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Cambodia investment law 2021 calendar limited life debt investment entities means

Cambodia investment law 2021 calendar

The Council for the Development of Cambodia comprises the following two operational boards:. The organization and functioning of the council for the Development of Cambodia shall be specified by Sub-Decree. All persons wishing to establish a QIP shall submit an Investment Proposal to the Council for the Development of Cambodia in the form and according to the procedures provided in this Law and the Sub-Decree. The Council shall issue the Conditional Registration Certificate if the Investment Proposal contains all the information required under the Sub-Decree, and if the proposed activity is not in the Negative List set out in the Sub-Decree.

However, if the Investment Proposal does not satisfy the above condition, the Council shall issue a Letter of Non-Compliance to the Applicant. The Conditional Registration Certificate shall specify the approvals, authorizations, clearances, licenses, permits or registrations required for the QIP to operate, as well as the government entities responsible to issue such approvals, clearances, licenses, permits or registrations.

The Conditional Registration Certificate shall also confirm the incentives that the QIP is entitled to under new Article 14 of this Law and recognize the statutes of the legal entity, which will undertake the QIP. If the Council for the Development of Cambodia fails to issue a Conditional Registration Certificate or Letter of Non-Compliance within three working days, the Conditional Registration Certificate shall be considered to be automatically approved in the form set out in the Sub-Decree.

The Council for the Development of Cambodia shall obtain all of the licenses from relevant ministries-entities listed in the Conditional Registration Certificate on behalf of the Applicant. All government entities responsible for issuing an authorization, clearance, license, permit or registration listed on the Conditional Registration Certificate shall issue such document no later than the 28th working day from the date of the Conditional Registration Certificate.

The Council for the Development of Cambodia shall issue a Final Registration Certificate within 28 working days of its issuance of the Conditional Registration Certificate. Issuance of the Final Registration Certificate does not release the QIP from obtaining any other approvals specified by competent ministries-entities. Even upon the lapse of the 28 working days deadline as stipulated in the paragraph 6 above, all competent entities shall issue approvals as prescribed by laws and regulations.

All Letters of Non-Compliance shall clearly state the clear reasons why the Investment Proposal was not acceptable as well as the additional information required to enable the Council to issue a Conditional Registration Certificate. A foreign investor shall not be treated in any discriminatory way by reason only of the investor being a foreign investor, except in respect of ownership of land as set forth in the Land Law. The Royal Government shall not undertake nationalization policy, which shall adversely affect private properties of investors in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations issued and published to the public by the National Bank of Cambodia, the Royal Government shall permit investors with investments in Cambodia to purchase foreign currencies through the banking system and to remit abroad these currencies for the discharge of financial obligations incurred in connection with their investments.

This concerns the following payments:. Incentives and privileges shall include the exemption, in whole or in part, of custom duties and taxes. A QIP shall be entitled to exemption from the tax on profit imposed under the Law on Taxation by obtaining a profit tax exemption period.

Priority Period shall be determined in the Financial Management Law. The maximum Trigger Period is to be first year of profit or three years after the QIP earns it first revenue, whichever is sooner. The entitlement of a QIP under the paragraph 1 above shall be subject to the QIP obtaining from the Council an annual certificate of obligation satisfaction before the State which shall be specified by the Sub-Decree.

A QIP shall be subject to a profit tax rate after its tax exemption period as determined in the Law on Taxation. A QIP which uses the entitlement under the paragraph 1 above shall not be entitled to claim any special depreciation under the Law on Taxation. A domestically oriented QIP shall be entitled to import production equipment and production input construction materials, exempt of duty which shall be specified by the Sub-Decree.

Export QIPs other than an Export QIP which elects or which has elected to use the Customs Manufacturing Bonded Warehouse mechanism, shall be entitled to import production equipment, construction materials, raw materials, intermediate goods, and production input accessories, exempt of duty which shall be specified by the Sub-Decree.

A QIP is entitled to obtain visas and work permits for the employment in the Kingdom of foreign citizens as managers, technicians and skilled workers, and residency visas for the spouses and dependants of those foreign nationals as authorized by the Council for the Development of Cambodia and in compliance with the Immigration and Labor Laws.

The rights, privileges and entitlements of a QIP may not be transferred or assigned to any third party except by acquisition or merger as stipulated in the paragraph 8 of the new Article Ownership of land by investors for the purpose of carrying on a QIP shall be vested in natural persons holding Cambodian citizenship or in Cambodian Entities. Use of land shall be permitted to investor, including concessions, unlimited long-term leases and limited short-term leases which are renewable, in compliance with the provisions of the Land Law.

Investors shall have the right to own and pledge as security and transfer the real and personal property situated upon the land and land which the QIP uses, for a period no longer than the period determined in a land concession contract or land lease agreement as permitted by Law.

Investors cannot transfer or pledge any longer the land concession, which has not been in operation. Investors in the Kingdom of Cambodia shall be free to hire Cambodian nationals and foreign nationals of their choosing in compliance with the labor and immigration laws.

Foreign employees shall be allowed to remit abroad their wages and salaries earned in the Kingdom of Cambodia, after payment of appropriate tax, in foreign currencies obtained through the banking system. Except for land-related disputes, any dispute relating to a QIP concerning its right and obligations set forth in the law shall be settled amicably as far as possible through consultation between the Council for the Development of Cambodia, the investors and any other party involved in the dispute.

If the parties failed to reach an amicable settlement within two months from the date of the first written request to enter such consultations, the dispute shall be brought by either party for:. If an investor intends to end its activities in the Kingdom of the Cambodia, it shall inform the Council for the Development of Cambodia through either a registered letter or a hand delivered letter stating the reason of such a decision, and signed by the investor or his attorney-in fact. If an investor intends to stop the activity of its QIP without judicial procedures, the investor shall provide proof to the Council that the QIP has properly settled its debts, including any complainants and claims from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, before the investor is allowed to officially stop the activities of the QIP or dissolve according to the applicable commercial law.

Once the QIP is allowed to stop its activity either within the judicial procedures or not, the investor can transfer the remaining proceeds of their assets overseas or use them in the Kingdom of Cambodia. However, in the event that the QIP had used machineries and equipment that were imported duty free for less than five years, the QIP shall have the obligations to pay the duties applicable to those machineries and equipment, according to the determination of the Sub-Decree.

A QIP entitled to an exemption of tax on profit before promulgation of this Law, and whose entitlement has been approved in writing by the Council, shall continue to be entitled to that profit tax exemption, subject to the Investors submitting in each fiscal year after the promulgation of this Law a certificate of obligation satisfaction before the State, which shall be specified by the Sub-Decree as stipulated in the paragraph 2 of the new Article Where the QIP violates or fails to comply with the conditions stipulated by the Council for the Development of Cambodia, the Council shall have the power to withdraw the privileges and incentives granted to him, in whole or in part.

Investment Laws Navigator. Investment Laws Navigator The Investment Laws Navigator is a comprehensive and regularly updated collection of national investment laws. In this regard, please note: 1. Provision listing: the database follows the source document style. Obvious formatting mistakes have been corrected, inconsistencies in formatting have not been changed.

Report error. Law on Investment English. Download Law on Investment. Chapter I. General provisions. Article 1. Article 2. Chapter II. The council for the development of Cambodia. Article 3. Article 4. Where a capital gain subject to tax is made, a prescribed return is required to be filed within three months, with payment. Click the following link for Prakas No. Corporate tax rates, surtaxes, and effective tax rates for the current year, as well as historical rates and approved future rates.

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