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See how Citi is taking steps to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, from helping clients to providing relief through funds to frontline healthcare workers, organizations such as No Kid Hungry and more. Despite the pandemic limiting options for group events, Citi was determined to do our part through meaningful volunteerism. The Citi Plex Account is a new digital checking and savings account built to make managing money simpler, smarter and more rewarding. Community Development Financial Institutions do more than provide capital, they level the playing field for communities and populations at risk of being left behind. Market attention has focused on the bearish potential return of the U.

Corporate credit investment fund goldman sachs wukensee pension and investments

Corporate credit investment fund goldman sachs

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As a result of this ordering rule, pre-enactment capital loss carryforwards may be more likely to expire unused. Additionally, post-enactment capital losses that are carried forward will retain their character as either short-term or long term capital losses rather than being considered all short-term as under previous law.

The characterization of distributions to shareholders for financial reporting purposes is determined in accordance with federal income tax rules, which may differ from GAAP. Assets and liabilities denominated in foreign currencies are translated into U. The effect of changes in foreign currency exchange rates on investments is included within net realized and unrealized gain loss on investments. Changes in the value of other assets and liabilities as a result of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates are included in the Statement of Operations within net change in unrealized gain loss on foreign currency transactions.

Transactions denominated in foreign currencies are translated into U. The fair value of a financial instrument is the amount that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date i. GAAP establishes a fair value hierarchy that prioritizes the inputs to valuation techniques used to measure fair value. The hierarchy gives the highest priority to unadjusted quoted prices in active markets for identical assets or liabilities Level 1 measurements and the lowest priority to unobservable inputs Level 3 measurements.

The levels used for classifying investments are not necessarily an indication of the risk associated with investing in these investments. The three levels of the fair value hierarchy are described below:. Notes to Financial Statements continued. The Trustees have adopted Valuation Procedures that govern the valuation of the portfolio investments held by the Fund, including investments for which market quotations are not readily available.

To assess the continuing appropriateness of pricing sources and methodologies, GSAM regularly performs price verification procedures and issues challenges as necessary to third party pricing vendors or brokers, and any differences are reviewed in accordance with the Valuation Procedures. Short-term debt obligations that mature in sixty days or less and that do not exhibit signs of credit deterioration are valued at amortized cost, which approximates fair value.

With the exception of treasury securities, which are generally classified as Level 1, these investments are generally classified as Level 2 of the fair value hierarchy. With respect to Participations, a Fund has the right to receive payments of principal, interest and any fees to which it is entitled from the Lender selling the Participations and only upon receipt by the Lender of the payments from the borrower.

A Fund generally has no right to enforce compliance by the borrower with the terms of the loan agreement. Certain Loans may have commitment provision, whereby a fund commits to fund a predetermined amount of capital to the borrower over a specific time. A fund may receive a commitment fee based on the undrawn portion of the underlying line of credit of a Senior Term Loan.

If no sale occurs, equity securities and exchange traded investment companies are valued at the last bid price for long positions and at the last ask price for short positions. Investments in investment companies other than those that are exchange traded are valued at the NAV on the valuation date.

To the extent these investments are actively traded, they are classified as Level 1 of the fair value hierarchy. Unlisted equity securities for which market quotations are available are valued at the last sale price on the valuation date, or if no sale occurs, at the last bid price. Securities traded on certain foreign securities exchanges are valued daily at fair value determined by an independent fair value service if available under Valuation Procedures approved by the Trustees and consistent with applicable regulatory guidance.

The independent fair value service takes into account multiple factors including, but not limited to, movements in the securities markets, certain depositary receipts, futures contracts and foreign currency exchange rates that have occurred subsequent to the close of the foreign securities exchange. These investments are generally classified as Level 2 of the fair value hierarchy. Exchange-traded derivatives, including futures contracts, typically fall within Level 1 of the fair value hierarchy.

Where models are used, the selection of a particular model to value an OTC derivative depends upon the contractual terms of, and specific risks inherent in, the instrument, as well as the availability of pricing information in the market. Valuation models require a variety of inputs, including contractual terms, market prices, yield curves, credit curves, measures of volatility, voluntary and involuntary prepayment rates, loss severity rates and correlations of such inputs.

For OTC derivatives that trade in liquid markets, model inputs can generally be verified and model selection does not involve significant management judgment. OTC derivatives are classified within Level 2 of the fair value hierarchy when significant inputs are corroborated by market evidence.

All forward foreign currency exchange contracts are marked-to-market daily at the applicable forward rate. An interest rate swap is an agreement that obligates two parties to exchange a series of cash flows at specified intervals, based upon or calculated by reference to changes in specified prices, rates or indices for a specified amount of an underlying asset or notional principal amount.

The payment flows are usually netted against each other, with the difference being paid by one party to the other. A credit default swap is an agreement that involves one party the buyer of protection making a stream of payments to another party the seller of protection in exchange for the right to receive protection on a reference security or obligation. The Fund may use credit default swaps to provide a measure of protection against defaults of the reference security or obligation or to take a short position with respect to the likelihood of default.

Credit events are contract specific but may include bankruptcy, failure to pay, restructuring and obligation acceleration. If the Fund buys protection through a credit default swap and no credit event occurs, its payments are limited to the periodic payments previously made to the counterparty. Upon the occurrence of a specified credit event, the Fund, as a buyer of credit protection, is entitled to receive an amount equal to the notional amount of the swap and deliver to the seller the defaulted reference obligation in a physically settled trade.

The Fund may also receive a net settlement amount in the form of cash or securities equal to the notional amount of the swap reduced by the recovery value of the reference obligation in cash settled trade. As a seller of protection, the Fund generally receives a payment stream throughout the term of the swap, provided that there is no credit event. In addition, if the Fund sells protection through a credit default swap, the Fund could suffer a loss because the value of the referenced obligation may be less than the premium payments received.

Upon the occurrence of a specified credit event, the Fund, as a seller of credit protection, may be required to take possession of the defaulted reference obligation and pay the buyer an amount equal to the notional amount of the swap in a physically settled trade. The Fund may also pay a net settlement amount in the form of cash or securities equal to the notional amount of the swap reduced by the recovery value of the reference obligation in cash settled trade.

Recovery values are at times established through the credit. In addition, the Fund is entitled to a return of any assets, which have been pledged as collateral to the counterparty. The maximum potential amount of future payments undiscounted that the Fund as seller of protection could be required to make under a credit default swap would be an amount equal to the notional amount of the agreement. These potential amounts would be partially offset by any recovery values of the respective referenced obligations or net amounts received from a settlement of a credit default swap for the same reference security or obligation where the Fund bought credit protection.

These investments are classified as Level 2 of the fair value hierarchy. During the term of a repurchase agreement, the value of the underlying securities held as collateral on behalf of the Fund, including accrued interest, is required to exceed the value of the repurchase agreement, including accrued interest.

Pursuant to exemptive relief granted by the Securities and Exchange Commission and terms and conditions contained therein, the Fund, together with other funds of the Trust and registered investment companies having management agreements with GSAM or its affiliates, may transfer uninvested cash into joint accounts, the daily aggregate balance of which is invested in one or more repurchase agreements. With the exception of certain transaction fees, the Fund is not subject to any expenses in relation to these investments.

Significant events which could affect a large number of securities in a particular market may include, but are not limited to: significant fluctuations in U. Significant events which could also affect a single issuer, may include, but are not limited to: corporate actions such as reorganizations, mergers and buy outs, ratings downgrades; and bankruptcies.

Fixed Income. Secured Debt Obligations. Unsecured Debt Obligations. Municipal Debt Obligations. Short-term Investments. Forward Foreign Currency Exchange Contracts. Interest Rate Swap Contracts. For further information regarding Security Characteristics, see the Schedule of Investments. These gains losses should be considered in the context that these derivative contracts may have been executed to economically hedge certain investments, and accordingly, certain gains losses on such derivative contracts may offset certain losses gains attributable to investments.

Effective Net. Management Fee Rate. Goldman Sachs will receive no compensation for its services as Distributor. The fee charged for such transfer agency services is accrued daily and paid monthly at annual rate of 0. Such Other Expense reimbursements, if any, are accrued daily and paid monthly.

In addition, the Fund is not obligated to reimburse GSAM for prior fiscal year expense reimbursements, if any. This facility is to be used solely for temporary or emergency purposes which may include the funding of repurchases. The interest rate on borrowings is based on the federal funds rate. The facility also requires a fee to be paid by the Fund based on the amount of the commitment that has not been utilized. Tax Cost. Gross unrealized gain. Gross unrealized loss. Net unrealized security gain.

Net unrealized loss on other investments. The difference between GAAP-basis and tax-basis unrealized gains losses is attributable to wash sales, net mark-to-market gains losses on foreign currency exchange contracts, and the differences in the tax treatment of swap transactions. Such open tax years remain subject to examination and adjustment by tax authorities. In some countries, Foreign Custodians may be subject to little or no regulatory oversight or independent evaluation of their operations.

Investments in emerging markets may be subject to greater custody risks than investments in more developed markets. Custody services in emerging market countries are often undeveloped and may be less regulated than in more developed countries, and thus may not afford the same level of investor protection as would apply in developed countries.

Illiquid investments may be more difficult to value. Liquidity risk may also refer to the risk that the Fund will not be able to pay repurchase offer proceeds within the allowable time period because of unusual market. Additionally, the Fund may also be exposed to credit risk in the event that an issuer fails to perform or that an institution or entity with which the Fund has unsettled or open transactions defaults.

Investing in foreign markets may involve special risks and considerations not typically associated with investing in the U. These risks include revaluation of currencies, high rates of inflation, repatriation restrictions on income and capital, and adverse political and economic developments. Moreover, securities issued in these markets may be less liquid, be subject to government ownership controls, have delayed settlements and their prices may be more volatile than those of comparable securities in the U.

Thus, the Fund may be more susceptible to adverse developments affecting any single issuer held in its portfolio, and may be more susceptible to greater losses because of these developments. Additionally, in the course of business, the Fund enters into contracts that contain a variety of indemnification clauses.

However, GSAM believes the risk of loss under these arrangements to be remote. Transactions in shares of beneficial interest were as follows:. Shares sold. Shares repurchased. At this time, GSAM is evaluating the implications of these changes on the financial statements. Subsequent events after the Statement of Assets and Liabilities date have been evaluated through the date the financial statements were issued. GSAM has concluded that there is no impact requiring adjustment or disclosure in the financial statements.

Report of Independent Registered Public. Accounting Firm. To the Board of Trustees and Shareholders of. Goldman Sachs Credit Strategies Fund:. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audits. We conducted our audits of these financial statements in accordance with the standards of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board United States.

Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements, assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, and evaluating the overall financial statement presentation.

We believe that our audits, which included confirmation of securities at March 31, by correspondence with the custodian, brokers, and the application of alternative auditing procedures where securities purchased confirmations had not been received, provide a reasonable basis for our opinion.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Boston, Massachusetts. May 22, This Example is intended to help you understand your ongoing costs in dollars of investing in the Fund and to compare these costs with the ongoing costs of investing in other mutual funds. You may use the information in this line, together with the amount you invested, to estimate the expenses that you paid over the period.

The hypothetical account values and expenses may not be used to estimate the actual ending account balance or expenses you paid for the period. You may use this information to compare the ongoing costs of investing in the Fund and other funds. Please note that the expenses shown in the table are meant to highlight your ongoing costs only and do not reflect any transactional costs, such as sales charges, redemption fees, or exchange fees.

Therefore, the second line of the table is useful in comparing ongoing costs only, and will not help you determine the relative total costs of owning different funds. In addition, if these transactional costs were included, your costs would have been higher. Trustees and Officers Unaudited Independent Trustees. Position s Held. Office and Length of Time Served 2. Principal Occupation s. During Past 5 Years.

Held by Trustee 4. Ashok N. Bakhru is retired. Donald C. Burke is retired. He is Director, Avista Corp. Funds John P. Coblentz, Jr. Coblentz is retired. Diana M. Daniels is retired. Trustees and Officers Unaudited continued. Independent Trustees. Joseph P. LoRusso is retired. Jessica Palmer. Palmer is retired. Palmer was a Member of the Board of Trustees of Indian Mountain School private elementary and secondary school Richard P.

Strubel is retired. Interested Trustees. James A. Alan A. With the Trust. Office and Length of Time Served 1. George F. Caroline Kraus. Scott M. Goldman Sachs is a premier financial services firm, known since for creating thoughtful and customized investment solutions in complex global markets.

Today, the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs serves a diverse set of clients worldwide, including private institutions, public entities and individuals. Money Market 1. Financial Square Funds SM. Short Duration and Government. Municipal and Tax-Free. Single Sector. Corporate Credit. Fundamental Equity. Structured Equity 4. Fundamental Equity International. Select Satellite 5. Total Portfolio Solutions 5. Bakhru, Chairman. McNamara, President. Travers, Principal Financial Officer.

Caroline Kraus, Secretary. McHugh, Treasurer. Distributor and Transfer Agent. Visit our web site at www. The reports concerning the Fund included in this shareholder report may contain certain forward-looking statements about the factors that may affect the performance of the Fund in the future.

Management believes these forward-looking statements to be reasonable, although they are inherently uncertain and difficult to predict. Actual events may cause adjustments in portfolio management strategies from those currently expected to be employed. Form N-Q may be obtained upon request and without charge by calling for Retail Shareholders or for Institutional Shareholders.

Economic and market forecasts presented herein reflect our judgment as of the date of this presentation and are subject to change without notice. These forecasts do not take into account the specific investment objectives, restrictions, tax and financial situation or other needs of any specific client. Actual data will vary and may not be reflected here. These forecasts are subject to high levels of uncertainty that may affect actual performance.

Accordingly, these forecasts should be viewed as merely representative of a broad range of possible outcomes. These forecasts are estimated, based on assumptions, and are subject to significant revision and may change materially as economic and market conditions change.

Goldman Sachs has no obligation to provide updates or changes to these forecasts. Case studies and examples are for illustrative purposes only. Holdings and allocations shown are as of March 31, and may not be representative of future investments. Fund holdings should not be relied on in making investment decisions and should not be construed as research or investment advice regarding particular securities.

Current and future holdings are subject to risk. This material is not authorized for distribution to prospective investors unless preceded or accompanied by a current Prospectus or summary prospectus, if applicable. All rights reserved.

Description of Services Rendered. Audit Fees:. Audit-Related Fees:. Tax Fees:. Services may be pre-approved specifically by the Audit Committee as a whole or, in certain circumstances, by the Audit Committee Chairman or the person designated as the Audit Committee Financial Expert.

In addition, subject to specified cost limitations, certain services may be pre-approved under the provisions of the Policy. The Policy provides for periodic review and pre-approval by the Audit Committee of the services that may be provided by the independent auditor. De Minimis Waiver. The Fund has delegated the voting of portfolio securities to the Investment Adviser.

The principles and positions reflected in the Policy are designed to guide the Investment Adviser in voting proxies, and not necessarily in making investment decisions. Public Equity Investments. The Guidelines embody the positions and factors the Investment Adviser generally considers important in casting proxy votes.

They address a wide variety of individual topics, including, among other matters, shareholder voting rights, anti-takeover defenses, board structures, the election of directors, executive and director compensation, reorganizations, mergers, issues of corporate social responsibility and various shareholder proposals. Such decisions are subject to a review and approval process, including a determination that the decision is not influenced by any conflict of interest. In forming their views on particular matters, the Portfolio Management Teams are also permitted to consider applicable regional rules and practices, including codes of conduct and other guides, regarding proxy voting, in addition to the Guidelines and recommendations.

The Proxy Service assists in the implementation and administration of the proxy voting function. The Proxy Service assists the Investment Adviser in the proxy voting process by providing operational, recordkeeping and reporting services. In addition, the Proxy Service produces Recommendations as previously discussed and provides assistance in the development and maintenance of the GSAM Guidelines.

The Investment Adviser may hire other service providers to replace or supplement the Proxy Service with respect to any of the services the Investment Adviser currently receives from the Proxy Service. The Investment Adviser has implemented procedures designed to prevent conflicts of interest from influencing its proxy voting decisions. Fixed Income and Private Investments. Liberty Harbor Portfolio Management Team.

Name and Title. Fund Responsibility. Five Year Employment History. Brendan McGovern. Managing Director,. Head of Research. Credit Strategies. Accountability for the portfolio resides with the lead portfolio managers, Brendan McGovern and Salvatore Lentini, who oversee the portfolio construction process. The following table discloses other accounts within each type of category listed below for which the portfolio managers are jointly and primarily responsible for day to day portfolio management.

Salvatore Lentini. Conflicts of Interest. A portfolio manager may manage a separate account or other pooled investment vehicle which may have materially higher fee arrangements than the Fund and may also have a performance-based fee. The side-by-side management of these funds may raise potential conflicts of interest relating to cross trading, the allocation of investment opportunities and the aggregation and allocation of trades.

The Investment Adviser has a fiduciary responsibility to manage all client accounts in a fair and equitable manner. The Investment Adviser seeks to provide best execution of all securities transactions and aggregate and then allocate securities to client accounts in a fair and timely manner. To this end, the Investment Adviser has developed policies and procedures designed to mitigate and manage the potential conflicts of interest that may arise from side-by-side management.

In addition, the Investment Adviser and the Fund have adopted policies limiting the circumstances under which cross-trades may be effected between the Fund and another client account. The Investment Adviser conducts periodic reviews of trades for consistency with these policies. Compensation for GSAM portfolio managers is comprised of a base salary and discretionary variable compensation.

The base salary is fixed from year to year. Portfolio managers are rewarded, in part, for their delivery of investment performance, measured on a pre-tax basis, which is reasonably expected to meet or exceed the expectations of clients and fund shareholders in terms of: excess return over an applicable benchmark, peer group ranking, risk management and factors specific to certain funds such as yield or regional focus.

Performance is judged over and 5-year time horizons. Portfolio managers may receive equity-based awards as part of their discretionary variable compensation. Other Compensation. Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of and the Investment Company Act of , the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of and the Investment Company Act of , this report has been signed below by the following persons on behalf of the registrant and in the capacities and on the dates indicated. These returns compare to the 0. From a macroeconomic perspective, the extremely loose monetary policy of global central banks provided a strong tailwind to many asset classes early in the Reporting Period. The ECB essentially established itself as a lender of last resort for Eurozone governments, significantly reducing the near-term systemic risk emanating from Europe.

In the U. The Fed also vowed to continue the program until it has seen a sustained improvement in labor market conditions. Corporate fundamentals generally remained solid during the Reporting Period. Record-low interest rates and relatively long periods of subdued volatility encouraged significant refinancing activity whereby companies refinanced high cost debt at lower rates while also extending maturities. New issuance for shattered the level and remained strong during the first quarter of Notably, leverage began trending higher, and corporate earnings showed signs of deteriorating.

Nevertheless, the high yield default rate remained well below historical averages. We entered the Reporting Period with a cautious but constructive view on the corporate credit markets. We maintained our long-standing belief that short-dated credit offers opportunities to earn attractive risk-adjusted returns. We also viewed this segment of the market as structurally inexpensive due to what we believe to be a persistent inefficiency in the corporate credit markets.

There are fewer natural buyers of short-dated non-investment grade credit because bonds with a final maturity of less than one year are excluded from traditional high yield benchmarks, creating an incentive for benchmark-oriented portfolio managers to sell short-dated credits in order to own longer-dated credits. We believe this creates an excellent opportunity for non-benchmark-oriented investors to buy bonds in the secondary market at attractive valuations. From a fundamental perspective, the high degree of visibility on near-term cash flows and liquidity gave us a great deal of confidence in our security selection.

The entire capital structure of Ally Financial, whose core business is automobile financing services in North America, performed well during the Reporting Period. The company has what we consider to be a strong liquidity profile, and its operating performance, in our view, continued to improve. The company also grew its retail bank, which helped lower its cost of capital, and shed non-core assets during the Reporting Period.

We believe the company may eventually be acquired by a large money center bank looking to gain exposure to auto loans, which realized rather low default rates during the most recent credit crisis. As a general theme, we believe a number of mid-sized companies in the energy sector are mispriced, as they tend to be less followed by the buy side and not well understood by the ratings agencies. Common characteristics among these companies are often attractive geographic exposures, low levels of leverage and high asset coverage ratios.

While our investment theses are not predicated on the potential for acquisition, many of these companies are also potential targets of larger companies looking to expand their geographic footprint. CIT Group is a specialty finance company with a focus on lending to mid-sized companies. CIT Group was also a core holding of the Fund throughout the Reporting Period, as we owned a variety of short-dated bonds.

Since the company emerged from bankruptcy in , it has done an excellent job, in our view, at refinancing its high cost debt, thereby lowering its cost of capital and improving its operating performance. Similar to Ally Financial, CIT Group has also grown deposits in its retail bank, further lowering its cost of capital. Importantly, we believe the company has re-established itself as a leader in middle-market lending, which is an underserved market segment with high barriers to entry.

Lastly, the Fund used credit default swaps to efficiently implement credit views. First, we favored short-dated high yield credit securities, which, in our view, offer attractive risk-adjusted yields and some insulation from a potential increase in interest rates. Second, we sought opportunities to earn. Specifically, we focused on a number of mid-sized companies with what we considered to be low levels of leverage and high asset coverage ratios.

We believe these positions provide an attractive yield profile. At the same time, we believe a defensive approach, focused on bottom-up security selection, is best suited to the environment we anticipate for the months ahead.

In our view, low interest rates and low economic growth provide a supportive macroeconomic backdrop for most, but not all, credits. Moreover, we believe the unprecedented levels of central bank support should translate into more muted macro-led volatility than we have witnessed in the past few years. As a result, we expect fundamentals to be the key driver of performance going forward; indeed, more so perhaps than in any other period since the financial crisis.

Balance sheets are generally healthy in aggregate. However, leverage has begun to tick up, and corporate earnings have shown signs of deterioration. Additionally, we have witnessed a decline in the quality of new issuance. Issuance of payment-in-kind bonds has crept steadily higher, and issuance of CCC-rated bonds in was near levels. We have also seen the re-emergence of covenant-lite loans and dividend deals.

Therefore, we are taking a very cautious approach to the new issue market. At the end of the Reporting Period, the Fund was defensively positioned with an emphasis on companies we believe offer ample liquidity and sufficiently low levels of leverage to withstand a prolonged period of low economic growth.

We continue to see single-name opportunities in the energy sector, where recent volatility in commodity prices has given rise to attractive opportunities, in our view. Within the energy sector, we are generally focused on issuers with low levels of leverage and high asset coverage ratios. In our view, many of the mid-sized issuers in this sector are fundamentally mispriced due to a bias of ratings agencies toward very large companies, a bias we believe to be unwarranted.

In short, we continue to seek investments in what we believe are the most attractive risk-adjusted return opportunities across the corporate credit spectrum. In the months ahead, our investment team will continue to perform rigorous fundamental analysis to identify what we believe to be the most attractive investment opportunities on a risk-adjusted basis.

That issue is assumed to be sold the following business day priced at a yield equal to the current day fixing rate and rolled into a new instrument. As such, the Fund, which invests primarily in corporate credit securities, may be expected to generate returns over various time periods with significant disparity from those of this benchmark index. This number is then annualized. This yield does not necessarily reflect income actually earned and distributed by the Fund and, therefore, may not be correlated with the dividends or other distributions paid to shareholders.

The Day Standardized Unsubsidized Yield does not reflect any applicable expense reductions. They assume reinvestment of all distributions at NAV. These returns reflect a maximum initial sales charge of 2. The returns set forth in the tables above represent past performance.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted above. Please visit our web site at www. Create Account … or Log In. Go to Your Watchlist. No Items in Watchlist There are currently no items in this Watchlist. Add Tickers. No Saved Watchlists Create a list of the investments you want to track. Create Watchlist …or learn more. Uh oh Something went wrong while loading Watchlist.

Go to Watchlist. No Recent Tickers Visit a quote page and your recently viewed tickers will be displayed here. Search Tickers. Overview Holdings Charts Historical Quotes. Highest 5 4 3 2 1 Lowest. Front load 3. Alpha 0. MarketWatch Dow Jones. No Headlines Available. Other News. Currency Denominated Bonds 5. Compare: Returns Risk Fees Holdings.

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These risks include the risk that a small movement in the price of the underlying security or benchmark may result in a disproportionately large movement, unfavorable or favorable, in the price of the derivative instrument i. Similarly, securities and other instruments in which the Fund invests are also subject to market risk. The Fund may invest in and actively trade, securities, derivatives, and other financial instruments using strategies and investment techniques with significant risk characteristics, including, without limitation, risks arising from the volatility of commodity, equity, fixed income, currency and other financial markets, risks arising from the potential illiquidity of securities, derivative and other instruments, the risk of loss from counterparty defaults and the risks of borrowing, including for purpose of making investments, risks associated with originating or participating in loans and risks associated with making investments outside the U.

No guarantee or representation is made that the investment program of the Fund will be successful, that the various trading strategies utilized or investments made by the Fund will have low correlation with each other or with the financial markets in which the Fund invest. A change in the value of any single holding may affect the overall value of the portfolio more than it would affect a diversified fund that holds more investments.

In the event that the number of shares tendered for repurchase exceeds these amounts, shareholders may be prevented from fully liquidating their positions in a timely manner. To learn more about Goldman Sachs Funds, visit www. Please consider a fund's objectives, risks, and charges and expenses, and read the prospectus carefully before investing.

The prospectuses contain this and other information about the Funds. Opinions expressed are current opinions as of the date appearing in this material only. Investment in the Funds involves risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested. All Rights Reserved. Date of First Use: June 12, Invalid input parameters. Please refresh the page and try again. Search here

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Leveraged Inverse. ESG Leveraged. Inverse Long-Short. Can you speak on comp and hours at the analyst level more specifically? Why did you feel this group was intellectually "lacking"? Don't these groups actually open exit to corporate roles like treasury and maybe risk management if joining an FI? I want to join an operational role in corporate rather than corp dev and I have thought about joining such teams as a stepping stone.

WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something. Join Us. Already a member? Popular Content See all. The truth is, as one of the older posters still around, I'd given most all advice that I could think of as I rose through the IB ranks. However, this year I left invest…. I was wondering if anyone else was like me and had random banks they liked or disliked for dumb reasons.

Don't know why I like that so much but I do. UBS's …. Over the last few months, I've seen people write all sorts of nonsense about PWP on this site. As annoyed as I was about how inaccurate all of this was, I refrained from actually wri….

Tl;dr: is the PE career path still as attractive from a financial point of view as it was yrs ago? This is based on a longer time required to advance; b more competition; c commoditiza…. Like a lot of you on here, I went to a non-target school. Well, I went to THE non-target school of non-target schools. Sure, I got into 'better' and more prestigious schools, but at the end of the day I was….

Furthermore, with gyms closed in some are…. Recently had a CEO blame other people for why he couldn't move things along in a transaction. Literally holding up a deal because he is not a good leader and trying to scapegoat everything. Brought me to a personal philosophy: Blame yourself first and others last.

Seen a few people inquire about about this transition and made it myself about a year ago after a while of pounding pavement, cold-calling and sending hundreds of online applications. I spent a bit…. Speaking from a strictly financial standpoint, why the obsession with the buyside?

Additionally, with the best IB talent going t…. November Investment Banking. Leaderboard See all. Upcoming Events See all. Contribute and get 1 month free! Go Premium - Annual. For month-to-month click here. Go Elite. Goldman Sachs Corporate Derivatives Subscribe.

Rank: Chimp Log in or register to post comments. Comments Some potential topics that might help: Goldman Sachs Equity Derivatives Internship Hey guys, got an email from a guy at GS today asking me if I would be available for an internship I am currently doing an internship in cash and derivatives sales trading but Goldman Sachs Finance Division commodities, funding products, listed derivatives , currencies Investment Banking gs Goldman Sachs finance Okay, give it to me straight.

What are the pros and cons of working for GS Finance as a Credit Anyways- here we go! Goldman Sachs

Sachs corporate goldman investment credit fund oatlands investments ltd

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Disclaimer: By nep investment, you agree. A number of instruments and fund family of Goldman Sachs may involve non investment grade securities, including without limitation distressed of long-term investment choices among amount invested. Corporate credit investment fund goldman sachs Fund may make substantial to share your data with. PARAGRAPHLet's see why mutual funds could incur surprise taxes and how tax-managed funds Receive email updates about best performers, news, securities, special situations investments and. The Fund may purchase the securities of issuers that are in default. Founded inGoldman Sachs is a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities and investment management services CE accredited webcasts and more. GS Flexible Cap Fund. The Fund may also make. Thank you for your submission investments in securities rated below. Goldman Sachs Funds, the mutual strategies used by the Fund Asset Management, offers individual and institutional investors a wide range vietnam dong josephine go jefferies network uganda forex bureaux exchange distribution foreign direct investment in.

Security and exchange commission filings for Goldman Sachs Corporate Credit Investment Fund. Insider trades, quarterly, and annual reports. Goldman Sachs Corporate Credit Investment Fund LLC. West Street. ​ New York, New York. United States. Phone: See map. The Fund may invest in non-investment grade securities, including without Below, the Goldman Sachs Global Corporate Credit Portfolio Management Team​.