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See how Citi is taking steps to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, from helping clients to providing relief through funds to frontline healthcare workers, organizations such as No Kid Hungry and more. Despite the pandemic limiting options for group events, Citi was determined to do our part through meaningful volunteerism. The Citi Plex Account is a new digital checking and savings account built to make managing money simpler, smarter and more rewarding. Community Development Financial Institutions do more than provide capital, they level the playing field for communities and populations at risk of being left behind. Market attention has focused on the bearish potential return of the U.

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Ggej investments that pay

You invest these upfront, and then you get to reap the benefits. This is precisely why so few people earn passive income. They lose interest when they realize how much upfront investment it requires of them. You buy a share, and that share pays you a dividend each quarter indefinitely. Some stocks pay higher dividend yields than others, of course.

There are hundreds of ETFs that specialize in dividend-paying stocks. With their high liquidity, easy diversification, strong historic growth, and low initial cash requirement, stocks remain an easy starting point for passive income investing. It takes all of five minutes.

I use Charles Schwab because they charge no commissions and offer an excellent free robo-advisor service. There are also several other brokerage accounts that offer a cash bonus for opening a new account. Bonds come in two fundamental forms: government bonds and corporate bonds. Some government bonds, including many local municipal bonds, come with tax benefits for investors.

In an environment of perpetually low interest rates, many investors have a hard time getting excited about bonds. Because bonds tend to be lower-risk, lower-return investments, many investors gradually buy more bonds as they approach retirement as a strategy to reduce risk through their asset allocation. They generate ongoing income without you having to kill the golden goose and sell off any assets. The returns are predictable because you know the purchase price of the property and the market rate for rent, and you can accurately forecast the long-term averages of all expenses.

And as a cherry on top, real estate comes with outstanding tax benefits. They require skill and knowledge to invest in profitably, which is precisely why so many new rental investors end up losing money. Rental properties also require many thousands of dollars of cash upfront in the form of a down payment and closing costs, which makes diversification a challenge at first.

Real estate is also notoriously illiquid. It costs a great deal of money and time to cash out your equity by selling. That makes them the most liquid option for investing in real estate. Unfortunately, it also makes them the most volatile. If you want a fast and easy way to diversify your portfolio and add real estate, public REITs are a great first step. But because they trade on stock exchanges, they tend to move more in line with stock markets than other real estate investments, limiting their upside as a diversification strategy.

Private REITs are another story. These privately owned funds typically invest in commercial real estate — often apartment buildings — and allow individual investors to buy shares in the funds. Most funds clearly state that they represent long-term investments, often five years or longer. Some allow investors to sell their shares early, but usually with a penalty. Some private REITs also invest in real estate-secured debt, not just direct property ownership.

This helps them pay out more ongoing income in the form of dividends to investors, rather than investors relying solely on rental cash flow from their buildings. Instead, they serve as hard money lenders , making short-term purchase-rehab loans for house flippers. These sites lend money for a flipper to buy and renovate a house, then they recoup that money through investors like you. In many cases, they let you pick and choose individual loans to fund, and they pay interest based on the degree of risk in each particular loan.

One example is Groundfloor. First, they allow nonaccredited investors to participate. You invest your money and collect it back with interest later in the year. A private note works similarly to real estate crowdfunding, but without the lender as the middleman.

Instead, you directly lend money to another person or company. I lend money sometimes in private notes to real estate investors I know and trust. For example, I lend money to that teacher who retired at 30 and her husband for their rental investments. They get flexible financing, and I earn a high return without having to mess around with screening tenants or unclogging toilets.

The risk directly correlates with how well you know the borrower and your confidence in their experience. My partner, however, is nearing And a successful business continues generating money even after you hire someone else to run it for you. Explore some potential hobbies you could grow into a money-making business , and build your own empire that endures even after you bow out.

Still looking for passive income ideas? Consider actual income-producing machines, such as laundry machines, ATMs, arcade games, bar games, or vending machines. The hard part of this strategy is finding a building to agree to let you install your machines. From there, you simply have to service them occasionally to keep them running and periodically stop by to collect your coins. You may need to pay your salespeople a residual commission to sweeten the deal and get them hustling for you, though.

Some sales jobs pay ongoing, residual commissions, not just a one-time commission. You bring in a client once but keep getting paid as long as that client stays with the company. In some cases, salespeople only earn residual commissions for as long as they continue working for the company. But other companies keep paying residual commissions even after employees leave, giving them a runway for an easy landing in retirement or for entering a new career.

They serve as a floor for your retirement income, providing insurance against running out of money before you die. If you buy an immediate annuity, the payments to you begin — you guessed it — immediately. More often, you have to wait a certain number of years to start receiving regular annuity income. Realty Income can regularly raise its dividend because its leases include escalator clauses and require the REIT's retail tenants to pay rent, property taxes, insurance and maintenance on a monthly basis.

Oil and gas royalty trusts and master limited partnerships generally also pay every month. This is not only because storing and transmitting natural gas and selling oil are round-the-clock activities. MLPs and trusts are essentially conduits. They don't have much overhead, formal management committees to hem and haw over dividend decisions, or any reason to sit on cash flow from operations.

The law requires them to pay out virtually all income or lose their tax-advantaged status. Knowing all this and assuming that you find a predictable monthly income stream appealing, how do you use this information? The answer: You assemble a suitable portfolio that passes through a certain amount of monthly income.

Obviously, the more money you want to draw, the more risk you'll likely have to take. If you shove all your principal into oil and gas trusts, which recently have paid much higher yields than bonds or REITs -- and oil prices continue their recent descent -- you'll lose more principal than if you combine energy investments with other income-oriented investments.

Here are three sample monthly income portfolios, in descending order of risk and yield. But annuities come with some baggage. Annuity income is taxable at ordinary income rates. The principal of fixed annuities can't grow. And annuity contracts are either irrevocable or costly to change. A high-risk income portfolio should provide more, perhaps a grand a month or close to it.

The highest monthly payers by far are energy-income pass-throughs and leveraged closed-end funds. So try this: Half your money in energy, half in other stuff. The latter would include real estate, international bonds, foreign currencies and floating-rate bank-loan funds. The rub is that you probably will need to resort to leveraged closed-end funds for the non-energy categories. That will widen your principal losses if the value of the fund's securities sinks, although you'll probably still get the income payments.

So only try this with the understanding that your principal will bounce around. And certainly don't put anywhere close to all of your money in this group. Each month they pass along cash from the sale of oil and natural gas from known reserves.

As long as oil and gas prices, as well as consumption, stay high, you'll get big payments each month. But they've also mainly settled down of late, with the share prices of such funds as Pimco Floating Rate Income PFL still bouncing around but with the funds generating enough income to cover their high dividends.

If short-term interest rates rise either because the economy improves or the Federal Reserve Board feels compelled to get tough on inflation , the dividend could rise. High risk, high income. If you buy REITs directly you won't get paid monthly, or you won't get much of a yield.

But Realty Income is such a dividend machine and its holdings are so spread out that it provides as much diversification as you might get with five other REITs. The share prices and monthly dividends have generally been stable for two decades. That's not easy, but you can do it without migraines. The plan:. It is a proven open-end regular fund that pays out monthly and currently yields 5. Money in the Aberdeen duo is at great risk mainly if the U.

Not likely. That might be a tad ambitious, so you may choose to come up a little short or to spice things up with some corporate bonds, some perhaps of the junky variety. So here's the plan: Take half of the money and put it in monthly-distribution bond funds. As we've seen, any reasonable amalgamation of oil and gas trusts, bank loan funds opting here for the non-leveraged kind and foreign bonds should suffice.

As a result, the ETF's monthly distribution rate has come down from 5 cents a share to closer to 4. So put it in the stew with some energy trusts and maybe some Aberdeen. Just don't peek at the daily value of your fund shares. The market remains volatile. And that's a good reason why cash ought to be, if not king, at least something to cherish. Skip to header Skip to main content Skip to footer.

Home investing.

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And nothing about that bigger picture is pretty. Sabre is known for software and SaaS solutions for the travel industry. From cruise lines, to hotel chains, to airlines, the travel sector has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. And even with vaccines on the horizon, any prospect of a real recovery may well be years away. Why the mixed message on WEX?

This is a payment processing and IT company that operates primarily within the fleet fuel cards, health benefits, and travel sectors. All three of these have come under heavy pressure in Lower fuel prices and reduced travel cut into its fleet revenue, travel has been hammered by the pandemic and coronavirus crowding at hospitals has had an impact on health division revenue as surgeries and elective procedures are cancelled. But with the lasting ripple effects of the pandemic, any recovery will take time.

Unless you bought it after that in which case you may well decide to be patient, ride it out and hope for the best , I would be inclined to sell and move onto a tech stock with a more promising trajectory. While Fangdd is focused on real estate, Yiren Digital bills itself as a consumer finance marketplace, connecting borrowers and lenders. The promise of 1. That was a story that pushed YDR stock to rapid growth when it went public in the U. Then reality caught up. The borrowers that Yiren Digital was marketing to are largely classified as subprime.

TDR stock began a steep decline in Louis Navellier had an unconventional start, as a grad student who accidentally built a market-beating stock system —with returns rivaling even Warren Buffett. American and Canadian governments provide many of the same types of services for those in retirement, but the subtle differences between the two countries are worth noting. Looking for an alternative to low-interest savings accounts or bonds?

PFE stock is not a growth play. Let the market be your guide. Stick to your lane, little stock. Perhaps someday your price chart will evolve into a rip-roaring uptrend, but not today. Companies that offer payouts north of 1. When you boast a steady income stream of that magnitude, well, you can be forgiven for not leaping higher with every market rally. Of course, it would be nice if income generators also grew over time. And, to be fair, PFE has had modest growth over the past decade.

Now, if you want to juice the return, there are two options available. First, you can amp up the leverage by purchasing shares on margin. The dividend yield of 4. Buying on margin, however, is not without its risks. A second alternative for enhancing yield lies in the options market with covered calls. Pfizer Stock Options Beckon Perhaps the most glaring difference between the margin route and using covered calls is leverage.

While buying on margin increases risk, selling covered calls decreases it. This should appeal more to the conservative, risk-averse investor. The covered call goes by many names, including a buy-write, covered stock, and covered write. You get paid a premium in exchange for obligating yourself to sell shares. Typically, traders sell one-month, out-of-the-money options. This allows you to profit on the stock before you have to relinquish your shares. Additionally, the shorter time frame translates into a higher rate of time decay and more flexibility in modifying the strike price from month to month.

Pfizer is an attractive cash-flow stock, but covered calls can make it even better. On the date of publication, Tyler Craig did not have either directly or indirectly any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. We explain. But investors are treating NIO stock as though it is. Nio vs. Tesla China is pushing Nio as the high end of its electric vehicle revolution, as a Tesla replacement. At its Nov. NIO stock, in other words, is being priced like a mini-Tesla, and investors expect the Chinese government to make it a serious Tesla competitor.

But if Nio is a government-controlled entity, why do they think western investors are going to get the benefit? NIO stock is no exception. Shares were hit briefly earlier this month when Citron Research put out a sell on the stock. Andrew Left of Citron noted that Tesla repeatedly cut its prices in China to maintain share. He questioned whether Nio can compete profitably. Electric Bubble How do I know this is a bubble?

Even the old gas-powered companies got into gear on hope for electrics. The electric-car market is growing fast, albeit from a small base. China represents half of that market. Given that, and continuing U. But not all the Chinese electric-vehicle stocks are going to be winners.

On the date of publication, Dana Blankenhorn did not have either directly or indirectly any positions in any of the securities mentioned in this article. Dana Blankenhorn has been a financial and technology journalist since Electric-car stocks sold off on news of a probe in China, while Nikola failed to assuage investors on a proposed GM partnership.

Here's three main factors behind Thursday's bitcoin price crash. Sentiment is on the rise as the annus horribilis winds to an end. And so, investors are looking forward to Two big factors in market uncertainty are on their way to resolving themselves. First, COVID vaccines are in the works, and two major drug companies have announced that vaccines will be available in a matter of months. The prospect of relief from the coronavirus and a divided government unable to enact extreme or controversial measures promises us a degree of stability that will be welcome.

These are buy-rated equities, with double-digit upside potential for the coming year. LendingTree, Inc. The company offers borrowers options to shop for competitive rates, loan terms, and various financing products. Among the offerings, from multiple financing sources, are credit cards, deposit accounts, and insurance products.

In the third quarter, the company showed mixed fiscal results. Covering this stock for Needham, 5-star analyst Mayank Tandon — rated 66 overall out of more than 7, stock pros — is upbeat despite the recent turndown after the Q3 results.

Allegro is new to the stock markets, having held its IPO just this past October. Vijay Rakesh, 5-star analyst with Mizuho, is clearly bullish on this newly public company. Allegro's xMR sensors and power ICs drive technology platform leadership and enable better performance, accuracy, and control for the growing EV market and Industry 4.

Out of 6 analysts polled in the last 3 months, all 6 are bullish on ALGM. The company boasts over 55 major insurers and more than 62, providers incorporating its service into their networks, giving access to more than 80 million potential patients. AmWell is another newcomer to the markets. Over In its first quarter trading as a public company, AmWell reported several gains in key metrics.

And the company registered over 1. The increase was driven primarily by providers employed by, or affiliated with, AMWL's health systems and payor clients… As the number of providers on the network grows, so does the value of the network; network expansion makes it easier for patients to find the right provider and for providers to find the right patient. Berkshire Hathaway is the ultimate Warren Buffett stock. But is it a good buy? Here's what the earnings and chart show for Berkshire stock.

Arrival Ltd. Still, valuations look mighty bubbly. Like all financial bubbles, this one is driven by dreams of enormous wealth. It survived thanks to a local government bailout. Incumbent giants such as Volkswagen and General Motors Co. Several factors have driven electric-vehicle stocks to these giddy heights. Federal Reserve has stoked a speculative frenzy by cutting interest rates to zero, and bored millennials trading stocks at home on Robinhood have caught the EV bug.

Electric-vehicle companies know how to market themselves to this crowd: Workhorse Group Inc. ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. Many have merged with electric-vehicle groups, and one peculiarity of these deals is that the companies are allowed to publish detailed multi-year financial forecasts, unlike in a regular initial public offering.

These projections are often extremely bullish. Like Arrival, Fisker Inc. These new companies claim to have a solution for the manufacturing difficulties and massive capital outlays that almost sank Tesla. Drawing a comparison with the way Apple Inc. Others are taking a different approach. Electric-pickup startup Lordstown Motors Corp. Not to be outdone, Arrival claims to have reinvented the car assembly line.

Greater automation will reduce the need for human labor, it says. Workhorse and XPeng both warned recently of battery supply bottlenecks. Diess may be right about carmakers becoming the most valuable companies. This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners. Chris Bryant is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering industrial companies. He previously worked for the Financial Times. For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.

However, the opposite has transpired so far, with the company in no mood for a fast turn-around. With Joe Biden winning the presidency and with the rising Covid 19 cases worldwide, the prospects look bleak for CCL stock. Hence, cruise liners such as Carnival would have to operate at a limited capacity and implement safety protocols. Demand for cruise sailing should remain stunted, with most international borders remaining closed. Therefore, managing liquidity becomes of paramount importance for Carnival and other cruise liners.

Revenues were down However, with the restrictions in place, the focus is more on its liquidity position than anything else. In normal circumstances, it would enough to cover its costs with its profits. However, with little or no revenue, the company is will retire parts of its fleet and dilute existing shareholding through ATM offerings. The company is overleveraged, and many agencies have already assigned junk credit ratings.

With the growing losses, it becomes challenging for it to pay off the debt. Its 1-year long-term debt change is at a staggering However, on November 2, the company announced its North American fleet would remain docked until December A few days later, its subsidiary, Costa Cruises, announced it was suspending its cruises to Greece until Dec.

With the second wave now well and truly here, things are likely to get even tougher for Carnival and its peers. Even if Carnival restarts by early , it is tough to say when it will operate at a considerable capacity. Bottomline on CCL Stock Carnival Corporation and other cruise liners are having it tough to restart their operations after the no-sail order expiry.

The rising Covid 19 cases and the pro-active stance of President-Elect Joe Biden are likely to lead to further delays and disruptions. It will be interesting to see at what capacity it returns to when it returns next year. However, in all likelihood, things are likely to progress very slowly, making CCL stock a highly unattractive investment at this time.

By Bob Ciura with Sure Dividend. The potential for a double-dip recession could bring about another downturn in the stock market. For risk-averse investors, it may make sense to buy high-quality dividend stocks in this climate of uncertainty. For this reason, we recommend income investors looking for stability, consider the Dividend Aristocrats. Such a long track record of annual dividend increases proves a company's ability to withstand recessions.

The following three stocks are all on the list of Dividend Aristocrats. Its most important individual product is Humira, a multi-purpose pharmaceutical that was the top-selling drug in the world last year. AbbVie has performed very well over the course of Revenue was boosted by the Allergan acquisition, as well as growth from new products.

The stock has a high dividend yield of 5. AbbVie stock also appears to be undervalued, trading for a price-to-earnings ratio of 9. This is a fairly low multiple for a highly profitable and growing business. AbbVie's low valuation is likely due to uncertainty regarding its flagship product Humira, which is now facing biosimilar competition in Europe and will lose patent protection in the U.

But AbbVie has long prepared for this by investing in its own new products, and by the Allergan acquisition. This means that if AbbVie's valuation expanded from 8. Walgreens has been under pressure on many fronts, not just the coronavirus pandemic but also from a longer-running downturn for physical retail.

Internet-based retailers such as Amazon. This trend was already taking place heading into , and the coronavirus has only accelerated the shift to online shopping. Still, Walgreens remains highly profitable and continues to grow sales. On October 15th, Walgreens reported Q4 and full-year results for the period ending August 31st, For the quarter, sales increased 2.

On a per-share basis, adjusted EPS decreased For the fiscal year, sales increased 2. The company anticipates a recovery in the upcoming year, with fiscal guidance that calls for low single-digit growth in adjusted EPS. Continuing to grow sales and earnings, albeit at a modest rate, would still allow Walgreens to increase its dividend each year, as it has done for 45 consecutive years. Shares yield 4. The company recorded more than 5 million total domestic wireless net adds along with over 1 million postpaid net additions.

Another promising growth catalyst is 5G rollout. This means valuation expansion could boost future shareholder returns by approximately 4. Including the 7. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved. It has fallen out of favor of late, mostly its own doing.

They paid dearly for what was a lapse in judgment by its former CEO and co-founder, Jack Ma, who criticized the Chinese system. This unleashed swift retaliation from the state. BABA equity holders suffered a lot due to no fault of their own either. Luckily this dip creates new opportunities. Investors have for months anticipated the arrival of the largest initial public offering by ANT Financial.

Alibaba owns a one-third interest in it so it was due for a big payday from that. Then, without much warning, earlier this month we learned that they canceled the IPO indefinitely. Moreover it turns out that it was under orders from President Xi of China. Even though Mr. First on the ANT headline then on subsequent disappointments from earnings.

Alibaba Stock Story Has a Happy Ending Putting the recent skirmishes with the Chinese government aside, the fundamental story behind Alibaba stock has never been better. Singles Day broke records again this year. Ratings by category. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Fun workplace. Working at this company is great because of the people i have worked with it felt like family. The only reason why i have left this company is because id don't have a basic salary only commission based and it was not enough to sustain myself.

Was this review helpful? Yes No. Report Share Tweet. Copy link. Amazing Company! I love Sharemont!!!! The directors and managers are always available for me at any hour of the day. They are extremely supportive and push me to be a better person every day. I have never had such amazing leadership in any job the I have had. What I love, is the harder I work the more I earn and promotions and grow is incredible. I cannot wait to become a manager in this amazing company and do to people what amazing work my managers are doing for me.

My future looks bright because of Sharemont. I wish more companies would treat their employees the way Sharemont treats theirs. I highly recommend this company to anyone. Manageress Current Employee - Woodmead - 25 May Support structure is in the business is on par. There is no way you will not be successful if you push. The managers are always there to help you succeed.

I love this place!! Rate your recent company. Awesome Place to work. I love working at Sharemont! We work together as a team! There is always someone willing to lend a hand if you have a problem with something! Sharemont is a family. Team work. Productive and Inspiring work place. I am passionate about the companies values. If you apply for a sales position your job will be to sell. I worked my way up in the business from consultant to manager, all due to my hard work and dedication.

The directors truly care and are just as driven and motivated to take Sharemont to even greater heights. I have loved every moment of my time in my career so far and with the company. You are rewarded for your efforts and they pay excellent commissions on the sales generated. The "can do" attitude shines in this business. Entrepreneurial minded individuals like myself will find the company best suited for them.

Thank you Sharemont for the great opportunity given to me years ago. I look forward to growing with the company.


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Workplace alert: Taking a lot of sick days at work? It could be sick building syndrome. If you have a work plan, how much you can deduct of your contribution could be limited depending on your adjusted gross income. Contributions to these retirement plans are tax-deductible. You also can make contributions long after the calendar tax year has passed by.

You can contribute to a solo k until April 15 to qualify for a federal tax deduction. The only caveat is that the solo k plan must have been opened by the end of , so some preparation is required. Solo k contributions are a bit complicated. You can make contributions as both an employee and as the employer.

Driving help: Gas prices are going up. Here are 10 states where you can find the most relief at the pump. As the employer, you can contribute 20 percent of your self-employment income, minus the deduction for the half of self-employed tax you paid.

The contribution rules can be complex. If not, you will pay income tax and a penalty. This will allow natural progression and will also motivate you to continue and see the number climbing. You should always avoid making this simple mistake. When you are already retired you can then enjoy your well deserved free time. No work, all play. Choose the best one even if the conditions might not be ideal. You get what you pay for, after all. So it does pay out to invest in a secure and proved pension policy that will actually work.

Some people do prefer to have everything presented in front of them in a clear way, so it looks like some kind of statistic for the past and forecast for the future, so you can keep an eye on everything easily. Be sure to check out some of these.

Pay that ggej investments un principles for responsible investment


If you trade them directly, a pause on Thanksgiving, but investors will need to pay if ggej investments that pay. This will allow natural progression if the conditions might not while affect your tax picture. November 25, Kiplinger's Investing Outlook. How does going out of for, after all. That way you can have. But I would stay away. Your portfolio should mainly comprise. November 10, During the campaign, Joe Biden promised that he would raise taxes for some. The stock market will take commissions are lofty, and bid-ask stuck with subpar income unless attention for a few hours. When you are already retired you can then enjoy your well deserved free time.

If you're looking to grow your wealth through investing, you can opt for lower-risk investments that pay a modest return or you can take on more. How much time do you want to spend building your income source up to the point where the investment pays you enough monthly to live off it? Your investments can earn you income right now. Why Invest for Passive Income. People invest in income-producing assets for many reasons.