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See how Citi is taking steps to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, from helping clients to providing relief through funds to frontline healthcare workers, organizations such as No Kid Hungry and more. Despite the pandemic limiting options for group events, Citi was determined to do our part through meaningful volunteerism. The Citi Plex Account is a new digital checking and savings account built to make managing money simpler, smarter and more rewarding. Community Development Financial Institutions do more than provide capital, they level the playing field for communities and populations at risk of being left behind. Market attention has focused on the bearish potential return of the U.

Carolina robayo irt investment advisor

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Iowa , Elise Kerns. Iowa City Sestina , Nell Regan. Iowa Coal Studies , H L. Period ending December , Elizabeth T. Damiano, and Xi Zhu. Irrigation in Iowa , Donald L. Koch, Paul J. Horick, and George R. IRT linking methods for the bifactor model: a special case of the two-tier item factor analysis model , Kyung Yong Kim. Islam and We , Ameena Hussein. Islam and We , Jae-Hyun Yoo. Islam and We , Josef Haslinger.

Islam and We , Jagath Kumarasinghe. I will end with specific success stories at the UO. These include a NSF IGERT project focused on accelerating students' transitions from classroom to research experiences and a collaboration between architects and professors to design a building the recently opened Lewis Integrative Science Building that encourages daily encounters between students and professors across research disciplines.

Emergency medicine is a new academic discipline , as well as a recent independent clinical specialization with the specific principles of practice, education and research. It is also a very important segment of the overall health care and health system.

Emergency medicine as a distinct specialty was introduced in the U. Ten years later and relatively quickly emergency medicine was introduced in the health system in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a specialty with a special education program for specialist and a final exam. Compare the development of emergency medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the trends of development of this discipline in the world as a specialization and an academic discipline.

Identify specific problems and possible solutions and learn lessons from other countries. Reviewed are the literature data on the development of emergency medicine in the world, programs of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, the organizational scheme of emergency centers and residency.

This is then compared with data of the current status of emergency medicine as an academic discipline and a recognized specialization, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are substantial differences in the development of emergency medicine in the United States, European Union and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although Bosnia and Herzegovina relatively early recognized specialty of emergency medicine in academia, it failed to mach the academic progress with the practical implementation.

The main reason being the lack of space and equipment as well as staff needed to meet set standards of good clinical practice, education and research. Furthermore the Curriculum of undergraduate education and specialization does not match modern concept of educational programs that meet the principles set out in emergency medicine and learning through.

Medical tourism suffers from the lack of a consensus regarding the involved categories. This study aimed to address this gap from the academic disciplines and publications perspective. Moreover, the trends of publications were identified based on their popularity between and The category with the most interests on publication about medical tourism was 'health and welfare', followed by 'social science'. Even though various disciplines were involved in the medical tourism, it seems that a downward trend has been experienced since The identified key trends of medical tourism publications will benefit researchers exploring the categories of medical tourism or health travel.

The results contribute to advance the state of knowledge from the academic perspective. PubMed Central. Background: Medical tourism suffers from the lack of a consensus regarding the involved categories. Conclusion: The identified key trends of medical tourism publications will benefit researchers exploring the categories of medical tourism or health travel. International Project Participation by Women Academics.

The internationalization of higher education has led to changing roles for academics , including opportunities to participate in international projects. The extent to which academics feel prepared to enter this arena has received little attention. This study examines women academics ' perceptions of barriers to, facilitators of, and career benefits…. Academics ' perceptions of the use and relevance of software in quantitative and financial disciplines.

Software may be used in university teaching both to enhance student learning of discipline -content knowledge and skills, and to equip students with capabilities that will be useful in their future careers. Although research has indicated that software may be used as an effective way of engaging students and enhancing learning in certain scenarios, relatively little is known about academic practices with regard to the use of software more generally or about the extent to which this software is subsequently used by graduates in the workplace.

This article reports on the results of a survey of academics in quantitative and financial disciplines , which is part of a broader study also encompassing recent graduates and employers. Results indicate that a variety of software packages are in widespread use in university programmes in quantitative and financial disciplines. Most surveyed academics believe that the use of software enhances learning and enables students to solve otherwise intractable problems.

A majority also rate spreadsheet skills in particular as very important for the employability of graduates. A better understanding of the use of software in university teaching points the way to how curricula can be revised to enhance learning and prepare graduates for professional work.

This report contains the findings of the Oregon Applied Academics research and development project which spanned three academic years from through The overall purpose of the project was to develop and implement a technical math course that would meet graduation requirements and improve student performance. The State of Oregon has been…. Poor student achievement, high discipline referrals, and student absenteeism were issues in a rural school with a population of approximately students.

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of Effective Teens training on the attendance, discipline referrals, and academic achievement of 10th grade students. The theoretical…. The introduction of discipline standards in Australia has required a comprehensive rethinking of humanities and social science curricula from first year through to graduation. This paper proposes a model to facilitate academics ' engagement with discipline standards and their implication for first-year curricula.

The model supports…. What data stewardship skills are needed by future scientists to fulfill their professional responsibilities and take advantage of opportunities in e-science? How can academic librarians contribute their expertise in information organization, dissemination and preservation to better serve modern science? The aims of the partnership are to identify the data stewardship skills, including data management and curation, needed by graduate students at the research discipline level, to identify trends that extend across the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics STEM disciplines , and to collaborate with faculty to develop and implement "data information literacy" DIL curricula to address those needs.

Project teams also conducted discipline -based literature reviews and environmental scans of the available resources pertaining to data management and curation issues to identify how or if these topics are currently addressed by the discipline. The results were used to develop and implement specific instructional interventions attuned to the needs of each research group. We will share the results of our interviews and information-gathering, summarizing similarities and differences in the data stewardship needs expressed by the graduate students and faculty from different STEM disciplines.

We will also discuss. The influence of academic discourses on medical students' identification with the discipline of family medicine. To understand the influence of academic discourses about family medicine on medical students' professional identity construction during undergraduate training. The authors used a multiple case study research design involving international medical schools, one each from Canada, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom UK.

The authors completed the fieldwork between and by conducting 18 focus groups with students and 67 semistructured interviews with educators and by gathering pertinent institutional documents. They carried out discursive thematic analyses of the verbatim transcripts and then performed within- and cross-case analyses.

The most striking finding was the diverging responses between those at the UK school and those at the other schools. In the UK case, family medicine was recognized as a prestigious academic discipline ; students and faculty praised the knowledge and skills of family physicians, and students more often indicated their intent to pursue family medicine. In the other cases, family medicine was not well regarded by students or faculty. This was expressed overtly or through a paradoxical academic discourse that stressed the importance of family medicine to the health care system while decrying its lack of innovative technology and the large workload-to-income ratio.

Students at these schools were less likely to consider family medicine. These results stress the influence of academic discourses on medical students' ability to identify with the practice of family medicine. Educators must consider processes of professional identity formation during undergraduate medical training as they develop and reform medical education. Education on climate change occurs in many departments at large research universities, but providing a coordinated educational experience for students in this topic is challenging.

Departmental boundaries, accounting for student credit hours, and curricula inertia create roadblocks to the creation of interdisciplinary curriculum for both graduate and undergraduate students. We describe a hierarchy of interdisciplinary programs that reach students from seniors in high school to graduate students, targeting students from a variety of disciplines. The students who enroll receive a UW grade and credit for the course as well as high school credit.

A UWHS course on Climate and Climate Change Atmospheric Sciences was created in supported by training to high school science teachers on the fundamentals of climate science. For the academic year we anticipate at least 5 schools in Washington State will be offering this course.

Once students matriculate at UW, serves as a prerequisite for the Climate Minor that began in The minor is hosted by the departments of Atmospheric Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences and Oceanography, offering instruction in three focus areas: climate chemistry and biology, the physical climate, and past climate and ice.

Students also take an integrative seminar where they are required to communicate to both scientific and non-scientific audiences some topic in climate science. Students enrolled in graduate programs at UW can participate in the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science that began The certificate gives students instruction in climate science covering the same topic areas as the minor and with a capstone project where student communicate some aspect of climate science to a non-physical science audience.

Projects have included. The authors discuss the conceptual issues of the academic program designed to teach forensic medicine to the students of the stomatological faculties of educational medical institutions. The program has been elaborated in conformity with the federal state educational standard of higher professional education in the speciality stomatology'.

It defines the goals and objectives of this discipline , the scope of its competences, the subject matter and the content, the requirements to the studies and educational work, control over the level of its success, academic progress, and other aspects of the training activities, with special emphasis being placed on the formation of the general professional competence of the students to enable them to work independently after they graduated from the institute.

The program takes into consideration the latest achievements in forensic medical science and their practical applications. Much attention is given to the organizational and processual aspects of forensic medicine, thanatology, general and special traumatology, mechanical asphyxia, effects of the environmental factors, intoxication, forensic medical expertise of living subjects and material evidence.

The study examined the academic performance of students in the compulsory courses in technical education during the transition period of first and second years of three years Nigeria Certificate in Education NCE Technical programme before choosing their disciplines in the third year.

The study comprised of students that consisted of…. The purpose of the study was to determine if parents' military deployment had an impact on the academic achievement of their children. The study examined if there were a parallel between parental military deployment and absenteeism, parental deployment and discipline , and parental deployment and counselor visits.

The study also examined if…. There is a paucity of research on the digital literacy of graduate-level students. The study examined whether academic discipline , age, gender, race, parental education, international status, GPA, and self-perceived skills is associated with web-use skills among this population. Hargittai and Hsieh's item Web-use Skills Index was used to….

Something for Everyone? Becher's typology was used to subdivide the OpenLearn and OU fee-paying curriculum content into four disciplinary…. Academic faculty members often maintain strong identities based on the primary discipline of their graduate training and teaching.

While teaching cultures differ across fields, disciplinary associations like the American Historical Association have been active in supporting student-centered curricular work. The move on decentralization of curriculum development in recent decade has become one of the major tasks in developing scientific fields in Iran. By implementing these programs some drawbacks have become evident.

The objective of this study was to identify and assess the existing challenges involved in the development of academic disciplines from…. Learning English for academic purposes EAP can help university students promote their academic literacy through socializing them into academic communities of practice.

This study examined the impact of the use of collaborative projects on three social network sites on EAP students' attitudes towards EAP and academic content learning. Academic misconduct by students in higher education is a fact and is a challenge to the integrity of higher education and its reputation. Furthermore such misconduct is counterproductive to the ethics component of higher education. The purpose of this research is to explore, investigate and compile the anecdotal accounts of academic misconduct….

Given the high prevalence rate of academic dishonesty in institutions of higher education, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to its occurrence. The characteristics of an individual's family of origin are one set of factors that have been shown to be important predictors of academic dishonesty. However, the quality of one's…. Although research has indicated that software may be used as an effective way of engaging students and enhancing learning in certain scenarios,…. Perspectives on the Academic Discipline of Physical Education.

A Tribute to G. Lawrence Rarick. Major specializations in the discipline of physical education are often identified by the terms: history of physical education; exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor development, motor learning, sport psychology, and sport sociology. In this text, two chapters are provided on each of these specialized areas.

One chapter describes the emergence…. Self- discipline outdoes IQ in predicting academic performance of adolescents. In a longitudinal study of eighth-grade students, self- discipline measured by self-report, parent report, teacher report, and monetary choice questionnaires in the fall predicted final grades, school attendance, standardized achievement-test scores, and selection into a competitive high school program the following spring.

In a replication with eighth graders, a behavioral delay-of-gratification task, a questionnaire on study habits, and a group-administered IQ test were added. Self- discipline measured in the fall accounted for more than twice as much variance as IQ in final grades, high school selection, school attendance, hours spent doing homework, hours spent watching television inversely , and the time of day students began their homework.

The effect of self- discipline on final grades held even when controlling for first-marking-period grades, achievement-test scores, and measured IQ. These findings suggest a major reason for students falling short of their intellectual potential: their failure to exercise self- discipline. Various kinds of philosophical instruction in England and Europe since the middle ages are reviewed.

It is noted that the search for the common element behind modern philosophy curricula leads back into history, and that modern philosophy as a discipline incorporates its earlier institutional forms. The role of gender on academic performance in STEM-related disciplines : Data from a tertiary institution. The data shows academic performances of Male and Female students who graduated from to The detailed dataset is made available in form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in the supplementary material of this article.

The overview of projects funded by general programs,key programs and national science fund for distinguished young scholars in discipline of microbiology, National Natural Science Foundation of China NSFC from to was recommended. Some important characters such as the distribution of projects in different subjects, organizations, regions and research fields were analyzed. Some important research fields which should be supported in "The Twelfth Five-Year Plan" was also put forward.

The goal of the paper is to provide information of funding in NSFC for researchers in the field of microbiology. The research underpinning this article explores the impacts that parenting and primary caring responsibilities have upon academic careers. It takes an innovative approach by exploring three under-researched aspects of this issue: the longitudinal impacts that extend past the years immediately following the birth or adoption of a child; the….

In this study, models were constructed for eight academic areas, including applied sciences, communication sciences, education, physical sciences, life sciences, humanities and arts, psychology, and social sciences, to predict whether or not an at-risk graduate student would be successful in obtaining a master's degree. Records were available for…. The recent rapid proliferation of distance education necessitates the need for strong levels of academic accountability. An important factor found to influence and predict student success is students' perceptions of their online courses.

Understanding how learners perceive their online learning environment is paramount to effective course design…. This case study of an adjunct-model English for Academic Purposes EAP writing course linked to a policy-analysis course describes an effective approach for putting "specificity" into practice in EAP curriculum design. The rationale for interdisciplinary collaboration, the positive learning outcomes from the EAP writing course, the…. Current developments concerning criminology and criminal justice education are viewed historically and placed within a broader perspective of academic professionalization, and a few of the debates going on within and between the two fields are considered.

Some early sociologists made considerable claim to studies of crime, and criminology and…. Clinical physiologists in Sweden are physicians the majority with a PhD degree with thorough training in system physiology and pathophysiology. They investigate patients in a functional approach and are engaged in basic and applied physiology teaching and research.

In , clinical physiology was founded as an independent academic and clinical…. In this paper, single-sex and coeducational schools are compared in terms of pupils' perceptions of disciplinary and academic climates. Use was made of data from 68 secondary schools in Flanders Belgium. Of these schools, 25 were mixed and 43 were single-sex 21 girls, and 22 boys, schools. Respondents were third-year students: girls and….

Because information and documentation units in libraries have responsibility for an ever-increasing number of projects , this paper aims at analyzing the discipline of project management in library and information science LIS from a professional perspective.

To that end, the researchers employed quantitative and qualitative methodology based on a…. Toxicology: a discipline in need of academic anchoring--the point of view of the German Society of Toxicology. The paper describes the importance of toxicology as a discipline , its past achievements, current scientific challenges, and future development.

Toxicological expertise is instrumental in the reduction of human health risks arising from chemicals and drugs. Toxicological assessment is needed to evaluate evidence and arguments, whether or not there is a scientific base for concern. The immense success already achieved by toxicological work is exemplified by reduced pollution of air, soil, water, and safer working places.

Predominantly predictive toxicological testing is derived from the findings to assess risks to humans and the environment. Assessment of the adversity of molecular effects including epigenetic effects , the effects of mixtures, and integration of exposure and biokinetics into in vitro testing are emerging challenges for toxicology. Toxicology is a translational science with its base in fundamental science.

Academic institutions play an essential part by providing scientific innovation and education of young scientists. Advanced students at university level struggle with many aspects of academic writing in English as a foreign language. The purpose of this article is to report on an investigation aimed at analyzing what collaborative writing through project work tells us about students' academic writing development at the tertiary level. The compositions written…. Academic librarians have always played an important role in providing research services and research-skills development to faculty in higher education.

But that role is evolving to include the academic librarian as a unique and necessary research partner, practitioner, and participant in collaborative, grant-funded research projects. This article…. The study of ethical behavior and ethical decision making is of increasing importance in many fields, and there is a growing literature addressing the issue.

However, research examining differences in ethical decision making across fields and levels of experience is limited. In the present study, biases that undermine ethical decision making and compensatory strategies that may aid ethical decision making were identified in a series of interviews with 63 faculty members across six academic fields e. The degree to which certain biases and compensatory strategies were used in justifications for responses to ethical situations was compared across fields, level of experience, and gender.

Major differences were found across fields for several biases and compensatory strategies, including biases and compensatory strategies related to use of professional field principles and field-specific guidelines. Furthermore, full professors tend to differ greatly from assistant and associate professors on a number of constructs, and there were differences in the consistency with which biases and compensatory strategies were displayed within these various groups.

Implications of these findings for ethics training and future research are discussed. Family medicine has been recognized as the key element of a good health care system. Despite the significance of the family physician's role the number of medical students choosing to train in family medicine has been declining in recent years. The aim of this study was to describe opinions about family medicine and family medicine teaching among medical students. A cross sectional study with an anonymous questionnaire was carried out.

The response rate was Less than one third of respondents Almost all students recognized responsibility of the family doctor for the health of community. Experience from family medicine course was according to the students the most important factor influencing their opinions. Medical students appreciate the social role of family doctors. Family medicine teachers should not only pass on knowledge, but they also should encourage medical students to family medicine as a future career choice.

These professions often started with apprenticeships and short training courses leading to a certification examination--and were then elevated and " academized " into a comprehensive body of knowledge,…. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between the instructional leadership of the headmaster and the work discipline of teachers and the work motivation and the academic achievement of primary school students from Special Province of Central Jakarta.

The research method will be done with quantitative research methods. The study uses data…. A total of first-year students from the Faculties of Law, Pharmacy and Veterinary…. This report examines New York State's experience with multi-element formulas in budgeting for the State University of New York, and considers some of the obstacles confronting scientific budgeting in a political environment.

A specific budgeting formula the Academic Discipline Model is examined, its evolution and application discussed, and the…. It has been pointed out that modern university is a constantly developing system possessing a hidden potential for innovations. Thus, the…. Project management - challenges in dealing with academic and non- academic partners. Modern research projects on national, European and international level are challenged by an increasing requirement of inter and trans-disciplinarily, societal relevance and educational outreach as well as market oriented applications.

In particular, to be successful in European research in the frame of HORIZON , the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, it is crucial that relatively large international research consortia involve academic and non- academic partners, NGOs, private and non-private institutions as well as industrial companies.

For the management and organisation of such consortia coordinators have to deal with significant differences between multi-national and multi-sectorial administrations and research environments, in order to secure a successful implementation of the project. This often costs research and non- academic partners tremendous efforts, not to say excessive demands.

Possible strategies are discussed to circumvent and avoid conflicts already at the beginning of the project. Discipline by Academic Penalties. Examines board policies requiring that students have their grades reduced for missing classes, misbehaving, and commiting similar infractions. Concludes that such policies are constitutional if they are reasonable and fair and are applied in an even-handed manner.

In highly dynamic, service-oriented environments like academic libraries, much staff time is spent on initiatives to implement new products and services to meet users' evolving needs. Yet even in an environment where a sound project management process is applied, if we're not properly planning, managing, and controlling the organization's work in….

In this study, it was aimed to determine ethical reasoning of lecturers in STEM disciplines in terms of several independent variables gender, working another institution, age, academic title, academic discipline , service period. This study was designed as a survey research.

The Discipline Monitoring System DMS is a computer-assisted model allowing individual secondary schools to analyze their disciplinary actions. The Montgomery County Public Schools Maryland adopted this model to manipulate the following data: who is suspended, who is referred, who makes referrals, characteristics of these persons, and events…. Oberhelman, Richard A.

Postdoctoral training programs are usually highly individualized arrangements between trainees and a limited number of senior mentors in their field, an approach that contrasts with current trends in public health education that promote interdisciplinary training to spur innovation.

Herein, we describe an alternative model for postdoctoral training for a group of fellows from distinct disciplines. Fellows work with mentors from diverse fields to create a joint research project or a group of complementary projects , with the goal of developing a new device, intervention, or innovation to address a global health problem.

The perceived benefits, challenges, and limitations of this team approach to interdisciplinary postdoctoral training are presented. This research examined the relationships among students' academic majors, levels of engagement, and learning outcomes within the context of Holland's person-environment theory of vocational and educational behavior.

The study focused on the role of student engagement as a mediating agent in the relationships between academic majors and student…. Sociologists of knowledge find that academic stratification is present among individual scholars, genders, networks, fields, and all kinds of scientific organizations, while communications scholars have been studying global cultural asymmetry for a long time. Yet few researchers have explored the global dimension of academic stratification.

Using the British Academic Written English corpus, this study focuses on the use of grammatical complexity features in university level texts written by first language L1 English writers to demonstrate knowledge and perform other specialized tasks required of advanced academic writers. While the primary focus of the analysis is on writing….

Purpose: Given that a relatively large percentage of college students entering historically black colleges and universities HBCUs are first-generation students and considering the low completion rate among this group in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM discipline , the purpose of this preliminary meta-synthesis study is….

In this article the authors compare two phases of an ongoing, annual online peer observation project at the Open University. Adopting a non-managerialist approach, the project aims to give teachers a renewed sense of collegiality, allowing them to take responsibility for aspects of their professional development and share practice points. The use of information and communication technologies ICTs in higher education to support student learning is expanding.

However, student usage has been low and the value of e-learning resources has been under investigation. We reflect on best practices for pedagogical design of e-learning resources to support academic writing in environmental…. Group Portrait: Internationalizing the Disciplines. This book presents a collection of essays in seven academic disciplines on the topic of international perspectives in those academic fields.

The disciplines represented are geography, history, political science, sociology, psychology, journalism and mass communication, and philosophy. The book includes the following essays: "Higher Education,….

Responding to the increasing math and science teacher shortage in the United States, this study intended to determine which science, engineering, and math SEM majors during which years in their undergraduate education and from which academic performance levels are most interested in K teaching.

Results may aid policymakers and practitioners…. The Small Helm Project : an academic activity addressing international corruption for undergraduate civil engineering and construction management students. This paper presents an academic project that addresses the issue of international corruption in the engineering and construction industry, in a manner that effectively incorporates several learning experiences.

The major objectives of the project are to provide the students a learning activity that will 1 make a meaningful contribution within the disciplines being studied; 2 teach by experience a significant principle that can be valuable in numerous situations during an individual's career, and 3 engage the minds, experiences, and enthusiasm of the participants in a real ethical challenge that is prevalent in all of their chosen professional fields.

The paper describes the full details of the project , the actual implementation of it during Winter Semester , the experiences gained during the initial trial, and the modifications and improvements incorporated for future implementation. How knowledge capitalism retools the scope of academic research and researchers is an issue which this article ties to the project market in the ethos of knowledge capitalism.

In Finland, academic research has been forced to apply for funding in project -based activities reflecting European Union policies. The project market, which in this article…. Kentucky Allied Health Project. Rehabilitation therapy education in Kentucky and articulation within the fields of physical therapy and occupational therapy are examined, based on the Kentucky Allied Health Project KAHP.

The KAHP's model system of allied health education promotes articulation in learning, planning, and resource utilization, and seeks to meet the needs of…. Radiological sciences education in Kentucky and articulation within this field are examined, based on the Kentucky Allied Health Project KAHP , which designed an articulated statewide system to promote entry and exit of personnel at a variety of educational levels.

The KAHP model promotes articulation in learning, planning, and resource…. Education in the clinical laboratory sciences in Kentucky and articulation within the field are examined, based on the Kentucky Allied Health Project KAHP , which designed an articulated statewide system to promote entry and exit of personnel at a variety of educational levels.

The KAHP model promotes articulation in learning, planning, and…. Context: Interprofessional education IPE is encouraged in health care education in the hope that it will improve communication among future health care professionals. In response, health professional education programs are developing IPE curricula. Objective: To determine if a multicourse interprofessional IP project impacted students'….

Expectations and Realities in Academic Biology. Provides a historical look at the development of academic biology. Attempts to project some presently recognized forces and organizational structures influencing the development of the field. Differentiates how the discipline is now as compared with the past. Predicting who will major in a science discipline : Expectancy-value theory as part of an ecological model for studying academic communities.

Research on factors that shape recruitment and retention in undergraduate science majors currently is highly fragmented and in need of an integrative research framework. Such a framework should incorporate analyses of the various levels of organization that characterize academic communities i. We propose that academic communities are analogous to ecosystems, and that the research paradigms of modern community ecology can provide the necessary framework, as well as new and innovative approaches to a very complex area.

This article also presents the results of a pilot study that demonstrates the promise of this approach at the student level. We administered a questionnaire based on expectancy-value theory to undergraduates enrolled in introductory biology courses. Itself an integrative approach, expectancy-value theory views achievement-related behavior as a joint function of the person's expectancy of success in the behavior and the subjective value placed on such success.

Our results indicated: a significant gender differences in the underlying factor structures of expectations and values related to the discipline of biology, b expectancy-value factors significantly distinguished biology majors from nonmajors, and c expectancy-value factors significantly predicted students' intent to enroll in future biology courses. We explore the expectancy-value framework as an operationally integrative framework in our ecological model for studying academic communities, especially in the context of assessing the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the sciences.

Future research directions as well as practical implications are also discussed. This qualitative bounded case study examined the self-described motivations of 14 finalists in an international science fair, eight male and six female, between the ages of 15 and 19, from Spain, Ukraine, India, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and the United States. The study used semi-structured interviews and document review to explore participant motivation for undertaking complex research in math and science.

Participants reported being highly motivated to pursue their projects , which they found intrinsically interesting and valuable. They enjoyed the benefits that ensued from their science fair activities, including prizes and acclaim, social camaraderie, a satisfying sense of accomplishment and independence, and access to well-known and established practitioners in the field.

Female participants experienced a comfortable gender balance in science fairs. Prosocial motivations, and the opportunity to have a positive impact on the world, emerged from the findings as important factors in stimulating the creativity of many participants as well as in bolstering their persistence. Participants showed adaptive patterns of attributions as well as high self-efficacy. They successfully strategized to overcome setbacks, and drew upon their available resources of family, school, and community support to develop and sustain their interest.

Project Aspire was created to identify poor rural students with academic potential and to provide them with academic and counseling support in advanced placement courses and prerequisites. This article describes Project Aspire and its foundations; the relevant lessons learned from the literature on poverty, small schools, rural schools, and gifted….

Department of Education. Evaluation Report. This paper describes fourth-year outcomes of the Boeing Company-funded Applied Academics Project. Since the school year, the company has provided funds to improve and expand applied academics in 60 Washington high schools. Data were collected from pre- and post-surveys of students enrolled in the project 's Applied Mathematics….

Training Manual Year Three. Project LEAP Learning English-for- Academic -Purposes is a three-year faculty development and supplemental instruction partnership to improve the academic literacy skills of native-born, immigrant, and international language minority students. This manual is the third set of faculty development materials produced by the project , presenting…. Final Evaluation Report, OREA Report.

Project ALFA served a total of 62 students of limited English proficiency who had attended an English-speaking school system for less than 5…. Single- Discipline Schooling. Traditional academic disciplines are not best available tools for teaching about reality.

The concept of human survival provides an overarching aim for a general education curriculum. Survival information includes knowledge about our physical environment; inherent human characteristics and capabilities; the ideas, beliefs, and values underlying…. Gaming: An Emergent Discipline. This personal narrative traces the background of instructional gaming from to The advantages and disadvantages of gaming as a disciplined activity are considered.

The evolution of professional organizations, related academic activity, the game design process, and the need for consistent use of terms are addressed. Contains 57…. The Impact of Exclusionary Discipline on Students. The impact of exclusionary discipline on students is clear and negative as we report herein. The impacts of exclusionary discipline have been negatively linked to the academic and social development of disciplined students.

We argue that this discipline form has been disproportionately used among certain groups, particularly those students of…. Using a "small wind" demonstration project to support public extension and education in renewable energy and STEM disciplines.

These turbines are tied directly into the local power grid. This allows for a unique study opportunity through which to teach renewable energy strategies. The study focuses on inter-site variability spread out over four miles of beach. Each location is subject to different wind fields responding to local structures. The study focuses on inter-site variability to cross reference energy production with the wind and weather conditions.

Public and K outreach is a primary objective of the program. Using demonstration turbines and by analyzing the wind, weather and site conditions outreach efforts are focused on highlighting renewable energy concepts. This also allows focus on STEM disciplines and critical thinking in analyzing data to compare the sites and different turbine production. Engaging in the STEM disciplines the projects crosses over science, technology, engineering, and mathematical boundaries creating an interdisciplinary scientific experience for students.

In addition, this allows for introduction of techniques and developing technologies. It also allows students to consider challenges and possible solutions to issues of increased power production and cost efficiency. Through connecting the touchstone of experiential learning; a hands-on experience actively engages students in experimental application and problem solving.

By looking locally at renewable energy in Horry County South Carolina students are engaged in seeing how projects impact science and economic development in the region. The Congressional Research Service CRS Report for Congress reports a considerable need expand and enhance the o preparation of students, teachers and practitioners in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Final Report. The Wyoming Academic Libraries Resource Project was initiated to improve cooperation and resource sharing by developing an interconnected information access and delivery system among Wyoming's academic libraries and the State Library. The goal was to formalize communication, cooperation, and resource sharing by developing an Ariel document….

Report The present article examines the situation of girls in Spanish academic secondary education during the first Francoism. It outlines the measures introduced by the Franco Regime that maintained the traditional access for girls to the same academic curriculum followed by boys, although in separate schools.

Later, it examines the various projects put…. OER Report. The program served Spanish-speaking students, most of whom were of limited English proficiency. The project operated at a high school in Brooklyn, and served 75 Haitian-speaking students of limited English proficiency with fewer than 5 years in an English-speaking school. We describe our pedagogical approaches and experiences with an academic club service learning project one semester, 20 club participants, including both graduate students and lower and upper-level undergraduates.

Our service learning project responds to the recent demand for more community service-based club projects within the College of…. Writing is considered to be the most demanding and difficult skill for many college students, since there are some steps to be followed such as prewriting, drafting, editing, revising and publishing.

The interesting topic like culture including lifestyle, costume, and custom is necessary to be offered in Academic Writing class. Accordingly, this…. In , the Singapore Ministry of Education launched Project Work PW to encourage the application of knowledge across disciplines , and to develop thinking, communication, collaboration and metacognitive skills.

This preliminary findings of a large scale study examines the role of goal orientations achievement goals and social goals in…. This study investigates Web-based, project oriented, many-to-many collaborative writing for academic purposes. Thirty-eight Fulbright scholars in an orientation program at a large Midwestern university used a Web-based word processing tool to collaboratively plan and report on a research project.

The purpose of this study is to explore and…. This study examined the impact of incorporating group design projects into a second-year engineering class on achievement goal orientations and two academic outcomes: concept inventory and final exam scores. In this study, two sections were taught using lecture format, but one section also completed three group design projects as part of their….

Service-learning projects combine community service with student learning in a practical way that enhances academic knowledge and improves community environments and fellowship. This compilation is designed to show the service-learning process in action. The collection presents outstanding examples of successful service-learning projects as…. The X-Hab Academic Innovation Challenge, currently in its sixth year of execution, provides university students with the opportunity to be on the forefront of innovation.

NASA identifies necessary technologies and studies for deep space missions and invites universities from around the country to develop concepts, prototypes, and lessons learned that will help shape future space missions and awards seed funds to design and produce functional products of interest as proposed by university teams according to their interests and expertise. Universities propose on a variety of projects suggested by NASA and are then judged on technical merit, academic integration, leveraged funding, and outreach.

The universities assemble a multi- discipline team of students and advisors that invest months working together, developing concepts, and frequently producing working prototypes. Not only are students able to gain quality experience, working real world problems that have the possibility of be implemented, but they work closely with subject matter experts from NASA who guide them through an official engineering development process.

Not only are students able to gain quality experience, working real world problems that have the possibility to be implemented, but they work closely with subject matter experts from NASA who guide them through an official engineering development process. Most academic -clinical partnerships are described as formal agreements between schools of nursing at research-intensive universities and large teaching hospitals.

This article demonstrates less formal versions of academic -clinical partnerships established between a small, private liberal arts university school of nursing and 2 regional clinical agencies. In both exemplars, students, faculty, and staff contributed to evidence-based practice projects. Schools of nursing in non-research-intensive environments can develop right-size academic -clinical partnerships that are beneficial for all parties involved.

Problem solving and teamwork abilities are important skills for graduates entering the environment profession. Through a problem based learning approach small groups of students from the environmental courses at RMIT University have been gaining these professional skills by undertaking projects in Vietnam. With three years experience in running…. Using technology-enhanced, cooperative, group- project learning for student comprehension and academic performance. Cooperative learning may improve students' motivation, understanding of course concepts, and academic performance.

This study therefore enhanced a cooperative, group- project learning technique with technology resources to determine whether doing so improved students' deep learning and performance. A sample of engineering students, randomly divided into two groups, participated in this study and provided data through questionnaires issued before and after the experiment.

The results, obtained through analyses of variance and structural equation modelling, reveal that technology-enhanced, cooperative, group- project learning improves students' comprehension and academic performance. The HYPATIA Project envisions the creation of a digital depository and licensing and tracking service for unpublished " academic " works, including working papers, other works-in-progress, lectures, and other writings that are not normally published in formal academic journals. Any academic who wishes to deposit a work will be welcome to….

The author a university instructor and her community partner a public school teacher have collaborated in teaching an academic service-learning course in special education. This article reports on the most recent search-engine company to join with academic libraries in digitizing large collections of books to make them easily searchable online. Yahoo Inc. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether there is a significant effect of project based learning approach on seventh grade students' academic achievement in the structure and properties of matter.

In the study, according to the characteristics of quantitative research methods, pretest-posttest control group quasi-experimental design was…. A sample of engineering students, randomly…. We used archival data to explore the program's effects on students' academic achievement and disciplinary problems.

It is essential to demonstrate such effects, if prevention curricula are to survive in schools that face multiple competing…. Evaluation Section Report. Project COM-TECH offered bilingual individualized instruction, using an enrichment approach, to Spanish- and Haitian Creole-speaking students with varying levels of English and native language proficiency and academic preparation.

The program's aim was to develop English literacy skills and appreciation of cultural diversity, and to prepare students for the psychosocial…. This volume provides comparative data for faculty salaries in public and private colleges and universities, based on two surveys of and institutions conducted in and respectively.

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BNY Mellon focuses on the client first offering multiple financial education opportunities, such as a podcast. The firm has earned a 5-star rating as one of the best investment companies to consider working with in Capital Group Review. It has 29 offices throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Success-Driven Approach. As one of the best investment companies, Capital Group works under an investor-specific philosophy, driven by an emphasis on research and a long-term view. This is one of the top investment firms that takes a boutique approach to offer portfolio management solutions. Capital Group uses a system that prioritizes superior and repeatable fund results. Long-Term Investing Experience. An important part of any top investment firm is taking a long-term view and really getting to know clients.

Throughout its history, Capital Group has remained true to its values, which put the power of relationship forming first and foremost. While the firm may take a boutique approach, it has all the resources that you would expect from any large top investment company. This is one of the top asset management firms in the world that uses a distinctive approach to portfolio management.

The firm uses The Capital System SM , which combines independent and high-conviction decision-making with multiple perspective diversity. With a personalized approach and an emphasis on strategic research, Capital Group earns a 5-star rating as one of the best investment management firms to consider partnering with in Charles Schwab Review.

Charles Schwab offers over branches throughout 45 U. This top investment company offers investor services as a full-service brokerage and advisor services. This best investment company is fee-based and its independent registered investment advisors are fiduciaries. Global Trading. While Charles Schwab offices may be U. Its Schwab Global Account allows investors to trade online through Schwab in international markets. This account facilitates trading in 12 of the top-traded foreign markets in their local currencies, offering U.

Some of the account features include:. By offering the ability to trade globally, Schwab offers more opportunities for its U. This is one of the investment management companies that is looking toward the future with modern investment tools. Moving from a regular paycheck to the uncertainty of retirement can be daunting. This tool by Schwab is designed to alleviate that stress by helping bridge the gap with regular monthly payments.

Wondering how much money you could withdraw monthly based upon your retirement savings and other factors? This modern focus on retirement investment makes Charles Schwab one of the best investment firms to consider for a retirement portfolio and automated technology that makes post-retirement funding streamlined.

Investors looking for investment strategies tailored to their needs and powered by technology will find a good match with Charles Schwab. Uniquely, Schwab is one of the few top-rated investment firms to offer a satisfaction guarantee. With a modern take on investing and a comprehensive approach, Charles Schwab is one of the best and largest investment companies to consider working with in and earns a 5-star rating.

Fidelity Investments Review. The firm serves clients from 10 regional offices and over investor centers throughout the U. Fidelity is a fee-based investment advisor and includes compensation details on its website, offering transparency to potential clients. Transparent Pricing.

When selecting from the top investment companies, one of the key considerations for investors is often the pricing and fees they have to pay. Fidelity appreciates this and includes a fee schedule on its website for potential investors. Not only does the firm offer some of the most competitive pricing, even compared to many other top investment firms, it also offers the flexibility that makes it easy for those new to investing to get started.

There are no annual account fees and no minimums to invest. The firm states that its margin rates as low as 4. Active Trader Pro. When reviewing and ranking the top investment companies and the biggest investment firms, technology and proprietary offerings are an important differentiator. Fidelity is one of the top-rated investment firms for many reasons, and one of them is its signature Active Trader Pro platform. This great example of modern trading technology empowering users to maximize the value of their investments.

This customizable platform allows clients to create their own personal online trading experience with streaming, customizable quotes and watch lists, and real-time alerts. As one of the largest investment firms around, Fidelity fosters a spirit of constant innovation as a way to deliver more value to their clients and ensure they always have investing tools on the cutting-edge.

With a comprehensive approach and foundation of trust and fee transparency, Fidelity is awarded a 5-star rating as one of the best investment management firms to consider partnering with in Goldman Sachs Review. With a promise to commit people, capital, and ideas to help clients, Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment management firm.

The firm prides itself on forming a diverse, determined, and dedicated team that is designed to meet the unique needs of each and every client in the global communities it serves, which span multiple countries. The company is a fee-based investment management firm and upholds a fiduciary commitment to its clients to always work in their best interests and provide fee transparency.

Expert Investment Management. As one of the best financial investment companies, Goldman Sachs provides two divisions of investment management for clients to take advantage of Asset Management and Private Wealth Management. With a culture of excellence and high client satisfaction, Goldman Sachs employs rigorous research and a disciplined investment process.

For high-net-worth individuals, families, and select endowments and foundations, Private Wealth Management services are designed to identify and deploy unique investment opportunities. Clients can take advantage of:. Global Investment Research. A hallmark of this top-rated investment company is its intense focus on research.

The research arm of Goldman Sachs is designed to provide insights and analysis on things like currency and commodities markets, equity, and fixed income. Their Global Investment Research division covers a variety of areas to power smarter investments, including the following covering over 25 stock markets and 50 economies and regions around the world:.

Few of the best investment firms do the type of widespread, global investment research as Goldman Sachs. This is also a full-service firm, offering consumer investments, investment banking, and lending. Those looking for sustainable investing will also find this offered through Goldman Sachs.

The company is one of the top investment firms for investors from all walks of life to consider due to its deep bench of expertise in a variety of areas. With a culture of excellence, an emphasis on expert research, and personalized client solutions, Goldman Sachs is awarded a 5-star rating as one of the top investment firms to consider partnering with in Helping investors all over the world successfully navigate decades of market change, PIMCO is a top-rated investment company that was founded in The firm has 17 locations around the globe and over experienced portfolio managers.

Its clients include individual investors, family offices, financial advisors, foundations, corporations, pension funds, and central banks. Our review could not confirm whether the firm operates on a fee-only or fee-based basis. However, based upon certain announcements, the firm does appear to be fee-based. We always recommend confirming the compensation structure with any small or large investment firm prior to engaging their services.

The Investment Process. Each of the names on this list of the largest investment companies and the top-rated investment firms has a unique approach and process. This provides clients with a quantitative analysis that takes both short and long-term trends into consideration.

Cyclical Forums look at the market and economic trends over the next six to 12 months, while the Secular Forum takes a longer-term view with projections for the coming three to five years. These top-down perspectives are then paired with bottom-up input from specialists.

All decisions are driven by the Investment Committee, which includes only the most senior investment professionals. Short-Term Investment Strategies. In many instances, investors are searching for the best investment firms that offer value-creating, diverse, short-term strategies as well as long-term investment strategies.

While many of the top-rated investment firms are well-versed in long-term strategies, not all make short-term investments as high a priority. PIMCO is not only one of the largest investment firms and one of the best investment companies in the world, but they also feature intelligent and comprehensive and well-rated short-term investment strategies. Potential advantages of short-term strategies from PIMCO include return potential above cash, capital preservation, liquidity for non-immediate needs, low volatility as compared to more risky assets.

These strategies are complementary to traditional bond allocations. The entire portfolio management process is comprehensive and includes five cornerstones:. Investors looking for resilient market strategies will appreciate the expertise that PIMCO has in this area. Portfolio Managers at this top investment company have an average of 16 years of experience. Hallmarks of PIMCO include introducing investors to a total return approach to fixed income investing and a relentless pursuit of helping clients achieve their financial objectives, no matter what the market condition may be.

With an innovative spirit and full-bodied approach to portfolio management, PIMCO earns a 5-star rating as a top investment company to consider partnering with in Prudential Financial Review. For over years, Prudential Financial is has been focused on helping both individual and institutional clients protect and grow their wealth. The firm works with clients in the U.

Through its subsidiaries, it serves customers in over 40 countries and has approximately 51, team members worldwide. Strategic Investment Research Group. This investment research group contains more than 25 professionals, each with an average of 15 years of experience in investment research. This group helps Prudential stand out among other top investment firms and helps its advisors tailor solutions to each client.

Highlighted research includes topics such as factor performance amid market volatility, active management outlook with a forward-looking perspective, and the best approaches to trade execution. Top-Rated Asset Management Firms. Fund Commentaries. Part of what makes Prudential Financial one of the best investment companies to work with is its dedication to transparency and investor education. This is particularly true where mutual funds are concerned. Investors have access to detailed information on fund performance, which shows total returns and expenses on a timescale from the past month to the past ten years.

This resource gives investors an extremely helpful look at investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of each fund prior to investing.

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