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Real estate investment banking ukraine

This metric alone is quite promising for a real estate investment in Kiev, Ukraine. With returns being so pitiful in Europe, many are choosing to invest back home where yields are higher, thus driving prices up. A number of developers I spoke to confirmed that Ukrainians living abroad are an important source of investment. Ukraine, even with reforms, remains a country at war, with corruption, dirty politicians, and oligarchs thrown in the mix.

Accordingly, real estate is an attractive asset class as it is one of the easiest ways to launder money. Culture matters. Some cultures care more about real estate than others. Ukrainian culture is one that does. Once mortgages become even only half-viable again people will pile back into them. What are the alternatives? The stockmarket is completely illiquid. Overseas investments require a lot of cash and there are capital controls in place, so that is complicated.

People will have just real estate or starting small businesses as options. They will pile into real estate as they always have. This will attract overseas investors. Israelis, other Middle Easterners, and Europeans will start sniffing around. The price to income ratio is the worst in Europe, and even amongst the worst in the world. That said, a higher proportion of income is not declared, more so than in other European countries.

The price to income ratio, though really bad, is probably a little less unhealthy once this is factored in. The price to income distortion is also there when it with respects to rents. The reality is that rents in Kiev are not that competitive compared to other European capitals. Renting an appartment in Kiev is a bit more expensive than in Budapest and Tallinn, cities where wages are significantly higher.

Those are just the numbers, the reality is much worse in the sense that the housing stock in Kiev is a lot older and in poorer condition. I would therefore tend to predict that rents will NOT go up significantly, and if anything there is potentially a bit of downside pressure.

There is substantial construction in the residential space, especially in the outskirts of Kiev. Construction cranes are everywhere. Finally, there is the currency and political risk. The reality is not as rosy as Western Media would like you to think. Read my article on the matter to fully appreciate the risks involved. So, what you have here is a situation where if you were to make an investment in Kiev real estate now, and all things being equal, a likely scenario is that:. Your gross rents will remain stable.

The below are just examples of apartments that I visited in December to give you an illustration of some of the opportunities. They are not recommendations, nor the best that is out there. The reality is that when you go to a country for a few days and look at real estate, the best you can hope for is an average deal. These therefore probably fall in the average deal category. Your target market would be the local middle class. A new built These are the prices for paying upfront, and delivery is in about 18 months.

If you go metro stops farther away, and are willing to pay upfront and wait for 2. The yields would probably fall in the same range. Here we can look at a very Soviet apartment; a komunalny. Essentially, it is a communist-era communal apartment. The bathroom and kitchen are the common area, and the 6 bedrooms belong to separate individuals or families or couples. In this particular komunalny, all the owners have decided to sell.

So for your offer to be accepted, all 6 owners have to agree, which is no easy feat. Alternatively, it could be set up as an apart hotel operation, where you could potentially get even higher yields. Or you do students from September to June, and then Airbnb in Summer. There are many opportunities in Kiev. It is a property fund that is currently raising cash and the team seems to be quite experienced in the Kiev market judging by their CVs and past funds.

There is always an inherent risk in funds, but if you do your due diligence and it turns out well, this could be the perfect year play. I interviewed the managing director here. The process of buying is fairly straightforward. First, get a good lawyer as a lot of title deeds can have claims on them or omit certain aspects of the property in question. An important point is that you need a tax identification number for almost anything in Ukraine, such as buying property and even opening a bank account as a non-resident.

Many lawyers offer to do it for a few hundred dollars, but you can also run with it yourself if you have time. When you sell the apartment, the money will go back to that account and they will check that it stems from the same property. Only then will you be allowed to repatriate your money. Do the paperwork properly to not run into issues. Ukraine is a country of capital controls, which also speaks to lack of solidity of its currency, which is your main risk going into this investment.

If you need a good, English speaking lawyer in Ukraine, click here for more details. My lawyer can help you with your real estate transactions and bank account opening. Rental expenses are generally not deductible. Please connect with us to get access to Impact Vault.

Aurigin is a global deal origination platform that connects qualified investment opportunities to institutional investors around the world. Aurigin provides thousands of transactions from late stage venture capital, private equity, mergers and acquisitions and pre-IPO investments online, globally. We offer only curated, relevant transactions for a variety of objectives — raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, and commercial real estate. Aurigin is currently being used by private equity funds, investment bankers, corporate advisories, banks, and family offices the world over.

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Generally it depends on how much water, electricity, gas, heating only during the heating season , etc one is using. The prices have recently went up for all types of utility services. Ukrainian properties may often have what's called an arrest placed on them for variety of reasons.

The reasons vary from outstanding debt owed to a bank to ownership issues with previous owners or unsettled utility expenses. It is absolutely critical to check that the property does not have any of the above or other issues as it can make a sale of the property difficult and costly in the long run.

As a standard the brokerage fee is paid by the buyer. However, in today's market everything is negotiable and in many cases the brokerage fee can be paid by whichever party receives the realty service. So in other words, if the seller puts up a property and the realtor finds the buyer, in most such cases the seller will pay the brokerage fee.

The percentages of fees vary from 1. As a standard the buyer pays for all other related costs such as notary fees, but again there are cases when the seller does this when the realtor provides them with related services. If you use UA Realty Group as your representative, we will do our absolutely best to protect your interests during the pre sale negotiations and make sure that your transaction goes smoothly with no potential issues relating to legal liens, or other unforeseen problems.

Of course, you can and should always negotiate the price of a property. But you also need to remember that, depending on the state of the market, undervaluing the property much below the market price can lead to the loss of it. In such cases, our realtors provide professional advice both on the real state of the market and on current market prices, so that when you buy a property, you are as satisfied as possible with the perfect purchase.

There have been numerous cases when our clients took part in the "auction" when buying real estate, increasing the price. It may surprise many Westerners that real estate transactions were often completed in cash as to a large extend it was still a cash economy in Ukraine. But gradually a great deal of property owners switch to cashless deals using personal or investment bank accounts.

Thus, the most common way of payment for a non Ukrainian purchaser is a wire transfer to themselves from wherever their funds are being held into the investment bank account highly recommended or a personal account not recommended if the investor wants to sell the property in the future and transfer the money out of Ukraine which may be easily opened in Ukraine.

On the day of the closing, the parties meet at the bank there are designated rooms for transactions and do the transaction. Then a signing takes place at a state authorized notary office and signed agreement is submitted for state registration at which point the actual transfer of the ownership takes place. Deposits vary based on agreement made with the seller. Once the seller has verified that the funds are legit and exist at the designated bank, an agreement is signed at a state authorized notary office at which point it is submitted for state registration, upon which the actual transfer of the ownership rights takes place.

It is also logged into a state registrar computer system and a hard copy ownership document is created. There are various registrations that are required with city utility companies ZHEK. Zhek is responsible for utility services and building maintenance and the new owner must be registered with this authority.

The registration in ZHEK is a simple procedure and we can help easily with this registration. What are the typical steps of the purchase process? What documents are required for a foreigner to purchase property? Can a foreign corporation purchase real estate in Ukraine? What are typical expenses associated with a purchase? How are property rights in Ukraine registered? How do I find a property to buy in Kiev?

Many sellers have a realtor working for them. Do I need a real estate agent on my side? What types of maintenance fees are involved? What are average utility bills? Why do I need to check property history? Who pays the brokerage fee? Is the listing price negotiable? How is the deposit and balance actually paid to the seller?

What is the usual deposit amount in Kiev? What is the procedure of the closure? Is there any additional paperwork required after the property has been purchased? In any case, each case is unique and requires a calculated approach and sound judgment.

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You can find some developer financing, but it tends to be short-term and is not offered on investment-grade properties. To pave the way for the return of mortgages, the National Bank of Ukraine has used tight monetary policy to tame inflation interest rates are currently among the highest in Europe.

Some bankers in Ukraine believe that mortgage financing could gradually return to the market in late or early in the form of home equity loans for existing bank clients. Nevertheless, widespread availability of mortgages for the broader market and for foreign investors is likely to be much further away. Currently, apartments in old historic buildings downtown usually offer the best yields and potential for appreciation just remember to do your due diligence.

Kyiv developers almost always commission new buildings with unrenovated shell and core apartments. Local buyers then often spend the next two to three years or more finishing renovation work in these new buildings, creating lots of noise for their neighbors. This makes such properties unattractive for rental tenants.

Even if you can overcome the language barrier and have some understanding of cultural differences, renovating an apartment in Ukraine can be a special challenge for foreign investors. Finding a reliable builder-contractor anywhere in the world can be difficult. Instead of taking on a challenging DIY renovation project yourself, investors should strongly consider finding a trusted provider for the renovation of their property.

Culturally, in Ukraine there is even a stigma against renting. Many locals will gladly exchange shorter commute times for longer journeys in order to own their home instead of renting. Unlike big cities in developed markets, professionally-managed high rise buildings with rental apartments are relatively rare in Kyiv. The long hangover following the Global Financial Crisis left an oversupply of new housing in many developed markets that led to plummeting prices and foreclosures.

Structural housing deficits remain and are particularly acute in the heart of downtown Kyiv, the area preferred by premium and upmarket rental clients. By some estimates, the average living space per capita in Ukraine is 23 square meters per person, or less than half the EU average of 50 square meters.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of obsolete Soviet-era buildings which need to be replaced. In Kyiv alone, there are over 3, Khrushchev-era buildings that need replacement by conservative estimates this represents over , apartments. For example, rent control does not exist in Ukraine.

When compared with real estate carrying costs in more developed markets, the costs for property investors in Ukraine are quite low. Property taxes are insignificant. Tenants are expected to pay the full cost of utilities and communal charges, but these are also much lower than in the West.

Since you probably will have renovated your investment property, your maintenance expenses will be low. Should you need to repair your apartment, the labor costs for such work are also generally moderate in Ukraine. Official sale price statistics are also useless since many sellers collude with buyers to create sale-purchase agreements that underreport the value of a sale in order to save on taxes. The lack of professionalism of many brokers is one reason that local sellers are reluctant to retain a broker on an exclusive basis to sell their property.

Multiple brokers will advertise the same property for sale at different prices and it can be a hassle to determine the actual current offering price. Ukraine is still considered a high risk country which, on the other hand, provides unique opportunities of high returns on investments if thoroughly handled with sound legal support, professional due diligence and appointment of trustworthy management. A wide range of investment opportunities across industries and throughout Ukraine with full due diligence support by financial and legal professionals can be obtained per your request.

The post-Soviet economic decline has affected agricultural production. Arable lands are to be traded freely as of July but in the first stage, will not be available for foreign investors. At the same time lease of agricultural land is open for any international company or foreign citizen and is rated as some of the most liberal in the World.

Ukraine is the most suitable location in the World today for organic agriculture and sustainable biodynamic farming which can provide savings on direct operational costs including irrigation. Agricultural infrastructure such as field granaries and port grain elevators are becoming increasingly demanded by the fast developing farming sector and growing international demand for food.

Agricultural modern technologies such as parallel driving and fuel control systems are becoming more popular among Ukrainian farmers who continue to realize the power of efficiency and extra earning against the capital investments in technology. Banking Investment opportunities in Ukrainian banking sector Despite the news reports about the troubles in the Ukrainian banking sector, banking remains one of the most attractive sectors in any growing economy.

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Kiev Real Estate Recovery Fund - Property Investment, Management, top real estate, private equity and investment banking minds of the Ukraine and Russia. If bank deposits don't remunerate much anymore Ukrainians will be quick to look for alternative investments as they don't trust their banks. The. We offer only curated, relevant transactions for a variety of objectives – raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, and commercial real estate.