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K9 storm vest

Due to its tactical capabilities, protection level, and ultralight weight this is the preferred protective vest for military working dog units. Most agencies are prohibited from spending funds on equipment that is not for human use. There are hundreds of Law Enforcement and Military K9s nationwide that need a ballistic vest. The functionality of these vests greatly exceed a standard enforcement vest.

Due to the costs of these special ops vests any applicants requesting a K9 Storm vest from us must first provide verifiable agency documentation proving the need. Please note we only provide vest grants at this time, we do not provide any K9-worn technology such as cameras. Some examples of duty activities that warrant these elite vests include: Special Ops or SWAT team member, deploying to a foreign country as an active MWD Military Working Dog , scaling buildings, rappelling from a helicopter, jumping out of planes, any type of aerial insertion, specialized K9-worn tactical gear such as thermal fusion cameras, GPS, remote communications, and EOD explosive ordnance detection technology.

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New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. And while the heart-tugging photos of these four-legged heroes are worth a look, so is the high-tech gear that helps them do their job. The tactical body armor is wired with a collapsible video arm, two-way audio, and other attachable gadgets.

The big idea behind the armor add-ons boils down to a simple one: the key to any healthy relationship is communication. Each dog is assigned one human handler. To operate efficiently in a tactical situation, they need to be connected. Jim Slater, who cofounded K9 Storm with his wife Glori, says footage is stable because the entire module is sewn into the vest. With unpredictable light conditions, like middle-of-the-night missions, the camera adjusts automatically to night vision.

The lens is protected by impact-resistant shielding. In Abbottabad, the patented load-bearing harness would have enabled a Navy SEAL handler to rappel from the helicopter with his dog strapped to his body. Once in the compound, the dog could run ahead to scout as the handler issued commands through an integrated microphone and speaker in the armor. The proprietary speaker system enables handlers to relay commands at low levels to the dog.

That translates to standard operating ranges up to four football fields. The armor itself protects against shots from 9mm and. Slater is a veteran police dog trainer and built the first vest after a prison riot. He realized he wore full riot gear, while his K9 partner, Olaf, was basically naked. So he started making vests. The weave technology catches bullets or ice picks like a mitt wrapping around a baseball; knives and sharpened screw drivers wielded by prisoners require tighter weaves.

Keeping the armor strong, but light, is a priority.

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Red Bull Creation challenges hackers and engineers to invent new modes of transportation. Put your own flag or team patch on the left side of your vest using the additional 3. Load rated to 2, lbs. It even allows you the ability to fast-rope directly from the handle. If your team is looking to integrate the Intruder Camera System into your tactics, you will require this option to house the Intruder on your K9 Storm Vest.

If your team is looking to integrate the Commander Communication Device into your tactics, you will require this option to run the cables through your K9 Storm Vest. Anyone can Search, Only the most skilled can Rescue. Shop CDN.

Shop USD. SAR Vest Pricing. Basic Features. Additional Loop Velcro for Dept. Crests Put your own flag or team patch on the left side of your vest using the additional 3. Lifetime Warranty. Standard Features. Special Ops.