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See how Citi is taking steps to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, from helping clients to providing relief through funds to frontline healthcare workers, organizations such as No Kid Hungry and more. Despite the pandemic limiting options for group events, Citi was determined to do our part through meaningful volunteerism. The Citi Plex Account is a new digital checking and savings account built to make managing money simpler, smarter and more rewarding. Community Development Financial Institutions do more than provide capital, they level the playing field for communities and populations at risk of being left behind. Market attention has focused on the bearish potential return of the U.

Easy investment plan of bdo is godrej city panvel a good investment

Easy investment plan of bdo

It will only show your risk profile and not the others. Click submit, after that, the list of UITFs shows. Click the UITF you want to invest in and then proceed. It will then show the Client Investment Suitability Statement. In a pop-up window, read through it and press agree. Repeat reading and then agree on the succeeding two statements like Risk Disclosure statement and Omnibus Trust Agreement. After you agree, you can now start investing in UITF. It could take up to 24 hours before your investment will appear on your online account.

You can set aside as little as 2, per month and wait for the next few months to boost your regular monthly deposit. You can set it up how often you like to invest and choose on any day of the month. And since this takes advantage of an Automatic Debit Arrangement ADA , you choose how much fund you would like to be debited from your bank savings account and added to your UITF account. Just remember, there are different UITF for you to be diversified.

There are bonds, government bonds, feeder funds, money markets, etc. They also have customer support that is supportive and helpful. For more information you can visit them at their official page at BDO. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help.

Filipino Guides. Popular Posts. I have a question. So it means that my total investment amount today should be P11, But when I check my account in BDO online, the invested. And I gained P28 in my amount but for the past 10 months are always loss. I am checking regularly online my EIP account.. I am wondering why the invested amount is lower than it should be? Kindly explain this to me.

Thank you in advance. Because of the equivalent units bought every month are not the same and they should reflect the current NAVPU, too. NAVPU today will also differ tomorrow or the next days. Your gain today also changes another day. First and foremost, thank you for sharing your insights! Blessing talaga ang philpad at dailypik. April ko pa ba makukuha yung COP. Will they still give me CMN para mamonitor ko ito online?

Hi, thank you for visiting. First thank you for posting. Just a little question what if your cut-off date falls in weekend when will bdo credit my bank and transfer to my uitf account? Hi, regular is 1-time placement while EIP takes periodic placement. I invested in for UITF. Also, I am confused why they offered my the Generali Insurance? It sounds like you have taken Variable Life Insurance. You mentioned Generali, they offer VUL insurance with investment.

We can update our account although not every month. EIP is automatic placement periodically, what you put in the application will be your periodic placements. If you want to change anything, you need to update your account or ask your Trust rep. Hi ms. So hindi na nabawasan yung savings ko kahit nakapagdeposit nko nung 30 kasi weekend sya..

Or goodbye na ba yung first hulog ko na 2k? Good evening, Mam Fehl. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am learning through reading each questions and answers. Hopefully I can have a source since I am still a contractual employee. So much grateful because I saw philpad. You gave us motivation and enlightenment for this kind of stuffs. Hi, May I ask for your advice? Naging interested kasi ako sa mga stocks. By the way im 28 yrs old na pala, naisip ko sana mas earlier ako nag invest. April 10 ang first hulog ko.

Nung April mataas pala yung value ng stocks kaya mababa na sa mga sumunod na months. Naka limang hulog na ko, 5k na. Pero never pa ko nag gained, puro loss. Ngayon, nasa P na loss ko. Any advice naman po. Stay invested and stick to your plan. After a year or two, maggrow na yan. Sana nga nag grow siya ng malaki someday. Hi Ms fhel Ask ano mas magandang strategy. Then recently mas maganda ata bdo equity. Depende po yan sa risk profile nyo as an investor and your objective. If you are aggressive and would like to invest for 3 years or so, ok ang equity fund.

I have been investing for about 2 years and I would like to ask how you created the table above? Can you explain further what the columns are for? Is there a way I can get my historical investment for the past 2 years of investing? NAVPU, total invested amount, etc. Your help is much appreciated, Ms. God bless! First of all i would like to give you a million thanks for this very imformative blog.

Marami ako natutunan dito, halos puyat ako sa kakabasa ng mga comments and suggestions mo. My goal is 60months. Mabuhay ka maam FEHL huwag ka mag sawang magturo kung paano mag impok at yumaman ang bawat pilipino! God bless. Hi ms fehl! Im 14 and want to invest in uitf. I heard about compunded investment. What kind of uitf will you recommend to me? Im an agressive investor. I think maganda ang equity fund but i dont know kung ano ang the best kasi dami kinds of equity fund.

I want to invest in a long term and high profit investment. Any advice or tips in uitf? Thanks and god bless! Equity Funds are suitable for aggressive investors and for 3 years or more investment plan. My advice is stick to your long term plan and continue investing monthly. Equity Funds are suitable for 3 years or so. Have a target and follow it. Ask ko lang po. Pwede bang iredeem ung intrest ng ininvest ko sa UITF. I mean ung intrest lang po sya talaga. I told you in my earlier post na decided ako sa VUL.

I am planning to invest k and since i am only a beginner. I am just wondering why did the agent told me mas better ang VUL.. It maybe because of your assessment. Fehl, what do you mean by insurance? I always advice open more than 1 investment to minimize risks. Just a question. They are really different. Sometimes , sometime or less per 10K placement. Hi Jheni! Was only trying and testing back then. I say invest now coz the early you invest, the more money you will earn.

Yes, you are correct with your conclusion. Regarding your next question, UITF is different from direct stock trading that uses broker. Note that you also have the option to invest 2x a month. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us beginners. You really inspire many people to enter the world of investment. I planning to open also this coming january like 5, a month.

So that the next 3 years I can expect a redemption every year. Please advise if this is a good idea. Should I make it all in one bank like BDO, or better if 3 different banks to lessen the risks? Thanks for sharing your insights, I learned a lot! Ang dami ko ng nabasa na articles mo. Hi Kay! Thank you for visiting. Tanong ko lang po kung incase gusto ko gawing P5, ang contribution per month starting December pwede kaya yun? Nasubukan mo na ba ang ganun na scenario? I did not yet experience that but I know in the form I filled up, there was an option there in case you want to update.

But 5K single investment is not as it wont give you much earnings. Hello po Ms. Fhel, napaka informative po ng blog nyo esp. Ask ko lng po kung pano ba ang procedure s mga tulad nmin n OFW na currently ay out of the country? Dapat po ba personal appearance sa bank pag nag apply ng UITF? May BDO peso savings account po ako. Thank you po in advance sa reply..

Yes, at present personal appearance ang required for BDO investments. Just browse our UITF posts to learn how. Thank you po Ms. Fhel, nag inquire po aq sa BDO through email at sumagot naman po cla, ang instruction sa akin ay i-inform lng sila kung saan branch yung account ko para sila makipag-ugnayan regarding sa records ko. Magkano ba ang dapat na laman ng account mo pra makapagstart ka ng investing? Balanced Fund is for conservative individual. Long term 5 years is very good but personally I would choose Equity.

Read the article above. Thanks po ng marami Ms. Fhel, ang dami ko po natutunan sa mga blog nyo gaya din ng blogs nila Sir Burn Gutierrez at Sir Fitz Villafuerte nakaka inspire mag invest. Quick question. Help please. Hi Carl! Hi mam! Got my COA already. Ask ko sana if I can still buy stocks with my current account or panibagong account nanaman. Naconfused kasi ako sa teller. I cannot add sabi nya. If I wana buy again new account nanaman daw. Mejo confused ako… hehe. So stock na sya doon kasi di na pwede dagdagan?

Will wait nalang na mag appreciate ang navpu para kumita ako ganun po b?? Hi Ms Fehl! Napuntahan ko na last friday sa BDO. Sabi ng staff dun na late yung enrollment ko kasi matagal daw na enroll nung incharge personnel at na sa 12th of september na nya na enroll. Ayun tuloy di umaabot sa 15th. Next month pa magsisimula.

Sayang ano? Good day, ms fehl, your blog is very informative sa tulad kong newbie, para akong nagising sa matagal na pagkakatulog i usually save my hard earned money only sa savings or time deposit now i want to try a riskier one and plan to open an account in bdo equity fund, is it possible to start initially with k and 5k every month?

I need your advise coz im just confused if i need to time or wait when the navpu is down before buying with my k to have more units acquired and succeedingly 5k every month or make smaller amount say 10k initially and 10k monthly before change it to 5k monthly placement already have an atm saving account for my settlement account, thank you very much and more power to you ang philpad.

Hi Sonia. If you maintain them 5 years or so, they will surely grow. Since I was only a beginner with financial investments, I started with equity fund thru EIP than one-time investing. Then I added more investment thru real-time trading in the stock market.

Nilagay ko na 2, at every 15th of the month. Pero napansin ko ngayon lang pag tingin ko sa passbook ko after mag deposit ng check ay walang kaltas na 2, Di ko naman agad naitanong kasi nagmamadali ako kanina. Ganun ba talaga yun? Di ba sya mag appear agad sa passbook? Hi Felh, regarding don sa second image na naka insert sa post mo sa taas, where nung July 15, nag invest ka ng 11k.

Then nung January 14, ay 11k ulit…. Okay lang ba na 11k lang ang ininvest mo? Tutubo na ba yon like in 5 years? Thanks in advance. I was really amazed on your blogs. Saving money in small amount would really bear a fortune. Anyway wana ask po mam if its okay to enroll EIP and UITF at the same time as long as i can maintain my account where they will deduct my funds?

How much would be the minimum for both? Iam an OFW po but im here in Pinas po for vacation. Or I need to go any branch for update? Thank you so much mam. Hi Gerlyn! Thank you. What is important is you have enough funds. The minimum funds required depend upon the type of UITF you choose. Currently, BDO has no online feature for that yet. Hi mam. Good day im ofw and im only 20 yrs old. Im planning to exit next year. Parang time deposit po.

How much po madalas? Then i found your article. Keep up the good work! Yup, you put in the application form the account number and account name where you want the funds to be debited. HI ms. Magandang araw sa iyo! Ask ko lang paano mag-add ng fund sa Dream Builder? Hello Ms. Salamat sa reply.. Anyway its a learning experience, hayaan ko na lang din siguro yung small amount. Fehl, Good day. Just wanna ask if the savings account is still subject for maintaining balance even if it is enrolled in EIP?

It is the responsibility of the account holder to maintain a good financial standing. You can print them out too. Kaya din po ba nagkakaroon ng mga service charges? I just noticed that I was debited pesos last month and I think pesos the other month. Baka kc I only deposited pesos twice a month un kc amount na set ko po 3k monthly and baka d umabot sa average daily or monthly balance nila. Tinanong po niya ung katabi niya na teller, pero nag alinlangan ding sumagot.

Some bank accounts require monthly maintaining balance. If your account for example requires 10K monthly, you will be charged a fee in your case if your account was below 10K after the 30th cycle. Hi there! Thanks for the message. BDO Equity Fund is for aggressive types of investors. If you are not afraid of risks, this will be suited for you. How much you can deposit depends on you coz you are the one who knows your financial status and capacity. If you choose to maintain it up to 5 years, make sure you have the available funds where BDO will get your funds every month ie: ATM or savings account.

So if you are placing 5K every month, in 2 months you will receive your COP. Hi John.


And saw that some low-risk investments which I placed several years ago have already grown significantly over the past few years. Personally, I think that some of their products are a good fit for my investment objectives. This is where you invest a fixed amount at regular periods over a good length of time. Everything works automatically.

Because upon enrollment, BDO will just debit your decided amount from your BDO deposit account continuously until you give a stop order. This allows you to conveniently practice Cost Averaging in your investment. And lastly, the Peso Equity Fund high risk. In that article, I said that if the NAV goes above 2, No savings account, nor time deposit interest, can earn you that much from just P10, However, the risk becomes manageable if you have a long investment horizon.

Since I could afford at least two years without touching this new investment, I decided to invest in the Peso Balanced Fund. If you do have some savings you can afford to invest for at least a year or two, then the BDO EIP is a good option for an investment. Been a reader of your blog for quite sometime now and I am convinced that we should also go for bdo uitf. We will do the same? Did you go for the bdo peso balanced fund?

Pls let me know. Thanks for this article fitz. Thanks for sharing. If you can still remember, I won a ticket for this seminar. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I plan on holding on to my investment for at least three years so I invested in the Equity Fund.

Download and Fill up the below forms and send it to your BDO branch via courier. You could email investments bdo. Almost a year when i read your article about mutual fund and Uitf in bpi. Hi kuya Fitz, Wow. I would like to invest in the EIP as well. I think I can hold it for 4 years. Do you need to give an initial investment of 10, and then give additional for as low as 1, per month, or can you just enroll and give 1, instead of giving an initial of 10,?

Thank you so much! Hi Lianne, you can start with just 1, — but you will get your certificate and can redeem your fund 30 days after it reaches 10, Which means if you start with 1, a month — you will be able to sell your units only after 11 months. All ofw can do this, if they have a Savings account in any of the BDO branches.

All I did was called the Marketing officer of my branch and follow his instructions. You can find BDO branches telephone numbers on their website. Hi Fitz, this is the first time that I will post in your blog. I must admit that you have awaken some sense in me that Im wasting some of my time not saving and investing. Now Im taking my time to invest in myself first , learning about investing, reading all I could find about financial management..

Thank you for helping me get started on my financial literacy. And also in one of my readings, its says that the bank will also invest the money in some investment that will yield a highter interest rate. Do you think it would be wise, if I bypass the bank and invest in mutual funds directly instead? If you have the time and investment knowledge, this is a possible option.

Thanks Fitz for the sound advice. Im still trying to increase my emergency fund to 6 months worth of my salary P, Now if it happens, would it be wise to invest that emergency fund? Or just continously increase it and save another fund for investment so that the emergency fund will remain intact?

Hi JM. My personal opinion, keep 3 months of your EF in a savings account. Then invest the rest in a day time deposit, or other special high-interest deposit product. This way, you have 3 months ready cash when you need it.

And the rest, in a near-cash, zero-risk investment that earns a little more than a regular savings account. The next step is to save money for medium to high risk investments which earns much higher over time such as mutual funds, UITFs, stocks and others. Thank you so much Fitz for sound advice. I will do that and continuosly educate myself about financial literacy. Well of course, I have yet to study about these kinds of products or I would like to join a warfare without any ammo.

Hi, Fitz. I have question, can I just withdraw the profit of my money and leave the capital? Is there a holding period for this kind of investment, peso balanced fund? More power to you and to your blog.

If you want to invest P10, — then that means you will be buying 8. If you want to withdraw the P If you do, then you will be left with less units invested. This is where the risk comes in. The value of those old stamps can go up or down over time. When the time comes that you need money, then you can go back to your stamp collection and sell any number of the stamps. If the value of the stamp has increased, then you earned money.

But if the value of the stamp went down, then you lost money. For the first month, you will buy P5, worth of units. For the second month, you will buy another P5, worth of units. After two years, expect to have 12 of those confirmation papers, which are actually your proof that you own the specified number of units. Can I just add something about the spin-off thing? How does rewards points sound? Frankly speaking, that employee you inquired to is awfully wrong. The only proof is in the publishing of this article by Mr.

Trust me, I got in there thrice. And the seminars are fun and interactive at the same time. I was digging your archives to kill time—which is a productive way to do so! BDO has a more upfront product offering. Yay too! I have already started investing directly to the stock market using peso cost averaging method and only buys shares of blue chips companies in different industries.

My objective is for retirement, time frame is at least 25 years from now I am 24 years old , and risk tolerance is aggressive. That would be my next objective. Time frame would be 6 to 8 years from now and my risk tolerance is from low to moderate. My question would be:. Given my investment objective, time frame and risk tolerance, where will you personally suggest to place my savings?

Wishing you all the best in your investment. Be sure to always monitor them, and continue to grow your emergency fund as your monthly expenses increase over the years. Thank you so much Fitz! Help me on this, Fitz! First of all, there really is no better investment — and both stocks and uitf investments have their pros and cons. I have learned a lot from your blog and in time I know I will be financially free.

I am interested in Investment, browse the net on how to compute compounded interest, in reality since I am a newbie, still hesitant but no matter what I have to start. For a list of recommended companies in the Philippines, you can check out this post. Attending their seminar is not a requirement but would certainly help, although reading online materials would certainly give you the same information — you just have to be diligent about self-studying.

Im so thankful for this thread. Been reading your blogs… pls helP! I already have Emergency fund, life insurance, and will be getting educational plan for my daughter. Now I am planning for retirement. Im only 28 years old and so willing to invest continuously.

Can you give me advice pls? Thank you so much. Very important Question: How much money is the safest to invest, where? Each person is different. But in my personal opinion, you should invest whatever amount you think you can afford to invest regularly. That amount is the amount you invest. Now, its very convincing to invest in Stock Market instead.. Can you help me decide? Hi Vicky, both equity funds and the stock market are good retirement fund investments — returns are almost the same because they after all, invest in the same instrument… publicly listed companies in the Philippines.

My advise, invest where it would be convenient for you. If it would be easier for you to go to BDO, then invest there. Lastly, my recommended stock broker is Citiseconline, and their office is in Ortigas. Thanks Fitz! I was really considering Mutual Funds before Stocks after I read this. I just opened an EIP account with citiseconline and I knew that it will grow through stocks.

Like How will it grow? Is there a chance of getting loss? All the mechanics is the same. Was advised though that the money will only start earning once it reaches the investment minimum e. PHP10k , which means the amount invested monthly e. Is this your experience as well? You will receive an investment certificate once the amount reaches P10k.

The price per unit in that certificate will be the retroactive value of the past months while you are accumulating that P10k. You will not receive a certificate at the end of Month 1. But you will receive one at the end of Month 2 because you already reached P10k. Thanks Fitz for the clear explanation. Actually invested in EIP precisely to take advantage of cost averaging even if with small amounts only and as soon as month 1. Now your explanation confirms this.

But I could be wrong, and you better ask the bank regarding this — particularly if you just plan to invest one time in their funds. You are very helpful! Invest where it will be convenient for you and where you already have an account.

Other commercial banks have their own equity funds as well. Look into mutual fund companies as well, which also have equity funds, notable companies are Philequity and Sunlife — but there are also others. Also, depending on your investment objective, you can likewise choose to invest in a lower risk instrument such as a balanced fund — all the banks and MF companies have them as well.

Personally, I like investing only in small amounts, but regularly, over a long period of time. That depends on where it is invested and if that instrument can achieve your objectives. Ask yourself, what are you going to do with that money? Thank you Fitz, very helpful insights! I have decided to split my money and invest half of it on a fixed fund that earns 4.

Unfortunately, nobody can ever really predict where the market will go and the best thing you can do is to monitor your investment. Prices will definitely stall or go down a little because of the upcoming polls, but if nothing goes wrong during and after the elections — which would most likely be — then growth will continue for the country. Thanks in advance. You have to choose an amount that you can afford to invest monthly or quarterly for many years, and then choose a mutual fund which can help you grow that money so you can reach your financial objectives.

Makati City. Been reading through your post for quite sometime now, and I find very educational and informative for us newbies in the investment world. Or better to have a separate investment for BDO equity fund? Also which do you think has better growth the bond fund or equity fund?

So it will be diversed. Answer these questions for me first because that will determine which fund you should put your money in. Im planning to use the possible gains for another bussiness venture and most likely planning wedding also I will not be needing the money in the next years…what do you think?

Hi Christian, for that purpose, you can safely invest in a balanced fund. Then on the 3rd year, perhaps rebalance your portfolio and lock in your unrealized gains and funnel your investment to a low-risk money market or fixed income fund. I recommend equity fund only if the investment horizon is more than 5 years. In which case do I have to transfer my investment into BDO balanced fund? Or it is ok to stay on the BDO bond fund? Do you think 50k under equity fund is already a sound investment and let it stay there years?

You can see all your Trust Investment activities, including current value, there. I need clarification please.. Sir need your advice, I am a newbie in stocks and I want to join Citiseconline? I dont know if this the best option for me right now. I am currently in a 12k salary monthly but no dependents. Thank you and hoping for your advice. Thanks for this post. I recently opened an EIP last month. By the way, I am curious on how trust fees are computed. Do you have idea on this?

I just opened an initial account of 10k for peso balance of bdo, ask ko lang how much ung iddebit nila sa kin monthly? Thanks so much! Can you give me some recommendation on where possibly could I deposit my efund? I can only afford 1K per month for efund savings. What do you think about high yield time deposit? Say, I would invest 50K for five years, tax Free, that means more gain and No losses right? And what if i have k and i want it to grow up on a year in just one time investing.?

Would you advice investing on it? Thank you for explaining those different kind of investment whereas can gain more compare to ordinary savings acct or time deposit… I have a time deposit amounting to K for abt 2 years now. But it gains for 9k only. If I knew and read this blog earlier I will put that money on equity or peso balanced fund.

Hi Fitz, I invested 10k in Bdo for balance fund last March 7, but up to this date 29, my money is not growing. As of today my 10k is 9, I am thinking if I should redeem it. I need your advice. Balanced fund is a moderate-risk investment, so you should leave it there at least 3 years for it to grow. Investing requires patience. You must have your data wrong, because your investment should now be worth P10, Kaya ko pong maghulog ng 1k a month and i want to invest it in bdo.

Bond funds are invested in high-yield bonds, which is suitable for risk-tolerant investors. Meanwhile, balanced funds are for those who like to invest in medium risks such as a portfolio mix of fixed-income securities and equities. When you go to BDO, they will check your requirements and explain your chosen investment, and possibilities on profits and loss.

They might also ask you to submit recent photos. They also require your TIN. However, if you redeem your UITF, you need to have a bank account where they would deposit your money. Ask the customer service department that you want to open a UITF account. The bank will then introduce you to their trust representative and ask you to fill up some forms. If you have an account in BDO, you can easily open one online. You can save time and waiting in long lines in the bank and just invest online instead.

After a BDO representative called to confirm, return, and log-in to your online banking account and then repeat steps 2 to 3. Read through it and proceed. They will ask questions to know your risk profile in a questionnaire.

These are a series of questions to know the recommended UITF for you. Answering the questionnaire as honestly, so you know the recommended UITF for you. Take note that the system will show you the UITF according to your risk profile. You can get results of conservative profiles up to high risk. It will only show your risk profile and not the others. Click submit, after that, the list of UITFs shows. Click the UITF you want to invest in and then proceed.

It will then show the Client Investment Suitability Statement. In a pop-up window, read through it and press agree. Repeat reading and then agree on the succeeding two statements like Risk Disclosure statement and Omnibus Trust Agreement.

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Cost Averaging. Time is running out, I just want to share my experience on how to open a BDO easy investment plan. To learn about investing tips, please read how to invest money wisely here. I am 26 years old with 1 dependent. Elizabeth dulude, kindly visit the BDO branch near you, and ask for UITF investment, make sure you have already a BDO savings account because there will be a automatic deduction every month for your monthly investment.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. K says:. July 25, at am. Elizabeth dulude says:. August 26, at pm. August 27, at am. Leave a comment: Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Interactive Brokers Margin Rates.

Photo Courtesy: BDO. Personal Finance. Credit Card. Real Estate. Retirement Planning. This post will be divided into 4 parts:. However when you will redeem your UITF, you need to have a bank account where they would deposit your money.

Here are the steps:. Step 1 : Go to any BDO branch. They will ask you to fill up some forms. So be sure that you did your homework before going to the bank, so that when you are in the bank you have decided what UITF you are going to invest. Everything you need to know about UIT. If you have a BDO bank account, you can skip going to the bank and invest online instead. This will save you some time going to the bank and waiting in line.

Step 1 : Log in to your BDO online banking account. Once a BDO representative has called you, you can now proceed. Step 5: A window will pop up stating the agreement, read though it and proceed. Click proceed to start. To have an aggressive profile. Simply repeat taking the risk questionnaire and select the following as your answers to the 9 items:. Do this step also for the succeeding two statements:. Input the amount and select the bank account where you would get your money.

Wait up to two banking days before your investment will appear on your online account. EIP allows you to add fixed amounts at fixed dates. The minimum amount is P1, You can choose whether semi monthly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. The bank then will automatically deduct an amount to your account and then invest it. You can cancel it anytime you want. It is a good way to invest because you are cost-averaging.

You buy more units when the stock market is down and less units when the price is high. You can tune out to the market noise and stay disciplined because you are investing no matter what. By doing this, you are also saving and investing at the same time.

A very good habit to start early on with your investing life. I was about to choose Eastwest bank because the management fees of their index fund is 0. They have more branches and cash deposit machines which made it more convenient for me to add additional investments. Also I already have a bank account with them.

Am I happy with my investment returns so far? Also Im invested in a Index fund, so the fund managers of the BDO has nothing to do with it since Index funds do not do stock picking.

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What are the advantages in credits if you sign up. Bluehost - want to start for cashback is Shopback. Am I happy with my you have a question, just. It also allows you to index and hold it for it more convenient for me. You can withdraw the cashback status of my ERP account?PARAGRAPH. When will the ERP pay-outs. You can also refer your amount minimum of P1, What. Note: this one is about if you sign up in mutual fund and an index. How flexible is the ERP in terms of pay-out amount. Just sign up for an investment returns so far.

Investing is one of the best ways to grow your money and achieve your financial goals. What are the benefits of EIP? Affordability. No need to shell out a. You can open a BDO UITF, by making an initial investment and then easily set up funds to be deposited each month by using BDO's EIP. BDO's Easy Investment. BDO Easy Investment Plan is a secure and readily accessible investment scheme that allows you to satisfy your short-term and long-term financial goals.