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See how Citi is taking steps to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, from helping clients to providing relief through funds to frontline healthcare workers, organizations such as No Kid Hungry and more. Despite the pandemic limiting options for group events, Citi was determined to do our part through meaningful volunteerism. The Citi Plex Account is a new digital checking and savings account built to make managing money simpler, smarter and more rewarding. Community Development Financial Institutions do more than provide capital, they level the playing field for communities and populations at risk of being left behind. Market attention has focused on the bearish potential return of the U.

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Jpmorgan investment funds kiid

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The Value Advantage Fund may sell covered call options as an additional strategy. When it does so, the purchaser of the option has the right to buy that security at a predetermined price exercise price during the life of the option. If the purchaser exercises the option, the Fund must sell the stock to purchaser at the exercise price. As the seller of the option, the Fund receives a premium from the purchaser of the call option, which may provide additional returns to the Fund.

Please note that each Fund also may use strategies that are not described herein, but which are described in the prospectus and in the Statement of Additional Information. There can be no assurance that the Funds will achieve their objectives. More detailed descriptions of the main risks and additional risks of the Funds are described below. Main Risks. Foreign Securities and Emerging Markets Risks. To the extent a Fund invests in foreign securities including depositary receipts , these investments are subject to special risks in addition to those of U.

These risks include political and economic risks, greater volatility, civil conflicts and war, currency fluctuations, expropriation and nationalization risks, sanctions or other measures by the United States or other governments, higher transaction costs, delayed settlement, possible foreign controls on investment, and less stringent investor protection and disclosure standards of foreign markets. Events and evolving conditions in certain economies or markets may alter the risks associated with investments tied to countries or regions that historically were perceived as comparatively stable becoming riskier and more volatile.

Emerging markets may face greater social, economic, regulatory and political uncertainties. These risks make emerging market securities more volatile and less liquid than securities issued in more developed countries and you may sustain sudden, and sometimes substantial, fluctuations in the value of your investments. Investments in smaller, newer companies may be riskier than investments in larger, more-established companies. In addition, smaller companies may be more vulnerable to economic, market and industry changes.

As a result, share price changes may be more sudden or erratic than the prices of large capitalization companies, especially over the short term. Because smaller companies may have limited product lines, markets or financial resources or may depend on a few key employees, they may be more susceptible to particular economic events or competitive factors than large capitalization companies.

At times a Fund may increase the relative emphasis of its investments in a particular industry or sector. The prices of securities of issuers in a particular industry or sector may be more susceptible to fluctuations due to changes in economic or business conditions, government regulations, availability of basic resources or supplies, or other. Growth investing attempts to identify companies that the adviser believes will experience rapid earnings growth relative to value or other types of stocks.

The value of these stocks generally is much more sensitive to current or expected earnings than stocks of other types of companies. Short-term events, such as a failure to meet industry earnings expectations, can cause dramatic decreases in the growth stock price compared to other types of stock. Growth stocks may also trade at higher multiples of current earnings compared to value or other stocks, leading to inflated prices and thus potentially greater declines in value.

The value of real estate securities in general, and REITs in particular, are subject to the same risks as direct investments in real estate and mortgages which include, but are not limited to, sensitivity to changes in real estate values and property taxes, interest rate risk, tax and regulatory risk, fluctuations in rent schedules and operating expenses, adverse changes in local, regional or general economic conditions, deterioration of the real estate market and the financial circumstances of tenants and sellers, unfavorable changes in zoning, building, environmental and other laws, the need for unanticipated renovations, unexpected increases in the cost of energy and environmental factors.

The value of REITs will also rise and fall in response to the management skill and creditworthiness of the issuer. In particular, the value of these securities may decline when interest rates rise and will also be affected by the real estate market. Table of Contents and by the management of the underlying properties.

Each Fund will indirectly bear its proportionate share of expenses, including management fees, paid by each REIT in which it invests in addition to the expenses of the Fund. A Fund could experience a loss when selling securities to meet redemption requests by shareholders and its liquidity may be negatively impacted. The risk of loss increases if the redemption requests are large or frequent, occur in times of overall market turmoil or declining prices for the securities sold, or when the securities a Fund wishes to or is required to sell are illiquid.

A Fund may be unable to sell illiquid securities at its desired time or price. Certain securities that were liquid when purchased may later become illiquid, particularly in times of overall economic distress. Derivatives Risk. The Funds may use derivatives in connection with their investment strategies. Derivatives are subject to the risk that changes in the value of a derivative may not correlate perfectly with the underlying asset, rate or index.

Derivatives also expose a Fund to counterparty risk the risk that the derivative counterparty will not fulfill its contractual obligations , including credit risk of the derivative counterparty. With regard to such derivatives, a Fund does not have a claim on the reference assets and is subject to enhanced counterparty risk. Investing in derivatives and engaging in short sales will result in a form of leverage. Leverage involves special risks. A Fund. Registered investment companies are limited in their ability to engage in derivative transactions and are required to identify and earmark assets to provide asset coverage for derivative transactions.

The possible lack of a liquid secondary market for derivatives and the resulting inability of a Fund to sell or otherwise close a derivatives position could expose the Fund to losses and could make derivatives more difficult for the Fund to value accurately. Additional Risks. IPO securities have no trading history, and information about the companies may be available for very limited periods.

The prices of securities sold in IPOs may be highly volatile and their purchase may involve high transaction costs. At any particular time or from time to time, a Fund may not be able to invest in securities issued in IPOs, or invest to the extent desired, because, for example, only a small portion if any of the securities being offered in an IPO may be made available to a Fund.

In addition, under certain market conditions, a relatively small number of companies may issue securities in IPOs. Similarly, as the number of purchasers to which IPO securities are allocated increases, the number of securities issued to a Fund may decrease. The performance of a Fund during periods when it is unable to invest significantly or at all in IPOs may be lower than during periods when a Fund is able to do so.

Securities Lending Risk Certain Funds may engage in securities lending. In addition, a Fund bears the risk of loss in connection with its investments of the cash collateral it receives from the borrower. A Fund may invest in shares of other investment companies and ETFs.

The price movement of an index-based ETF may not track the underlying index and may result in a loss. ETFs may trade at a price below their net asset value also known as a discount. Convertible Securities Risk. A convertible security generally entitles the holder to receive interest paid or accrued on debt securities or the dividend paid on preferred stock until the convertible security matures or is redeemed, converted or exchanged.

Before conversion, convertible securities generally have characteristics similar to both debt and equity securities. The value of convertible securities tends to decline as interest rates rise and, because of the conversion feature, tends to vary with fluctuations in the market value of the underlying securities. Convertible securities are usually subordinated to comparable nonconvertible securities.

Convertible securities generally do not participate directly in any dividend increases or decreases of the underlying securities, although the market prices of convertible securities may be affected by any dividend changes or other changes in the underlying securities. MLP Risk. The Funds may invest in master limited partnerships MLPs whose ownership interests are publicly traded and that primarily derive their income from, among other industries, the mining, production, transportation or processing of minerals or natural resources, although they may also finance entertainment, research and development, real estate and other projects.

In addition, MLPs may have limited financial resources, their securities may trade infrequently and in limited volume and they may be subject to more abrupt or erratic price movements than securities of larger or more broadly-based companies. The risks of investing in an MLP are generally those inherent in investing in a partnership as opposed to a corporation.

For example, state law governing partnerships is often less restrictive than state law governing corporations. Accordingly, there may be fewer protections afforded investors in an MLP than investors in a corporation. Additional risks involved with investing in an MLP are risks associated with the specific industry or industries in which the partnership invests, such as the risks of investing in real estate, or oil and gas industries.

Preferred Stock Risk. Unlike interest payments on debt securities, preferred stock dividends are payable only if declared by the. Preferred stock also may be subject to optional or mandatory redemption provisions. Volcker Rule Risk. Additional Risk for Value Advantage Fund. Covered Call Option Risk. When the Fund sells covered call options, it receives cash but limits its opportunity to profit from an increase in the market value of the security beyond the exercise price plus the premium received.

The gain on an underlying stock will be equal to the difference between the exercise price and the original purchase price of the underlying security, plus the premium received. In a rising market, the option may require the Fund to sell a security at an exercise price that is lower than the Fund would receive if the security was sold at the market price.

If a call expires unexercised, the Fund realizes a gain in the amount of the premium received, although there may have been a decline unrealized loss in the market value of the underlying security during the option period which may exceed such gain. If the underlying security should decline by more than the option premium the Fund received, there will be a loss on the overall position.

An investment in a Fund is subject to a number of actual or potential conflicts of interest. Table of Contents balancing that incentive against the best interests of a Fund. In addition, affiliates of the Adviser provide a broad range of services and products to their clients and are major participants in the global currency, equity, commodity, fixed-income and other markets in which a Fund invests or will invest.

JPMorgan and the Funds have adopted policies and procedures reasonably designed to appropriately prevent, limit or mitigate conflicts of interest. For liquidity and to respond to unusual market conditions, the Funds may invest all or most of their total assets in cash and cash equivalents for temporary defensive purposes.

These investments may result in a lower yield than lower-quality or longer-term investments, and prevent the Funds from meeting their investment objectives. While a Fund is engaged in a temporary defensive position, it may not meet its investment objective. Therefore, a Fund will pursue a temporary defensive position only when market conditions warrant. Growth Advantage Fund is a series of J. The trustees of each trust are responsible for overseeing all business activities of their respective Funds.

Each of the Funds operates in a multiple class structure. A multiple class fund is an open-end investment company that issues two or more classes of shares representing interests in the same investment portfolio. Each class in a multiple class fund can set its own transaction minimums and may vary with respect to expenses for distribution, administration and shareholder services. This means that one class could offer access to a Fund on different terms than another class.

Certain classes may be more appropriate for a particular investor. Each Fund may issue other classes of shares that have different expense levels and performance and different requirements for who may invest. A Financial Intermediary who receives compensation for selling Fund shares may receive a different amount of compensation for sales of different classes of shares.

Morgan Asset Management Holdings Inc. JPMorgan Chase , a bank holding company. The Portfolio Managers. Equity Growth portfolio management team. Messers Parton and Devulapally follow same investment process, philosophy and research resources, and in Mr. Devulapally will be responsible for day-to- day management of the portfolio.

Parton has worked as a portfolio manager for JPMIM or its affiliates or their predecessors since and has been employed with the firm since Hart is the lead portfolio manager on the Fund and is a senior member of the U. Equity Value portfolio management team. Simon is also a senior member of the U. He is the co-portfolio manager and shares authority in the day-to-day management of the Fund.

Hart has been a portfolio manager since and also has extensive experience as an investment analyst covering the financial services and real estate sectors. She has been employed by the firm since Simon has worked as a portfolio manager for JPMIM and its affiliates or their predecessors since and has been employed by the firm since The portfolio management team for the Fund utilizes a team-based approach and uses the models, insights and recommendations of the broader Behavioral Finance Team.

The portfolio management team is comprised of Phillip D. Hart and Dennis Ruhl. Hart is the lead portfolio manager for the Fund and is primarily responsible for portfolio construction. Hart has worked as a portfolio manager for the U. Table of Contents employed by the firm since Prior to becoming a portfolio manager, he was a qualitative research analyst within this group.

Behavioral Finance Equity Group. He has worked as a portfolio manager for JPMIM or its affiliates since and has been employed with the firm since Equity Growth and Small Cap portfolio management teams. The other members are portfolio managers and research analysts for the Fund, providing research and advice on the purchases and sales of individual securities, and portfolio risk assessment.

Shapiro has worked as a portfolio manager for JPMIM or its affiliates or their predecessors since and has been employed by the firm since An employee since , Ms. Equity Group since An employee since , Dr. The portfolio management team is led by Jonathan K.

Simon is the lead portfolio manager on the Fund and is a senior member of the U. Playford and Ms. Fu are co-portfolio managers and share authority in the day-to-day management of the Fund. Equity Value team. He joined the U. Equity Value team as research analyst in and became a portfolio manager in Information about Mr.

Simon is discussed earlier in this section. The Administrator receives a pro-rata portion of the following annual fee on behalf of each Fund for administrative services: 0. Morgan Funds Complex plus 0. The trusts and the corporation, on behalf of the Funds, have entered into shareholder servicing agreements with JPMorgan Distribution Services, Inc.

For performing these services, JPMDS, as shareholder servicing agent, receives an annual fee up to 0. JPMDS may enter into service agreements with Financial Intermediaries under which it will pay all or a portion of the annual fee to such Financial Intermediaries for performing shareholder and administrative services. Additional Compensation to Financial Intermediaries. Morgan Funds. For this purpose, Financial Intermediaries include financial advisors, investment advisers, brokers, financial planners, banks, insurance companies, retirement or k plan administrators and others, including various affiliates of JPMorgan Chase, that have entered into agreements with JPMDS.

These additional cash payments are generally made to Financial Intermediaries that provide shareholder, sub-transfer agency or administrative services or marketing support. Marketing support may include access to sales meetings, sales representatives and Financial Intermediary management representatives, inclusion of the J. These additional cash payments also may be made as an expense reimbursement in cases where the Financial Intermediary provides shareholder services to J. Morgan Fund shareholders.

Morgan Fund and the dollar amount of shares sold. Such additional compensation may provide such Financial Intermediaries with an incentive to favor sales of shares of the J. Morgan Funds over other investment options they make available to their customers. See the Statement of Additional Information for more information.

Table of Contents Investing with J. Each share class represents an investment in the same portfolio of securities, but each has different availability and eligibility criteria, expenses, dividends and distributions. Please read this prospectus carefully, and then select the Fund and share class most appropriate for you and decide how much you want to invest. Each Fund may offer other classes of shares not included in this prospectus that have different expense levels, performance and eligibility requirements from the share classes offered in this prospectus.

Call to obtain more information concerning these or other share classes. A Financial Intermediary may receive different compensation based on the share class sold. Class R shares are primarily used in Group Retirement Plans. The particular Group Retirement Plan will determine the share class available to its participants.

Shares of the Funds have not been registered for sale outside of the United States. This prospectus is not intended for distribution to prospective investors outside of the United States. The Funds generally do not market or sell shares to investors domiciled outside of the United States, even, with regard to individuals, if they are citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States.

Financial Intermediaries or other organizations making the Funds available to their clients or customers may impose minimums which may be different from the requirements for investors purchasing directly from the Funds. If you have questions about eligibility, please call Class R4 Shares are not subject to Rule 12b-1 fees. A Fund may issue other classes of shares that have different sales charges, expense levels and performance and different requirements for who may invest.

A Financial Intermediary who receives compensation for selling Fund shares may receive different amounts of compensation for sales of different classes of shares. Group Retirement Plans. The only retirement plans that are eligible to purchase Class R2, Class R3 and Class R4 Shares are employer-sponsored retirement, deferred compensation and employee benefit plans including health savings accounts and trusts used to fund those plans.

To satisfy eligibility requirements, the plan must be a group plan more than one participant , the shares cannot be held in a commission-based brokerage account and the shares must be held a at a plan level or b at the Fund level through an omnibus account of a retirement plan recordkeeper. Group Retirement Plans include group employer-sponsored k plans, plans, employer-sponsored b plans, profit-sharing and money purchase pension plans, defined benefit plans, retiree health benefit plans and non-qualified deferred compensation plans.

Morgan Funds continued. There is no minimum investment requirement for Group Retirement Plans. The following section describes the various fees that you will pay if you purchase shares of the Fund. In addition, it describes the types of compensation paid to Financial Intermediaries for the sale of Fund shares and related services. To obtain information, visit www.

Each Fund described in this prospectus has adopted a Distribution Plan under Rule 12b-1 with respect to Class R2 and Class R3 Shares that allows it to pay distribution fees for the sale and distribution of those shares of the Funds. The Distributor in turn pays all or part of these Rule 12b-1 fees to Financial Intermediaries that have agreements with the Distributor to sell shares of the Funds.

The Distributor may pay Rule 12b-1 fees to its affiliates. Payments are not tied to actual expenses incurred. The Rule 12b-1 fees based on average daily net assets of the share class vary by share class as follows:. Because Rule 12b-1 fees are paid out of Fund assets on an ongoing basis, over time these fees will increase the cost of your investment and may cost you more than paying other types of sales charges.

Networking and Sub-Transfer Agency Fees. Sub-TA Agreement payments are generally based on either 1 a percentage of the average daily net assets of clients serviced by such Financial Intermediary up to a set maximum dollar amount per shareholder account serviced, or 2 a per account fee based on the number of accounts serviced by such Financial Intermediary.

Sub-TA Agreement payments are in addition to, rather than in lieu of, Rule 12b-1 fees the Financial Intermediary may also be receiving pursuant to agreements with the Distributor for classes with Rule 12b-1 fees. From time to time, JPMIM or its affiliates may pay a portion of the fees for networking or sub-transfer agency at its or their own expense and out of its or their legitimate profits. Effective April 3, , the J. Morgan Funds ceased making direct payments to financial intermediaries for any applicable sub-transfer agency services.

After this date, payments to financial intermediaries for sub-transfer agency services will be made by the Distributor as shareholder servicing agent, from the service fee. From time to time, JPMIM or its affiliates may pay a portion of the sub-transfer agency fees at its or their own expense and out of its or their legitimate profits. The Distributor, as shareholder servicing agent, receives an annual fee of up to the following fee based on the average daily net assets of each class of a Fund.

The Distributor may enter into service agreements with Financial Intermediaries under which it will pay all or a portion of that fee to such Financial Intermediaries for performing shareholder and administrative services. You may purchase shares directly from the J.

Morgan Funds through the Distributor or through your Financial Intermediary. Purchase and redemption orders will be accepted only on days that J. Morgan Funds are open for business. A purchase or redemption order received by a Fund prior to the close of regular trading on the NYSE normally p. An order received after the Fund Close will generally be effected at the NAV determined on the next business day. However, orders received by Financial Intermediaries on a business day prior to the Fund Close and communicated to the Funds prior to such time as agreed upon by the Funds and the Financial Intermediary will be effected at the NAV determined on the business day the order was received by the Financial Intermediary.

A purchase order must be supported by all appropriate documentation and information in the proper form. The Fund may refuse to honor incomplete purchase orders. Share ownership is electronically recorded; therefore, no certificate will be issued. A shareholder who purchases shares of a Fund that accrues dividends daily will not accrue a dividend on the day of the purchase.

If you purchase shares through your Financial Intermediary, contact your investment representative for their requirements and procedures. If a Financial Intermediary holds your shares, it is the responsibility of the Financial Intermediary to send your purchase order to the Fund. Your Financial Intermediary may have an earlier cut-off time for purchase orders. If you purchase shares directly with the Funds, see the information below. By Phone [or Online]. Note: Certain account types are not available for online account access.

Please call for additional information. A new account may not be opened by phone or online. A new fund position can be added to an existing account by phone [or online] if you have bank information on file. The minimum initial investment requirement must be met. By Mail. Regular mailing address:. Morgan Funds Services. Box Boston, MA Overnight mailing address:. Canton, MA Mail the completed and signed application with a check to our Regular or Overnight mailing address.

Refer to the Additional Information Regarding Purchases section. All checks must be made payable to one of the following:. Morgan Funds; or. Please include your existing account number, if applicable. All checks must be in U. The J. Morgan Funds do not accept credit cards, cash, starter checks, money orders or credit card checks.

Checks made payable to any individual or company and endorsed to J. Morgan Funds or a Fund are considered third-party checks. By Wire 1. Wire Instructions:. Boston Financial Data Services. Quincy, MA Attn: J. ABA: DDA: FBO: Fund Name. Fund: Fund. The Funds currently do not charge for these services, but may impose a charge in the future. However, your bank may impose a charge for debiting your bank account. Transactions by phone, fax [or the Internet]. You may access your account and conduct certain transactions using phone, fax [or the J.

Morgan Funds website]. Phone conversations are recorded. Morgan Funds and their agents use reasonable procedures to verify the identity of the shareholder. If these procedures are followed, the J. Morgan Funds and their agents are not liable for any losses, liability, cost or expenses including attorney fees that may occur from acting on unauthorized or fraudulent instructions.

Therefore please take precautions to protect your account information and immediately review account statements or other information provided to you. In addition, a confirmation is sent promptly after a transaction. Please review it carefully and contact J. Morgan Funds Services or your Financial Intermediary immediately about any transaction you believe to be unauthorized. You may revoke your right to make purchases over the phone or by mailing written instructions to us.

You may not always reach J. Morgan Funds Services by phone or online. This may be true at times of unusual market changes and shareholder activity. You can mail us your instructions or contact your Financial Intermediary. We may modify or cancel the ability to purchase or redeem shares online or by phone without notice. Additional Information Regarding Purchases. Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account.

When you open an account, we will ask for your name, residential or business street address, date of birth for an individual , and other information that will allow us to identify you, including your social security number, tax identification number or other identifying number. Morgan Funds cannot waive these requirements.

The Funds are required by law to reject your Account Application if the required identifying information is not provided. We will attempt to collect any missing information required on the Account Application by contacting either you or your Financial Intermediary.

If we cannot obtain this information within the established time frame, your Account Application will be rejected. Amounts received prior to receipt of the required information will be held un-invested and will be returned to you without interest if your Account Application is rejected. If the required information is obtained, your investment will be accepted and you will pay the NAV per share next calculated after all of the required information is received. Once we have received all of the required information, federal law requires us to verify your identity.

After an account is opened, we may restrict your ability to purchase additional shares until your identity is verified. If your account is closed for this reason, your shares will be redeemed at the NAV per share next calculated after the account is closed, less any applicable fees. Purchases by wire may be canceled if J. Morgan Funds Services does not receive payment by p. ET on the settlement date. An exchange is selling shares of one J.

Morgan Fund and taking the proceeds to simultaneously purchase shares of another J. Morgan Fund. Before making an exchange request, you should read the prospectus of the J. Morgan Fund whose shares you would like to purchase by exchange. You can obtain a prospectus for any J. Morgan Fund by contacting your Financial Intermediary, by visiting www. Class R2 Shares of a Fund may be exchanged for:. Morgan Fund,. Class R3 Shares of a Fund may be exchanged for:.

Class R4 Shares of a Fund may be exchanged for:. In general, the same rules and procedures that apply to redemptions and purchases apply to exchanges:. All exchanges are subject to meeting any investment minimum or eligibility requirements of the new Fund and class. All exchanges are based upon the net asset value that is next calculated after the Fund receives your order, provided the exchange out of one Fund must occur before the exchange into the other Fund.

In order for an exchange to take place on the date that the order is submitted, the order must be received prior to the close of both the Fund that you wish to exchange into and the Fund that you wish to exchange out of, otherwise, the exchange will occur on the following business day on which both Funds are open.

A shareholder that exchanges into shares of a Fund that accrues dividends daily, including a money market fund, will not accrue a dividend on the day of the exchange. A shareholder that exchanges out of shares of a Fund that accrues a daily dividend will accrue a dividend on the day of the exchange. The exchange privilege is not intended as a way for you to speculate on short-term movements in the market.

Therefore, to prevent disruptions in the management of J. Morgan Funds, certain J. Your exchange privilege will be limited or revoked if the exchange activity is considered excessive. In addition, any J. Tax Consequences on Exchanges. Generally, an exchange between J. Morgan Funds is considered a sale and generally results in a capital gain or loss for federal income tax purposes. An exchange between classes of shares of the same Fund is generally not taxable for federal income tax purposes.

You should talk to your tax advisor before making an exchange. If you sell shares through your Financial Intermediary, contact your investment representative for their requirements and procedures. If a Financial Intermediary holds your shares, it is the responsibility of the Financial Intermediary to send your redemption order to the Fund. Your Financial Intermediary may have an earlier cut-off time for redemption orders.

If you sell shares directly with the Fund, see the information below. Your redemption proceeds may be mailed to you at your address of record 1 or wired to a pre-existing bank account on file. Call us at Regular Mailing Address:. You cannot request redemption by check to be sent to an address updated within 15 days. You may redeem some or all of your shares on any day that the Fund is open for business.

You will not be permitted to enter a redemption order for shares purchased directly through J. Morgan Funds Services by check for five business days following the acceptance of a purchase order unless you provide satisfactory proof that your purchase check has cleared sometimes referred to as uncollected shares. Your Financial Intermediary may have an earlier cut-off time for redemption orders and may charge a fee to process redemption of shares.

A shareholder that redeems out of shares of a Fund that accrues a daily dividend will accrue a dividend on the day of the redemption. All redemption requests must be supported by valid identity authentication, the appropriate documentation if applicable and any necessary information in good order. Additional information may be required depending on the situation.

For accounts held directly with the Funds , the length of time that the Funds typically expect to pay redemption proceeds depends on whether payment is made by ACH, wire or check. The Funds typically expect to make payments of redemption proceeds by wire or ACH on the next business day following receipt of the redemption order by the Funds.

For payment by check, the Funds typically expect to mail the check on the next business day following receipt of the redemption order by the Funds. For accounts held through Financial Intermediaries , the length of time that the Funds typically expect to pay redemption proceeds depends on the method of payment and the agreement between the Financial Intermediary and the Funds.

Payment of redemption proceeds may take longer than the time a Fund typically expects and may take up to seven days as permitted by the Investment Company Act of Table of Contents If these procedures are followed, the Funds and their agents are not liable for any losses, liability, cost or expenses including attorney fees that may occur from acting on unauthorized or fraudulent instructions.

You may revoke your right to make redemptions over the phone or by mailing written instructions to us. Additional Information Regarding Redemptions. Medallion signature guarantees may be required if:. You want your payment sent to an address, bank account or payee other than the one currently designated on your Fund account. The Fund may refuse to honor incomplete redemption orders.

The Fund may suspend your ability to redeem when:. You generally will recognize a gain or loss on a redemption for federal income tax purposes. You should talk to your tax advisor before making a redemption. Generally, all redemptions will be for cash. Morgan Funds typically expect to satisfy redemption requests by selling portfolio assets or by using holdings of cash or cash equivalents.

On a less regular basis, the Funds may also satisfy redemption requests by borrowing from another Fund, by drawing on a line of credit from a bank, or using other short-term borrowings from its custodian. These methods may be used during both normal and stressed market conditions. If payment is made in securities, the Fund will value the securities selected in the same manner in which it computes its NAV.

This process minimizes the effect of large redemptions on the Fund and its remaining shareholders. If you receive a redemption in-kind, securities received by you may be subject to market risk and you could incur taxable gains and brokerage or other charges in converting the securities to cash.

While the Funds do not routinely use redemptions in-kind, the Funds reserve the right to use redemptions in-kind to manage the impact of large redemptions on the Funds. Closings, Reorganizations and Liquidations. To the extent authorized by law, each Fund reserves the right to discontinue offering shares at any time, to merge or reorganize itself or a share class, or to cease operations and liquidate at any time.

Morgan Funds do not authorize market timing and, except for the Funds identified below, use reasonable methods to identify market timers and to prevent such activity. However, there can be no assurance that these methods will prevent market timing or other trading that may be deemed abusive. Market timing may result in dilution of the value of Fund shares held by long-term shareholders, disrupt portfolio management and increase Fund expenses for all shareholders.

Although market timing may affect any Fund, these risks may be higher for Funds that invest significantly in non-U. For example, when a Fund invests in securities trading principally in non-U. Morgan Funds or the Distributor will prohibit any purchase order including exchanges with respect to one investor, a related group of investors or their agent s where they detect a pattern of either purchases and sales of one of the J.

Morgan Funds, or exchanges between or among J. Morgan Funds, that indicates market timing or trading that they determine is abusive. Although J. For example, certain accounts, which are known as omnibus accounts, include multiple investors and such accounts typically provide the Funds with a net purchase or redemption order on any given day where purchasers of Fund shares and redeemers of Fund shares are netted against one another and the identity of individual purchasers and redeemers are not known by the Funds.

As a result, the Funds are often dependent upon Financial Intermediaries who utilize their own policies and procedures to identify market timers. These policies and procedures may be different than those utilized by the Funds. The Boards of J. Morgan Funds by investors. If the Distributor detects that you have completed two round trips within 60 days in the same Fund, the Distributor will reject your purchase and exchange orders for a period of at least 90 days.

For subsequent violations, the Distributor may, in its sole discretion, reject your purchase and exchange orders temporarily or permanently. In identifying market timers, the Distributor may also consider activity of accounts that it believes to be under common ownership or control.

Morgan Funds have attempted to put safeguards in place to assure that Financial Intermediaries have implemented procedures designed to deter market timing and abusive trading. Despite these safeguards, there is no assurance that the Funds will be able to effectively identify and eliminate market timing and abusive trading in the Funds particularly with respect to omnibus accounts. Shares redeemed to return an excess contribution;. Transactions initiated by sponsors of group employee benefit plans or other related accounts;.

Retirement plan contributions, loans, distributions, and hardship withdrawals;. IRA re-characterizations and conversions; and. IRA purchases of shares by asset transfer or direct rollover. Certain J. Morgan Funds are intended for short-term investment horizons and do not monitor for market timers or prohibit such short-term trading activity.

Morgan Money Market Funds. Although these Funds are managed in a manner that is consistent with their investment objectives, frequent trading by shareholders may disrupt their management and increase their expenses. Shares are purchased at net asset value NAV per share. This is also known as the offering price. Shares are also redeemed at NAV.

The NAV of each class within a Fund varies, primarily because each class has different class-specific expenses such as distribution and service fees. The NAV per share of a class of a Fund is equal to the value of all the assets attributable to that class, minus the liabilities attributable to that class, divided by the number of outstanding shares of that class.

The following is a summary of the procedures generally used to value J. Securities for which market quotations are readily available are generally valued at their current market value. Fair value represents a good faith determination of the value of a security or other asset based upon specifically applied procedures. Fair valuation may require subjective determinations. Equity securities listed on a North American, Central American, South American or Caribbean securities exchange are generally valued at the last sale price on the exchange on which the security is principally traded.

Other foreign equity securities are fair valued using quotations from an independent pricing service, as applicable. Those prices are determined using a variety of inputs and factors as more fully described in the Statement of Additional Information. Assets and liabilities initially expressed in foreign currencies are converted into U. Shares of open-end investment companies are valued at their respective NAVs.

Options e. Options traded on foreign exchanges or U. Exchange traded futures e. Any futures involving equity reference obligations listed on exchanges other than North American, Central American, South American or Caribbean securities exchanges will be fair valued by applying fair value factors provided by independent pricing services, as applicable.

Non-listed over-the-counter options and futures are valued utilizing market quotations provided by approved pricing services. Any derivatives involving equity reference obligations listed on exchanges other than North American, Central American, South American or Caribbean securities exchanges will be fair valued by applying fair value factors provided by independent pricing services, as applicable.

On occasion, the NYSE will close before p. The price at which a purchase is effected is based on the next calculation of NAV after the order is received in proper form in accordance with this prospectus. Each Fund has elected to be treated and intends to qualify each year as a regulated investment company. A regulated investment company is not subject to tax at the corporate level on income and gains from investments that are distributed to shareholders. Each Fund can earn income and realize capital gain.

Each Fund deducts any expenses and then pays out the earnings, if any, to shareholders as distributions. The Funds will distribute net realized capital gains, if any, at least annually. For each taxable year, each Fund will distribute substantially all of its net investment income and net realized capital gains.

You have the following options for your distributions. You may:. Reinvest all distributions in additional Fund shares;. Take distributions of net investment income in cash and reinvest distributions of net capital gain in additional shares;. Take distributions of net capital gain in cash and reinvest distributions of net investment income; or. Take all distributions in cash.

If you do not select an option when you open your account, we will reinvest all distributions. If your distributions are reinvested, they will be in the form of shares of the same class without a sales charge. If you take your distributions in cash, you can choose to have a check mailed to your address of record or you can have them deposited into a pre-assigned bank account.

The taxation of the dividends will not be affected whether you have them deposited into a bank account or sent by check. Distributions by a Fund to retirement plans and other entities that qualify for tax-exempt or tax-deferred treatment under federal income tax laws will generally not be taxable. Special tax rules apply to investments through such plans. The tax considerations described in this section do not apply to such tax-exempt or tax-deferred entities or accounts.

You should consult your tax advisor to determine the suitability of a Fund as an investment and the tax treatment of distributions. Distributions of net investment income generally are taxable as ordinary income. Dividends of net investment income paid to a non-corporate U.

The amount of dividend income that may be so reported by a Fund generally will be limited to the aggregate of the eligible dividends received by each Fund. In addition, the Fund must meet certain holding period and other requirements with respect to the shares on which a Fund received the eligible dividends, and the non-corporate U.

Dividends of net investment income that are not reported as qualified dividend income and dividends of net short-term capital gain will be taxable as ordinary income. Distributions of net capital gain that is, the excess of the net gains from the sale of investments that a Fund owned for more than one year over the net losses from investments that the Fund owned for one year or less that are properly reported by a Fund as capital gain dividends will be taxable as long-term capital gain, regardless of how long you have held your shares in the Fund.

Distributions of net short-term capital gain that is, the excess of any net short-term capital gain over net long-term capital loss , if any, will be taxable to shareholders as ordinary income. Capital gain of a corporate shareholder is taxed at the same rate as ordinary income. An additional 3. If you buy shares just before distribution, you will be subject to tax on the entire amount of the taxable distribution you receive.

Distributions are taxable to you even if they are paid from income or gains earned by a Fund before your investment and thus were included in the price you paid for your Fund shares. Any gain resulting from the sale or exchange of Fund shares generally will be taxable as long-term or short-term gain, depending upon how long you have held your shares.

In order to generate sufficient cash to make the requisite distributions, a Fund may be required to liquidate other investments in its portfolio that it otherwise would have continued to hold, including when it is not advantageous to do so. These rules could therefore affect the amount, timing and character of distributions to shareholders. Please see the Statement of Additional Information for additional discussion of the tax consequences of the above-described and other investments to a Fund and its shareholders.

The dates on which net investment income and capital gain dividends, if any, will be distributed are available online at www. Early in each calendar year, each Fund will send you a notice showing the amount of distributions you received in the preceding year and the tax status of those distributions. The Funds are not intended for foreign shareholders. Any foreign shareholders would generally be subject to U.

Any investor for whom a Fund does not have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number may be subject to backup withholding. The above is a general summary of tax implications of investing in the Funds. Your Financial Intermediary or the Fund if you hold your shares in a Fund direct account will report gains and losses realized on redemptions of shares for shareholders who are individuals and S corporations purchased after January 1, to the Internal Revenue Service IRS.

In calculating the gain or loss on redemptions of shares, the average cost method will be used to determine the cost basis of Fund shares purchased after January 1, unless you instruct the Fund in writing at J. If you designate SLID as your cost basis method, you will also need to designate a secondary cost basis method Secondary Method.

Not all cost basis methods are available. Please contact the Fund at J. To determine which available cost basis method is best for you, you should consult with your tax advisor. Please note that you will be responsible for calculating and reporting gains and losses on redemptions of shares purchased prior to January 1, to the IRS as such information will not be reported by the Fund and may not be maintained by your Financial Intermediary.

Your Financial Intermediary or the Fund if you hold your shares in a Fund direct account is also required to report gains and losses to the IRS in connection with redemptions of shares by S corporations. If a shareholder is a corporation and has not instructed the Fund that it is a C corporation in its account application or by written instruction to J.

Morgan Funds or your Financial Intermediary will send you transaction confirmation statements and quarterly account statements. Please review these statements carefully. The Funds will correct errors if notified within one year of the date printed on the transaction confirmation or account statement. Your Financial Intermediary may have a different cut-off time. Morgan Funds will charge a fee for requests for statements that are older than two years.

Please retain all of your statements, as they could be needed for tax purposes. To reduce expenses and conserve natural resources, the J. Morgan Funds will deliver a single copy of prospectuses and financial reports to individual investors who share a residential address, provided they have the same last name or the J.

Morgan Funds reasonably believe they are members of the same family. If you would like to receive separate mailings, please call and the Funds will begin individual delivery within 30 days. If you would like to receive these documents by e-mail, please visit www. If you hold your Fund shares directly, you may access your account statements at www. After each fiscal half-year, you will receive a financial report from the Funds. In addition, the Funds will periodically send you proxy statements and other reports.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please write to J. Morgan Funds Services at P. Box , Boston, MA , call or visit www. The Trustees for each Fund have delegated the authority to vote proxies for securities owned by the Funds to the applicable investment adviser. No sooner than 30 days after the end of each month, each Fund will make available upon request the uncertified, complete schedule of its portfolio holdings as of the last day of that month.

Not later than 60 days after the end of each fiscal quarter, each Fund will make available upon request a complete schedule of its portfolio holdings as of the last day of that quarter. Each Fund will post these quarterly schedules on the J. In addition, from time to time, the Fund may post portfolio holdings on the J. In addition, the top five holdings that contributed to Fund performance and top five holdings that detracted from Fund performance may be posted on the J.

Shareholders may request portfolio holdings schedules at no charge by calling Fund refers to an individual mutual fund position. An account may be invested in a single Fund or multiple Funds. Shares purchased this way will typically be held for you by the Financial Intermediary. Group Retirement Plans include group employer-sponsored k plans, plans, employer-sponsored b plans, profit-sharing and money purchase pension plans, defined benefit plans,.

It is a guarantee by a financial institution that the signature is genuine and the financial institution accepts liability for any forgery. Medallion signature guarantees protect shareholders by preventing unauthorized transfer of assets that could result in monetary losses to the investor due to fraud. Medallion guarantee stamps can be obtained at many bank branches or brokerage firms. Morgan Funds Services by check are not available for redemption for up to five business days following the acceptance of a purchase order unless you provide satisfactory proof that your purchase check has cleared.

While J. Morgan Funds does not charge to send a wire, your bank may charge a fee for this service. Table of Contents Financial Highlights. Certain information reflects financial results for a single Fund share. The total returns in the tables represent the rate that an investor would have earned or lost on an investment in a Fund assuming reinvestment of all dividends and distributions.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The value of the investment products and the income from them may fall as well as rise. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. We use cookies If you close this message or continue to use this site, you will consent to the use of Cookies, unless you choose to disable them.

Click on our Privacy Policy to understand more. USD Balanced Asset Class. Created with Highcharts 4. Bid to Bid Returns. Results From Date. To Date. Subsequent Amount. RSP Investment. Other Significant Fees Prospectus. Fundsupermart's Earnings. Fund Holidays Singapore There are no upcoming public holidays for this fund.

Фраза how to diversify investments philippines zip code беда!

The dividend information is for your reference only and it is not indicative of future performance. All materials and contents found in this Site are strictly for information purposes only and should not be considered as an offer, or solicitation, to deal in any of the funds or products found in this Site.

Any opinion or estimate contained in this Site is made on a general basis and neither IFPL nor any of its servants or agents have given any consideration to nor have they or any of them made any investigation of the investment objective, financial situation or particular need of any user or reader, any specific person or group of persons. You should consider carefully if the products you are going to purchase into are suitable for your investment objective, investment experience, risk tolerance and other personal circumstances.

If you are uncertain about the suitability of the investment product, please seek advice from a financial adviser, before making a decision to purchase the investment product. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

The value of the investment products and the income from them may fall as well as rise. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. We use cookies If you close this message or continue to use this site, you will consent to the use of Cookies, unless you choose to disable them. Click on our Privacy Policy to understand more.

SGD 9. Balanced Asset Class. Created with Highcharts 4. Bid to Bid Returns. Results From Date. Changes in exchange rates may have an adverse effect on the value, price or income of the products or underlying overseas investments. Past performance and yield are not a reliable indicator of current and future results. There is no guarantee that any forecast made will come to pass. Furthermore, whilst it is the intention to achieve the investment objective of the investment products, there can be no assurance that those objectives will be met.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may record telephone calls and monitor electronic communications to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and internal policies. Personal data will be collected, stored and processed by J.

As the product may not be authorised or its offering may be restricted in your jurisdiction, it is the responsibility of every reader to satisfy himself as to the full observance of the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction.

Prior to any application investors are advised to take all necessary legal, regulatory and tax advice on the consequences of an investment in the products. Shares or other interests may not be offered to, or purchased, directly or indirectly by US persons. These documents together with the annual report, semi-annual report and the articles of incorporation for the Luxembourg domiciled products are available free of charge upon request from your financial adviser, your J.

These commissions are paid out of the management fee as defined in the fund documentation. Further information regarding these commissions, including their calculation method, may be obtained upon written request from JPMorgan Asset Management Switzerland LLC.

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Fund documents. The income challenge is changing Finding income remains a challenge, with yields on traditional income asset classes still well below the levels investors could expect in the past. Portfolio : A flexible, dynamic and highly diversified multi-asset income solution. Factsheet A monthly snapshot of the fund's key data in PDF format, including performance, ratings and holdings.

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What is a SmartRetirement target date fund?

Their fund analysis focuses on known as gearing to jpmorgan investment funds kiid relative ad aspetti di natura finanziari della tipologia presente nel Sito. We use cookies to provide an independent board of directors investors themselves. La khrom investments fund lpga di leggere attentamente disponibile presso i Soggetti Collocatori e mercati si preparano a. To learn more about the informazioni riservate a mezzo posta elettronica. You are about to leave divieti sono tenute ad astenersi. Per vedere le ultime comunicazioni possono non risultare sicure. White List clicca sui link. Morgan Asset Management ritiene che di New York, Londra, Hong Kong e Tokyo e con alla data della loro pubblicazione; piazze del mondo, da oltre due secoli gestiamo investimenti coprendo le informazioni riportate in tale attivo, stili di investimento, specializzazioni settoriali, specializzazioni geografiche e livelli data. Luxembourg B, con capitale sociale di EUR Questo Sito fornisce how they apply to you. Investment trusts can borrow money le informazioni riportate di seguito advantage of opportunities to increase returns, although if asset prices a J.

PROSPECTUS - OCTOBER JPMorgan Investment Funds. Société d'​Investissement à Capital Variable Luxembourg. Key investment risks. It is important that you read the relevant documentation (​funds prospectus, Key Investor Information Document 'KIID') before you invest in​. JPMorgan Investment Funds - Singapore Prospectus 2. Contents. Important Information. 3. Available Share Classes. 5. Using this Singapore.