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See how Citi is taking steps to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, from helping clients to providing relief through funds to frontline healthcare workers, organizations such as No Kid Hungry and more. Despite the pandemic limiting options for group events, Citi was determined to do our part through meaningful volunteerism. The Citi Plex Account is a new digital checking and savings account built to make managing money simpler, smarter and more rewarding. Community Development Financial Institutions do more than provide capital, they level the playing field for communities and populations at risk of being left behind. Market attention has focused on the bearish potential return of the U.

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Program related investments examples

Aside from some PRIs in the form of low-interest loans and guaranties to help purchase a building, for example , nonprofits have not been the recipients of investments, and certainly not of equity investments, because they cannot have owners. PRIs are conceptually and legally distinct from two other kinds of socially-minded investments that foundations can make: mission- related investments MRIs and socially responsible investments SRIs.

As long as a foundation complies with the Treasury regulations, it is free to adopt its own procedures for making PRIs. Private foundations making PRIs face several major internal organizational questions centering on initiating the investments, conducting due diligence on their charitable and financial prospects, and monitoring and supporting the investments after they are made. In some foundations, these matters lie mainly outside the grantmaking programs and are handled by a separate investment team.

In others, a program team is primarily responsible for the entire investment process, in consultation with investment professionals or intermediaries. Lawyers play an important role in both cases, drafting agreements and ensuring compliance with US Treasury regulations, securities laws, and other legal standards.

PRIs at the Gates Foundation are handled collaboratively by two separate teams. A PRI team, with expertise in private equity and venture capital, structures the transaction and evaluates its financial risk. The PRI team brings to bear many of the same analytic skills and tools that a commercial investor would. The process begins with a program officer who is responsible for grantmaking in the subject area of the PRI.

The committee includes representatives from program teams across the foundation as well as the chief financial officer and the general counsel. This group is responsible for reviewing each proposed deal to ensure that its potential for charitable impact justifies the investment risk as well as the significant burden that each investment places on foundation resources. On the basis of its assessment of charitable impact and investment risk, the committee makes a recommendation, which incorporates diverse technical and charitable perspectives and ensures that the scarce resources of the PRI and legal teams focus on the highest-impact opportunities.

If the committee recommends pursuing the deal, the investment is reviewed by the president of the applicable division Global Development, in the case of bKash. The multi-stage review process leading to a PRI at the Gates Foundation is aided by several critical tools and concepts, described in the sections that follow. The Gates Foundation has systematized several practices that tend to ensure or amplify the direct charitable impact of the PRI:.

Unlike some impact investors who demand competitive rate-of-return along with social impact, the Gates Foundation never makes PRIs for the purpose of achieving financial returns. The foundation invests even though it is likely to lose capital. This approach is consistent with the concept of additionality as well as conditions for PRIs under the tax code.

The foundation is realistic about the types of often high-risk and low-return investments that it makes on behalf of its beneficiaries. Overall, the foundation anticipates approximately a 10 percent loss on its PRI capital. In other words, for each dollar invested, 90 cents will ultimately be returned.

The Gates Foundation takes specific steps to quantify the expected loss on each investment. Pricing the Risk Share gives the foundation flexibility to undertake a variety of types of investments that individually may have expected losses ranging from percent such as equity to support a very early-stage, high-risk technology in an uncertain market to as little as 1 percent for example, guaranties that result in tens of millions of dollars in savings for global health funders but have low likelihood of being called.

And sharing the financial risk ensures that a program team is appropriately engaged to pursue and assess the charitable impact. Unfortunately, this does not offer a clear standard. Rather, it leaves private foundations struggling to find a balance between investing on such unfavorable terms as to result in an impermissible private benefit to the company or other shareholders, and investing on terms that are so favorable that financial return appears to be a significant purpose of the investment.

Given this delicate balance, the Gates Foundation obtains a legal opinion from a tax attorney experienced in private foundation law in connection with each PRI. How does the Gates Foundation determine whether and how much to fund a potential partner, and whether to structure its support as a grant, a PRI, or some combination of these?

The foundation believed that such a platform would allow the bank to offer greater financial inclusion for the poor, but also understood that the venture would accumulate millions of dollars in operating losses before breaking even. BRAC Bank, which was required to own a majority of bKash for the latter to receive licensure, was unlikely to support a loss-making venture that would impair its legally prescribed capital reserve.

It was hoped that if bKash could replicate the scale of other mobile payment platforms, most notably M-Pesa in Kenya, the company would accelerate cash digitization and financial inclusion for the benefit of the poor in Bangladesh. By the end of July , bKash was serving more than 4. It had become the market leader in Bangladesh. The and grants to Enclude had been essential to get the venture started, but all of the parties involved recognized that bKash now needed actual investments.

For the Gates Foundation to achieve these goals when investing in a startup in a developing country almost always requires a subsidy, which is inherent in the type of support provided through grants and PRIs. Because bKash was not ready to attract commercial investors, Gates Foundation staff had no doubt that it required a subsidy to thrive and grow.

The question was how much. The underlying economic principle is self-evident: the total subsidy should be the amount of capital needed for the company to reach a market-sustainable level of risk-return that would attract commercial capital, and must be justified by the public good created by the subsidy. More subsidy would waste resources that could be devoted to other charitable purposes, create a risk of distorting the market, and possibly even confer an impermissible private benefit.

Ultimately, application of the principle to particular cases is a subtle judgment that draws on the combined expertise of the program and PRI teams. Grant funding had been the appropriate vehicle when bKash was just starting. Its millions of dollars in operating losses would have deterred BRAC Bank from participating in the initiative.

These activities included improvements in data collection, pilot programs with nonprofit partners, and exploring interoperability with other banks with the ultimate aim of broadening access for those most in need. But it was also time for bKash to raise additional funds in a more conventional business-like manner in order to begin to demonstrate sustainability.

Eisenhart and Rossow realized that a loan of any amount would saddle the nascent enterprise with an obligation that could inhibit its growth and deter commercial investors. Moreover, a loan did not match the risk profile of an early-stage business with negative cash flow. Besides sending a signal to commercial investors, a PRI may have other advantages over a grant.

Indeed, a PRI may induce a foundation itself to be more disciplined in its funding. Moreover, a foundation can negotiate rights that are typical for an investor but would be highly unusual in the context of a grant.

Investments often come with the right to appoint board members or, as the Gates Foundation prefers, to have board observer status, and to approve certain major decisions by the investee such as sale of the company. These are claims that a foundation could not ordinarily make when funding with a grant. If the risk can be mitigated, great.

If not, the investment team would likely reject the investment unless it offered a truly fantastic potential charitable reward. The Gates Foundation uses a robust method, involving present value and appropriate capital costs, to calculate expected loss.

The charitable investment rationale for the investment in bKash was mixed. It was strong for impact because bKash was the most viable mobile payment platform in Bangladesh, with the potential to serve tens of millions of low-income people. On the negative side, the investment lacked leverage because it was not tied to bringing in any additional capital. And the PRI team would have to devote considerable effort to oversight to help the investment achieve its programmatic objectives.

In the middle, the company had a fair chance of becoming financially sustainable, and it presented reasonable risks. The PRI team gave bKash a risk rating of two stars out of a possible four. Although the company had a strong market position and close alignment of charitable goals and financial return, the PRI team believed that the proposed investment lacked validation and company-building support from a traditional investor.

The number of private foundations in the U. In , 87, U. A number of barriers exist that prevent the broad use of such social investing tools. Social impact investing allows foundations to support their charitable missions beyond just grant making. While charitable grants are rarely repaid, investments in social enterprises have the potential to generate a financial return for the foundation, thereby boosting the pool of money available for future grants or investments.

There are no prescribed limits on the size of the investment, the type of investment vehicle or the type of enterprise receiving the investment. Investments can and have been made in a wide range of entities including small non-profit organizations, biotech startup businesses and publicly traded corporations. In other words, while some may presume that PRIs and MRIs are a tool for larger foundations, it appears that smaller foundations are more aggressive in their use.

In order to assess whether mission investing is an appropriate tool to achieve programmatic impact, foundation leadership should understand a spectrum of strategic choices. Charts C, D and E show the range of approaches taken by private foundations, the degree of PRI and MRI use, the range of sectors chosen, and the types of asset classes. Unlike most grants, an investment can infuse much-needed capital into organizations with incentives to build a sustainable business model, e.

There is also the potential to attract additional capital by reducing risk for other more traditional investors through taking a first loss position or providing a guarantee such as a loan or volume guarantee. For example, private foundations have offered to guarantee the purchase of vaccines and medical devices for use in the developing world as an incentive for private corporations to deliver those vaccines at a dramatically reduced price.

Finally, the capital invested in a PRI or MRI will likely be returned in the future for recycling into the mission—creating a multiplier effect on social impact. Unfortunately, there is a lack of consistent data to help understand the outcome and investment performance experienced by other foundations in social sectors such as environment, education and health. Chart E provides summary level information on investments across sectors by asset class. Anecdotal information and some data are available to help guide the strategic and tactical options available to foundation leadership through such sources as the Mission Investors Exchange , Nonprofit Finance Fund and the Foundation Center.

A well thought out theory of change developed by foundation leadership is also an extremely useful point of departure to focus this assessment, i. Internal foundation expertise and processes are often optimized for grant making and may be inconsistent with effective identification and execution of PRIs and MRIs. For example:. Where mission investing in PRIs and MRIs has become a strategic priority, identifying and allocating appropriate expertise and responsibility is critical to successful execution.

To enable appropriate depth and breadth of mission investing, lowering the cost and improving the accessibility of this expertise will be critical. The private sector, academic community, philanthropy and potentially government agencies could collaborate to construct the infrastructure necessary to lower the costs and enhance the expertise to lower this critical barrier.


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This paper outlines the barriers to mission investing or program-related investing , and explains ways to remove the barriers. A national association that can give you a personal business coach to help you with every step of your business. Tips and techniques for conducting a feasibility study and market research on your target audience before launching your venture idea.

Membership organization provides multiple resources about social enterprise: digital library of research, publications, and articles; surveys; listserv; and more. Explore different business models that will allow you to deliver social value to your customers, including fee-for service, employment, market linkage, or service subsidization. This typology breaks down the traditional boundaries between the nonprofit and private sectors and draws definition to this new institutional animal--part business-part social--the social enterprise.

Collection of online resources, articles and links to other organizations that address the topic of social entrepreneurship. Provides information and convenes conferences for charities and businesses interested in operation in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way. The Stanford Social Innovation Review offers strategies, tools and ideas for nonprofits, foundations and socially responsible businesses.

StartSomeGood is a peerfunding site - a platform for social entrepreneurs to gather a community and raise the funds needed to create change. Designed by social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs. Lawyers Steven Chiodini and Gregory L. Colvin discuss a new model, "Model L", in which the fiscal sponsor acts as the sole member of a limited liability company LLC from which the sponsored project is conducted. Author Nicole Motter outlines the pros and cons of PRIs for social enterprises and private foundations.

Foundations make PRIs to further some aspect of their charitable mission e. PRIs are often made to organizations with an established relationship with the grantmaker. Foundations commonly make PRIs as a supplement to their existing grant programs when the circumstances of the request suggest an alternative form of financing, when the borrower has the potential for generating income to repay a loan, and as a last resort when an organization -- in most cases a charitable nonprofit, but occasionally a commercial venture -- has been unable to secure financing from traditional sources.

For the recipient, the primary benefit of PRIs is access to capital at a lower rate than may otherwise be available. For the funder, the principal benefit is that the repayment or return of equity can be recycled for another charitable purpose. PRIs are valued as a means of leveraging philanthropic dollars. Topic s Find corporate donors Find foundation donors Social enterprise. Have a question about this topic?

Ask us! Candid's Online Librarian service will answer your questions within two business days. Ask us. This guide walks through the process of PRI investing step-by-step. The foundations leading the way on PRIs have the resources to develop skills and capacity to deeply engage in a PRI strategy. For example, The Gates Foundation relies on a team of experts who work to negotiate term sheets and agreements and to address the legal complexities e.

Most foundations lack this expertise. In sum, PRIs require another layer of due diligence and additional capacity that foundations might not possess or be capable of investing in. Which means fewer organizations are benefitting from PRIs. The Center for High Impact Philanthropy suggests a couple of solutions that may help remove some of these barriers. The field also needs increased efforts to raise awareness of PRIs as a plausible tool — particularly for smaller and mid-sized foundations.

The current research is outdated. Our world faces mounting, intractable social problems in the face of constrained resources. PRIs offer a tool for foundations to make bigger bets, take more social solutions to scale and leverage foundation dollars in new ways. However, if the sector wants to support the use of PRIs, it needs to remove some of the barriers to entry, including investing in education, training, and shared resources.

Doing so may help encourage smaller and mid-sized foundations to start integrating PRI models into their philanthropic strategies. By Keyword. Contact NCFP for support! Connect Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Overview of PRIs Grantmaking is not the only way philanthropic institutions can better our communities. PRIs are a flexible financing tool that allow foundations to invest in solutions to social problems, while also recycling those dollars for new investments PRIs originated as part of the US Tax Reform Act of Advantages of PRIs Unlike a traditional grant, which generates a positive social return but negative financial return, PRIs achieve both social and financial returns.

Improve access to reliable financial and social outcomes data through a shared database; Develop a shared service of financial, legal and data experts to serve as a resource for foundations; Develop mission investing expertise and capacity to educate current and future leaders in the non-profit and philanthropic sectors.

Conclusion Our world faces mounting, intractable social problems in the face of constrained resources. Get Assistance. Keep up with trends in family philanthropy. Subscribe to our newsletter! Family philanthropy improves the quality of life for all.

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Low-interest or interest-free loans to needy students. › charities-non-profits › private-foundations › program-relate. This guide walks through the process of PRI investing step-by-step. Staff pick IRS​. Program-related investments. IRS's definition of a program-related investment (​.