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See how Citi is taking steps to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, from helping clients to providing relief through funds to frontline healthcare workers, organizations such as No Kid Hungry and more. Despite the pandemic limiting options for group events, Citi was determined to do our part through meaningful volunteerism. The Citi Plex Account is a new digital checking and savings account built to make managing money simpler, smarter and more rewarding. Community Development Financial Institutions do more than provide capital, they level the playing field for communities and populations at risk of being left behind. Market attention has focused on the bearish potential return of the U.

Long term forex strategy used by kfc coins forex chennai corporation

Long term forex strategy used by kfc

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Due to the stability of the national currency the Swiss economy is also stable. The reason for this stability is considered to be the quality of Swiss goods and services, among which the first-class banking services.

At the same time, as Honegger noted, prices in Switzerland, if calculated on the basis of purchasing power parity, are higher in comparison to other European countries. Furthermore, the case of fast food market involves additional risks in Switzerland.

First, it should be noted that KFC already tried to enter the Swiss market back in with two outlets, but they failed after a short period due to poor trading and complaints about the cost Kalin, Indeed, due to the apparent shift in consumer choices from fast food to slow food and natural food over the last decade, the growth of the Swiss market for fried chicken may be negatively impacted, despite the openness of economic and political barriers to entry Kotni, ; Chan et al.

Yet, the above mentioned growth in the annual consumption of chicken demonstrates a positive trend for KFC market opportunities. Here, KFC could use its menu flexibility in order to boost targeted sales. Besides, in , in order to fit the values of the European consumers, KFC cafes in the United Kingdom started offering Lavazza coffee.

Switzerland closes the Top 20 countries in the ease of doing business rating, compiled by the World Bank Honegger, Compared with the previous year, the country has improved its position in the ranking by two points.

However, in the sub-rating of Enterprise registration Switzerland occupies the 69 th position. In particular, the procedure of registrating a branch or subsidiary is more complicated than that of opening a Joint Stock Company. On the other hand, the form of subsidiary in Switzerland implies that the foreign parent company bears full responsibility for its branches. Therefore, the most commonly used legal form is a joint-stock company Aktiengesellschaft , which has the status of a legal entity, is responsible for its obligations to the scale of its property, and has an explicit and unambiguous priority in obtaining financing, concluding major contracts, etc.

In accordance with corporate strategy, the points of sale can be found both in the ownership of concessionaires and directly in the ownership of the company. Expanding its foreign operation, KFC generates the significant amount of cash from outside the U.

To the extent the company has needed to repatriate international cash to fund its U. Particular risk is high with launching new European subsidiaries. Generally, the expected long-term rate of return, as of December 26, made 6. Currency risk arises when conducting an operation in the Swiss franc and represents the possibility of reducing the value of assets, shortfalls in the planned income due to adverse changes in exchange rates against the US dollar and the euro.

Thus, the importer loses as the rate of US dollar grows against the Swiss franc. This principle is especially important, as lies in the basis of all methods of covering currency risk. In this regard, the main advantage of the forward contract is the ability to meet the individual requests of the parties on any parameters of the transaction size, timing, price.

In addition, forward contracts can be concluded for any non-standard terms, which is especially important in relation to food. Apart from that, parties that enter into a forward contract, as a rule, do not bear additional costs in the form of brokerage commissions. Here, the option contract is a tool that, in addition to hedging, allows receiving exchange gains as a result of changes in market prices of the underlying asset.

The main attraction of buying options is in a possible leverage and limited risk. These strategies are convenient to use for hedging the existing positions on the underlying asset. In the case of the US dollar change against the Swiss franc, the importer may either suffer losses, or get an additional win. Thus, if the contract value is estimated at 1 million euros, and the rate for the date of signing the contract is set at 1 US dollar per Swiss franc, the value of the contract in Swiss francs for the Swiss importer is 1 million Swiss francs.

In order to exclude risks, the company can sell the expected US dollars to its authorized bank, having signed with it an appropriate forward contract for the sale of the US dollars in exchange for the Swiss francs. In this case, the bank must assign a forward exchange rate for this operation, for which the theory of parity of interest rates is used. The whole set of methods for assessing the effectiveness of investment can be conditionally divided into two groups:.

The first group will include a method based on calculating the payback period of investments, and a method based on determining the rate of return on capital. The second group methods of comparative evaluation of investment efficiency includes:. Thus, the theory of absolute efficiency of capital investments is based on the premise that an investment project is to be implemented or introduced if it provides the achievement of the norms of the efficiency of using capital investments set by the investor.

These standards include the normative useful life of the investment project, or the gain of a specified rate of return on capital. The project is to be implemented if the expected value of the above-mentioned indicators is equal to or greater than their normative values. The method of estimating the effectiveness of the investment project on the basis of net present value allows making an administrative decision on the expediency of the project implementation based on a comparison of the amount of future discounted incomes with the costs necessary for the project implementation capital investments.

Furthermore, profitability index will shown the ratio of the reduced money incomes to the investment expenses, brought to the beginning of the project implementation. If the profitability index is greater than 1, the project is accepted. With a return index of less than 1, the project is rejected. In addition, internal rate of return will be calculated to shown interest rate at which the amount of discounted incomes for the entire period of the investment project implementation becomes equal to the sum of the initial costs investments.

This rate can be treated as a maximum interest rate, under which the company can take a loan to finance the project with the help of borrowed capital. As Lorenz et al. Studying at the workplace is a characteristic feature of the Swiss personnel management. At the same time, the training courses in Switzerland are considered to be aimed at encouraging freedom and creativity.

The solid corporate spirit and principles of collectivism are also supported by such events as joint celebrations. The structure of Swiss enterprises typically takes quite complex forms. On the one hand, autonomy and independence of the work team are assumed; on the other hand, Swiss companies are distinguished by rather large bureaucracy and formalism, which allows speaking of the orthodox style of management Lorenz et al. Formally, Swiss companies are pyramidal structures with a concentration of power at the top.

However, decentralization of functional units is also inherent for them in order to be able to response quickly to the situation on the spot. The principle of consensus in the labor team in this case means that the responsibility for everything that happens in the company lies on everyone to the extent that everyone is responsible for their terms of reference Lorenz et al.

Thus, Swiss enterprises are supposed to delegate responsibility from the top management to the field, which allows speaking of both centralization and decentralization. Entering the market of Switzerland, KFC is responsible for integrating its social, ethical, and environmental programs into the everyday business practices of new subsidiaries in order to support employees, customers, suppliers, and community on a whole.

Sustainability of business could also be ensured by reducing environmental imprint through water and energy saving technologies. Despite ambiguous tendencies in consumer preferences and subsequent legislative efforts to limit fast food consumption, the market of fast food demonstrates steady growth and is not projected to slow down. On a background of chicken consumption growth in Switzerland, the successful implementation of the expansion strategy requires is already fitting four conditions:.

Simultaneously with building knowledge, KFC should be promoting in cultural inclusion and sustainability values. Chan, E. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly , 58 1 , pp Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Food Outlook. Biannual Report on Global Food Markets. Honegger, C. Your company in Switzerland: Basics on deciding for the founding of a company in Switzerland. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Kalin, C. KFC About KFC. KFC Official Website.

Kotni, D. Jindal Journal of Business Research , 4 , pp. Lorenz, C. By adding a brand to the existing fast-food store, the companies are able to expand quickly and for less money. The companies are also capitalizing on the increased customer base due to the increased menu offering.

Increased profit is another benefit of "dual branding. In January , Mexico passed a law that favored franchise expansion. The law provided for the protection of technology transferred into Mexico. The law also allowed royalties. Before , there was no protection for patents, information, and technology transferred to the Mexican franchise. Also, before the new law royalties were not allowed. This resulted in higher number of the company owned fast-food chains rather than the franchises in Mexico.

However, with the new law, the companies are given an opportunity to benefit from selling franchises. The fast-food chains are now able to expand to other regions of Mexico by selling franchises to individuals rather than keep building company owned stores in centralized locations to keep the operation simple and effective. Especially in the last few years, consumers are demanding fast food in non-traditional locations, such as shopping malls, universities, hospitals, and other high-traffic areas.

Consumers are demanding greater convenience when purchasing. The locations listed above are some of the most popular non-traditional locations that could be exploited by a fast-food chain. The fast-food chains are recording high sales in those areas due to high-traffic. Consequently, the companies are constantly looking and testing for new high-traffic locations to expand.

The threats that KFC faced with include the following:. The NRA estimates the sales in the fast-food segment of the food industry will grow 7. Although the restaurant industry has outpaced the overall economy in recent years, there are indications that the U.

Faced by slowed sales growth in the fast-food industry, other segments of the industry have turned to new menu offerings. Jack in the Box has introduced chicken and teriyaki with rice. Pizza Hut has tried marinated, rotisserie-cooked chicken. During the s, consumers began to demand healthier foods and KFC was faced with a limited menu consisting mainly of fried foods. Labor is relatively plentiful and cheap in Mexico, though much of the work force is still relatively unskilled.

While KFC benefits from lower labor costs, labor unrest, low job retention, absenteeism, and punctuality continue to be significant problems. Though absenteeism is on the decline due to job security fears, it is still high, at approximately eight to fourteen percent of the labor force. Turnover also continues to be a problem. Turnover of production line personnel is currently running at five percent per month.

Therefore, employee screening and internal training continue to be important issues for foreign firms investing in Mexico. Another area of concern for KFC has been the increased political turmoil in Mexico during the last several years. Around people were killed. The strengths identified are as follows:.

The secret recipe has long been a source of advertising, and allowed KFC to set itself apart. Also, KFC was the first chain to enter the fast-food industry, just before McDonald's, which opened its first store a year later, and the "secret recipe" was the initial home replacement strategy. KFC's early entrance into the fast-food industry in allowed KFC to develop strong brand name recognition and a strong foothold in the industry.

PepsiCo's success with the management of fast food chains. PepsiCo used many of the same promotional strategies that it has used to market soft drinks and snack food. By the time PepsiCo bought KFC in , the company already dominated two of the four largest and fastest-growing segments of the fast food industry Wright, p. This kind of "personal" human resources management makes for a loyal workforce Wright, p. Improving operating efficiencies by reducing overhead and other operating costs can directly affect operating profit.

Due to the strong competition in the US, the fast-food chains are reluctant to raise prices to increase profit. Many of the chains are turning to operating efficiencies to increase profit. For many companies, operating efficiencies are achieved through improvements in customer service, cleaner restaurants, faster and friendlier service, and continued high-quality products.

Weaknesses are also found internally like strengths. The weaknesses for KFC are identified as follows:. Between and , KFC was sold three times. The first two sales, to Heublein, Inc and to R. Reynolds, left the company largely autonomous. It wasn't until the sale to PepsiCo in that changes in top management started to take place.

These changes happened almost immediately after the sale Wright, p. Because of the nature of the chicken segment of the fast food industry, innovation was never a primary strategy for KFC. However, during the late 's, other fast food chains, such as McDonald's, began to offer chicken as a.

This delay significantly increased the cost of developing consumer awareness for the KFC sandwich. While KFC's culture was largely based on the Colonel's laid back approach to management, while PepsiCo's culture is more of a "fast track" attitude. Employees do not have the same level of job security that they enjoyed before the PepsiCo acquisition Wright, p. PepsiCo bought KFC in However, by most of this new PepsiCo management had either left the company or been moved to a different division.

KFC's franchisees had been used to little interference from corporate offices. In , the CEO announced new contract changes - the first in thirteen years. The franchisees protested these changes and the relationship between the corporate KFC and the franchisees in the United States have been strained ever since this announcement Wright, p. Through an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of KFC, the following potential problem areas were identified:.

The advertising campaign of KFC does not specifically appeal to any segment. It does not appear to have a consistent long-term approach. The U. With this kind of dramatic change, KFC does not have a proper approach to its target market.

There has been an increase in the overall number of fast-food chains. Access to restaurants is now easier due to non-traditional locations, for example in airports and gas stations. Also, the age of Americans tends to change the frequency of eating out. There has been a trend toward an increasingly healthy diet in America. This put KFC at an extreme disadvantage due to its fried product offering.

Prime locations have increased in cost due to limited room for expansion. New technology has increased efficiencies, but resulted in greater increased start up costs. Salient Problem. Due to the current devaluation, profits are greatly reduced. This reduction in earning power has brought about much political unrest. Mexico has a largely unskilled labor pool that provides little stability. Cultural attitudes toward punctuality, absenteeism and job retention tend to make managing employees difficult under present circumstances.

High turnover rates lead to high training costs and can threaten the brand integrity. In the past, the Mexican economy has triggered violence toward American firms by frustrated nationalists. The culmination of all these problems led to low profitability due to a low profit product margin.

Strategic Alternatives. The strategic alternatives for KFC are as follows:. Re-franchise all company owned Mexican units into franchises. This alternative includes canceling all franchises and selling off all company units in Mexico. Based on our analysis of the salient problem and the strategic alternatives, we recommend that KFC re-franchise all of the company units in Mexico. This most effectively mitigates the risk of doing business in Mexico by making a franchisee responsible for the profit and loss of each unit.

KFC will still receive royalties based on the sales of each unit. However, franchises will protect the company from currency devaluation. KFC is able to reduce this risk while still maintaining a presence in one of the largest growing markets. Expansion is not recommended at this time due to the volatility of the economic and political situation in Mexico. This program will involve the selling of all company owned KFC units, in the country of Mexico, to individual franchisees.

This should mitigate risk while still maintaining a steady cash flow from the region. The sale of the company units will take place during a three year time period. KFC must determine a set of criteria on which to identify future potential buyers.

Negotiate the packages of restaurants and agree on price and time for acquisition. This price will be set and will include building and equipment only. July 96 through January 97 will focus on the sale of the first nine units in the Mexico City region. January 98 through December 98 will focus on an additional 40 units sale.

January 99 through December 99 will focus on the sale of the final 40 units. Schedule regional general managers meeting in each of the three major cities. PepsiCo Restaurants Worldwide or representatives to a regional meeting in each of the three major regions, which were previously identified. This is a program designed to aid general managers that will be displaced due to the sale of the franchise units. It is likely that the new franchisees will bring in their own people and many general managers will be replaced.

It is important to avoid any bad will from former KFC corporate managers and the severance package should help to defray some of the negative feelings of present general managers. Every General Manager will qualify when their respective unit is sold. This program will be used for evaluation of the two previous programs.

It is important to determine the effectiveness of the programs. In addition, this program will include a plan to ensure continued brand integrity for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sales price per unit: This price will be based on the price, which includes the building and equipment packages. Land price will not be included because it is leased and the new owners will assume this payment.

This will give a summary of expected royalties that will be received from the sale of the units to franchises. The royalties will be reported as they are expected to be generated, during the sale of the respective units, which corresponds to the time line. Royalties after the re-franchising is complete will not be included in the budget due to the completion of the proposed program. It is only necessary to look at the specific time frame during the implementation of the program.

Royalties generated July to December Projected number of units sold: 9 units. This budget is used to calculate the proposed cost for the trip of our corporate executives to Mexico. Following is a brief description of the estimated costs.

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Choose your reason below and click on the Report button.

China europe investment consulting firms This is not probable because of their borrowing capacity can supplement short-term cash needs. The threats that KFC faced with include the following:. Changes may be made in packaging and labeling, but these are driven by local regulatory requirements. Considering the present situation, the new business strategy of KFC has been illustrated in the figure below:. If the profitability index is greater than 1, the project is accepted.
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Social return on investment deutschland karte Exhibit 5 contains the total number of units of U. Be pooja investment kalyan to explain how gray and counterfeit markets can be harmful to companies. Hence, segmentation and identification of the target and the forming effective positioning strategy are essential. Sole-Sourcing Advantages Price discounts based on higher volume Rewards for loyalty during tough times Exclusivity brings differentiation Greater influence with a supplier. Explain reverse innovation and the potential advantages it brings. The main attraction of buying options is in a possible leverage and limited risk. Entering the market of Switzerland, KFC will use it usual franchising mode.
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Long term forex strategy used by kfc Jack in the Box has introduced chicken and teriyaki with rice. These exercises are designed to ensure that the knowledge you gain from this forex plus500 sk about international business meets the learning standards set out by the international Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business AACSB International. Abc Large. Entering the market through a number of franchises, KFC will aim at establishing new high-quality design outlets in almost all Swiss agglomerations, at places with high centrality. Segmentation helps companies target their marketing efforts more effectively. Following is a brief description of the estimated costs.
Bilkeykatz investment consultants The structure of Swiss enterprises typically takes quite complex forms. Commented that marketing tactics are crucial actions undertaken for the promotion of the new products and the brands in the market and fulfil the marketing objectives. The source material is themarketingconcept [e-book] and themarketingconcept [student guide]. Abc Large. You learn that this supplier has switched to a manufacturing technique that is leaking potentially hazardous materials into the groundwater.
Youtube forex bidding Companies that decide to build a local plant have to decide gurkarn investments which country to locate the plant. The company uses local designers to create mobile-phone handset models that are specifically appropriate for each country. Second, it wants to move from being a lunch and dinner vendor to an all-day joint, and will look a breakfast and after-dinner options. This has declined the sale of the brand. Market segmentation refers to the process of dividing a larger market into smaller markets that share a common characteristic, such as age or lifestyle. InKFC centered on elimination of overhead costs and increased efficiency. Exclusive invites to Virtual Events with Industry Leaders.
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In this strategy, I am not typically going to add to the trade if it does continue in the larger trend direction, because my target is going to be too short to use that methodology. In order to make the strategy as high probability as possible, I am only targeting the "bounce" to the next major level which is not normally going to be far enough away for me to begin adding positions in my favor. The pip gain on the "bounce method" changes drastically depending on the pair and the largeness of the swing that you are using the fib retracement on.

Hope the above answers your questions appropriately. Thanks again for reading and leaving a comment! Hi Nathan, To me, this is excellent stuff with precious tips and avices like going WITH the longer time frames trend, where to put stop-loss and target, avoiding entry if major level is too close from entry, I will definitely put that strategy into my trading plan!

What I love with you and Casey is your honesty and transparency not ONLY showing winners but clearly saying and showing that we will loose too! I am always amazed with the quality of your articles and the knowledge you already have at your young age.

How good wil you be at 30 or 40!!! Just one very basic question: - how do you define and recognize a major level do you always look at candle charts only to spot it? Thanks so much for all your efforts in helping us trading with an edge. Hey Fabrice. As always, thanks so much for your time and effort into learning and your constant appreciation--it means a lot to us. For me, candlesticks are definitely an important part of seeing levels.. One thing that speaks volumes to me are when there are repeated wicks of a candle that tried to pierce through a certain price level but continued to get rejected.

This shows me that price has made multiple attempts to move to a higher or lower price but kept getting pushed back by the level. When this happens over days and weeks on these longer time frames, I know that this is a big, important level.. Then, what I look to do, is pair that with another level. For instance, if the major horizontal level also corresponds with a Fib from a recent swing or a current trend line, that adds even more value to the price level.

Once I clearly identify these important levels, I just wait for price action to react to them and then attempt to take advantage of the reaction. For me, candlesticks help me "see" price the best, but that definitely does not mean they are the only way to trade profitably--it is just my personal preference and you should have your own preference too!

Thanks Olu, I appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a comment, and am really glad that the article may be of use to you! Pretty good stuff Tracy U a good honest Guy Compared to all the crapp out there in the Forex arena! We appreciate u! Hey Roy, thanks for reading and leaving a valuable comment! Yes, I do agree that understanding your personality is a big part of trading. To me, it is amazing that anyone can be profitable on smaller time frames because the room for error is so minute, but that is certainly very impressive on your behalf!

Thanks Shivam, those are very kind words and I really appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a comment. Glad you enjoyed the article! Very good article, Nathan! Yes, it is all valuable content. It goes with my observation and certainly has the edges required for winning. Thanks for reading Sean!

I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment as well. I am very glad that you enjoyed the article! Hey Anthony, thanks for reading and thanks for the comment! To determine the trend, I usually take a look at the weekly chart and take into account a year or so.. Sincerely David. Hey David, thanks very much for reading and leaving a comment.

I appreciate the compliment and look forward to a lot more good stuff next year! Great stuff Nathan, I have always believed in long term trading and this by far the best strategy I have come across' I intend to trade this strategy next year on bigger time frames. Awesome, Anthony! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and even trying the strategy; be sure to let me know how you do using this strategy!

Hi Nathan, thanks for this great post I'm also a great fun of fibo retracement and it's been working very well for me also. Your strategy confirms that I'm doing something right Thank you Gilberto. Hey Gil, that is great! Glad to hear you are having success using the fibs--they can definitely be a great tool if you use them the right way! Thanks so much for reading my article and leaving a comment, I very much appreciate it! This makes a lot of sense. It is entirely too easy to look only at a single time frame and ignore the larger picture.

Hey Dave, Yeah I agree with you on that. I am definitely guilty of doing that very thing before Thanks for the comment, I think you are right on with the issue of ignoring the big picture! Very nice post. Always thought 4hours was long term. My problem with long term as you presented is the fact that stops and loses are usually greater too. Some people think the market is too volatile and unpredictable for you to stay too long in a trade but I'm sure all will agree your analysis is very correct.

Hey Tony, thanks for reading. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my article and leave a comment as well. Yeah, unfortunately, you can't really have the best of both worlds with high probability long term trades and still manage tight stops, but the best way to be profitable is to understand how to dial down your risk with smaller size trades and remain consistent even after losses.

Using a long term strategy, like this one, takes a lot of patience but it can be very profitable if you stay disciplined. Thanks for the information, I plan to start the new year with longer time frames and I was going to use 4 hour charts.

But now I will look at weekly and daily charts more. Thank you. Thanks for reading! I am glad this article may serve as a useful piece of information for you. Feel free to re-post here later on and let us know how your strategy is going using these longer time frames. Will advise outcome down the road.

Thanks Louis, I appreciate you taking the time to read and also leaving a comment. Let me know how you do using this strategy! Hi Nathan, I agree with longer time frames and specifically days not hours, minutes or weeks. I my self only trade off day charts, and these are my reasons. The broker is acting against you - he loses if you win, and he wins if you lose. This is in the fine print of all new accounts.

A dealing desk will give lower spreads but will actively make you lose. Days are the 'natural' time frame for trading, where as hours or minutes or weeks are arbitrary units. Candles were always meant to be on days - from the earliest time in Japan this is how they started. Days means you can plan trades at ease.

I think these are compelling reasons to trade from day charts, so that's what I do. Joe PS. If you are interested, I just look for trends and jump on. When the MAs are both rising, and the 8 is above the 12, I put a long entry just above the most recent high. I raise the stop to below a candle that suggests the trend may have ended eg a pin bar against my trade.

If it isn't taken out I wait for the MA12 to catch up and keep trailing. Pretty successful! Hey Joe, thanks for the great comment, I really appreciate you putting the time and effort into adding value to this post with a great, informative comment. I don't believe I have ever heard anyone lay out the reasons for using the daily chart as you did, and that is very interesting..

I would love to learn more about your strategy, Perhaps you could write out a nice explanation of it like I did in this article and we could post it on the blog as a guest post by you. I am sure our readers would love to get your perspective! Thanks for sharing your strategy, Nathan. It is simple and you explained it very well. It does demonstate that a simple strategy can be very effective and it highlights the importance of patience and money management.

One of my major challenges in trading is patience and that can be very costly. I feel a strong urge to trade every time that I switch on my charts and I know that I am not alone. I am gradually getting comfortable with trading longer term strategies and your reasoning and logic for favouring those give strong evidence that longer term strategies are the way to go. Hey Mike, glad you enjoyed the article! Yeah, you are definitely NOT alone I, too, struggle with be tempted to take a trade that does not fit my plan just because it "looks good" at that moment in time, but that is definitely not the profitable way to trade All makes sense.

The reason I didn't take it though was because the pair had made a lower high back on Nov Respected Fx GOD Nathan you are simply a God send. I v been struggling so much with my strategy and have lost quite a bundle but this gives me hope. I am based in Nairobi Kenya and I want in on anything you can teach me just throw it my way coz am willing to learn.

God bless Thank you, Nathan. You give me hope. I'm a newbie a real rookie. I totaly agree. But the main think is: why should the market go up or down? The future events, news, data are unknow, therefore from pragmatic point of view it's pure betting. But makes much more sense betting higher time frame than lower, because of volatilty and more clear trend.

If I would know something about the future I can bet on it, otherwise makes no sense.. Excellent strategy, I have been looking for a good simple long term strategy,this will free up my time and still allow me to be involved in trading. Thanks Nathan! An awesome strategy! It is my favourite strategy.

My problem is I lack the necessary patience it needs to be profitable. You wrote "Trading is all about Math—a good strategy has winners and losers, but at the end of the year, the winners out-weigh the losers. They will, in the strategy, if you follow it with discipline!

Great write-up! Very encouraging! I am definitely going back to this strategy in Nathan, how do you deal with the swap rates with this longer term strategy? I trade this way but often have to close a trade due to the overnight swaps.

What broker do you use? I am looking for a broker with competitive swap rates, I know some pairs have a positive value but I cant consider that when looking at the longer trends. Thanks, Tom. I think the reason most people try to scalp is they are taught to be scared of the market by teachers that are trading failures I agree with Nathan, the trader that is here for the long term is a swing trader Good trading everyone.

Enjoyed the writing and video's but will have to go over it again a few times as I am a newbie and using longterm for the fist time. Thank you for the information, they are helpful and exciting. The trade shown, in my opinion, was not a solid trade.

The bullish pull back piercing the fib was only followed by a small bearish candle that wasn't full bodied. It's indecisive. If you wait for the full bodied decision candle going in the direction of the trend bearish here after piercing a major fib level you would not have entered until the 50 fib was pierced. And in quite a few U. Innovative chicken-based products.

Consistently, providing a pleasant dining experience, with fast friendly, in a clean and convenient location. At all times we must be dedicated to providing excellent and delighting customers. KFC is an internationally renowned fast food industry in the world. Their aim is to capture the fast food market. Basically they want to provide their products to anyone that is why they expanding their branches in all over the world. Colonel Harland sanders, born September 9, , actively began franchising his chicken business at the age of Now, the Kentucky fried chicken business he started has grown to be one of the largest retail food service systems in the world.

And colonel sanders, a quick service restaurant pioneer, have become a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit. And not just in America. When the colonel was six, his father died. His mother was forced to go to work, and young Harland had to take care of his three year old brother and baby sister.

This meant doing much of the family cooking. By the age of seven, he was a master of a score of regional dishes. When he was 12, his mother remarried and he left his home near Henryville, Ind. After that he was a railroad fireman, studied law by correspondence, practiced in justice of the peace court, sold insurance, operated an Ohio River steamboat ferry, sold tires, and Operated service station.

When he was 40, the colonel began cooking for hungry travelers who stopped at his service station in Corbin, KY. As more people started coming just for food, he moved across the street to a motel and restaurant that seated people. Over the next nine year, he perfected his secret blend of 11 herbs and spices and the basic cooking technique that is still used today.

In India, KFC is growing rapidly and today has presence in 11 cities with close to 50 restaurants. Champs stands for our belief that the most important thing each of us can do is to focus on the customer. It stands for our commitment to provide the best food and best experience for the best value. CHAMPS stand for the six universal areas of customer expectation common to all cultures and all restaurants concepts.

CHAMPS is the philosophy to ensure that the customer has the consistent quality experience in every restaurant, everyday, on every occasions and you will be playing role in delivering CHAMPS to our customers. For the present Indian business sector for fast food, it is not troublesome for a fast food eatery to enter the business sector. The brand name is now settled.

Likewise, there is as of now an expansive assortment in the various western-style eating places in India, for example,. While little. Neighborhood eateries for the most part have low hindrances to section, these are the obstructions to passage for comparative eatery organizations to enter the fast-food chain market.

The clients of KFC, particularly as individual purchasers, have no dealing power in light of the fact that if one and only client undermines to no more eat at KFC, the store is not going to lower its cost in light of the fact that the expense of losing one client is not extremely awesome. The suppliers, similar to the purchasers, have almost no haggling power. KFC additionally started helping neighborhood suppliers by giving them mechanical backing to enhance their items.

This is a splendid procedure on the grounds that the supplies that KFC would somehow or another need to import from the. This gives us a splendid system. With this system, KFC made rivalry among its suppliers, bringing down the supplier. As far as HR, work expense is to a great degree low in light of the fact that the supply of non-talented specialists incredible surpasses the interest for them.

With so little purchaser and supplier bartering powers, KFC can have a tight control over its costs and consumptions. The substitute items, for this situation, would be burgers, pizza, and sandwiches. Despite the fact that they are contenders, their essential items contrast incredibly from each other, in that they offer, chicken, burgers and fries, pizzas, and sandwiches, individually.

These substitutes are unquestionably viewed as solid when contrasted with the fast food chains. KFC likewise sets up stores situated close prevalent vacation spots, so tickets to these traveler spots are additionally integral merchandise on the grounds that the more individuals visit these attractions, the more clients KFC will get. Not at all like what one would expect, KFC has little contention with comparative fast-food chains in India. For instance, if KFC raised its cost for chicken by a little sum, Indian chicken significant others who may not be as tolerating to pizzas numerous Indian individuals unequivocally loathe the essence of cheddar are not going to change to Pizza Hut on the grounds that the cost for KFC expanded.

Notwithstanding that, these eateries have such diverse target clients that the change of cost for one eatery is not going to influence the others. For instance, a full feast at KFC ranges about Rs. The intense distinction in cost guarantees no value rivalry between these eateries.

Place shortening into the pressure cooker and heat over medium heat to the shortening reaches F. In a little bowl, consolidate the egg and milk. In a different bowl, combine the remaining six dry ingredients. Dip each piece of chicken into the milk until fully moistened. Roll the soaked chicken in the flour mixture until well coated. In groups of four or five, drop the covered chicken pieces into the shortening and lock the lid.

When pressure builds up cook for 10 minutes. They promote their products through special packages. They promote there products through billboard, pamphlets and through other promotion strategies. KFC has divided the market of India into distinct groups of customers with diverse demands, tastes and behavior who require distinct products or marketing mix. In demographics their first section is consisted of the income factor i.

In behavioral phase they segmented the market on the basis of quality, taste and price. Following are the different possible segments in this regard. KFC will use differentiated market coverage strategy, Means that different marketing mix will be used for different age groups. No association can stand to overlook there contenders. It is vital for an advertising directors to screen the exercises of there contenders, what they are doing? Economic Analysis of Market A market in this context refers to a number of all actual and potential buyers of a product Kotler et al These buyers have a need to satisfy their needs through exchange Graphic 1.

These necessities make up the demand for specific products and services. It clarifies why Indians today need to eat solid and nutritious-rich sustenance to keep themselves sound and that KFC must alter their scope of item and their organization picture to speak to these new desires, individuals have. KFC operates in a larger macro environment of forces that creates opportunities, but also threats. Kotler et al Be that as it may, KFC needs to painstakingly inspect macro ecological patterns and should make aggressive reactions to such patterns.

There are six noteworthy large macro environmental strengths KFC needs to check. Since the fast food market in India is very aggressive, KFC faces a wide number of immediate and circuitous contenders. This opposition makes it entirely troublesome for KFC to keep up or even widen their client base.

Be that as it may, with the presentation of another and sound item extend, KFC can separate itself from most contenders and will pick up an upper hand. Hence, the item extend KFC offer ought to speak to whatever number individuals inside this buyer market as could be expected under the circumstances, to guarantee that the most extreme measure of items can be sold.

The attributes of these people and a division of them are talked about later in this report. They should procured the hard offering people to showcase their item in the business sector and spur their workers for associations and representatives do well and they contend there contenders. KFC has quality items and through these quality items they contend their rivals. KFC has a very long history and has the most recognize able brand in chicken with over half of the market share.

Due to with over half of the market share in fast food industry KFC has acknowledgment around the globe and has been internationally situated for a long time in India and to catch the piece of the pie in India receives champs reasoning. The operations of KFC are influenced by the administration arrangements on the controls of fast food operation. Right now government are controlling the advertising of fast food eatery in light of wellbeing concern, for example, cardiovascular and cholesterol issue and weight among the youthful and youngsters in the nation.

Governments likewise control the permit given for open the fast food eatery and different business direction need to take after, for example, for an establishment business. Great association with government in giving shared advantages, for example, occupation and expense is an unquestionable requirement for the organization to succeed in any outside business sector.

Though for last 1 year their was economic slowdown all across the globe but the sales of KFC and other fast food chains did not slow down to that extent that of other sectors in. The GDP- real growth rate in was 8. This will lead to higher buying power in the Hands of the Indian consumers. So taking into considerations the economic factors of India KFC is safe.

The only danger to it will be if there is a terrorist attack in India and the victim is KFC. India is the second most crowded country on the planet with an estimated populace of more than 1. This populace is partitioned in the accompanying age structure: years — There has likewise been a nonstop increment in the utilization of fast food in India.

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This is only due to excellent marketing strategies adopted by the organization. KFC main concern is to sell in volume and maintain it on long term basis. Another strategy of KFC is currently working with is to improve operating efficiencies. The level and historical trends of these ratios can be used to make inferences about Debt to equity ratio is a measure that helps determine an entity's long-term However, franchises will protect the company from currency devaluation. However, because the world is not truly flat in terms of culture, administration, its local partners, and once joint ventures were no longer required, KFC chose a This leadership team recommended that KFC follow a strategy of localization: Agents, brokers, international freight forwarders, and trading companies may get.