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Small investment business from home in india property investment calculator india

Small investment business from home in india

The fumigants or pesticides poison the pests in and around the area. One needs to have clear idea of the chemicals used in the process to run this business. No one can be trusted at present day. Many people use such services for their homes and offices.

Car-pooling is a type of car rental designed to be convenient for people who want to use cars for relatively short periods of times. Car sharing services offer casual drivers the option to rent a car by the hour or day. Due to awareness about pollution and traffic control this business is booming day by day.

A weblog which is also called as a blog is maintained by a blogger to give out information about a subject. Blogging has gained momentum now a days as it helps generate traffic and there is demand for bloggers in the market. Video blogging, or vlogging is an affordable avenue to use to help your small business grow. Video blogging is an innovative way to increase your brand awareness. You can upload your blogs on YouTube and make money out of it easily.

All you need is confidence in front of the camera and some editing skills to start with. Starting a YouTube channel gives you a powerful medium to produce and distribute video content, which is only going to become more important day by day. Youtubers help individuals and businesses build influence, income, and impact with YouTube and online video.

Freelance writing is any sort of writing assignment that you do for pay, outside of a staff position. You can meet client and write content for Web pages, Blog posts, Magazine articles, Newspaper articles etc many companies nowadays hire freelance writers for their business. An SEO company offers search engine optimization services to businesses to help them improve their visibility online. Search engine optimization is the process of making changes to your website design and content to make your site more attractive to the search engines.

If you are somebody who have an expertise in this area, then you are good to start a SEO Business. If you are someone with a good domain knowledge, then this is an exceptional business idea for you. Application development involves creating a computer program which performs different tasks that a business requires.

Application helps businesses automate tedious process like calculating monthly expenses to scheduling sales reports, to increase efficiency. Many companies require this service so if you have the software skills you can make App development a profitable business. Affiliate marketing is the most profitable way to make money online.

It is the oldest forms of digital marketing wherein you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission. You can start this business with very little investment. Facebook has more than 2. Other than being a popular social networking website Facebook provides facility to make your own store or group online. If you have a product or service with some marketing knowledge you can sell it online on Facebook and make money out of it.

There are many different websites to sell stock photography to be used further for making graphic designs or other resources. You can create portfolios of your images and earn money. There are many different websites to sell stock photography which can help you expand your business. Stocks are a type of security that gives the investor a share of ownership in a company.

Brokers buy and sell stocks through an exchange, charging a commission to do so. A broker is simply a person who is licensed to trade stocks through the exchange. A broker can be on the trading floor or can make trades by phone or electronically. This can be a profitable online business if you have good communication skills. Data entry is one of the easiest business idea where one can earn by adding data using the desired software hosted on a computer and its data entry operators who perform these tasks.

The benefit of this business is that you can start this business with no previous experience. You can start an eatery that serves food and drinks to customers in exchange for money. Meals are generally served and eaten on the premises, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services which is the need of the hour.

This business requires a lot of planning and hard work. With a few skilled workers you can start this business at a medium investment from any organisation. Namkeens are easy Breakfast that can be had on the go. You can start a Readymade Namkeen Breakfast Shop across the street as people prefer readymade Namkeen and breakfast instead of cooking at home and it is an easy snack.

Mobile phone business is growing exponentially. Your customers who buy phones from you ever need mobile repairing services, there are high chances that they will come to you to get their handsets repaired. Your mobile repairing business can be a highly profitable business venture if its run in a professional way. The best thing is that you can start this business with a very small investment and with little experience into the same.

Demand of packaged drinking water is growing exponentially in small towns and cities in India. This is an evergreen business and there is place for everyone who want to step into this opportunity. Investment required in this business depends on the size of the business and the clients you hold. If fashion is an area where you thrive, and you have a talent for creating unique jewellery then you can start this business.

You can build a name in the local market and ask for referrals from previous customers to excel in this business. Milk and milk products are always in demand. All you need is a small shop and cold storage facility to run this business. You can serve milk, sweet and related products and establish a dairy business. Offering commercial and industrial machinery and equipment on rent to various industries like construction, mining, transportation, and forestry machinery could be a profitable business idea.

These firms generally do not own a store-front facility. As this heavy machinery are usually very costly, companies prefer renting them instead of buying. This business requires moderate investment, but the returns are high compared to other businesses. A travel agency is a public service related to travel and tourism. You need to have a good communication skill to start this business. You can also operate from home and do not need to rent a place for starting this business.

You can provide Air, Road and Railway travel tickets to start with. This business is in huge demand at metro cities. Hardware shops provide hardware items building material, plumbing material, etc. To start this business, you need to have the knowledge of the products. Opening a textile unit firm means to supply different types of fabrics for the fashion and apparel industry.

The shop should be in an area where there is demand and the factory should be in an area that is well connected. Rice Mill involves the postproduction of rice. India is still the largest exporter of Rice in the world therefore this is a profitable business. Therefore, starting your own beer and wine company is the diverse opportunity for business startups. Metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending, welding and assembling processes.

It is a value-added process involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials. You need skill manpower and lot of machinery for this business. Crane and Lifting Service deliver the right lifting equipment and service to match the customer needs. You need specialized maintenance services and spare parts for all types and makes of industrial cranes and hoists to start this business.

To start a transportation business, you will need to decide which type of business you intend to create. The type of company you think of establishing should be determined based, among other things, on the need and competition in the area you decide to work in. You can start a taxi service, bike rental, or bus service as per your investment into the business. If you have a huge vacant area outdoor which you can use for business purpose you can start a Car Parking Services business.

It is a recent concept as the number of cars on road are increasing. Petrol Pump is considered to be a very beneficial business. If you open petrol pumps at a decent place, you can make a lot of money. There are marriages and events happening every now and then in India. Which gives rise to the demand for Marriage Halls. If you own a property which can be converted into a big hall that can accommodate people, you can start this business and rent it to people looking for ceremonies, weddings, parties, etc.

The sale of Luxurious Car has reduced because despite of the desire to buy such cars not many can afford it. The demand for Luxurious Car Services has increased in the market. In this business you need to purchase luxurious cars and lease them. People rent luxury cars for special occasions or making airport transport easier. According to data from The Retail Owners Institute, the gross profit margin for retail furniture stores has risen slightly from For this business you can import furniture from China, UAE or other countries.

You need a huge capital to start this business. We are now living in the age of electronics. Electronics are tied into so many different aspects of our life. So, starting an electronic store is a profitable business but you need to have information about the products. The amount required to invest in this business may vary according to the products you provide. Professional artists can start their own art business. Starting an Art and Collection Shop requires a little business planning, a whole lot of marketing, and most importantly, the ability to create work that resonates with people.

With businesses operating more globally and at a faster pace than ever, there is increasing need to bring together remote participants using a variety of video services for conferences, training, or regular information-sharing sessions without the requirement for extensive travel.

You can make business by providing digital solutions that enhance convenience, improve productivity, and save companies crucial time and money. If you are a night person and love music and dance, you can make others groove by starting a night club. The investment is big as licence and good quality sound equipment are required to start this kind of the business.

Poultry and Fisheries has now become a popular rural enterprise in different states of the country. Apart from eggs and chicken, poultry also yields manure, which has high fertilizer value. This becomes an added profit for the business. A construction company is a capital-intensive business. You may need to rent or buy heavy equipment or purchase material in bulk. A solid business plan can outline your assets and make the case for your new construction company to access funding from investment sources.

This is a business with high investments that can provide higher outcome. Solar farms use solar panels to generate huge amount of renewable electricity that can be used by individual for commercial and residential purpose. Building a solar farm is a capital-intensive business but the Returns on Investment ROI are worth it in the long run.

Custom car shops appeal to automotive enthusiasts who are in love with engineering and designing. This business is needed because of the large demand for vehicle customization. You need to have a creative mind to start this business. The chemical industry landscape has opened new doors of opportunities for chemical buyers and sellers. This business has a huge export potential and requires huge investment. Gold Ornament Shop: Starting your own Gold Ornament shop business is a great way to tap into the jewellery industry.

The cost may vary depending on your location. Our society is so much influenced by the printing press. Nowadays, running a printing press is a successful business. We can print books, newspapers, invitation cards, magazines, posters, flyers, pamphlets, envelopes, business cards, and stationery items. Operating a printing business requires a few specialized pieces of equipment, and can be operated as a home-based, storefront or online business.

P2P lending is a business where one lends money to individuals or small and moderate businesses through online services. To start a Peer 2 Peer Lending business, you need to open an investor account for starting this business. Though profitable, this business involves great risk.

There is a huge demand for internet thus starting this business makes sense. If you have the knowledge of computer and can teach others the same, then you can start a Computer Class. All you need is a few computers and a space where you can set up your business.

Hotel business requires huge investment and manpower. To start this business, you need to buy or rent an establishment that provides lodging and, often times, meals and other services for travellers and other paying guests. To start this business, you need to Invest in quality equipment, healthy supply of cylinders of liquid oxygen, compressed oxygen, and flow meters.

You need to remember to maintain a safe, hygienic environment for your equipment at all times. You can own cash to cover start-up and operating expenses. If you are seriously thinking of launching a car battery business, get advice from someone who is already in the business. Every vehicle needs battery may it be a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. Therefore, Car Battery business is a very good business idea.

India has a huge potential for infrastructural growth. When the future involves the development of 99 smart cities, you can expect a positive growth in the cement business. Spice Powder Making Business ensures a good return with low investment. Lenders are businesses or financial institutions that lend money, with the expectation that it will be paid back. The lender is paid interest on the loan as a cost of the loan.

The higher the risk of not being paid back, the higher the interest rate. This business involves money therefore, you need to carefully lend money to people who can return the borrowed money with proper documentation. The demand for good nursery school is growing in the city.

Now is the perfect time to consider opening a nursing school. To start this business, you need trained staff and huge space to start this business. If you are interested in representing fashion models, to work for the fashion industry then you should start a Modelling Agency. The top agencies work with big-budget advertising agencies and fashion designers.

Setting up a pathological lab can be an extremely lucrative business idea. Grocery stores sell food and other household items. Organic food store is another niche in the grocery business idea. To succeed in the organic food business, it is essential to have a proper plan on how to get authentic organic produce on a regular basis. Location is another very important thing to consider as you have to set up in an area where the people are health conscious and can afford the high price of organic produce.

A hardware store typically sells hand and power tools, building materials, plumbing supplies, cleaning products and much more. A hardware store has a lot of components to the business that require detail-oriented planning. You need to research and find a developing area to start this business for its success. Auto Spare Part Store is a cash-intensive business. With substantial capital investment and strategic planning, you can initiate this type of store.

Starting an Auto Parts store is a fulfilling way to make money. Stationery items are always in demand whether be it a school or corporate. The best place for running stationery and bookstore is always nearby school or corporate the chances of getting more business and good profit is very high. In this business investment is not much required and no special skills needed. As people are now a days becoming more beauty conscious so the demand for the beauty products have increased than before.

Ladies are always in search for cosmetic store. This business too needs very small investment. This is another form of small business in which you need to keep products like bags, belts, wallets and perfumes. These kinds of business are always an evergreen business with good product and small investment. Xerox Shop is a good business for making profits. A Xerox Shop is available in every locality. This itself proves the success of running Xerox Shop along with other products like bookbinding, lamination and small stationary items.

The investment required too is low. The best location to start up this business set up would be schools, colleges, office etc. Beauty salon are now among the emerging business in the India. Beauty care segment is most likely carried out by ladies. This business demands some special skills related to skin care.

The person carrying out this business should have undergone special training and courses related to skin care and have good knowledge of beauty products. Investment required for this small business start-up is very low or else you can even opt for a franchise for a good renown brand. Day by day there are new disease effecting health of people, so timely health and medical check-up has become very important. With proper medical check-up and advance analysis, we can be safe from many prone diseases.

The investment required for running this business is substantial. Photo studio is a business which can be started up with very less investment. Business success depends upon the skills and ideas that you have in the photography line. In today world safety and security is all what one needs. So, the safety and security products in the market is always in good demand in the retails business.

For starting this business, you need to have products like helmet, safety lockers, CCTV cameras etc. Herbal and Ayurveda exist in India from a very long time. Ayurveda is a proven medicine for healing and curing diseases with no side effects. The herbal and Ayurveda medicine manufactures are now booming in the health segment. Especially after the entry of Patanjali into the industry.

This is the right time to start up with herbal and Ayurveda products retails business with moderate investment and get better profits. You can also earn profit from scrap store. In this business what you need to do is collect scrap like newspaper, plastic, and other discarded material.

You will find at least one gift shop in all locality. Gift shop also possess good amount of revenue. Gift shop business consist of business or personal giftings. Gift shop business require proper location and good collection of gift cards. Gift cards are used widely at every occasion.

You may have even noticed there would be at least one optician shop in all areas. Eyeglasses are mostly used by majority of people. Due to the constant climatic changes there are often eyesight issues caused to people of all age group. To start up with eyeglasses business you need to have sunglasses, contact lenses and different trendy frames for specks.

Rate of the products depends on quality of the products and business location. Seasonal Business ideas are another form of business in India. This business start-up can be done with small investment. Your business depends on the seasonal and festive needs of the consumers like crackers, raincoat, woollen clothes etc.

Utensil shopping business is a never-ending retail business idea. Requirements for starting this business is you need a suitable shop and inventory of steel items. A success of this business depends upon location of shop and quality of utensils. Thinking of starting own foam mattress business?

Starting of manufacturing foam business is among small investments. You either can become trader or a manufacturer. Business of ice can be started up with a very low investment. Ice is a commodity frequently used by us in day to day for cooling. Today generation is crazy for tattoo and ready for paying any amount for good designer and trendy tattoo collection with them. Tattoo business is among the upcoming business for earning good profit. Only thing you need to know is skills required for tattoo making or have skilled people for the same.

Honey Manufacturing business is another form of small Business. Honey processing can be performed in two different process manual or automatic. Starting your honey manufacturing business is easy and convenient for people planning for small scale business. Toy Manufacturing business is a top booming industry in the Indian business segment. Starting up a new Toy Manufacturing business is very profitable. Before setting up the business unit we need to have proper research on the prototype and raw material required for toy manufacturing.

There are machineries available in the market by which you can produce ample number of toys and earn more profits. Toy Manufacturing business can be started up with a very low investment and then further expanded. If you are looking for starting up your own business venture, currently there is a booming rise in the plastic products manufacturing business. Day by day the demand and supply for the plastic bottles are increasing. Before starting up with the manufacturing of plastic bottles you need to have proper knowledge and expertise in injection moulding and manufacturing.

You also need to complete some legal formalities like getting up your legal documents ready, factory license number, GST number etc. India is the third largest manufacturer of nitrogenous fertilizers in the globe. Fertilizer manufacturing business can be started with very low investment or high investment. If you are new to this business start with a small investment with compost fertilizer from waste items, and soon you understand the business expand your business.

Water filter and bottling plant is a commercial enterprise and one of the prime requirements now a days. The role of mineral water bottle plant is important for this industry and to the society. For setting up a business of water filter and bottling plant you need to have ample space and skilled manpower. The investment required for this business is very high. Furniture are an essential part of our daily life.

Furniture business is also to be considered as a booming industry. Furniture always have its never-ending demand from schools, colleges, offices and homes. If you have ample of space with you and skilled workers to start furniture making.

This is because food as a commodity will always do well in a competitive market. To open up your own breakfast joint, you need to invest money in renting a space for it, after having received a permit for it from the respective authorities. If your rent is within Rs a month, you can dedicate the rest of your budget on buying groceries and other raw materials as well as second-hand tables and chairs.

This is possibly one of the most cost-effective businesses to launch, due to its near zero starting cost requirement. Most tuition-teachers take classes in their own homes, thus eliminating any expenditure on rent and supplies. To tap into this lucrative business , you have to start by requesting for a permit to open a kiosk in a chosen locality, preferably one that is hard to miss.

Following this, you will need to pay rent for shop-space. Other than this, the only other investment you need to put your money up for is for the purchase of the raw materials, supplies like machines for making the juice, and the salaries of the employee s making the juice. In cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi, the demand for good tailors has increased tenfold due to the increasing popularity of self-made designs.

Other than a small rented space, you only need to invest in powerful sewing and stitching machines, and of course electricity. Like Rs 2, This is possibly one of the most lucrative fields to tap into in the digital age. Professional blogging requires only a minimal start-up cost. As for promoting your blogs through the right channels, the cost-free and limitless expanse of the internet is all you need. YouTube is a hotspot for creative and talented individuals looking for great returns with little monetary investment.

YouTube allows its users to create independent channels and upload their videos for free. In fact, it even pays some YouTubers whose channels are popular. To know more about how to make money out of your YouTube channel, click here. Event managers barely spend any time in office. On that basis, their demand revolves around their brand image and popularity, which can be built with a good online marketing strategy. However, the overall startup cost for building this brand is minimal, if at all priced.

This is because weddings are taken very seriously by almost all cultures making up our diversified society. Today, even multinational corporations like Uber are tapping into this lucrative industry and centring their campaign on it.

The most important investment you need to make to launch a wedding consultancy is in maintaining a popular website for it. The best way to reach out to potential clients in this field is online. Thus, ensure that your website has the requisite base of followers and is detailed, accessible, and colourful. While any form of education is priceless in its ideal, it can still be priced for a good value.

Developing and running an online course for students interested in learning a subject is a profitable feat. While some online-course providers may offer the course for free on their own personalised websites, most usually tie up with other digital content companies , which provide them with the tools to carry out their lessons. In this too, the maximum cost you will incurred would be the minimum amount you pay for your domain name and hosting space, or to the digital content company in question for them to feature your course on their platform.

Assuming that you intend to take up professional photography, you may already are in possession of a high-definition camera. The first thing to do is set up a stall with a permit , which needs the right local contacts, following which your only investment is purchasing a dozen or so books from other sellers to start the business of second-hand book exchanging.

Ghost writing may not be recommended as a primary profession, but it definitely ranks as high as any of its counterparts, considering the standard amount that a prospective client is willing to pay for a story to be written anonymously. Here too, the best way to make clients reach out to you is through recommendations, be it online or in person, and your only investment, after accepting the project, is your time. This is extremely lucrative, since clients usually offer exorbitant amounts as compensation for writing their story for them.

However, custom jewellery has been part of our ancient tradition and is still one of the most profitable markets today. To look into that business, you should be prepared to get into well-placed bargaining deals with the manufacturers of these customised pieces, either offering them a good cut from your sales or buying their products in a bulk, for a cheaper price.

Either way, the trick is to sell it at a higher price than it was bought at, in a shop or stall in a popular place , for which you need to pay for rented space. Despite this, your overall collective cost will possibly be covered in within Rs A profession that is almost exclusively online, the idea of running this kind of a business stems from the fact that most corporate advertising firms have taken to outsourcing their campaign developments, as an attempt to break the standard patterns and reduce the pressure.

Hence, as someone looking to build a business along these lines, you should be prepared to invest your time and money in running an active website with a domain name, hosting services, and perhaps SEOs , offering your services to potential clients.

Can you imagine a world without tea? What would we do with our evenings? While the tea-industry as a whole has done exceptionally well over the decades, the smaller tea stall owners have definitely been reaping the benefits of their overall success. Besides a basic budget for renting a small room or stall for space, the only other investment you need to make is on buying tea from the manufacturers and purchasing makeshift benches and tables.

Social media has become the way of the world. Corporates, startups, and personal channels have all realised this and work to increase their presence on it. While most of the bigger companies especially in the media now have a social media team to handle this aspect, the smaller ones reach out to stand-alone social media strategists.

The only investment that you, as someone looking to build a brand in this line, should be making is improving your online presence by advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and spending a basic amount on maintain your website, to ensure that it ranks higher in the search engine pages. While most of her fixed budget was spent on material for her designs, the concept of recycling saris helped defeat that splurge. Her primary investment went into maintaining a studio space and paying her two tailors.

The world is looking to get fit. While not everyone has the time or inclination to visit the gym or join any fitness classes, the idea of a fitness instructor visiting their houses and helping them get in shape is definitely more appealing to them. So those looking to launch a business in online fitness should spend their money on maintaining a strong online presence through their website and social media pages, considering that they do not have to rent a studio space or equipment.

Although this may sound like an oversimplification, the truth is that graphic designers are the highest in demand when they work independently and are ready to take on projects from clients outside their prescribed work. Assuming the fact that they already have the necessary equipment to execute their projects computers, software, etc. The only investment that those looking to run dance or music schools have to carry out is in rental space.

Besides this, the business runs on their skill as an instructor as well as their active presence in respected circuits. As the business grows, they may need to set aside an amount for the salary of an assistant or associate as well, but in the initial stages, the trick is to make sure that enough people are recommending your school to its potential students. Cities like Mumbai are famous for independent scriptwriters , who work on a project-basis from anywhere and at any time.

While these individuals work on deadlines and are affiliated with a production house through a contract, they do not need to spend on any initial costs to set up their brand, since they can work in the confines of their home and are negating rental space expenses. Their only investment is time allotted to each project, so that they can be recommended to others through the same.

As mentioned earlier, venturing into the food industry is almost always a profitable move. This is where you could come in. Since the cooking will probably be cooked in your own kitchen, there is no need to pay for extra space. These handymen and women usually choose not to be affiliated with any organisation and instead take on work at homes independently at a nominal charge.

Hence, their only primary initial cost will be spent in purchasing the necessary tools that befits their respective professions.

There are many young and dynamic people in India, who wants to earn big money by starting own business.

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Praca w echo investment Some of the Small profitable business ideas are: 1. Legal service is required in almost every industry. Ideas are a dozen cents. So, why not start a business of manufacturing customized products. As for promoting your blogs through the right channels, the cost-free and limitless expanse of the internet is all you need. Today more and more people are adopting western culture, this gives birth to a requirement of spy or detective. Stationery items are always in demand whether be it a school or corporate.
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Teaching and helping students can provide you peace and money. As with lots of visitors, youtube will pay you a good amount. Create around minute video and teach them new ideas and aids. This would attract more and more students in no time to read more. You can earn money just like I am earning.

What I mean is, if you love writing and have creativity in your thoughts, then you should opt for this business. You can apply to different applications like Internshala, and other sites online. Upload your CV and start writing. Or you can make your own page on Instagram and Facebook. Everyone these days uses these apps. You can post there and invite visitors and can earn money. You can offer your writing services in forms of articles, blogs, magazines, editorials, etc to others.

This is another franchise business in India without investment and one of the most profitable zero investment business ideas. If you have years of experience in doing business of any kind and know-how industries work, then you should consider this business.

With accurate knowledge and resources to offer people, you are good to go to make some profits. Read Also: 11 Most successful small business ideas in Gujarat. Starting a small scale business like career counseling online with zero investment can really help you to earn money. All you have to provide students with the right advice and knowledge in order to let them find the right paths.

If you are talented enough and love to sing and dance, then you can start your own zero investment business in this field. All you have to create a youtube channel for the same and upload videos or tutorials helping others to learn and cope.

This is a great business idea without investment. People, nowadays, are becoming health conscious. With so busy schedules, people tend to forget to take care of their health. At this moment, your work starts. If you are well aware of the benefits of yoga and are experts in doing yoga, then just like Shilpa Shetty and Baba Ramdev, you can also teach a lot of people yoga while sitting at home.

Just make your youtube channel and you are good to go with this small scale zero investment business idea. Though this is a modern world where we find women working in offices but we cannot neglect the fact that the maximum percentage of women in India are housewives. But in order to run a house, it has become a necessity that both men and women work. So, for housewives, we have the option of earning money with zero investment. If you know how to sew and owns the sewing machine, then you can start your own business at home and earn money.

Read Also: 12 Awesome business ideas for women in India. This is another small scale business idea with investment. Whether a person earns a thousand bucks in a day or in a month, each and every individual owns a cell phone. With so many cell phones in the market, there is a chance that the handset can stop working or could come up with any technical issue.

So, with tools and equipment and knowledge, you can start your business in this arena as home-based. If you have an interest in sports and are well aware of the ongoing tournaments, you can start your zero investment business with sports blogging.

You can write or publish your own sports magazine online and could earn a good amount. This is a world of multilingualism. People are not satisfied with having command in one language. They love to learn different languages. So, if you know many languages, then you can start with online tutorials and even help people in translating one language into another. This is a new zero investment business idea that is not known by many people in India.

Companies like Amazon hire marketing associates and pay them good money for just referring their site to other people. You just have to review amazon and other companies like this and write reviews about their products on a website. If someone visits the link, then in this manner, you can earn a good amount of money. Greeting card making business is perfect for those who enjoy creativity and want to turn their creative minds into a successful venture. A greeting card is an illustrated piece of card or high-quality paper featuring an expression of friendship or another sentiment.

The human resource consulting business is now a growing field. Businesses of every size need HR professionals to help them with tasks like recruitment, training, compliance, administration, and payroll. While large corporate may choose to outsource to the big HR consulting firms, small and medium-sized businesses are looking for more personalized human resource consulting services to fulfill their needs.

If you love pulling together the perfect outfit, you may want to consider becoming a fashion or image consultant. While it may not be obvious at first, the reasons that people may need an image consultant are quite varied. Having knowledge and experience in interior designing a woman entrepreneur can initiate this venture from the home location with low capital investment. But only having a website not ensure getting potential customers.

A Lot of technical and branding issues are there to create a website as an effective marketing tool. Here you can work successfully as an internet marketing consultant. IT security consulting is one of the most trending and profitable home business ideas. Having skill and knowledge about IT security one can initiate this business with low startup capital. A person who takes much interest in jewelry and passionate to handle crafts materials like beads, charms, etc. Having some training in jewelry making is essential in starting this home-based business with a small investment.

You can start selling in your local community, gift stores, or by an online site like Etsy. A landscape expert is an individual who is enough knowledgeable in the field of landscape architecture. The practice of landscape architecture includes site analysis, site inventory, land planning, planting design, grading, stormwater management, sustainable design, construction specification, and ensuring that all plans meet the current building codes and local and federal ordinances.

By using your own kitchen at home, you can start a lunch delivery service with moderate capital investment. Initiating every small or big business, market research is mandatory in getting success. Providing market research services is a very profitable way of making money while you have the specific expertise for that. Mobile body piercing business opportunity is perfect for those entrepreneurs who are skilled enough about piercing and want to operate the business from a metro city location.

Body piercing is exactly making a piercing in the body by a needle to get an opening for installation a piece of jewelry. However, you may need to take a license from local concerned authorities to offer this service. Mobile facial spa business provides services to the people who just can not make time in their busy schedule to allow themselves the luxury of a facial and spa, especially when they work full time. Foot massage service business can be initiated as an independent professional or as a company.

As lifestyle turns out to be more stressful, the demand for massage services is on the rise and it creates terrific opportunities. One can start this venture with a very minimum start-up cost. Paper shredding business is about providing the service of securely and permanently destroying the outdated paper documents on your customer doorstep. Any entrepreneur living in a city or suburban can start this business from his home or backyard.

Online photo selling business opportunity is perfect for a professional photographer and also for those who love photography and want to turn their hobby into a profitable business venture. There is always a huge demand for good quality, unique photographs, and many online agencies are ready to pay for it. Papad making business is very profitable in the food industry considering the investment of low start-up capital.

Basically, papad is often served as an appetizer; it is consumed in all parts of India. Initiating a pet grooming business with allied pet accessories is a profitable and most trending home-based business ideas. Having proper knowledge and skill any individual can start this business with less startup capital investment. Promotional product selling in one of the highly profitable advertising business ideas you can initiate with moderate capital investment. The business includes a wide range of product variety such as key chains, mugs, T-shirts, caps, wall clocks, business card holders, and many others.

Every small and big business need to hire manpower. You can help companies by providing them the right candidate. One can start a recruitment service business by only having a computer with an internet connection and phone.

A person having a fair amount of idea about resume writing can start a resume writing home-based business by crafting an excellent resume for the job seekers. Also, you need to be good enough about editing, structuring, and proof-reading. For starting this business, you will just need to have a computer with some basic software. You can start this business by helping others to have an attractively memorable scrapbook.

SEO consultant serves the industry as an internet marketing expert. When people search for specifics in search engines, websites that appear and come on the first few pages, are the sites that usually attract maximum traffics. One can start this knowledge-based business with low-cost investment.

Actually, you require only a computer with an internet connection to start this home-based business. If you have expertise in any of specialty sewing like crochet, woolens, etc. This business can be operated part-time also. Selling used books is an easy way of earning handsome money from home. You can earn good profit from selling textbooks and used books.

A person having a creative mind and passion to work with photography can start slideshow making business by using some specific software. With the creative application, you can easily turn simple photographs to a memorable and presentable slideshow for your client.

You can start this home-based business only by having a computer with some specific software and internet connection. Almost every people use Facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn, Pinterest these days, and many companies are ready to pay people to get the service of their social media accounts management. Social Media Consulting is one of the highly profitable internet-based business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

Online courses are becoming increasingly popular worldwide among students worldwide. If you have the knowledge in a specific subject or subjects, there are many platforms on the internet where you can create and sell courses online.

Anybody who enjoys playing with numbers can start bookkeeping business from home with almost no investment. Check this guide on steps to follow to start a home-based bookkeeping business. Tour guide business opportunity demands adequate knowledge of historical information and local culture about the location where you are starting the business.

Tour guide business is all about sharing information about the places to a group of people in an entertaining way. The translation service is fast becoming a highly demanding web-based business. With ever-increasing net connectivity and globalization, knowing and understanding other languages have become extremely vital in keeping pace with the speed of society.

The T-shirt printing business is now a multi-billion rupee industry, and it can be relatively inexpensive to start a small-scale venture. You need to create an attractive T-shirt design and a catchy phrase to attract customers. You can start this business from your home on a small scale.

A person wants to start a home-based business in the education segment and has the patience to handle children, can start tutoring. Start this business on the subject in which you have specialization. Every parent these days always is looking for a good tutor for their child.

You can start this business with no capital. Virtual assistant jobs are one of the best-paid jobs online. There are many types of jobs as a virtual assistant in the field of social media, research, administrative, etc. You can make an account with Upwork.

A person who has some basic knowledge of HTML coding and graphics designing can start this home-based business easily. Every small and big business require a website to promote their products or services. You can start the business of creating and maintaining a website for your clients only by having a computer with an internet connection and phone. Wedding consulting business comes naturally to a person who is organized, focusses on details, and loves to coordinate events.

You can start this home-based business with low startup capital with the help of online promotion. Woodworking business can be initiated with small startup capital investment. It only requires some specific tools and wood as raw material.

Woodworking is simply making and creating decorative and utility items from wood. Selecting the right saleable products is crucial in starting a woodworking business. We will be periodically adding new home-based business ideas as and when our research team comes across based on research and feedback.

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