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Investment antique clock aabhushan forex news

Investment antique clock

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It is invariably always the case that fine, high quality, rare, early and clocks made by sought after or famous makers are the best investment. Poor quality and mass-produced antique clocks can now be bought for less than they could twenty years ago because of the current economic downturn however, this is not the case when it comes to the finer, better and rarer clocks - these are still rising in value. Sometimes it will take years for your investment in these clocks to grow if you buy it from an expensive dealer but sometimes, if you are guided and buy 'right' you could see a healthy return on your investment almost immediately.

Whichever of these though, the clock you buy can function practically and give you immense pleasure whilst it is in your possession. I constantly harp on about one thing when buying antique clocks and that is 'originality'. The condition is less important than such things as the dial being the original to the movement and the movement being original to the case. I still often see 'marriages' whereby these parts have been changed in an effort to deceive.

Quite often it is not easy to spot these changes and on very valuable or rare clocks I will dismantle them right down to investigate whether or not this has happened. Sadly, the practice is still occurring as it becomes evident that certain work is fresh. I am asked to authenticate a lot of clocks and the biggest proportion of them are incorrect. Having said that, if a Verge escapement has been changed for an Anchor escapement then this is usually acceptable because it can always be reconverted back however, if original winding holes on a dial have been filled allowing for new ones in a different place then you can forget all about buying that clock for investment - unless you intend to carry on the deception!

Wherever you buy a clock you must have complete confidence in the person you are buying it from, I will always advocate buying from a qualified Clockmaker or Restorer because it is unlikely that he will be selling the clock for as much as possible whilst spending the least amount on restoration, his personal pride should compel him to put his heart and soul into necessary work irrespective of the cost. Make sure you do your homework. Many people sell clocks with the understanding that they should be conserved and not run rather than restored which, if you just want to look at it as an ornament is ok however, the usual reason for the conservation attitude is because the seller cannot or does not have anyone with the necessary skills to carry out the work correctly.

This does not mean that you should be looking for a clock that appears to be brand new with a totally repainted dial and stripped and re-polished case, this can actually kill a lot of the value and desirability of a good clock so is sometimes better not carried out however, generally speaking the movement must be done because this will actually help to conserve the movement because it is in the required condition to operate correctly.

Conservation which is carried out correctly, is sometimes more important than restoration. If you buy a clock from an auction you may be lucky and obtain a good original piece for a good price however, do not be disappointed if you find out later that your purchase does not turn out to be what you thought it was in either condition, authenticity or price. I view many clocks at auctions and do purchase from them but I always examine them in great detail and assess restoration costs.

I am often astounded at the prices realised for clocks that I have dismissed as unsuitable. The amount that you spend on a clock is up to you, spend as much as you can afford and buy the best quality that you can afford.

The prices vary wildly and a dealer will have to charge far more than a person who restores and also sells clocks. Sometimes clocks appear to be relatively inexpensive - there is usually a very good reason for this which becomes apparent upon close inspection. Almost everyone selling clocks has an idea of what they are worth and they have to be competitive when buying their stock, if they then sell their stock for a lot less than the average market value there has to be a reason for this.

In my experience, if there is a bargain to be had, the chances are that a dealer will always beat you to it! I hope that you have found the above interesting and helpful and I will end by saying we find and supply a lot of good clocks to people for investment and we explain in depth why a certain clock is rare, original or in excellent condition etc.

We also explain what is missing or broken and can make or restore these parts. Our customers seem very pleased with the service that we give them and we find this truly satisfying. If you would like a chat or have any enquiries then please don't hesitate to contact us. A fine 'Chippendale' style mahogany longcase clock by the eminent maker, Joseph Finney of Liverpool. Circa A fine and early, English Drop-dial wall clock with side-winding fusee movement, wooden dial and Thwaites movement.

Victorian English fusee dial clock with a striking movement. Retailed by H. These classic mantel clocks provide the additional benefit of increasing in value over time, while a contemporary piece or a simply decorative item usually will not. The clock you purchase from us is not just an antique and old clock, but a valuable work of art!

Ours is one of the premier antique clock stores with our informative antique clock website where you may find some beauty to grace your home. As you may see from the photographs of the mantle clocks for sale here, we offer for sale unique and desirable antique mantel clocks that range in price from exceptionally affordable decorative mantel clocks to those that are exceptionally rare.

In every case the mantel clocks we offer for sale are pretty to look at and are excellent investments in time. The French mantel clocks are always desirable and very ornate. The American mantel clocks, such as Ansonia, tend to be more unadorned, usually of wood with some bronze or gilt metal garnishment. Especially desirable nowadays are Art Deco mantel clocks , and you can find all of these here at excellent prices. Prices are posted on the interior pages where you will discover some of the best pricing among antique clock shops anywhere.

You are even welcome to make a reasonable offer, which may be considered, for any of our antique mantel clocks. Your collectible mantle clock is ready to be enjoyed, is running and a good time keeper. All of our clocks have the easiest guarantee. When you buy an antique clock from us we guarantee your complete right of return of the clock within 3 days of your receipt.

We further guarante the mechanism for one full year from receipt. Just remove it from the clock, by the two screws that hold it in place, pack it carefully and return it to us insured for the price you paid for the clock. Antique and vintage items by their very nature are used items and will show signs of normal wear due to age and use. Please review more of this information on our " conditions of sale " page. Many thanks Ira. I would gladly purchase from valuableclocks. I understand that these clocks are old and have a few warts - Thanks We have utmost confidence in Ira and look forward to a continuing business relationship with him He replied to my many emails immediately and told me exactly what to do when I received my clock.

When I got the clock, it was very well packaged, and worked just as Ira said. He continued to be helpful even after the purchase was complete. I would use valuableclocks. His advice and response to my emails was excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another clock from Ira. What Defines One?

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