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Uncle bob td direct investing

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I was hoping that the couch potato plan would be a one size fits all type of plan and would beat my current setup. I guess I'll need to take some time to better plan out my next moves. Thank you for the more comparable options, they've gotten me thinking. Heckler Handlebar Stache Posts: Id definitely look at TD self directed if youre with TD.

VCN, the Canadian index fund that would be most comparable to your TD fund that's mostly Canadian equity, theoretically returned 7. Questrade are absolutely fine, anecdotes are just anecdotes. IB are also fine, though honestly QT tend to get back to me a damn site quicker than IB do two weeks for a reply to one ticket, for instance, with IB. IB: Cheap margin, cheap foreign exchange, flexibility. If you have a smaller stash and want to regularly buy ETFs? Go Questrade. I don't "love" Questrade, but from Cathy's writeup they are "the worst thing ever".

I'm going the simple route for an answer I use Scotia I-trade and is simple and beyond happy with their online tools and connectivity to online banking. Thanks to everyone who's commented so far! We don't have a big portfolio right now, we're focusing on paying off our mortgage first. I've definitely thought of the TD e-series funds, but I've heard they can be a bit of a pain and I'm not very attached to my current bank, which is why I was looking at the Vanguard EFTs. I'll look into them even more.

My Questrade signup hit a snag when e-signature didn't pass for some reason, so I haven't fully committed to that route either. Thanks for suggesting the comparable index Heckler, it's even more confusing now that I see this fund has out performed it. Yup, I just compared my parents mutual fund with my recently purchased Vanguard, and the mutual fund outperformed over ten years.

I didn't try to get them on self directed indexing. Spudd Stubble Posts: The pain with e-series is the initial setup phase but once you get over that hump it's super easy. I assume you already have a TD mutual funds account where you hold this monster of a fund. Fill out this form and send it to them. Bob's your uncle. Whenever I see a mutual fund that has beat the index, I like to try and understand what happened.

The other years, it was very close to the index. This is great for tormenting anyone trying to get you to buy the supposedly outperforming fund. What happens when you're not lucky? Not always, but often the fund manager had a good year or two - maybe early on when the fund was small.

They time their reporting period to include those 2 good years and suddenly they beat the index. But if you started after those two years, it's a different story. Whether you're new to self-directed investing or an experienced trader, we welcome you. We're here for you.

Monday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm ET. Let's chat, face-to-face at a TD location convenient to you. A no-obligation call to answer your questions at your convenience. Based on data current as of May through May Visit www. To qualify, a client must provide evidence of transfer expenses charged by the outgoing financial institution in an account statement that shows the transfer charge. Reimbursement for a transfer that qualifies will be deposited into the new account in the calendar month following completion of the transfer process.

A client is defined as a person or people with a grouping of accounts with the same 6 digit identifier, which can be found on account statements. There may be tax implications associated with the reimbursement. Clients should consult with their personal tax advisor for more information. All account types qualify for this offer other than locked-in registered accounts and RDSP accounts which are not eligible for this offer. Open an account. TD Direct Investing. Choose what you're looking for.

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Explore the Welcome Centre about our products. Why TD Direct Investing? See more reasons. Every Friday — 4 pm ET. Investing for yourself starts here—with a live, detailed training session of our WebBroker trading platform. Yes, sign me up.

Find the platform that fits the way you would like to trade. WebBroker Our most popular platform—with a personalized homepage, research, and tools to make it easy to track your portfolio's progress and manage your investments.

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From the middle class to millionaires, everyone feels a few dollars short of comfort at times. Developing strong money management skills can help you use the money you have today to live the life you want. And who is the other person? Being prepared will help you counter the very real forces out there that want you to spend, spend, spend.

How We Make Money. I want to encourage you and everyone you know by this following information. If you heard someone talking about the stock market in the Great Depression, you probably heard an anecdote about your great uncle Bob.

How much did he lose? He lost it all! If he was stupid, as many apparently were, and borrowed money to get rich quick—everyone was doing it—then he probably did lose it all. Your k contributions are the classic example of dollar cost averaging. Despite some strong periods of uptrend, from September 1 , to June 30, , the Dow lost roughly 88 percent of its value. That is horrible! But from July 1, to February 26, , it grew in value by about percent. You never hear about that, do you? If you do not take advantage of the reasonable risks and rewards of our American and now world economy, please do not complain about not having enough money in your old age.

It will be here sooner than you imagine. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email. Related Posts. Get to know your k. What Element Puts the Spark in Growth?

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If a young person does his best to get as well educated as possible for what he is well suited, does not have children before getting married, then gets married and is able to stay married for a long time, that success is easier. Another means of making it much easier is to always save some money for the inevitable rainy day.

Both in an emergency fund and for long term growth. The problem arises currently because we have not apparently taught our children well about risk and reward as it is found in financial markets. The Millennials are saving money but not investing. I want to encourage you and everyone you know by this following information. If you heard someone talking about the stock market in the Great Depression, you probably heard an anecdote about your great uncle Bob. How much did he lose?

He lost it all! If he was stupid, as many apparently were, and borrowed money to get rich quick—everyone was doing it—then he probably did lose it all. Your k contributions are the classic example of dollar cost averaging.

Despite some strong periods of uptrend, from September 1 , to June 30, , the Dow lost roughly 88 percent of its value. That is horrible! But from July 1, to February 26, , it grew in value by about percent. You never hear about that, do you?

If you do not take advantage of the reasonable risks and rewards of our American and now world economy, please do not complain about not having enough money in your old age. The same thought process rolled the dice on DK and Darrell Taylor I think Rob already pointed this out earlier in the year.

Hard to say you want just the DK result and not the Darrell, goes hand in hand to me. Anyways, hawks need picks. A lot of them. This team would most likely be winless without him. I do think trading Clark and paying Bobby and Reed was a mistake,to go along with many other mistakes over the last 3 years. I agree with Rob that a complete overhaul on the defensive side is necessary,from coaches to players.

Absolutely ractive Uncle Bob. The trade for Adams speaks loudly to this after the failure to truly improve the pass rush. Without realizing it, we are a finesse team. Sometimes we just need to get a mother-effer and trade up in the first round. Their draft process is definitely broken. Will it happen? I have doubts any major surgery will happen anywhere in the organization for the reason I posted below. Just get Scot McCloughan back. We still have hits like Clark, Lockett, Metcalf, but we have many more misses than we did in the past.

Could not agree more whole heartedly. The big question to me being is Carroll humble enough to admit to himself mistakes were made Wagner extension sadly, Adams trade, etc. A pertinent question especially considering he at present is accountable to no one.

I have serious doubts myself. Another major point of contention that I think a lot of people are missing, and is somewhat covered in the mention of picks drifting through their rookie contracts… Why did they stop putting the talent they believed in the most on the field, and instead put people on the field who have been in the system the longest? It led to the Diggs trade, why did they stop letting people learn on the job? Kam played a fair bit in his first season as a 5th rounder, Blair should have been playing from week one last year instead of Tedric.

We already knew what he was, and just because he displayed interesting facets in practice, in game situations, time and again, he was just not capable. They are stunting their own players development by forcing them to only get practice snaps until they show in meetings and practices that they execute the scheme perfectly. This will likely be on steroids. They need to put together a defense that can succeed in Russell has increasingly put pressure on the team this last year to be better.

Who else is going to do this? Not ownership, or the team friendly media, not the current coaching staff! Not sure how things will go in the offseason, but clearly some very tough and difficult decisions need to be made regarding the future direction of the team. The local media thoroughly deserve to be called out for their lazy, fawning questions.

He was dejected and angry about the defense even when the team was unbeaten. What has happened to him in the last 4 weeks? Has apathy taken over? And how is that an acceptable answer for a guy helming the worst defense in the nfl? Started making regular appearances in a good way, not appears weekly in a bad way.

I feel like week 5 against Minnesota should be DK. As much as i love Bobby, how many games has he earned his money this year? I can only think of one game, every other one the performance has seemed meh. We either need to try and trade Bobby improbable because of his contract , or just straight cut him so we can upgrade our defense in free agency since we lack so many draft picks next year.

They need to stop putting the cart before the horse, pumping resources into linebacker and safety. Sort the D-line out. Agree with you there. I was shocked going after a LB in the 1st. If we did it as a replacement for Wags, then rip the band aid.

Overall, I still think this defense is not playing up to the level of the players. The scheme leaves a lot to be desired, we play tentative and passive without attacking mentality and a purpose. It screams no confidence. It looks like the players need to take it upon themselves to be putting more work in, perhaps spending much more time together in the film room.

If the wheels fell off my car, technically I could fix it. Yes, thank you. D line and CB for sure. The team must wisely choose which assets players to part with in order to acquire the needed physically, mentally, emotionally player talent. By no means an easy task. They never should have resigned him in the first place. Pete stayed with him far too long when it was already obvious to anyone with a set of eyes that Chris Carson was the easily superior RB. To be fair, Chris Carson got injured in week four in and missed the rest of the season.

I think a number of us saw this coming after the poor offseason they had but you have put it all together very nicely, Rob. The main problem I see with getting this fixed is the continuation of Pete and John who got us here in the first place. The bandaid philosophy along with the sign a bunch of low cost line players and hope for the best off-seasons followed by the panic trades to make for those off-seasons are likely to continue.

This off season will once again be critical. Identifying who the core players are and who has trade value and getting the most out of that trade value will determine the course of this franchise for the next 5 years. We desperately need Darrell Taylor to pan out at this point. I think one of the biggest disappointments this year for me has been Jarran Reed.

Been absolutely invisible this year. At least its only a 2 year contract. Rob, I agree with most of your take. You are more careful than I in calling Carrol and Schneider out. And you do a far better job diagraming how you arrived at your conclusions. Your tone and content on this is utterly appropriate and in my opinion, spot on.

The total lack of meaningful questions or criticism of Carrol and PC by local media is baffling and aggravating to me. Carrol, JS, and the assistant coaches also have been given a free pass until now. Just asinine. Note: They got a 7th from Detroit in the Diggs Trade, and traded their 7th conditionally to the Jets for Parry Nickerson, who was cut 10 days later. Not sure if the conditions were met, if anyone has information feel free to share.

Carson would be in that category as well but due to his injuries I put him in the tier slightly below that. After those two tho? This is sort of good news, as it means we could really pursue a HUGE defensive reset this offseason. Poona is an obvious keep as an RFA. Thanks for the info. It looked like they were primed to take the next step and get back to the top of the league. NE runs cover 1 man coverage corners and deep safety zone , BAL runs cover 1 and 3, and PIT is the most flexible as they run Cover 1, Cover 2 Both safeties play zone and corners play man , and Cover 3 schemes.

But Rob is right: Quandre Diggs needs to be gone from the roster. And both cover the costs by getting young on their linebackers. Both have starting inside linebackers on rookie deals. Baltimore also franchised Judon and traded for Ngakoue. Pittsburgh have paid big money to keep their pass rush and DL together. But if SEA commits to an identity in either the secondary or the d-line, it could push the defense to the middle of the pack, which is better where the defense is currently, which is an organizational win and at least puts them on the path to success.

You can improve both areas. Ok let me ask this then. Maybe even look into extending Duane Brown to prorate the salary over a few more years. Best case, he plays well into his old age, worst case, he retires and takes those years off the cap. He makes great breakdowns. My biggest takeaway is Norton needs to go and each player on defense needs to be evaluated if they are capable of performing their assignments. The scheme is played out. Everyone has seen it or adapted it and found the holes in it.

But no doubt people will relay that quote back to me and others for the rest of the season now. They are creating the pressure he references via PFF because they are blitzing on over a third The fact that they have to blitz to make up for the crappy four man rush is one of the reasons their scheme is collapsing and everything looks disjointed and hapless.

They have never blitzed at this rate before. The scheme is not set up to blitz like this. I appreciate he might not notice that not living in the Seattle bubble. He also does a 2 hour weekly podcast with EJ Snyder, a Chicago fan who lives in Seattle, covering all the games of the previous week, called Bootleg Football Podcast. NYG current OL coach reacts so badly to that decision, they fire him and replace him with outside consultant.

He brings the same intensity to his defense as he did when he played in the league. Puts his guys in the right position to make plays. I could be wrong but I think the only way successful college coaches get lured away from college to the NFL is when they are offered head coaching gigs.

He might see it too much as a lateral move to only be DC, unless he was told he would be headcoach in X time, etc. I opened my phone this morning to find an article that said the Seahawks and Niners may end up in a bidding war for the services of Dan Quinn. I have really loved seeing what the defenses in New York and Miami have done. They seem organized and put the players in a position to succeed. Such a difference to what we have seen in the past. The LOB was a showcase of superior athleticism and mind set, in a simple scheme.

I would like to see if we could steal the D coordinator for the NY Giants. I forget his name but he is a Belichick and Steve Spanuolo understudy. He has a varied scheme that would be great. Jerod Mayo is another one you might want to jump on now too. Played and coaches for NE. Splitting defensive duties with Belichicks son the mullet one. Could be another Vrabel. The majority of the guys to flash Sunday were young guys.

Maybe even Reed in you can get a replacement cheaper Sheldon Rankins. Time to turn it over to Blair, Brooks, D. Supplement D line with FA. Keep Shaq on a medium deal. Adams is the big question. At 24 he is still young enough to make big steps. Pete can still help him in learning coverage and a new D staff could help too Or Kris Richard. But Pete has to sign off on building a defense largely around his strengths with other personnel supporting his weaknesses.

DJ Reed is not a classic outside corner but played about as good as anyone has all year. That is a huge ask of an old coach. So it may be that they get rid of Adams. It would be a shame though since there seems to be so much untapped potential. I know people have highlighted some nice plays on twitter but overall was his performance actually that good? Is he perfect? Not by any means. He could be more consistent. I like his size, play speed, moves well, likes to mix it up, starting to get better in coverage.

All that stuff. Things are beginning to click for him. There is a video floating around of some good plays he made in coverage last Sunday. The ones that he reads play action, drops and takes on the second guy in his zone are pretty impressive. He gets Goff to double clutch the throw twice. In the games he has played he also flashes knifing through blocks and making a tackle down the line. He is a rookie. He is learning and is gonna have ups and downs as they all do.

Not a finished product. Patrick Queens grade for the year so far is Seems to be a learning curve for most of these young guys. That breakup over the middle was great, and one of the few legitimate hits the defense has managed to deliver. He also picked up a deep crossing route on the play that Adams got the strip sack. He has shown that he has the traits to be solid, and hopefully progresses with more games played. The media…the problem with the media extends well beyond sports.

The defensive side of the ball needs to be blown up, to your point. Wholesale changes which includes dumping Bobby, Jamal, Diggs, Reed…get any draft capital you possibly can for those 4. I think they also need to go to RW and say, give us 1 year to get this thing right. Meaning, could be an ugly but very necessary year. Would he go along with that?

WHo knows. They have to make the tough moves. Too many years of avoiding the tough decisions. Matt, you might be right when you suggest that the entire defense needs to be blown up and built from scratch. But how realistic is that really? Especially in a single off-season? Can you really expect to find anywhere from new starters that quickly?

Not sure if that will be possible after the poor overall defense has really accentuated his weaknesses coverage. Diggs is fairly easily replaceable, same with Reed and pretty much all the rest. Consider the Hawks recent track record of draft picks too. Is it worth blowing everything up to draft a bunch of rookies who will have less tape on them due to covid? Do we trust that we can get easily get guys like Bobby, Jamal and Reed? Im all for redesigning the defense, but I dont see why that requires getting rid of these great players.

The fact that all of them and not one of them are doing poorly really reflects a problem with the scheme imo not all players suddenly performing very poorly. Marshawn was the baddest man on the field. Browner was a dangerous, unstable man. This Seahawks team reflects Russell Wilson. His public personality could have been created by a corporate executive board where all the members are there because their daddies had money.

I think it was perceived inauthenticity from Russ and favoritism from the coaches. The final straw really though was the SB loss. Even as a huge Hawks fan, it looked obvious the coaches wanted Russell to be the hero of the game and throw the pass which cost us the game.

We had beast mode who was still in his prime. Pats were on the ropes. Early down situation… why not run it from the 1 yard line with BeastMode? When has he ever made that goal line slant pass? Nothing short of the super bowl…they need to bring in another gm to either partner with or replace schneider. The last player they drafted that was out of their preferred attributes was d. They were lucky to get DK. They should have taken him with their 2nd pick and not wasted a pick trading up.

From what I do see though, our defense is just playing flat. It has started to bleed over into the offense. I keep hoping that with some time together they will gel and start looking like a solid defensive unit. Stings a little bit when your buddy is traded away. Then they have a scheme with people all over the place. So, let me get this straight. You have a living breathing chance to talk to the Director of Football Operations. I thought he said Argentina. I found it quite fascinating.

More interesting discussion than the state of our defense. Seahawks PR seahawksPR. Seahawks S Prez has 5. The worm is definitely turning. Now if we can only get the press corps to actually finger the pulse a little. Embarrassing really!! A lot of juice on offense. Kyler Murray fantastic FB player. Lot of magic to him. Quick turnaround, guys fired up to go for it, guys love playing Thursday night. So quick. Get excited when we see him, good feel, excellent burst, catchup and change direction really exciting.

Kickoff R shows his nature. Really excited and looking forward to seeing him play again. Carson wait until tomorrow to figure out, real close, feeling really good Hyde will be out there. Fuller be ready to go on game day. Prep on the side, rested him this week. Will be ready. See after today. Tough, take adv of opps. Blocking, ST. Really well. Doubtful for him tomorrow. Tough it out, did in game, proud of him.

Looks good. Not missed many opps, physical, on point, leader out there. Terrific FB player. Utility guy. Good return, excited for him. Ready to jump in there if we need him. All we care about. Not trying to feature anybody. Move FB make yards, score points. Always intent. Very much in plans both to be involved. Process like this before? Not trying to do more. Really looking forward to his play this week. Back after this game or long term? Both running hard, wearing out the trainers.

Have to close in on being absolutely ready to do FB movements and FB reactions. Week or two away from these guys, possibly next week, really excited. I am surprised kind of that Pete heaped a bunch of praise on Diggs. Encouraging news for Penny and Taylor, if true. Although I am prepared for not seeing them take a single snap.

PC in the past has said with seriously injured players coming back, he wants to see his guys practice for 2 weeks before considering playing them in live game action. It will give some insight into how a functional DC struggles to build and coordinate his unit to make improvements.

Within the flow of information you might glean some feeling for why Vance Joseph and his group are the ones that started RWs cascade of misery the past 3 games and likely tomorrow night. Players like Carson, Greene, Mayowa start to return. A real excitement brewing in the city and on the team. If we get the 1 seed, we may only have to play one of them, beat one of them to get to the SB.

I love having HOPE! Life sucks without it. What you write above could happen, even if improbable. But I like it. Love brock and Saulk, they are the only ones i listen to from anymore. Danny and Gallant is trash, and their attempt at interviewing PC is abysmal. I thought there was a time that Danny was filling in for Brock and he actually did ask PC good questions on his Monday show? Honestly the Seahawks these days are a hard watch.

There is hardly a running game, or at least one that is intimidating. The London game a couple years ago, where the first drive was like 8 runs in a row set a statement for that entire game. Teams that have looked really good one week have turned around and put up a stinker the next, and vice versa. Hopefully that happens for us on TNF. Walsh always has had a big leg — here he is hitting a yarder with plenty to spare. With all this being said we just need a win tomorrow.

Get a mini bye to get some guys back and let the cards fall where they may. I also think Brock and Salk are tough when they arent doing the Monday morning interview. They werent tough like that to his face. What is Bobby Wagner worth? Bobby could have his best stat year this year, at least it looks that way. Hey Rob, how do we get you a press pass so you can start asking these questions to the Hawks players and coaches right the freaking now???

He breaks down very likely what PC was talking about when he said they had a missed coverage that probably should have been an INT instead of a big play for the Rams:. He takes a look at a play PC probably was referencing that should have been an INT if the defender does his job, but instead is a big play for the Rams:.

Diggs technique was awful as well. He got completely turned around and left in the dust. I am so done with Tre Flowers. A failed project, unfortunately. Yep and Diggs playing that poorly may be an even worse situation. Rookie mistakes with basic coverages, bad game planning, no adjustments, and so much predictable. Was thinking with Mayowa coming back and Pete stating he sees Dunlap as a Leo how this hurts our pass rush by push Alton Robinson down. I hope Pete realizes Dunlap has played the 5 tech and is good against the run.

Leave Alton and Dunlap starting together. Let Mayowa and Collier rotate in and out. They really need to figure out how to get their best players on the field and the best way to use them. Him making it sound like Dunlap, Mayowa, and Alton are strictly all Leo seems like a poor way to fix our biggest problem. I agree with what Rob said previously.

Get your best passrushers out there. Do something different because our current game plans have been bad. Other than maybe game one, when no one expected us to blitz. Teams have obviously figured us out on both sides of the ball. So why not stay younger with potential for upside. Very legitimate thinking Gary. I could very well see Pete and John over looking a historically bad defense and a cupcake schedule and thinking the are just a few tweaks away from greatness if we were to finish The court of public opinion is starting to turn on them though.

National media is picking up some of this stuff too. Despite the record I think the noise will be too much like when they got rid of Cable and Bevell. Ivan Lewis should go too. They are one of the most injured teams of the past 5 years. It may not all be his fault but they need to exhaust all options to keep these guys on the field. Injuries especially at RB derailed the team last year and are again. We got a similar player in Dunlap at a fraction of the cost by being patient -CB and not DL has been the biggest problem on D -Losing Irvin and Blair really hurt since they are physical and fast and could have helped define the personality of this defense -I still think is our record and this team will get better with time to gel and key guys coming back from injury at our current weakest positions and we could win the SB this year we just need to average on D which statistically we have been through three quarters at least through much of the year.

Russell will be Russell again if he gets some run support. This is the least organised, most disgracefully set up defense possibly in the history of the NFL. So the embargoed story of the Century Link name change to Lumen Field is no longer embargoed until And Climate Pledge. The three venues in Seattle. Pop quiz later.

My question is…how hard is it going to be to not call it CenturyLink Field anymore? I was coming in here to post that the next press confrence with with PC will be all about the name change. This guy saved the franchise, got that filed built, made all our facilities state of the art, and brought this franchise to levels it had never seen before. I know money plays a part in these licensing things, but there are exceptions to this, and this should have been one of them.

Ya, CenturyLink rebranded as Lumen a couple of months ago. Same company, and still under same naming rights agreement. They just re-did the naming rights deal a few years ago through something. Tacoma is hopefully building one right by Cheney but I dont think anything is in the works for the Sounders. Josh Gordon must have done something wrong since his last suspension. Did I miss something?

The defense is a hot mess. I go back and forth between these two misfortunate circumstances. The question in my mind now is IF you had everyone healthy in the secondary, who would be your starters, and how would you utilize them? Thems mine now. Sometimes I think they should make him a rush linebacker and put in that Oneal guy on certain downs on the back end. The scheme the hawks employ is based of doing your job. Obviously the more talented and experienced guys give you a better chance to win, but even those players are blowing their assignments.

This is a defense that lacks discipline and accountability. I personally think the only chance you have at improving this defense is firing KNJ, and hopefully that lights a fire under this defense. But no matter what every option seems like it would be a dollar short and a day late. So technically we are a defense in base and in nickel compare to normal and in nickel.

And we thought we already had enough resources put into Linebackers. I think the Hawks have to think outside the box now on D. Then put in another safety. They have essentially been splitting the same role. Coaches, system, players to fit. Do you think he would be a good DC for the Seahawks? So impressed with him right now. Came across this interesting group of stats, that might argue for slowing down the pace of the game.

The Pats are one of the slowest playing teams in the NFL and have a defense that ranks in the top half of the league in most stats in aggregate. The best way to keep our defense from being abused is to keep them off the field. The Jamal Adams trade is still such a head scratcher. Adams makes sense if you have an in the prime earl thomas at FS to cover the back end. Just so many baffling, flailing decisions. Jamal Adams trade makes no sense. Pretty amazing to me how we intentionally blocked our first round pick on multiple levels.

Why draft a WLB then? Why pay for another one in the wrong scheme? He seems like such a terrible fit for a