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Johns Church God her life in Olive Township ficiating. Burial was In last 47 years at present farm home. Maple Grove Mausoleum. Burial years. She was born Dec. She was mar 27, , In St. He died ried Oct. Johns; seven grchildren Shepardsvllle. Heller, 78, E.

Cavanaugh Road, Lansing, died Wednesday at a Lansing hospital. William Heibeck Funeral services were Satur day at 11 a. Mrs Heiler had been a resident Clinn County all her life until she moved Lansing two years ago. Rev Far Edward J. Kersten, OSA from Chicago ficiated. She was married Alfred Pedersen May 6, ; he died Dec. Johns area. Joseph Catholic Church, where funeral services will be held this morning at 10 o clock. Burial will be in Ml.

Rest Cemetery. Burial was In Riverside Ceme tery. Funeral services will be Fri day at 2 p. Burial will be In South Bingham Cemetery. Johns; four sons, Kenneth, Lawrence Ronald St. Johns; a sister, Eva Boron St. William Schafer Reg. Scha fer, 62, life-long resident Pewamo, died unexpectedly Jan. He was a member Holy Name So ciety. Clinn Phone Funeral services were at St. Simply come in select a dress from our large selection winter dresses pay original price for one you select.

Johns " 4. Guaranteed washable. Hundreds lovely colors. Sp in for your color guide book. Johns won p. He has had lung surgery. Mrs Betty Mead Park Lake cisions. Mrs C. Karon Martin has missed about three weeks her schooling during her illness, but reports are that she Is recovering.

That evening y call had a bulge at half. Johns began pulling away. Co-operative at Smith Hall Sat urday. Leonard family Midl. Personal fouls spelled dif Bott h a d 29 points lead Per ference as Ovid capitalized on ry s scorers. It was Fowler s fourth vicry 34 personals by Perry while com Score by quarters: against one loss Ashley s mitting only 14 mselves.

The number was great enough for an Ovid fourth loss without a win. They Jumped f a quick lead at end most game, leading at first quarter held quarterly half Perry staged a big rally in third quarter which advantages in each period. His team at end third quarter. They have a rec feats.

Dennis Love was Ovid s big ord. Sealed Power has a gun throughout game. He col mark while Bumble Bee s lected 27 points during night, Clinn Tracr are each At half igan D League lead, but Friday quarter. Tracrs clipped margin Potterville upset Fowler at end third quar for ir first league vicry in ter. Both teams scored 10 in last period. Potterville 5 upset Fowler Potterville led most way, holding a lead at end first quarter, at half, at end third period. Fowler outscored Potterville in last quar ter but was never really a threat.

Teams will be chosen this Saturday morning at second weekly session basketball les sons competition being spon sored by St. Johns schools. Swears said boys in fifth, sixth, seventh eighth grades are welcome, wher y go St. Johns public or parochial schools or rural or out--wn schools. Micka sank 16 field goals dropped in 14 ol 21 free throws score 46 points, snapping Lar ry Kelley s polnt mark set last year.

They outscored Elsie in that period but It was not enough pull game out ol fire. Vance Irrer 6 each. Seventh eighth graders will play from until noon. Each session will consist ol about 20 minutes instruction from coaches, followed by choosing teams play ing games. Swears said an at tempt will be made organize teams that will be permanent for season.

Ou owe yoursell a journey at wheel this great new mor car. Many p'ople tell us it is Cadillae's great new over all styling. Ors suggest that it is striking heautv its wide Iront end. Still ors are high in ir praise Cadillac's thoughtiully planited interiors with greater spaeiousness anti a wider ehoice ol superbly tailored fab rics. And finallv, re are tht se who declare no car can match this new Cadillac for smoothness c uietness operation.

As soon as you drive this finest Cadillacs, you find that Cadillac's entirely new frame its beautifullv poised suspension make moring restful relaxing as never before. Michigan Ave. Company Lansing, Mich. The Bees were troubled early In last period as Beavers closed gap three points, but three straight baskets by Bath put game away. Pair hpoint games Joseph Hicks paced Pot terville with 12 points each.

DeWitt held a lead at end first quarter, but n Laingsburg exploded take a lead at half y were never behind again. DeWitt outscored m In third period, but Laingsburg rebound ed outscore Panrs in last stanza sew up game.

Jim Dalman paced DeWitt with 22 points. Knight led Tracrs with 11 points, while Hub Waite scored Miller s used two big quarters first third squeak by Sealed Power. They led at end first quarter, but n dropped back trail at half. A point burst In third period put m out in front stay; Miller s led at start fourth quarter, enough s u r vlve a Sealed Power Rally In late stages.

Ry Ott continued his high scoring with 26 points. Jim Proc ter scored City Schedule JAN. Dale at p. Look at It this way. Figure out cost manhours work that go In planning cultivation your crops. Take In consideration value acreage Itself. Then see if It doesn t make sense use a better fertilizer for a bigger yield Now is time be thinking your spring fertilizer needs, re are still a few more weeks get ready, but why not come In now get lined up on fertilizer you will be needing SAVE with our Railroad St.

Phone r. Johns Ovid as county bowlers compete for priz es at same time contrib ute fight against birth de fects. Each time y bowl in league competition during two-week period, bowlers are eligible enter urnament. The scores y make In ir regular league play are used In comparison with or bowlers In urnament. To enter urnament, bowlers use average In league In which y are bowling.

Bowlers who qualify for area or state roll-f bowling must n use ir highest league average as Dec. Johns Tri-Ami Bowl at Ovid. Johns ward A1 Werbish sweeps under basket for a reverse layup two points against Charlotte F'riday night. Johns In local gym. It was Redwings doing as much as Charlotte s.

Failures from free throw line spelled Both teams had free throw op difference; St. Johns made portunities missed m in only attempts while as clock continued tick. This throws that killed Wings. Johns did each, while Bob Lux had Berkhousen led St.

Johns with i 18 points, nine m in I The loss dropped Wings in third quarter. A1 Werbish played a tie lor lead with Greenville. Charlotte ran in Anderson 10, Doug Lundy 7 he foul trouble as a team early, but had 11 rebounds , Dennis free throws wouldn t go In Springer 3.

Both Johns spurted ahead be shot 52 times made 22 shots fore lapsing back a lead for a. The difference at end first quarter. Bill Sirrlne put in St. Johns first field goal in six minutes play at mark, at A1 Werbish put Wings back in front. It was n before Werbish can ned a jumper from corner at last second give St.

Johns a halftime lead. Area winners in area roll-f at Gratiot Lanes in Alma in Feb ruary will receive two portable TV sets, twoam-fm table radios several transisr radios. Four women six men from St. Johns will compete In area roll-fs. Johns Furniture; plant planter from Woodbury at Remus.

Patrick 70, Webbcrvllle 68 The St. Charlotte trips Jr. Wings Berkhousen began find range from p circle in third quarter, St. Johns fast break worked nice several times. The Wings built up ir biggest lead game after three minutes play. THEN cooled f rapidly, Orioles rolled back tie game at with 50 seconds left in pe riod. Johns rebounded Three players hit in double led going in last pe figures for St. Johns in ir riod. Ors adding finally ok lead with point tal were Brian Swatman left in game.

Fouls be with 3 points, Ry Humphrey gan hurting St. Johns critically, with 6 Elwood Self with 5. Rogers hit 14 points lead way, with broken. Orth Tatroe, proprier St. Johns urnament, or prizes will go regional state winners. Portl led at end first quar ter, at half, at end three quarters. Riley Quinn led Portl with 19 points. High scorer for Bath was Chet McGonigal.

Man s mission on earth Is make a living It s surpris ing how few experts re are. Penney Co. They pointed out that bowlers ers may enter as many times as y bowl once each week for as many leagues as y bowl in. The Bowlettes lead Hillbilly look over a tableful prizes be awarded bowlers in 9th 4 by 9 points. Or first night bowling in sec league by seven points. Ed Ka leads First Nlghters aft series were rolled by Keith ond half.

Charles Weber Heathman s had a Clinn Area game series Mon polnt--a-half lead over night last Thursday, getting an day night take those honors. The Fear series. Dorothy Wood Thel less Four had a high game ma Bedell each had a high series. Strohs had a series. She rolled a game for first place In Ten Pin high series.

Genny Platte was Kegler s race after last Wed. The Rose game series with scores game lead over Warren s Insur ok scoring honors last Wednes Johnson, Seamstress team, which Gladys Schueller ance in City Classic League day with a high game leads league by one point, had a high game, while El after last Thursday. Dan Smith roll had high team game se sie Dickinson rolled high Lounge, in ninth place, had a good ed a game Allen Tiedt ries with Kate series Mobil Gas is Hanses Fedewa Builders con game series scores league leader.

Richard s Dairy had high team game series F rlday with scores For women Lois Chant had a high game, Marge Scholze had a best series. Richard Zapoll had best day for men with a game series. Capoll also rolled a game, while Rollle Dunkel had a Ernie Pardee had a game. Neller s Service had a high game, while Legion Club had a high series. Ronald Motz rolled highest single game while Bob Cart wright had a series. Mayor Jack Smlt presiding.

Invocation was by Mr Edgar McLaughlln. Clinn, be made a deposiry City St. Roll call, carried unanimously. Ordinance No. Dad delivers own child Dad delivered his own sixth child Saturday, far, mor baby girl are doing fine. Files bankruptcy Admits larceny from building John F. Bond St. Judge Leo Corkin Jan. People who Insist on exceeding Caesar was charged with taking speed limit are always on shotguns food from a building verge a smashup. The ft must live. Andre Glde occurred Oct.

It shall be unlaw by was born on M near HagaCommlssloners present: Smlt, There being no furr busl- ful for any person under dorn Road with far s help. Cordially Invites You p. Annual Meeting ees for beautiful Christmas '"'ns provide penalties hours eleven o clock p. No person shall an, or or person having escape injury nlcipal League announced 41st operate a mor vehicle up- legal cusdy control Congress Municipal League public street or any pub such minor, or unless such A car hit rear end a being held in July from 24th City St.

Road, Lansing, was ticketed for a dinner meeting In Mt. Egbert, 31, Cincinnati, rommksinn Visions this Ordinance, up- ent, guardian or or person Ohio, said truck s electrical 15, , commlsslon. Flares fuses supported that Ordinance No. Jones car ran from Production Credit In back truck, how be passed, published placed prisonment.

On roll call, motion car Section 3. Severance Clause. The provisions this Ordi main. Orab, Ohio, traveling with prohibited in section I. After dis this Ordinance shall for any Use I up 5-year "intermediate term him.

Motion cision shall not affect refor. Section III. Johns reasonable length time un west Main. Melvin was not equipment On roll call, motion validity any part. Section 4. Effective Date. Motion made supported publication as required by case a minor. Section IV. No minor shall ments be awarded, price gas Passed, ordained or be placed In confinement un oline A new car trade-in.

See it drive at Bee s ment. Aumatic transmission, liquor license. Any minor violat power steering, power brakes, deluxe radio, heater defroster. Reso City Clerk nance shall be proceeded Good white wall tires. Drive it On roll call, motion car tires, radio heater.

Fawn color. A real gas miser. Will make Jones Farm Emorys Karen, a ried unanimously. Resolution Passed, ordained or some one economical transportation. January, woski Henry Skopek, N. Clinn Avenue, be approved for E. Smith St. I hereby certify that butterfat In days two- foregoing is a true copy times-a-day milking. Daily Except Sunday Phone M.

Congratulates Winners Clinn County D. Trophies Clinn county con be proud its outsting dairymen dairy cows. City Manager Ken Greer got telephone calls from a number persons, telling him that signal light was on that water wer was not full any more.

It was turned on for first time Saturday night, coincidentally at same time attempts were being made fill tank. That was reason for rusty water; pump pressure had been Increased fill tank at same time normal amount water was being used. The re sultant Increase In pressure stir red up rust that lies in water mains. Phone XHE attempt at filling wer was not successful because workers at FederalMogul expansion project used a large amount additional water Sunday, lowering level In tank.

Greer said wer will be filled again next weekend so that samples can be taken next Mon day for analysis by State Health Dept. If analysis proves safe, as it should, wer will be used for a city flush ing program. Greer said flushing program will mean fre quent periods rusty water, but It will be done at night mini mize rust. He said flush ing will be spped at 3 a. Ready go! Come in drive it. A new car trade one owner car.

Stard transmission, blue vinyl trim, carpeted floor, blue exterior, white wall tires, seat belts. See it drive it at Bee s Used Cars. Stard transmission, radio, heater, economical cu. Real good transportation. See it sion, drive it at Bee s across from Eberhard s. Johns, Michigan. In Masonic Temple, with approximately 45 nembers In attendance. All but wo ficers were present. The treasurer s report was also read placed on file. It vlll be used carpet Lodge?

Dolores Bar rone, worthy maitron, announced that re will lie Ian Initiation, Jan. She announced committees In charge chicken dinners be served monthly up Including May. The first series will lie held Saturday, Jan. In Masonic Temple. Tickets maybe purchased from members Radlant Chapter or St. Johns Lodge No. The dinners will all be held on third Saturday each month, ending with May 15 dinner.

Three vestrymen were elected nine-member governing board St. John s Episcopal Church at annual parish meet ing held In church Sunday eve ning. The ficers organiza tion for coming year were Installed. A Feb. Evening devotions were given by Mrs James Boyce. A dis cussion by group followed.

NEXT, a meeting was held announcements were made. They are that annual church meet ing with a potiuck at will be held Jan. Johns, 4-H hicraff that. Rev Eldon Raymond, now at Bad Axe, has accepted a call leaders meet church here. A meeting all county 4-H hicraft leaders will be held He will move with his family, at p. Monday, Jan. He ment program answering attended Asbury College.

Mrs Alden Livingsn, a past presi dent, will act as advisor fi nancial matters. Gaudy Wight St. The open house will be held at St. Joseph Social Hall from 7 9 p. Relatives friends are invited. Peters Luran Ladles Aid governor, who spoke oncom held ir meeting, Jan.

Following dinner, devotions The announcement Lin were started by singing a coln Day Banquet gave place hymn. Pasr Schlefer used as Congregational Church in Epiphany me for devotions. Johns, tlmeasfeb. The speaker will be William The meeting, which was attend Minikin, lieutenant governor.

Missionary League, gave a de scription mite box covers. Gets DAR award good citizen It was decided that women give ir service ward lunches after funerals, when asked. A motion was made carried move shuffle board school basement. The pasr closed meeting with tienedlction.

Corkln, Charles Lynam James Williams. Earl Haas Samuel Serrell were re-elected by vestry as senior junior wardens church. Ralph Lynam was chosen for anor term as sec retary-treasurer. The president announced a new member at large. Miss Mary Gumaer, Ovid. The or mem ber at large is Mrs Andy Cobb, who has been a board member who will assist program chairman. Instead, two so izen DeWltt High School.

Sunday, Jan. One will be held, Jan. The or will be held, Feb. Members will bring ir good wishes that evening. Miss Horvath has been accept ed at Lansing Community Col lege. A planning committee com posed parents friends children in special education has outlined a series programs designed clarify what is meant by special education its re lationship school com munity. Johns, siieclal education rooms.

The two boys, aged 9 March 18, 8 p. This will Saturday. Chen, parents children onspe- be interest not only as it re Iclal education; Janice Maier, lates slow-leaner but al The boys are sons Mr ' teacher mentally retarded, so high school students who Mrs Kenneth Buell, ; type B; Gertrude Buehler, school are not Interested in furr Pershing Drive, Lansing. Mrs ', nurse; Ann Brlgantl, visiting schooling. Buell Is former Elizabeth teacher. Fritz, programs have been or- cussion job opportunities 72, Lansing fered simd ganlzed based on enthusiastic sheltered workshop, by Mrs out a hole for m fish in.

Lear Woodhaven; a report. A question box will be follow-up study children who The boys, Douglas, 11, have graduated from special Dennis 9, laid on ir smachs, ; placed near door. They discipline; a visiting T ing include: "skated him Fritz s cottage.

Special Education Program, ed by a hicapped child. Guild members plan card party with husbs St. Rita s Guild St. Joseph Altar Society met Thursday eve ning, Jan. The rosary was led 15 mem bers present by Mrs Tom Falvor. A meeting followed. A card party for guild members ir husbs was planned for Sunday evening, Feb. Re freshments were served. The next meeting will be held Thursday evening, Feb.

A Stanley party will be held at this time. Election ficers will be held at a meeting Clinn County 4-H Council at 8 p. Monday at home Don Walk er, extension agent for 4-H club work. Johns at corner Scott Hyde roads. Also on agenda Is a report on district council activities, a review past year plans for future. THE ST.

Johns, y re now comfortably housed at Lewis Street. Jeff Martin, son Mr Mrs R. Mar tin Elsie. A wedding date has not been set. Parishioners heard annual re ports from ir recr, Rev Hugh E. Margaret s Altar Guild. A late sum mer wedding is planned. Johns address. They moved here recently from Lan sing are living at N. Oak l Street. He is employed by Lansing Co. Residents knowing ar rival newcomers St. Johns community are urged notify Mrs C.

Jenkins, city hostess, who lives at E. Park Street , so that she can Introduce m services features St. Mrs Jenkins provides Clinn County News with information used in this col umn, so sooner she is able visit newcomers, sooner will our subscribers get know m through se items. By MRS. Since , he has been president Osaka Christian College Theological Seminary, a position which he was elected by board trustees, composed mainly Japanese.

Less than 1 per cent a popu lation nearly ,, pro fess name Christ. The pop ulation is ambitious welleducated. A great harvest re mains be gared. Founded by a Japanese nation al missloiwry In , Oski college his grown from a smi'l Bible training school with five or 10 enthusiastic youig people a government-accredited college a semln -y with over stu dents a faculty 46 pres sors.

The Rev Mr Snider will tell his work re. PotSparrow Hospital, Lansing. He weighed eight xiunds loounc- luck will be served at noon. Bing ham Grange will furnish hot dish es. Rochester Colony Sehlke is employed at Oldsmoblle in Lansing.

He formerly was a policeman at Gr Ledge. The former St. Johns young people are receiving Clinn County News at ir new address. Prospect Street. WacuMa At Jan. Mrs Dorman read poem at meeting, 23 members that were present. Yellow tapers completed As. Nineteen stuffed ys, Gr Rapids hospital. A classes at Fuln quilt, also made by ladles, was given a missionary family.

Adult classes in agriculture The special fering resulted in will begin Monday, at 8 p. The program for five families in foreign missions. This new program will supply many new kinds information Green stamps are still being about your farming business.

All saved may be turned in farmers are invited attend this Mrs Donald Penlx. All ladies were urged invite someone next meeting in order learn about mis sionaries, ir families, ir needs. Earl Haas Samuel Serrell. Have You Met? Will ing Workers Circle will serve lunch. Program is be given by Wacousta Circle. Co-hostess is Mrs Vicr Mlsner. Devotions will be given by Mrs Ona Watson. Fuday family.

Mr Mrs J. Fuday en tertained several couples for cards Sunday evening. Richard Rosier, Eagle mall carrier, was ill with flu last week. Fred Tebbetts was an occupant a car which was involved in a two-car accident at corner State Road Granger Road Sunday afternoon.

He reportedly suffered head lacerations. Mrs Harrison plans spend a couple months with Mrs John Sll. Mr Mrs Lester Garlock Sr. Byrl Garlock Is In St. Lawrence Hospital, Room for tests treatment. Recreation survey returns are slow Recreation Direcr Roger Ko walski has begun tabulation on returns a recreation depart ment survey blank sent out sev eral weeks ago 90 St.

Johns residents. The blanks are being return ed slowly, Kowalski asked that those who haven t returned irs please do so. The sur vey will need as complete a re turn as possible in order be effective, he pointed out. A prac tice for modeling was n held. Refreshments were served games were played. At February meeting re will be a potiuck a white ele phant sale. Main Street United Church Mon day evening for ir annual potbefore showing a movie on luck.

Water, food sanitation After dinner, a welcome facilities are very necessary, he was given by president, Mrs said, that shelter must Bruce Wiegel. She n introduc have some form air-intake. She is a manikin that is used Sherry Crippen, accompanied for Instruction purposes. Rose Zammarron Jean Smith sang a duet. Pearl Street, Ovid, died by Holfacker Mole.

She attend narrated as he went along. On Feb. Mr Mrs George Goetze ing here from Chapin. She was have left spend some time at also a resident Flint r many years. Punta Gorda, Fla. Waldo Richards. Mr Mrs K. Mrs Leon Waltz has returned troit; 11 grchildren six home after spending several days great-grchildren.

Mrs A. Phelps attended day at 2 p. Municipal Building InSt. Johnson Sers ficiating. Burial was in Coy Cemetery near Chapin. Cuteka By MRS. The sermonette pic Rev Adams was The Camel. During Sunday School hour an installation Sunday School ficers was held.

Teachers were Introduced audience by each taking part in installation service. On Thursday Bible Study will meet at 10 a. Cherub Sunday School choirs have prac tice at 7 p. Chancel Choir at p. Twenty women were present for first meeting New Year. Plans money making projects were discussed.

When refreshments were serv ed, Mrs Eakins was surprised with a birthday cake. Mr Mrs Roger Shutes are parents a baby girl, born Jan. They have named her Tracy Lynn. Both mor daughter came home on Sunday. Their son Scott, spent from early morning until late evening with Mr Mrs Gordon Waggoner, day his new sister was born. They also called on Mr Mrs Dennis Shatford.

Miss Nora Beebe. Johns Sunday afternoon saw Shutes new baby daughter, Tracy Lynn. Reports on individual projects were made. Mrs Robert Rlsley received recogni tion for earning most money on her projects. After supper y returned Hauns for a social evening.

Mrs Uhrlck is recuperating from recent surgery. Kincaid District Mrs Porter C. Roger Hardenburg visited in Harold Hoerner home Sun day evening. Saturday, Mr Mrs Ot club pledges. The group planned a roller Dickinson attend e d gr skating party Curtis Thayer opening Maynard Allen volunteered get an engage bank at Sunfield.

Johns Saturday night Mr Mrs Don rink. He has reported party Sullivan Donny, attended a will be held Thursday, Jan. All 4-H at Gr Ledge. Mrs Grace Sul members are invited attend. Club Member. The next meeting at school Farm Bureau meet will be held Tuesday evening, Feb. Conley Jrs. Tuesday at p. Miss Tanner will sail for Chile, Feb. Anyone Interested in hear 1 n g about this work is invited.

She is company s Mich igan representative. Mrs Pettit has six children, Lila L. The Woman s Di tian Service was observed vision Christian Service has Wednesday evening in Metho set goals for this anniver dist Fellowship Hall with guests sary observance at a 25 per cent from neighboring Methodist increase in membership Churches Duplaln, Chapin, pledge giving.

Display tables were arranged Bannister. Mrs Sidney J. Keys, a charter with scraplwoks, pictures, sou member, served as program venir programs, commemoration chairman. She spoke when platers, calendars church organization encompassed related periodicals four former Ladles Aid Society churches. Free literature aid Home Foreign Missionary in future program planning was also available for ficers.

Beery, sang a group hymns, years. Mrs William Baker spoke on negro spirituals modern se purpose work lections with Jennifer Keys as ac Wesleyan Service Guild which companist. Prior meeting, Mrs was recently organized in El Charles Flzzell played a prelude sie church. Mrs R. Parks Mrs ter mem'ber from Duplaln Clifford Geiger served on re Church, recounted ir accom ception committee presented plishments last quarter permanent corsages several special guests including presi century.

Easn Elsie. Mrs James Dorman, now a now in India. Cobb, re The serving table was centered minisced about early meet with an anniversary cake made by ings many changes that Mrs Tethal. In her closing remarks, Mrs American Mor. Who is She? Far Fox ficiated at ceremony. A reception for newlyweds was held at St. Joseph Parish Hall in Pewamo from noon 4 p.

Perry Hogan reportedly re ceived severe injury his wrist, while working with a saw at his farm home. At present he is a pa tient at Ionia Memorial Hos pital. Joseph s Hall in Pe free. Whitney, underwent surgery at Blodgett Mrs Bonny Garlock. Devotions Mr Mrs Gene Downing. He is a bror will be given by Mrs Ona Wat Over guests were present. Simon Kraft will give program.

Lansing, Ionia, St. Rev Ed Jan. Kersten, visiting priest hostess. Many from this area attended Mulliken. Chicago, said Mass. Mr Simon was a bror NorMrs D. Allen Saturday. Mr Mrs Edward Droste afternoon. Mrs Philip Schlska. Is a former Pewamo teacher. Johns Monday. WHEN y reached Florida, an aumobile, arranged through courtesy a mutual friend, was ready for ir traveling pleasures. Their round--state ur in cluded St. Among places y visited here was Cypress Gardens.

Reaching Jacksonville after encountering almost perfect wear, y boarded ir plane for home. Mrs Hawes returned her duties at Knight Elementary School with post cards seashells for her fifth graders. The testing demonstration was closing feature a talk by Capt. George T. Warner Greater Lansing Special Police. For his talk, Warner drew from his more than 36 years ex perience with Lansing police department, past five which as a member Special Po lice.

They must be well Informed train ed. Mrs Stanley Kldas introduced speaker Mrs Warner who accompanied her husb. Mrs Paul Plainer presided over meeting. It was decided sponsor a film, Without Shadow a Doubt, dealing with harmful effects smoking.

A cancer film will also be shown as part this community service, tentatively scheduled for March Everyone is welcome re will be no admission charge. MRS A. The serving table was centered with a miniature Highway Patrol truck a pair pisls, rep resentative Police Depart ment. Mrs Harry Grenlund will be chairman for Jan. They saw latter couple f for a vaca tion in Florida. Mrs Edith Bond spent holi days with her children in Lan sing.

Mr Mrs Sidney J. They also spent evening with Mrs Dor othy Kaspar. There were 22 persons in at tendance, consisting members ir families. After a gift atchange afternoon was spent sewing knitting. Howard Whitaker served as in stalling ficer. Bill Smith as marshal, Leonard Tlllotson as chaplain. Ward Lewis as secre tary, Mrs Luman Hall as organist.

Lewis Plainer has a record 29 years in fice treasur er. A cake lopped with Masonic emblem centered serving ta ble. The new ficers will take over affairs lodge at ir first meeting this year, Tuesd. State police said thieves made f with chairs, two record players, a hot plate, a case milk, a file cabinet containing school records, sports equip ment or minor items.

Two doors were forced open gain entry building. It was sixth time in recent months that schools in OvldElsie area have been broken in. Mrs John Woodbury gave devotions. For remainder eve ning a srk shower was held for Mrs Raymond Kindel. The February meeting will be held at home Mrs Maynard Beck. Mr Mrs Dorrence Patter son St. John E. Svend Ericksen -? Svend Ericksen and Kari Nilsdatter were married in in Lom.

Aerial view of the Jevnheim farm, in Skjaak, Oppland, Norway. Lars and Brit met at this farm. The home with the yellow arrow pointing to it was built in by Ole Pedersen Jevnheim. Kari s family pedigree is connected to royalty sooner than Erick s is. Lars was born 15 Sep in Lom to a hermit named Hans who lived far up in the mountains at a place that was thought uninhabitable named Hvamsaether. As Lars grew up he left the mountains and moved to a farm called Reppen, which at that early date also included Sperstad, Hosar, Kvale, Marlo and Nedro.

It is unknown who his mother is. But the father is known as Hans Hvamsaether. Eventually Lars Hansen became the farm manager husman and only a small tract lof land. He married Anne Andersdatter in It is not known if they had any children. One of the workers that worked for Lars as he managed the farm was Marit Boje Johansdatter or Jonsdater. She is listed in the Census as living on the Husnaes Farm as a Losgianger which means a vagrant, vagabond, and tramp.

Lars never married Marie Boje. But 10 years earlier she was on the Reppen farm and conceived a child with Lars Hansen out of wedlock. Lars s wife Anne continued to raise the child. Brit's parents were also second cousins to each other. Perhaps this is the reason they were never married.

The Census lists the following people living in the Jevnheim farm, 15 years before Peder s birth. Amund was 56 and Britta was Amund s first wife Marit died sometime between and There is no record of any children together. Amund remarried his servant that was living in the animal barn further up the hill, named Britta Toresdatter.

Britta Thoresdatter was a milkmaid on the Jevnheim farm and bore 9 children with Amund from to Syver immigrated to Eau Claire, WI in at age Their son Peder Eriksen b. Peter worked at the saw mill in La Crosse and is listed there in the census. They immigrated to Wisconsin in When Gunhild, their last child was born, Amund, the father was 73 years old.

Amund died when Gunhild, was four months old. Brit Toresdatter then married Amund Andersen b. Here is a list of the most direct path, of the dozens of paths that extend back to the Kings of Norway. Potatoes had been the predominant crop since the days of Ole Jevnheim in the s. The ranching has been done on the farm for centuries, expanding each generation.

However, the farm needed more land to have a more plentiful harvest at the end of the year to feed the animals. This shortage of land was always a problem on the Jevnheim farm. Listed below are all the known owners of the farm from the first days of farm records until Britta left the farm. They had 4 children: 1 Per Jevnheim Olsen who married Gunhild Jakopsdatter and inherited the farm.

Neither of the parents are listed on the census, so we assume they were deceased by that time. The farm went to Peder. Peder was married to Sigurd Erlandsdatter. While on the farm the current owners descendants of the same Jevnheim family showed me pictures in their barn of other family members that came to America.

They are: 1 Marith Skamsar married Gulbrand Erickson. Lars Olsen b. Ole b married Ronnaug 4 children in North Dakota c. Tore married Maren Jacobsen on 7 Feb in Lom. They had 6 children in Vernon Co. Ole Traastad was the first person from Skjaak to immigrate to America. He got a job in Wisconsin, being recruited by his cousin in law Lars Ericksen. His prospects for a bright future in Norway were limited by the unfair social class in Norway, and the fact he had ten brothers and sisters.

Lars mother Liva remarried in to a farmer on the Ophaasen farm by the name of Ola Torsteinsen. They had a child born 15 Sep by the name of Ola Olsen. Now there were 12 children. Lars' home on the Ophassen farm now included all of Liva's children from both of Liva s marriages, and both of Erick Svendsen s marriages.

Lars grew up with a very complex family structure. He had 3 half brothers and 1 half sister from his dad's first marriage, and 1 half brother from his mom's second marriage. Combined all 11 of his siblings had a range of birth years from Lars no doubt, experienced overcrowding more than most.

He left Ophaasen in , at age It has been claimed by Lars grand daughter Laura, that Lars met his wife on the Jevnheim farm, when he started working there about At the time Britta, his future wife was only 10 years old. The Jevnheim farm is located on the shores of the Otta River and extends into the mountains. Only a narrow strip along the river is tillable. The rest of the farm land is too mountainous or has too many trees.

At the farm Lars worked beside Britta Pederdatter - his future wife. He was hired on as a tree grubber and lumberjack. That is, he chopped down trees for a living, his future wife Britta probably assisted in someway. Little did he know that that very skill would prove useful for him in immigrating to Wisconsin.

Childhood of Britta When Britta was born, her parents were 2nd cousins to each other. They had no intention of getting married. They both worked on the Jevnheim farm since birth, and both descended from the earlier owner Peder Jevnheim Pedersen. Since Britta was born outside of wedlock, and no marriage was to occur, great shame feel upon her mother. At this time, women were generally blamed for rape or incest. In cases like this, when no wedding was to be performed, and the father and mother were closely related, usually the mother would leave the community before beginning to show in her pregnancy as to avoid family shame.

Marit, Britta s mother, however, did not. Not only was Marit age 29 10 years older than the child s father, but the mother was always accountable by law for such sins. It was still customary in Lom in to stone the woman who bore a child outside of wedlock on the first two Sundays after the birth of the child. This happened to Britta s mother. Although it was very rare for a woman in Norway to be born while she was not expecting a child, due to Norwegian inheritance laws, if she bore the child out of wedlock intense persecution and ridicule followed.

It is hard to imagine how complex all of these family relationships were on the Jevnheim farm for young Britta. Because her father and mother abandoned her, she was raised on the Jevnheim farm by her aunt Gunhild, only 12 years her senior. By the time Britta was born 5 of 7 of Gunhild s older siblings had all died.

Gunhild, starting at age 13 had the burden of caring for Britta, almost from birth. This was very typical of many American immigrants, they came to escape their bad reputations. This plan of escape would become a reality for Britta, and many in her family.

Life would have been filled with the normal trials and adversity on a daily basis on this tiny Jevnheim farm, in a very poor economy in Norway, but when all of these other complicated issues of family disgrace are added to the mix, getting away from Jevnheim perhaps was the dream of Britta all her life. No doubt, when she saw Lars, who began to work on her farm in as a tree grubber, move to America a couple years later she became green with envy. Lars got his chance to go to America, when would her chance come?

Many friends and relatives that had no jobs or farms were relocating to the area surrounding Coon Valley, Wisconsin. Here land was cheap and very unpopulated. Evan's letters home, which highlighted the similarities of the hills and valleys to Norway's landscape enticed hundreds more from Gudbrandsdalen Valley to the area. But most importantly, coming to America was the chance to move up 2 entire rungs on the social ladder.

For Lars, coming to America he could jump all the way up to "land owner" status, obtain greater freedom and get voting privileges. Being a "land owner" became the great American Dream. In America he would no longer have to sleep with the cows and chickens in the barn like he did in Norway. He could live a lifestyle like the Norwegian land owners did.

Lars' determination led him to pursue research concerning moving to Wisconsin. Lars Erickson first came to America in as a 24 year old young man. He came to work for the advertised lumberjack jobs in the Timber Country he heard about from the article in the paper by Evan Olsen Guilford in late Lars could have been considered a lumber jack in Lom, because he had been used to grubbing the trees.

There was also a saw mill in Lom that was established by the time he was living there, which he may have worked at. Grubbing meant chopping the trees down, clearing the land, and removing the roots from the soil so planting could occur. Lom was timber country, and the only possible way to expand profits was get more land - grubbing was the answer.

However, what was needed in America was grubbing and sawmill jobs in the Timber Country in Black River Falls, Wisconsin for wood production. The goal was a product of processed wood, instead of a cleared land as it was in Norway, but the process was the same. He is known as Lars Almeland on only two occassions. The first was in when he immigrated to Wisconsin for the first time, and secondly according to the official records of immigration at Hamar, when he left again on February 11, with his wife.

There is no record of him by any of his names immigrating a second time into America although we have ample proof he was back in Norway from to It is also known, that no Lars with any last name that immigrated from Wisconsin to America from when Lars is known to have been in the USA is known to have come.

I have checked the boat registers of every ship, and none are close to a person born around Why he went by the name of Almeland may be significant. There is no farm that I have found by the name of Almeland that exists in Norway. So Almeland must have had reference to his profession. When translated, the word Alm in Norwegian means state of good general health and the word land in Norwegian means agriculture.

It can easily be construed that this had reference to Lars profession as a tree grubber. Departure from Norway Lars s baggage was a brown trunk with Norwegian rosemaling engraved upon it. It also contained all his clothes. This trunk is now in the possession of Lars great grandson Bruce Rognan Lars took a sleigh from Lom to Bergen, which was about a three week ride in the snow-covered foot hills of Oppland.

Ole Johannsen was the captain of the ship. The small ship took 7 full weeks to cross the ocean, arriving on July A great source of information about this voyage comes from Lars Brye, related to Lars Ericksen through marriage. Although the two men named Lars did not travel together, Brye s story across the ocean a few weeks later is very descriptive of what Ericksen s journey must have been like.

Wisconsin in was a rugged prairie, part of the untamed Western territory. This began a lifelong relationship with Lars and the Brye family that extended across both continents. The Brye s left their farm home in Hallingdal and went by sleigh to Drammen, a week's journey, arriving about three weeks before the sailing from outside of Oslo.

During this time they' were busy getting their food supplies and other belongings ready for the long journey. They had to provide their own food, and the bread was baked twice so it would keep better. The bread that was left from their supply when they arrived in America was just as good as when they left Drammen. They had been told to provide food for a fifteen week trip.

The sailing vessel "Drafne was under the command of Captain Egelberg. Over the North Sea the weather was very stormy. Spring whales played around the ship in huge schools. For four days they could not hoist the sails and the waves washed sand and gravel over the deck. After passing Scotland the weather was beautiful and remained so over the entire Atlantic.

The Captain was a pleasant and friendly person. Every day the passengers were encouraged to come up on the deck to inhale the fresh air, and every Sunday morning they were asked to assemble on the deck while he read the Holy Gospel for the day. After 10 weeks Lars trip only took 7 weeks of sailing they arrived in New York, transferring to a small steamer which carried them up the Hudson River to Albany.

From Albany to Buffalo the journey was made in an open canal boat drawn by oxen and mules. The canal trip took about 8 days. From Buffalo to Milwaukee was a long journey by steamboat. Three months had been consumed in the journey from Drammen to Milwaukee. The last portion of the journey was made on foot from Milwaukee to Muskego, about 15 miles southwest of Milwaukee, Since there were no trains yet to La Crosse area, Lars most likely would have taken a steamer up the Mississippi, probably walking to Galena, IL.

The journey was made on foot, following Indian trails and took several weeks. They were early pioneers, and always had a great relationship with Lars and Britta. Since so much involvement between the two families occurred a brief history of the Brye s is given, Their children were: 1. Ragnhild Brye? She never got married, she kept house for the family when the mother died when she about In and , there was crop failure and Ragnhild made bread from the inner bark of trees.

Johannes Knutson Bry married Margit Reinton Inherited his father's farm which in turn was inherited by his son and grandson, the present owner, Knut K. Johannes, the second child, had seven children of which four came to America. Margit Bry? Clemet T. Thompsen , Strum, Wisconsin. Margit died November 18, of blood poisoning. Lars Brye took a job working at the saw mill working for Mr. Perry in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. He was also involved in the logging and would work on a steamboat that transported lumber on the Mississippi River south to St.

Paul, Minnesota. He and Lars Erickson traveled back and forth between Wisconsin and Norway on at least one occasion together. Gunhild s first husband Ole Skamsar Olsen b. Pastor Stub. Kittle was Lars s business partner. Kittle and Gunhild are both buried at Portland, Wisconsin. They had no children, but adopted Lars and Britta as their own. He came to Coon Valley in and she the year before. He died at his daughter's November 16, , 81 years old. Anne died June 7, They are both buried near Arcadia, Wisconsin.

She came to Coon Valley in and lived with her daughter, Mrs. There Thompson Kari in Sparta, Wisconsin. She died December 26, Their 5 children were: 7. Kari Bry ? Knut Brye? Peder Bry? Ingeborg Bry ? She came to America in They lived in Flandreau, S. Lars J. Bry ? Lars was the only child born in the USA. When Peder Brye cousin of Lars, not the son 10 listed above arrived in Muskego, Wisconsin, he was smitten with fever and ague, which rendered him almost helpless for months.

However, he joined other immigrants in a journey to Coon Prairie. He spent several years as a clerk in a store in Viroqua and also occasionally ran lumber rafts down the Mississippi. In he settled in Coon Valley and took a prominent part in organizing and managing the affairs of the town of Coon.

The neighboring town of Christiana, composed of 4 townships, was divided in , and one of the new towns became the town of Coon and was composed almost entirely of Norwegians. When the time came to elect officers, there was no one among them who could speak English except Peder Brye. Peder was elected chairman; treasurer; assessor and superintendent of schools. He held those offices until , when they had reached the point where they could take care of themselves.

He played a prominent role in the development of the area. He was more than just the preacher on Sunday. He was completely involved in the early Norwegian pioneer s problems and worked diligently to improve the quality of life. He was also a tour guide, and the agricultural county agent. His parish extended hundreds of miles, covering all of South-Western Wisconsin. It was an area of over square miles. Pastor Stub started in Muskego. Muskego, the first Norwegian settlement in Wisconsin.

It was a low, swampy place and there was much sickness amongst the people, particularly cholera. It was the Stub who prompted many to go northward to Coon Valley and Black River Falls for employment to get away from the sickness. They walked 25 to 30 miles a day, through Koskonong and the southern part of Wisconsin and crossed the Wisconsin River at Packet.

There were no roads at that time, only the Indian trails and they waded over the streams and rivers with their belongings on their beck. As more settlers came with him to Coon Valley, Pastor Stub s stewardship consisted only of the Coon Prairie congregation, which then was about 25 miles long, together with the 20 mile long Coon Valley with its three smaller congregations. It included nearly all of the western half of Vernon County together with a part of.

When Lars first arrived in Vernon Co. He always had a deep admiration for the Indians, and likewise trained his children to do the same. Lars uncle s family, the Brye s, talk about a time in that they had their log homes put up right by the Indian teepees. This was in Coon Valley, where Lars lived from.

But far to the south and north were beginnings of other settlements and these asked him to visit them regularly. Already that year when he came West Prairie congregation, 20 miles southwest of Coon Prairie, was organized. Just about as far south[east] lay the Kickapoo settlement and here he organized a church about at the same time. In the northern part of La Crosse County lay several townships chiefly settled by Norwegians. Here he organized La Crosse Valley congregation and Lewis Valley congregation in and Half Way Creek congregation in There were strong influxes of people from Coon Prairie far north into Trempeleau Valley, and about 75 miles north into Jackson and Trempeleau counties.

Pastor Stub visited these children of his parish in the new homes many times, and founded in the Trempeleau Valley church and in the Beaver Creek church. Nearly all of these congregations later became mother churches for many other large churches and about 20 Norwegian pastors now serve the same area which Pastor Stub served alone in the 's.

In addition to these named places where he conducted regular services, he also made occasional mission trips to many other places even as far as into Goodhue County, Minnesota. He travelled over steep ridges and across deep valleys where no one yet had thought of building bridges; in snow and on impassable and wild roads for the pioneer cabins were small and far between.

But what man bothers about such things when he is 35 years old and happy in his work? He could as his successor, Pastor Harstad declared: "How wonderful it is to wear oneself out in God's service! Pastor Stub, perhaps more than anyone else made the Norwegian Pioneers feel rooted to their community.

He gave them a sense of belonging, and support for each other. It is hard to imagine what might have been the result if these Norwegian Pastors did not move to America, and provide such temporal and spiritual service. History of Native Americans in Wisconsin Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President, was convinced that once the Indians saw our steamboats, our stoves, our machines of agriculture, our clothing, and our medical advances, they would clearly see our European upbringing was superior to theirs and they would assimilate very easily into our culture.

However, nothing could be further from reality. They did not want our lifestyle. They did not want our technological advances, they enjoyed the spiritual relationship they enjoyed with mother nature and wanted to preserve that for their descendants. But acting on our European assumptions, the Northwest Ordinance of established the procedure for the settlement of the Northwest Territory, of which Wisconsin was part.

These ordinances called for expansion with the decent treatment of the American Indians. This was designed to be the rule regarding U. Indian policy. However in the vast majority of cases, expansion took precedence over decent treatment of the Indians.

For Wisconsin, the establishment of the Northwest Ordinance marked the end of the preservation of the land for the Indian nations and the fur trade. Also the Northwest Ordinance demanded that schools be established in each settlement, and that the Bible would be one of the books in the school library. This second part of the Northwest Ordinance also seemed to be ignored in subsequent decades.

Beginning in the U. The government forced the Sauk and Fox tribes to cede their claims to all lands in Southern Wisconsin. Jacob became very involved, and went to testify before Congress concerning this unfair practice.

He had seen the new site for the reservation in Nebraska and knew it was inadequate for their needs. This article shows the bias the white man had towards the progress of the native Americans and making them civilized. All of these lands, and the years they forfeited their property is on the accompanying map. Since the late 's, the US government's strategy was to encourage negotiation with specific tribes rather than tribal confederations, which enabled the government the gain concessions by playing off one tribe against another.

The United States wanted to avoid having to deal with unified opposition or a confederacy that could strengthen the resolve of weaker groups to resist American offers. The Treaty of Prairie du Chien had a profound impact on American Indians living in Wisconsin, because the Indians had in essence signed away their land. I recall how Chief Decorah came through the valley with his followers on their way to summer camp up the valley.

When they came to my place, Chief Decorah would step aside and have his tribe go past him in review and when they had passed, he would go in to my wife and get his little treat. Invariably he would do the same on his return to the river in the fall. Lars Erickson was always supportive of the Native American Indian. It was his belief these treaties were unfair, and that the Indians were being victimized - a belief that was carried on very strongly among his children, and grandchildren.

Lars employer, Jacob Spaulding also forged a wonderful friendship with the native Indians, which continued to his death. Jacob made trips to Washington, D. In the U. Spaulding visited the Nebraska land and from very careful examination of it became satisfied moving the Indians there was but another name for extermination. Knowing his great influence with the Indians, the U.

Spaulding replied: "I am poor, and need money badly; but you never saw money enough to induce me to be false to my Indian friends. His ancestry in America goes back to Edward Spalding, who immigrated in All three tribes were in the lands Lars would eventually occupy in Wisconsin. There is no doubt, that the Norwegian immigration which flourished in Wisconsin from occurred primarily due to the lumber industry.

It provided the jobs and wealth for unskilled Norwegians to build a life for themselves. Jacob came to the Black River Falls area with the Mormons, and established a sawmill. Later Spaulding a Methodist , bought out his partners and developed other interests in the community. Overland Indian trails were so narrow travelers were forced to walk single file. But because of the great lumber traffic, the area between Black River Falls and LaCrosse became prosperous. He sold much of his property to Mormon settlers who were part of the Lyman Wight Company.

Mormons built about log homes along the banks of the Mississippi River along a creek which is still known today as Mormon Coulee. A deal was made with Mormon leader, Joseph Smith, that if they provided the wood for the Mormon Temple, The Nauvoo House, and other various residences, they would be given the Maid of Iowa steamer as their salary for the years they worked the timber.

However, when the prophet Smith died, in June the deal was declared null and void by new leader Brigham Young, and this group of Mormons had to flee. Since none of the new immigrants from Norway were willing to pay for the log cabins, the Mormon leader Lyman Wight had all 50 log cabins burned to the ground. This Mormon group then moved to Texas and became known as Lymanites and went to their graves despising the Brighamites of Brigham Young.

When the Mormons evacuated, several of their settlement sites were not burned, and these bacame inhabited by Norwegian immigrants who took their place. The Kirkeby's were one of those families who settled in the area at that time.

The other family was the Oyers Oiers. The Oyers Knut Brye s wife was Kari Oyer purchased most of the land however and established a mill there. Both the Kirkeby s, and Oyers were directly descended from the initial group of Norwegian Immigrants from the ship Restauration, that moved from Norway to New York in , to Illinois in , to Muskego in , and to Coon Prairie in When the Mormons left, Spaulding had to purchase a keelboat about 60 feet in length to carry supplies to the Falls.

Spaulding was a great pioneer and entrepreneur. He built the saw mill picture at right , he established the first school in Jackson County in , in his old boarding house. Religious services were conducted in the Shanghai House in by a Methodist minister, and are considered the community's first religious element.

His business enterprises included surveying, real estate, justice of peace, lumber and gristmill and general store. Spaulding's ad in the first issue of the Jackson County Banner in August, stated; "hard times can not stop the 'Old Pioneer. This was clearly a win-win: great for Norway and for Wisconsin. This meant that Jacob Spaulding now had European markets for his pine lumber. It meant he had to figure out out to transport this wood from his mill to Norway.

He called on the Brye brothers Knut and Lars, who had been logging in the Midwest to assist. This was now going to be a big business and he needed extra help. In the book Brye Family Reunion, p. Clearing the land of timber was an arduous task, and for this purpose he went back to Norway to recruit some helpers. On this trip, Lars Erickson accompanied him.

Two facts make this assumption most realistic. Knut called on Kittle Brye, his cousin, and other relatives to help him. Gunhild had been a widow of Ole Skamsar Olsen. Former reports of the diseases in Muskego, Wisconsin had curtailed immigration. Now that Knut and Lars Ericksen were providing first hand accounts of the wealth and beauty in Coon Valley immigration there accelerated. Just exactly what Knut did is unclear. It is known he did recruit his brother Kittle, who married Britta a aunt Gunhild.

From these early connections several dozen people came to work for Spaulding in the lumber and sawmill. They laid claim to the land and had squatters rights. Knut became a foreman at the sawmills and became very wealthy in the Pine Country. He used his money to finance friends and relatives to immigrate to America. It can safely be assumed that Lars was saving money to bring over his family as well. Now, all the ingredients were in place for more massive immigration to Wisconsin to take place.

No one is listed before Lars left from Lom Parish. Lars Olsen was born on the Jevnheim farm. This confusion over immigration dates is discussed later Britta eventually married Lars Ericksen. John immigrated in , and was related to Britta through her mother and the Skamsar farm. John b. He was a third cousin to Britta. He became Lars uncle s brother. He is the cousin of the Lars Knutsen Brye b. Gunhild and her husband Ole were both descendants of Peder Jevnheim, making them second cousins.

They also had a son Lars Larsen Ramstad b. Related to Brit. This is a very similar situation to Brit Pedersdatter who the church records show she got married in her hometown of Lom, 2 years before she was married. She must have returned to Lom and never gone back to the states. Peder s mother Marith Skamsar was a second cousin to Brit Pedersdatter b.

Lars Erickson and Brit and their family made several trips to Eau Claire to visit them. Their brief genealogy is listed. Their 3 children were born in Norway: 1. Johannes Volden [b. John is also located in the De Soto area. Kari Volden [b. Nils Volden [b d. Kari Volden who left Lom in wrote about the poverty. When Kari arrived she worked for Torger Thoreson and when his wife died he married Kari and Torger had 6 children and were neighbors of Lars and Britta in Wisconsin and America. Lars brought back copies of this book on his recruiting trip.

Brit must have got very enthused as they read about Wisconsin, One guidebook that was very popular in the Lom area was called "The Emigrants Handbook and Guide to Wisconsin" written by Samuel Freemen in , and revised regularly.

This Guide Book was so complete one could conduct the entire relocation process referring to the book while still living in Norway. The guide book included agricultural information on maximizing all kinds of crops in Wisconsin and listed the wages that farmers were providing for farm help, a brief sketch of the history of each settlement, statistical tables concerning climate, table of ocean routes from Oslo to New York or Boston, and even train schedules from the East to Wisconsin.

It also contained valuable information concerning the plentiful jobs in the pine forests of the Black River in Wisconsin. Other Norwegian-Americans who needed helpers or laborers would also advertise. The book provided other needed information for emigrants on making all preparations necessary for the trip.

As exciting as reading the book might be, it was not the book that won over people to move to Wisconsin. It was endorsements by relatives that generally preceded an actual move. We can imagine what such letters contained.

One account recalls: "Coon Valley's steep hills and fertile valleys struck early immigrants with it's beauty and it's similarity to Norway, prompted enthusiastic letters home, urging others to follow" Norwegians in Wisconsin, State Historical Society of Illinois, Motivation for Norwegians to go to America was not for reasons related to religious freedom, as was the case with many other early colonial settlers in the USA, and the sloopers of the first Norwegians on their ship The Restoration.

Most Norwegians were motivated to get a job and get out of poverty. There was little room for more farmers in over-crowded Norway and plenty of room in America. Life in the "Land of Opportunity" of America seemed like the right change at a time when the poor from the overcrowded farms in Norway had no opportunity in Norway. The timberlands and mill towns of Wisconsin gave these immigrants ready employment, but the majority were seeking land.

This was Lars s plan. He would go back to Coon Prairie and Black River Falls and work in the timber, and grub trees, and then after awhile he would have enough money to buy a farm for himself. Departure of Lars and Britta Why Lars did not return immediately to Wisconsin, like his partner Knut Brye did, is a matter of speculation. When Lars choose to get married, Britta immediately became pregnant, so perhaps they waited for the baby to come. It is also possible that Lars needed a break after 9 years of such arduous work in the Wisconsin forests.

On April 7, Lars married Britta in the Lom church. Lars was 32 when he got married to Britta, who was only They were renting a very small house, up the hill on the Jevnheim hill, at the Jevnheim farm. It is also possible they were staying on the Fallingen Farm or the Ophaasen Farm. We have no way to verfify. We do know that their first child was born on 31 January , named Liva after Lars mother.

She was known as Liva Larsdatter, having the same name as her grandmother. When Lars returned to Norway, he purchased some farm equipment and animals to support his wife and baby. When the time was right to immigrate Lars was willing to do whatever it took to make the sacrifice to get his own land. When it came time for them to leave, Lars and Britta held a family auction in which all of the farm animals and equipment he owned, and all of the extra clothing, and materials were sold.

I have seen the archives of the official auction announcement Lars and Britta left everything else in Norway behind except one trunk for their food and clothing. This auction was advertised in the newspaper in May They said their sad farewells to family and friends, knowing they would never again see their loved ones again. It was painful leap of faith, without any guarantee that things would work out on the other side of the ocean, but it was Lars and Britta s best option.

They knew it would not be easy, but hoped it would be worth it. No doubt as they left Norway, both doubt and faith occupied their minds. Immigration Data There are different sources for the immigration date of Lars and Britta arriving together. Yet despite the conflict of the three sources, not a single listing of an immigrant ship containing Lars b.

Immigration Records at Hamar. Over 30, immigrants left Gudbrandsdalen during the years of This is more than the entire population of the valley in Every single one of these immigrants for Gudbrandsdalen is located in Hamar. The immigration office in Hamar lists the following information concerning Lars Erickson and his wife Britta.

I still have her handwritten notes. According to the record, Lars worked as a farmhand and had the last name of Almeland. The Hamar Record is incredibly reliable as it is the only primary source data approved by the Norwegian Government. No mention of Lars is made. Single immigration by females was not allowed at this time in the US, unless they were already engaged. The reliability of these 2 records must not be questioned.

Due to the nature of how priests chronologically made such listings, these dates have to be trusted US Federal Census. There is no record of any Lars Ericksen or his wife Britta listed in the United States in any state census. I have also checked all alternative spellings for both names, and farm names Jevnheim, Brumellom, Almeland, etc and found nothing.

This implies they had not yet come to the states Wisconsin Census. In the Census Lars and Britta both declare the date for their immigration to be in One would think that the couple would know what year they immigrated to the states. So this seems very reliable as well. I have found nothing. The only shipping line not available is the Argo Line, one of the most popular ships that went directly from Oslo to Quebec. Therefore, there has to be a flaw in the departure date. Since the Lom church records also show Lars and Britta had a child Liva, born in January , and in the summer they had an auction, I believe the immigration date must be in There is nothing else in the immigration records to show Brit or Lars traveling anytime between After spending nine years in this research, getting very muddled in all of the above facts, I have had to draw a line and move forward.

I have identified two plausible theories for their immigration date, and invite others to provide different options, if new facts become available. Jacob Spaulding Assistance. A logical explanation that can tie all the pieces together is this. Starting in , when all Norwegian immigrant boats returned with Wisconsin timber, Lars Ericksen may have used his job to transport his family across the ocean.

It is reasonable to assume the Brye s and Lars Erickson would make trips back with the lumber, and family could come back with them, perhaps undetected by any paperwork. It is possible that Lars and Britta made annual trips back and forth between Norway-Wisconsin knowing Jacob Spauldings lumber was going back many times each year to Norway.

It would be certainly possible for Lars and family to come to the USA in such a scenario. Argo Ship in There were 28 ships that transported Norwegians to America in the s. In looking for anyone who traveled on the Argo Ship during this era I found nothing. Then I discovered on Norwegian- Heritage web site, because the National Archives of Canada [NAC] did not start the archiving of passenger lists before , and the Norwegian emigration records did not start before , there are no surviving passenger list for the voyages the ship called Argo made during these years.

So in other words Lars and his family could have traveled on the Argo pictured at right , and their arrival would be undetected by any extant record. If we follow this assumption, a possible scenario could be like this: After registering for immigration in Hamar to leave in Feb , they instead decided to get married.

So after registering for immigration they changed their minds and went back to Lom and got married and had their daughter, Liva, the next January, and Marit the next year. Then following their auction in the summer of , the following February they boarded the Argo boat and they used their paperwork from the voyage that was terminated.

These four were: Lars and Britta, their 2 year old child Liva Larsdatter, their several month old baby Marit Larsdatter and Lars mom, Grandma Liva Larsdatter and they completed one of the above 2 options for travel. Lars second voyage was considerably better and faster than his first. From to most immigrant ships came to Wisconsin through Canada because it was less expensive than the Boston and New York ports.

Then they took the train to Wisconsin. After arriving in Canada the boats would journey on the Great Lakes and arrive in Milwaukee. At this time the boat ride from Norway to Milwaukee took about 6 weeks. Conditions on the boat from Norway to America in were still primitive and uncomfortable. Normally 2 rows of bunk beds filled the whole length of the ship. People were stacked like sardines in a can. Supplies included salted meat, flat bread, dried peas and beans, gammelost cured cheese and some potatoes.

An important belonging they took with them on their journey was a copy of their Norwegian Bible and a Hymnbook for singing songs of comfort and faith along the way. Baby Marit Dies at Sea Disease was more of a problem than discomfort or insufficient food. Cholera, smallpox, typhoid fever and measles were common on the trips across the Atlantic Ocean. The trip to America for Lars and Britta, however, was one of a deeper tragedy than discomfort or hunger.

According to granddaughter Laura, their daughter Marit, about 2 years old died on the ship. It was very common for the youngest children to suffer the most from the conditions on the ship. Such conditions include overcrowding, contaminated foods, excessive germs from uncleanliness all leading to cholera - called the disease of the peasant class. As was the custom, after little Marit died, they were forced to throw her little body overboard into the ocean. What unbearable pain this must have been for Lars and Britta and Grandma Liva, to drop their most precious possession into the ocean.

The trip to Norway which started out full of anticipation of a better life, was already deteriorated. No matter what other good fortune was to come to Lars and his bride Britta, it could not replace the loss of precious Marit. But Lars and Brit could not turnaround and change their minds and return to Norway. They had to put the tragedy behind them. They had to go on without her. Lars and Britta took the ship from Quebec to Milwaukee, Wisconsin directly.

From there, they took the train from Milwaukee to La Crosse. The railroad was new to LaCrosse, less than 2 years old. It became an important feature for Lars in the future so he could sell his tobacco crops to eastern markets, and also for distributing his timber east.

Lars and Britta stopped in Milwaukee, to register with the US immigration board. Britta was no longer called Pedersdatter. Arrival in Wisconsin After the coming of the LaCrosse and Milwaukee Railroad, La Crosse became a transfer point where some took boats, and some took a train to Minnesota. A remarkable story is how kind-hearted citizens of LaCrosse would meet and greet these immigrants on their way.

These words of encouragement were obviously well received, and contact from the "Fatherland" of Norway was maintained. Lars and Britta Erickson were probably greeted by the Brye s when they arrived. After their arrival they had to carry their trunk containing all their possessions from La Crosse to Timber Coulee about a 13 mile walk. In , when they both arrived together there were less than people in the settlement of La Crosse County and Coon Valley.

Lars and Brit were truly pioneers of the area. In all of the townships of Portland and Leon, there were only 8 families of Norwegian decent listed on the census. By the census there were hundreds of Norwegian families. Between and a total of , Norwegian immigrants settled in Wisconsin and a total of , children were born of these Norwegian immigrants in the next generation.

Norwegians were used to eating fish, lefse flat potato bread that looks like a soft shell taco , dried meat, lutefisk, and milk. When they got to Wisconsin they found the primary food was pork. This "caused much disease among the Norwegians especially when eaten without an abundance of vegetables". History of Norwegians in.

Most Norwegian housewives continued to bake lefse for daily meals. Britta made lefse almost every week throughout the rest of her life. The Homestead Act in opened up less expensive land for the Norwegians in Iowa and Minnesota, shifting most Norwegian immigrants further west. By the initial immigration to Wisconsin was basically over. Those that came in the second wave after the Civil War came to be with family. This was good news for Lars since it meant it would probably prevent overcrowding in Wisconsin, like the overcrowding he had known in Norway.

Lars loved land, he had spent his whole life making his meager living off land, yet he had never owned a square inch of it in his life. His hands had always worked hard, but always for someone else. Once Lars had his own land, there was no telling what his two hands and hard work could accomplish. But he needed a lucky break.

Virtually all Norwegian immigrants to Wisconsin spent their first few years as farm laborer or working in the timber country, so they could learn the language, save up some money to make a down payment on land, and to understand the Wisconsin soil, and growing season better. In Coon Valley the most common crop grown by the Norwegian immigrants was tobacco. The profitability for growing tobacco was higher than any other crop, and demand was growing.

Lars planted tobacco as soon as he had finished grubbing his land before the season. In addition, Lars also hired out or trade-out his services of grubbing trees for other local farmers from Coon Prairie to Timber Coulee. Now that he was married he immediately sought the land he wanted in Timber Coulee. He was given squatter s rights. He began at once to clear and grub the land. He and all their neighbors in Timber Coulee were all very poor and had no money to purchase implements or to pay for the land.

He purchased 40 acres. After purchasing it, he spent the next 7 months getting the land worked up, and performed grubbing day after day for 7 months. He did not even bother to plant any crops, only enough vegetables and potatoes to feed the family through the next winter. Obviously, without any revenue from the farm, Lars had to work in the Timber Country again from October to March The only family income was to work in the timber country where Lars worked during the winter. Toward the end of October, when harvest was complete, Lars left Timber Coulee with a sack on his back, and travelled with perhaps as many as other lumberjacks, in which they travel on foot about 70 miles through the uncultivated expanse to Black River Falls.

Meanwhile the women and children had to get along as best they could in the small dwellings and barns in the settlement. This 6 month separation meant severe hardship, privation and loneliness for both Lars and Britta. Although it was only 70 miles away, the wives unacquainted with the country's language and customs, coping with Indians, bears, and lack of food, it was tough.

Britta no doubt shuddered at what the future had in store. There was neither pastor or doctor to get help from. When sickness came, she had to deal with it on her own. She had to cope with the worst part of the year - the cold Wisconsin winters alone. Britta had another daughter named Maria American version of Marit sometime in the fall of Lars was not even there, but working in the timber country. Likewise her second child born in while Lars was away playing lumberjack.

Britta was taking care of her sickly and aging mother-in-law, Liva, and her three daughters Olivia. Maria and Lena, while her husband was gone for 6 months at a time. Britta also did make some money those first two winter seasons of being alone by knitting socks and selling them in town, and to soldiers during the Civil War. She did this work every day, and it made a significant contribution to the family budget. During the Civil Wart all materials were expensive, especially cloth, so Britta began to spin and weave other clothing as well and sell in town.

The biting cold weather and drifting snow which temporarily blocked access to her neighbors the Brye s made Britta feel even more isolated. Luckily, her aunt Gunhild lived next door, while her husband Kittle went with Lars. No doubt, Gunhild and Britta, were brave and courageous women.

They were strong minded, just in the fact they were willing to take a chance and cross the ocean in the first place. As I consider the constitution of Britta, and her resilience in coping with such stress, I believe she took great comfort in the fact that the person who helped raise her up, her aunt was next door.

From stories I have heard from three of my aunts Aunt Lillian Christensen, Mabel Kjellberg and Laura Henriksen , who knew Britta, one can easily visualize that she was so tough and. Britta and Lars and their new family of three little girls never ceased to deal with new, dangerous and unknown experiences. But these brave pioneer women like Britta who sat there, alone, all winter long, with her small children, had a trust which lightened all burdens and gave courage for each day's living.

This trust was rooted in a belief system where 1 their family posterity would be grateful for their sacrifice, 2 faith in God would sustain them, and 3 the belief that the freedom in America was going to be worth it. These three F s: Family, Faith and Freedom, where the basis that all immigrants held on for comfort. These became woven into the fabric of the new immigrant America. It became the American Archetype. The Bible was more than a parlor ornament for these women.

It was regularly read, and there was with them a heartfelt conviction that God was near when the young wife read, It was said of Kari Larsdatter Brye cousin-in-law to Gunhild : Kari knew the Lord is my rock and my fortress and my savior; in whom I trust, My shield and my refuge.

Kari and others, like Britta and Gunhild, who were separated from their husbands had a humble confidence in God's protecting care gave her the courage to over come all fear of. Kari was more concerned about her husband, far away in the timber forests, than about herself, and every day ended with a humble prayer to God that he would protect him -- protect him both from spiritual and bodily harm and bring him back to her again healthy and unblemished.

Perhaps this was the conviction of her family members including Gunhild and Britta as well who congregated for support while their husbands were away. Brye Family History, page 6 And finally when spring came, and their husbands returned, in ragged clothes and bearded faces they began their real job - being a farmer. In the spring Lars continued grubbing and clearing his land.

Throughout the first three winters of the Civil War , , and Lars followed this routine. The future seemed brighter, and prosperity more and more promising. Securing a Claim The first to be done after securing a claim was to build a small one-room log cabin. Lars built his cabin with help from his wife, as well as neighbors Kittle and Gunhild Brye, now newlyweds. Lars used wood from timber from his own yard in the Timber Coulee area.

Since no fir or pine grew on Coon Prairie, like it did so abundantly in the pineries of Black River Falls Lars had to use aspen trees, and it was not so easy to get these crooked and knotty logs to fit tightly together. Between each log Lars and Kittle had to fill the cracks with moss, wood. The roof was made of cloven pieces of timber covered with clapboards and sod.

These clapboards were about a quarter inch thick, cloven from oak with a special ax. The floor was only dirt at first, but later one of cloven flat boards was added. Doors, table, chairs, bedsteads and other household items were also made of cloven and ax-formed oak.

Strong hinges and latches were made of branches. The entire home that Lars and Kittle were constructing was done without nails and similar pieces of iron. Lars supplied himself with a table and planks for sitting for household use, and was soon buying into the American Dream. He was now Lord over his own land. Although Lars house was only 12x12 feet square, it was as a palace for him, for now he had in a real sense acquired new land.

He had a table, 2 beds and a fireplace.


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