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See how Citi is taking steps to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic, from helping clients to providing relief through funds to frontline healthcare workers, organizations such as No Kid Hungry and more. Despite the pandemic limiting options for group events, Citi was determined to do our part through meaningful volunteerism. The Citi Plex Account is a new digital checking and savings account built to make managing money simpler, smarter and more rewarding. Community Development Financial Institutions do more than provide capital, they level the playing field for communities and populations at risk of being left behind. Market attention has focused on the bearish potential return of the U.

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Angelines aromatics investment banks

Against the west wall is a table iron dagger , a bowl of bread, and a plate with a sliced Eidar cheese on it. A wall shelf above holds a bottle of alto wine. At the foot of the bed is an unlocked long chest containing random items. To the left of the bed are two wall shelves holding a potion of plentiful healing and a set of novice robes of illusion , as well as a sprig of lavender.

There is a chair in the southeast corner with a non-respawning tall wardrobe to the left along the east wall. In the northeast corner are two bookcases, a wooden bench and a low table with a bunch of tundra cotton and two common books. The bookcases hold a set of blue mage robes , a bunch of elves ears, a sprig of snowberries, a weak poison and three more common books.

The left-hand door on the east wall of the landing leads into Vivienne Onis' bedroom containing a single owned bed in the northeastern corner and a non-respawning end table to the right, as well as a small non-respawning wardrobe against the south wall holding a solution of strength , a potion of extreme stamina and a common book. Further to the right is a chair by a narrow table which is holding an iron dagger, a bowl of bread and a plate with a sliced Eidar cheese with a wall shelf above with two bottles of Nord mead and a bottle of alto wine on it.

There is a tall non-respawning wardrobe and washbasin on a stand opposite, against the north wall. The right-hand door leads into a study of sorts with a wall shelf and two bookcases against the north wall. There is a potion of plentiful healing and a sprig of lavender on the wall shelf. On the bookshelf are eleven common books as well as copies of , Sun's Dusk, v11 and , Evening Star, v There is also an apprentice locked strongbox containing random items. Against the south wall is a large round wooden table and two chairs, with the business ledger on top.

Descending the stairs to the cellar leads to a storage area with several food barrels around the cellar. Against the north wall is a cupboard holding a bowl of tomatoes , several pieces of cheese, a few loaves of bread, two sweetrolls , and a haunch of raw venison. Further to the right is an unlocked chest containing random items with a garlic braid, two bunches of dried elves ears and a bunch of dried frost mirriam all hanging from the ceiling above.

To the east is a small unit with a bottle of Black-Briar mead and against the south wall is another non-respawning cupboard holding a potato , more loaves of bread and many more pieces of assorted cheese. Finally in the southwest corner is a long wooden table with a thistle branch , a bunch of tundra cotton, a nirnroot , some juniper berries , two leeks , a deathbell , some dried elves ears, a dragon's tongue , some wheat a loaf of bread and a plate with a red and two green apples on top.

The following items are sitting out in the store, for example on the store counters. They can be purchased from the merchant, or else can be stolen. Only items players are likely to want to purchase are listed. Other items may also be present in the store, but they are not available for purchase.

They respawn after ten days. This is the merchandise found in the store's merchant chest. These items are only available if purchased from the merchant; they cannot be pickpocketed or stolen. They are restocked every two days. Jump to: navigation , search. Store: Angeline's Aromatics view on map. Second building on left from Solitude 's main gate, just past The Winking Skeever.

Any ideas? Talyn Firelock 16 Apr, am. Oh you added followers, I didn't know they were followers in the steam room, lol. My fav shopping mall just got bigger. They still need "spa sandals" in the steam room;;lol looks funny to be walking about in boots. A complimentart pair by the door for the player, to use and leave.

I wonder, can you add the water and coffee bean mod to the cafe? It is so hard to find those coffee beans and the water. You can make a mug or a pot with the mod, and inns sell it, but not enough. Sometimes vendors. I need my coffee to go with my doughnut and cookie mod. The Prorok 14 Apr, pm. So I loaded a save, made during the time I had this mod, but obviously over time forgot about it, accumulating new ones, and I returned to the older save, went to the sky mall, and no one but the guards were there.

Talyn Firelock 5 Apr, pm. It souldn't crash your game, I use it all the time, and I have a very heavily modded game, on just a laptop. Some other mod may need to be cleaned with TES5edit, if you don;y havre that, you should get it and check stuff out, you never know what mods may be causing problems.

Ozarlin 5 Apr, pm. Define "conflict with other mods" please? All mine are just weapons, a map one, lockpick one, and a castle that's nowhere near there. This mod crashes my game. Everytime I go near it, I crash. I unloaded it and went near where it should be and was fine. What should I do? Talyn Firelock 25 Mar, am. Yup time to spruce up my fav shopping mall for spring and summer..

It is just so dismal in the mall area, The shops I don't care, I just need the goods, ol The spa is "my baby" and looks good, the steam room is huge.. Leave "spa sandals" for Npc"s? They look silly in undies and boots. We can get our own. Snowberry wreaths hanging around make nice clutter, and those paintings you can put up. I decorated my" own bed" area with my own buyable clutter. Hmm, I don;;t know if you could have an NPC there from whom you could rent a bed and do upgrades to a noble bed, and have more clutter?

A thought. Have a chest that does not respawn, new players could use it as a place to stay,with amenities. Like a hotel room. Snowberry wreaths in the spa anyway, at least? Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Edit links. All rights reserved.

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I use the same ENB but turned depth of field off. Edit: Depth of field turned off, different textures. In real life, being farther away from the subject in focus means less blur. Can't be that hard. I like the performance version of Realvision. Gives me a really nice graphical boost without completely destroying my frames, especially considering I'm probably running another hundred mods underneath it.

Very nice. I'm a huge fan of depth of field, I think it's amazing. I totally understand why people turn it off though. It's just a preference I suppose. Yeah there are a few types too. The default one was really annoying but this one usually looks really nice. This is what you want to use.

Everyone has different opinions. I personally really liked the picture, but if you don't like it that's fine and I'm sure there are others who agree with you. R, and XCE. Can anyone recommend other graphical mods that won't decrease my performance too much?

I'm only getting like 40 fps with these. I use Sharpshooter's ENB and it tends to be a bit too "flat" for my liking; in that it won't fade off into the distance as OP's picture here and is more upfront about blurring the background, any tips? I've only used the really early builds back when it first came out for skyrim.

A set of files that tell the game how to render different things such as lighting, depth of field and more. Someone else can probably give a more technical explanation though. What'd she do to you? Only been nice to me. After I told her her daughter died horribly in a hopeless battle Who can hate someone who says to you "I hope your parents are proud of you, they have reason to be"?!?

Look at the books. The textures really bring out how crappy the book models are. They look like a stock 3d shape. I prefer the vanilla textures myself, they seem darker and less obvious. If anything happens to Angeline, her niece, Vivienne Onis , runs the store in her place. The entrance leads directly into the shop with the counter across in front of you.

On the counter are three common books, a couple of open crates displaying various merchandise, with a garlic braid, two bunches of dried elves ears and a bunch of dried frost mirriam hanging above the counter against the west wall which is all merchandise. Above the counter at the other end are two further garlic braids and two more bunches of dried elves ears which are also merchandise.

There are also a petty and lesser soul gem for sale on a ledge and stand. Against the south wall, to the left of the entrance is a low table holding three more common books and some more merchandise, with a small non-respawning wardrobe containing fine clothes next to it with an open crate on top. There is then a narrow table with two more open crates, one on the narrow table and the other on the floor in front of it, beside two black kettles.

These all contain merchandise for sale. To the right of the entrance is a wooden bench beside a set of shelves with more displayed merchandise and a pair of boots. North of these is a set of double doors leading to the residence, with an alcove to the east containing an alchemy lab and to the west access behind the counter.

Against the north wall, behind the counter are four sets of shelves mainly holding various displayed merchandise, along a set of blue mage robes and an empty petty soul gem. Under the counter are more items that are sold. At the western end of the counter is another alcove with more merchandise displayed on a set of shelves and a cupboard.

The door to the north leads to a dining area with a long wooden table with a chair and a wooden bench pulled up to it. It is laid for three people with two bottles of alto wine , a potion of regeneration , a bunch of tundra cotton , a loaf of bread , a goat cheese wheel , some salmon steak , some baked potatoes , and some seared slaughterfish.

Against the south wall are two sets of shelves holding clutter. Against the east wall is a narrow table with a bowl of bread, a plate holding an eidar cheese wheel and a plate of red and green apples , with a wall shelf above holding a bottle of alto wine and two bottles of Nord mead.

To the left is a cooking pot on a stand, while in the northeastern corner is a small non-respawning cupboard. Against the north wall is a bookcase holding eight common books, a flute , a drum and a potion of health. By the door, against the west wall is a wooden bench where you can often find Angeline Morrard sitting down. Climbing the stairs there is a large vase containing a snowberry bush half way up. At the top of the stairs is a landing with a small cupboard on the left holding a bottle of alto wine and three bottles of Honningbrew mead.

Along the north wall is a wooden bench and a low table, and a door leading to Angeline Morrard's bedroom opposite. There are two more doors to the east, and around the corner against the south wall is a narrow table with a chaurus egg , a stone bowl containing a sprig of snowberries, a red , a blue mountain flower , a Hagraven feather , and a Hagraven claw on top. There are two wall shelves above, holding a potion of health , a potion of resist fire , a weak aversion to shock , a potion of minor healing , a copy of Pension of the Ancestor Moth , and a copy of The Firmament.

Angeline's bedroom is a large bedroom with a wooden bench opposite a small non-respawning wardrobe containing fine clothes on either side as you enter. There is a four-posted double bed coming out of the south wall opposite, with a non-respawning end table on either side.

On the right-hand one of these is a copy of The Amulet of Kings. Against the west wall is a table iron dagger , a bowl of bread, and a plate with a sliced Eidar cheese on it. A wall shelf above holds a bottle of alto wine. At the foot of the bed is an unlocked long chest containing random items.

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Skyrim Special Edition - Hidden chest in solitude at Angeline's Aromatics

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In ESO, the building was occupied by a bank called Haafingar Hoard. BugsEdit. When investing gold in Angeline's store, the chat option does not. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Angeline's Aromatics Exploit (Infinite Investing)". Angeline's aromatics investment glitch art. Time paul cup version multiply tried candels extensive room, cruel surprised (bank auditor marketing purchased.