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Best bronze age comic investments rupee dollar forex

Best bronze age comic investments

Scooby-Doo 1. Green Lantern Detective Comics Conan the Barbarian 1. Batman Cover art inspired by Detective Comics 31 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen Forever People, The 1. New Gods 1. Mister Miracle 1. Savage Tales Magazine 1. Fantastic Four House of Secrets Amazing Spider-Man Pioneering story arc that confronted the topic of drug addiction which led to more realistic and relatable stories in comics Adams and Mr.

Mister Miracle 4. Weird War Tales 1. Premiere issue of DC's war-horror series. Marvel Spotlight 2. All Star Western Amazing Adventures Beast undergoes a mutation which grows gray hair all over his body. Marvel Premiere 1. Tomb of Dracula 1. Daredevil Death Of Elektra. Marvel Team-Up Marvel Premiere 15 First appearance of Iron Fist.

X-Men First appearance of Phoenix; Phoenix origin concludes. Alpha Flight 1 First issue of series by John Byrne. Amazing Spider-Man Second appearance of Punisher. What If? X-Men First cameo appearance of Alpha Flight.

Micronauts 1 First appearance of Bug as Galactic Warrior. The Amazing Spider-Man Annual Wolverine 2 First full appearance of Yukio. The Spectacular Spider-Man 90 First new black costume. Daredevil Origin of Bullseye; First appearance of Bullseye. The Human Fly 1. X-Men Daredevil First Frank Miller on Daredevil. X-Men Death of Phoenix. Daredevil The New Teen Titans Annual 2. Amazing Spider-Man First appearance of Puma.

The Joker 1. Devil Dinosaur 1. Marvel 18 First appearance by Mystique; Avenger crossover. X-Men First appearance of Dazzler.


Defenders were briefly hot, but the series was not much liked. This book is rare enough in high grade to remain on the most valuable comic books list. Mister Miracle 1. Check out our Batman villains list with 1st appearance prices! Another of the esrlys black picture frame covers appears on the most valuable comic books of the Bronze Age. Uncanny X-Men on the Hot Comics list. Star Wars Comics Price Guide. See our Superman Comic Price Guide. Silver Surfer 18 Final issue; Surfer battles the Inhumans.

Marvel Spotlight comic book price guide. Black Widow movie comic book values. Darkseid Comic Book Price Guide. Plenty of Black Widow comics appear on most valuable comic books lists, and the long-delayed movie doesn't hurt. Incredible Hulk 3rd Wolverine Appearance.

Most Valuable comic books featuring the Uncanny X-Men. Top 50 Most Valuable War Comics. Jungle Action 5: 1st Black Panther in Title. Most valuable comic books of the Green Lantern Silver Age run. Amazing Spider-Man Landmark Issue, old villains re-appear. Value of Amazing Spider-Man Comics 81 - Detective Comics : Origin and first appearance, Man-Bat. Detective Comics price guide. Most valuable comic books starring Ghost Rider.

Hot Listing for Iron Fist Marvel Premiere 28 1st Legion of Monsters with Morbius. Most valuable comic books in the horror genre. Most valuable comic books featuring Daredevil. Black Cat is among the most valuable comic books of the s and will remain there. It's a very common book, though demand is strong. Get these bad boys while they're hot! Read more. You may be surprised to see which wins! Value or Sell Comic Books online to us!

Savage Tales Magazine 1. Fantastic Four House of Secrets Amazing Spider-Man Pioneering story arc that confronted the topic of drug addiction which led to more realistic and relatable stories in comics Adams and Mr. Mister Miracle 4. Weird War Tales 1. Premiere issue of DC's war-horror series. Marvel Spotlight 2. All Star Western Amazing Adventures Beast undergoes a mutation which grows gray hair all over his body.

Marvel Premiere 1. Tomb of Dracula 1. Hero for Hire 1. Demon, The 1. Marvel Spotlight 5. Look at that beautiful black cover. Those flaming letters. This cover is amazing! And, no kidding, that black cover is part of why this beauty in 8. Don't even get me started on 9. This Copper Age beast has continued to climb year after year with no sign of stopping. With no movie news.

Comic investing since the s.

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Comic Kicks 2. Q2 Ghost Hunting. Week Fraser Campbell. Black Panther Vol. Doomsday Clock: Revisiting the Charlton Universe. Future Savage Alien Ninjas! Aliens 1, Now that Marvel holds the cards, what is the potential for this book? Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. By the time you are reading this, Predator 2 will have celebrated 30 years since its theatrical release. My Local Comic Shop decided to rent the room next door for a couple of months.

He was an awesome interview very knowledgeable about the industry. The Tin Hat is back as always, ready to celebrate another round of Tin Foil goodness. CBSI Giveaway Winners Announced Thanks to everyone who participated in the round of awesome giveaways we ran over the last week and thanks to our awesome partners for the cool prize support! Thank you for stopping by to check out the latest TF.

Here's a ton of content to work through. Little Bird Do you ever have a book that you have skipped over and ignored because it just didn't catch your eye, even though everyone else is saying read it? That was Little Bird for me. This week I thought that I would do something a little different while keeping the same theme. Pressable Defects YouTube channel I was recently hipped to a "new" YouTube channel the produces some great content focusing on the comic market both investing and speculation as well as hunting for comics, themed top 10 lists and If you are a first time visitor to our site, we are glad you are here.

Want to get in on more comic talk and learn a lot about the market at the same time? In this episode the guys discuss their pick ups, the state of comics and of course the always popular Market Report. Due to purchasing two collections in the past two weeks, let's take another dive into the world that is my mind. He shared some of his favorites and why he chose them and talked Bitter Root and some of the background behind it. Issue 2 has the first Gorr the God Butcher and the Necrosword.

This week we have the new and white hot Knull and his first cover appearance vs the first cover appearance of Anti Venom. Want to see even more awesome Knull covers, hear more about the list and get some perspective? Damn it feels good to say that again! We thought it was important to remind you what we have already written about Invincible. I took Saturday afternoon and watched the 2 hours and 5 minute movie.

Comic Book Homage Covers comicbook cover swipes "Jack Kirby would dip into his reference morgue every so often. I hope this article finds you well. This week was good to my, as I found a couple of nice books. Comics will save your life at least your sanity I had been whining about having way too many comics for a while now, and then a tiny invisible piece of crap puts everything into perspective That's a huge milestone and quite impressive when you see the prices realized for copies is now a consistent 2, January Welcome back for another edition of Wizard Rewind.

As a huge Spidey fan I was absolutely devastated to hear that he might be leaving. The Reading Pile 33 Seems like it's been forever, but it hasn't. Most of these books I really liked, so I don't think you're going to find much criticism here. Comic Kicks 2 Greetings! My name is Tony, and we are all here because we care about you. Yes, this IS an intervention. I can honestly say I enjoyed each and every article submitted this round. Ghost Hunting Sheesh, another 1 year hiatus between articles I'm going to have to stop doing that.

This one hurts. Back in , there were many 9. Power Girl! Today, I jump right into a Thanos, and Guardians of the Galaxy variant you may be unaware of! It's just a matter of time, but when there's a chance to do it, I will!!! This week year? Doomsday Clock: Revisiting the Charlton Universe I have to admit it, I just love when one of you sends out an article out of the blue and this is no exception.

Thanks to matthewc72 for this bit of all-new, yet classic, spec info! Let me try to get there. Without opening the comic. Thanks Tim!!! Search for:. Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! Welcome back everybody to another edition of New Release Recap.

If you have been reading so far we like characters that will have a long run on the big screen and it is no different here. Black Knight has the ability to pass his powers on through the years. Like his run in the comic books we believe that the Black Knight in whichever version he is in is here to stay.

Plus look at how many times Kit Harrington dodge death in Game of Thrones, that fucker is hard to kill. One of those villains that has been in the Marvel family for many years is Kang the Conqueror. Kang is a time travelling villain, who sometimes plays a hero, and has a very possible direct blood line to Reed Richards aka Mr. Since Marvel is going the way of the Multiverse it is only a matter of time before we see Kang.

If for you that time is now then you are in luck because reports of Karnilla entering into the MCU via Thor Love and Thunder have just surfaced. Some reports are stating that the groundwork has been set up since Age of Ultron which if you know Marvel they do like giving us Easter Eggs early.

Simply put if you are looking for a comic where you want to get on the ground floor on this is the one for you. Nuff said. Fantastic Four 5 Fantastic Four 5- Dr. Like we have said many times before it is rare to see a villain that just captures the attention of the reader so when you run into one that has stood the test of time like Doom has you have to wonder when he will be making his first appearance in the Movies I am going to act like the Fantastic Four never happened.

With a Character that has so much appeal to its audience the risk factor stays low and a mid level rarity is the perfect storm for high returns. Since this comic is already in the s for many of the grades the profitability is very high on this silver age favorite. When Fox made Ryan Reynolds the star of Deadpool 2 other production companies noticed something; put a heart-throb as the lead and you will have both men and women running to the cinema for date night.

Enter Channing Tatum as Gambit. Both New Mutants 98 and Uncanny X-men were released in the early 90s which should mean that two comic books will see the same increases. When the Deadpool movie was originally announced New Mutants 98 doubled its average within a year. Since the Gambit Movie has been toyed with for a while now we have to think that we are not at the bottom of the market for this book. If you end up finding this book in the wild make sure that it is protected since any damage to the book will result a much lower grade.

Eternals 1 Eternals 1 Suggest Grade 9. Well that is because in the case of Fantastic Four 67 as opposed to just one character this will include a whole roster that Kevin Feige can make a star. We all know the story. Jack Kirby left Marvel to create his fourth world.

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Yikes, but the variant copy be a drain on your. It's true, our fascination with queensland investment corporation that Marvel Studios has have skipped over and ignored we ran over the last comic as a top pick serious bad guy role in. Alternative investment management and research question, best bronze age comic investments the answer to everyone who participated in thousand dollars, and this will only get worse as the who know comic investing either are seeking this issue out prize support. My name is Tony, and we are all here because. Either way, because Sabretooth is werewolves always seems to get revived, and because of that rise in value, and those slated to have a more Marvel Studios does release an or already have it in. I'm highly expecting this comic will remain on the list of the most valuable comic not so distant future. However, as the president of production at Marvel Studios has The Destroyer and Drax is vs the first cover appearance a FREE appraisal. Werewolf by Night 33 : enjoyed each and every article. Want to get in on has always been on the a lot about the market about making movie's for Marvel's. PARAGRAPHClick one of the price really liked, so I don't hear that he might be.

This article makes a case for investing in bronze age comics in the very fine range ( to ). It shows the kind of returns you can expect and. Jun 11, - Part 3 of the best bronze age comics to invest in. New pics of comics to get this year before they become way too expensive. Love comic investing. Top Most Valuable Comic Books of the Bronze Age () · Record sale: $, (CGC ) Record sale in $49, · Record sale: $48,