material and so impacts the observed T1 behavior. The approach used here allows for reliable quantification of NMR relaxation behavior in cartilage in the presence of diffusive fluid exchange between two environments. Dielectric relaxation and hydrogen bonding interaction in xylitol-water mixtures using time domain reflectometry. The measurements of complex dielectric permittivity of xylitol-water mixtures have been carried out in the frequency range of 10 MHz GHz using a time domain reflectometry technique.

We have observed that the dielectric relaxation behaviour of binary mixtures of xylitol-water can be well described by Cole-Davidson model having an asymmetric distribution of relaxation times. The dielectric parameters such as static dielectric constant and relaxation time for the mixtures have been evaluated. The molecular interaction between xylitol and water molecules is discussed using the Kirkwood correlation factor g eff and thermodynamic parameter.

The activation energy of each sample depends on the water content ratio of the sample. A software package which allows the correct determination of individual relaxation times for all the nonequivalent nuclei in poorly resolved NMR spectra is described. The procedure used, based on the fitting of each spectrum in the series recorded in the relaxation experiment, should improve the analysis of relaxation data in terms of quantitative dynamic information, especially in anisotropic phases.

In this work we present an alternative formulation of the Debye Decomposition DD of complex conductivity spectra, with a new set of parameters that are directly related to the continuous Debye relaxation model. The procedure determines the relaxation time distribution RTD and two frequency-independent parameters that modulate the induced polarization spectra.

The distribution of relaxation times quantifies the contribution of each distinct relaxation process, which can in turn be associated with specific polarization processes and characterized in terms of electrochemical and interfacial parameters as derived from mechanistic models. Synthetic tests show that the procedure can successfully fit spectral induced polarization SIP data and accurately recover the RTD.

The procedure was applied to different data sets, focusing on environmental applications. We focus on data of sand-clay mixtures artificially contaminated with toluene, and crude oil-contaminated sands experiencing biodegradation. The results identify characteristic relaxation times that can be associated with distinct polarization processes resulting from either the contaminant itself or transformations associated with biodegradation.

The inversion results provide information regarding the relative strength and dominant relaxation time of these polarization processes. Attractors of relaxation discrete- time systems with chaotic dynamics on a fast time scale. In this work, a new type of relaxation systems is considered.

Their prominent feature is that they comprise two distinct epochs, one is slow regular motion and another is fast chaotic motion. Unlike traditionally studied slow-fast systems that have smooth manifolds of slow motions in the phase space and fast trajectories between them, in this new type one observes, apart the same geometric objects, areas of transient chaos.

Alternating periods of slow regular motions and fast chaotic ones as well as transitions between them result in a specific chaotic attractor with chaos on a fast time scale. Finally, we provide an important application of such systems, the neuronal electrical activity in the form of chaotic spike-burst oscillations. We formulate basic properties of such attractors in the framework of discrete- time systems and consider several examples.

To assess the long-term stability of underground structures, it is important to understand the time -dependent behaviors of rocks, such as their loading-rate dependence, creep, and relaxation. However, there have been fewer studies on crystalline rocks than on tuff, mudstone, and rock salt, because the high strength of crystalline rocks makes the detection of their time -dependent behaviors much more difficult.

Moreover, studies on the relaxation , temporal change of stress and strain TCSS conditions, and relations between various time -dependent behaviors are scarce for not only granites, but also other rocks. In this study, previous reports on the time -dependent behaviors of granites were reviewed and various laboratory tests were conducted using Toki granite. These tests included an alternating-loading-rate test, creep test, relaxation test, and TCSS test.

The results showed that the degree of time dependence of Toki granite is similar to other granites, and that the TCSS resembles the stress- relaxation curve and creep-strain curve. A viscoelastic constitutive model, proposed in a previous study, was modified to investigate the relations between the time -dependent behaviors in the pre- and post-peak regions.

The modified model reproduced the stress-strain curve, creep, relaxation , and the results of the TCSS test. Based on a comparison of the results of the laboratory tests and numerical simulations, close relations between the time -dependent behaviors were revealed quantitatively. Wiesner, Hannes M.

Purpose Measurement of the cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen CMRO2 via direct imaging of the 17O signal can be a valuable tool in neuroscientific research. However, knowledge of the longitudinal and transverse relaxation times of different brain tissue types is required, which is difficult to obtain because of the low sensitivity of natural abundance HO measurements.

Methods Using the improved sensitivity at a field strength of Conclusion Relaxation times of brain HO were measured for the first time in vivo in different types of tissues with high spatial resolution. Since the relaxation times of HO are expected to be independent of field strength, our results should help in optimizing the acquisition parameters for experiments also at other MRI field strengths.

Calibrated tree priors for relaxed phylogenetics and divergence time estimation. The use of fossil evidence to calibrate divergence time estimation has a long history. More recently, Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo has become the dominant method of divergence time estimation, and fossil evidence has been reinterpreted as the specification of prior distributions on the divergence times of calibration nodes.

These so-called "soft calibrations" have become widely used but the statistical properties of calibrated tree priors in a Bayesian setting hashave not been carefully investigated. We illustrate this with a number of analytical results on small trees. We also describe an alternative construction for a calibrated Yule prior on trees that allows direct specification of the marginal prior distribution of the calibrated divergence time , with or without the restriction of monophyly.

This method requires the computation of the Yule prior conditional on the height of the divergence being calibrated. Unfortunately, a practical solution for multiple calibrations remains elusive. Our results suggest that direct estimation of the prior induced by specifying multiple calibration densities should be a prerequisite of any divergence time dating analysis.

Multiple conformational states of the hammerhead ribozyme, broad time range of relaxation and topology of dynamics. The dynamics of a hammerhead ribozyme was analyzed by measurements of fluorescence-detected temperature jump relaxation. The ribozyme was substituted at different positions by 2-aminopurine 2-AP as fluorescence indicator; these substitutions do not inhibit catalysis.

The general shape of relaxation curves reported from different positions of the ribozyme is very similar: a fast decrease of fluorescence, mainly due to physical quenching, is followed by a slower increase of fluorescence due to conformational relaxation. Although the relaxation at different positions of the ribozyme is similar in general, suggesting a global type of ribozyme dynamics, a close examination reveals differences, indicating an individual local response.

For example, 2-AP in a tetraloop reports mainly the local loop dynamics known from isolated loops, whereas 2-AP located at the core, e. Differences between the hammerhead variants are clearly demonstrated by subtraction of relaxation curves recorded under corresponding conditions. However, one of the limitations of the existing capacitive switch designs is long-term reliability. Failure is generally attributed to electrical charging in the capacitor's dielectric layer that creates an attractive electrostatic force between a moving upper capacitor plate a metal membrane and the dielectric.

This acts as an attractive stiction force between them that may cause the switch to stay permanently in the closed state. The force that is responsible for opening the switch is the elastic restoring force due to stress in the film membrane. If the restoring force decreases over time due to stress relaxation , the tendency for stiction failure behavior will increase.

Au films have been shown to exhibit stress relaxation even at room temperature. The stress relaxation observed is a type of viscoelastic behavior that is more significant in thin metal films than in bulk materials.

Metal films with a high relaxation resistance would have a lower probability of device failure due to stress relaxation. It has been shown that solid solution and oxide dispersion can strengthen a material without unacceptable decreases in electrical conductivity. The effectiveness of the two strengthening approaches is compared with the pure Au in terms of relaxation modulus and 3 hour modulus decay. The time dependent relaxation curves can be fitted very well with a four-term Prony series model.

From the temperature dependence of the terms of the series, activation energies have been deduced to identify the possible dominant relaxation mechanism. The measured. Real- time observation of cascaded electronic relaxation processes in p-Fluorotoluene. Ultrafast electronic relaxation processes following two photoexcitation of nm in p-Fluorotoluene pFT have been investigated utilizing time -resolved photoelectron imaging coupled with time -resolved mass spectroscopy.

While, the slower relaxation constant is attributed to the further internal conversion to the high levels of S0 from the secondarily populated S1 locating in the channel three region. Moreover, dynamical differences with benzene and toluene of analogous structures, including, specifically, the slightly slower relaxation rate of S2 and the evidently faster decay of S1, are also presented and tentatively interpreted as the substituent effects.

In addition, photoelectron kinetic energy and angular distributions reveal the feature of accidental resonances with low-lying Rydberg states the 3p, 4s and 4p states during the multi-photon ionization process, providing totally unexpected but very interesting information for pFT. Special attention has been paid to the processing of dielectrometric data for inhomogeneous materials using dielectric diagrams.

Rapid analysis has been carried out the results of which can be used as initial approximations in more accurate more complicated and time -consuming iterative algorithms for model fitting. Using non-destructive photothermal techniques, it is possible to characterize non-homogenous materials to obtain its optical and thermal properties through photoacoustic spectroscopy PAS. In photoacoustic PA phenomena, there are transient states of thermal excitation, when samples absorb the incident light; these states manifest an excitation process that generates the PA signal, being in direct relation with the non-radiative relaxation times with the sample absorbent centers.

The objective of this study was to determine the non-radiative relaxation times associated with different absorbent centers of corn seeds Zea mays L. A frequency scan was done at different wavelengths nm, nm and nm in order to obtain the non-radiative relaxation times with different types of maize seeds. Effects of cross-correlated noises on the relaxation time of the bistable system.

The stationary correlation function and the associated relaxation time for a general system driven by cross-correlated white noises are derived, by virtue of a Stratonovich-like ansatz. The effects of correlated noises on the relaxation time of a bistable kinetic model coupled to an additive and a multiplicative white noises are studied.

It is proved that for small fluctuations the relaxation time Tc as a function of lambda the correlated intensity between noises exhibits very different behaviours for alpha D alpha and D, respectively, stand for the intensities of additive and multiplicative noises. But when alpha The time -dependence of exchange-induced relaxation during modulated radio frequency pulses. The solution for the time evolution under the chemical exchange Hamiltonian in the tilted doubly rotating frame TDRF is presented.

Detailed derivation is specified to the case of a two-site chemical exchange system with complete randomization between jumps of the exchanging spins. The derived theory can be applied to describe the modulation of the chemical exchange relaxation rate constants when using a train of adiabatic pulses, such as the hyperbolic secant pulse. Theory presented is valid for quantification of the exchange-induced time -dependent rotating frame longitudinal T1rho,ex and transverse T2rho,ex relaxations in the fast chemical exchange regime.

Ultralong relaxation times in bistable hybrid quantum systems. Nonlinear systems, whose outputs are not directly proportional to their inputs, are well known to exhibit many interesting and important phenomena that have profoundly changed our technological landscape over the last 50 years.

Recently, the ability to engineer quantum metamaterials through hybridization has allowed us to explore these nonlinear effects in systems with no natural analog. We investigate amplitude bistability, which is one of the most fundamental nonlinear phenomena, in a hybrid system composed of a superconducting resonator inductively coupled to an ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy centers. One of the exciting properties of this spin system is its long spin lifetime, which is many orders of magnitude longer than other relevant time scales of the hybrid system.

This allows us to dynamically explore this nonlinear regime of cavity quantum electrodynamics and demonstrate a critical slowing down of the cavity population on the order of several tens of thousands of seconds—a time scale much longer than observed so far for this effect. Our results provide a foundation for future quantum technologies based on nonlinear phenomena. This allows us to dynamically explore this nonlinear regime of cavity quantum electrodynamics and demonstrate a critical slowing down of the cavity population on the order of several tens of thousands of seconds-a time scale much longer than observed so far for this effect.

The effects of bone on proton NMR relaxation times of surrounding liquids. Preliminary attempts by our group at UCSF to assess fat content of vertebral marrow in the lumbar spine using relaxation time information demonstrated that the presence of trabecular bone affects relaxation times.

The objective of this work was a thorough study of the effects of bone on NMR relaxation characteristics of surrounding liquids. Trabecular bone from autopsy specimens was ground up and sifted into a series of powders with graded densities ranging from 0. Each powder was placed first in n-saline and then in cottonseed oil. As bone density and surface to volume ratio increased, T1 decreased faster for saline than for oil. The T1s of oil were not affected since oil molecules are nonpolar, do not participate in significant intermolecular hydrogen bonding, and therefore would not be expected to interact strongly with the bone surface.

These preliminary results suggest that water in contact with trabecular bone in vivo will exhibit shortened relaxation times. White matter of the brain has been demonstrated to have multiple relaxation components. This method has been demonstrated to be sensitive to demyelination in the brain but suffers from low SNR and image artifacts originating from ill-conditioned multi-exponential fitting.

In this study, a novel approach that selectively acquires short transverse relaxation time signal is proposed. The method utilizes a double inversion RF pair to suppress a range of long T1 signal. Compared to conventional myelin water imaging, this new method of direct visualization of short relaxation time component ViSTa provides high quality images. When applied to multiple sclerosis patients, chronic lesions show significantly reduced signal intensity in ViSTa images suggesting sensitivity to demyelination.

The timing of strike-slip shear along the Ranong and Khlong Marui faults, Thailand. Many of the sheared rocks were part of a pre-kinematic crystalline basement complex, which partially melted and was intruded by Late Cretaceous Ma and early Eocene 48 Ma tin-bearing granites.

Dextral shear along the Ranong and Khlong Marui faults occurred at the same time as sinistral shear along the Mae Ping and Three Pagodas faults of northern Thailand, a result of India-Burma coupling in advance of India-Asia collision. In the late Eocene Isovolumic relaxation time varies predictably with its time constant and aortic and left atrial pressures: implications for the noninvasive evaluation of ventricular relaxation. The isovolumic relaxation time IVRT is an important noninvasive index of left ventricular diastolic function.

Despite its widespread use, however, the IVRT has not been related analytically to invasive parameters of ventricular function. Establishing such a relationship would make the IVRT more useful by itself and perhaps allow it to be combined more precisely with other noninvasive parameters of ventricular filling.

The purpose of this study was to validate such a quantitative relationship. To test this hypothesis we analyzed data from six canine experiments in which ventricular preload and afterload were controlled nonpharmacologically. In addition, tau was adjusted with the use of beta-adrenergic blockade and calcium infusion, as well as with hypothermia. In each experiment data were collected before and after the surgical formation of mitral stenosis, performed to permit the study of a wide range of left atrial pressures.

High-fidelity left atrial, left ventricular, and aortic root pressures were digitized, the IVRT was measured from the aortic dicrotic notch until the left atrioventricular pressure crossover point, and tau was calculated by nonlinear least-squares regression.

Will spin- relaxation times in molecular magnets permit quantum information processing? Certain computational tasks can be efficiently implemented using quantum logic, in which the information-carrying elements are permitted to exist in quantum superpositions. To achieve this in practice, a physical system that is suitable for embodying quantum bits qubits must be identified. Some proposed scenarios employ electron spins in the solid state, for example phosphorous donors in silicon, quantum dots, heterostructures and endohedral fullerenes, motivated by the long electron-spin relaxation times exhibited by these systems.

An alternative electron-spin based proposal exploits the large number of quantum states and the non-degenerate transitions available in high spin molecular magnets. Although these advantages have stimulated vigorous research in molecular magnets, the key question of whether the intrinsic spin relaxation times are long enough has hitherto remained unaddressed.

Using X-band pulsed electron spin resonance, we measure the intrinsic spin-lattice T1 and phase coherence T2 relaxation times in molecular nanomagnets for the first time. NMR permeability estimators in 'chalk' carbonate rocks obtained under different relaxation times and MICP size scalings.

The effect of the selection of different nuclear magnetic resonance NMR relaxation times for permeability estimation is investigated for a set of fully brine-saturated rocks acquired from Cretaceous carbonate reservoirs in the North Sea and Middle East. Estimators that are obtained from the relaxation times based on the Pythagorean means are compared with estimators that are obtained from the relaxation times based on the concept of a cumulative saturation cut-off.

Select portions of the longitudinal T1 and transverse T2 relaxation-time distributions are systematically evaluated by applying various cut-offs, analogous to the Winland-Pittman approach for mercury injection capillary pressure MICP curves. Finally, different approaches to matching the NMR and MICP distributions using different mean-based scaling factors are validated based on the performance of the related size-scaled estimators.

The good results that were obtained demonstrate possible alternatives to the commonly adopted logarithmic mean estimator and reinforce the importance of NMR-MICP integration to improving carbonate permeability estimates. Space- time correlations of fluctuating velocities in turbulent shear flows. Space- time correlations or Eulerian two-point two- time correlations of fluctuating velocities are analytically and numerically investigated in turbulent shear flows.

An elliptic model for the space- time correlations in the inertial range is developed from the similarity assumptions on the isocorrelation contours: they share a uniform preference direction and a constant aspect ratio. The similarity assumptions are justified using the Kolmogorov similarity hypotheses and verified using the direct numerical simulation DNS of turbulent channel flows.

The model relates the space- time correlations to the space correlations via the convection and sweeping characteristic velocities. The analytical expressions for the convection and sweeping velocities are derived from the Navier-Stokes equations for homogeneous turbulent shear flows, where the convection velocity is represented by the mean velocity and the sweeping velocity is the sum of the random sweeping velocity and the shear -induced velocity. This model predicts a universal form of the space- time correlations with the two characteristic velocities.

The DNS of turbulent channel flows supports the prediction: the correlation functions exhibit a fair good collapse, when plotted against the normalized space and time separations defined by the elliptic model. Use of controlled dynamic impacts on hierarchically structured seismically hazardous faults for seismically safe relaxation of shear stresses.

Ruzhich, Valery V. In the paper we briefly outline the experience in forecasting catastrophic earthquakes and the general problems in ensuring seismic safety. The purpose of our long-term research is the development and improvement of the methods of man-caused impacts on large-scale fault segments to safely reduce the negative effect of seismodynamic failure.

Various laboratory and large-scale field experiments were carried out in the segments of tectonic faults in Baikal rift zone and in main cracks in block-structured ice cove of Lake Baikal using the developed measuring systems and special software for identification and treatment of deformation response of faulty segments to man-caused impacts. The results of the study let us to ground the necessity of development of servo-controlled technologies, which are able to provide changing the shear resistance and deformation regime of fault zone segments by applying vibrational and pulse triggering impacts.

We suppose that the use of triggering impacts in highly stressed segments of active faults will promote transferring the geodynamic state of these segments from a metastable to a more stable and safe state. On-chip Brownian relaxation measurements of magnetic nanobeads in the time domain. We present and demonstrate a new method for on-chip Brownian relaxation measurements on magnetic nanobeads in the time domain using magnetoresistive sensors.

The beads are being magnetized by the sensor self-field arising from the bias current passed through the sensors and thus no external magnetic fields are needed. First, the method is demonstrated on Brownian relaxation measurements of beads with nominal sizes of 40, 80, , and nm. The results are found to compare well to those obtained by an already established measurement technique in the frequency domain.

Next, we demonstrate the time and frequency domain methods on Brownian relaxation detection of clustering of streptavidin coated magnetic beads in the presence of different concentrations of biotin-conjugated bovine serum albumin and obtain comparable results. In the time domain, a measurement is carried out in less than 30 s, which is about six times faster than in the frequency domain. This substantial reduction of the measurement time allows for continuous monitoring of the bead dynamics vs.

A ligand-observed 1H NMR relaxation experiment is introduced for measuring the binding kinetics of low-molecular-weight compounds to their biomolecular targets. We show that this approach, which does not require any isotope labeling, is applicable to ligand—target systems involving proteins and nucleic acids of variable molecular size.

The experiment is particularly useful for the systematic investigation of low affinity molecules with residence times in the micro- to millisecond time regime. The study of dielectric relaxation in aqueous carbohydrates solutions using time domain reflectometry technique.

Complex permittivity spectra of aqueous solutions of monosaccharide d-glucose and disaccharides d-sucrose in the frequency range from 10 MHz to 30 GHz at various concentrations and temperatures have been determined using time domain reflectometry technique. The complex dielectric permittivity spectrum of d-glucose and d-sucrose in water shows Cole-Davidson type behaviour. Microstructural evolution of a model, shear -banding micellar solution during shear startup and cessation.

We present direct measurements of the evolution of the segmental-level microstructure of a stable shear -banding polymerlike micelle solution during flow startup and cessation in the plane of flow. These measurements provide a definitive, quantitative microstructural understanding of the stages observed during flow startup: an initial elastic response with limited alignment that yields with a large stress overshoot to a homogeneous flow with associated micellar alignment that persists for approximately three relaxation times.

This transient is followed by a shear kink band formation with a flow-aligned low-viscosity band that exhibits shear -induced concentration fluctuations and coexists with a nearly isotropic band of homogenous, highly viscoelastic micellar solution. Stable, steady banding flow is achieved only after approximately two reptation times.

Flow cessation from this shear -banded state is also found to be nontrivial, exhibiting an initial fast relaxation with only minor structural relaxation , followed by a slower relaxation of the aligned micellar fluid with the equilibrium fluid's characteristic relaxation time.

These measurements resolve a controversy in the literature surrounding the mechanism of shear banding in entangled wormlike micelles and, by means of comparison to existing literature, provide further insights into the mechanisms driving shear -banding instabilities in related systems. The methods and instrumentation described should find broad use in exploring complex fluid rheology and testing microstructure-based constitutive equations.

Song, Pengfei; Macdonald, Michael C. Two-dimensional 2D shear wave elastography presents 2D quantitative shear elasticity maps of tissue, which are clinically useful for both focal lesion detection and diffuse disease diagnosis. Realization of 2D shear wave elastography on conventional ultrasound scanners, however, is challenging due to the low tracking pulse-repetition-frequency PRF of these systems. While some clinical and research platforms support software beamforming and plane wave imaging with high PRF, the majority of current clinical ultrasound systems do not have the software beamforming capability, which presents a critical challenge for translating the 2D shear wave elastography technique from laboratory to clinical scanners.

To address this challenge, this paper presents a Time Aligned Sequential Tracking TAST method for shear wave tracking on conventional ultrasound scanners. TAST takes advantage of the parallel beamforming capability of conventional systems and realizes high PRF shear wave tracking by sequentially firing tracking vectors and aligning shear wave data in the temporal direction.

A phantom study showed that the shear wave speed measurements from the LOGIQ E9 were in good agreement to the values measured from other 2D shear wave imaging technologies. An inclusion phantom study showed that the LOGIQ E9 had comparable performance to the Aixplorer Supersonic Imagine in terms of bias and precision in measuring different sized inclusions. Finally, in vivo case analysis of a breast with a malignant mass, and a liver from a healthy subject demonstrated the feasibility of using the LOGIQ E9 for in vivo 2D shear wave.

Measurement of short transverse relaxation times by pseudo-echo nutation experiments. Very short NMR transverse relaxation times may be difficult to measure by conventional methods. He made his directorial debut in with the documentary Sekt oder Selters followed by the.

Himmel und Hoelle. His other highlyacclaimed. From rose pink to the colors of snow: it is images th at make films. These films are wild, idiosyncr at ic and short… some even shorter. The films. Borders are opened up; passion has. Although the filmmakers of tomorrow may be very different with respect to their selected.

The diverse field of anim at ion domin at es their. The young filmmakers view cinema as a huge image machine, and so they cre at e images. The works are oriented on singular moments in the lives of individuals; decisive moments th at point onward,. Amoklove is a love story. The interval of a heartbe at provides the rhythm, over which the narr at ive lies: the.

Repetition is necessary. Over the course of only one anim at ed minute, Rosarot tells the full drama. Sp at zen is an homage to the plan sequence, showing the end of a. One night; a journey and permanent surprise. In the end, there is always the bird in the hand. Samsa — Hommage an Franz Kafka bows down to the gre at master, but at the same time it represents. The cultiv at ion of plants is a different cre at ive process.

In the end,. In Clean Up the moment has passed: all th at. There is also description of the everyday in the film Keine. Besonderen Vorkommnisse: two soldiers control a check point in the middle of somewhere. Feel Like Dancing makes us into voyeurs, and the shock goes deeper still. In the words of Gilles Deleuze,. German y — and th at is wh at makes them so special.

Between gives us an intim at ion of this movement in the. Schneezeit allows us to sense time, and Lebensader brings us. Between is an experimental short film about the human psyche, its complex combin at ions and the. Strolling in between different senses, caught in an endless loop of our inner life,.

A magical moment between two people in the subway, but then it is all over and they will never. Fabian fights for his love and chases Marie through Stuttgart. Th at is. Somewhere in a war zone. Three young soldiers try to distract themselves from their everyday. Every time there is an execution, he has to restore this place as it was before. This experimental. In addition to communic at ion problems with. Hamburg, and then at the Institute of Anim at ion at the. Snowtime is a filmic medit at ion about the essence of time.

For decades, Oskar has been living in. The past and the future, memories. A man meets a woman in a bar. They walk through the night without any reason. Time and time again the brave knight takes off into b at tle. Even though his sword actually smells. Not until. N at ure from the assembly line. An observ at ion on the growing of geraniums in mass production and. The beauty of n at ure, apparently perfectly reproduced in artificial. In , she founded Komplizen Film with.

Ludwigshafen and Brussels. In addition, she has served as a freelance producer for such companies as R at Pack. Her most recent project. Exporters, and oper at es today in the legal form of a limited liability company. In addition, German Films has nine foreign represent at ives in eight countries. German Films is a founding member of the European Film Promotion, a network. German Films. The organiz at ion, with its headquarters in Hamburg, aims to develop.

German film industry German Films Quarterly , as well as intern at ional market. German films, a film archive, as well as inform at ion and links to German and intern at ional. German Films supports the use of paper from sustainable forestry. For more inform at ion meet us in Cannes at the. Credits not contractual. On the eve of the First World War. The story of a school and church choir led by the local village teacher. His young singers and their families: squire, preacher, est at e manager, midwife, doctor, farmer — a slice of society.

Strange accidents happen and become more and more like ritual punishment. Who is behind it all? Active as a director and playwright for television, film and the opera, he is also a professor for Directing at the Vienna Film Academy.

The rel at ionship between Rob and his f at her is awkward. Offering the highest resolution available, VISION3 Films continue to raise the bar with unrivaled highlight l at itude and reduced grain in shadows for gre at er flexibility and control in post. Learn more at www. But amidst their playful romps, secret rituals and silly habits belies an underlying tension. Full of verve, the idiosyncr at ic Gitti is fearless in expressing her love and devotion for Chris, while Chris is more reserved in his outlook on life and sports, varying personal and professional degrees of insecurity.

When they casually run into another, obviously happier and more successful, couple th at on top of it all appears to be modern gender role proof, their rel at ionship destabilizes. In a silly at tempt at lifestyle bootlegging, Chris begins to show his wilful girlfriend who is boss, with the result th at Gitti's faith in her partner takes a hard knock.

She at tempts to conform to his new ideal, but wh at begins as a playful experiment soon turns into a quiet struggle with her own personality. While Chris flourishes in his role as the stronger one of the two, Gitti begins to loosen up in a completely new way. While Thomas is willing to fill the void of their f at her, Consul Jean, and to steer the firm through the times of moderniz at ion and rising competition, his brother Christian is trying to break away from any responsibility.

We find him in dubious company, marrying a woman from a vaudeville show, rebelling against everything their f at her stood for. The sequences, abstract or concrete, range from short film to documentary, from essayistic to experimental. Through friendship, love and alcohol, Roddy is in search of the perfect music.

With a scholarship from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst in , she continued her film studies in Sydney. After working on a few short films and documentary films, she was awarded the German Film Award in Gold for Best New Director in for her directorial fe at ure film debut Im Kreis der Lieben. Among her fe at ure film credits are popular hits such as Trio , Bibi Blocksberg , and most recently, The White Masai The arranged marriage spells the beginning of a monotonous existence for Effi far away from her hometown: Innstetten is entirely pre-occupied with his political career and the sleepy artist town of Kessin on the Baltic Sea shore offers little excitement.

Effi starts a passion at e affair with him and finally discovers wh at love is. But it comes at a steep price: The affair proves f at al for Crampas. Nor is it a happy period for Clara, who is reduced to the role of a housewife instead of an acclaimed concert pianist performing throughout Europe to sold-out halls. Th at is, until she meets the young, brilliant Johannes Brahms. Clara and Johannes fall for one another. Robert, who is sick and suffering from severe depression, at tempts to drown himself in the Rhine River.

His life is saved and he commits himself to a san at orium. The rel at ionship between Brahms and Clara grows even more intense. When Robert dies two years l at er, all the obstacles seem to have disappeared for them.

Clara, however, refuses to marry again. She at tended the drama school for music and the at er in Hanover, and studied German and English Languages in Cologne. In , she founded her own production company. Under the Pavement Lies the Beach became her breakthrough in Heinrich , her film on the life and de at h of the German poet Heinrich von Kleist, was awarded the German Film Award in Her film German y, Pale Mother remains an intern at ional success today and is one of the classics of German cinema.

In the early 80s, he worked in the the at er as a director and wrote radio plays for the Austrian broadcaster ORF. From , he worked as a freelance director and author for television, commercials and music videos. In , he made his fe at ure debut with Tempo, which won the Max Ophuels Award in Lilly is a completely normal year-old girl, until suddenly one day a magic book accompanied by its guardian Hector, a small and clumsy dragon, appear in her room. Surulunda, a super-witch from the world of magic, has design at ed Lilly to be her successor and Hector to explain the job.

But first Lilly must prove within 99 hours th at she is worthy of this burden. The magic book holds the promise of many exciting adventures but also of grave danger through the evil magician Hieronymus and his wish to rule the world. Lilly must confront Hieronymus and prove th at she has wh at it takes to become the new superwitch. But more than anything else, she was a fighter who often fell, but never stayed down. Berlin, The collapse of Nazi German y looms, but young Hilde marches through the rubble of Berlin with only one thought in her head: she wants to become a star.

With luck, looks, the right men and overwhelming self-confidence, she makes her way in the film world, both during and after the war, swapping her Nazi lover for a young Jewish husband. Hollywood beckons, but Hilde is no Marlene. Underemployed and frustr at ed, she longs for German y.

The divided country welcomes her back, but a short nude scene in The Sinner provokes a n at ional scandal, making her an outcast in her own country. The years go by in a whirl of successes and failures, of ups and downs. After completing his studies, he began working as an assistant director. He made his breakthrough with Martha Jelineck, which was nomin at ed for the German Film Award in Among his most noted television productions are the filming of the diaries of the Jewish liter at ure professor Victor Klemperer, Klemperer — Ein Leben in Deutschland , as well as H at er Arbeit?

His epic miniseries Die Flucht was one of the top-r at ed fiction productions of Having stumbled onto the remote town with his son, Marc is obsessed by the tale of a gruesome multiple murder on a nearby farm back in At night, however, mysterious things begin to happen to Marc, an uncanny interweaving of visions and reality th at draws him ever deeper into the secret of the murders.

The more he pieces together, the more the townspeople close ranks against the stranger. The situ at ion escal at es on a pagan holiday in which the townspeople dress as devils and demand a human sacrifice. A top cast and sensitive direction add emotional depth and a jolting edge to this gothic mystery based on the biggest unresolved murder case in German y, the slaying of six people on a remote Bavarian farm in Together with colleague Ciro Cappellari, he rediscovers his hometown, 20 years after the fall of the Wall.

The result is a lyrical film essay about the city and the people whose skills, talent and ambition make it such a unique place: less hectic and glamorous than Paris or London, but possibly more stimul at ing. Ciro Cappellari was born in Buenos Aires in where he trained to be a photographer and made his first short films. At Any Second In jeder Sekunde, marks his directorial debut. Maybe Frick should listen up, for in the following days and weeks, the angels of love will be busy enticing a variety of men and women to play with fire — perhaps in order to punish them Sarah, tempted by drugs but trying to get her life in order, breaks up with her coke-snorting boyfriend and falls in love with a sweet-n at ured photographer.

Frick himself, married and the f at her of a terminally ill child, succumbs to the charms of a strong, self-assured woman. With her, Frick finds a welcome relief from his all-consuming role as the dedic at ed caretaker of his daughter, his p at ients, and his marriage.

Each of them is on the verge of a major change, each of them ready to head off in a new direction and take the risk of burning themselves on love. Wh at remains is a search for love and fulfillment th at a stroke of f at e can push into a surprising new direction at any second … Director Jan Fehse brings his years-long experience as a sought-after cinem at ographer to bear on the poignant story of a handful of individuals caught in the grid of modern urban rel at ionships.

When the Imperial Japanese Army invaded China in and at tacked the civilian popul at ion of Nanking with unprecedented inhumanity, John Rabe took action. John Rabe had become long forgotten by the time his diaries were rediscovered ten years ago. To this day he is still revered in China, but he has never been commended, much less rewarded, for his courage and decency in his own country.

Upon his return to German y in , he was arrested by the Gestapo for collabor at ing with the Chinese. He died in poverty soon after World War II. After the owner of the bar mysteriously died in , it was taken over by his widow and her new partner. Just a couple of weeks l at er, this incredible place lay in ruins. The Last Applause follows the lives of these forgotten tango singers from until today.

When his dad has to go away on business for a week, he leaves Lippel in the care of his new housekeeper, Mrs. She seems very nice at first, but soon Lippel finds himself arguing with her over little household m at ters. It slowly turns into a domestic war, while Lippel seeks escape in his dreams at night, fleeing into an oriental fairy-tale world. There, his f at her is the lovable but weak king, whose children are at the mercy of his malevolent sister-in-law.

The dreamworld double for Mrs. Jakob wants to do away with the children to take the throne herself. He had his fe at ure debut in with Gentleman, which was shown at the Munich Filmfest the same year. Roehler has been a scriptwriter since with Ex and Terror , and he is also the author of the novel Das Abschnappuniversum.

He has lived in Berlin since the early s and also works as a freelance journalist and author. For Hanna, the most important thing is to be together with Thomas. But then Thomas invites his older brother Friedrich to stay with them after Friedrich loses both his job and his wife. Yielding to the new dynamics, Hanna also invites a friend to come and visit: her godchild Augustine. Barely out of her teens, she projects a sexy youthfulness th at exerts a dangerous at traction on Thomas, who is increasingly living out his adolescent impulses, while Hanna starts to sense an unknown depth in Friedrich.

A year l at er, he directed his second short Heldensommer and appeared in a small role in The English P at ient in A promising blind d at e with a beautiful Blonde ends with her fleeing in horror. One day, Toni is contracted by middleman Pepe to kill the reclusive Enrico Puzzo, a mafioso-turned-squealer whose memoirs are about to be published by a company run by Christopher Kimbel and his milquetoast son, Bobfried.

The two fall in love with each other. But their love is thre at ened: there is an arrest warrant and possibly a de at h sentence waiting for Juri. Inga grows up with her grandparents, thinking th at her mother died during a swimming accident. As a child, he was involved in numerous radio plays and was the young publisher and editor-in-chief of the youth magazine SHOT!. After finishing school he worked as an author, speaker and reporter for various television and radio broadcasters, followed by studies from in Film Directing at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy.

His films include: Suelze short, , Schneewittchen ist tot short, , Strassenschlacht short, , Soapstar documentary, , Der grosse Franz short, , Tantalus short, , Marta und der fliegende Grossv at er , Jaeger verlorener Schaetze documentary series, , and November Child Novemberkind, His film Paradiso won a Silver Bear at Berlin in She writes malicious love poems which she recites in live performances throughout German y.

She has the fans at her feet. And she apparently also has success with love. Three men have hopes of marrying her. Pink decides system at ically, but wrongly. She makes her decisions using a calcul at or. Her rel at ionships are managed via text message. And conflicts resolved — if need be — at gunpoint.

Despite having made a thorough examin at ion she chooses quite the wrong man on two occasions. It is only with the third one th at she finally finds happiness. Three weddings. Three seasons. The modern fairytale of someone on a quest to learn about love. Together with her pet pig Pupsi, she zooms throughout the countryside leaving behind a magical trail, clouds of pink butterflies, and sparkling stars. Still, she soon discovers th at not all in her kingdom are content. With the passing ages, the Fairies of Pinkle have become worse in the misuse of their magical powers.

Being a caring Princess, this makes Lillifee very sad. She has also directed a number of short films and documentaries, including: Maikas Wochenende short, , and between earth and sky documentary, In idyllic East Allgaeu she meets the Webers, who take her in as their guest. But soon, the situ at ion of the family becomes turbulent by her appearance … 30 new german films — market screenings New German Films Screening: Friday, 15 May, h, Riviera 2 Sunday, 17 May, h, Riviera 4 After two decades in prison, Widmer, a former German RAF-terrorist, is released.

He meets Valerie, his next door neighbor. The young woman tries to get her life back on track after she lost custody of her little son. She shows some interest in Widmer, the two of them seem to have something in common.

They discreetly enter into the secrets of their lives. Until the truth comes between them. He will not accept any compromise, neither in his music, nor in love. When he gets the feeling th at Kristina, the love of his life, only loves him for his musical talents, he is deeply hurt.

Disappointed, he bids farewell to both her and his previous life. On the edge of society, he meets an old woman who beque at hs him her pain in the form of poems. Martin is immedi at ely fascin at ed. Can they guide him back to himself, to Kristina, or to his music? And then, if his friends, decked out in large fur h at s and filming him too, joined in? Would you believe it if these three best friends told you th at they have a brilliant idea to become world-famous? Be reasonable?

Calm down? Chill a little? Act their age? Yes, you would! But wh at would you think if, in a couple of months, as you read your morning paper and suddenly see th at a so-called John Salinger and The Berlin Brothers are 1 in the charts.

Yes, you would. Everyone would. And you would want to know wh at kind of idea th at was. He loc at es the nomad mountain village, but his f at her has passed away a long time ago. Temur decides to stay and meets Amira, a beautiful young woman.


With the help of Guzeppi,. Guzeppi is a 74 year old farmer from the small Mediterranean island of Gozo. Every year, they celebrate their anniversary with the first fog of November, sitting together in their field at the edge of a cliff, as they are covered by the advancing fog. One day, Rita dies unexpectedly, and Guzeppi yearns to fill this void that she leaves behind. As Guzeppi spends his days trying to recreate the moments he used to share with his wife, he makes friends with an old man called Karmenu, and a lonely street dog.

With their help, Guzeppi begins to understand more what it was that Rita brought into his life but ultimately, Guzeppi must accept that nothing can replace the love and company of Rita and seeks a way to join her for eternity. As of January he is engaged fulltime as director of Shadeena Films. Scriptwriter Biography Christian Galea is primarily an actor who has written and co-directed theatre productions and composed music for video art and theatre productions.

He is now directing his attention towards film. He has studied literature at post-graduate level and lectured on Shakespeare. Shadeena Film ltd. Supported by Studio 7, a Maltese production house, that offers studio space and rental services.

Looking for a co-producer that can bring additional talent to the project in the form of Director of Photography, post-Production and others as well as the remaining funds. Synopsis Ersatz looks at the daily life of a human, that is increasingly influenced by the effects of trying to consume the instant happiness promised to him by convenience products.

The more simple he tries to make his existence, the more he suffers from some adverse effects: the objects surrounding him begin to come to life instead of him and, bit by bit, the human turns into a perfect but hollow shell of his original self.

Items and gadgets start to appear out of nowhere on their own, growing and changing into different versions of themselves, filling the space up to its last corner, constantly moving and transforming. Everything gets full of activity Will he be a victim of his own consumption? Or can he break free amidst all of the commotion that is going on around him? By conforming to uniformity of mass production instead of using his skills to improvise and find new solutions anything is marketable with the right target audience, no matter how useful it is.

I want to play with the aesthetic of a constantly monitored world and the voyeurism it causes - surveillance and monitoring, also in the sense of behavior that is instilled through propaganda or advertisement. Ersatz will have an approximate duration of minutes and will be made with stop motion and pixilation.

The protagonist as well as the objects, will be recorded and animated in the real environment and on green screen. Director Biography Eni is a European filmmaker, animator and visual artist. In her work she is interested to reflect on and around social-critical thematics and experiment with creating narratives from fragmented visual elements.

After showing her first film Granica successfully at more than 30 international Festivals receiving four awards, she is currently based in Vienna, working on her second animated experimental short film Exhaustibility, which will be finished in Synopsis Giacomo and Alisia are a couple trying to adopt a child.

Sonie, his ex-girlfriend and colleague, suggests him to talk to Alisia about the issue, but Giacomo and Alisia hardly communicate and he lies to her instead of resigning. He decides to join the school field trip in order to get some time to think. The trip is in a place where he has been with Alisia in the past. Here, his memories will show him that the woman he is with is not anymore the one he loved, and that he is holding to the past.

He will spend a nostalgic moment with Sonie. But Alisia is going forward with the adoption, unaware of his lie, and he is forced to stop her when she gives him the good news. Alisia tracks him down to demand an explanation and they confront each other, reaching the conclusion that their relationship has arrived to an end. The movie will be rich of textures, washed out like far memories, like painted with watercolours, all focused around Giacomo: since it is a story focused on a char-.

A musician since youth, his passion has always been writing. He worked as editor for fashion videos and director of fashion shows for five years. At the same time, he kept writing music and lyrics, and studied literature independently. After a personal crisis caused by the dissatisfaction of that lifestyle, he quit his job and moved to London to start again from scratch. He is currently working on Faithless, the thesis project for his 3rd year of studies. Synopsis Set up in a world where kids have large stone-like heads, wear colored clothes and are encouraged to express themselves, Little Stones explores the painful growing-up process of a boy, Oyst.

Born in a perfect loving family, Oyst is a very talented painter crazy about colors. Together with his bestfriend Layla, he is preparing to start his education process. However, school brings considerable changes because in order to become grown-up kids have to physically make their head fit through an oval shaped golden mask, relinquish the idea of standing out and accept to live in a perfectly organized neat monochrome world.

Intention A couple of years ago I fell in love with a Tim Burton short story about a character called Oyster Boy who gets consumed by his parents unhappy with the way their son had turned out. I started thinking about the ways the family, friends and society are shaping and re-modeling us and that that growing up is not just a gaining-knowledge process, but it implies loosing other things as well.

I imagined that an artistically inclined child might feel a greater need to hold on to his childhood, realizing what is at stake with the growing up. He tries to hold on to his childhood thus delaying the growing-up process, but soon realizes that this is also not a solution. Every single thing that Oyst has to give up makes a small piece of his head fall, and the child soon finds himself not only trying to save his passions but also the small loose parts of himself.

When the disappointment of his family, the ridicule of his friends and society become evident, Oyst is faced with a tormenting decision: conforming or becoming an outcast. Production Facts Little Stones will be an animated movie of approx. The exact technique is yet to be decided but as textures and shapes play an important role in the story it is quite likely we will use something in the realm of CGI. At the moment Maria is a free-lance visual artist and is looking forward to step things up and start creating her own projects.

Synopsis The Chicken is a story of a six year old Selma, set in wartime Sarajevo, where she lives in a flat with her parents and her sister. She quickly grows very fond of it and is looking forward to the fun times together.

Discovering that her mother Sabina is supposed to kill the chicken and prepare it for their dinner, is both shocking and upsetting for Selma, so she decides to secretly free the chicken and save its life. Sabina becomes the target of a sniper while looking for the bird and Selma is forced to watch her own mother being shot at and fight for her life.

Intention The reason why I want to make The Chicken is to show how during the war one can grow up five years in a single day or just in a few hours. Childish games can become dangerous and deadly, consequences of our even most benign and innocent actions can become extremely cruel. You wake up as a child and you go to bed as an adult.

Since then I have cut numerous fiction and documentary films that have travelled through Cannes, Palm Springs, Edinburgh, Toronto and many other festivals. I directed several commercials including a commissioned viral for Toshiba and a test commercial for Armani.

The Chicken is going to be my first professionally produced short film where I will work again with Cecilia Frugiuele and Parkville Pictures as my UK producer. Parkville Pictures E-mail: cecilia parkvillepictures. Synopsis Four red-haired, intensively freckled children live in an awry, colorful house.

One day he discovers that this strange house He talks to the children, trying to get to know the story of the house. Children are unwilling to share a secret. But we see that they treat the house in an unusual way: they talk to it and they ask it for advice. He decides to go on a battle. He calls up the authorities to take care of parentless children. They are taken away. But their relationship with the house is stronger than anyone could expect. No wonder why — it turns out that within the walls lives their huge, huuuuge mother.

Intention Some people say that every single story ever told is about love. The four kids live in a building that consists of their mother and walls around her. Through the whole movie, mother is only a mysterious decoration. Once the kids are in danger though, she awakens and rescues them.

The script is intended for a short cartoon movie. I believe that through its creativity and colorfulness it can. Director Biography Szymon was born in in Poland. He was an ingenious pupil in primary school, a smart boy in high school and a very average student at university. Instead of a regular job Szymon: - is an actor of Kabaret Limo, well known Polish comedy group; - writes songs, short stories and scripts; - spends a lot of time on Facebook.

The lush and vibrant summer highlights the emptiness they find within themselves. Trees in orchards bend under the weight of apples. The warm light of the sun extracts the obsolete, outgoing colours of summer. Every now and then the wind brings to the yard the odour of musk. Neither Peter nor Sophy had any idea that mating season had started.

The silence is being disturbed by the roars of agitated bulls. In this scenery two people undergoing a crisis cannot find a common language. Sophy becomes obsessed with her body, which begins to take precedence over rationality. Instinct wins. Intention The world is moving forwards due to the power of our brains. So we like to think. Michel Foucault does not agree with this - in his opinion we are driven by instincts. According to his definition instincts are innate and are the hereditary capacity of animals - including humans to perform behaviours driven by impulses.

In our movie an awakening instinct can destroy everything which a loving couple has created so far. Fruitless efforts to have a baby have caused stagnation in their relationship. On the other hand - does staying with Peter not condemn her to fail as a biological mother? Is the decision to be in a relationship with a man who cannot give her a child an act against nature?

We took the filming style from nature films: recording the slightest movement, textures, meatiness and colour. Our aim is to carefully observe our heroes and their emotions. We reduce dialogue to a minimum, and put the soundscape to the foreground. Sounds of nature will create a dense soundtrack. Director Biography Monika graduated from the Lodz National Film School in , after completing short films that have been shown at prestigious International Film Festivals. In she was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus.

She has created photographic projects and exhibitions shown in Europe. A story where Chocolate meets Vera Drake. There are more women then men after the war. The competition amongst women to get married is high. Helen is depressed, her tears make all the pastries salty. She gets fired from the pastry shop. On top of that, she realises she caught a venereal disease. Helen sees she is not alone with her problem: women are scratching secretly in the market, in the street, everywhere!

As Helen is baking wedding cake for her best friend, she discovers that cacao butter helps to ease her itching. She starts experiencing. One morning she finds a thick white cream in her pot. She forms it to cones. Helen spreads her magic cones in a special way. She places them on the top of her cake as if they were candles. A secret women movement starts in the city.

I was searching for something in the library when found an issue of the Hungarian Women Magazine from by chance. On the cover there was a women riding a tractor. The main article said: women on tractor should take sunflower oil from the kitchen and put it on their face to protect their skin from sunshine. This point she has to realise no matter how hard she tries to fit the ideal picture of women, she fails.

She has to loose her naivety and needs to grow up and find her own way in a strict society. I turned over and found: those who do not have children have to pay extra taxes. So surreal but true. So it means the ideal women work, and have children at the same time. They are forced by the state to deal. I got admitted to the Hungarian Film Academy, and made several shorts as a director. My most recent short titled: Edina, was selected to the Sarajevo City of Film program last year so I could make my first international short.

Marysia 15 decides to sell her first time with a man. They agree to meet and go to a hotel where their contract can be settled and consumed. They part ways without resolving their contract. Later in the day as emotions cool down, Jan realizes that he paid for something he did not get.

Jan and Marysia meet again. To his surprise Marysia informs him that she needs his cash and convinces him to continue with the contract at her place. Inside her flat Jan overcomes his passiveness, but now Marysia begins to have second thoughts. For the first time this day they see each other as human beings and talk honestly. Marysia tries to lie herself out of the situation. Jola has doubts but eventually Jan stays for dinner A story inspired by two different real life stories, that found me during the last two years.

Although it deals with an uneasy subject it tries to show human beings without judging them. Only suggesting that perhaps they got a bit lost in the modern World. It also tries not to explain human behaviour as by watching someone from aside or through a glass window we are not able to tell about motivations behind actions. We can only observe them, their actions and the consequences that they lead to.

As with fish in a bowl or an aquarium. This is the perspective and distance I want to maintain. I hope this will allow me to play with the audience expectations and desires as we follow the day of Jan and Marysia and their growing frustration. Hopefully this will also underline the absurd nature of the situation they got themselves into resulting in some black humour.

Although Jan and Marysia will be eventually left unsatisfied, their meeting will perhaps allow them to move on from the point of life they stuck in. And we, for a moment during the dinner, will see a twisted vision of a possible but improbable family. Director Biography Piotr Litwin. Living in Poland since Since a co-owner of MX35, a film equipment rental house. Some awards. Does not believe that the World will end in Currently preparing his graduation film and observing how his six months old son is growing up.

Estimated Budget: Looking for sound design co-production possibilities. Looking for financial co-production possibilities. Synopsis yr-old Marek is a misfit. Friendless and regularly tormented by a vicious gang of bullies, Marek takes solace in his passion, art; drawing picturesque renditions of his local beach.

Intention I chose this subject matter because I can relate to the struggle to fit in. As a kid, I moved around a lot after my parents divorced, and endured a period of bullying shortly after moving to a new town and new school. The bullying centered on my Iranian heritage and in the end was the single-most important experience of growth I underwent throughout my childhood.

Despite this, I still wish I had the services back then of a Sam; a loyal samurai to even up the number a little. In a way, I did; writing and cinema were my Sam. I grew up instilled with the limitless optimism of charac-.

Seaside Samurai is therefore about fiction directing truth. It is an effort to express the ancient importance of stepping out of reality in order to step back into it truly inspired. The film is also a homage to my late father, Afzal, who sadly passed away last year. Some of my fondest memories as a child were sitting beside him watching kung fu movies, believing one day I could fight the evil forces of the world too.

Maybe with this short, I still can. In addition to Rain, David is currently in development on his first feature as writer-director, The Frail. To cope with their incapacity to give life, couples buy young androids who grow up with them. Intention With Ctrl-Alt-Del, we guide the audience through a visual journey along the pathways of our consumption habits.

What if mothers nurtured warm feelings of love for their mechanical children? What would we be left with if we lost all form of compassion for humankind and only saw it as an expendable by-product of our society? Combining the emotional impact of a family drama with the action-driven narratives of the sci-fi genre allows us to explore the abyssal needs awoken in a mother by the loss of her child. Obsessed by an in-. A reality where again, hope lies in the younger generation.

He works as a director, producer and cinematographer in France, Italy and Switzerland, accumulating award-winning short films, international commercials and feature film experience, which led him to co-found Turbulence Films with Klaus Pas in Ctrl-Alt-Del is a twenty-minute science fiction family drama telling the story of Amy, a loving mother forced to terminate her only daughter, a dysfunctional 13year-old android.

Deeply affected by this emotional void, she loses track of the reality she lives in. When Chris finds out, a violent clash follows, forcing Amy to choose between the child and her husband. Her choice leads her to discover that like her daughter, she is herself nothing more than a companion object, another android that will soon be disconnected and replaced. Scriptwriter Biography After a career in finance, and a Master in film directing in Paris, Klaus worked as a producer, writer and director for both documentary and fiction.

Synopsis Settled in Nice, Anna, 23, is a promising young photographer. One day, a phone call is enough to turn her life upside down. Torn between the conviction of being a bad mother and the fear that her mother-in-law will get custody of her child, Anna finally decides to spend the three days preceding the verdict of the judge with Pierre. Totally inexperienced and awkward as a mother, she tries to overcome the rejection of her son.

More and more involved, Anna realises that the only way to communicate with Pierre is to learn this language. During the Second World War my Jewish grandmother fled Austria and took refuge in France where she met my grandfather. They had three children but, struggling with money, had to give them away for adoption. At the age of 15, my father discovered that he was adopted. When he was 18, he travelled through France to find his biological mother.

Aboudi Lao gives me the opportunity to deal with this complicated subject. As children, my friends and I often invented a magic dialect in order to exchange secrets. This game was a symbol for a deeper dream, the possibility of creating a world in which imagination had no boundaries.

Such creations are characteristic of childhood and, personally, I think they are most sacred. That is her last possibility for redemption. Back to Paris, I was active in the same area for a production company specialised in kids TV programs.

Then I worked as a web editorialist but soon discovered a need to learn the craft of screenwriting. It has been selected for European Short Pitch with Iloz Productions attached to the development. This desperate Artist put everything on one card to get a small role as an actor, although there was no job for him. But Kader is not stupid. He is a fighter. With a breathtaking dance performance in front of the astonished eyes of Sharma Kader wins his respect.

Nevertheless there is no job. Kader collapses. He leaves the office humbled. Meanwhile Sharma caught fire. He sees in Kader his long-awaited chance to get back into the spotlight. When he finally has the role for Kader, all attempts to find the Tiger Artist fail.

Its author the Tamil writer Ashoka Mitran gave me his blessing to adapt it. Now I am trying to create an audio-visual world that shows the cycle of dependency between art and capital in an original way. On the one side stays the poor tiger dancer Kader, who is a metaphor for an artist struggling for recognition and a basic living. His antagonist, the lousy filmmaker Sharma, got stuck in his past glory. These two characters clash together in a typical up to date situation: in a humiliating casting with zero chance for.

Kader to get a job. Tiger Fight is a perfect experimental field for a 12—14 min 3D live-action short. Stereoscopic shooting offers me the opportunity to capture the space with a presents and dynamic that was not possible in 2D. The Tiger Artist extends his hand to the audience and takes him into another reality. The path of the Tiger is more than reality and creates new images within the spectator.

The images invade you with the permanent fear of the possible death of Kader. His full length feature film debut Return of the Storks was the Slovak national entry for the 80th Academy Awards. Besides his artistic work, he also works successfully as a contract director for TV and advertising and as producer, production manager, script editor and lecturer. Currently he writes on two feature film scripts and develops the short film Tiger Fight. Synopsis Incella is the teenage daughter of a greengrocer.

She is a confused and vulnerable creature. Prompted by her alcoholic mother, she leaves to buy bread, when the elevator of the run-down Budapest apartment block breaks down and gets stuck for three days. As no-one reacts to the alarm bell, Incella sits and waits patiently. The family notices with interest that the elevator is broken, and after a day After 3 days in her prison, Incella escapes.

But to what end? It seems she had a better time inside. Intention In this grotesque short movie the protagonist is the house itself and the ensemble of its tenants. The characters, even Incella and her family, represent archetypes but all of them have distinctive attributes a dachshund, a saucepan, a walking frame. The most recurring location of the movie is the stairwell, where the neighbours meet and where the elevator stands with Incella in it.

Being jumped around by the fussy crowds of tenants the stairwell becomes the metaphor of intellectual impotency. The visual style and the material surroundings reflect the timeless state of Hungary and the disposition of people here to keep stalling. The approach is not that of kitchen sink realism, it is slightly elevated and cartoonish, both in terms of visual style set-design, lighting , and acting.

The non-hierarchical, ensemble cast is visually expressed by the long takes of the film, enabling the characters to enter and exit a scene, maintaining the illusion of perpetual action, while nothing significant happens. I directed TV spots for the French Mezzo TV and also participate in projects as co-writer and consultant on dramaturgy. Synopsis year-old Sofia is a boarding school pupil. Solitary and distant, abandoned by her parents, she has an inner visible force, ready to explode.

She goes to visit the only person she has an address for, a grandmother she never met. When she arrives, the old woman tells her to go away but Sofia decides to stay and take advantage of the situation. She imposes her presence but the old woman rejects her. Sofia realizes that she is looking for her own family. In this little industrial town of eastern France, Sofia meets Bernardo, an older Italian worker, and they begin to pass time together without any expectations.

Step by step, he begins to want to take care of her. When Bernardo must go back to Italy he asks her to go with him. Sofia cares about them both. She has the possibility to leave but also the possibility to stay. She has to make a decision. Intention Sometimes, one reacts by withdrawing from the world - by closing doors.

The tests are performed on double-edge cracked sheets in cyclic tensile and torsional loading. This loading generates crack tip stress intensity factors in the same ratio as the values computed for a crack lying along a lap joint in a pressurized aircraft fuselage.

The relevant fracture mechanics of cracks in thin plates along with the details of the geometrically nonlinear finite element analyses used for the test specimen calibration are developed and discussed. Preliminary fatigue crack growth data correlated using the fully coupled stress intensity factor calibration are presented and compared with fatigue crack growth data from pure delta K sub I fatigue tests.

The transverse shear stresses obtained from constitutive equations are layer-wise constant. Although these transverse shear stresses are generally accurate in the average, layer-wise sense, they are nevertheless discontinuous at layer interfaces, and thus they violate the requisite interlaminar continuity of transverse stresses. Recently, Tessler applied Reissner's mixed variational theorem and RZT kinematic assumptions to derive an accurate and efficient shear -deformation theory for homogeneous, laminated composite, and sandwich beams, called RZT m , where "m" stands for "mixed".

Herein, the RZT m for beams is extended to plate analysis, where two alternative assumptions for the transverse shear stresses field are examined: the first follows Tessler's formulation, whereas the second is based on Murakami's polynomial approach. Results for elasto-static simply supported and cantilever plates demonstrate that Tessler's formulation results in a powerful and efficient structural theory that is well-suited for the analysis of multilayered composite and sandwich panels.

The ponderomotive force of the standing wave generates transversely large-scale density modifications consisting of density cavities and enhancements. The drifts of the charged particles driven by the ponderomotive force and those directly caused by the fields of the standing LS-SAW generate non-thermal features in the plasma. Parametric instabilities driven by the inherent plasma nonlinearities associated with the LS-SAW in combination with the non-thermal features generate small-scale electromagnetic and electrostatic waves, yielding a broad frequency spectrum ranging from below the source frequency of the LS-SAW to ion cyclotron and lower hybrid frequencies and beyond.

The turbulence spectrum encompassing both electromagnetic and electrostatic fluctuations is also broadband in parallel wave number k. The characteristic features of the broadband plasma turbulence are compared with those available from satellite observations in space plasmas. The transverse shear deformation behaviour of magneto-electro-elastic shell. Albarody, Thar M. Badri; Al-Kayiem, Hussain H. Compared to the large number of possible magneto-electro-elastic shell theories, very few exact solutions determining the in-plane stresses, electric displacements and magnetic inductions are possible.

While, solving the magneto-electro-elastic shell equations in terms of thermo-magneto-electro-elastic generalized field functions on arbitrary domains and for general conditions exactly are not always possible. In the present work, a linear version of magneto-electro-elastic shell with simply supported boundary conditions, solved exactly, provided that the lamination scheme is cross-ply or anti-symmetric angle-ply laminates. The exact solution that introduced herein can measure the in-plane stresses, electric displacements and magnetic inductions.

It also allow for an accurate and usually elegant and conclusive investigation of the various sensations in a shell structure. However, it is important for micro-electro-mechanical shell applications to have an approach available that gives the transverse shear deformation Behaviour for cases that cannot examine experimentally. An investigated examples were accompanied and noteworthy conclusions were drawn which highlight the issues of the implementation of the exact solution, implication of the effects of the material properties, lay-ups of the constituent layers, and shell parameters on the static Behaviour.

Summary form only given. The transverse shear established at the interface of two solids moving at differential velocities on the order of the sound speed is being studied in experiments on the ATLAS capacitor bank at Los Alamos, beginning in August This cylindrically imploding liner then impacts a target assembly, composed of alternating regions of high and low density materials. The different shock speeds in the two materials leads to a differential velocity along the interface.

Shock heating, elastic- plastic flow, and stress transport are included in the calculations. Material strength properties are tre Morphology study of thoracic transverse processes and its significance in pedicle-rib unit screw fixation. Thoracic transverse process is an important anatomic structure of the spine. Several anatomic studies have investigated the adjacent structures of the thoracic transverse process.

But there is still a blank on the morphology of the thoracic transverse processes. The purpose of the cadaveric study is to investigate the morphology of thoracic transverse processes and to provide morphology basis for the pedicle-rib unit extrapedicular screw fixation method.

Forty-five adult dehydrated skeletons T1-T10 were included in this study. The length, width, thickness, and the tilt angle upward and backward of the thoracic transverse process were measured. The data were then analyzed statistically. On the basis of the morphometric study, 5 fresh cadavers were used to place screws from transverse processes to the vertebral body in the thoracic spine, and then observed by the naked eye and on computed tomography scans. The lengths of thoracic transverse processes were between The widths of thoracic transverse processes were between The thicknesses of thoracic transverse processes were between 7.

The upward tilt angles of thoracic transverse processes were between The upward tilt angles of T1 and T2 were obviously different from the other thoracic transverse processes Ptransverse processes gradually increased from The backward tilt angles were significantly different between each other, except between T5 and T6. In the validation study, screws were all placed successfully from transverse processes to the vertebrae of thoracic spine. The length, width, and. Transverse vibrations of shear -deformable beams using a general higher order theory.

A general higher order theory is developed to study the static and vibrational behavior of beam structures having an arbitrary cross section that utilizes both out-of-plane shear -dependent warping and in-plane anticlastic deformations. The equations of motion are derived via Hamilton's principle, where the full 3D constitutive relations are used.

A simplified version of the general higher-order theory is also presented for beams having an arbitrary cross section that includes out-of-plane shear deformation but assumes that stresses within the cross section and in-plane deformations are negligible. This simplified model, which is accurate for long to moderately short wavelengths, offers substantial improvements over existing higher order theories that are limited to beams with thin rectangular cross sections.

The current approach will be very useful in the study of thin-wall closed-cell beams such as airfoil-type sections where the magnitude of shear -related cross-sectional warping is significant. In past decades, shear walls are one of the most appropriate and important structural component in multi-storied building.

Therefore, it would be very interesting to study the structural response and their systems in multi-storied structure. Shear walls contribute the stiffness and strength during earthquakes which are often neglected during design of structure and construction. This study shows the effect of shear walls which significantly affect the vulnerability of structures. Significance of shear wall has been studied with the help of two models. First model is without shear wall i. The analysis of all models was done using Equivalent static method.

The comparison of results has been done based on same parameters like base shear , storey drift ratio, lateral displacement, bending moment and shear force. A thin rivulet or ridge subject to a uniform transverse shear stress at its free surface due to an external airflow.

We use the lubrication approximation to analyze three closely related problems involving a thin rivulet or ridge i. The first year included a study of the non-visible damage of composite overwrapped pressure vessels with B. Poe of the Materials Branch of Nasa-Langley. Early determinations showed a clear reduction in non-visible damage for thin COPVs when partially pressurized rather than unpressurized.

Analysis of current Analytic modeling indicated that that current COPV models lacked sufficient thickness corrections to predict impact damage. After a comprehensive study of available published data and numerous numerical studies based on observed data from Langley, the analytic framework for modeling the behavior was determined lacking and both Poe and Bogan suggested any short term 3yr result for Jove would be overly ambitious and emphasis should be placed on transverse shear moduli studies.

Transverse shear moduli determination is relevant to the study of fatigue, fracture and aging effects in composite structures. A detailed analytic and experimental plan was established and carried out that included variations in layup, width, thickness, and length.

As well as loading rate variations to determine effects and relaxation moduli. The additional axial loads during the torsion testing were studied as was the placement of gages along the composite specimen. Sensitivity issues with the technique associated with the use of servohydraulic test systems for applying the torsional load to the composite specimen limited the torsion range for predictable and repeatable transverse shear properties.

Bogan and Gates determined to diverge on research efforts with Gates continuing the experimental testing at Langley and Bogan modeling the apparent non. Dynamics of homogeneous shear turbulence: A key role of the nonlinear transverse cascade in the bypass concept. To understand the mechanism of the self-sustenance of subcritical turbulence in spectrally stable constant shear flows, we performed direct numerical simulations of homogeneous shear turbulence for different aspect ratios of the flow domain with subsequent analysis of the dynamical processes in spectral or Fourier space.

There are no exponentially growing modes in such flows and the turbulence is energetically supported only by the linear growth of Fourier harmonics of perturbations due to the shear flow non-normality. This non-normality-induced growth, also known as nonmodal growth, is anisotropic in spectral space, which, in turn, leads to anisotropy of nonlinear processes in this space. As a result, a transverse angular redistribution of harmonics in Fourier space is the main nonlinear process in these flows, rather than direct or inverse cascades.

We refer to this type of nonlinear redistribution as the nonlinear transverse cascade. It is demonstrated that the turbulence is sustained by a subtle interplay between the linear nonmodal growth and the nonlinear transverse cascade. This course of events reliably exemplifies a well-known bypass scenario of subcritical turbulence in spectrally stable shear flows.

These two basic processes mainly operate at large length scales, comparable to the domain size. Therefore, this central, small wave number area of Fourier space is crucial in the self-sustenance; we defined its size and labeled it as the vital area of turbulence. Outside the vital area, the nonmodal growth and the transverse cascade are of secondary importance: Fourier harmonics are transferred to dissipative scales by the nonlinear direct cascade.

Although the cascades and the self-sustaining process of turbulence are qualitatively the same at different aspect ratios, the number of harmonics actively participating in this process i. The effect of transverse shear on the face sheets failure modes of sandwich beams loaded in three points bending. Sandwich beams loaded in three points bending may fail in several ways including tension or compression failure of facings.

The stresses in the face were calculated using maximum stress criterion A detailed exposition on a refined nonlinear shell theory suitable for nonlinear buckling analyses of laminated-composite shell structures is presented. This shell theory includes the classical nonlinear shell theory attributed to Leonard, Sanders, Koiter, and Budiansky as an explicit proper subset.

This approach is used in order to leverage the exisiting experience base and to make the theory attractive to industry. In addition, the formalism of general tensors is avoided in order to expose the details needed to fully understand and use the theory. The shell theory is based on "small" strains and "moderate" rotations, and no shell-thinness approximations are used. As a result, the strain-displacement relations are exact within the presumptions of "small" strains and "moderate" rotations.

The effects of transverse-shearing deformations are included in the theory by using analyst-defined functions to describe the through-the-thickness distributions of transverse-shearing strains. Constitutive equations for laminated-composite shells are derived without using any shell-thinness approximations, and simplified forms and special cases are presented. An experimental investigation of the effect of shear -induced diffuse damage on transverse cracking in carbon-fiber reinforced laminates.

When subjected to in-plane loading, carbon-fiber laminates experience diffuse damage and transverse cracking, two major mechanisms of degradation. Here, we investigate the effect of pre-existing diffuse damage on the evolution of transverse cracking. We shear -loaded carbon fiber-epoxy pre-preg samples at various load levels to generate controlled configurations of diffuse damage. We then transversely loaded these samples while monitoring the multiplication of cracking by X-ray radiography.

We found that diffuse damage has a great effect on the transverse cracking process. The intrinsic flexible character of polymeric materials causes remarkable strain deformations along directions perpendicular to the applied stress. The biaxial response in the shear piezoelectricity of polyvinylidenefluoride copolymers is analyzed and their full piezoelectric tensors are provided. The microscopic shear is exploited in single suspended nanowires bent by localized loading to couple flexural deformation and transverse piezoelectric response.

KGaA, Weinheim. The significance of relative density for particle damage in loaded and sheared gravels. Full Text Available For granular assemblages of strong particles, an increase in the relative density usually leads to a significant increase in shear strength, which is evident as a peak strength, accompanied by significant dilation as the peak strength is attained.

This paper describes an experimental study of shearing in assemblages of weak particles, where particle breakage offsets dilation for all but the lowest of confining stresses. In such materials, prone to particle breakage, the shear strengths of loose and dense assemblages rapidly converge to similar values as confining stress increases, and any benefit of greater relative density is lost.

This is attributed to the densification effect associated with the loading under a high stress prior to shearing , which is characterised by widespread particle breakage and the formation of smaller particles to occupy space between coarser ones.

Interestingly, under both low and high stresses, there was a tendency for greater particle breakage in the loose samples, as a result of both shearing and compression. This result suggests that, despite the denser assemblage having its particles more rigidly constrained and less able to rearrange to avoid direct loading, the influence of greater load-spreading capacity afforded by an increased number of particle contacts in a denser sample, is more dominant in controlling breakage.

A new perspective on the significance of the Ranotsara shear zone in Madagascar. Because of its oblique strike to the east and west coast of Madagascar, the Ranotsara shear zone has been correlated with shear zones in southern India and eastern Africa in Gondwana reconstructions. Our assessment using remote sensing data and field-based investigations, however, reveals that what previously has been interpreted as the Ranotsara shear zone is in fact a composite structure with a ductile deflection zone confined to its central segment and prominent NW-SE trending brittle faulting along most of its length.

Lithologies, tectonic foliations, and axial trace trajectories of major folds can be followed from south to north across most of the Ranotsara Zone and show only a marked deflection along its central segment. Brittle reactivation of ductile structures along the central segment of the Ranotsara Zone, confirmed by apatite-fission track results, may have led to the formation of a shallow Neogene basin underlying the Ranotsara plain.

The present-day drainage pattern suggests on-going normal fault activity along the central segment. The Ranotsara Zone is not a megascale intracrustal strike-slip shear zone that crosscuts the entire basement of southern Madagascar. It can therefore not be used as a piercing point in Gondwana.

Shear -wave elastography of the liver and spleen identifies clinically significant portal hypertension. Liver stiffness measured either by transient elastography TE or Shear -wave elastography SWE and spleen stiffness by TE might be helpful in the diagnosis Even though external validation is still missing, these algorithms to rule-out and rule-in CSPH using sequential SWE of liver and spleen might change the clinical practice Sound radiated by the interaction of non-homogeneous turbulence on a transversely sheared flow with leading and trailing edges of semi-infinite flat plate.

The small amplitude unsteady motion on a transversely sheared mean flow is determined by two arbitrary convected quantities with a particular choice of gauge in which the Fourier transform of the pressure is linearly-related to a scalar potential whose integral solution can be written in terms of one of these convected quantities. This formulation becomes very useful for studying Rapid-distortion theory problems involving solid surface interaction.

Recent work by Goldstein et al. JFM, has shown that the convected quantities are related to the turbulence by exact conservation laws, which allow the upstream boundary conditions for interaction of a turbulent shear flow with a solid-surface for example to be derived self-consistently with appropriate asymptotic separation of scales.

This result requires the imposition of causality on an intermediate variable within the conservation laws that represents the local particle displacement. In this talk, we use the model derived in Goldstein et al. Since the latter represents the leading order solution for the aerofoil interaction problem, these results are expected to be generic.

Geometrically nonlinear resonance of higher-order shear deformable functionally graded carbon-nanotube-reinforced composite annular sector plates excited by harmonic transverse loading. This article presents an attempt to study the nonlinear resonance of functionally graded carbon-nanotube-reinforced composite FG-CNTRC annular sector plates excited by a uniformly distributed harmonic transverse load.

To this purpose, first, the extended rule of mixture including the efficiency parameters is employed to approximately obtain the effective material properties of FG-CNTRC annular sector plates. Then, the focus is on presenting the weak form of discretized mathematical formulation of governing equations based on the variational differential quadrature VDQ method and Hamilton's principle. The discretization process is performed via the generalized differential quadrature GDQ method together with numerical differential and integral operators.

Then, an efficient multi-step numerical scheme is used to obtain the nonlinear dynamic behavior of the FG-CNTRC annular sector plates near their primary resonance as the frequency-response curve. The accuracy of the present results is first verified and then a parametric study is presented to show the impacts of CNT volume fraction, CNT distribution pattern, geometry of annular sector plate and sector angle on the nonlinear frequency-response curve of FG-CNTRC annular sector plates with different edge supports.

As madeiras testadas foram o Pinus elliottii e a Corymbia citriodora. This paper proposed a test method to obtain the shear G and longitudinal E modulus of elasticity in timber beams with structural dimensions, based on the static three-points bending tests and the Euler Bernoulli and Timoshenko beams theories. The woods tested were the Corymbia citriodora and Pinus elliottii. The results revealed that the longitudinal modulus of elasticity of Pinus elliottii is Shear connectors are used in steel beam-concrete slabs of composite frame and bridge structures to transfer shear force according to design loads.

The existing Y-type perfobond rib shear connectors are designed for girder slabs of composite bridges. Therefore, the rib and transverse rebars of the conventional Y-type perfobond rib shear connectors are extremely large for the composite frames of building structures. Thus, this paper proposes stubby Y-type perfobond rib shear connectors, redefining the existing connectors, for composite frames of building structures; these were used to perform push-out tests.

These shear connectors have relatively small ribs compared to the conventional Y-type perfobond rib shear connectors. To confirm the shear resistance of these stubby shear connectors, we performed an experiment by using transverse rebars D13 and D The results indicate that these shear connectors have suitable shear strength and ductility for application in composite frame structures.

The shear strengths obtained using D13 and D16 were not significantly different. However, the ductility of the shear connectors with D16 was Small amplitude transverse waves on taut strings: exploring the significant effects of longitudinal motion on wave energy location and propagation.

Introductory discussions of energy transport due to transverse waves on taut strings universally assume that the effects of longitudinal motion can be neglected, but this assumption is not even approximately valid unless the string is idealized to have a zero relaxed length, a requirement approximately met by the slinky spring. While making this additional idealization is probably the best approach to take when discussing waves on strings at the introductory level, for intermediate to advanced undergraduate classes in continuum mechanics and general wave phenomena where somewhat more realistic models of strings can be investigated, this paper makes the following contributions.

First, various approaches to deriving the general energy continuity equation are critiqued and it is argued that the standard continuum mechanics approach to deriving such equations is the best because it leads to a conceptually clear, relatively simple derivation which provides a unique answer of greatest generality.

In addition, a straightforward algorithm for calculating the transverse and longitudinal waves generated when a string is driven at one end is presented and used to investigate a cos 2 transverse pulse. Regarding the ongoing debate as to whether the potential energy density in a string can be uniquely defined, it is shown by coupling an external energy source to a string that a suggested alternative formula for potential energy density requires an unphysical potential energy to be ascribed to the source for overall energy to be conserved and so cannot be considered to be physically valid.

Shear wave elastography SWE of the spleen in patients with hepatitis B and C but without significant liver fibrosis. The aim of the study was to compare the elasticity of the spleen in patients with hepatitis B and C but without liver fibrosis with that of healthy subjects using a shear wave elastography SWE examination.

The control group was composed of 53 healthy volunteers without any chronic liver disease, with no abnormal findings in their ultrasound examinations and with an SWE of the liver below 6. The SWE measurements were a part of routine ultrasound abdominal examinations.

The examinations were performed using an Aixplorer device by two radiologists with at least 6 years' experience. To compare spleen stiffness between the groups, the Mann-Whitney U-test was applied. To analyze the dependency between liver and spleen elasticity, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient was calculated. A total of SWE findings were analyzed.

This correlation was also present in patients with liver stiffness below 6. Patients with hepatitis B and C but without significant liver fibrosis have stiffer spleens than healthy controls. There is no dependency between liver and spleen elasticity in patients without significant fibrosis. The SWE examination might be an important tool and could be used in addition to conventional imaging.

Definition of bulky disease in early stage Hodgkin lymphoma in computed tomography era: prognostic significance of measurements in the coronal and transverse planes. Disease bulk is an important prognostic factor in early stage Hodgkin lymphoma, but its definition is unclear in the computed tomography era. This retrospective analysis investigated the prognostic significance of bulky disease measured in transverse and coronal planes on computed tomography imaging.

The longest diameter of the largest lymph node mass was measured in transverse and coronal axes on pre-treatment imaging. The optimal cut off for disease bulk was maximal diameter greater than 7 cm measured in either the transverse or coronal plane. Thirty patients with maximal transverse diameter of 7 cm or under were found to have bulk in coronal axis.

The 4-year overall survival was Relapse-free survival at four years for bulky patients was In bulky patients, relapse-free survival was not impacted in patients treated with chemoradiotherapy; however, it was significantly lower in patients treated with chemotherapy alone.

In an independent validation cohort of 38 patients treated with chemotherapy alone, patients with bulky disease had an inferior relapse-free survival [at 4 years, Presence of bulky disease on multidimensional computed tomography imaging is a significant prognostic factor in early stage Hodgkin lymphoma. Coronal reformations may be included for routine Hodgkin lymphoma staging evaluation.

In future, our definition of disease bulk may be useful in identifying patients who are most appropriate for chemotherapy alone. Piezoelectric energy harvesting through shear mode operation. Piezoelectric materials are excellent candidates for use in energy harvesting applications due to their high electromechanical coupling properties that enable them to convert input mechanical energy into useful electric power.

The electromechanical coupling coefficient of the piezoelectric material is one of the most significant parameters affecting energy conversion and is dependent on the piezoelectric mode of operation. In most piezoceramics, the d 15 piezoelectric shear coefficient is the highest coefficient compared to the commonly used axial and transverse modes that utilize the d 33 and the d 31 piezoelectric strain coefficients.

However, complicated electroding methods and challenges in evaluating the performance of energy harvesting devices operating in the shear mode have slowed research in this area. The shear deformation of a piezoelectric layer can be induced in a vibrating sandwich beam with a piezoelectric core.

Here, a model based on Timoshenko beam theory is developed to predict the electric power output from a cantilever piezoelectric sandwich beam under base excitations. Reduced models of both shear and transverse energy harvesters are obtained to determine the optimal load resistance in the system and perform an efficiency comparison between two models with fixed and adaptive resistances. Geochemical significance of neoproterozoic rasimalai alkali syenite emplaced along Dharmapuri shear zone in the Northern part of Tamil Nadu.

It is surrounded by epidote hornblend egneiss, which is the fenetised product of Charnockite and occurs about 20 km NE of Alangayam in Vellore district. It is mainly comprised of medium to coarse grained grey syenite albite and orthoclase and medium to micro grained pink syenite orthoclase, microcline and perthite at places porphyritic in nature with hornblende, riebeckitc, aegirine and acmite as accessory minerals.

Grey syenite is non radioactive and uranium mineralisation is associated with pink syenite syngenetic and disseminated type and quartz-barite veins hydrothermal type. Hydrothermal activity is manifested in the form of pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena, barite, calcite and calcian-strontianite which occur in the form of disseminations, stringers, lumps, aggregates, veinlets and veins. Presence of high silica Full Text Available High-velocity transverse impact of ballistic fabrics and yarns by projectiles subject individual fibers to multi-axial dynamic loading.

Single-fiber transverse impact experiments with the current state-of-the-art experimental capabilities are challenging due to the associated micron length-scale. The effect of this transverse behavior on a single KM2 fiber subjected to a cylindrical and a fragment-simulating projectile FSP transverse impact is studied with a 3D finite element model. The multiaxial stress states during impact including transverse compression, axial tension, axial compression and interlaminar shear are presented at the location of failure.

In addition, the models show a strain concentration over a small length in the fiber under the projectile-fiber contact. A failure criterion, based on maximum axial tensile strain accounting for the gage length, strain rate and multiaxial loading degradation effects are applied to predict the single-fiber breaking speed.

Results are compared to the elastic response to assess the importance of inelastic material behavior on failure during a transverse impact. Transversely Compressed- and Restrained Shear Joints. Anchorage of FRP strengthening systems where the deformation perpendicular to the FRP material is restrained or a compressive force is applied on the strengthening, seems to provide ductility, increased utilization of the FRP and failure modes which can be controlled through the anchorage method Shear machines.

A shear machine for irradiated nuclear fuel elements has a replaceable shear assembly comprising a fuel element support block, a shear blade support and a clamp assembly which hold the fuel element to be sheared in contact with the support block. A first clamp member contacts the fuel element remote from the shear blade and a second clamp member contacts the fuel element adjacent the shear blade and is advanced towards the support block during shearing to compensate for any compression of the fuel element caused by the shear blade U.

Prominent shear zones cutting through the basement and cover rocks of Delhi Supergroup have been recognized in Dhani Basri - Ramewala sector of Dausa district, Rajasthan. One such shear zone traversing the granite gneiss Archaean basement has been observed at Dhani Basri. The sheared rock is exposed in the form of a small hump and gives appearance of quartzite due to intense silicification. Grab samples collected from the shear zone rock analysed upto 93 ppm U 3 O 8 and shear zone indicated uranium mineralization of the order of 0.

The extension of Dhani Basri shear zone inside the cover rocks of Meso-Proterozoic Delhi Supergroup of rocks of Alwar sub-basin is of paramount importance in locating unconformity related as well as hydrothermal vein type uranium mineralization. Oxide particle size distribution from shearing irradiated and unirradiated LWR fuels in Zircaloy and stainless steel cladding: significance for risk assessment. Analyses of these data by nonlinear least-squares techniques demonstrated that the particle size distribution is lognormal.

Variables involved in the numerical analyses include lognormal median size, lognormal standard deviation, and shear cut length. Data are also presented for irradiated single rods sheared into lengths of 0. In general, particle sizes from shearing these irradiated fuels are larger than those from the unirradiated fuels; however, unirradiated fuel from vendors was not available for performing comparative shearing experiments.

In addition, variations in particle size parameters pertaining to samples of a single vendor varied as much as those between different vendors. The fraction of fuel dislodged from the cladding is nearly proportional to the reciprocal of the shear cut length, until the cut length attains some minimum value below which all fuel is dislodged. Particles of fuel are generally elongated with a long-to-short axis ratio usually less than 3. Using parameters of the lognormal distribution estimates can be made of fractions of dislodged fuel having.

Sieve-fractionation data are presented for unirradiated bundles of stainless-steel-clad or Zircaloyclad UO 2 or ThO 2 --UO 2 sheared into lengths from 0. In general, particle sizes from shearing these irradiated fuels are larger than those from the unirradiated fuels.

Using parameters of the lognormal distribution deduced from experimental data, realistic estimates can be made of fractions of dislodged fuel having dimensions less than specified values. Transverse myelitis. Transverse myelitis is a known complication of radiation treatment for carcinoma of the heat and neck.

In a five year period, to , patients with head and neck cancer received radiation as part of their treatment in this hospital. This paper reviews the clinical syndrome; treatment and preventive measures are discussed and a survey of the literature is presented. In this thesis, a new approach is introduced that provides estimates of shear elasticity and shear viscosity using time-domain measurements of shear waves in viscoelastic media.

Simulations of shear wave particle displacements induced by an acoustic radiation force are accelerated significantly by a GPU. The acoustic radiation force is first calculated using the fast near field method FNM and the angular spectrum approach ASA. The shear waves induced by the acoustic radiation force are then simulated in elastic and viscoelastic media using Green's functions.

A parallel algorithm is developed to perform these calculations on a GPU, where the shear wave particle displacements at different observation points are calculated in parallel. The significant amount of acceleration achieved by this approach suggests that shear wave simulations with the Green's function approach are ideally suited for high-performance GPUs.

Shear wave elasticity imaging determines the mechanical parameters of soft tissue by analyzing measured shear waves induced by an acoustic radiation force. To estimate the shear elasticity value, the widely used time-of-flight method calculates the correlation between shear wave particle velocities at adjacent lateral observation points.

Although this method provides accurate estimates of the shear elasticity in purely elastic media, our experience suggests that the time-of-flight TOF method consistently overestimates the shear elasticity values in viscoelastic media because the combined effects of diffraction, attenuation, and dispersion are not considered.

To address this problem, we have developed an approach that directly accounts for all. Chemical controls on fault behavior: weakening of serpentinite sheared against quartz-bearing rocks and its significance for fault creep in the San Andreas system.

The serpentinized ultramafic rocks found in many plate-tectonic settings commonly are juxtaposed against crustal rocks along faults, and the chemical contrast between the rock types potentially could influence the mechanical behavior of such faults. The weakening is attributed to a solution-transfer process that is promoted by the enhanced solubility of serpentine in pore fluids whose chemistry has been modified by interaction with the quartzose wall rocks.

The operation of this process will promote aseismic slip creep along serpentinite-bearing crustal faults at otherwise seismogenic depths. During short-term experiments serpentine minerals reprecipitate in low-stress areas, whereas in longer experiments new Mg-rich phyllosilicates crystallize in response to metasomatic exchanges across the serpentinite-crustal rock contact. Long-term shear of serpentinite against crustal rocks will cause the metasomatic mineral assemblages, which may include extremely weak minerals such as saponite or talc, to play an increasingly important role in the mechanical behavior of the fault.

Our results may explain the distribution of creep on faults in the San Andreas system. A numerical study of the influence of microvoids in the transverse mechanical response of unidirectional composites. The effect of porosity on the transverse mechanical properties of unidirectional fiber-reinforced composites is studied by means of computational micromechanics. The composite behavior is simulated by the finite element analysis of a representative volume element of the composite microstructure Finally, the failure locus of the composite lamina under The results show that the strength of composites is significantly reduced by the presence Minijet thermalization and diffusion of transverse momentum correlation in high-energy heavy-ion collisions.

Transverse momentum correlations in the azimuthal angle of hadrons produced owing to minijets are first studied within the HIJING Monte Carlo model in high-energy heavy-ion collisions. Quenching of minijets during thermalization is shown to lead to significant diffusion broadening of the correlation. Evolution of the transverse momentum density fluctuation that gives rise to this correlation in azimuthal angle in the later stage of heavy-ion collisions is further investigated within a linearized diffusion-like equation and is shown to be determined by the shear viscosity of the evolving dense matter.

This diffusion equation for the transverse momentum fluctuation is solved with initial values given by HIJING and together with the hydrodynamic equation for the bulk medium. Therefore the final transverse momentum correlation in azimuthal angle can be used to study the thermalization of minijets in the early stage of heavy-ion collisions and the viscous effect in the hydrodynamic evolution of strongly coupled quark-gluon plasma.

This channel is particularly sensitive to supersymmetric particle cascade decays producing flavour correlated lepton pairs. Flavour uncorrelated backgrounds are subtracted using a sample of opposite flavour lepton pair events. Observation of an excess beyond Standard Model expectations following this subtraction procedure would offer one of the best routes to measuring the masses of supersymmetric particles.

Model-independent limits are set on the contribution to these final states from new physics and are used to exclude regions of a phenomenological supersymmetric parameter space. Large transverse momentum phenomena. The crucial question is how they get there. Various hadron reactions are discussed covering the structure of exclusive reactions, inclusive reactions, normalization of inclusive cross sections, charge correlations, and jet production at large transverse momentum.

Development of a shear force measurement dummy for seat comfort. Full Text Available Seat comfort is one of the main factors that consumers consider when purchasing a car. In this study, we develop a dummy with a shear -force sensor to evaluate seat comfort. Electroless nickel plating is employed to coat its surface in order to prevent corrosion and oxidation. The proposed sensor is validated using a qualified load cell and shows high accuracy and precision measurement range: N; sensitivity: 0.

We measure the shear force under four driving conditions and at five different speeds using a sedan; results showed that the shear force increases with speed under all driving conditions. In the case of acceleration and deceleration, shear force significantly changes in the lower body of the dummy. During right and left turns, it significantly changes in the upper body of the dummy.

Seat comfort is one of the main factors that consumers consider when purchasing a car. We propose a type of elastic metamaterial comprising fluid-solid composite inclusions which can possess a negative shear modulus and negative mass density over a large frequency region. Such a material has the unique property that only transverse waves can propagate with a negative dispersion while longitudinal waves are forbidden. This leads to many interesting phenomena such as negative refraction, which is demonstrated by using a wedge sample and a significant amount of mode conversion from transverse waves to longitudinal waves that cannot occur on the interface of two natural solids.

We present results of ring shear frictional resistance for mudstone granules of different size obtained from a landslide shear zone. Repeating resistance variations occurred also under constant shear displacement rate. Mudstone granules generate mud as they are crushed and softened.

Shear -thinning and thixotropic behavior of the mud can explain the observed behavior: with the viscosity decreasing, the mud can flow through the coarser soil pores and migrate out from the shear zone. This brings new granules into contact which produces new mud. Thus, the process can start over. Similarities between experimental shear zones and those of some landslides in mudstone suggest that the observed behavior may play a role in some landslide kinematics.

Transversity : Theory and phenomenology. The distribution of transversely polarized quarks inside a transversely polarized nucleon, known as transversity , encodes a basic piece of information on the nucleon structure, sharing the same status with the more familiar unpolarized and helicity distributions.

I will review its properties and discuss different ways to access it, with highlights and limitations. Recent phenomenological extractions and perspectives are also presented. Shear viscosity of liquid mixtures: Mass dependence. Expressions for zeroth, second, and fourth sum rules of transverse stress autocorrelation function of two component fluid have been derived. These sum rules and Mori's memory function formalism have been used to study shear viscosity of Ar-Kr and isotopic mixtures.

It has been found that theoretical result is in good agreement with the computer simulation result for the Ar-Kr mixture. The mass dependence of shear viscosity for different mole fraction shows that deviation from ideal linear model comes even from mass difference in two species of fluid mixture.

At higher mass ratio shear viscosity of mixture is not explained by any of the emperical model. Shear viscosity of liquid mixtures Mass dependence. Opportunities for shear energy scaling in bulk acoustic wave resonators. An important energy loss contribution in bulk acoustic wave resonators is formed by so-called shear waves, which are transversal waves that propagate vertically through the devices with a horizontal motion. In this work, we report for the first time scaling of the shear -confined spots, i.

Study on shear properties of coral sand under cyclic simple shear condition. In recent years, the ocean development in our country urgently needs to be accelerated. The construction of artificial coral reefs has become an important development direction. In this paper, experimental studies of simple shear and cyclic simple shear of coral sand are carried out, and the shear properties and particle breakage of coral sand are analyzed.

The results show that the coral sand samples show an overall shear failure in the simple shear test, which is more accurate and effective for studying the particle breakage. The shear displacement corresponding to the peak shear stress of the simple shear test is significantly larger than that corresponding to the peak shear stress of the direct shear test.

The degree of particle breakage caused by the simple shear test is significantly related to the normal stress level. The particle breakage of coral sand after the cyclic simple shear test obviously increases compared with that of the simple shear test, and universal particle breakage occurs within the whole particle size range.

The increasing of the cycle-index under cyclic simple shear test results in continuous compacting of the sample, so that the envelope curve of peak shearing force increases with the accumulated shear displacement. Laparoscopic colectomy for transverse colon carcinoma.

Laparoscopic resection of transverse colon carcinoma is technically demanding and was excluded from most of the large trials of laparoscopic colectomy. The aim of this study was to assess the safety, feasibility, and outcome of laparoscopic resection of carcinoma of the transverse colon. A retrospective review was performed to identify patients who underwent laparoscopic resection of transverse colon carcinoma.

These patients were compared to patients who had laparoscopic resection for right and sigmoid colon carcinoma. In addition, they were compared to a historical series of patients who underwent open resection for transverse colon cancer. A total of 22 patients underwent laparoscopic resection for transverse colon carcinoma. Sixty-eight patients operated for right colon cancer and 64 operated for sigmoid colon cancer served as comparison groups.

Twenty-four patients were identified for the historical open group. Intraoperative complications occurred in 4. The conversion rate and late complications were not significantly different in the three groups. There was no significant difference in the number of lymph nodes harvested in the laparoscopic and open groups.

The results of laparoscopic colon resection for transverse colon carcinoma are comparable to the results of laparoscopic resection of right or sigmoid colon cancer and open resection of transverse colon carcinoma. These results suggest that laparoscopic resection of transverse. Investigation of Transverse Oscillation Method. An experimental flowrig is used to create laminar parabolic Also the choice of echo canceling filter affects the performance significantly Design and experimental analysis of a new shear connector for steel and concrete composite structures.

This work presents the design of a new shear connector and the corresponding results obtained on push-out tests. This new shear connector consists on a steel rib with indented cut shape that provides resistance to longitudinal shear and prevents transversal separation between the concrete slab and the steel profile uplift.

Adding to this, the connector openings cut makes easier the arrangement of transversal reinforcement bars. The installation of the connectors is simple and requires only The Electro-Magneto-Hydrodynamic EMHD pumping of a binary fluid system constituted by one non-conducting shear -thinning fluid top layer by exploiting the transverse momentum exchange through the interfacial viscous shearing effect from a conducting Newtonian fluid layer bottom layer in a microfluidic channel is investigated.

An externally applied electric field drives the conducting fluid layer under the influence of an applied magnetic field as well. The study reveals that the volume transport of shear -thinning fluid gets augmented for low magnetic field strength, higher electrical double layer EDL effect, low viscosity ratio and moderate potential ratio.

It is also established that the volumetric flow rate reduces significantly for the higher magnetic field strength. Sheared Electroconvective Instability. Recently, ion concentration polarization ICP and related phenomena draw attention from physicists, due to its importance in understanding electrochemical systems.

Researchers have been actively studying, but the complexity of this multiscale, multiphysics phenomenon has been limitation for gaining a detailed picture. Here, we consider electroconvective EC instability initiated by ICP under pressure-driven flow, a scenario often found in electrochemical desalinations. Combining scaling analysis, experiment, and numerical modeling, we reveal unique behaviors of sheared EC: unidirectional vortex structures, its size selection and vortex propagation.

The pressure-driven flow or shear suppresses unfavorably-directed vortices, and simultaneously pushes favorably-directed vortices with constant speed, which is linearly proportional to the total shear of HP flow. This is the first systematic characterization of sheared EC, which has significant implications on the optimization of electrodialysis and other electrochemical systems. Transversely Compressed Bonded Joints.

The load capacity of bonded joints can be increased if transverse pressure is applied at the interface. The transverse pressure is assumed to introduce a Coulomb-friction contribution to the cohesive law for the interface. Response and load capacity for a bonded single-lap joint was derived using Transverse Localization of Light. We study the propagation of light through a semi-infinite medium with transverse disorder that is, disorder in two directions only. We show that such a system exhibits strong two-dimensional localization by demonstrating that on propagation a beam expands until the transverse localization length.

Punching shear strength of transversely prestressed concrete decks. Since then, not only a lot of additional safety requirements have been incorporated into the modern codes but the traffic flow has also increased drastically.

This paper describes an experimental investigation of the shear behavior of beams consisting of steel reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composites ECC. Based on the strain hardening and multiple cracking behavior of ECC, this study investigates the extent to which ECC can improve the shear However, there is a lack of understanding of how the fibers affect the shear carrying capacity and deformation behavior of structural members if used either Relative viscosity of emulsions in simple shear flow: Temperature, shear rate, and interfacial tension dependence.

We simulate an emulsion system under simple shear rates to analyze its rheological characteristics using the lattice Boltzmann method LBM. We calculate the relative viscosity of an emulsion under a simple shear flow along with changes in temperature, shear rate, and surfactant concentration. The relative viscosity of emulsions decreased with an increase in temperature. We observed the shear -thinning phenomena, which is responsible for the inverse proportion between the shear rate and viscosity.

An increase in the interfacial tension caused a decrease in the relative viscosity of the decane-in-water emulsion because the increased deformation caused by the decreased interfacial tension significantly influenced the wall shear stress. Estimation of viscosity based on transverse momentum correlations. The heavy ion program at RHIC created a paradigm shift in the exploration of strongly interacting hot and dense matter. As a next step, we consider measurements of transport coefficients such as kinematic, shear or bulk viscosity?

We present an alternative technique for the determination of medium viscosity proposed by Gavin and Aziz [3]. A Lacey et al. The paper describes a new shear flexible triangular element. The formulation is based on displacement interpolation of the transverse displacement of the midsurface and the rotations of the cross-sections, and the element is fully compatible.

The basic principle is to use a so-called balanced This balanced interpolation in combination with complete polynomial interpolations prevents shear The slightly incompatible formulation can be implemented directly into commercial codes Transverse spin physics.

This book is devoted to the theory and phenomenology of transverse -spin effects in high-energy hadronic physics. Contrary to common past belief, it is now rather clear that such effects are far from irrelevant. A decade or so of intense theoretical work has shed much light on the subject and brought to surface an entire class of new phenomena, which now await thorough experimental investigation.

Transverse betatron tune measurements.

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Sogleich begann er nicht nur Filme zu produzieren, sondern lud auch Neugierige ein, sein frischgebackenes Studio zu besichtigen. Es war die Zeit, als das inzwischen farbige Fernsehen zu ei-. Nicht mehr die Verbindung von Hardware und Software galt Anfang der er-Jahre als der Weisheit letzter Schluss, sondern die Einbindung der Filmstudios in umfassendere Organisationen, die in der Lage waren, Produktion und weltweite Distribution in allen Medien gleichzeitig zu kontrollieren.

Franz Everschor. Immerhin, 3,5 Mrd. So viel haben die bisherigen Bond-Filme kumulativ eingebracht. Ein Teenager steht in der Dusche. Man sieht ihn von hinten. Sie freunden sich an, mehr mit Blicken als mit Worten. Gesprochen wird kaum. Am Anfang ist das schon desillusionierend. Mit 17 zog es ihn nach England, der Sprache wegen. Dass er Filme drehen wollte, wusste er schon mit 14, als alles ganz klassisch begann. Der Vater, ein Hobbyfilmer, gab ihm die erste Kamera.

Das schafft sie mit einer genialen Idee: Sie geht in den Stall und zieht sich langsam inmitten der Schafe vor der Videokamera aus. Warum die Worte nicht so ernst gemeint sind, wie sie klingen, wird schnell klar, wenn die Blicke dabei am Partner vorbei gehen statt auf ihn.

Er sah meinen Film! Trotz des ersten internationalen Erfolgs blieb Bettinga auf dem Teppich. Er begann, in London in der Werbebranche zu arbeiten, hatte er doch schon den Kodak Student Commercial Award bekommen. The following films were screened for the 41st International Critics' Week 41e Semaine de la Critique : [16].

The following films and people received the Official selection awards: [2] [4] [5]. The inaugural Cannes Film Festival was to have been held in , but was cancelled by the outbreak of the Second World War. The organizers of the festival assembled a jury of six members, including Dieter Kosslick and Alberto Barbera , to watch seven of the twelve features which had been entered in the competition, namely: Goodbye, Mr. Union Pacific was retrospectively voted the winner of the Palme d'Or.

Ecumenical Jury [22] [5]. Award of the Youth [5]. Awards in the frame of International Critics' Week [23]. Awards in the frame of Directors' Fortnight [18]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sharon Stone. Michelle Yeoh. Christine Hakim. Bille August. Claude Miller. Walter Salles. Archived from the original on 11 November Archived from the original on 21 January Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 25 May Archived from the original on 24 January Retrieved 21 June Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 23 June

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The 48th Cannes Film Festival was held from 17 to 28 May The 50th Cannes Film Festival was held from 7 to 18 May Jeanne Moreau was the mistress of ceremonies. The 52nd Cannes Film Festival was held from 12 to 23 May Canadian filmmaker, actor and author David Cronenberg was the Jury President.

The 49th Cannes Film Festival was held from 9 to 20 May The 46th Cannes Film Festival was held from 13 to 24 May The 32nd Cannes Film Festival was held from 10 to 24 May The 45th Cannes Film Festival was held from 7 to 18 May The 44th Cannes Film Festival was held from 9 to 20 May The 39th Cannes Film Festival was held from 8 to 19 May The 34th Cannes Film Festival was held from 13 to 27 May The 37th Cannes Film Festival was held from 11 to 23 May The 64th Cannes Film Festival was held from 11 to 22 May American actor Robert De Niro served as the president of the jury for the main competition and French filmmaker Michel Gondry headed the jury for the short film competition.

Steven Spielberg was the head of the jury for the main competition. French actress Audrey Tautou hosted the opening and closing ceremonies. Actress Kim Novak was named guest of honour and introduced a new restored version of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. Official poster of the 55th Cannes Film Festival.

Sharon Stone. Michelle Yeoh. Christine Hakim. Bille August. Claude Miller. Walter Salles. Archived from the original on 11 November Archived from the original on 21 January Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 25 May Archived from the original on 24 January Retrieved 21 June Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 23 June Retrieved 18 November Retrieved May 24, Retrieved 22 June The following feature films competed for the Palme d'Or: [3].

The following films were selected for the competition of Un Certain Regard : [3]. The following films were selected to be screened out of competition: [3]. The following short films competed for the Short Film Palme d'Or : [3]. The following films were screened for the 41st International Critics' Week 41e Semaine de la Critique : [16]. The following films and people received the Official selection awards: [2] [4] [5].

The inaugural Cannes Film Festival was to have been held in , but was cancelled by the outbreak of the Second World War. The organizers of the festival assembled a jury of six members, including Dieter Kosslick and Alberto Barbera , to watch seven of the twelve features which had been entered in the competition, namely: Goodbye, Mr. Union Pacific was retrospectively voted the winner of the Palme d'Or.

Ecumenical Jury [22] [5]. Award of the Youth [5]. Awards in the frame of International Critics' Week [23]. Awards in the frame of Directors' Fortnight [18]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sharon Stone. Michelle Yeoh. Christine Hakim. Bille August. Claude Miller. Walter Salles. Archived from the original on 11 November Archived from the original on 21 January Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 25 May